The Minneapolis Journal from Minneapolis, Minnesota on March 28, 1907 · 16
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The Minneapolis Journal from Minneapolis, Minnesota · 16

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1907
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--T'fciatevj ifilifiigtafirHM — : — fanM thd M8MejUtj°g which arc closely related With the iLorig -wgya future walk chco foHy cc JWhUiMXB M to Bo Really Coming in — Artistle ul Utorary Circle Pod th Tfrt Hmmit -Lnrol OoantansaThatArLNoy “ If Colton Damanda l- - 15 fe‘ - New York slid XMearirrito-Artitlrred byjtho'lavBrio ° writer i o New York paper apeak of rignfieut oy acr party There were four men present one distinguished Amerieaa jmtotdi tho other a prominentlulta sculptor anannyofficot and writarf TtaUaw iuiUoalv liftffd ku gltll li&d-i pfOpWHdjHtft ratorhe-Itftlk -Muktaljr- lifted whiskers” -rr T':- X "l It was theuseea that eveiy-mu of the foartvoro whiskers he Chicago' Poet doj BOl fear piuiiiiseuOuwhishrs frithit Bit masculine wearing of “ ” -i-'tha maoenlipe wrorjpg of lhawlo roeurs When the ahawl waa “ PI the ’60a H atood for wUikera of the long droopiBg-nod melaBeholy wbool If it eomea back to' earth again the Poet thinksJhatw may indeed fear whiakera f Mianeapolif'haa no fear tha whiskers would take away -from tho blow of flT'oartli eheeke: of her men of affair-B PJonao has woyn - whicker right thrh the hare faced period with no loo of ”!- ' Warnock ia aaid to he in training for weeper and Senator Smith ha naked kia ESdwhirtlToylhlnkV'TWhMleriyV -onto- into-foiriro and Judge Sin peon might he eonnted on for a full heard 1 Hennr Barber haa for aometime meditated Banker Association earwarmOra and - Bail May la ltudying Vandyke ?" - - ' J i fra--- " We riolate no confidence -ia dating thafLa Stafford will add an Imperial V- to bio Sowing moustache provided Theodpre Hay put on a Oalway imp he threaten to do - Kddia Brooks plans to part them in the middle on th J Ham Lewia line and H necessary give- them a alight golden brown tinge with -roper dye Dt Moni!Uol down for blonde mutton thop " hewhUker if it eomrola at' all will begin a at New York with poets painten mnaieiao and literary men and extend irregularly down thru all trata pf aeity-jVatch for the first indication - : - f ' " Pmfeaaor Chriatopher Nyrop Of the l?niveraity of Copenhagen haa worked - aut tha evolution of killing It itnrted in tke bom rubbing habit of early trihen Many of the Jower tribe greet by aimpiy amelliug each other and have ---— emly ona word for imoll and greet - f 7 ' “When the noae-greeting partly ariaea from the mbm of mH!ngl aaya tho profeaeor “if it the not pomible that the Jip-grooting— tha kiaa-originatea from the mbm of tuting or even more likely from both taetii tearing and am tiling u A' dog ehowa ita Joy at it mikter 'ii pimenee by lieklng kiie hand Why f -J do not hesitate' to any that it literally taatea him It levee ita m alter and t therefore love the amell and taite of-him — — -rr the eow lick ite calf became thru toague and aoaa it enjoy it peculiar taate and odor I it then not likely that oar kiie in it original form may bo explained a aomething (imllarf’’ - - So far the profeecor ' Wo would like 'to add onr eontribntlon ia an eaaay : on the eeienee of perfumery The kiae belug a epiritualiied melling and tearing the art of perfumery ia used to attraet the kieser Jut aa tho eolpr of fioweru ' attraet th bee Henen every girl who uae perfumery aaehet powder orri root or tbeiike i