Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 4, 1917 · Page 62
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 62

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1917
Page 62
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,--JkSS 'jWlti'" r,i, 'WWj' MARCH 4, 1917. G2 SUNDAY MORNING Da&Iantr Critique NEItf FREIGHT j TERMINAL IS NOW CERTAIN Contractors Join I in Home Movement OAKLAND PERMITS Western Pacific Project to Be ' Co-operation of the General "Contract-org' Association fS the "Buy a-Horned- irat" movement has been most enthusiastically pledged and A. F. Elial, James II. . Pederift and C. Texdahl have been I ; named a committee to represent the j builders' organization. This Committee is discussing with the dealers In building materials the details of a plan for granting special discounts on all materials to ' those who build homes during- the spring or summer. An announcement t the rules governing the -Special discounts will he made In these column! at an early date. HEACH BIG TOTA t Carried Out; Long Cherished ,TJ!f L 'V0,?,!'1 lerm,naJ rii i -". 'i i'' i - -ff -IheSourtiem. Pacific Company,, and is riarj is Assured; Location is or he size a the terminal 0f the UllUOCii idi nit wiauuuj 'v FINANCIAL TROUBLE The Western Panlflo Railroad pan- hu arranged to carry out a Com- lons;-' But before the new road could begin the Improvement of this property financial difficulties set In. Monev for the ... . . , cuiirjjicuuit oi-tue main line couia naraiy cnensneq project tor esianiisnmg b. ,ma.in De secured, much less money for ter-frelght terminal! n the blocks pounded , mlnal Improvements, and so the road by Third and Fifth, Kirkham and Poplar was compelled, for the time, to abandon streets, next to the Kirkham-street i Its project for frelirht eheds and a net- Wide Variety of Structures Are Included in Official List. TheT summary of Oakland building per-mlts for the week,-as compiled by Build ing Inspector J. A. Lloyd, Is as follows: No. - - ' Permits. Cost-. T-stoir ' dwalUflffr ...."..'.r .isb.'IBO.OO freight terminal" of the SouthernPacific Company. This announcement comes from a WMterh Pacific Railroad official who Initiated thl freight terminal plan some year ago and who Is now carrying It out. When the Western Paclflo bull.t Into Oakland some years ago It was recognized that a freight terminal miwt be secured as near the center of the city as possible, and these were purchased for work of aiding. .. Temporary nrnnirements Wete made. A small freight terminal was established at Third and Alice streets to meet ' the necessities of the occasion. Larger freight yards were located next to the roundhouse of the road. This latter location waa of little use, save for the storage of cars, because a multitude of tracks of the Southern Pacific Company had to 3-story brick factory , 1 1-story concrete garage.,... 1 1-Htory concrete produce market 1 Concrete swimming pool an. nam nouse . . . .- Gasuline. stations 1-stor.' garages 1-story shed Kleetrio signs Additions Alterations and. repairs .. X f . 3 .. 1 ' .. 1 ..11 ' ..19 fi.utO.OO J.fiOO.OO 6,348.09 8.000.00 1,0' 10 00 275.00 65.00 , 75.00 3,848.00 2,105.00 Totals .69 176,366.50 We specialize on Real Estate n ESSE! t Wccan loan UVoney to you, or we fan loan , money for you, antj we give .personal, careful expert at tention to erery detail. T two blocks of land he crossed, and drayman did not Tka tho that purpose. This i task. - . , ... j So the Western Paclflo suffered from i the lack of properly equipped freight terminate, but the financial condition of the road made more elaborate' arrangements impossible. ' With the reorganization of the road new life has come Into It. . Money Is now available, and the plan for a big Oakland freight terminal Is about to be realized. t SHORT TRACKAGE. It will be "necessary to build only a few