The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1899
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1865, ALGONAj IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 1899. VOL, 5. But not Inebriates can be brewed from either the fine teas, the aromatic coffees, or delicious cocoas or chocolates from Langdon & Hudson's. They are fit for the palate of an epicure. Our groceries are kept up to the best standard of fine roller process flours and cereals of all kinds. Our vegetables and fruits are fresh and tempting to lovers of good living. Langdon & Hudson. SILKS. SILKS. For Shirt Waists. Special Sale. We have a lot of Silks worth $1.00 per yard that we will put on sale Friday and Saturday at 49 cents per yard. Geo. L. Galbraith. More Still Better Bargains In Crockery and Staple Groceries at M. Z. Grove & Son's. Lumber Mngles a The moral oi this picture Hesin the vpptiwiwn, Shingles of cmr Tfratid, whfthtr .on' always give Perfect Sat* isfactionand, Gwd Measure, In 1 fact they do good wbf rivir LUMBEKCO MANY EYES Do Not See Well as they should. Many others do not see so well as they CAN BE MADE TO SEE. This defective vision causes eye strain, which produces pain in the eyeball, orbit tetnple or forehead. This is one of the " eye headaches" BO common with those having pronounced re- pactlve error. Proper glasses will correct the defect. The cause removed, the effects disappear, Many will testify that I have given per feet vision where others have failed. Examination and consultation free. W. F. RIPKB, Optician.. Office over E. J. GHmore's stoee, Algona, loa. W. H. Reed (Successor to John Cronin) handles the best to be had In the way of up- to-dute, fine FURNITURE besides everything that can be desired in plain and ornamental Picture Frames, Mouldings and goods that are required for beautifying and ornamenting the home. A specialty made of with prices always at the satisfactory point. W. H. REED. W. H. LACY can furnish you low prices on also all kinds of mill stuff, Wood and Coal. your weighing on our city scales Opposite Hotel Tennant. U. P. HAGGARD. 6. F. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Real Estate, AN s^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. One Hundred Dollars Is offered to any person who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Rent and for Sale, Saws Filed. Also Agent for the , Victor, Wheels, J, U EDMONDS, TO CARE FOR OUR GUESTS, Preparations for the State Teachers' Meeting to Be Here In May. Citizens' Meeting Friday Evening to Set the Bail Rolling—Commit'. tees ft»r the Work. The citizens' meeting at the court house Friday evening to make arrangements for the entertainment of the Northwest Iowa Teachers' association wus fairly well attended. N. Spencer was elected chairman of the meeting add Milton Qlurr secretary. After a. discUBblon of the work lo bo done, It was doomed advisable to select a committee lo name chairmen of the various committees. The chairmen were empowered to select their assistants. The committee, consisting of Dr. Day, MI-H. Hurlmi, and Mr«. ffei-yuson, made he following report which was unanimously adopted: Finance, E. J. Mur- lagh; entertainment, Mrs. M. Starr; •eceptlon at depots, Dr. Day; enrollment, Abra Robinson; railroad seore- iiiry, Thos. F. Cooke; places of meet- ng, Royal Meeker; preparation of leadquarters, Mrs. Setohell; badges, R. B. Warren; printing, N. Spencer; music, Prof. Forde and L. J. Smith; state examiners' committee, Miss Schworin; bureau of information, S. O. Spear; reception by Algona teachers, school committee; decoration of business houses, O. B. Durdall. The entertainment committee will make another canvass of the town for ilaces for our guests. Persons are requested to state how many they can care for, and also whether they could .ake more if an unexpectedly large attendance is secured. This is one of the most important features of the associa- ion. There is no doubt but that Alrona can do all other necessary work or the meeting, but whether we can satisfactorily entertain 600 or more uests remains to be seen. It wili take the united efforts of all. The committee for reception at the depots will it-range for transportation of the visitors from the trains to headquarters, which