The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1899 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1899
Page 3
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..r^WV" 1 -"*:**' ,,v, , K-.fateftv <- '-!"•,'«?*•;•" i< s£' Adventures of An Eton Boy,.* BV *fAWi3S B 4,,Htirfiean6 Drive's tie to the Fortun- M&ft-r;-'' 1 ' - "• , ate isUS, .' SfeSdfii v elays afte* .ttiis we passed a ^liftKhSba, aS the Pdftugtufee naine thbfee afge afad found built 'vessels which send'to Brazil and the Itidies.and firS alike adapted for burden, At«J n *4*j>jL _ ana sailing;- •*.j. v, u exchangingVthe bearings—which, ^wheH vessels padfi*tt<ih othet, ate usu- ;/atiy Chalked on' a: blackboard hung ^bVef ''the quarter—Weston and Hislop vfdtmd a considerable dlffei-ettce between-the Portuguese and ours; but, 'never doubting that we were correct, .'they bore on without hailing the car- raca, as we passed each'other on oppo- §ite tacks under a press of sail. <* ,The Weather continued cloudy, and att increased difference was found on exchanging the latitude and longtitude with another vessel next morning. Then, after an observation at noon, Wesjton found that for more than fifty ,' hours the Eugenie had been going sev- • eral miles to the southeast o£ her due - course. , Tie compass was Immediately overhauled by Hislop, who found that the standard of the needle was loose. On that night there commenced a long course of head winds and foul ^Weather, dur.lng which the compass never worked properly, and the cap.., t „ Y taln and" mate found, by the solar ob- !5hJ- c sedation, that we had drifted so far P v ^t^'jleeWard as to be somewhere betVeen ^ j^'the 'parallels of 2S degrees and 28 de- j£ V'"grees ( 35 minutes nofth. u r>-r r, Tattooed Tom and old Roberts, the 'V,/man-O'-war's-man, were superstitious "' , ' enough to give me the entire blame of f't ./all this, In consequence of having flred t\" r one day at some of Mother Gary's 'j.| chickens; an action, they averred, f*'Which never failed to give the craft of '0:"the perpetrator a head wind for the remainder of her voyage—if she ever 1 ; finished it at all. '"If this foul weather holds for another day," said Weston, as he .trod the deck with a sulkiness quite professional under the circumstances, "we shall gee land sooner than I wished." " ' y "Land!" I reiterated, brightening at the idea more than he relished. ;""Yes, some part of the Canaries— 'Santa Cruz de la Palma, most likely; ,but >ve shall have very rough weather before another sun rises. I know,well e signs, Mr. Rodney. Don't you see hat is brewing yonder, Hislop?" he said in a low voice to his mate. ,],, "You say just what old Roberts, Tat' '-'tqoed Tom, and I were observing for- As$ard," replied Hislop. "We have riot * all of us seen a hurricane off the west "coa'st of Africa, a tornado In the '.^Windward Isles, and a regular roaring 'pampero off the Rio de la Plata, with*out learning something—eh, captain?" f "I hope not! so remember that this gloomy weather, with the wind lulling . away and then coming again in. hot gusts with a moaning sound—In my part of England we name it 'the call- Jing of the sea'—are always signs of a coming squall." :• As the night closed in, the canvas on the brig was reduced, the royals were struck and the yards sent on deck; the dead lights were shipped on the stern windows; the quarter; boat was (hoisted within the taffrail, and there lashed hard and fast, for there were increasing tokens of a coming tempest, • and ere midnight it came with a vengeance. » "The sky at first was all a deep, dark blue, wonderfully dark for that region, and the stars, especially the planets, shone with -singular clearness and ''fteauty; but in the northwest quarter of the heavens we could see the coming Wast 1 From the horizon to the zenith, there arose with terrible rapidity a mighty bank of sable cloud, forming a vast and gloomy arch, at the base of which a pale and phosphorescent light seemed to play upon the heaving sea. This light brightened and sunk al- 'ternately. Now it would shoot downward with a lurid glare, steadily and brilliantly, under the flying vapor, and then it died away with an opal tint. 1 lightning of a pale and ghastly 'green, extending over ten or, twelve points of the horizon, flashed'and played upon it. Then we heard the rush 'of rain, as if a great lake