Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 4, 1917 · Page 37
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 37

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1917
Page 37
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t1 SUNDAY MORNING Oakland oCtfftune MARCn 4, 1917. 37 s FURTHEROUIZ Grand Jury Indictments Are Likely; Rumors Concede That Certain Public Officials Will 'Be Scored in Annual Report Report to Deal With Gambling Operations in Chinatown and Regulations of Certain Cafes Popular Among Underworld ' ' - ;' "' 1 ' : In spit "of the cQnstant rumor that th Grand Jury has discussed tea.' tures of the pending report and that one day Jast week the body worked through the lunch hour until 5 o'clock to finish up the work of probing the police department', it is a certainty that further testimony will be taken tomorrow when the Jury reconvenes. " Features of the report have been thoroughly discussed by the Jurors and it is conceded that not only will severe criticism be meted out to certain public officials and their acts, but that a possible information, if not Indictment, will be returned. However, District Attorney W. H. L. Hynes declares that the date of the report is still a matter of speculation because at the last moment other material has been uncovered which the Jurors demand be investigated. The report will deal in no uncertain language with the gambling opera tions of the Chinese, Chief of Police Walter J. Petersen has advised the Jury that Chinatown, which is the quarter between Sixth and Tenth J street, from Franklin street east to j Alice, is free of any vice and that no gambling is being done there except such as is under ' cover from the police. While this testimony has been received in the face of several raids and a constant stream of Chinese lottery tickets, the Jury has accepted it with the comment that this quarter Is the constant center of. graft pos- i elbilities and that as a matter of self- j protection the police should exhaust j every means at hand to keep , the lid down. " The operation of certain cafes and "bath houses" come under -censure. It Is to a number of these woman i "bath attendants" that oil stock was pom py ine uo-operauve jii umas Company, of which Captain. Thorwald Brown is president. Police detectives and others on the face sold this stock nights to the women. One sale uncovered was to an attache of one of the best east bay clubs a woman who had Invested several hundred dollars in, the paper and insisted before the Grand Jury that her investment was legitimate, . that she believed in the proposition and would purchase more. She denied that her relations with the pdUcei; department f were anything but casual. , The Jury, soma of which are members of the club, endeavored on examination to learn how an employee earning, very mall salary could invest so heavily In the securities. " This examination failed. ji Foreman Jea'n Polrier and District Attornev Hvnes declare that evferv .possiblebit -of information has been examined by the county body mna that no favors have been shown. As bstween unier ot I'onoe retersen- ana Commissionert, of Public Health and Bafety Dr. F. F. Jackson, no issue has been taken, the story of Petersen and thestory of Jackson being .accepted for what they have been worth. Temporarily the compilation of the report has been delayed for -perhaps two or three days. Testimony will tomorrow possibly I J ' be taken - i i V Tuesday. i nHi'if $ - jv-" I I if r1. Oun New Spring Stocks : f" r -Women's Suits U A H r I V Reveal the Most Stun- i refil l I I , ning Styles We LJIlll I I . Have Shown ' !H " 1 1 I l smartest new models, in Gabar- kill I . II - I I. dines. French. Seraes, Poplins, Home- 1 1 ij I 111 spuns, Wool Jersey, etc. Every wanted j y 111 spring color, becoming styles and genu- , I III III inely good bargains i 1 . j , L;24; I i li M SPRUNG DRESSES a 1 111 I ' 1 I Ar teliBhtulIy' simple. Bright colors ' I 111 ' II IJ are exceedingly popular. We show them I I I HI . 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JiVBUa l ILK, U. warrant officer of Angel Island; WILLIAM former city clerk of Alameda. Generally Fair, But attain Not Unlikely WASIIIXOTON. March 3. The weather foreoast. for the Pacific tateB for the Week beginning March , issued by the Weather bureau: Gen erally fair, excepa freauent rains are nmhnhle ninn? thA North Paelfie coast. 'Temperature near normal. STEALS AFORTTJXE. LOS ANGELES. March 3. Several dozen eggs, a few dressed chick ens and $20 in cash were stolen from a Seventh-street commission house by thieves early today. The men opened the safe by working the combination, Several hundred dollars had been re moved from the safe last night. 