The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 26, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1899
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865, AJ.GQHA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AJPRIL 26, 1809, Tlie Cup WC But not Inebriates can be brewed from either the fine teas, the aromatic coffees, or delicious cocoas or chocolates from Langdon & Hudson's. They are fit for the palate of an epicure. Our grocerie are kept up to the best standard of fine roller process flour., and cereals of all kinds. Our vegetables and fruits are fresh and tempting to lovers of good living. Langdon & Hudson. Carpets Again__ All we ask is to compare prices and quality. Our Matting stock is larger than ever before. Mattings from 15 to 35c a yard. Call and take a look at them. Geo. L Galbraith. i More Still Better BARGAINS ^ Tr> Crockery and Staple Groceries at M. Z. Grove & Son's. !IGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, UMBEH VOL. . 6, ;MANY EYES; :: 3Do IfcTot See "Well; as they should. Many others do not see so well as they CAN ME MADK TO SEE. This defective vision causes eye strain, which produces pain In the eyeball, orbit temple or forehead. This Is one of the " eye headaches" so common with those having pronounced refractive error. Proper glasses will correct the detect. The cause removed, the effects disappear. Many will trstify thnt I have glveu perfect vision where others have Failed. <' Examination and consultation free. ) | W, F, RIPKE, Expert Optician, : Office over E. J. Gilmore's stoee, Algona, Iowa. W. H. Reed (Successor to John Cronin) handles the best to be had in the way of up- to-date, fine FURNITURE )esides everything that can be desired 'n plain and ornamental Picture Frames, Mouldings ind goods that are required for beauli- ying and ornamenting the home. A specialty made of with prices always at the satisfactory point. W. H. REED. W. H. LACY can furnish you low prices on also all Itinds of mill stuff, Wood and Coal. your weighing on our city scales Opposite Hotel Tennant, M. P. HAGGARD. G. F. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith,') Abstracts, Eleal Estate, AN S- ollections, ALGONA, IOWA. 3ue Hundred Dollars Is offered to any person who can duplicate the Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent fpr the IS A SURE ENOUGH BOOM, No Mistake About Algona Being In the Pttsh This Spring-. Mr. McOomb Will Hate a Building—Miscellaneous Record of Things to Coiiie. Work will begin on P, L. McCotnb's new steam laundry at once. He has bought the building south of the Republican office, used as a flour warehouse for a long time, will movoitback, and build a two-story front in imitation of brown stone. He had an arrangement for using tho basement of the new hotel, but by mutual consent both, he and Mr. Durdall agreed to let it drop. He will put in a first-class illy laundry building. Hotel Contract $80,250. O. B. Durdall's contract with J. M. 3owun and O. W. McMurray is to build the new hotel with heat and electric light wires for $20,260. He will put In a gas plant besides. This is i very low price considering the size of :he building. Tho basement is already •>retly well excavated and all the men and teams in town available have had a job. Work will be pushed very rapid- y. School HOUBO Foundation In. A big force of masons has been lay- ng stone in the now school house baso- nent tho past week. The board is put- ,ing heavy footing stone at tho bottom * all the walls. The new building S. J. Parker of Hampton got a unanimous vote. There were eight candidates for major, three of whom were to be elected. Only one got a majority, Capt. Otto Hile of Boone, who received 263 votes. The others were: Kreger of Cherokee 203, Lee of Webster City 188, Refsell of Emmetsburg 185, Kirk of Sioux City t74, Gooch of Sioux Citv 183, Odle of Hull 09, Banyard of Sioux City 37. Company F voted for Col. Humphrey all but one vote, and gave Hile and Ref- seil a solid vote for majors, It divided on the third between Kreger, Odle and Lee. Its vote for Col. Humphrey is very flattering to him, considering the attacks made on him in Algona last year. WANTS TO MARR1 HKLW, 0.0. Bracke of Germania Arrested on Miss Gould's Steps. lands within a few feet of the of cente the block, east and west, which >rings