had been falling from a vast bight Into the'sea, and, the next the roar of the mighty •blagt; while furrowing up the ocean in ',tts passage, the tempest came swooping down upon us and around us in a species of whirlwind. , Bravely the Eugenie met it, for her 'captain and men handled her nobly. gjjje had her topgallant sails furled being Washed bv^rbbard by the blinding sheets of Mingled foam and ralti that deluged the deck, over which the sea was also breaking heavily fevery instant. Each time the Eugenie rose in her buoyancy, her decks wert half full of water and the long boat amidships filled so fast that a man with a bucket could scarce keep It'baled. Following the whirlwind, we went round five times In thirty-five minutes, With the afteryards squared and the headyards braced sharp up. Then the black mass of sulphurous cloud in which we were enveloped seemed to ascend, and with the same rapidity with which it approached, passed away Into the sky; "the chamber of the thunder," as the bard of Cona names It, became again clear, blue and starry, though marked by occasional masses of flying vapor. The rain ceased, and the Eugenie heaved upon a foam covered sea, over which there passed, from time to time, short squalls, compelling us to lower the double reefed topsails and run before the wind. Now a stiff glass of grog was served round to all, and by turns we contrived to get some dry clothing. In the end of the middle watch- about four o'clock a. m.—there was suddenly visible upon our larboard bow a faint and vapory light that shot upward In the sky from time to time,,like jets of steam. This singular appearance was high above the horizon, and first caught the anxious eye of Capt. Weston. "Hah! do you see that?" said he to me. ' "What .is It?" "The Peak of Adam—Teneriffe." < "The great-volcanic peak in the Fortunate Isles?" "Old Tenny Reef In the Canaries, we calls It, sir," said Tattooed Tom, who was at the wheel. "It ain't a volcano now; but it can't give over Its old trade of smoking altogether, and blows «1HE courses up, the topsails lowered Vgon the cap, and the reef tackles close put! but she swayed fearfully when careening beneath the hot breath of " mighty blast and riding over those mountains of water, which in succession it impelled toward High fhe went over a sloping pf loam one moment) and the ,. .„„,. my her plunging into a deep, K' : 'bisjcfe valley of that midnight sea,; so up steam like a screw propeller or just as a whale does .water through his spiracles." , ( "Tom means what the Spaniards term the ventas, or nostrils, of the peak, through which the aqueous vapors come with a buzzing sound, and these cause a species of light," said Hislop. "Well thank heaven, though we are far out of our course, that blast has done, no more than wet our storm jackets and scrape some of our paint off." "We have come out of it uncommon well, sir," said Tom, as he .stood with his feet planted firmly apart on the deck,' his hard brown hands grasping the wheel, with the helm amidships, as we were, still before the wind, and the light of the binacle flaring upward on his weather-beaten face, with its strange zebra-like stripes—at least, on so much of his grim visage as the peak of his sou'-wester and a scarlet cravat that was round his throat and 1 jaws permitted us to see. "The last time I was in such a breeze was a pampero off the mouth of the Rio de la Plata, but then we had our foresail split to ribbons, and the ship was canted over on her beam ends, almpst. The mainsail was blown right' out of the men's hands, and flapped in ' the sky like thunder, while the ; craft—a five hundred ton ship she was'and all copper- fastened—was just on the point of capsizing, when with a crash that made our hearts ache, snap went the jibboom and topmasts off at the caps, just as you'd break -a 'bacca-plpe at the bowl. She, righted after that; but four of our best men were swept away to leeward, and never seen again, And now, Master Rodney, with all your book learning, or you, Master Hislop, with all yours, can you tell the why such things as tornadoes, hurricanes, pamperos.and the like, are sent to torment the poor hard-working fellows such as me?". "I can," said Hislop, turning his handsome, but wet and weather beaten face to the steersman. "You can, sir," reiterated Tom loudly and incredulously. "Yes, In