The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1899
Page 4
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TfiJB 1 EB MOIKJBS: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APBIL 12, 1899. T«tm* to Subscriber*. On«<»i»jr,o«ey**r . tl.50 OM tOPti <** months <» Ode copy, three month* w Sent to an ir addrwra at abof e rates. B«tnlt by flrtfty money order, or express order at our risk. fUtes of advertising ««nt on application. A Defective taw. If every municipality has the same experience that Algona has had with the spring assessment of real estate under the new law requiring taxes to be ^evied on one fourth Instead of one third of the actual value, the mistake .made by the legislature in the change will be very soon apparent. The assessor's returns In Algona showed a total falling off in our assessed valuation of over one fourth, in other words the total assessment dropped from 8418,000 In 1898 to $312,000 In 1899. The city council has spent a week In equalizing and it has raised valuations up as high as actual values even in a boom year will warrant, and still it has succeeded in getting back only about $80,000 of the loss, and it may not be able to bold all of that. At the very best Algona's assessed valuation will be $50,000 less than before. If the remainder of the state has a like experience the shrinkage of assessed valuations will be such as to materially affect the public revenues. It was the theory of the advocates of the 25 per cent, assessment that the new law would disclose untold hoards Of personal properly. Now after a two years search assessors and equalizing boards are satisfied that in a new and speculating state like Iowa moneys and credits are not as plentiful as they are rumored. Business men are carrying property and not money. There has been a gain in the assessed value of personalty, but it is totally inadequate to make up for the loss that the change from the 33J per cent, valuation has occasioned. Senator Funk and the makers of the new revenue law protested vigorously against the change to 25 per cent, valuation. They foresaw what would happen. But it was forced upon them to save the bill. It was really proposed for the purpose of killing the new revenue law, and was adopted because enough members got scared for fear an enormous sum of surplus money . would bo accumulated on the 33i valuation. __________ The Coining Teachers' Meeting. Algona has an inspiring example set for her entertainment of the Northwestern Iowa Teachers' association in the magnificent reception given by Iowa City to the southeastern association. The city was gaily decorated with flags and bunllng. Members of' the reception committee and guides were seen on almost 'every corner. Carriages waited at the depots. The S.U.I, battalion gave a drill. The university faculty tendered a reception. Supt. Stevenson und the city teachers did all in their power to make the visitors at home. The meeting was a grand success in every particular. Algona citizens will meet Friday night at 8 o'clock in the courthouse hall to make arrangements for the en• tertainment of the Northwestern association. The meeting should bo largely attended, THE Webster City Freeman devotes a column and a half to airing its grievances against Congressman Dollivor because ho appointed Charley Hellen postmaster. THE UPPER DES MOINES knows more about Hamilton county politics than the Freeman thinks, and it again advises the Freeman to got over it. It is not tho, first nor only paper that was over disappointed, and it will be surprised whim the timo comes to see what will Imppi-n right in Hamilton county. To I hinlc of tho old political war horso of the Freeman talking about a kindly oll'or of assistance to a federal appointment on tho part of his congressman as "a bribe." That might do for a hoy In politics. But Bro. Hunter talking such stuff— tut, tut. _ __ SENATOR FUNK is not for Senator Gear and is for A. B, Cummins. His opposition and support are both important factors in the contest, UNDER the circumstances the state central committee has undoubtedly acted wisely in not calling for a vote in the coming republican convention on thesonatorship. H from tho beginning it hud been understood that a senator would be nominated, wo believe • such a call would have boon'satisfact- ory to the people, Tbe more the choice of all public officials is popular- ised the better, and in the end president and senators will be elected by 4irect popular vote. .NOTES BYTHE WAY. 1'wo weeks ftgo the TUsot collection of , Illustrating tlie life and times of was on exhibition at tbe Art Insti- iu Chicago. No works of art have attracted BO great attention. TIssot mt ten years In too Holy Laud studying content to rest cm their lanrete. Tne collection contains over 500 psintinjrs. They are all smalK Many are not orer ten niche* gqoare, and none of tbeta over two fe«t square. They tell the story