hundred sfeet of. track from where the main line of the road turns off of Third street. Just beyond Market. This will run west on Third street until the land that was purchased for a freight terminal la reached. The plans for the Improvement of the property Itself have already been made. There will be a complete system of freight sheds and freight offices, with tracks to accommodate all classes and routings of freight. This means the location of a great warehouse center at this point. All of the property from Market to Center streets and eouth of Seventh becomes warehouse property. It Is in this district that V. O. Lawrence recently took two 9!-year leases upon warehouse- property that he proposes to Improve, 1424 Broadway, Oakland Bank References" COUNTRY LOANS Will consider applications for choice, country-loam f to 1 in the bay counties. Any amount, large or small. SencLfuLL particulars. Will : also consider good country loan, $100,000 or over, in any locality. . . Answers Ad in Tribune From One of World's Far Ends New Name Suggested for "Dewey Islands" The detailed permits Include: J. CsTwomey, alterations, 43! Thirteenth street; 400. Hugh Henry, alterations, 673 Tenth street; $'J0. -. - J. Llndquiit, 1-story 5-room dwelling, .west side of Klghty-Keverith avenue, 4t feet north of Plymouth street; J-OuO. Mrs. Mitchell, , alterations, .67 Fairmont; S:w. Edw. Dougr.y, . alterations, 1771-75 Broadway; $5u0. Anna L. Patterson, alterations, 2248 Kant Fourteen"!! street; $00. J. B. D'lggs, tire repairs, -2072 Broadway; $.20011. . E. G. Maxwell, l-story-3-room dwelling,' north side of Olive street, 150 feet east of Ninty-fourth avenue: SIMM). A. M. Salinger, gas burners, southwestj corner Eleventh and Washington streets; 121. Fruit & Produce Realty Co., gas burners, S17-321 Franklin streetjai. Fruit & Produce Realty CV., gas burners, west side 'Franklin street, 80 ieet south of Second street; S1U. Geo. B. Furnlts, gas burners, 375 Sta-ten avenue; (01.75. H, G. Prince A. Cp., l-etory brick factory. Kast Eleventh and Park streets; $000. Mrs. S. McLean, gas radiators, M8 Thirteenth street; 1796.30. S Herman, gas heaters,. southeast corner of Second and Franklin streets; $12. Fruit & Produce Realty Co., gas heater, 206 to 230 Franklin street; 174.45. Shell Co. of Cal., gasoline, station, gore of Grand, Lake, Park and Walker ave-nunes; $000. Shell Co. of Cal., gasoline station, southwest corner Third and Webster streets; $500. Martha E. Lod(j 1-story B-room dwelling, north side of Bond street, 170 feet west of Cole street; $1700. F. G. Harper, 1-story -room dwelling, east side Midvnle, 125 feet south of Kansas street; $2350. Charlotte Longfellow, repairs, 730 Twentieth street; $60. J. C, Woerner, addition, 429 Perkins street; $500. E. Wotten, alterations, 8578 Dlrnond avenue ; $500. R. C. Hillen, lstory l-room dwelling, north side of Main, street, 75 feet east r -Mm rvatiam Now 7 feSuAOWAY HAWK Letter and ad sioning ion far message in TRIBUNE may reach. ST. THOMAS, D. W. I., March 3. At a m n i!ctti ooi n it i n ro It waa cided to suggest to the Washington j of Curran avenue; f 15'. government-that the Danish West Indies, -now American territory through purchase, should be named the "American Virgin Islands," Instead of the.. "Dewey Islands," or other names suggested. .. Found Dead of Gas; Comes Back to Life DUBUQUE, la., March 8. Overcme by lliumlri&ttns: craw escaolng Into his bed- jroom, 8. M. Silver, a peddler, was" pro-" f rtounced dead -by a physician. Then the city ambulance corps arrived with their new pulmotors. worked over the dead nan from 8 o'clock till 11:30 this morning, and. "brought him back to life." He will be out carrying bis pack again In a few days. Cash $5.00 in for an Ad The Alameda County Realty Company offers a cash prize of $5.00 for the best acJ written about the attractive and unusually low-priced residence lot listed below. This admirably situated homesite is strictly In keeping with the "BUY A-HOME FIRST" movement. The lot, upon which you build your home, is the very foundation of future value and satisfaction. The particular lot listed below fills every homeseeker's requirement as to neighborhood, size, view and price. . 