The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1899 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1899
Page 10
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TEACHERS TO COME MAY 4 li is the State Meeting and Will Be a Notable Gathering. M8 MQJNK8: ALGOiVA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 1899. Go*. Shfrw and Other Prominent Men to Be in Attendance—The Program in Detail. The teachers come tomorrow. Gov. Shaw speaks tomorrow night at the opera house. This is the opening event and all the public fs invited. The program for the succeeding meetings fs given below in full. The headquarters tfill be in the armory. It has been decorated under the direction of Mrs. Nannie Setchell with flags of all na Electing Teachers; The Doll Pupil: Writing; The New Branches. Election of officers. PI11MARY SECTION. Bertha Cadwell, LeMars, President; Susan * orbes, Cherokee, Secretary. FRIDAT, MAT 5, 2 P. M.— PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Class Exercise in Speer Number Work directed by Harriet Stephens, Algona- dis' cussion, Mrs. Emma H. Weidel, Sioux bitv. Rational Number Work, Prof J S Shoup, Merril. Genera! discussion. AGE OF NIAGARA. the Lit lent Etetlnatfe t* That the Gr*nt Gorsre Wan ftfad* 12,000 Tear* Ago. FEARED THE PRESIDENT, The Imdlcron* Torn Given an Art-eat M&d« for a Chicago Dep- SATURDAT, MAT 6, 9 A. M.— PRESBYTEKIAX C'HCRCll. Paper Supplementary Reading, Miss Kate McDuffle, LeMars; discussion, Nellie C. Thompson, Fort Dodge. The Right Condition for Good Results in £ r ', mu S' ,p ra <, les ' Prof - C. P. Colgrove, Cedar Falls; discussion, Mary Rilej-, Spen- Business meeting. Election of officers. -•<=- - - I DIBECTOH8' SECTION. lions. Here a fine collection of Prang H. B. Pierce, Rock Rapids, President; C. pictures will be shown and here the |_ ftl -Uoxsee, Algona, Secretary. '' public is invited during the days of the =S£V£ sr^.lStofiSj^^-ft'.jas main in charge of Prof. L J Smith E |"' ne £ i t;urg; Dr. Cushman, Sanborn. ' The examination for state and ^rl- A^.fl^M.^affiePb? 11 ^ mat-y certificates will be held j nter raan, Ida Grove, room 10 centra, buiiding beginning on F^het« F ^^ Friday, May 5, at 8 o'clock p. m. W Lister, Sibley: A. W. Letson, Cylinder Stato Superintended 1 , Barrett lias Election of nm,.,.,.«, called a meeting o f county superintendents at Algona during the session. The progi-nm in full is as follows: GKVKIf A r, ASSOCIATION. TIIl-HSDAY AFTKKXOOX, MAY 4. .A cordial Invitation is extended to all to visit thu Algoua schools. THC1ISIUV, MAY 4, S P. M.-OPEIU HOfSE. Music. Invocnlioii, Rev. W. .1. Suckow. Announcements. . Address of Welcome, E. B. Butler, presi rou ndins: her sudden demise. She was dent of school board ' ' . Response, Dr. H. E. Kratz, Sioux City. Address, Gov. L. M. Shaw, DCS Moines. '1 • J-.l-Jl^t, IJIUIUJ t XX. I Election of officers. MRS. LEVANT DODGE DEAD. I'nsscU Away Tills Mornlni; Sudileii- >y ul 8 O'clock. This community was startled by the news that Mrs. Levant Dodge, mother of Irving Dodge, died at 8 this morning. Little ia known of thu facts sui- up mid about hist evening, in apparent fair health, and us we understand hac uhirs will bo given next week. OOUWTY NEWS NOTES. Fatls CtUrC ' Pl ' 0f> ° - P> Col "' love ' Cedar | not been complaining. More panic PKIDAY, MAY 5, 9 A. M.—COXOKEOATIOXU. CUUKCII. Music. An Ideal Course in Mathematics.