The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1899 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1899
Page 6
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THE U^PJltt JDEH MOINES: AJL.GOtf A IOWA, WEDNESDAY APHIL 12, 1809 ~-a.«r~),«.^^.^;^. i «t^. 1 w.J^.*.. 1 .^^v..i^-^«fc^^ . , .._ . ,™T... , „., ^... ......... ., ,.- _• -•- ----- --• .-.^..^- T g.--..-^---------^-a=g J a^3aJilaiajiC^ FOR WOMAN AND HOME ITEMS OF INtERESt AND MATRONS. HArgn«rlt« — The Kaster Capo—Sprlnff Salt—the Ti|[ht 'Skirt*—Fro- 1'esnnt Party the Latest — Tongue Snlaci. Marguerite. What alleth pretty Marguerite? Buch April inoods about her meet! i9he Sighs, and yet she Is not sad; Bhe smiles, with naught to make her glad. A thousand nittlrig fancies chase TThe sun and shadow on her face: The wind Is not more light than she, Nor deeper the unsounded sea. What alleth pretty Marguerite? Doth none discern her secret sweet? Yet earth and air may have a sign The heart of maiden to divine. In budding leaf and building nest Lie kindred mysteries half contest; And whoso hath the gift of sight May Nature's riddle read aright. • Not all at once.the lily's heart Is kissed by wooing waves apart: Not In a day the lavish May Flings all her choicest flowers away. Fair child! shall potent Love alone Forget to send his heralds on? Ah, happy lips, that dare repeat .What alleth pretty Marguerite! The Tight Skirl*. Skirts arc growing tighter nnd tighter and all manner of little expedients are being resorted to do away with the least superfluous wrinkles. Underclothes, in accordance with the cut of the gown, are made extremely narrow, but one petticoat is worn, and that is fitted with a glove-tight, bell-shaped top, and corsets are worn over all the underclothes. This scheme of wearing the corsets over the underskirt is one that has been advocated by modistes for some time. What is entirely an innovation, though, is a little device, too simple to' patent, but that will be easily recognized as a boon. The tight dress skirt if of smooth cloth invariably shows the outline of the corset beneath it. The device referred to bbvlateS this so easily that one wonders why nobody ever thought of It before: It is just a band of silk elastic sewed to the bottom of the corset. The elastic should be fully ail Inch or more wide. It must be stretched while being sewed oh, placed, of course, on the outline of the corset find stitched with the center of the band exactly covering t corset edge. In this way the elastic extends hali! aft inch below the corset and completely erases the s outline. Ball robes are gorgeous In heavy satin embroidered with small spanglea, but the embroidery may not be heavy. The spangles are of the finest and worked In a graceful tracing—not In solid mass. The style is somewhat' after the empire. Free Hair Some one said once that you could get almost anything for nothing in New York. This was brought practically to my notice a few days ago, says a writer in the New York Herald, as 1 was going up town on Third avemie. I passed a barber shop which displayed this strange sign: "Ladies' hair dressing done free every afternoon from 1 to 5 o'clock." As it was past 3 I was prompted by curiosity to go in and investigate. I found the "ladles' " hair dressing parlor a neat, cosy place, with a number of chairs standing In front of a long mirror, which covered one side of the room. I was fortunate enough to flnd a subject in the chair, who w&s having her hair dressed. She was a middle-aged, thlck-natidcd,respectable looking woman, who was going to the inevitable ball. "Doing" her hair was a nice- looking little woman, the head of the hair dressing establishment, and gathered around the chair were half a dozen white-coatee! young men, watching the process of the work and occasionally giving assistance. And that is how the apprentice or student In hairdressing gains his experience, and the clever women who are in touch with the trick get their hair dressed for nothing. SPRING CYCLING SUIT. Now Is the time when every woman who can is getting ready for her spring Cycling suit. March Is the first spring month, and though the weather is .often too Inclement for wheeling the .fair cyclienne puts In her time designing a becoming outfit, for this season promises many Innovations in bicycle costumes. All bicycle suitings are light weight this year and the necessary weight is by braided, trimmings. Erpwn, blue, plum and