It close to D. A. Haggard's line. r t stands just south of tho alley the >ther way. TSIoctrlc LlKht Plant Mishap. Saturday steam was turned on the new engine at the electric light plant ,nd the first thing it did was to blow iff the throttle valve. A telegram was ent at once for a new one and the de- ay will not be great. The only thing low delaying the plant Is a marble slab o be used In connection with the witch board, which the city has to urnish and which for some reason is ot on hand. Tho Vaunlin Residence. John Vaughn has the plans for his lew house to stand east of the Spong- ierg shop. It will be a brick cottage, with all the modern conveniences, and will cost about $2,000. It is very hand- omely designed. Another Now Home. O. W. McMurray has bought the lots m State street east of the Co wan house coupled by O. B. Durdall, and will juild this summer. Ho expects to put ip a largo and comfortable home. The Woodworth Lots Sold. David Gil more has bought the Woodworth lots south of the Dr. Sheetz' home and will build a home. He has fine location and will put up a good ouse. Building Notes. Henry Mason is building a barn 6x24. Tho foundation for W. W. Jones' ome west of Dr. Morse's is in. E. P. Keith moves into his home this week. Ho has been making extensive epairs. The debris about the new Methodist hurch is being removed, the sidewalk owered, and the grades graded, J. W. Robinson has the old L. M. B, mith building moved and It IB rented .0 the restaurant man who has been in t heretofore. Geo. L. Galbraith has gotten the remains of the old Methodist church moved, and Harvey Ingham is now grading and filling in the lot. Geo, L. Galbraith bought the old Jyson shop, on the new hotel site, and ias moved it up beside his building lorth of the Republican office. Among those who have bought dirt rom the hotel excavation to fill in lots are John C. Patterson, Mrs, M. Wilson, iVm. K, Ferguson, Jas. Taylor, S. D. )rake, Louis Leasing, and John /aughn. Algona is doing lots of grad- ng. EGGS 13o at Taylor's. WE have the Plexo-Girdle corset in he summer goods, Try one, GEO. L. GALBRAITH. FOR rent: A five-room house, uire of A. A. Brunsoq, In- MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. 3PEN the door, let in the air, ?he winds are sweet, the flowers are fair, oy is abroad in the world lor me, iince taking Rooky Mountain Tea. FOB time loans on real estate apply ,t Kossuth County State Bank. COL. HtJMPBBETJS ELECTED. The Colonel lej$udoj'8t>d by Ills Refft- wjtl* the Win* the The contest for ooloiiel la egiment excited so much ver the et&te that speoi^l were arrange"! for (rp^ all ilaees. These .brpughf »y that Pol? ~~ lajj beaten PAID BY THE OOTJNTY BOARD. List of the Bills Allowed at the Su- vlsors 1 April Meeting'. POOH FUND. VV P Hohenschuk. comn for Hlntz S 35 00 Laage & Campbell, blacksmithing for farm 330 W L Nivej, trustee for poor Frank Hume, coal for Dates 7 75 f Winkel, meat 1350 J H Laird, colflu o 75 U S Express Co, express on Hintz in 12 J W Curtis, mdse for Nostman 7 50 J H Queal & Co, coal for poor 4 05 LanKdon & Hudson, mdso for poor. .. 22 08 Jos Hacltl, uiirolng Mrs Morris 1500 S H McAdivms, looking after poor 5 60 Chas Kresslne, uidse for Hluta 1800 Q H Latnson, looking after poor. 15 00 Wheeler Lumbar Co, coal Mrs Hlntz.. ,'J 55 E .) Ullmoro, mdse, mdse for poor 31 05 C 13 Sarchett, mdse for Molueo..... 1000 F S Norton, coal for Nestuian 12 BU A L Uowen, looking after poor 4 00 John Goeders. mdso for Young.....'..,. 4 20 J H Queal & Co, coal for Mrs Hokenson 0 14 Cook Bros, mdse for farm i 00 Jas Patterson, same 1048 W J Studley, same ' 2 00 W J Studley, same 170 J P Fohlin, digging graves 000 F Wlukel, meat for farm 2958 F Winkel, same 335 M N Phillips, hay for farm 388 B B Avey, harness for farm..' 2245 Campbell & Gromvall, blaoksmlthlng forpoorfai-m 180 Jas Taylor Post, monuments for soldiers 4560 J W Robinson, hardware fo.t farm 8 80 A L Goddnrd, seed corn for farm 1500 A P Young, repairing on poor farm ... 848 Cook Bros, mdselfor farm 1105 John Goeders, same 385 nobert Rahm, work on farm 500 John Sherly, same 0 00 John Goedors, mdse for farm o 80 G M Johnson, windmill for farm 30 70 M N Phillips, hay for farm 7700 W Nettling, hay forNestman 500 Wortman Bros, mdse for Huettner .... 205 J W Curtlss, corn for Nostman 750 Algona Milling Co, coal for poor. ... 