— A Symposium. j I cd a I I MatlfemaUcs! Miss Hattie A^pitt," luljo^ *£«**" °VJ' i9 *™*" Phased pervteor of kindergarten', Das Moines'. rcs° lenci^th'^eon ^^^f »»ubsta,,t!u .2. My Ideal Course in Mathematics for f»m 11Jtn AI™• .? wl11 1>em °ve his the First and Second Grades Mare-aret ,.»S!iY * g T" U ',", the neur fu turo. We Watts Sowers, first grade Ames lowf ? £ \° see ,* red Ieavo us as ' no ^ a good 3. My Ideal Coursl nVaThemaS for nK,'in Ut ^ hat 8 , L ? dyard>8 loss is A V Ihe Third and Fourth Grades W A Doron g We wlsh you su ™ess, Fred superintondentof schools, Eldora, Iowa ' ..i My Ideal Course in Mathematics for TUonka Topic. ^rLma a v mED ] ar i G « a ^ 8 i Wlllt ' H - Clark, I It Is quite the fad in Titonka to own a grammar school, Hull, Iowa. nandsomo saddle horse. G L Tnbm-iq-mri • v, T^ y Ji ea ,' Cour se in Mathematics for A. R. Spocht have recciitly'invested ten e d"n!of SR ± 0 ' 0'°' C1 ' a " dler ' superin- I .The Titonka Indians have blefouL pruc- tendont of schools, Osage, Iowa. ticmg ball almost every evening Wo un iin'r^tf Icieu ' Coui-se in Mathematics for derstaiul that they have made arrant " HS-'^^^'a!ir^pffL^^^« t *^ .loil, c saBo^r h ^s,sd W1 »»•««.»".«».«. professor mathematics and political science WUen wo stute Ulat something overSO.OOO I. S. T., Ames, Iowa. ' e es s were received in Swea City Scturdav General discussion. some may think that we have forsaken ^^^^"^ITS,, psrc^Ssiia.a.'Sii fe-S.t, Tta o, SteM Swto Jg^.W^'™'»~ S! «-"^ Some interesting speculations concerning the age of the Niagara gorge are reported by Nature, This was 1he subject wf a paper by Prof. G. Frederick Wright, read at the Boston meeting of the American association. The late Dr. James Hall early noted the significant fact, that "the ouUe-t of the chasm below Niagara falls is scarcely •wider than elsewhere along its course." This is important evidence of the late date of its origin and it has been used in, support of the short estimates* which have been made concerning tie leng-th of time separating us from the glacial period. A close examination made by Prof. Wright last summer greatly strengthens the force of the argument, since he found that the disintegrating- forces tending to enlarge the outlines and give it a V-shape are more rapid than has been supposed. As the result of his investigations he concludes that a conservative estimate of the rate of disintegration for the 70 feet of Niagara shales supporting the Niagara limestone would be one inch a year, with a piobable rate of two Inches a year. But at the lowest estimate no more than 12,000 years would be required for the enlargement of the upper part of the mouth of the gorge, 1,000 feet 011 each side, which is very largely in excess of the actual amount of enlargement. Some of the recent, estimates, therefore, which would make the gorge from 30,000 to 40,000 years old, are regarded as extravagant. According to Prof. Wright the age of the gorge cannot be much more than 10,000 years, and is probably considerably less. The mode of procedure in arresting a culprit under the laws of the United States is somewhat more complicated than the ordinary issuance of a warrant by a justice of the peace for violation of the city or state laws, says theChica- go Times-Herald. The warrant issued | by Uncle Sam's law dispensers begins j with this formal caption: "The Presi- j dent of the United States of America— j To the Marshal of the United Statesfor j the Northern District of Illinois and io : His Deputies, or to Any or Either o-f 1 Them." The effect of these awe-inspiring words on prisoners who are confronted with a warrant for the first time is sometimes startling—and always effective. Chief Deputy Marsha Howe,'of the local office, recently servec papers on a defendant and had an ex perience which may be taken as an il lustration of the usual effect on pris oners. He found a man for whom he had been searching several days, am forthwith produced a warrant for his arrest. He started to read: "The President of the United," when the prisoner, with a look of terror on his face stopped him. "That's enough," he said; "if President McKinley has heard of my offense I'm up against it. Take me along." Mr. Rowe had no trouble in taking the terrified prisoner before a commissioner. N PRETTY ARMS SCARCE. A Sculptor Snys It Ia Hard to Model* with Dimpled, To- Limbs. Reception by the Algona teachers., MAT 0, 2 p. M.