4 fv; f 5 - Work Under Federal 1 Good Sign "as to ALMBPAf -Mar. S.rwWlth. borings 120. feet deep t6; test out certain soft spots in th Alameda naval base. site. Engineer U. M. Chalmers and his aaslstants are at work under federal supervision mak- I Ing the final test of the preliminary stage lor tne proceedings whicn may end in choosing the Alameda location for the great new naval basei probably destined to become the biggest naval establishment in the United States.. TRIBUNH representatives were given courteous treatment by Engineer Chalmers and TI. S. Warrant Officer Robert Pick when the sounding barge aTid piledrlver were vis Hed out in the bay, off the West Ala meda shore line. Chalmers was careful not to say anything that could be con-J iStrued Into an opiniop or'prediction re-' . gardlng the final choice of locations, but j talked entertainingly of the work he and 'his assistants were doing. Chalmers Is consulting engineer for the Healy-TIbbitts Construction Company Which owns the float, the piledrfver- and amount ,.o. fJ'h'ig required for the Ala-other equipment with which the test work, meda'-site were given out at the city is being' done. However, before being as- Jcouncil meeting last, night when Marshall signed to the work, Chalmers had to take L- Harris, veteran east side dredging an examination as to his engineering j man, appearing before the city council qualifications before United States engi- to assist the Oakland Water Frqnt Com-neers. The government is paying the :Pany in securing a permit to build a set-Healy-Tlbbitts Company about S500 a day tling tank on the naval base site, said for the use of the equipment. Chalmers is an Oakland resident, living at 6862 Vlr-mar avenue. He was at one time an Oakland realty broker, though engineering Is his regular profession. ' ' .T ,t MANY PILES CRIVEN.S Commander A. J. Menocal, second In command at the Goat Island training station, is looking after the testing work for the government. Menocal is of Cuban , descent and, it developed during miscel laneous talk with Chalmers, Is a cousin of President Menocal of the Republic of Cuba, , ... In the preliminary test work on the Alameda site 54 piles were driven in an area embracing a nautical square mile, 6000 feet square, which contains a.,little under ,$00 -acres. This Is the size of the site the government wants. Aftgr these 54 plies were driven they were tested by engineering formula for as to their "safe load In tons." . To stand the test without further tests being made to determine the nature of the bottom, each pile had to test a "safe load in tons" of at least 10 tons; Many of the piles tested 32P tQ'tn excess of 60 tons. Out of the 54 piles 8 showed a less test than 10 tons. Host of them were in a group, but one or two .were elsewhere. Borings are now "betng made on either side of these eight under' test piles definitely to determine the nature of the bottom or foundation. A drill is driven by a 2000-pound piledrlver hammer to a depth of 120 feet. The material found in the bottom of the pipe shows the nature of the bottom, whether it is mud, rock, clay, or sand, or a mixture. Three borings make an average - day's work. At times the ton weight of the plledriver hammer Is sufficient to send the testing pile steadily downward while at other times "piledrlver" blows of the big -hammer are -leeefsary to foroeJ the pipe through hard strata. Sometimes the 120-foot pipe line breaks under the strain of being forced downward or in being withdrawn and several lengths of valuable pipe are lost, y HOW. WORK IS DONE. - The pipe Is assisted in penetrating the bay bottom by a 200-pound water pres sure fed through the pipe.- While boring t on the Albany-Richmond Chalmers-tapped e. true artesian well of j fresh "water, sending- his pipe into a bis; vein of freHh water which shot up through the brine of the bay 'and geysered several feet in the air. 1 The government's testing of foundation at the different naval base sites Is the first time such work has been undertaken In this state. All previous ' work of a similar nature has been more or less hap- , hazard and incomplete . strand at a time.- By morning the being of Italian descent and known When the testing work on the Alameda I gray hair disappears; after another aa an ardent advocate of the return site U finished the 54 piles will be application or two, it Is restored to of the "lost province' to Italy. Mur-withdrawn for- the federal government . its natural color and looks glossy, sott -shnl von Hoetzoodorf was credited win not permit them t tliurf stand, t and beautiful. This nrenaration Is a with the. pecariture Of tetnberir friw.i rYirien driven each pile was marked with j i,a.eeiningiy caDansuu sign, inese signs Vjnjajit much to the luliiated engineer. I - 1fy jSaiMBiMMMMsaasri9 HAMMOND .