of Christ's life and death in a succession of scenes which are said to be absotntejy troe to the varying landscape of Palestine, while they give Tissot's conception of the bible story. Tbey grow in power as the tragedy approaches its climax, and are certainly re markable. Plates hare been made by the moat expensive process, and the whole series will soon be issued in book form. Tbe cheapest edition will cost 8500, while a more expensive edition is being printed. Only a few hundred copies are alloted to tbe United States. -«--*- •*• There are many novel features of a political campaign in a city. It requires something more than a store box discussion to make the people realize that a campaign is in progress. In the recent mayorality contest in Chicago the bill boards were used probably more than ever before. Candidates' pictures were everywhere as as clowns faces on a circus poster, thick while during the last days of the canvas ments, innendoes, and plain slanders were printed in hi* type and posted. Mayor Harrison had 50 bill posters out the night before election placarding the city with attacks on the republican candidate. Sunday THIS MH8HBOBHOOD. Charlie Wernet fs building ft good boose on his farm in Humboldt. A. M. Willcy, who has heen buying grain at Livermore. is back in Algona. The government has put over 100,000 trout fn the Okoboji lakes the past week. Over 80,000 fish were helped across the little channel that connects Gar lake to the Okobojis last week. The fish began to run out of Gar, and were smothering in ihe shallows. Commissioner Delevan had them carried over in nets, the men working all night. Spencer Reporter: J. P. Gilmore and family leave this week for Algona, where they will make their future home. They have resided here the past four years and have many friends who are sorry In see them leave but wish them happiness in their new home. Al. Adams says the best thing thai ever happened" to Thn?. Sherman of Bancroft was getting beaten for office in Huroboldt county. " It put him on his metal and he has now got more money and more friends than all the office holders in the county." Al. is proud of "Tom's" success. Henrik Ibsen, whose "Ghosts" was played in Algona Thursday, has a brother buried at, Estherville. The speeches are also a novelty, that would react in the country. Brass bands are a feature. They play at street corners at all hours of the day, and over the band wagons are big banners inviting the voters to look favorably on the man who hires the band. But with all that is done to attract attention no one would ever suspect that a political campaign was in progress from anything to be heard or seen in the business part of the city. -t- -f- •+• Tbe ladies remove their hats in the Chicago theatres. Maud Adams in " The Little Minister" and Francis Wilson in "The Little Corporal" attracted fashionable audiences, but not even an opera bonnet was worn in the parquet. This may be a rule of the theatres. In any event whether law or custom it is observed, much to the comfort of everybody. -*- H- •+• . In Ann Arbor everybody feeds the squir- Republican says: His name was Nicola? Ibsen but was an entirely different miin from his distinguished brother. Hi imbibed a little toofrertly of intoxicant, and frequently got gloriously full. He herded cattle for a. living most of th time. He died about 10 years ago and is remembered by many of the olde settlers. Spencer Reporter: Supt. N. Spenne of the Algorm public schools, accom panied bv his pon. Master Fred, spent few hours in the city Friday betwee trains visitine relatives and friends an our city schools. Mr. Spenner was als distributing a neat little booklet setting forth the program for tho spring meeting of tbe North western Iowa Teachers'association to be held in Al- pona May 4 to 6 inclusive. Tho program as outlined is a strong one. bristling with practical questions of tho day that every tpncher must pass upon. POLITICAL NOTES. Sects ever witnessed. This is the irst time that every scene has been reduced in this great play. JAMES AS A MIKD BEADEB, J. j. Hyan Starlit* an Old Timer at Fort Dodfte—Learned It f n Alcona. Mind-reading is the fad at Fort lodge. Among those *ho have shown hemselves possessed to a greater or ess degree of this wonderful talent, ays the Furt Dodge Messenger, is J. J. Hyan, who lives in Fort Dodge, is assessed In Algona, pays his taxes in Waterloo, and talks the Midland life everywhere. The other day Mr. Ryan was in Sackett & Hare's, where the subject of scientific mind-reading was under discussion, when Jim startled the congregation by announcing in his richest French accent that he was a mind- reader himself. As usual there was a doubting Thomas in the crowd, and this man was Jerry O'Connell. "Jerry," said James, " I can tell who you are going to vota for for mayor." "Fait an ef vez can do that oil believe yez/' said Jerry. "All right," said the