bottle green are libji colors mqst in vogue—when plain ipolors are used,—but mixed suitings ! will be employed in the building of the most fashionable costumes. If you have not yet made your bi- suit choose oome pretty goods for it, A dark red background with irregular brown designs scattered through it or brown with red distributed in the same way makes a charming costume. The skirt should be about even with the shoe tops—some have it a little shorter—and trimmed around the bottom with wide braid put on plain or in decorative design. The braid can match either the background or the figures. Rave .a waist of flannel, usually the color pf the design of the goods, and a short Eton jacket of the goods Itself. The revers are of flannel trimr med with narrow braid. High bicycle jioes and a jaunty Tarn O'Sbanter complete the costume.--lfelen Qrey- The FdSter Cape. The Easter cape is a marvel of loveliness. It is a relief, too, from the graduated ruffle affairs which Were carried to the extreme during the win-' ter season. From a comfort'giVing point of view the Easter cape is not much, but if beauty be the only consideration it is everything. The Easter cape matches the Easter gown in color and in fabric. Velvet will be very popular and one sees it in the shops at extremely low prices. The Easter girl will wear a charm- Ing toilet of sapphire blu£ velvet. It will be lined with a brilliant color siki probably Roman silk. The cape will be a series of lonfc-, narrow tabs sewed upon a silk lining and edged with imitation jeweled passementerie. Below .the tabs will be two full ruffles of plaited sapphire liberty silk, and under the silk ruffles will be another set of white ruffles made of soft, filmy chiffon. The skirt will be shirred almost to the knees, giving the figure an attenuated appearance. The bodice will be tight fitting, with a vest of white satin and revers trimmed with the passe- menterie. A hat of blue velvet with white crown will be worn, trimmed with blue bird wings and white ribbon.—Helen Grey-Page. Progressive I'on nut Party. A progressive peanut party is conducted . after the manner of Jack Straws. For this purpose small tables are arranged at different points of the room, according to the number of guests invited, allowing each table to four players. In the center of each are piled up a pint of peanuts, and by its side a pair of bonbon tongs, which can be purchased for a few cents each. At a given signal, or by the sounding of a gong, the game is begun and played on the same principle precisely as the old-fashioned Jack Straws, the peanut's taking the place of the straws, while the tongs take that of the hook. Time is called, and the scores kept similar to any progressive game, when the winner for each table mounts up to the next, and another game is begun. At the conclusion of the allotted time scores are compared and prizes awarded to the lucky ones, the same regularity being preserved as in cards. Tongue Slllild. Boil, skin and trim a tongue, cut in dice and add the whites of six hard boiled eggs, cut in similar pieces. Cut fine the white stalks of three heads of celery, and mix with the tongue and eggs. Make a dressing as follows: Beat together four eggs,six table'spoon- fuls of vinegar, five of melted butter, one of prepared mustard, one of sugar, and two-thirds of a cup of cream. Put' over the fire in, a double boiler and cook until as thick as boiled custard. Set aside to cool, season with salt and; cayenne, thin with lemon juice, mix; with the tongue and other ingredients and serve. . To niuko liabj's Hair Curl. Every morning after the baby's hail) has been washed and well brushed, do not leave it nice and smooth and tidy, but with the tips of the fingers, rub the head all over, very gently, with a short, circular motion from right to left. This causes the roots of the hair to twist, nnd curly hair will be the result. IIU Choice. Ruinsey—Mighty poor judgment that Tompkins has, eh? Dumsey—What's the latest? Rumsey—Went to a pound party the other night,, and what you s'pos^ he took? "Give it up." Rumsey—Pound of mustard. Said he thought it might come in handy for plasters—so much grip around.—New York World. Guiiruutoe Fullllled. Miss Hojack (to the milkman)—Look here, Mr. Chawk, you warranted your milk pure, and the lactometer shows water in it. Mr. Chawk—Well, ina'm, I guarantee that the lactometer shows that the water is pure if it says anything about it.