merely waving the odor anrnnd that eh think for her-an eectonthought) would attraet -oaeulntioa Now ient that" o girUj henntl And isn't it wonderful how theie thing work ontf i5 THAT Seventh -Price - ite render! to ctate the number of t The Journal' Sunday Magaain which her hava saved with their reaaonjjoi) having saved them— — rT kavopYeiwrved them au number Indicated" the eharacter-of the The reeoHeetlou of XL J A an old settler now being printed la the Bkakopae Argue tell of oao of tho earliest bits of humor iu Minnesota H says: “it was ou th 23d day of July 1853 when I got off the steamer Dr Pnukliu ut St Paul and I atald there sevea day Dosing that time a political convention waa held and -Beniy-- 1L- Bica- waa for the-firat rims aomlnUd for coagrean Bverybody waa excited all were wild I heard there waa a boat coming up the Minnesota river and ao I took passage oa the same the Clarion pay :ing my fan'to- MaakatOi-— Thebot waeerewdeA with politic iana — an awful rowdIhe waa nAvt-gallim demijohn on tho deck oyith a playing curd on it — tweepot of eluba One of these chap rams np had' aeid"lo mes 11 'Look kora do you own that deiuijohaf ' ‘No aaya L 'No' aaya I " 'Doal von aea tha danger of -- e No’ I replied again - 4 ‘WaH’ mud he ‘auppoeing ae : I’ rrukeehl ita setting fbenlF some en eome along with a three-spot and 'Thn It was that huge laughter ram iafrou) th erowd ” The Oauloii published is Paris bring forward “th silene eurM as of inii viTui "Torthosa whi5kirhOTaip8ltd'tg-dumBBhtalktuf — Mmor-Jeanao ' Otmnd inapeetor ef the Maternity' nebool of Pari has in her iutraetion to tho teachers recommended to them thia’treatment: “There is too mneh noise and talking going on in our schools ’ ’ she write “ As a setoff yon should hsv of hbsoTnto silence without speaking or being spoken ttf" Any man who in near enough to reed an item like thia aloud to his wifs ' ‘ " BETTEB TAXB THB BIBD XV HAVD A Bird In wwi is worth 3-Cent Par Bill in - tha Bash Curios arid Oddities MAZVTBA Aa invention whieh may revblution-isa tho ten trade ie “malt tea" which thoee who have tasted it declare will be the beverage of th future The inventor ia H Palmer T’stenta have been applied' for in nil eountriae and B B Webater one of the largeat tea merehanta in Ceylon ia sailing ahortlv for Australia and ''America to foym a largo company to exploit the now beverage' “Malt tea“ eonsisU of pure tea bleaded by a patent proeea and plant to heroie dogs— toudoga that atop vun-wiricn-jeertninr prcetage-of-purc malfc- nwayyTaogy that save suieides from The great advantage claimed for it are that the malt counteracts tha harmful affect of the tannin oa tho nerve and digestion that H ena ho arid at a very moderate pfit and that tha beverage can be-brewed until all nonrr iahment - ia taken out of the' leavee Without becoming bitter-:-- - ' "r Mr Palmer showed two samples of tea to an Express representative yesterday One waa fine Indian orange Pekoe whieh eoet 2e lid firat hand on the market and the other waa the “malt tea’’ The two samples were to all appearanoea exactly alike Th "malt tea" waa made up of Indian broken Pekoe duty eoat la Id a pound: aid about 25 per cent of shredded malt which givea the very black broken Pekoe the appearance of golden-tipped Prim ad redueci the eoat on the market to 10d a pound duty paid It phould be poe- SSs errMnnd they deefars that-th mall etc the curious effect of romoying ws min They eamlotquite sxplMnthis ns yet They agree however that tha addition of malt bring out tho ebsnWj