four lines, Listen; " 'Perhaps this storm was sent with healing breath, From distant climes to scourge disease and death; 'Tis ours on Thine unerring laws to trust; With thee, great Lord—whatever is, is just.'" * "Faith, you are right, sir," said honest Tom Lambourne, touching his tar^ ry hat in respect to the mate, mingled with that piety which, in his own rugged way, a seaman is never without. CHAPTER VII. I Gp Ashore, The wind lulled a, wa 7 mto a gentle > Wt fflreerta Ifl $ltirty4nft^ fafMBSi *atet, alSJtfl fiai! 4 Mle Jf6«a the shbre, which 1ft most places Is steep, with green attd lonely slope'9 rising fifgfl abfSte It. AS iflapti WeStofc fcfo- passed to weiffe neit ffiefning, fig allowed to6 to gtr *Shdre, but feent with me, to be a guide and coinpanlbn, Tofn Lafftboufne, the* tattooed flallef, wh<S had teen ffeflmfntiy before 1 at the ftfand Canary, and'tft whom he repos* ed great trust. H§ gate fce a courlef bag containing some provision's, a flask of spirits, and & telescope; and thus provided, old Tom and l t with such etfiotiSns 6f pleasure as two newly escaped school- Sept boys might feel, landed on the shot-e, Oats— which seemed to. heave, sink, afad rise May under my feet—for after the late storm July 1 still felt that which is termed "the Sept roll of the ship." ' Pork- It was in this harbor of Santa Cruz May that the famous old English Admiral July Blake encountered, and within six Lard- hours burned and sunk seven great May Spanish galleons, though they were July anchored under the protecting cannon Sept of seven forts and a strong castle, In the walls of which some of his shot were shown imbedded for many years after. I cast longing eyes to the summit of the mighty Peak of Adam. It seemed to rise sheer from the sea, over which, literally piercing the clouds, it towers to the height of more than twelve thousand feet; but the idea of attempting to climb it within so short a space of time as we had to spend on shore never occurred to me, but what a feat it would have been to relate when I returned to Erlesmere! The morning was early yet; the sun was barely above the now cloudless horizon; so the shadow of this stupendous cone was cast not only over the whole island, which seems to form merely its base, but to the far horizon, perhaps beyond it;, for there are writers who assert that in clear weather Cape Bojadore, that dreary and barren promontory, of Africa, ninety miles distant, Is visible from its summit.- Did the waves of the sea ever overflow that mighty peak? At such a question the mind becomes lost in conjecture. As I am not writing a descriptive book, of travels, but merely a plain narrative of my own very recent adventures, I need not detail at great length, either the magnitude or the aspect of this great island-mountain of the Atlantic. • From, cliffs of dark-brown basalt, against which the ocean pours In vain its foam and., fury, we ascended the steep slope of the volcano for a few miles. Then at our feet, as it were,, we could see that fertile island, where a perpetual spring seems to smile, and where the fragrant myrtle, the golden orange trees, and the dark funereal «t , Chicago. Atotll.f. Me shbws th*e rang6 ot the fcoafd ot ffAde , i, following Articles. . -Closing — Wheat— Hlgh.L/ew, Apf.fc Apr, 6. May ..$.«%Mifc J.fltt I. 1 "' .M .34% . .35% .36% .26% .26% .24% 9.30 9.40 .35% ,26% .24% 9.20 9.30 5.42% 5.40 5.67% 5.52% Short ribs- May .. 4.80 4.75 July ., 4.90 4.87% Sept .. 5.02% 5.00 .W AW «• .341 ,3&V4 .35% .26^ .2§% .24^ 9.30 9.40 5.30 ' S.42^ 5.55 4.77% ,4.90 5.00 W% 'n&4% .35% ,36% ,24% 9.25 9.37% 5.30 5.42% 5.55 4.77% 4.90 6.02% til ve -Stock Mntttetg. Chicago, April 7.— Small Friday receipts of cattle were taken oft quickly today at firm prices, demand ruling fairly strong for all classes. Shipping hogs were also bought freely at a shade better prices early, but the later trade in packing grades Was sluggish, with prices barely up to the level of Thursday. Sheep held without quotable decline, but lambs again Went felowly and weak to lOc lower. Today's receipts are estimated at 2,500 rattle, 20,000 hogs and S.OOO sheep. k'ens were well cleared of all but plain hnd low-grade packing hogs, of which upward of 3,000 remained unsold. -iff. Piliifefl ^ttiUfc" $$lV*& 1 fioT Tfilw ...——.fn&y r\6t be emiteiy gift *ho h&a tried the piilic^nlcii you tft&t it h€&doch&) &nd th&t it..