1 We want the public to know more about this charming piece of property: that's why we announce $5.00 in. gold for the best ad. HERE ARE THE RULES The ad must not occupy more than 5 inches double : column, or 10 inches single column. The ads must be in our office no later than Friday noon, March 9th. Contest open to non-professional ad writers only. FULL INFORMATION REGARDING THE LOT, MAY BE OBTAINED AT OUK OFFICE. BETTER STILL SEE THE PROPERTY YOURSELF THEN VI' RITE THE AD FROM YOLR OVTN PERSONAL VIEWPOINT. iHSlJ THE LOT Acharming residencelot in East Piedmont Heights. This lot is prettily situated on-the north sidtr-of- Mandana- Boulevard,-1 68 " feet" west -of-Paloma Avenue. It is 50x100, in a splendid neighborhood and is convenient to street cars and Sai) Francisco transportation. Take Lakeshore car to Mandana Boulevard. The lot is priced at less than $30.00 a foot. - Alameda County Realty Co. .1422 SAN PABLO AVE. Phone Lakeside 200 Opp. City ETall Plaza R. C Hillen. lstory B-room dwelling. soutfi side of Montana street, 83 feet west of Maple avenue: $15(70. R. C. Hillen, 1-story 5-room dwelling, northeast corner Arkansas and Curran avenue; $2000. R. C. Hillen, 1-story B-room dwelling, soiitlienst corner of Arkansas and C.ur-ran; $?(KiO. R. C. Hillen, 1-story 5-room dwelHnr. south side of Arkansas, 76 feet east of Curran avenue; 12000. R. C. Hillen, lstory 5-room dwelling, south side of Arknnsas, 120 feet west of Mnple avenue; $2000., - R. C-Hillen, lstory" 5-room dwelling, south side of Montana street, 42 feet west of Maple; J200fl. ' R. C. Hillen, lstory B-room dwllins;. south side of Arkansas street, 235 feet east of Curran ; $2000. R. C. Hillen, lstorx 5-room dwelling, south side of Montana street, S3 feet east of Curran; $2000. R. C. Hillen, lstory 5-room dwelling, north side of Arkansas street, , .40 feet west Of Maple-; $2000. I. W. Hellman Jr., concrete swImminR pool and bath" house, north side of Foothill boulevarl, Kast 108th avenue; $8000. Mutual Realty Co., alterations, 14 dl Broadway; $457. Li Sllvsrsteln, nlterations, 1010-12 Fourteenth street; $2000. Olga TV Kohler, 1-story B-room dwell-inir. west side of Twelfth avnue, DO feet north of Enst Seventeenth pltreet; $17r.0. Olga T. Kohler, 1 -story 5-room dwelling-, north side of Fast' Seventeenth street, 100 feet west of Twelfth -avenue; $17CiO. J. VV. Maylor, 1-story garage, 5671 Oak Grove; $100. Mrs. Grace L. Jagqard,' 1-story garage, 6850 Birch Court; $175. , r J. W. Whalln, 1-story 3--oom dwelling, east side of Twenty-serond avenue, 175 feet north of East Twenty-nlntli street; $8i0. - A. M. Werum, 1-storr 5-roon dwelling, northwest corner cf Thirty-fifth avenue and Fxlen Inne: $2400. Fruit A Produce Realty Co., 1 -story reinforced concrete produce msrket, north-en st corner of Third and Franklin streetH; $634. Merrltt Estate, alterations, 1401 Jackson : $350. ' Muller Bros., steam boiler, M2 Grove street; $100. . . J. C. Lewis, 1-sfory concrete garaKe, 8247 Fast Fourteenth street: $35W. C. W. Short, 1-story addition, 3CM3 School: Jftoo. " W. P. Williams, attei-atlons, southeast corner of Tw.eflK and Alice streets; J2r.. C. J. Pfrangv 1-story 5-room dwelling, north side Taft, 210 east of Broadway; $2S0O. Peter Market, alterations, 528 Henry Street; $400. Evs A Harper, alterations, southwest corner Twenty-ninth and Broadway; ?iooo. . J. A. Fancher, alterations, northwest corner of Seventh and Franklin1 streets; 450O. Independent Brewing A Maltlni Co., 1-fstorv addition, south lrte of Clifton, between