mind-reader. "Take my wrist; and now, Jerry, concentrate your mind on who you arc going to vote for." " It's a terrible strain," as he trembled with nervous excitement. Finally, with a burst of confidence: "Jerry, you are for Hower." "Faith and that's just who I was thinkin' of," said Jerry, now fully convinced. The test is the more remarkable from the fact that Jerry 3 Days. Grand Opening 3 Days. GOEDERS' BIG DEPMNT STORE Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 13, 14 and 15. never in his life. \\t\\J\tj II \Jlit V 11*3 I t»V< V « •" •" « " v m • fc" "ticket" w rels. They are pets of the town and their bushy tails ornament evury yard. In the university campus they scamper about by hundreds, both gray and fox squirrels, and are never molested. Ann Arbor is heavily wooded and is a squirrel paradise. On more than one porch the passer-by may see beautiful squirrels sitting on the steps eating nuts that have been placed there for them. -»- -f- -!Another feature of Ann Arbor Is the buildings of native granite boulders, our "nigger beads." Several handsome churches and society halls arc built entirely of selected boulders, coursed ns in our best foundation walls and selected for colors. The effect is very pleasing while the buildings are, of course, unique. A town The democratic state convention is called to meet at Des Moines Aug. 16. The republican slate convention is now definitely nettled for Aug. 2 tit Dea Moines. The dale was changed from Aug. 9, because tbe state Knights of Pythias convention is to be held at Davenport on that date. Britt Tribune: Senator Gear has but few enthusiastic workers advocating his re-election as United States senator on account of his nge. A. B. Cummins is a prominent candidate, but when tho party lines wore drawn and the republican party needed every vote, if we mistake not he was one of the biggest kickers in the republican party and voted for Horace Boies. If Gear must bo superseded' let's have a republican in his place. What is the matter with Dolliver? TO ELEOT A OOLONEL. Company F Will Vote Apr. SO-Col. Humphrey Likely to He Chosen. Adjt.-Gen. flyers has named Apr. 20 as tbe day on which the 52nd regiment will elect officers). Col. Humphrey of Sioux City and Major Kirk of Mason City are candidates for colonel. In spite of the feeling against Col. Humphrey at one timo it is said he will be re-elected. Notice of Election, Co. F. Orders No. 3.—In compliance with special order No. 4, C. S., an election is hereby ordered to fill vacancies in regimental offices as follows: Colonel,52nd regiment; lieutenant-colonel, 52nd regiment; three majors, 52nd regiment. The election is hereby ordered to be held in Company F armory Apr. 20, 1899, between the hours of 6 and 9 p. m. Men absent from home stations by authority may vote with companies where located upon application to the A. G. By order of W. E. H. MORSE, ' Capt. Co. F,52nd Regt., I. N. G. No Extra Pay. Gen. Byers is in receipt of information to the effect that the 50th and 52nd regiments will not month's extra pay, as . thought, on account of their furloug after returning to the state. ITH a fine new stock of first-class groceries. Our Basement Department will be A NEW IDEA, and a great place for bargains, which we will run in connection with our large store as a leader. In groceries, glassware, tinware, all kinds of remnants, etc., we will be able to sell you all these goods cheaper than ever before. We quote you a few eye openers as follows: Fancy patent flour, Algona mills or Minnesota $1.00 Choice patent, same go A No. i patent, same. .80 receive a previously ir furlough Ibs granulated sugar for i.oo 19 Ibs light C sugar for.... i.oo 3^ Ibs fancy Mocha and Java coffee for i.oo 5 Ibs fancy Rio coftee for.. . i.oo 8 Ibs choice Rio coftee for.. i.oo 10 Ibs good Rio coffee for.. i.oo 10 Ibs best package coffee.. i.oo Extra fine Japan tea, per Ib .50 A very fine Japan tea for.. . .40 4 Ibs fancy rice for 25 5 Ibs choice rice for 25 Extra fine cider vinegar for .25 Best fancy syrup for ........ 2$ Best kerosene oil ........... IO Dried Fruits — Very fine loose raisins for. . .05 Choice layer raisins for ..... 12^ Fancy dried apples for ...... 12 Fancy quartered peaches.. .12 Fancy prunes for ........... 08 Fancy raspberries for ....... 15 Fancy grapes for ... . f 05 4 X soda crackers for ....... 05 Fine ginger snaps for ....... 06 Brick cheese, only .......... 14 Goeders' best baking powder, i-lb can (warranted). .13 Snow ball baking powder. . .20 All ground spices .......... 