—M. E. CHfKCII. Music. Reports of committees and election of Officers. Sanitation, Ventilation and Lighting of School Buildings, C. H. Parsons, Des Moines; discussion, E. D. Y. Culbertson, Ames, P. E. Lark, Onawa. Incorrigible and Neglected Children, E N. Coleman, LeMars; discussion, C. W Martindale, Webster City, W. I. Simpson, Sheldon. ' GKAUED SCHOOL, SUCTION. W. M. Stephens, Sioux City, President; Carrie Parker, Spencer, Secretary. Mil DAY, MAY 5, 2 P. M.—COXGKEGATIONAL CIIL'UCII. • KrP £P°£' Ps >' cllolo fe'y ° f Geography, Mrs. N. M. Syverson, Sheldon; discussion, J. C Hood, Hartley, J. J. Billings, Sanborn Paper, Action of Written Examinations Jennette Carpenter, LeMars; discussion, J C. Hobson, Sioux City, I. C. Hise, LeMars. Election of officers. ,.Paper, Toe Unwritten Record, May H Wickware, Webster City; discussion, Sadie Taylor, Hurt, E. A. Brown, Sioux City 8ATUHDAY, MAY 6, 9 A. 11.—CON'GKEOATIONAL Oil UUCII. Paper, Value of Mothers' Meetings, Dora Wright, Spencer; discussion, Mrs. Emilv C. Dodge, Algona, Blanche Welliver, Spon- Paper, Function of English in the Grades Royal Meeker, Algona; discussion, Amy Smith, Britt, Mr. Rouenbaugh, Denison Paper, Ethics in the Public Schools, H U Richardson, Emmetsburg; discussion, Maud Sanford, Emmetsburg, A. M. Deyoe -tiritt, HIGH SCHOOL SECTION. W.T. Davidson, Spirit Lake, President- Margaret Twoomey, Onawa, Secretary. FKIDAY, MAY 5, 3 P. M.—M. E. CHUltCH. Studies,'A. V. Storm. Cherokee; discussion/H. H. Savage, Lake Park Paper, History in the High School, W. P Johnson, Sibley; discussion, S. T Mav Clarion. *' TTi P S p o l 't. V ^ ll i- a of Kl'etorical Contests in High School, G. W. Randlette, Pomeroy- discussion, F. E Trigg, Spencer. y ' 8ATUKDAY, MAY 6, 9 A. M.— M. E. CHUKCH. Round Table. 1: What IB the True Basis of Promotion, Industry and Effort, Store of Knowledge or Mental Power, J. H. O'Douahue, Storm 2. Needed Reforms in the High School Course of Study, J. E. Durkee, Sioux Rapids, 3. The Department Plan, A. R. Sale Mason City. 4. What Reading Should be Reouired n High School Pupils? ttequirea o 5. Tne Laboratory Method. Election of officers, sou o u- perior He has leased a section of prairie and will break up and flax the most of it this season. liiiiicron ..-„.„.„.. E. J Meinberg of Germania was arrested (Saturday on a charge of criminally assaulting a domestic of that place, but the claimant refused to testify when the case cnine up before Justice Clement and it was dismissed. He was notified to leave town on the strength of the incident, we are told * LuVerno News. J. Devine will remodel his dwelling on < ho so6 ™ build Whlttemore Champion. lu.vitations are out for the wedding of Katie Laser and Henry Folder at the Catholic church next Tuesday morning at 9. -80 In order to get the matter started we wish ?»Vi,-V t Players or anyone interested in Whittemore having a nine this year would meet at our office tonight to talk the matter "I find great difficulty in getting a model with good arms," snid a wellr known sculptor recently. "It is astonishing- how few women there are with arms that conform to the standard. A perfect arm, measured from the wrist joint to the armpit, should be twice the length of the head. The upper part of the- arm should be large, full, and well rounded. There should be a dimple at the elbow. The forearm must not be too flat, not nearly so flat as a man's, for instance. "Prom a well-molded shoulder the whole arm should taper in. long, graceful curves to a well-rounded wrist. It is better to have an arm that harmonizes, even if the parts do not conform to the generally accepted lines. For Instance, a full, round upper arm which is joined to a flat or thin forearm has a very bad effect. Perhaps It, is only a little worse, however, than a graceful, well-molded forearm tacked on to a thin, scrawny upper arm. "Correctness of form is not the only thing necessary for