—New York World. : A Good Subject, "Do you think there }s anything il the saying that the fish Is & brain food?" "I don't know. But it won't do yoq spy harm to try tl»e experiment."-^ Philadelphia North American. ILLINOIS LEGISLATURE. Senate and Hon«a Bold Ittorntn* find Afternoon Session*. Springfield, 111., April 10.— The sen- • Ate at the morning session passed the Hussman bill authorizing cities to construct waterworks on majority of popular vote; Begole bill revising state game laws; Milchrist Illinois National Guard appropriation bills, carrying $307,500; Curtis house bill for appointment of Ohio exposition commissioners; committee bill revising parole law, fixing minimum term of imprisonment at one year; killed Berry ibill allowing state to appeal in criminal cases where new points of law are involved; killed committee bill specifying mode of selecting primary delegates to nominating conventions. At the afternoon session the tax levy bill was sent to third reading; also house appropriation bill for payment cf Illinois volunteers for time they assembled at home stations until mustered into government service; also omnibus appropriation bill, with slight amendments; also Dunlap bill amending primary election law. The house killed Varley bill requiring fireproofing of certain buildings, opponents arguing it was in interests of brick manufacturers' trust; passed Kerrlck bill appropriating $193,000 for construction and equipment of trade school and other buildings at Pontlac reformatory; Newcomer bill creating office of state supervising architect, to havo direction over construction of all state buildings; Partridge bill establishing state colony of epileptics; Aspinwall appropriation bill for state and county farmers' institutes. In the afternoon the house reconsidered adverse vote on Trautman bill allowing mutual life insurance companies to reincorporate and do business under old line system, recalled it to second reading, amended it to require three-fourths vote of members for such action, and sent it to third reading. Also reconsidered adverse vote on legislators' salary bill, recalled it to second reading, reduced amount of annual salary from $1,500 to $1,000,; and sent it to third reading; killed Ab-' bott bill requiring teaching of agri-j cultural science In all ungraded' schools; sent to third reading DonneJ-' ly telephone bill, with an amendment', reducing to $42 annual rental fee for residence telephones; sent to second reading all senate appropriation bills on calendar; sent to third reading committee Lincoln monument bill; also senate bill allowing government to permit societies to parade with arms; passed Goodnow bill requiring corporations to make annual report to secretary of state, with forfeiture of charter as penalty; sent to third reading senate bill establishing juvenile courts; also Hackett bill to tax automatic telephones; also Butz bill providing all executions shall be within state penitentiary walls; also Allen bill regulating stockyards charges; also Harris bill to prohibit use of American flag for advertising purposes. Speaker Sherman says the legislature will adjourn next Friday, April 14 Germany la Cliockmntoil. Honolulu, March 31.—Great Britain las checkmated Germany in the South Pacific, and has secured sovereignty bver the i Tonga group of islands, with the largest harbor in the South Pacific with the exception of Papeete harbor, til Tahiti. The British cruiser Tau- ,-anga, which arrived at Apia the day the Mariposa sailed from there, has lust arrived from Nukualofa, Tonga, tvhere her captain completed the pur-' :hase of the group from the native iTovernment, and had received the formal transfer and raised the British lag. No AlnsUu. MorluH Vivendi. Ottawa, Ont., April 10.—Sir Charles fupper, in the house of commons,: called attention to a statement telegraphed from Washington that a proposal for a modus vivendi on the; Alaskan boundary had been submitted by the United States and that the Canadian and British governments had .he proposal under consideration. He isked the first minister for information, and the premier said there was not the slightest foundation for the statement. New War Vessels Niuiied, Washington, April 10.—The secretary jf the navy has bestowed the following names upon the war vessels authorized by the naval appropriation bill of the Fifty-fifth congress: The three battleships, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia; the three armored cruisers, West Virginia, Nebraska and California; the six protected cruisers, Denver, Des Moiues, Chattanooga, Galveston, Tacoma and Cleveland. Prosperity in c'airo, April 10.