05 85 W L Niver, trustee in poor eases 450 W Wright, rout for Mrs Wolfe 1200 Cook Bros, telephoning 40 Poavoy Elevator Co, coal for Turner... 702 Harrison & Hanna, mdse for Turner. 7 13 W L Niver, commlttao looking after Turner 4 00 Dr "Wand, doctoring Turner 2775 Geo Stellson, drayiug for Turner 75 Miss Addle Bryan, nursing Turner .... 1210 W H Rauey, quarentining Turner 410 Mrs Willard, boarding Turner 30 25 BBIDQlt FUND. Hayenga & Weislirod, bridge work 500 M Welsbrod, committee work 17 00 Ed Kunz, same. 1875 Frank Hume, lumber 3105 L M Roberts, bridge work 375 Cady, same ;j no B Wolf, same i 50 F S Norton, lumber o 18 L Barton, committee work 14 10 Moses Isaacson, building bridge 2 00 Geo B Irish, same 525 G S Campbell, blacksmithing 480 A A Reynolds, hardware 1442 John Wood, bridge work 10 00 W H Iniuan, same 937 Win Raney, same 400 C Bone, same o 37 D Conlsou, same 28 37 John Wood, same 7 00 John Wood, same 2050 John Paul Lumber Co, lumber 210 17 J W Sampson, bridge work 1325 W IS Naudain, unloading piling 3 50 A H Austin, bridge work 112 20 Clinton Bridge and Iron Woiks, bridge material 50405 Duraiit Bros, oil 4 97 Chas Dutcher, bridge work 833 John Wood, same 1775 John Wood, same 1025 J W Hoblnsou, hardware 1520 W E Naudaiu, drayage 700 Geo Honus, rock for bridge 400 John G Smith, bridge committee ....... 4010 C S Pendleton, committee work 4 10 C & N-W Ry Co, freight on lumber .... 805 77 Wheeler Lumber Co, lumber and piling 441 21 COUNTY FUND. . Geo H Brooks, repairing duplicator... 2 50 Upper Des Moines, publishing proceedings and supplies "67 16 Otto Falkenhalnor, locks 7 oo Courier Printing Co, publishing proceedings and supplies ... 8240 Chassel, Ferguson & Oo, supplies 1350 John G Smith, committee work 1200 O OQuam, trustee , o oo F VanErdewyk, county superintendent ISO 00 Henry Bell, trustee 400 W E H Morse, coroner 0810 Western Telephone Co, telephoning... 590 Peter Winkel, bailiff .. 4200 Samson & Paine, coal 55 20 D T Smith, express ,. g 30 John Benke, trustee 200 Frank VanErdewyk, county superintendent 11120 Booue Blank Book Co, supplies, claimed830.05, allowed 2855 Jos Schreiber, trustee.. 200 J W Robinson, supplies i 15 Acres, Blaekmas & Co, supplies 8 75 Egbert Fidlar & Chambers, same 89 80 Conrad Herman, bailiff 20 00 Duraut Bros, supplies ..... '3155 S P Chrristensen, boarding prisoners, etc 7480 J C Raymond, justice peace fees 11 85 A T'Packard, trustee a 00 M Starr, publishing grading notice.... 000 W E McDonald, bailiff. 3000 Jas Patterson, oil for court house Algona Milling Co, coal M Starr, publishing proceedings, etc.. C&N-WKy, freight..... '......', Geo O Austin, State vs- Steinman J N Wolf, trustee. John Bernhayd, trustee. 450 aiao 13240 90 1315 400 4 00 E H Schrader, plumbing. ..........!!... 2 50 E H Clarke, State vs Labs .............. 0 85 Frank Froehle, trustee ... ............... 200 Geo Beenken, same .......... , .......... 300 Michael Sandt, same ................... 3 00 F J Kernan, same, claimed S18 ........ 17 00 C, M & St P, freight . ....... .. ......... 115 Matt Parrott & Sons, supplies, claimed Ji37, allowed ......................... 3050 Oourier Blank Book Co, lien index ..... Ml 50 Bancroft Register, publishing proceedings, etc .................... . ... ...... 94 00 M P Weaver, expense ..... . ............ 1591 G L Galbraitu, felt and matting ....... 285 J B Oarr, expenses .................. 2100 R W Barrett, trustee ................... 200 Institute Feeble Minded, care of patients... ....... . ............... ....... 1570 E H Clarke, State vs Labs. . ... ......... 0 85 Samson & Grose, abstracts ........... . 1200 , . Carter & Hussey , supplies .............. 3850 EH Clarke, State vs Hiencock Wm Funk, trustee , ................... S P Otu-istensen, servjag execution .... G A Holrnan, assessing tHurn Greek , . . M D Rlelly, W w Dehn 850 2 00 380 03 36 sessing Bberman 6800 assessing Fe^ton 5502 ' " assessing Havrlsou. 6500 -3jB_g8W6ft 705Q ;g Wt$P*0r9;„.. 70.80 Kew York Police Took film tn Just tts He Wns About to Ring the Heiress' Doof Sell. O. O. Braoke of Germania has again attained'notoriety as the following dispatch indicates: NEW YORK, April 24.