25 like Algona could easily use these native stones for some public building, at not greatly increased cost, and get a very noticeable result, besides doing honor to our own building material. •*-•*--*In Ohio the old-fashioned rail fence is everywhere, and even log ciibins puss for good farm houses. This is said not to be true of the whole state. The oil well region of Ohio is a desolate looking country. The oil wells have a putnping apparatus that looks like A. F. Dailey's well digger. These stand about the country 100 rods or more apart as far as eye can see. The lowest price an acre land can bo bought for about Champaign, 111., is J80. It runs from £80 to $125 an acre. This purt of Illinois is as level as a floor and all the drainage is through tile. artificial ditches and A. I>. Clurko'B Views. Frank W. Bicknell in the Marshalltown Times-Republican: A. D. Clarke of Algona, a successful business man and republican loader who has made u fortune out of northwestern Iowa real estate, was in Deb Moines yesterday on business. Ho thinks the tendency of real estate is generally forward, and that it is a good timo to invest. He has taken advantage of a strange mistake which Borao of the loan companies and insurance companies and other capitalists make of refusing to loan money on unimproved land. "Someof the insurance companies and others seom to regard unimproved land as poor security," said Mr. Clarke, "but I regard it as tho vory best. T ' ! " —'- *" loan up to 80 per cent, of It is safe to its value on in order to Jie did tUls af tt>r ho had. already woo great fame as an swage, wbetj most scenery and the people Ills piotws reftUstlo. "Bob" Ingersoll lectured on "The Devil" in Chicago, two weeks ago Sunday evening. Tho papers made no mention of it oither bofore or after, which shows how much of u " has been" Bob has become. Ho spoke in Studebakor hull. There was no one in tbe galleries at all, and tho first door was possibly half filled. The lecture was neither witty nor eloquent. It was certainly not, worth a dollar. The arguments, such as tboro woi'o, wore absurd and at least two auditors had tlielr money's worth und loi't when bo was half through. If Bob has bus hud a mission in life holms fulfilled it. Ho should retire- on his honors, H- -*- -H Kov. P. W. GuusuuluH now preaches in Central Music ball, to audiences tliaturowd the standing room, He is still vory luuio. For over a your after ho lectured in Al- gonu bo was wholly disablod by u fall und succeeding nervous troubles. Ho docs not walk with a crutch now, but 0110 log is bud ly crippled, liov. Gunsuulus was born in tho sumo county in Ohio with Mayor Buyers. He beguii us u circuitridingMetb- odist. He is only 44 years old, ibut bo bus dono u vust work in bis 34. yours us u preuchor. Besides pi-ouching bo lias full charge of the Armour institute, which now bus 1,200 students. Mr. Armour visits his school every duy und spends BOVQXU! hours there. It bus kont biui alive the past few yours, in tbe opinion of Ins friends. H- -*-•*- Uov. Giunsuulus bus a great opinion of lowu, Ho says ho bus more calls to speak in towns x>f 3,000 or less in Iowa than in any other state, bus larger audiences and more appreciative ones. He says every leoturor bus tho suine experience, Ho says that tbe old Atlantic Monthly has u larger oh'culatiou in Iowa than in tho eastern states, also tho high-priced Century. •*--<--*It is not generally known, but Kov, Gunsaulus lias bad two invitations to go to BeecUor's old cbuvcli in Brooklyn, but bus good unimproved land in northwestern Iowa. It is impossible for this land to become less valuable, while an improved farm, ono that is being worked and not bolng properly cared for, may easily decrease in value in a few yours. The unimproved land will, on the contrary, grow moro valuable each year. In 29 years of loaning money in northwestern Iowa I bavo not bad one foreclosure. When you tuko into consideration tho fiict'tbat nob a quarter section of land in north western Iowa is unfit for use in some branch of farming you will understand why it is that northwestern Iowa has grown more rapidly and why land hns increased so much in value and why some who bavo seen and roalixod these conditions and tiikon advantage ot thorn hav« clone well out, of it. There is u lively do- mand for land in Kossuth county at present. I have sold a large number of farms tills winter, all for cash, und every ono of thorn to a practical farmer, who will uso it for farming, and not ono to a speculator." Mr. Clarke said that bo had not determined whether or not ho would be a candidate for the republican nomination for state senator from tho district now rcproHontod by Senator Funk, including the counties of Kossuth, Kmme-t, Palo Alto, Dickinson and Clay. western men, und ' not to go wbeu Uo both times declined. lie thinks Chicago offers $ bigger field to he advised Dr. Rillis was called. But Dr, Hillis was caught by foyer. The result is that Kov. occupies tho greatest pulpit iii!tUe west, and he is easily tUe greatest n^e^eUer \v t Unclo Tom's Cabin The production of "Undo Tom's Cabin," which will bo Algona about Apr. 20, is on a scale of magnificence never before witnessed in this city, It has been many years since an Algona public has been treated to a representation jif,this