The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 26, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1899
Page 5
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ALGOKA, IOWA. n , APK1L 26, 1809, We Quote Prices This Week On a number of articles which many people send away for, thinking they can buy them cheaper. Let Us Convince You That you can actually buy these articles for less money at home. Children's " Nazareth" Waists from 4 to 12 years,.. .$ .20 Children's summer vests, half sleeve and sleeveless in all sizes 10 Children's summer vests, long sleeves 15 Misses '' Ferris Waists, all sizes 50 Ladies Summer Corsets, an exceptional value, for.'... .25 $1.00 and 11.25 Kid Gloves, nearly all colors and sizes. .75 Chrischilles & Herbst. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:05 a m No. 3 departs at 3:58 p m Freights that carry passengers— No. 93 departs at 10:45pm No. 71 departs at 3:20pm No. 05 departs at 8:30 p m TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 am No. 4 departs at 6:28 p m Freights that carry passengers- No, if departs at 10:10 pm No.94 departs at 2:20pm B. F. HBDRICK, Agent, CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— North- Freight 11:30 a m Mixed 7:30 a m Pass 7:05 a m Freight 12:15 pm Mixed 12:15pmPass 2:40 pm Mixed 7:54 pm Mixed 10:60p m Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., 6:15 p. m., and 1:20 a.m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. LOTS GO AT HIGH PRICES. An Evident Determination to Cfet In on the Ground Floor. Business .Locations in the New Railroad Towns Picked Up with Much Eagerness. The size of the boom that is on in these parts may be judged by the sale of lots in the new railway towns. Thursday over $4,000 was sold at Lone Pock, Friday over $15,000 at Fenton, and Saturday over $12,000 at Ringsted, while big sales are reported at Dolliver, Halva, and so on north, At the same time Geo. C. Call sold nearly $3,000 in Kanawha at private sale last week, and dozens of buyers are waiting for St. Benedict to be platted. These sales, with the buildings that will go up at once, taken in connection with the Titonka boom, mean that thousands of new "people will be pouring in this spring, and that many thousands of dollars will be spent. Sac City-AlRona Line. The Sao City-Algona line is still • alive. The Milwaukee is crossing it at Sao City and it considers it alive enough to leave no steps untaken to I secure its right-of-way. It has feared that the Northwestern would block it, and so a week ago Sunday a force was hurried in and a grade was built in a rush. It was rumored that the Northwestern graders were coming, but they did not arrive.. Northwestern officials, howeyer, were present. The Sac Sun says that 30 men and teams were paid big wages for the Sunday's work. Down that way everybody believes the Northwestern will build. of Northwestern Towns. The new towns along the Northwestern line in Emmet county have all been named. The one in Denmark will be called Ringsted, the one in Armstrong Grove, Halva, j-he one in Swan Lake, Maple Hill, and the one in Lincoln, Dolliver. He Grew Up oil KauawUa, West Bend Journal: Here is luck to Kanawha, We are somewhat interested. The editor of the Journal was born on the banks of the Kanawha river, just over the line from Kanawha county f j in Putnam county, West Virginia. Geo. C. Call's Wigwam. Corwith Hustler: On Monday last Geo. C. Call of Algona passed through Corwith towards the rising sun with a load of tepee stakes to a spot in Amsterdam township lately dubbed Luzon, which Mr. Call will christen Kanawha, and on which he will erect his wigwam and proceed to stake out grounds for many more wigwams. The New Southwest Mne, The Minneapolis & St. Louis railway from St. Paul to Omaha has been located by way of Estherville and Spencer to Storm Lake. Work will begin at once. . Batlway Notes. All the business lots on two blocks were epjd at Fenton. The Iowa Central expects to be running to Kanawha by July 1. 13. J. Murtagh, Thos. F. Cooke, and Others bought at. Lone Rook, and Fenton, Over one mile of grade is in now at Burl;. Big crews are working also at the upper end of the line, Frank Crose says the bank he is cashier* p,f ai Rjngeted wlUppsn j une j, He will not move bis famjly. , Atj Featon thf $ojme1$bv!rg NatJojaJ /bank }0 putting in, & branch,, {j paid $960 Joy a corner 8 i| e , Th.a| la n^t bad,. Jowq, Csntra.1 ii gona across the north end of the Stough eighty, atod will depot directly across from P. L. SI agio's. The Stilsons of Corwith are putting a bank in at Kanawha, and Hampton parties one also. The buildings are going up. The main grading contractors are located a mile east of the Prairie church with 40 teams and a steam shovel. The heavy work is on the ridge there where the track comes up off the flat. EGGS wanted—5,000 dozen, at JAS. TAYLOR'S. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. TWENTY-FIVE oz. coffee for 25c at M. Z. Grove & Son's. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HoxiE. Silver Cream. Best silver polish on earth. Call for sample bottle. — DINGLEY & PUGH, Sole Agents. NOW is the time to get a nice new parasol. We have them in all colors and at all pricds. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. MEETINGS. Services at the Presbyterian church commence at 31 a. m. and 8 p. m. All welcome. Special meeting of Prudence lodge, A. F. & A. M., Thursday night, 27th, for work in the first degree. Don't fail to hear Rev. D. W. Morgan of Humboldt tomorrow evening at the Baptist church. Admittance free. Subjects at the Congregational church, 11 a. m., "Jesus'Doctrine of Society;" at 8p.m., " The Man Who Can." Supper will be served by the ladies of the Congregational society Thursday evening at 6 o'clock in the church parlors. Everyone is cordially invited. Sermon themes at the Baptist church next Sunday will be, morning, "Church Visitation;" evening, "The NewTesta- ment Church." Baptism at close of evening service. Eev. C. G. Wright of Rolfe will deliver the second lecture in the Christian Culture Course series of the B. Y. P. U. at the Baptist church Monday evening, May 1. Everybody invited. Admittance free. The people of District 6, four miles east of Algona, will meet at the school house next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock to reorganize the Sunday school. The Sunday school missionary is expected to'be present. Friday evening Rev. Suckow will deliver a lecture in the Congregational church on "Fools." The lecture is given by the social union and a charge of 10 cents will be made to defray expenses of the club for the winter. The missionary convention at the Methodist church will close tonight with an address by Dr. Thos, Craven of Evanston, 111. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights Rev. H. R. Calkins of Chicago will preach at the church, and all are invited to attend. He will also preach at the Methodist church next Sunday morning and evening. CHOICE potatoes for sale at Taylor's. WE have all styles of summer corsets—a good one for 35o. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. LOANS on town property and farms at low rates. THOS.'F. COOKB. HEINZ' sweet pickles, lOo a dozen. M. Z. GROVE & SON. WANTED: Potatoes in trade at TAYLOR'S. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. Solid Gold Rings. Plump 14-J<t. plain rings, 85 cents per pennyweight. Pay us $1.60 per pennyweight and we can afford to make the bride a present, E. G. BOWYER. First door east of poetofQce. 43 See<| Wheat. We have plenty of seed wheat, northern grown, hard| very clean, and at a r}ght> pripe. Al§p timothy seed and flax Beed> 2tf AW*QNA MJLWNG Co. T&pMajS9$43ity B^ok, ajjft Ttfe Co. makes the best" drain tile aijd 'hollow bulldipg tile in the world and lowest P. 0, B. wy station. , THE LOCAL FlELfr Monday was ft summer day. Uncle Tom's Cabin got a big house last week. The farmers §ay we never had a bet tef spring. Algona wilt decorate next week for tbe teachers. C. C. Chubb is expected home from Texas this week. This is Algona's year to celebrate the Fourth of July. Rev. S. P. Marsh is here for the Methodist meeting. Frank W. Dlngley ia sick abed with something like quthzy. F. D. Calkins says his wholesale grocery is a sure thing, A. M. Coan has rented the Dr. Ensign house west of "Pat" Cady's. Court opened Monday. There are no jury cases and it will be a short term. It is expected the test of the electric light plant will be made this evening. Guy L. Taylor has a repairing department for pianos, organs, and sewing machines. The Grand Army post has begun preparing for memorial day. It will be. fittingly observed. Beach & Bovvers' minstrels are the next opera house attraction, May 6. There are none better. E. P. Bircher will send part of his horses to Marshall town in a few days to enter the races there. Glen Fountain's photographic display in Shoetz' window is very artistic. Glen is an expert kodaker. T. H. Conner will superintend the building of the big Catholic school, for which his plans were adopted. H. E. Rist bought a quarter section near Swen City last week, belonging to the Woodworth estate. It is a fine piece of land. Win. K. Ferguson wns figuring last week on buying the S. C. Spear lot adjoining the new hotel and putting up a two story brick. C. O. Simpson has bought the Hardy Buell home, the price being $2,000. This is the house and lot east of M. P. Randall's on Call street. Geo. E. Clarke was able to be down stairs last week. He will soon be out again. He much reduced in flesh and is quite weak, but is gaining rapidly. Jas. Taylor's millinery department is full