-councilman of Alameda, and rliAIyKE. VRVWNINV, 1 N S upervision Is Taken as Naval Base Choice 1 The markings correspond to --similar markings on the plat oRthe flte, so that the engine'ers can readily tnace or identi- fy any -particular pile and its location. Chalmers in general talk stated that wherever the, naval base was located, Alameda, Albany-Richmond, . IIunter'H Point or Goat Island,, that a deep water channel would have to Be dredged to accommodate the great fighting craft. There was about 18 feet of water at thaiTter-head line and at the Bpot where tfe barge is moored, when the TRIBUNE launch made its visit. Chalmer said that once a channel was dredged It would keep Itself clear without further dredging. From Alameda the boring crew and its equipment will go to Hunter's Point, Chalmers said that the work hud not been figured sufficiently far in advance to include an estimate of the cost of filling In the Alameda site, or. In fact, any of the sites as far as he knew.' -The first announced figures on the ' tnat. tne naval base site would require 20,000,000 yards of filling and that the Oakland Water-.Front Company only wished to place 2.ft00JJO yards of this total In the proposed settling lake. Harris said this would be of material benefit to the government - lm furthering the re Lclamation work. Increase in Federal Salaries -Approved WASHINGTON. March 3. -"-The House today adopted the conference report on 'the executive, legislation and Judicial appropriation bill 'providing for 5 and 10 per 'cent salary increases for government employees receiving up to $1800 annually. Don't Stay Gray! Nobody Can Tell When You Darken Gray, Faded Hair- With Sage Tea and Sulphur? ' . Grandmother kept her hair beautifully darkened, glossy and attractive with a brew of Sage Tea and Sulphur. Whenever her hair . took on that oun, raced or streaked appearance. this- simple mixture was applied with wonderful effect. By asking at ! HAVE DARK Hi any drug store for "Wyeth's Sage and, Field Marshal von Iloetzendorf has Sulphur Compound," you will get a; been one of the leading military fU-large bottle of this old-time . recipe, urea of the dual kingdom for a num- improvea Dy tne addition or other ingredients.' all rpndy to use, for about depended upo;i to restore natural color j una oeamy to ine nair. A- well-known downtown druffplaf says everybody uses Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound now -because it darkens to naturally and evenly that nobody can tell it has been applied - 'its so easy to use,, too. You simply damnen a pnmb nr anft hruah anil draw it through vour hair, tuklnz on delightful toilet requisite. it Is not intended for the cure, mitigation or. field marshal for hi services on th' prevention of dlsoaae- AdverUnemenLilLaOiaii fronU Tea Room Is ; to Be Novel Adjunct to Establishment . in Oakland. Under the management tt C. E. Condon and Thomas I. McCarthy, both well known in this line In California, the Federal " Drug Company, located "on the lower floors of the Federal liCalty building, at Broadway, Telegraph and Sixteenth, will open its doors for inspection on Monday morning. , ' This is one of the .largest retail firms to locate In the upper Fnad-J way nistnct .and will rank with the finest stores of its kind on the Paciflo coast. The store will occupy two floors, one as a drug dopa.rtment and the other as a luncheon and te'a room. The latter will be in the basement and will offer a cozy and comfortable plaae for light refreshments and luncheon. It fs finished with a high waincoat of fumed oak topped with pastel-tinted plaster, decorated with the leaves and fruit of the California grape. The floor Is of brown tile and with the dainty furnishings blends into a harmonious whole. A modern and sanitary soda fountain has been instauea. instead or the usual skylights the tea room In iio-v,,A through stained glass windows of attractive design. The main door, comprising the drug and sundries departments, is also finished in fumed oak amr pastel tint. Vhite tiling covers the floor and the most improved glass showcases extend about the three sides.. The entire store is lighted by an Indirect syst tem which obviates all glares. From this section of the store the basement Is reached by a marble stairway. The elevator in the lobby also extends to the tea room. Every eofivenlenoe for the comfort of patrons, including telephones and rest rooms, has been provided. In order to select a suitable name tot the luncheon and tea room the management is conducting a "content and hus offered prizes of cash and Jnercharn1l.se for the best suggestions. t, r. Field Marshal Is Dismissed by Ruler LONDON', March S. Eaipnror Charles , of Austria has dismissed l-'iald. MarKhal Conrad , von lloetzen-dorf, Austrian chit..f etaff, according to a Vienna despatch to Reuter's by wV . of Amsterdam. Baron strauzenberg succeeds von Hoetzcn- dorr. oer or years and has played an im portant part In almdst all the malor' Perations of the Austria-Hungarian forces since the outbreak of the pres- ent war. no nns neen credited with bein one. of the fow Austrian gen-; erais who are held in favor in Berlin and in May. 1915, wrs decorated with I the Order of four I,e Merits by the Qermnn Emperor, lie Is also said to be a bitter enemy of Italy, but a year aei hn wajv married tn tha MvnrnnA wife of Baron Kelnanehans. hla hrlrt the HusHlans and wns promoted to he1 EP State Board of Health Officials Make Many Local Charges. Following InvAtigations by State Hoard of Health inspectors, two sa-loonmen and one bakery proprietor suffered financially yesterday in Judge Slortimer Smith's court for adulteration and