-tS P eoial.] A well dressed man, who said he was Ole Braoke of Germania, Iowa, was arrested this morning on the steps of Miss Helen Gould's residence, Forty-seventh street and Fifth avenue just as he was about to ring the door bell, For some time before ascending the steps of the Gould residence Bracke had walked up and down in front of the house gazing up at the windows. He was watched all tho time by a central office detective, who was on duty at the house because of a complaint which had been made by Miss Gould that Bracke had annoyed her by writing love letters and calling up on the telephone. Braoke was arraigned before Magistrate Crane this afternoon. He said he Was an author and was engaged in " deep researches." He admitted writing and telephoning Miss Gould, but said his intentions were "most honorable." He was committed to Bellevue hospital for examination as to his sanity. BRACKE AT HOME. Brucke is a well known character hereabouts. A year ago he notified parties in England that he had found a dispatch from Andree's balloon, and they sent to New York and New York sent to Geo. E. Clarke to look the matter up. Bracke has often written communications to THE UPPER DES MOINES, most of which have gone to the waste basket. Ho had printed a book on tiie outrage of the Cuban war not long ago. He is erratic if not crazy. ANOTHER VERSION. The New York correspondent of the Chicago Tribune writes as follows: "I am a free American arid I have a right to fall in love with Helen Gould or any other woman if I want to. The fact that I do it doesn't show I'm crazy, but that I'm sensible," Ole Bracke of Germania, Iowa, a well dressed man, 42 years old, said this when he was arrested today on the charge of being insane and annoying Miss Gould. He had read so much about the: philanthropist that he admired her, and as he was looking for a wife lie resolved that he would give her a chance to accept him. He wrote her two weeks ago that he was coming from his western home to see her, but she took no notice of the letter. This morning he put on a new equipment with which he had provided himself. It included a shiny silk hat, a light overcoat, patent leather shoes, and a sunset-colored necktie. He left the Westminster hotel, where he was living, and walked confidently up Fifth avenue to Forty-seventh street, where Miss Gould dwells, For a while, he pacod up and down. After making: a few laps he walked up the stoop and knocked on the door. Detective Sergeant Krauch, who had been waiting for Braoke, ran up, seized him, and carried him off to the Yorkville court. The detective told Magistrate Crane that the prisoner had annoyed Miss Gould for «, long time by writing letters to her and calling for her over the telephone, "All that is true," Mr. Braoke admitted, " but it is not a crime to write to Miss Gould, nor is it a felony to seek to converse with her over -the 'phone. I am an author of some distinction and a scholar. As you see my personal appearance is in my favor. In every way I should be a desirable addition to the visiting list of any honorable lady," and he smiled with great self-satisfaction, " My letters to her were couched' in the most respectful terms,!' he went on, " and there was nothing ,fn them that justified the police in effeetingmy capture." Bracke was sent to Bellevue tp have his sanity inquired into, MANY METHODfSTS IN TOWN, Tonlarht a Tleturiied Mlsstonni-y from India Will Speak. Over 40 Methodist pastors have been attending the big missionary meetings which opened Monday and which close tonight. A large .attendance of out' siders has filled the church at all these services. Tonight Rev. Tbos. Craven, for many years a missionary in India, will give an address on that country. The public is invited. FOB MEMORIAL DAY. ot to Fnthor Halplii WJ11 Be tl»e Orator lit n Ocoaslou-Itov. Suokow I'n-ach Memorial Suuduy. Fathur Halpin, the new priest in Al' gona, who is an eloquent speaker, is to deliver the memorial address, May SO. An executive committee, E. Tellier, J. H. Laird and Dr. McCoy, will have charge of the arrangements. Rev. Suckow Is to deliver tSo annual memorial Sunday sermon. One Hundred Uunuluif Horses. Emrnetsburg Democrat: The North- wes't Jowa Jqokey Glqh will meet la this city June 21 and 22, Algona, Ban' croft. Brltt aud JJmmetshm'g are rep. the club, There are al- y JQ8 rttBging horses entered for ..... large «!,*

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