et t brings s j- ter 'of the tea and they are dek w m —A ik nuMiHA with the flavor of the- aroma don Expresa A CBUEL BBLIOION - - It is all very well” aaid the Lenten leeturer to any that other religions are aa good as ours - Take Mohammedanism for instants that etuol creed Take th Lord’s prayer of Mohammedanism the prayer that is reseated daily- in every Mohammedan household and mosque This i ia its - “'1 seek refuge with Allah from Satan the accursed In the name of Allah theTTompassleaator'th- Meiyiful (V-Lord of all Creatures O AUah1 dSitroy the infidels and polytheist thine -eaemiee -th snemle of thy religion! Oh Allah make' their ehildrea orphans sad defile their abodee and cause their feet to slip and give them and their famUiee and their households and their' women and their children and their relativea by marriage and their brothers and their friends and their possessions and their race and their -wealth and theie lands as ' y to th Moalema O Lord of all iiwl'” The hull dog ’ medal hung from it “Ho got that ihedal" said- tho Freneh owner of the dog -“for saving his mistress from a highwayman Ho hit a quartsr-pound steak oaf-Of tko highwayman's thighs and th raseal waa1 gladto'iimp off defeated empty handed tnuling blued - “Tha Society f of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ‘in Paris gtv my dog lus modaL i This society gives away yearly a docea or mors msdale the reputation ' of ? h J ° n r a a 1 was a guaranty that iiwduIgbrmKfMtitBWl'at thft stand-ard The Sunday Magsxiae ranks well with the- lighter literature -of tho day and often - contains - articles - whieh would not be oat of plsef ia the hi ghost class publications in the country It is spicy without being sensational l and as a feature compared with the iniae drivel of the ao-ealled-eonuO supplement it ' stands out -ini marked contrasts ' ' ’ - ’" ' — r1 - It's intareetiag reading matter is not mothered in a mass of uninteresting advertisements r and iteontanx-eth lag whieh eaanot bo laid -before onr ikudroB -without fear of eontauuns-tlon“ I have saved it because - my family and myself -have enjoyed it and we frequently get out the back number and enjoy' it over again - I earn eoacaive of ao better reason r j Very truly j on ra — 1 — MinBeapoUik aroBxnra Bomji Along with other modern improve-manta latha ewd index system whieh has lately been applied to tha indexing of aovela By means of thin system the simplest -acader ena And the moat interesting passages or the passage ia whieh hs ia moat intretea with-out the elighteet difficulty We ap-pead a rdprcsontatioyafw -eardi one indexing the hero of a recent novel and tho other th heroine: the Seine dogs thqt rescue drowning children : — “I wonder yon don’t give medal to heroie animals in your country Why don’t -you speak to Mr caraegio about-ft" ' - - 4 1 — —— HAED WOXK YOB A PAIXTEB i'" ‘ H ' remmM — ‘v- t A ABonsMtt ia n Ttumiaa painter of arctic aecaea: '"To produce bia ketches he was eompellod to make toilaoms and kasardous journeys daring whieh he could only use charcoal and pastel - It waa not possible aava la the spring to use oil eolorn siMtn then it was hard -to mixithami the paints being frosan Sosiaef my skate hea" ha aaya t I painted in the open air when it waa bitterly eolcLr I had to put on fur gloves to hold- tho brush and work wit rapid and energetic strokes Thar were moments when my hands wars frosaa and refused semee my brush splitting with thc eold Yet I continued having the -ardent deeire to fix ou thie eanvaa all those