The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1899
Page 4
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\ 1E8 MOINE8J ALGO&A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL WAttfttN. T«fms to Subscribers. On^cctpy, one year... .................... $1.50 One copy, six months...... ...... ...... ... 75 One copy, three months. .................. 40 Sent to ah* address at above rates. ^ Remit by draft, money order, of express or. Kites of advertising sent on application. • Republican State Convention. There fclll be a delegate convention of the republicans of Iowa held In the city of Des Moines, Iowa, on Wednesday, August 2, at 11 o'clock a. in., for the purpose of placing In nomination a candidate for each of the following officers, viz.: For governor, for lieutenant governor, for judge of the supreme court, for superintendent of public instruction, for railroad commissioner, and for the transaction of any other business that may properly come before a republican state convention. The ratio of representation'will be as follows! One delegate at large from each county, and one additional delegate for each two nun dred (200) votes or fraction of one hundred (100) or over cap* for Hon. Qeo. L. Dobson, republican candidate for secretary of state at the general election held November 8, 1898. The representation for the counties comprising our Senatorial district will be as follows: Clay, 8: Dlckenson, 6; Emmet, 7; Palo Alto, 8;Kossuth,ll. no opposition in Clay. With Kossuth In the field the opening vote will be Dickinson and Emmet 13, Kossulh 11, Clay 8, Palo Alto 8, with Clay and Palo Alto probably willing to KO together whenever they can make a nomination. It will apparently in the end be a three cornered affair, as it was before, Palo Alto and Clay 16 votes, Dickinson and Emmet 13 votes, and Kossuth 11 votes. Senator Funk Not a Candidate. The Ruthven Appeal, speaking of the senatorship in this district, says: " Senator Funk may or may not be a candidate. It has ever been thus. He has made a clean record in the senate, Is a tireless worker,.and his long term In office has made him an influential member of the senate. The people of this district have no reason to regret any part of Mr. Funk's official acts." THE UPPER DBS MOINES has ample authority for stating that under no circumstances will Senator Funk allow his name to be used in this connection. He does not desire a renomination to the senate, and most particularly does not desire to have his name used in the coming: canvass for the vacancy. Senator Funk has been mentioned by many papers, and there are many of his friends who would like to see him in the senate for a fourth term, thereby equalling Gov. Larrabee's record. But his decision la final. Any mention of him is not only without authority, but is trary to his wishes. con- The Gear Succession. There can be no question that an expression of opinion concerning the succession to Senator Gear is going te be registered generally in the district conventions this year. It is not likely that a republican candidate for either the senate or the house will be named until either his personal preferences have been made known, or a resolution of instructions has been adopted. In the counties which have representatives to themselves this will be a simple matter. But in districts comprising several counties, like our senatorial district, it may not be so easily arranged. This district lies in both the Tenth and Eleventh congressional dis- . tricts. AH the counties may not have the same view of what should be done. The issue is bound to rise and the question is will the matter be decided by a resolution in the convention, or will a candidate in the end be named with reference to his declared predilection? This much is certain, no candidate is at all likely to be named until one of these two courses has been decided on, for it is scarcely possible that a nomination can be made here in which the United States senatorship will be ignored. ^^^^^^^^^^ Jefferson's Birthday. Thomas Jefferson was at once a dreamer and a shrewd man of affairs. That is how it happens that for one hundred years the most visionary reforms and most practical legislation have been alike to some extent Jeffer- eonian. AM sides claim Jefferson with some show of reason, and all sides in so doing are unjust to his memory. He was a practical man among visionaries, and an idealist among matter-of-fact Ulan,'""He generalized on human rights almost to suit Prof. Herron and legislated almost to suit the old Federalists. He stopped just short of the frenzied absurdity of the radical social reformer, while at- the same time he put dreams of a great democracy into the hard heads of the founders of this republic. He stood between Hamilton on the one side and Patrick Henry on the other. Through him the genius of both was blended. The people were literaly *' all federalists and all republicans" in him, and to this day have so remained. JTEWS AND COMMENT. A. B. Cummins was the first express messenger that ran Into Algona. that was