Miles & CJnremnnt: $350. Keatlnq T're Co., electrlo sign, 2S11 Broadway; $75. . Bacon & Sbule, xlterations, 4,0-72 Eleventh street; $250. King Eitate, roof repairs, 002 Webster street: $55. J. W. Busklrk, repairs nnd alterations, 8215 TMrtv-fifth avenue; $125. J. W. Busklrk, repairs and alterations, 8215 Thlrtv-fifth. avenue frenrl: $125 E. vt' Hirst, 1-story shed, 8275 Woodruff;" $SG' ', ' Model Community Is Located Near Hay ward One of the largest colony schemes! that' has been attempted In this neigh-1 liorhood for several years has Just: been closed on the outsHrts of the! toivn of Hayward when George1 Realty Man Receives -Answer From Reader in ' Philippine Islands From half way around the world. An Oakland real estate firm has secured absolute proof of ttie ' world wide circulation of the OAKLAND TRIBUNE. The above Is a fac-simlle of an- ad-vehUemeiTr that was published In The TRIBUNE and which reached a reader in the far away Philippine islands and which aroused his interest In Oakland is the strongest argument tmt could be advanced in the present publicity campaign that The TRIBUNE is conducing. The TRIBUNE is not only the best local advertising medium, but It reaches even to the far island possessions of this government Senor Lopes, half way around the world, read The TRIBUNE and learned something about Oakland. He took the trouble to fill out a TRIBUNE advertising coupon and mall 'It to an Oakland TRIBUNE advertiser. The wide circulation of The TRIBUNE is proved by this littls incident Literature has been sent Mr. Lopes and The TRIBUNE Is glad that Its message about Oakland has reached evsn to" this almost "ends of ths earth." Pay Rent? Add It All Up! Ownine Home Pays Well . c. How would yon like to have some one atep up and hand jrou a check for $65,000? If you jiay $35 Tent for 40 years, that la what It would amount to. This table shows the total amount paid out in rent In periods of from 10 to 40 years of various sums ranging from $10 to 85 per month, With Interest at 6 per cent compounded semiannually: Per , Month 10 yer $10.00 $1,581.(13 11.00 l,7a.85 12.00 l.wis.oa 13.00 2,0ot)t 14.00 2,214.80 13.00 " 2,S72.5a 16.00 2,r.:to.tw 1T.00 2,0ii.Srt 18.00, 2..S47.0.1 1H.00 8.005.20 20,(jO 8.UU..18 21.00 8.821. M 22.00 8.7D.70 2.X 8,W7.87 24.00 ,8,Ti'fl,04 2C.00 8,054.20 2rt,00 4,li2.M 27 00 4.270.P4 2.S.00 4,42.7t 20.00 4.tUMt.KS 80.II0 4,75.04 81.00 4.003.21 82.K B.ont.S 8S.(0 6.2lt).W.j 84.00 6,8?T 72 3.-I.O0 (1.5.'tB.SS 20 jitim $ 4.414.24 4.S.15.09 B.2U7.11 B,7:(8.54 tl.lifl.tfO. .2t.3 7.002.82 7, 904.24 7.HHS.07 8,3h7.0 8.82S.&2 9.20a. ,7tl.87 10,152.80 10,504.22 ll.OSR.fto ll.0fS.5O 12.8W.08 -1- 1, 434. 80 19.OS2.77 1!.T51.14 2(,4ft..11 21.0H7.W 2t.72.2n 22.884.02 23.042.8ft SO yiar ( S,48.96 10.48ii.e6 11,884.83 13.333.09 13.281.74 14,230.44 15,170.14 18. 127.63 -17.079.S3 18.025.22 . 18,078.02 10,22.ft2 20.871.81 21,820.01 22.7W.70 23,817.40 2,4,6tM.0 2i, 914.79 8!f year $13,872.16 H, 709.37 16.044.08 17,888.80 18,721.01 X0.058.2S 21.895.44 22,732.64 B4.000.87 2H.4O7.09 26,744.30 23,081.02 20.418.73. 80.750.00 82.093.10 8.1.430.38 84.767.09 86,104.81 2,0B.4t J 87,442.02 27.012.18 2S.400.S8 0,4.BS SO.308.27 81.306.01 82,205,0(1 83.204.86 GOilTIOS F. A 1 E OWNERSK IP East Bay Community Affords Best Chances, Says Capt. E. fc. Vander Naillen. . "Nowhere else on the Pacific Coast are conditions so favorable to home ownership as In Oakland and tne ea8t bay con-, munlty'-is the opinion of Captain E. E., Vander Natlton. leader In civic affairs Jif the Tehiescal district of North Oakland, j "There is probably no other city In the' United" States of the slae nd population-of the east bay community where the , wage earner and the person of small salary can acquire and live In his own home with the same financial facility as here. "For from $2000 to $3000 one may own an attractive bungalow