a good arm. The owner must possess the power of expression with he.r arm. American, women, are deficient in this as a rule. Those nationalities which show the most, expression in their arms are tie Spanish, French and Italian. The warmest admirers of Sara Bernhardt would not claim that she had beautiful orms, yet no one can. say that the divine Sara ever appears ungainly in consequence. Much more lies in the faculty at arm expression than is generally supposed." Well Protected Against Cold. The dirtiness of the Afghan is proverbial and it is said that during the last Afghan war Gen. Roberts once ordered one to be washed. Two soldiers stripped the prisoner and scrubbed him for two hours with formidable brushes and soft soap. Then they threw down their brushes in disgust and went to their captain. "What is it, men?" he said. "Well, sir," they replied, "we have washed that Afghan chap for two hours, but it is no good. After scrubbing him, sir, for two hours, till our arms ached fit to drop off. blest if we did not come upon another suit of clothes." A Royal Linguist. The crown prince of Slam, who can write fluently in three European languages, is a boy author of some note. He has written several stories for children's magazines published In England. ^^ , * THE PARROT FISH. Borne Points of Interest Concerning u Denizen of Bermudnn Waters. SULTAN FEARED THE GUN. The TurUUli Moiinrcli \Va» Greatly Iiuiirenacd ivltl» tfce Maxlnt Arm. KUUAt, SCHOOL SEOTIOJif. 3. W. Jackson, Sue City, President; Ellen Reed, Spencer, Secretary. FRIDAY, MAY 5, 3 P. M.—BAPTIST CUUBOH. Paper, Means of Professional Improvement, Prpf. W. C. VaaNess, Donisou; di$- OUBsion, John Martip, Hurt, Frank G. Andrews, Swan Lake, County Supt. L. A. Dailey, Rook Rapids. • . ^^SV^P^^^^iy^ries, Frank r ' «a a R,m?' Stf'% H , elen Wo & d ' Bancroft, County Supt. Ella Seckerepn, Prlmghar. Paper, Academic Work j n , tutes, Oonoto Supt O, F. ce discussion, 0. I. Pierce, Jr., ' , . . , Mr». E. L. Orcutt, Armstrong. Paper, Methods JR Reading, County Supt. ' Y, MAT 0, 9 A. M.-BAWWT CROTCH. TaWe: Couree of Study ; Gradu- *.Mo ft J» Butt School*; pwJS OMeSoS S To Fight Disease •successfully during the changeable spring and hot summer months, the system should receive a toning uu now. For this purpose French's baraaparilla b ae no superior. It is the most efficacious spring medicine. Removes all impurities from the system and puts new life into torpid liyer and sluggish bood. A splendid all around tonic. Price $1.00 per bottle. We carry all the well known patent medicines and sell at moderate prices h "r sale only by Boston Block, Algona, Iowa. W. J. STUDLEY, Pharmacist. CO YEARS' EXPERIENCE TRADE MARKS DP8IQN8 .GPPYRIQHTf'ftC- Hiram Maxim, the inventor of the Maxim gun, tells an amusing story of an experience with the sultaii of Turkey. The sultan had witnessed a test of the wonderful shooting of the rapid- flre arm and was duly impressed with seeing the small weapon deliver itself of 600 ehots a minute without being touched by human hands nave the first pull of the trigger. "Wonderful I wonderful I" he exclaimed in amazement. "I must have some of those arms." Some time later Mr. Maxim received an order for an expensive pattern of small field arm. He made two, beautifully chased in gold and of marvelous workmanship. What the sultan could want of such expensive outside trappings he did not know, but they were duly sent to Turkey, where they now rest in the royal museum. "Ah! They shoot too well," the sultan Is reported to have said when asked why they were not used in the field "They are better where they are." It was. afterward said that the sultan, having a superstitious regard for their shooting power, thought they were tet- ter off where they could be s£en Instead of being handled by his troops in times of peace. But now, having gotten over somewhat his fear of their heathenish devilishness," he is