back in 1870. He was a good express messenger. Geo. D. Perkins is supporting Senator Gear in the Sioux City Journal. There Is more Gear sentiment in the Eleventh than in the Tenth. Miss Mina F. Murray has sold her interest in the Nashua Reporter. She has been a capable editor and her paper has been newsy, clean, and vigorous. She gained an ephemeral notoriety as a Boles boomer in the Chicago national convention as "the Lady in White," and since has cut considerable figure as a stump speaker for silver. Very many newspaper friends will regret that she Is to retire, and will wish her prosperity In whatever she undertakes. Thos. D. Healy is to deliver the memorial day oration at Fort Dodge. The Manchester Press assails the Chicago Inter-Ocean for its work in the Chicago mayoralty contest. The Inter- Ocean's methods may be questioned but we see no reason for imputing bad motives to it for supporting the republican nominee, as compared xvlth the Times-Herald, which openly, and the Tribune, which quietly supported Harrison. There is altogether too much mugwump holier-than-thou slush being swallowed by western republicans about Gov. Tanner and the Illinois and Chicago republicans. The fact is that Carter Harrison, while he had the support of many republican business men, had the united support of the gamblers and toughs of Chicago. Altgeld's support was among the socialists and reformers of all types, and was much cleaner in every respect than Harrison's. The Harrison organiza tion in Chicago and the Croker organization in New York are much on a par. The annual New York City dinner commemorating the birth of Gen. U. S. Grant will, as usual, be given in the Waldorf-Astoria on April 27. The guests are not confined to any political party, and Union and Confederate soldiers always fraternize on these occasions. Jonathan P Dolliver of Iowa will be the orator of the occasion, and Gens. Miles, Merritt, Wheeler, Green and Roosevelt, and several distinguished officers of the navy will be present. Will F. Muse, who sang with the Ottumwa quartette in Algona, has bought the Mason City daily Gazette. Will is a newspaper man of talent and experience. He will be welcomed to northern Iowa. About all Senator Quay is doing in Philadelphia to vindicate himself from the charge of using state funds illegally is to raise technical legal objections to the hearing of the evidence. Senator Quay is already found guilty by the public. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Guy Hanna of LuVerne is in New York City to embark for Manila. A §20,000 bonus to the Minneapolis & St. Louis railway was voted last week in Emmetsburg by 400 to 28. The News says Miss Bertha Hancock's readings in LuVerne were much enjoyed, and adds, "She is certainly one of the best elocutionists in northern Iowa." Armstrong Pilot: Amie Peugnet came up from Algona Saturday in pursuit of game. -Amie is a great hunter, and the Armstrong boys are always glad to see him. Armstrong Journal: Miss Viola Mann of Algona is visiting at the home of B. C. Lewis this week Presiding Elder Yetter preached a very Interesting sermon at M. E. church last Friday evening. Humboldt is organizing a mutual telephone exchange, and will have three exchanges when it is in. Three telephone systems ought to let Humboldt do all the talking it wants to. Palo Alto republicans should remember that M. L. Brown was not squarely dealt with four years ago and should see that he gets a second hearing in the convention this year. We might help send inen who could talk louder in the senate chamber than Mr. Brown, but hardly one who could better look out for the interests of his constituents than this tried and trusted citizen of Emmetsburg, who ts one of the most successful business men of northwest Iowa. It might be entirely proper to say fight here that the politicians do not always do the things that would best serve those whom they pretend to serve. AN UNLIKELY TALE, The Northwestern Railway Is Inves- tlgatlnic a Case of Alleged Neglect on the AlKOiia Lltie. In the Des Moines News of Apr. 10 was the following item: "A lady of this city while riding on a Northwestern train between this city and Algona, Iowa, met with a pretty incident. An old lady had boarded the train at Ames and was bound for the north. The Des Moines lady got into a conversation with the aged one. The conversation was carried on for some time. At last us the conductor was passing through the train, the aged woman asked him where she changed cars. The conductor asked her destination. She tried to remember but could not. Theconduct- or was out of sorts and spoke back in a careless, rough manner. Then she broku down and began to cry. Everyone in the car felt sorry for the old woman. At last a travelling man stepped from his seat to the side of the old lady. Stroking her on the bead he said: " ' Never mind, mother. We all for- getsometimes. You will soon remember the town you are going to.' After a few more comforting words he went back to his seat. The old lady soon recovered from her crying, and suddenly remembered