of handsome New York hats. He has the best assortment and the best goods he has ever brought to Algona. J. H. Killmar, who is putting in the Call bridge_, has the contract to put in the foundation for the big auditorium at Des Moines, and is already at work at it. Samuel Mayne wns down for court yesterday. His name is mentioned i-ight along in connection with the legislative nomination, but he declines to talk politics. Geo. Pangburn was down for court yesterday. He says a good hotel is being built at the Northwestern and Burlington crossing up north, and that there is considerable travel these days. Leroy Barton and W. J. Crabtree tiaye bought the lots south of Geo. L. ialbraith's home fronting west, and are planning to build a couple of houses this season yet. They have one of the finest locutions in town. Rev. Wm. Whitfield was in Algona Monday for the meeting of Methodists, and was to have spoken yesterday. He ot a telegram, however, that his Bonn-law was not expected to live and ;ook the 6:30 train for New York. The Algona postofflce now enjoys a cancelling stump that was invented by S. X. Way, while ho was in the Britt office. It is a great improvement over ;ho stamp the government provides, and ought to be generally adopted. Mrs. John Fouhy, north of the Milwaukee depot, is dead. Her puz- ,led the doctors and a post mortem was :onducted by Dr. Tribon. He found ner stomach so badly ulcerated that the wonder is she lived as long as she did. J. W. Hinchon went down to assess the damage to M. De L. Parsons' land yesterday for a rond over it. THE UPPER DES MOINES will take great pleasure in publishing the record of J. W.'s issessment. With the intense thought has given tbe matter lately he ought ;o be an ideal assessor. Agent Vesper don't attach much im- Dortance to that Will Carleton story of some old lady being roughly treated by Northwestern conductor. He says the only lady coming from Ames to Al- jona that ho can got track of was Mrs. jr. S, Foster, and she visited at his louse a week und did not mention any such occurrence. Yesterday morning the suit of the John Paul company against J. M. owan for a bill of $100 for lumber used .n the Ruthven school house was heard. B. B. Soper was over for the lumber company and Charley Cohenour represented Cowan. Mr. Cowan claimed ;hat the trouble arose out of duplicated items in the bill. Max Herbst has bough), the Auditor alkins house of J. W. Tennant. The deal was perfected last week. Max will move into the new home this fall and Mr. Tennant will either live in the Berbst house or rent it. It is rumored ihat he will build a brick this fall on the south lot of the Calldne property adjoining Mr. Herbst. The Harris-Emmery company of Des Moines is coming to Algona with a line of samples to solicit retail trade in carpets and curtains. THE UPPER DES MOINES will guarantee that anyone who wants either can do better both as to quality and prices in the Algona stores. Before buying just see for once what you can do at homo. The Sunday school meeting Sunday evening resulted in a collection of $85 ,o defray Frank C. Farr's expenses as county missionary, He receives |24Q a year from the national assaplaUpn to attend to four counties, Tb,e desire ia t,o have him give move tfroe tp Kossuth, and this collection is for that purpose. Mr. Fan- is an enthusjaetio and effective worUer, Mrs. P. R, Cr<Jge,j w hp, forflftaflyyoars jnown, 4n Algflfl*. ftB A n glS HWOt. Friday mopiing at ^ucji aft^' ajaly ftnd one little boy survives his tHothefc Mrs. Crose was attractive as ft giH and woman, and .her untimely death will cause all who kne* the family to mourn. Company F is making ft big, united effort to secure the 62nd regimental band for Algona. Sioux City has had the band before but for Various reasons a change is desired and the boys feel that the Algona band is the one that ought to be chosen. The pay is $200 ft year, which would be ati object to otlf boys. Alffonahas one of the beat bands in Iowa and if merit wins it will be made a regimental band. Mrs. Setchell has had three letters from Carl lately. Until the last one was written he was on police duty in Manila. The last tells about the order to go to the front and how the boys and the people of Manila received it. Since it was written the 13th has been in some hard fighting and in one engagement a dozen of Carl's comrades were wounded, including his lieutenant. Carl has luckily escaped. 