home within easy traveling distance of the business centers and the shops and factories, a home with all the' modern conveniences and with a bit of ground about it, ft home-which In any other Western city and equally situated would cost twice as much. "Recent ruling mf the Insurance men has resulted In the reduction of insurance rates by 25 per cent in the residence districts, a fact which adds to the attractiveness of home ownership. "The present is a particularly, timely period for the purchase or the construction 0t a home, for tbe Influx of Industries with their armies of workers will soon force such a demand for medium-priced.homes that It Is evident that such property can never again be purchased so cheaply as now." II I.I M Tells of German Occupation in France PFIRTJN, .MarciTipThe jJJS Zeltune publishes Interesting statistical. deta".V. regard to therritory occu-pied byShe German trooM In France. The French districts In German hartds contain 2345 of the 36247 communes of ths republic. In time of peace the oceuP1 territory produced l.lW.OOO tons of grain. or nearU- one-quarter of the French harvest, together with 70 orosl of the sugar beets raised in V Tanna . The occupied provinces also contain SB.7M of the 130,000 factories, and prao-t'cally alt of the iron nn ' roil mines of the republic. In the last fiscal year bsforj the war the taxes paid by fie conquered districts amounted o $18'j,00D.000. JloodiAlrlvice "Buy a Home Firs?' Then allow Ui id show you our exclusive lint of apprppriataly priced ' i Carpets Rugs Linoleumsand Mattings ANDERSON'S Exclusiv Carpet House 405 13th Street Bet. Bwdy. and Franklin Sta. Telephone Oakland 42. fa 1 9 Per Cent on $8000. Big Increase in Value Certain, Too i It's a brand new , brick building Just about to be started on a monster size lot. A corner placed Just where It ought to be to bring present income and a large increment in the future. " Tenant has 5-year lease at 9 per cent and wants five more at 11 per cent on present cost That's 7 and 9 net. But the biggest factor In the deal is not the Interest return. It's the future value. We believe we can show you where the land will double in five years. , " Near Grand and Broadway. FRED E. REED CO. INC 802 SYNDICATE BLDG. Lakeside 700 CENTRAL BERKELEY BUILDING BOOMS EirJiKJCLEY. Marr'ti 3. The big central section of Berkeley which is traversed by the Sacramento street Key Route and, California street Southern Pacific lines is experlenrljiff 4..in unusual building boom, vAU h promises to make it ultimately one of the. more fully occupied sections of I the city. Building permits were taken I out this week for several groups of houses in this part of the city, several of. , which will be purchased and occupied, according to contracts now in hand, as soon as'completed. , The section Is one of.ihe few within the older limits of ttte city which has not in , former years been thickly built up. With- fn t!ie f);istthre,t years, however, with several tracks opened and individual owners Improving their, properties, its as- pect bus been materially changed. Pre- dictions last fall thnt the reopening ot fair weather would, see further develop- ment iiere are now beginning to be ful-illled. 1 - One group of houses is being put up by Schmita and Schuldt on lota along middle i Addison street In proximity to St Joseph's church. These builders started this week the erection' of five one-story five-room dwellings Rt 1710, 1714, 1718 and 1720 Addison street and at 2108 Roosevelt avenue. They are to cost $2000 apiece. ; Further west It. C. Hilden beeait con- : structinn this week of Ave similar houses, ' also 'of flveroQmsto cost 1QQ. These, ate to be.at14ii8San Pablo, 2413 'and' 243S Curtis end 2314 and 2318 Edwards Btrects; C. R. Madison of the Mason- 1 McDuffle Company started one more such cottage this week, also Ave frooms, but