herdestlnatlon. The Des Moines lady left the train at Algonn, where she visited relatives. That evening she was invited to go to a lecture by Will Carleton. When the famous lecturer arose to address the audience, she waseurprised to see the kind hearted traveling man who had comforted the old lady with, 'Never mind, mother. We all forget sometimes!'" It has by some means been called to the attention of the Northwestern officials, who have started an Inquiry as to Its truth. It is possibly a true story, but the conductors on this line are very gentlemanly, and it seems unlikely that such an incident could have occurred. It it did the conductor will doubtless soon be looking for another job. OENTEAL SCHOOL AT TITONEA. Buffalo Township May Adopt the One School PJaii-It Is a Success Where Tried. Buffalo township is likely to try the central school experiment. If it does Titonka will build a bigschool building and all the township students will attend. This is the much talked of A OHMSTIAH BOIEKOfi Collapse of 16 to 1. Wm. J. Bryan was placed in an unpleasant position at the big Milwaukee gelebration of Jefferson's birthday. He bad given out the copy of hie speech in favor of 16 to 1 to the papers in advance. When the time came to deliver it he b&d been so thoroughly awed by the antagonism of the Wisconsin demoe* raoy to any further 16 to 1 platforms that he changed the speech and left out. The Milwaukee Sentinel a reporter at the banquet and rer the speech as he made it. The ptber papers g&ye it as he intended to It. This predicament fairly 11* the collapse of 16 to }. Bryan ha npmtnated for the presidency in , but it will be on a platform en ttrely different from the Chicago yfre fl|)yar- issue is 0. W. Caw of Esthervilie is now ftS tv senatorial aspirant in this The rumor is that Humboldt Independent: Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Buohholz of Irvington are making the Buckingham and Buohholz home a visit. Mr. Buohholz ts agent for the C. & N. W. company at Irvington and had been at his post without relief for more than a year. They both have many friends here who are glad to have them here again for a time. The Livermore Gazette says: Rev. D. M. Stiles of Algona, formerly Baptist pastor here, lectured to a full house at the Baptist church last Tuesday evening. Rev. Stiles can always get a good audience here on short notice. By the way, he went from here to Corwith, where he was to stop off to tie a nuptial knot for our former well known watch-maker, J, C, Miller, who has decided to cast his lot with a Mrs. Herrick of that place. POLITIOAL NOTES. The next republican state convention will have 1,282 delegates, figuring on the basis of one for each county and one for every 200 votes or fraptipn thereof over 100 oast for Dobson for secretary of state last year. Carroll Herald: The Leader is under the impression that Hon. A. B. Funk, editqr of the Spirit Lake Beacon, will vote for the next United' States senator. Senator Funk served with distinction for 1# years, and is not a candidate for re-election. Unless the unexpected happen, he will not be a member of the next general assembly. Emtoeteburg Tribune: Jt. looks as if the politicians of the neighboring counties were attempting to sidetrack qur ohuaoes for senator by throwing to the pal try pjuoa of plan every where at present and it gives every promise of being very successful if the people can be persuaded to try it. Supt. Barrett endorses the central school idea in a letter to the Titonka people, from which we quote: " I have been giving considerable thought to the consolidation of districts and the transportation of children, and am quite clearly of the opinion that where a town or village is located In the center of the township and conditions are favorable, it Is best to have a center school and convey the children. The plan has been in successful operation for some years in the states of Massachusetts and Ohio. Briefly stated the leading arguments in favor-nf the movement are as follows: 1. It permits better grading of the schools and classification of pupils. 2. It opens the doors to more weeks of schooling and to schools of a higher grade. 8. It Insures the employment and retention of better teachers. 4. It makes the work of the supervisor far more effective. 5. It adds the stimulating influence of large classes with the resulting enthusiasm and generous rivalry. 6. It results in a better attendance of pupils. 