—Lord Croner, the British minister, in his annual report on the finances and condition of-Egypt and the Soudan, says that Egypt has' had another year of prosperity, the sur-i plus for 1898 amounting to £484,000 (Egyptian). Ho remarks upon the growing disposition to invest British tapital in the country. The deficit in che finances of the Soudan is placed at £200,000 (Egyptian). Sompsou Oft for Triiiltliul. Caracas, Venezuela, April 10.—President Andrade, the members of his cabinet and the Hon. Fuancis B. Loomis, the United States minister, accompanied Rear Admiral Sampson to La Guayra, where they inspected the American squadron, The warships sailed for Trinidad. St»te pepgrtwent Mot Informed, Washington, April lO.—The state detriment has not yet been informed of the selection of either the German qr Prjtish members ot the Who Wins It B ear Praise unstinted is accorded to all honorable victors, 'Whether in the din of <wat or in the quiet paths of peace. Hood's Sarsaparilla has won thousands of victories over all sorts of troubles of the blood, and it is America's Greatest Medicine, the best that money can buy* It possesses the exact combination which purifies the blood and brings 'ho color of health to tvery cheek. It Merer disappoints. Scrofula—" When three months old our baby Hoy was covered wllh itchitiR and burnitip; scrofula sores. The best physicians failed to relieve. Hood's Sarsajiarilla saved his life as It made a permanent cure." Mna. LIM.IE M, FISH, East Springport, Mich. Erysipelas -" A scrofulous condition jf my blood caused me to suffer from ory- lipelas for 15 years. Physicians did not •von help, but Hood's Knrs;ipari!!a permanently cured this disease." A. K. SMITH, Z08 Court Ave., Jeffersolivllle, Ind. Homl'B Pills cure liver Ills: tlio nnn-lrrltailiifr and jn!y_£ali_mi-lli: to Taki! ivitii" Iluntl'iT'sii Tlie rrhj e* Bachelor. The Swerft yuui'jf unug— rfut should not women vote? The Savage bachelor— Too many bosses tliere_now 1 _______ No M.rst«T.r to the Victims. .Imltlock— It's a mystery to uie how Xocosti lives. Haddock— Wouid yon really like td .luddock— Yes, I would. Haddock— Open a grocery store m his neighborhood. Never gi re np the good things you have while hoping for better. *W<\NTED-f'ase of Imd health Hint 1M-P-A-V-9 wlll'iiot licncflt. Send S crnts to lilpans ( 1 hcml«U Co., New Vork.for 10 samplcH and 1.IKX) testimonials. The pace that kills is often a"Gxed" running race. _ Are Ton Uslncr Allen's Foot-Ease? It is the only cure for Swollen, Smarting, Burning, Sweating Feet, Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores 2fic. Samples sent FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. "Mr. (Stanley." ^:iid n friend to the African explorer the other dny. l- i see the Ainerii'iMi papers are culling you sin American."' "Well." was the answer, "the term isn't libelous/' A rare experienc'c is that- of Miss Miiry Spooner. of Ai'inhiuM, .Mass. She has lived in three different towns without, changing her residence. A change of tin- boundary lines removed her dwelling from New Bedford to Fair- haniMi. and then to Asunshnet. Her age is 10." years. [Trade Mark.] The above statement Iias.juft I>or;n received from. Dr. C. A. Jackson the \ve11-Icnown Physician and Surgeon of Kearney, Neb. His letter, with others, is printed below: 1 Kearney, Xcb.,March 20,1SM. Dour Sir:—I nm n Physician and graduate- of tho University of Sweden, and have been In active practice for inure than SO vcurs.but, I must confess Unit, no remedy lias so astonished mo In Its cures us your";.' DKOPS." I iinvo rocimimonded It to hundreds of my patients who have been afflicted with Ithouiiia- tlsm and they inform me that they are cured. Kindly send me tho "!> DROPS" as directed. Very truly yours, C. A. JACKBOX, M. D. Oxford, Chenango Co.,N. V., March 20, IS9!». Dear f?lr:—I thought I would write a sttircment of my caso and how I was when I commenced nslns your wonderful "5 UKOPH." I had Rheumatism BU liail I had to give up. My little girl had to comb my hair an 1 could not move my arms. I could not turn over In be_d without my^ wife's help. Then 1 go^the_LaCrlppo your "!i _ now do; , _., „ .