fantastic henomena of the far north so full of phenomena of the Jlaaeineting charm DEVIL BOOB “Devil dojga” said a globs-trotter “aro a ipeeiee of alarm elock They art used lor Oroeet for the purpose of hoc plus watohmeu otago dnroroi rail way aigBalmoB ana ouch like persona awake “I rodqla a GiOek diligeaee' from Patrne to Agriaioa and turnout the night a small black' devil dog strap to -a littls stool horido tha driv barked barked barked Bometimos he would pauao for a aeeoad to moistoa hia parehod rasped throat at the basin of water act before him then ho would eommeaeo hio sharp and maddening clamor again ' rr“0f course he kept the driver awake aad we got thru without a spill - bui ho kept all th pasaangera awake as well and when daylight -camp and tha little black creators eeased hia tumult my aervea wen aa raw aad quivering as hip throat must havo beea” i Boca fad on aleohollsed honey by tha German ' aeientiat Bulhoer - revolted against their queen refused to -work and won finally axpolledfrqm tha hive Jonfnal Readers Tell ' ? Ilf ' Sared' TheSanday Hagazine iomo tlmo ago Tho Journal offered 80 -In prizes to-roodora who -would lvo tho boot reason toMTlT tha beet form explaining why to writer haa - aavod the ’ Sunday ' Magaslna which la a foaturof The 'Sunday Journal' RepOsec M-whlch one will be found below were surprising both aa to'ii uni bar end as to the extent of territory from which they eama ’ BIBO 1 EerdTal Taa Ow Wetter 4 Deserlptloa ef personal ipp row ee Pope 10 Herolas’a nt eptarion of Mm Pea IT 1 tor vea Drooinm” Paata tt S4 4S M ST II SI u 10S to SM PecM IS M f1’ Po IB to Jens me not" “topi Ibe to wy afSaaee aiaona f- - Dtsollla SBriiM Peeerlptloa ef pentnal appeuaacMPee “Ob Mr Vaa tor Wettar bow ng talkl” paces XS M 4S to T U M u 10S to JOA lagMiii 4 “Tea I like yea a— a Httto" Pas 1ST -KHo-eeald-aewe ton a rinpio slrl Uko m1' fPsgea and 10 Unhand we rlHaln' Pec 11 “Be to mr kneband" Pact US 4 — Pnek THE BBOAD vibW Perkins was talking about liia bill for a progressivo inhen-tane tax' “Svth a billionaire" ha said ‘ ‘ would approve -this bill if ho kraked at it in a broad- way But few billionaires look at ouek things broadly Evuything to -them haa but the ou narrow personal aspect They aro muck like the old lady who toeing a storm signal asked -What it was ' Bha was tola that tho weather bureau bow studied the - weather and telegraphed its forecasts far in advance all over th country - Tho old lady being personal could see but one advantage in it ami aha aaid ‘Oh isa’t that convenient for the washerwoman f’ " i- NO SOMNAMBULIST Mr Dobbs author of “Mr Dooli Mqy1 is -an" ueeasioBal vioiter ut a oortoia aeadomy not far from Naw York Oa a roeont visit then ha was accompanied by well-known banker who being impressed by tho beautiful anrronad-ing country suggested that they should toko a walk the next morning at fi o'clock - 11 ‘Thank you” replied Mr Duane “butilnever walk- ia my sleep”-— Lippiaeott ’ A POET’S OOUBTESY -DHto'-Prirry la tho March Atlantic Mr Longfellow -waa ones ahowinj the Craigie Honsewith hia uamatehw eourtoey to oao of thoee ignorant bom whom he patiently allowed to ravage hia golden hours TM stranger aakod if Bhakspere did not live somewhere about thera “I told him” said Mr Longfellow “I knew ao nek person ia This neighborhood” THENEWCYWEDSTHEIR-BABY: to suffer from lack of treatment along this line - Xb The L Moor ND Chroniel tells how the fire department nearly tore off a undergarment ia rushing out the machine and the hook and ladder