7. It leads to better better equipment, etc. By Rev. Mftry B. O. Eddy, Founder of the Movement, to First Church of Christ, Scientist, Concord, N. M. My Beloved Brethren: In the annals of our denomination this church becomes historic, having completed its organization Feb. 22 — Washington's birthday. Memorable date, all un- thought of till the day had passed! Then we beheld the omen — Religious Liberty — the Father of the universe and the father o! our nation in concurrence. Today, with the large membership of 74 communicants, you have met to praise God. I, as usual, at home and alone, am with you In spirit, joining in your rejoicing; and ray heart is asking, What are the angels saying or singing of this dear little flock, and what is each heart in this house repeating, and what is being recorded of this meeting as with the pen of an angelV Bear in mind always that Christianity Is not alone a gift, but a growth Christ-ward; it is not a creed or dogma — a philosophical phantasm, nor the opinions of a sect struggling to gain power over contending sects, and scourging the one in advance of it. Christianity is the summons of divine Love for man to be Christ-like — to emulate the words and the works of our great Master. To attain thereunto men must know somewhat of the divine Principle of Jesus' life work, and prove their knowledge by doing as ho bade— "Go and do thou likewise." Wo know Principle only through Science. The Principle of Christ is divine Lqvo, resistless Life and Truth- then its Science must be Christ-like, or Christian Science. More than regal is the majesty of its meekness; and Its might is the ever-flowing tides of Truth that sweep the 'universe, create and govern it,— and its radiant stores of knowledge— the mysteries of exhaustless Being. Seek ye these, till you make their treasures yours. When a young man vainly boasted, "I am wise, for I have conversed with many wise men," Epiotetus made answer: "And I with many rich men, but I am not rich." The richest blessings are obtained by labor; and a vessel full, must be emptied, before it can be re-filled. Lawyers may know too much of human law to have a clear perception of Divine justice! and divines be too deeply read in scholastic theology to appreciate, or to demonstrate Christian charity. Losing the comprehensive in the technical, the Principle in its accessories, cause in effect, and faith in sight, we lose the Science of Christianity; a predicament quite like the man who could not see London for its houses. Clouds that swing in the sky with dumb thunderbolts parsimonious of rain, are seen and forgotten in the same hour; while those with a mighty rush that waken the stagnant waters, and solicit every root and every leaf with the treasures of rain, ask no praising. Remember, thou cunst be brought into no condition, be it ever so severe, where Love has not been before thee, and its tender lesson is awaiting thee. Therefore despair not nor murmur, for that which seeketh to save, to heal, and to deliver will guide thee, if thou seek this guidance. NOT IN THE COMBINE...... Goeders' Big Department Store. Our opening prices made last week in our Basement Grocery Department are still the same with a few additional ones as follows; A very fine Japan tea for... $ 40 4 Ibs fancy rice for . .25 5 Ibs choice rice for 25 Extra fine cider vinegar for .25 7 bars Santa Glaus soap for ,25 8 bars Harvest soap for.... .25 10 bars Erasive soap for... ,25 6 bars Magnetic soap for... .25 2 packages Pillsbury Vitus. .25 2 packages Grape Nuts.... .25 r Ib paper salaratus 05 i good washboard for .13 3 large boxes tooth picks.. .10 Remember our large stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats and Shoes will be sold equally as loM. Highest price paid for Eggs and Butter. JNO. OOEDERS. Fancy patent flour, Algona mills or Minnesota $1.00 Choice patent, same 90 A No. i patent, same 80 17 Ibs granulated sugar for. i.oo 18 Ibs light C sugar for.... i.oo 3^ Ibs fancy Mocha and Java coffee for i.oo 5 Ibs fancy Rio coffee for.. . 8 Ibs choice Rio coffee lor.. io Ibs good Rio coffee for.. 10 Ibs best package coffee.. Extra fine Japan tea, per Ib i.oo i.oo i.oo i.oo •So LOCAL NEWS AT. school buildings, ANOTHEB DOLLIVEK BTOEY, His Seed Oats Bought—13. A. Haggard Would Have Cniigbt Him for a Cent or Two More. The Port Dodge Messenger is responsible/or this story: Auctioneer Geo. Patterson was selling seed oats in job lots from 75 to 100 bushels. He had taken his position in a lumber wagon, where he could have' command of the large crowd which attended. He had secured a bid of 25 cents and was trying to get the half. He kept appealing to the crowd, saying that he had 25, who would give him the half, half I want, half I must have, etc, Standing close to the wagon with his hands in his pockets was Hon, Hon, J, P. Dolliver. In looking around he saw a friend on the other side of the wagon to whom he nodded his head and saluted with his hand. The eagle eye of Auctioneer Patterson saw the move, and taking- it for a bid, shouted: "Sold toJ. P. Dolliver for 25i." Mr. Dolliver wns equal to the occasion, however, and without manifesting any surprise he walked up to the clerk and paid for the oats which he had so unconsciously bought. Algona is All Ulgut. Ames Times: During a recent trip to northwestern Iowa the writer spent an hour and a half between trains in Algona and found that lively little city strictly in it up to the hub. By the way, If the water and land up there weren't so badly diluted it would be an ideal bathing resort, As it is it doesn't need any irrigating and we don't think gardens are going to suffer for a while yet for moisture, Algona has a, new $30,000 