slightly more elaborate, to be at 843 Fresno and to cost $3000. " . ' With the recommencement of fair weather business has materially picked ' up among local dealers. Tract managers i rtort a renewal of interest in their properties with niany Inquiries. Sales in Northhrae prepertles, Thousand Oaks and the Crngmont tracts we're made during, the week. Insiiie property Is also again attracting prospective buyers and several deals, according to the realty men, are how in hand. I Among the building permits of ragent i 6" .,rf(r?xs:w . . i3w i rt'W'fl--r IV'' py- - O. e? 7Tf t- -4Ns.t . , ,. H -n -t Schmidt f lnaliv took over a 600-aere '- Issuance have been the fnllnwlng tract upon which he had held nn op tion SWlmidt, who has operated suc- cossfully in real ' estate, took an option upon this property a few, yeara'ago andr-witlr the aid of Or-M- Wooster, started a oolony upon acre and half- e ere lots. There are now some sixty families on this tract with their own civic center, . school, market system, lighting and telephone lines and everything that goes to make up a complete little community. The col ony plan having been so successful,. Schmidt- has taken over the entire property and- has placed the manage- ment In the hands or I vv. jerrerson & Son In association with Peck & Miller, In the Syndicate building. Schmidt promises to make this addition to the town of Hayward a model suburban community. TUB LAST TRIE ' you missed tho Inst car yon wished you had known what time It left. ' The TKII1UNK offers an up-to-dato mid complete first and last time car schedule free t subscribers at the main office of The T1UB-CNE.- Irst Prcshvterian chnreln inm Charming, addition; $lf00. , lied River-Lumber ; Co., 2902 Russell street, garage; sisu. . Walter T. Stellbcrg, 3S Panoramic way, two-stuiy . iBht-roenv -d wellliiKf- 4W)0,- C. R... Madison. 943 Fresno, one-story five-room dwelling; $3000. R. C. Hilden, owner and builder, 1428 Pan Pablo, 24U Curtis. 2314 Edwards 2318 Edwards, 2438 Curtis, live one-story live-room dwellings; $1Mi0 each. H. A. Rocers, 1326 Cornell, one-Story five-room dweillnsr; $lj00. M. Hrooks, S237 S?ii.ttuck' avenue, alterations; $7X0. C. ti. Wasn.er, 1719 Eighth street addition: rn. . . Schmim & Schuldt, owners and builders. 1710, 1714, 1718 1720 Addison. 210$ Roosevelt, fine -one-story flve-rdom dwelU Inss, $2000 each. A. F. Stelner, 2736 Prince, alterations: , $500. - Q. S. Tuttl. 1627-29 Posen, two-story , eltrht-room dwelling: $3500. i John Crist, 2008 Shattuck, alterations; , 3". - V ' Prof. Sultth, S834 Webster, garape; $292. iions; j.-i. M. P. Brasch. 2734 Ashby avenue, two-story eight-room dwelling:; $50u0. Emma J. "Dowln. 143S-8 Josephine, additions; $j0. J. G. Wenderlns, 2321, S123, 2331 Mo-Kinley, alteration; tMQ each. :om rde: In Any District Wliere We Own Lots Any person desiring to build a home after their-own ideas can now come to us with rough plans, pick -out a suitable lot and arrange through us to select the lot and have their house built on terms of 10 per cent down, and the balance like renL . For efcample: If you Bring us a rough plan for a . 6-room bungalow and we find that it will cost $2500 to build it and you choose a $1000 lot (total invest ment $3500), all you need to do is to pay $350 . down. ' , - We will then proceed with the house. ' When you move in ypu pay us $35 a monfh until the house and lot are paid for. ( If you have no rough plans we will be glad to get them up for you with the understanding that the deal is olf if we cannot please youi y This plarTwilr enable anyone So build exactly" theT kind of a house they prefer. In order to help you with your plans our builders will be pleased to" take you to different homes from which you can select various ideas. We have lots in all desirable districts. V 7 A

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