selling condemned food. Jacob Rens of the New Liberty Rakery, 711 Washington street, failed to appear and forfeited his' bail of $25. The charge against Kens was the sale of pineapple cake containing mouldy apples and With but the faintest trace of pineapple- as a filler. Quoting ProfpRsor K. J. Lea, director of the State Food and Drug Laboratory; who examined the specimen brought him by inspectors, it was found in court that ' the article of food was further adulteratedln that the said article of food contained decomposed apples, dirt and filth which are unfit for human consumption." M. Sabatlno of the Clay-Ten Bar, I CASES ARE HEARD LJ MSOSMIB Fresh )prMi: - .FOR ALL Our showing of suits it made along more pretentious lines than ever before. Individual taste that will remain unsatisfied after seeing our Spring display will indeed be almost impossible to please. Materials, models, colorings and trimmings are generousljrinulliplied to make this a really complete showing of 1 91 7 fashions SILK SUITS are shown in navy, black, tan and green, priced at $25.00, 45.00 to $59.50. SPORT SUIfc&of Jersey in light and medium weights, velour and Khaki-Kool, may be had iff the proper shadings of green, gold, jade, purple, white, citron, turquoise, rose and heather mixtures. Priced at $25.00, $29.50, $32.50, $35.00, $39.50 to $55. TAILORED SUITS are to be had in serge, gabardine, Poiret twill and novelty checksum navy, black, Oxford, green, white, etc. Priced at $25.00, $32.50, $35.00, $39.50, $45.00 to $75. DRESSYSUITS a.e offered in serge, Poiret twill, gabardine, Tussah, .Shantung and Sharkskin silk, priced at $25.00, $29.50, $32.50, $35.00, $39.50, $45.00 to $65.00. X ' - Keady-to-Wear. Sectlonw Second Floor. (ilk Aoivals : TH& NEW FABRICS . Among the newest and most important arrivals are many pieces of Pongee, Tussah, Khaki-Kool and Crepe Egyptian. Beautiful new colorings and wonderful patterns, ' such as coin spots, chain effects, broken blocks, disks and multi-colored stripes, are shown in full yard widths. Priced at $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 and $4.50 the yard. New soft Chiffon Taffetas in checks and cluster stripes are wonderfully appealing. They are also shown in yard widths. Priced at $1.50 the yard. " , Tub Silks with a crepe finish are new. and novel. They may be had in single and cluster stripes of blue, green, brown, orange, navy, amethyst, black and violet. They come 32 inches wide. Priced, at $1.50 the yard. - . Paisley designs in many new fabrics set forth marvelous Oriental colorings. They are ideal for use in combination with other silks. They are shown 36 to 40 inches wide. Priced at $2.00 to $6.50 the yard. ' Many pretty silks, bright, fresh and just arrived are offered at the very popular price of $1.00 the yard. ' Silk Section First Floor. A Mew Wool Fabric RESEMBLING THE SILK KHAKI-KOOL 40 Inches Wide gp : PRICED $1.50 THE YARD. This material contains no silk, yet has a silky appearance. It is priced at less than one-half the figure asked for Khaki-Kool and will answer as well in many instances as the latter matchless fabric. The color range is very "broad. Solid shades only are obtainable.' JTie following shades are taken from among a great number: American Beauty Navy Cream Raspberry Tan - Blue .' t i Royal Biae Cadet Blue Old Rose 1 - Crass Green Ask to see this fabric. It may.be just what you have been looking for. Priced at $1.50 the yard. Colored Dress Goods Section First Floor, .. Get this $1.50 w ear-Ever Aluminum Three-quart .. Saucepan and Cover "Useful every day' Cut out this Coupon! Address: Wiohlngton St, ' nesr 13lh, ' .'OAKLAND Shatturk Aven nesr Center, . UKRKKLKY I ti?f1f?i'llii',ll'B''lli 1 nd the roopon It I I w i l l llfc "" ' " f ' presented on s 5l I H "IM H or I'"ore R ;' I j i f - v Mar. 10, 191?- v!'lf f, nna "Waaj-Kw" gju.rt Berlin 8ancii. S f V. rm (-,V;i,.k P"- nt roupoo IB paraoa at Ur w u bctixa ., I li H :f ( '(r2f - - - i- y I H Says Plot Story U Canard of Jingoes PORTLAND, Ore., March I. Th Oregon Deutsche Zeitung ift.a frontpage editortaj, aeclares the news ot the GermanMexlcan-Japanes plot was a canard foisted on the people by Una-nest, munition-makers and the d- J Orange Day Set by Governor's Edict SACRAMENToTSarch 3. -A proclamation was issued by Governor Johnson today" fixing March 10 a "Orange Day" in California. Clay and Tenth streets, plead guilty to having filled a Gordon gin bottle with imitation goods and placing-Jt for regular sale. He paid his 15 fine. G. W. Scougall, who keeps a pool-Toom at- 607 Sixteenth street, was found guilty of having sold a liquid, alleged to be cider, but which eon-, tined no trace of that drink. It contained, according to the health board papers, something which gave it an ethereal flavor and an artificial color. It was malnlv through the work ot Inspector C. B. Helser that the convictions were brought about. OCCASIONS 22: LIMITED Kpwtsl otfrr (ttiiM a tat nud la coapoa. rbrrcattn price vlU be U.WX . g SUUiCS (ij yy only!

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