M. E. church, is going to have a $80,000 hotel, and a wholesale grocery house. It also bas our Gep. Richmond and Charlie Foster, both the boys working in the light plant and say that the lights will soon be turned oji. AJgonft ie all right, the only thing tbe watter with it ie tbat it r e top Far away from * Pliny gives the following description of the character of true greatness: "Doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to bo read; and rendering the world happier and better for having lived in it." Strive thou for the joy and crown of such a pilgrimage—the service of such a mission. A heart touched and hallowed by one chord of Christian Science can accomplish the full scale; but this heart must be honest, and in earnest, and never weary in struggling to be perfect—to reflect the divine Life, Truth and Love. Stand by the limpid lake, sleeping mid willowy banks dyed with emerald; see therein the mirrored sky—and the moon ablaze with her mild glory will stir thy heart. Then, in speechless prayer, ask God to enable you to reflect God—to become His own image and likeness—even the calm, clear, radiant reflection of Christ's glory, healing the sick, bringing the sinner to repentance, and raising the spiritually dead in trespasses and sins to life in God. Jesus said: "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you." Beloved In Christ, what our Master said unto his disciples when he sent them forth to heal the sick and preach the gospel, I say unto you: "Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." Then, if the wisdom you manifest causes Christendom, or the disclaimer against God, to call this "a subtle fraud," "let your peace return to you." I am patient with the newspaper wnres, and the present schoolboy epithets, and attacks of a portion of Christendom: 1. Because I sympathize with their ignorance of Christian Science. 2. Because I know that no Christian can or does understand this Science and not love it. 3. Because these attacks afford Hardwood Lumber Yard. POULTRY FENCING-. We were fortunate enough to buy $00 rods of M. M. S. poultry fencing last fall at the extreme low prices then current. This is the best poultry fence made. We can save you money. FIELD FENCING. We propose to lead the procession in this line with the AMERICAN FENCE- (Same as we sold last year.) It gives universal satisfaction and has no equal for strength and durability. ROOFING-. Careys Magnesia Flexible Cemenet Roofing, fully warranted for 5 years. The best roof for permanent buildings. Peltario Asphalt coating for metal roofs, and all materials for felt roofing. WOOD. Special prices will be made on a year's supply of green wood, sawed and split. ' J. A. Hamilton & Co. OSTEOPATHY IN ALGONA. Dr. J. T. RANKIN, portunity for Science; and op- explaining Christian 4. Because it is written: "The wrath of man shall praise Thee: the remainder of wrath shaltThou restrain." .Rest assured that the injustice 'done by press, and pulpit, to this denomination of Christians will cease when it no longer blesses it. "This I know, for God is for me." Psalms. And in the words of St. Paul, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" "Pass ye the proud fane by, The vaulted aisles by flaunting folly trod, -And 'neath the temple of uplifted sky- Go forth, and worship God." 'Senator Funk's View. Spirit Lake Beacon: THE UPPER DES MOINES says the 25 per cent, feature of the new revenue law will make trouble in Kossuth. It was foreseen that in many counties this would be the result. There will not be as much en> barrassraent in the north as in the south half of the state, however. The 88t per cent, basis was urged in connection with section 1,306 of the code which is an absolute bar to greater indebtedness or local extravagance on the part of improvident officials. This section is now useless. WitU it there was, absolutely no peril in connection with the higher basis, and muqb em- barrasenjent rtigbt have been avoided. Graduate of the Kirksville school of Osteopathy Mrs Came Wisdom Rankin, Assistant. Literature' on ' plication. Consultation free. XSCeiee Bloo3s. ap- Matson & McCall Have added to their stock the past week a fresh lot of novelties in millinery for spring. A special line of Children's School Hats Will please our patrons. We also have the latest designs in Ladies' Sailor Hats. If you want something that is nobby sailors. come and see these Matson & McCall. Cocoa Served Free. Free demonstrations of breakfast cocoa from the famous house of Walter Baker & Co. d, Dorchester, Mass., (Establ l.shed 1870,) will be given at the Tuesday, Wednesday, And Thursday, April 18, 19, and 20, all day - A young lady dressed to represent e as t o ri, - > Chocolat ere," will serve the COCO a, free of £»U give full instructions the proper method of preparing the same. A most cordial invi? tation is extended to the public o call at the above mentW e d stores and test the merits of t elebrated cocoa. Free to all . ' ;V V * *• ' "•J-'^?•"'''• '"?*'' "^ ' J'."V' .'; l --

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