company and saving from deatraetioa a Northern Paeifle boxcar that -was the prey or the -devouring element” at the depot “And then by way of expressing apprecia--”-aayi the Chronicle ‘‘nearly every train crew that cornea to town ta waWTnear'y roJuetlng dwr -tho-w ruesiag at Beventh-aad-Eighth-otraeta Whether this ie the result of carelessness or eussednew the mult i the ssme— pedestrians are 'compelled to wade in mud aud water in'-order to get round the obstoele -It’s a h'hme” The Chromele erina out toJBuporlntendcnt Iturt: the ery of a ltrong man in gouy to aee to it that hi boys push' their freight ears serosa the sidewalk It-to the little straade like thie that aro woven together Into the otroag public hootility to railroads Some iraseible party has his trank cord of smashed another has — official ia not courteous to a third aad then 'there ia this — nd there yon sre aged -jrclaiiVftslaia ia s hurry-up wreck tha station La Moure happening offended - r 1 - It never raliis but it 'pourkTh Chronicle by a 'certain lqaoeoaHtom also Old Biibseriber"" - —It you can't find any batter news to print than that” he aaid “6ud bettor got out of the business” Tha Chronicle feelingly explains to its old standby that this is not so easy It says:- ys - r The editor of thin paper huY growft ttp in the newspaper business -and would feel like a fish out ox water iu suy other field of endeavor We submit “Tr ' that It isn’t fair this late day whed Competition -and the atrnggie to survive - is' so fierce to uk us to begiri all 'over No f rieada The Chronicle' hai a great mission in life1 ‘With malics toward none aad charity to all ’it-proposes ' to mareh oa preaching deliverancs to th captive making for those' who esnnot speak for themselves doing the right u-it ia given Jo see the right ’I -"‘--r - We gladly Indorse the Chronicle's goble staqd for liberty tbd a slight ' mount of genuine tint rammcllcdncssJ'-l T A TENNE38EB GENIUS - Opis Bead toll this storv' Iu a small - village da Teaneswe ho had become acquainted with the gnoda-box philoso-phers around the grnHral store - OUe day tho subjoet ol geniuses'was intro- dlCd-: - - — - i“ Now r aaid oao “we had a geaius over oa Turkey -Track oneenametl Bill - --— j iaam iiiu up a J rnraer-sr Eyerybody-ontd-Billc wa tie jyhen ) laziect man 'ia Teuncave — be woulda t warh-oohoww-lint I midj-Mayly mu’ maiufli iriva Mp !b phflnirL Wall -chance’ WelL UiiU gotmailid and ki wife3iaOo torewh pxetrir lively Hill xvt wor! jeat aittin’J around dreamy srhittliu' thing out oJohin- Mne'tfUt like fen’ w fib ‘‘Well air it was-jut 'like I mid After BuLhad-bean -married-bo'ut tea years he called me In na I was pasoia hia house ouo dayi an’ with a smile of pride pointed to hio work Yea sir ho waa a geniua all right H had rigged up a lot qf wheels and pullcvo so that jybeu Jiii-:ld-- lady-roeksd-tlio-baby ’ eraUlerif aba' rocked kinder stropg it eh u rruid- theuttcr-xn'pumped the wa fee an mefli to vna awinJ wmter an ’- raft a uv fbcDiawlB tood all atf th ttm time— BH1 inn wiiii $450 Wo havo ' finf soeoadhaad Bteie-way Piano whieh ws'kave vlrtarily made new again 'with new hammers aeWItrings new lvorica star — A' ran opportunity for the ponot of musical tosto to soeun gomiiiia Btelnway almost equal to saw at a gnat aavlng ln prico :i ’ — OTHER DEED UPEIGHTA GablerrSrnniieh A Back Emeraon Ludwig - Miller Meblin Haxelton te S150 to $280-r r 41-43 SOUTH SIXTH IT TheShln That Shlno Quickest L 8DAE COHPETEHGE FOR LIFE IP TAKER IOW j - v ' — Th State Mutual Xdf Aaeuranea