—._ . f or mi the p\ie &nti sartav* gift 'Into & m&hUfkvtho fllovis viitn : the beauty which perfect hcMth -•- — cStft g'lVfc* whos* f ' ^ TO *m QTOW dcbilltMcd from airlhood into womanhood shouiff hot neflUct the Bill b for this p&Tticul&t ill, 9 fc Si Ttout, of ids Crlswotd Ave., Detroit, Mich., sajrs: "At the age of fotiMeeu we had to take our daughter from school ott account of ill health. She weighed only 90 pounds, was pale and sallow and the doctors snld she had antctnla. Finally we gave her br. Williams' Plsk Pills fof Pale People. Wheti she had taken two boxes she was strong enough to leave her bed, and in less than six mouths was something like herself. To-day she is entirely cured, and Is n big, strong, healthy girl, weighing 130 pounds, and has never had n sick day 3\ucc."—£>ttrcit EvtHtxg A'ewt, ' Th« genuine OT, Williams' Pink Pill* tot PM« People &t Sold only in p&ck&^C'o, ttie d wr&ppeT Always bearing the full n6,m«. At a.11 dto^it>ts>, ot direct from the Dt Williams Mcditme Co.SchenccUUy.K.Y, SO^pet cypresses form the mere hedgerows of those plantations where the sugarcane, the broad leaved plantain, the luscious Indian fig, the trailing vine, the fragrant cinnamon, and the pretty coffee bush, were all flourishing in a luxuriance that filled us with wonder and pleasure. Further off was the boundless sea, of that deep blue which it borrowed from the sky above, and mirrored In its depth were the shipping in the roadstead, with their .white canvas hanging loose to dry in the sun; the green woods and dark rocks reflected downward, and the old turreted castle of Santa Cruz, with the scarlet and yellow banner of Castile and Leon on its time-worn ramparts. The summit of the great cone, on the clothed sides of which we never tired of gazing, soon became lost in vapor; far above the dark green belt of many miles, named the Region of Laurels, and that other belt or forest of timber, where pines, chestnuts, and oaks of vast size mingle their varied foliage together, the mountain seemed all of a violet tint, which paled away into faint blue as its apex mingled and became lost amid the gossamer clouds. > (To be continued,) BAD FIRE AT LOGANSPORT. City National llanlc and Several Busl- •ncss Mouses Ilarned Oat. Logansport, Ind., April 8.— At /3: 30 Friday morning fire broke out In the Btore of B, F.' Keesllng and spread 'to adjoining buildings. ' The losses are: City national bank, building' and 'fixtures, : $10,000','. P. W. Moore/%buildlng, $10,000; G. W. Burrow estate, building, $5,000; Dewon- tor & Go., men's furnishing goods, $16,GOO; B. F. Keesllng," drugs, $15,000; Lo- nansp'ort Wall Paper company, stock, 510,000. The insurance will cover about half 'he loss. ' • Now IJIshop for Indiana. Laporte, lud., April 8.— Bishop White of this diocese of the Protestant Episcopal church makes the 'announcement that the bishop of the new Indiana diocese will be chosen June 6. Bishop White has relinquished his bishopric duties In the southern portion of the state and will make Michigan City the seat of,, his diocese. There is a good deal of quiet politics In the church in anticipation of the action of the convention In June and though there are half a dozen aspirants for the place the choice cannot even be guessed at. Any missionary bishop or priest of the church who has reached the required age is eligible. Prominent Chicago Episcopal clergy are being named in connection with the bishopric, The hair tibout a horse's neck is his mime protection. tuno's Fntnlly niettlolno. ' Moves the bowels each day. In order to be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver und kidneys. Cures sick headache. Price 85 and 50c. The best is the cheapest, but the chenpes 1 isn't always the best. Henlth mid lirunty. No beauty with iitmpl.v akin, dullojoi. biidbroatli. Clean your system and keep It clean wllli fnigrttut CusourotsCuuOy Cutliartlu! All drungti>t8,lUo,lioo,50d .Hugging a lamp post is very often a tight squeeze. Do Tonr Foot Aobo nnd Barn? Shake Into your shoes, Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes tight Or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures Corns, Bunions, Swollen, Hot and Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent FRES. Address Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. Fortunately the t»x nssesso'r