-. .._ _ - - CHAS. 1). KENVOS. Mr. S. H. Pror.tnn.of Cuba, 111., -writes us March 10th. 1890. Gentlemen: This Is to certify that I have worked at bhioksmlthlng for forty years. Am now sixty- four years or ajje. Thought 1 was past work being nil broken down v.-lth Kidney Trouble, Neuralgia, Hay Fever and Asthma. Suffered Intensely with im!n almost constantly throughout my whole body. Took Ij» <irl[)[>o which laid me up badly. I tried almost all Iclndsof remedies, but gradually grew worse until I tried "(i UIJOPS." Used your Inhaler also. Ill throe weeks' time I must say after using "S UUOPH" I feel like anew mini. Pain all gone, appetite Improved wonderfully. lean sleep all right nnd am gaining strength right along. Am now working every day In my shop. Success to your great pain remedy, "5 DUOPS." If you have not sufficient confidence aftorreading these letters to send for a largo bottle, send 10 cents for a sample bottle, which contains sufficient medicine to convince you of Its merits. This wonderful curative gives almost instant relief and Is a permanent euro for Rheumatism, Sciatica, Neuralpia, Dyspepsia, Backache, Asthma, Hay Fever, Catarrh, Sleeplessness, Nervousness. Nervous and Neuralgic I T .miladies, Heart Weakness, Toothache, Earache. Croup, "La Grippe," Klalarla, Creeping Nuinhnens, Itronchitls and kindred diseases. "FIVE DKOPS" Is tho name and dose. Largo bottle (300 doses). Sl.OO. Six bottles £5.00. 85 cent sample bottle, prepaid by mail, 1O cents. Bold only by us and our agents. Agents appointed In new territory. BWANSON RHEUMATIC CURE CO., 107 DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO, IMi. ;NATUXK TURK NATUII1! HAT NATUR K NATl.'RK NATURE NATUK 1RF. Nj\TURIi NATURE HATUREINA •USE NlfrUKE NATUar. SATUSBNA 1MJRK NATWiK NATCKE NATURKINATU •rURKNATOKEN ATUKEKATURHNATUR TURK NATURE MATURE HATUR^NATUKf TURE NATURE NAiuRK NATURE.NATURE ATUIIE NATUKE NATURE NATURK TUBE NATOJtE NATUJ1EINA : NATIMB NATWWS-N ATOIWNATUIICNA trXTUWTNATURK NATIS&NA R NATURE NATURE MATURE M f, NATURE NATURE NATURE N I'/JRB NWURE NATURK NATURE tHUBM Jl'l'ltE NATURE NATURE ATURE NATURE NATURH ATURB NATURKNATURBHATU URE NATURE NATURE NATII URK NATURE MATimSTIATO ATURE NATURE NATURE NATU ATURE NATURK NATURE NATU ATURE NATURESATUP.B NATU ATUHE NATUeRKATUIlE NATUI RB NATORF. NATURK NATUI ATURE NATURE NATUII UUE NATURE NATUR UHE NATtFlli; NATUII IRK NATURK NATURE, ''UK NATURK XATURKI UK NATURK XA'fl GETS A CI^EAN SIIAV1E when the Decrlng Ideal Mower tjoea over It. The Ueorinif Ideal cuts — it doesn't pull. Thti cutting mechanism of tlio Decring Ideal Mower in perfect. Tim cutter bar is made from high-quality tempered nteel; tho knife (sections from the finest cutlery oteel, and witli the i-orrated ledprer plates, a perfect nboar cut la insured. The Deerlng Ideal pitman will please you. The question uf broken knife-heads and pit- mans is done away with. An adjustable thread, for lengthening or shortening the pitman, keeps the knife always in perfect reglutor. Deerlng Ideal Mowers are built to satisfy tho most critical demands. DEERINC HARVESTER COMPANY, Chicago. Keeps both rider and saddle perfectly dry In the hardest storms. Substitutes will disappoint. Ask for 1897 Fish Brand Pommel Slicker— It Is entirely new. If not for sale in your town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER. Boston, Mass. Base EDITED BY HJSKRY CIIADIVICK, JO CENTS, POSTPAID. Scientific bulling, fielding, pitching and base running; how to llud the p 1 a yors> averages, etc. Offldal Averages, National mid minor lettciiCB and col I'ge clubs; pictures of 600 p!uyers. Bond tor Catalogue of llaso Ball and Athletic Goods. A. C. SPALDINC & BROS. New York Chicago Denver Overstock' Huit lie (Jloird UuL BTitilUUD '98 MODELS, guaranteed, 80.75 to IB1C. Shopworn & sec. ond band wheels, good at) new. ffiS to ®10; Great factory clearing sale, Wo Ihlp to ftnjono ou approra] *"'»l-l"""" K. B. MKADCmE COHI'AKY. tlilcajo. 111: CURE YQUSSELFV lisp Hig « for mmatiiral (miclmrgus, inflamamtiuuo, imtutiun* or ulcorutioiiii oi iiiucoiiu mumlinines. " '' U9 '" lu Kuld I or sent In plain wrapper, J1..00, or si hott'les? J2.76. "' Circular uent on reonnut . r uent on reauosfc Natural Black is Produced by "' inffhAm'G liiglldlll o ruetglstsorR.P.Ha SOots. ofd Hall&Co.,Nashu3,N.H. MEW DISCOVERY; Bi». for sulo in COLOHAIX! uud NEW MBXICO. Tb( elhimtfl on " ARE YOU GOING TO BUILD? JHOT IN THE TRUST, —SSSSK (IITTEIMQUSE ft EHBREE GO. ;| 8B«> Center *m ,, W «WCACO, FREE, I

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