said to have arrived at that point where they may find their way extensively in to the Turkish army -when the next trouble comes. Among the fishes in one of the tanks at the Aquarium are two parrot fishes from Bermuda. Both are strikingly colored, but in one of them green predominates, while in the other the tint most prominent is blue, says the New York Sun. The great thing with captive fishesi is to get them to eat. A fish with a good appetite, that will eat the food provided, i& likely, other conditions being favorable, to get along; and every effort is made to give the fishse food Buob. as they have been accustomed to in nature or such as will tempt their appetites. In applying this'treatment the parrot fish, which in nature subsist on mollusks and crustaceans, are fed here on shrimp, cut-up herring; cut-up clams, and kilHes. Pretty much all fishes like live killies; and in fish circles the shrimp also is commonly esteemed a delicacy. And it is customary at the Aquarium to supply these things in such quantities as may be best for the fishes' welfare; most commonly, especially in the case of shrimps, in limited quantities, aa a sort of relish or dessert Thus after the hearty meal, of chopped- up clam or whatever the principal food furnished to the various fishes may be, the man who feeds them goes along with a deep pan containing live kdlltea which he gives to the fishes that car* for them in the several tanks according to their desires or his own.discretion When he comes to the tank where the parrot fish are the gre*n parrot sweeps around and takes in the first kdljie dropped into the water. It ia not ravenously fond of them, but it likes, them well enough to come for them. But the stay made here is not very long—the green parrot's wants are very easily supplied; it will eat one big killie or two small ones, and that is all. , The buran, or anow hurricane, of th* Pamirs is a meteorological phenomenon of great interest. Even in midsummer the temperature during a snow buran frequently fall» to 14 degree* Fahrenheit, while in the winter of 189263 it dropped to 45 degrees below zero at the end of January. The buran comes with startling- suddenness, the- atmosphere growing dark with whirling snowflakea where scarcely a mimi^ before the sky W »B perfectly clear, Splitting ft Huiunn Hair. A Parisian has invented a machine by which, among other things, he can split a human liair lengthwise intp 9| Matson & McCall Have added to their stock the past week a fresh lot of novelties in millinery for spring. A special line of Children's School Hats Will please our patrons. We also have the latest designs in Ladies' Sailor Hats. If you want something that is nobby come and see these sailors. Matson & McCall It is Everywhere Recognized as THE BEST. A full carload of these celebrated Planters were purchased by THE WIG-WAM this year. We have the best, and our prices are right. Call and see the DEERE Corn Planters before you buy. Wilfrid P. Jones. THE, WIGWf\M, Algona and Burt We Make 'em Good as New Many organs, pianos, and sewing machines can be made to do a good deal of service if they are properly repaired. We have a competent man to do this class of work, and do it well. Those having instruments or machines in need of cleaning or repairing will do well to call on us at Algona. O. L. Tf\YLOR. •— — ••-^ _ ^^ N%/v i-'S' % N/v^xvvv-_ OSTEOPATHY IN ALGONA. Dr. J. T. RANKIN, V ',AR Ul >S * JH» •'/fine plication. Consultation free Bloote. . Mr, *- T -*r >i»™s*"*x/"'V-NXV Bicycles Repaired^ Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed Also agent for the Eiaredge, Victor, ana Andrae Wheels, J, L. EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Bemovea-now next door to Frank meat market, pfete street. Dollars •( » ««.» I CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. MHU & WATiBHOBSfc •*M

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