is unable to list our hopes. Dully I.'apor for Wl it Year. Tl\o DCS Mollies Dully News, vrltli all tlio news ot Iowa luul the woi;ld, tuloKi-aplilc, niarkolx, a plill- dren's dopartmont;. wmniin's pugo, etc.. Is sunl, to any address tor $1 ti; ca', i» touts 'tor six inpntlis, 60 coms for throe moi ,th i, 35 cents u nipnlli. Act- dross TU15 NKWS. l)t a MoliiOB,Iowa. Benevolent Old 'Gentleman—-My good man, are y_ou looking for work? Tramp—Not if I can. find anthing else to do. " .Joshua Reed, of Uuilington, Vt., will be 98 years old this April, and ivill then luive lived in the same house for 05 years. AKentuckian says wntcvproof coata are ail right for stomachs. > Wlmt "Alabaitlnd" Is, Alabastlne is a durable and natural coating for walls and ceilings. It la . entirely different from, all "kalSomine" preparations. Alabastine cornea In white or twelve beautiful tints, and is ready for use by .adding cold water. It Is put up In dry powder,. form In 1 . five-pound pabkages, with full dlrec- [ tions on every package. Alabastlne Is handsome, cleanly and "permanent. It , can be re-coated and rettnted at slight expense. Paint dealers and druggists sell Alabastine and furnish card of • tints. _ Necessity lias shattered many anulo) by driving men to work. ______ Coughing: Xeutls to Consumption'. Kemp's BalsanTwiU stop the cough at once. Go to your, druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. , Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles, Go at once; delays are dangerous. _ The best excuse known for matrimony is youth. ' Salzor's Seed Corn'. Does your seed corn test, Bro.' .Farmen ' Balzer's does— it's northern grown, early • and good for- 80 to 150 bu. per acre 1 Send ' tills notice arid lOc for 8 corn- Bam pies and low prices to John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis. • [w. n.] '! Statistics show that blind women outnumber blind men at a ratio of 3 tol. Cough? and Colds Cured Quick With Dr. Sotli Arnold's Cough Kllli and Country Stores, use, u bottlo. 11 Druggists the w}nd seemefj to yam over flapped mast, and ^'-m <3»ly caught its weight and . •'•*-'• * •"--: quickly 9»'the'crest of the green4pxfee,4 so brightly t,ftat ure could, see jeyery rppe to a| held on by ring 'belts and breeze, reef after reef was shaken out until a full spread of canvas once more covered the spars of the Eugenie; and to repair some trifling damages of the night we crept in shore. Ap d*y brightened through clouds half rain, half mist, and wholly gray: or ph'spure, we high and dark- tan,<?e. there was A space of und, ?urf 'white as on the feeach, and a)}, ij, arid-air, tojweg.the _,J'?$* Of Adpn, on Sj,d9 fif jyhjeb the sun (a? yet rp shining brightly ~ aj&efcpr in the harbpr t,fee Beyond it in the d}s- A New Way of Bolllusr Water. It Is possible to make a pall of water boil without putting it oh the fire or applying external heat to It In uny way. • in fact, you can make a pall of water boil by simply stirring it with a big wooden 1 spoon. All you have to do Is to place your.water in a pail—it may be Ice water if necessary--and stir it with a wooden spoon. If you keep at it long enough it will certainly boil. Five hours of rapid and constant stirring are sufficient to perform the feat successfully. The water will after a time warm, and then }t will grow hot—so hot, in fact, that you cannot hold your hand in it, and finally it will boll. The point which the inventor of this trick wishes to Illustrate is what is known as the mechanical equivalent of heat. It requires so many foot pounds of work to develop a given-quantity of heat. By turning the spoon in the water at a regular speed it Is possible to find out just how much work Is required to raise the temperature of water to one degree. Heat is developed in almost any substance which is subjected to continuous 01- violent action. Weapon 8i"l La»teru Comblpeil, A private policeman of ftudlow, Ky,, William Fritz, has in actual use the very latest policeman's club, says the Philadelphia Record. Astonishing as it may seem, the club contains an electrical apparatus which furnishes a powerful searchlight. ' It is a weapon, and, lantern combined, and may pe used with Wil effect in either ca» Gen. Alger Likes Porto Itl'co. Ponce, Island of Porto Rico, April 8. —Gen. Russell A. Alger, who arrived here on Wednesday on board the United States , transport Ingalls, has met with an enthusiastic reception. The secretary o£ war visited the schools, discussed Island affairs with merchants and agriculturists at the principal club and attended a banquet at the French hotel in the evening. The general has had a delightful trip, is pleased with Porto Rico and leaves today on the island road, and Is due to arrive at San Juan tomorrow afternoon, Olllotra' Bopcrts Admitted. .Wasbington.April 8.