will be at the armory. The state board of examiners will lold an examination for those who wish to secure state certificates or primary certificates. This will be held in •oom 10 in the central building. The bureau of information is to make tself generally useful to inquiring strangers. Mail will be received and delivered. Railroad time tables will. )e conveniently displayed and any other service that can be rendered will ie furnished. The committee on decoration of business houses is to cordially invite all merchants and tradesmen to decorate their places of business so as to make our visitors feel that we are glad to give them a royal welcome. Algona is fortunate to secure this meeting. It is valuable to us not only as an educational inspiration, but as an idvertisement to our city.. As one jusiness man puts it: "There is nothing that so advertises a town as a large convention from various parts of the state." It behooves Algona to see that ;he impression which is carried away ay our visitors Is the most favorable ;hat united and vigorous action can make. WEST half and southeast quarter 16130-44 for sale at $13 per acre, $1,600 cash, balance 7 per cent, if taken quick. Address J. A. BECK, 5f5 Wendell, Grant Co., Minn. Go to the new millinery store south }f the court house for latest styles and lowest prices. MRS. R. BALDWIN. Town Lot Sale! On the Burt-Sanborn division C. & N. W. R'y. I will be at the following townsites on the dates named for the purpose of selling village lots: tone Rock, Kossuth county, la., Sec. 13-9730, Thursday, April 20; Fenton, Kossuth county, la., Sec. 18-97-30, Friday, April 21; Ringsted, Emmet county, la., Sec. 21-98-31, Saturday, April 22. Terms: One-fourth down. Balance 6,12, and 18 months, at 7 per cent, interest. No building conditions required, Other sales on above line will be advertised later. WESTERN TOWN LOT Co,, S. A. Hoyt, Townslte Agent. WE are showing a large line of lace curtains this spring. GEQ. L. GALBRAITH. You will find some good bargains in silks Fridays and Saturdays at Galbraith's. PLEASE put this in your hat, That we are showing the finest stock of oar- pets in the city, GEO. L. GALBRAITH. Herroii a Brother of Ibsen. Frank Crane in Chicago Record: Prof. Herron of Iowa of late has been delivering a number of addresses in Chicago. They have been upon sociological questions and have attracted some attention. One sympathizes so deeply with the cause that lies at the heart of the professor's discourses, the cause of altruism and the Christ life in society and government, that it is unpleasant to be compelled, in speaking of him, first of all to criticise. Yet this is what must be done. His utterances are so extravagant, so reckless and Bd uniformly quarrelsome in t*beir tone that they ctvn do but little gopd, Scolding preachers are as posserless a| nagging wpnjen. ^Totbtng ojpkjj * for lack of kjnd.npa pf spirit ajoj eous deference <n manner, voice rises tp a shriek of § betrayal Aaajbia .*& # fe& guishing characteristic of the Christian is a calm confidence that the Fa ther will bring all things, even the devices of the wicked^ to a good end. Nothing that is prevailingly pessimistic has a right to call Itself' Christian, and neither is a panicky cry of calamity Christian, for to those who have the spirit of Christ "experience work- ethhope." Ours is a faith of victory; of triumph; we are to overcome the world; there is not the slightest doubt about it, and this is the true faith, not faith in categoric statements about God, but an unshaken faith in the inherent power of goodness; purity and unselfish heroism to put to rout evil, uncleanness and greed. Prof. Herron has been called a modern Jeremiah. The weeping prophet was well enough in his day, but his spirit was despair, while the spirit of Jesus was hope. As a preacher, Prof, Herron is merely a pulpit brother of Zola and Ibsen. The main fault with them is that they all look straight at men and society as they are. Of this little benefit can come. We are saved socially as well as individually, not by gazing upon out- miserable selves, upon the poor, paltry, disgraceful facts in the case, but by turning our eyes away toward the ideal. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sullivan Were in Chicago last week. Mrs. F. W. Dingley went with them. Wm, K. Ferguson went to Sheldon yesterday to attend the bankers' association of northern Iowa. "Bei;t" Mathews spent Sunday in Algona. He is doing a big business in Spencer and is very popular. Gardner Covvles was called to Burlington Saturday by the Illness of his father, who is about 80 years old. Mrs. Lidft Cole and Mrs..Laura Pomerine entertained their lady friends at the Watson home last Friday afternoon. Mrs. Edith Clarke-Williams is at the A. D. Clarke home with her little boy for a visit. Many Algona friends welcome her. Mrs. Chas. Kraft visited in Algona the past week, her first return since her marriage. She enjoys her Esther- vllle home very much. G. F. Peek took the train for the north Saturday, His partner says perhaps he stopped at Burt to rent a farm and perhaps he went further north. E. L. Meyers, an Algona traveling man, is moving to Pipestone county, Minn. The Degree of Honor, A. O. U. W., gave his family a surprise last Fri- .day evening, and presented Mrs. Meyers with a handsome gold pin. It was a pleasant social event. Dr. Yetter and Dr. Day are in Sioux City this week in attendance on a special meeting of the trustees of Morningslde college, which is called to canvass the plans and specifications of the new fifty thousand dollar building to be erected this summer. Mrs. Phil. Klumb of Des Moines made an unexpected visit in Algona Monday. She had been in Emmetsburg and was going home by way of Ruthven. But at the depot she got turned around and took the east train and came to Algona. She went south from here. Harvey Ingham was in Sheldon last Thursday with committees of the Upper DBS Moines and Corn Belt Editorial associations arranging for a joint meeting at Spencer, June 22-23. The expectation is that Gov. Shaw, among others, will be present, and that Friday will be devoted to a picnic party at Okoboji. H. B. Mason came home from Council Bluffs last Saturday, where he makes his headquarters for the'Modern Woodmen of America. Henry is a successful organizer and has been promoted to first vice head'council, and has charge of the deputies in Iowa and part of Nebraska. He thinks of moving to Council Bluffs. Senator A. B. Funk spent Sunday in Algona on a personal visit. The senator did not discuss local politics further than to say emphatically that his name must not be considered in connection with another term, as has been suggested by some papers. He is busily engaged in getting up a splendid Chautauqua program for July, the best, he says, Spirit Lake has yet had. He says the Hotel Orleans will be open this season, and that it promises to be a big year at the lakes. The senator is president of the Spirit Lake Telephone company, and is giving considerable time to the work. He says the rates for telephones in Algona are as low as we can expect until a much larger exchange is secured. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments, H. Hoxna. Silver Cream. Best silver polish on earth. Call for sample bottle.—DINGLEY &PUQH, Sole Agents. LOANS on town property and farms at low rates. TBOS. F, COOKE. COST OF ELECTRIC LIGHTS, Sotne Statistics that Are of Ispecial Importance Just Now. Reports from 65 Towns Show that Algeria's Proposed Rate is a Very liotv One. At Eagle Grove an investigation has been made into the cost of electric lighting. The Innes Bros., brothers of Rev.. Jnnes, late of Algona, own the plant and have been furnishing lights at meter rates of 10 cents a 1,000 watts, or at one-half a cent an hour a light. They come before the council and say that the is rate unretnunerative and ask for a rate of 16 cents a 1,000 watts, or three-fourths of a cent an hour a light. Inasmuch as Algona is to have the rate of one-half cent an hour, or 10 cents 1,000 watts, the report of the other towns made by the Innes Bros. will be of interest. They got replies from 65 towns in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Missouri. In these 55 plants the charges 1,000 watts were as follows: No. of those charging 80o per 1,000 watts. 2 No. of those charging 20o per 1,000 watts.80 No. of those charging 19c per 1.000 watts. 1 No, of those charging I8o per 1,000 watts. 