'Squire Clarke has always had a reputation for his apt judgments on tramps and vagabonds. Last week one of them, in answer to the question, said he had no residence. " Well," eays the justice, "I will correct that defect and make you a resident of Kossulh county for 80 days." Another told him that he was circulating about tbe country. "Well, I will retire you from circulation," was the 'squire's decision. J. V. Wickler ia organizing- the Yeomen in Algnnaund neighboring point* and is having great success. Last night the Toraadoka lodge was instituted at Hobart with over 80 charter members, and some of th« best men in Algona have signed the call for an organization hore. The Yeomen now have over 10,000 members and are gain- Ing at the rate of 1,000 a month. It is n successful mutual nRsociutlon und Mr. Wickler is one of its most efficient promoters. A curious law point was decided yes^ terday. H. O. Carpenter was indicted at the lust term of court for getting some people at Tltonka to deed him a house und lot, promising them that he could help them dispose of it better if the deed was in his name. He was charged with obtaining money under false pretenses. His attorney raised the point that inasmuch as the false pretense did not consistin misrepresenting an existing fact but was merely a promise of something in the future that tbe indictment was not good, and Judge Quarton sustained the defense. This leaves a civil suit as the remedy. Buy Your Weddlne Rings of us; we always make the bride a present. Beware of imitators and people who would duplicate this proposition. They say if you will do this or if you will do that, or if so and so wns the case, then they will offeryou the above proposition. There is always that if, if, if, in the wuy. We are positively the originators of low prices in the jewelry business of Kossuth county, and will continue to undersell all competition without any ifs or nnds. UINGLEY & PUGH. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. SEE our new package coffee—25 oz. for 25c. M. Z. GROVE & SON. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 oer cent., with optional payments Interest payable annually. Shoot Music. All tjie latest music at teachers' prices. DiNQLEY & PUGH. THERE is no better lino of coffees than that carried by M. 'Z. GROVE & SON. Blue Front Jewelry Store. We have a fine lino of new jewelry, also watches, clocks, and silverware. Elemember the blue front when in need of a fine job of repair work, always jrompt and reliable. 4 E. G. BOWYER. THE TEAOHEBS NEXT WEEK. The Great Gathering of tlie North- we«t Iowa AHHOcIatton Will Occur Next Week Thursday, Every preparation is being made to receive the teachers next week. They ome Thursday and will remain several days. The committees arranging for entertainment, decoration, etc., have :ill been busy, and everything that can oe done will be done to make the event enjoyable for the visitors. It is expected that bunting will adorn the streets, and that in every way every- Dody will put himself at the disposal of our guests. This is a great opportunity for Algona. Matson & McCall Have added to their stock the past week a fresh lot of novelties in millinery for spring. A special line of Children's School Hats Will please our patrons. We also have the latest designs in Ladies' Sailor Hats. If you waitf something tha,t is nobby come and see saijors, , Oil for— Painting. It will pay every person who is going to do any painting to see me before buying his OIL, .In fact it will pay you to see me for anything in my line, when you want to buy. I am for business. * James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. Knowing the Demands of our community in the line of Boots, Shoes, and all kinds of footwear, and how to fit the feet properly, and being in close touch with the largest and best producers, we are in a position To Serve You In anything you may need in Boots and Shoes. Fine Repairing and Custom Work, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, Algona, Ia. If you are going To Ride a Wheel This Season you can afford to ride a good one. With the selling at.......$40 ' there is no reasonable excuse for anyone investing his money in a cheap wheel which will only bo a source of annoyance to him and a source of revenue to the repair man. The Rambler has been the leader in wheels for 20 years, and still maintains that position. It is as good as it is possible for skilled workmen with high-grade material to make a wheel, and hence is as good as the best. All Ramblers are equipped with the great G. & J. CLINCHER TIRE. If you wish something cheaper, we have Ideal at $25, and the Featherstone at Both as good as you can buy anywhere at the prices. Let us show you our samples. «^n—^ 899 SPRING |899 fVND BUMMER Taylor's Choice Millinery Tailor-made Suits, Jackets, Silk Waists, Silk Capes, Muslin. Underwear, Fine Hosiery, Wash Waists, Silk Waists, Underskirts, white and colored, Next week "we will offer some extra values in Gowns, large, full shapes. Jf\S. Tf\YLOR. NOW IS THE TIME to buy your Footwear, and another Shoe Store is the place to buy. Stpek complete. •" " ' '-/K .._'"-...'* ' '

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