—The army beef inquiry court decided to admit as evidence the official reports of army officers concerning the beef supplied to the army during the war with Spain, as requested by Gen, Miles- The deci- felon was reached at an executive ses-- sion of the court and after the renewal by Maj. Lee on behalf of Gen. Miles of the request for action upon the application, ««r Government Employes, Ottawa, Ont,, April 8.—An order in council has been passed preventing any person employed by the government in any capacity from staking out or recording mining claims on dominion .lands of any kind In the Yukon territory. It was also decided to exempt from the royalty tax the gross output of any mine up to the amount of $5,000, Rear Admiral Kautz was asked, just before sailing for Samoa, what he thought of expansion. "I- don't think," ho replied, "I obey orders." Coe's CougH Hnlsnm Istile oldest and liost. It will breakup a cold fiulokdr tliuu anything else. It la always reliable. Try It. Swallowing sage ten. is one way to drink in wisdom. Mrs. Wlnalow's Soothing Syrup. : For children toothing, softens the Bums, reduce! In- Qaioiuatlon, allava naln. euros wtndoollc. Mo a buttle, Few men cton keep their good resolutions and a diary at the same time.! MARKS OF SUFFERING Collier for Samoa, ^ San Francisco, Cal., April 8.— It is reported that the armed collier Scin- dla, which accompanied the Iowa around the Horn, is to be sent to Pago Pago harbor, Samoa, to prevent any interference with the work of erecting a wharf and coaling sheds there for the United States. paoity. The .construction is simple. 4 storage battery within' the club, 9, push button at tjie handle eijd, where tb§ thumb naturally rests, and a, small newerful electric lamp tlS$ glass bull's eye, at the tip of tb^ ojwfc, S9YW it all, The,e}ectr,io. ajp- it is not iwjpei W b4 » Empire League. Ottawa, Ont., April 8.— A| the annual meeting of the United EJmpU'e league the annual report advocated the immediate inauguration of the fast Atlantic service and ttye Pacific cable,the •formation ot a naval reserve and the establishment of a naval militia. 84. . , N, Y., April $.r-*it ia a». by the government tbat the canal wUl be 9P 6 » lo H EALTH and beauty are the glories of perfect womanhood. ^ Women'who suffer constantly with weakness peculiar to their sex cannot retain their beauty. Preservation of pretty features and rounded form is a duty women owe to themselves. The mark of excessive monthly suf- ering is a familiar one in the faces of young American women, Don't wait, young women, until your good looks are gone past recall. Consult Mrs. Pinkham at the out- Start. Write to her at Lynn, Mass. Miss EDNA ELLIS, Higginsport, Ohio, writes: "DEAR MRS, PINKHAM-—I am a school teacher and had suffered untold agony during my menstrual periods for ten years. My nervous system was almost a wreck, I suffered with pain in my side and had almost every ill human flesh is heir to. I had taken treatment from A number of physicians who gave me no relief. In fact one eminent specialist said no medicine could help me, I must submit to an operation, At my mother's request, I wrote to Mrs. Pinkham stating my case in every particular and received a prompt reply, I followed' the advice.given me and n.o>v I suffer no- more during menses.- If anyone cares to know more about my casf, I will cheerfully answer alt letters." MISS KATE COOK, 16 Adi , t, Mt, Jackson, Ind,, writes; "DEAR MBS. PINKHA^ I am by occupation a school teacher, and for & long wtnUe su.f> fered with painful tnenstrwatjon and nervousness, I^bavp seived more benefit from Ly4ia pound than from all remedies that mM&'A'-i^^l^:^ FOR EASY PLOWING ^ ?^^ ™ ffl . JSPHf wPftW^>aalPr - ™ '.. , l^^^. ! ^BWiTlPP,^"iiP^ ™ ti§-lpPf | ^lj|p.; • mi W mi M T M« ml M. «••• •• A AMBA^KB •••••M-. V MM^MBBIM H< P* 1v vV^* "

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