beautiful drama, in which actors^'worthy of the name were employed and the resources of the scenic artist and mechanic are taxed to their utmost to make the setting of the piece equal to that used in tlio great spectacular plays. Busly & Davis' company gives a most powerful and intelligent interpretation of this touching masterpiece of dramatic fiction. Among the soeniceffeots used are the gorgeous apotheosis, and the last scone, the ascent of Eva to the realms of bliss, borne by angels; the pearly gates and stairway to the home beyond the skies; the Ohio river in mid-winter by moonlight; a southern paradise at sunset; allegorical scenes, typical of the birth of liberty and blessing of little children; the weird rocky pass; the FAME POE WHITTEMOKE. flnll (,'nlne, tlio arcnt Novelist, Will Maku JCosHutli tlie Scene of a New Novel. C. H. Ampion is traveling in England and has interviewed Hall Caine, the novelist. Ho writes to the Whittemore Champion that Mr. Caine is working on a now novel that has a scene or two laid in Iowa, and that Whittemore is to go down to fame in that connection. If Hall is thoroughly acquainted with Whittomore bo can boat The Christian with his new book. TEAOHEKS MEET MAY 4-5-6, Al(£oim MUBt Uestlr IIorBelt to Get Heady—A HlK Kveiit for theTown. The Northwestern Touchers'meeting will bo on us in three weeks. It is go- Ing to bring GOO touchers to Algona from all parts of tbe state. Algona must decorate and put on her best bib and tucker. Now is tbe time to do some splendid advertising for the state normal school we are going to get some clay. Prof. T>. A. Kent's Mission. D.A.Kent of lake farm fame, who conducted tlio Kossuth farmer's institute two years ago, is likely to secure the position of touching American methods of farming and prosecuting agricultural pursuits generally in the Turkish empire. Secretary Tama Jim Wilson is getting the place for him. Prof. Kent will be a good man for the work. Port Doclfie Must Jjooli Out. Armstrong Pilot: Algona will probably have a wholesale grocery house insldo of six months. That city lias a bright future, and it will behoove Fort Dodgo to keep on growing or Algona will bo tho largest city in the Tenth congressional district. Tlio 'KdHorB Will B« There. Swea City Herald: Tho new hotel will bo a splendid addition to Algona's handsome now buildings, and we'll stake a year's subscription that when the formal opening occurs every editor in tho county will be an invited guest, I'rouil of Alifoiin. Whittemore Champion: A $30,000 church, $30,000 hotel, electric lights, a wholesale grocery, a $15,000 school house, and all kinds of railroads, verily, wo are proud of our county seat. Don't fail to look over our 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 cent counters. Our 10 cent counter of canned fruits, baking powders, jellies, pickles, and fancy bottled goods: this will be a great surprise to all. We will be pleased to see you, all men, wo,men, and children at our Big Department Store during our three days' opening. Remember the dates: April 13, 14, and 15. Notice—We deliver all goods to any part of the city. A SOUVENIR: A fine present will be given to every lady who visits our grocery and bargain counters during this great sale. We also extend a cordial invitation to all the school children of Kossuth county to visit our basement, register their names and receive a nice, useful present during our opening days. Thanking you all for past favors, I remain yours truly, JNO. GOEDERS. Spring and Summer Clothing This is the time of the season when every gentleman who dresses well should inspect his wardrobe, and if he finds himself in need of a Coat and Vest, or a pair of Trousers, or a Spring and Summer Overcoat, or a White or Fancy Vest, he should not fail to call on me before he buys his clothes. Up to Date in fashion. Workmanship as good as the best. Cutttng and repairing right. Buttons made to order. Prices right. What I have said or will say you can depend on to be true. O. U FOSS. realistic cotton plantation; all of which par- JTor Sale Cheap. The old Catholic church. E\>r ticulars see JNO. GOEDERS, j, W. SULLIVAN, Jos. ZANKE, Committee. Excursion TU'HetB to MarBluUltawji Via the Northwestern line will be sold at reduced rates from stations in Iowa, April 21 and 2?, limited to April 24, inclusive, on account of State B. Y. P. U. Apply to ugo.uts Northwestern railway. JSgpT. S. Remember that I sell steamship tickets with leading lines crossing the Atlantic ocean, all T EGAL BLANKS— THE STANDARD FORMS .-.. .•-.., . - , Knan tA< a TOWNSHIP PLATS SIX INCHES SQUARE are positively the most jxnagplncent ale- y ou £ n & taese at The Upper Pes Moiues playe 'of, sosuip art Sttd. mecteBioftl office. Prices are right. FOR SALE BY Taylor. 448 French Model. 535 Short.Shape. 444 Extra Long. 470 Extra Strength. Jas, Taylor, i.'£M£At-.a.:

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