1 No, of those charging I7o per 1,000 watts. 3 No. of those charging 16o per 1,000 watts. 1 No. of those charging iBo per 1,000 watts.18 No. of those having no meters ............ 2 The charges in these 55 towns for aro lights are also of interest, Algona rat- Ing them at $5 a month: No. of plants receiving $14 per mo ....... 1 No. plants reo'v'ng more than $10 per mo .24 No. plants varying $5.50 to $10 per mo. . . .13 No. plants not using arc lamps on streets. 9 Algona is to have an all night moonlight schedule for the street lights, which are 32 candle power, and which are charged at the rate of not exceeding $1.25 a month. Following are the charges made in other places for various hours' service, all^ however, on moonlight schedule, and for various candle power lights: •n j ™, »„, Candle Power. Price. Bed Wing, Minn ... .12 o'clock 16 $1 26 Oskuloosu ........... la.m. 84 150 Morrison, 111 ........ 8a.m. 25 142 Webster Grove, Mo. all night SO 125 Dixon, 111 ........... all night 16 100 Sterling, 111 ........ all night 35 1 42 Burlington ......... all night 20 1 88 LeMars ............ all night 80 140 Waverly ........... all night 82 128 Perry..... ....... all night 25 120 Mankato, Minn ..... all night 10 175 Sioux City .......... all night 25 125 Missouri Valley.... all night 34 100 Cedar Falls ........ 3:80 a.m. 82 100 Beloit, W is ......... all night 16 1 00 It will be seen from these figures that Algona is to have the very lowest price there is for electric lights. If everybody uses them the city can maintain these cheap rates. Everybody can afford to use them. MEETINGS. W. R. C. meeting tomorrow evening. The W. C. T. U. meets with Mrs. Sam Patterson. Regular communication Prudence lodge No. 206, A. F. & A. M., Thursday evening, Apr. 25, 8 p. m. Subject of sermon for First Church of Christ, Scientist, next Sunday: "Everlasting Punishment." Services at Odd Fellows' parlors, 10:45 a. m. and 4 p. m. on Sundays, and 3 p. m. on Wednesdays. Following is the program of the social union, to be given Friday evening at the Congregational church: Piano solo, Agnes Clarke; recitation, Minnie Ward; paper, Mrs. L. M. Horton: vocal eolo, Ruth Suckow; piano duet, Eugene and EllaBoeshaar; paper, Prof. Herron's Theories, Harvey Ingham; vocal solo, Kate Lantry. The usual services at the Baptist church next Sunday, 11 a. m. and 8 p. m, On Thursday evening, Apr. 27, Rev. D. W. Morgan of Humboldt will deliver the first in the course of C. C, C, lectures before the Algona B. Y. P. U. Subject: " John Owen— The Holy Spirit." The Christian Endeavor and, Epworth League societies are cordially invited. Admittance free. Dr. Day's theme for discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday morning wili be, •« A Study in Comparative Religion, or the World Empire of Jesus," The evening service will be a union Sunday school rally in which all the English speaking protestant churches will participate. Addresses by Rey. W. J. Suokow and Dr. Day. Mrs. Starr has named her committee of reception and entertainment for the teachers' convention which IB requested, to meet tomorrow evening at her home: Mr. and Mrs, Ferguson, L. 0, Smitfc, J. W. Sullivan; Rev. Suokow, Dr. Mo- Coy, B. F. Reed, F. M. Curtlss, J, L. B'»v\r; Misses Bertha Hancock, Josie Pen I hone, Maggie Haggard, Mary Kaiii, Hortenee Smith, Ella Thompson; Mrs. A. R. Chapin. For Sale Clieap. The old Catholic church. For particulars see JNO. GOEDERS, J. W. SULLIVAN, Jos. ZANKB, Committee. Excursion TloKets to MarsUalltowu Via the Northwestern line will be sold at reduced rates from stations in Iowa, April 21 and 22, limited to April 24", in-r elusive, on account of State B. Y. P. U. Apply to agents Nprthwestern railway, Votes Tomorrow Company F votes tomorrow evening on the regimental officers for the 62nd, A canvass of the boys seems to indicate that Col. Humphrey of Sioux City will get the solid vote for colonel, For lieutenant colonel Maj. S. J. Parker of Hampton will be the popular nan and for majors Otto Hileof Boone and Cap t. Refsell of Emmetsburg will get a big vote, while the vote for the third man will he scattered. Company F is en*. '.huetasUo and f «U of ambition. to rent over my store. JNO. -, * ' i i

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