oempany-ofi— Wereeator Maaaoffars you-- uN life ineoma fori ' vary mall paymant how - If yow family ' or your own futuro aro not fully pro ' toetmL why not eovar tha hnaard now! Ara you waiting for more eonvtol-cut aeasouf It raroly comes ' Naarly 11 dependent widow aad orphan art the-mult eurity ia maaaur always b insurabta — An you wealtny and focl no noedqf laaurhneaf ' Nothing is more nutoblo Mim fortune Eight men oat of ton -rick in middle life-die poor ’WUl -prudent mu risk tu welfare of himself and family oa th aasumptioa that ha will be wiser and more fortunate thus right maa out of ton similarly ait utodt An you doubtful of lnauraaec eome panitof Th toarehiag iavcatigatioa daring th put two yean haa ahowa th State Muturijrithputlh “small of fin” isbout It- - Have you uy latocun — insurance! ’ ' Now is a good tim to ehaag-iti-yT -may not b abl to chug it later lottery tiekst or a grid nick ia a wls investment ia fiomparaoa to aseito tifle and uasafs lnraraae - - i ' Tko State Mutual Ufa -Aasurane Company of Woreeator Maaa- ia ou of th oldest strongest and bait managed eompanioa ia tko world — a Massaeau— sotta company under Maaaachuactta lawn" Your ags had address to uy-gtato Mutual agent will secure specimen policy with full particulars - C W Vsu Tuyl general agent 403—— 14 Lou A Trust building Aug Warren Geo A Ainsworth Bobcit B Thomson 8olon BoriEara ST PAUL TENT 6 AWNING CO Mil— ri ton Anhm hatoa Hass ud Cavers — n—T 4— rrisdiw Brihc ' Awrincaa madaltjr Wilts for mtataoa and pricaa ' 7 IML M filrcri NT PAUL MPW Farnsworth Jr- David H Eimborly James P Ouidv - “Tho lives of all yonr-loviag ton-pliecs leu upon - your health”-— uadz health does not last If ’ you used ia-suruco toko it ow - - ' The Show f Farms of die Canadian Pacific R R Co Twuty years ago won arise tod by Sir Looter Kay ridad by tb land biBeiala of tho road TU land riisadflSbiL oat anddKbo wheat to th aen tha put suminor I boogbt thaGullLakelarm oflLOOCT aen which to th beat land in tha Northwest and will aril ton section in lot of 130 asn ap from $8 to 313 par aen ono-third eaah balanco in four equal annual paymuta with interest at 6 par cent f This land to well watorisd and th CL P R IL nrn through tb enter of thrland - '- Apply to H C PRICE ' v - Oull Lake Saakatebwu JCan'r Yon Can-Eam From $1200 to $2000 per year - Do YOU want to raach OUT for ttt Ono year’s time to proper for it- Wo gusrantoo $1200 per yoar A common school education ia all that to neecssary to -begin 'The expense to nominal You eu xo Into any ate to Nothing to prevent you No opporitioa ' Th greatest business lift Jw tki hustler then u One hundred eaer-getie men in eaeh state Apply at one for the Bpriny opening Address with stamp cnelooa l'' - " L-DotyrMgr 476 HerscbeD Av St-Paul For-the "Easter ‘Csn the spirit of f riendship be bet-' j -ter expressed at Eastertide thaia bf the giving -of — - A Dslnty Gift Book : "Aa Artlstiq (Sud or Tert T"- ' A Beautiful Plctnn A Praysr Book and Hymnal ox’ aBlbloT Y - - It is not nrecssarv tbat the gift bo expensive bnt it is neceieary that it be aariiKie' and adapted to Hi ocason " : j ' — We bave gathered 'together a boat pf gifts possessing throe merits' and 'yon-can ill afford not to join the npidly increasing number of visitor— each season-rt 'Jr' 1 — " — OOG8WELL: A -COMPANY 513 Htnnepln Arenas oppakltc ths Wst Hotel — r ' -f — r- ta-TT- - 2 f"" j - -j -v-v — r-"-' V 'Z'' : v -v-Z ‘-ir nrimi mi ' i i iirni - ' y' ' Xr‘ “' ? 1 OH H -- 1

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