The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1953 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1953
Page 8
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PAOB BIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, HEPT. 1Z, 1»H British Guiono— First Red Government in Americas Beginning to Show Signs of Chaos By DANIEL JAMES NEA fp*clal Correspondent GEORGETOWN, British Guiana — (NEA) — The first Communist-led government in the Western Hemisphere has been in office for three and a half months in this British colony, and already there are signs of panic and chaos. It li not a government, liks Guatemala's, in which Communists exert Influence through others. It« leading ministers are themselves Communists. Why Communism selected as it* first hemisphere victim this colony o! 84,000 mil*8 and 450,000 people it not clear. But a few facts about British Guiana may be enlightened. British Guiana Is the world's Mcond largest producer of bauxite, an aluminum ore with numerous peacetime and wartime uses. It also mines gold and diamonds, and is believed to contain uranium and oil. * * * The colony k politically part of the British West Indies, which are about to unit* in a Caribbean Fed- On* of the first applications of the transitor, the tiny low-power (adget that may take over a lot of the Jobs of the radio vacuum tube, itttn the hearing aid. It is email in size and helps reduce the space taken up by the batteries. British Guiana is 1600 miles from Florida, closest point in U.S.A. British Guiana is 1100 miles from the Panama Canal GOGGLE-EYED—-Yogi Berra puU on a pair of special dark fflacse* and has the time of his life keeping up with the newest (ad, Three-D comics. The Yankees' catcher has been a genuine comic magazine fan sinco .kn«-pant days. (NEA) I RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SATURDAY YELLOW-HAIRED KID With Guy Madison SATURDAY OWL SHOW SUPERMAN AND THE MOLE MEN eratlon. Communist-run British Guiana could,, as a part of that federation, create plenty of trouble in an area that touches U. S. Interests at many points. The Caribbean, in fact, contains the so- called outer rim of our hemespheric defense bases- Through English speaking British Guiana is geographicaUy located in northern South America. Prom that position It could have an Influence on a continent wide open to nationalist and Communisl agitation. The leader of the British Gui- anes government, Dr. Chcddi B Jagan, a dentist of East Indian origin who wae educated at northwestern University frankly admitted his Communist sympathies to me in the first interview he has granted a U, S. newsman since assuming office. "The Communist movement champions the underdog, and I consider myself part of it," he said. In a radio talk he frankly asserted: "I am a great admirer of the Soviet Union, People China and the Peoples Democracies." With views like these broadcast throughout British Guiana, no Wonder many people are expressing concern. There Is first, something of an exodus of people out of the colony. Emigration to North America has increased 20 per cent in the past few months, according to Pan American World Airways, chief carrier of the passenger traffic. Brltalsh Guiana lost $500,000 In new revenue, between Jnmmry and Mny, because foreign exporters hes- Itnte to ship to the colony. This will take a good slice out of a normal $18 million budget. Schools operated Jointly for generations by church nnd government are being In ken over. Along with it there is intensive indoctrination of youth by the Kovernment Peoples Progressive Party, the dii-' Icr which the Communists operate. in the House or Assembly, which fr- it won in an election last April 27.' Under the constitution Jt was entitled to and got 6 out of 10 ministries. The rest are held by men appointed by Gov. Sir Alfred Sav- Wholesale Beer Prices Jacked CHICAGO W) — Increases In the wholesale price of case beer were announced yesterday throughout age. Mrs. Jngan is Deputy Speaker of the House and PPP General Secretary. As an old party hand, she devotes most of her time to | t ne country. How much more the organizing and speaking. Unlike herj drinker wil i pay rema i necl mdeiln- husband, however, she answered my ; j te question about whether or not shej The National Beer . Wnolesalers Assn _ repr e s enting some 2,000 dls- iributors, reported the increase to wholesalers average 14 cents for a is a Communist this way: "That point I never answer. She does admit that she i Soviet sympathizer and has Just j case of 24 12-ounce bottles, returned from a trip behind the Brewers who are raising prices, Iron Curtain. No one I met in Brit-[the association said, are Pabst, ish Guiana doubts for one moment | Schlitz, Anheuser-Busch, Rupp'ert that she Is a through-going Com- and Ballantine. All blamed the munist. boosts on increased labor costs 0 , . arising from recent strikes and demands of workers who did not An unusual proportion of the j strike. PPP's leaders have made trips to [ lion Curtain countries within the past two years. At least, a half dozen have gone, and two are there now. Apart from the mystery of how so many trips are financed. there is the question why. Is the Comlnform grooming these British Guianese Communists for special ojtas elsewhere in the hemisphere? The Peoples Progressive Party is ot strictly a CoinmunKil organization, it is made up of non-Communists in the main, including some small businessmen, it, calls itself tially Communists its main point Is "national independence," meaning that It wants to break away from the Crown. Since the people of British Guiana, like people everywhere, are Mother of 9 in Beauty Contest A6BURY PARK, N. J. W — Mrs. Anna Spada, 29-year-old mother of nine children, will represent New Jersey In the Mrs. America contest hers Sunday. Shivering In a nylon crepe bath- Ing suit, she won the title of Mrs. N«w Jersey over six wedded beauties at Palisades Amusement Park lost night. She'll compete against 31 contestants from all over the country for the Mrs. America title and more than $10,000 in prise money, Mrs. Spada, whose children range In age from eight months to eight years, is the wife of 31-year- old Marius Spada, a Whippany soap works foreman. Spada wasn't on hand for his wife's victory last night. "I told him to stay home and take care of the children," Mrs. Spada revealed. Guzzlin' Time Cut by ABC LITTLE ROOK Ifl—The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board yesterday cut a half hour off the deadline for legal beer sales on Saturday nights for on-premlses consumption. Previous regulations allowed beer to be sold until midnight. An amendment adopted yesterday halts beer sales at 11:30 p.m. Another amendment says beer bought before the' deadline must be consumed by 12 midnight. The new regulation goes into effect this weekend. The ABC also adopted a provision to prohibit establishmepts i where beer is sold from covering' their windows. This will allow inspection from the outside, ABC Director Eli Collins said. School Boat Ousts Bus AVALON, Catalina Island (ft — Children of Empire Landing, an island settlement, may enjoy the distinction of a school boat instead of a school bus. Long Beach Unified School District adminsters Catalina's schools and Superintendent Douglas A. Newcomb said yesterday he is studying cost comparisons between bus and boat transportation for the kids. It's 19 miles to Avalon overland from Empire Landing, but only 12 miles by water. And, added trustee Oeorge Vermillion, the children frequently miss classes because the school bus gets stuck In the mud. 443 Years of Farming TOPSPIELD, Mass. (Si — Nine farmers with a tptal of 443 years in farming were honored by the Essex Agricultural Society yesterday at the Topsfleld fair. Among the nine was Mrs. Ellen Russell, 90, of Danvers, who has been fanning for 57 years. Three Eyelids Birds have three eyelids, the extra one being called a nictitating membrane, or "winking" ' membrane, and which can be dr£vm over the eye even though the regular lids are open. "socialist" but it Is essen- a nationalist party led by Courtesy Costly To This Thief SANTA MONICA W> — The gunman who culled out a physician and then stole his narcotics was at least polite — he apologized and even closed the doctor's car door for him afterwards. That was a mistake. He left his fingerprints, and yesterday police arrested James Russell Nordwall, 24, as the man who summoned Dr. Robert H. Cusack to a street corner last Monday. Nordwall was booked on suspicion of robbery. New Television Channels Planned WASHINGTON Ml — The Com- ' munication Commission said yes-1 terday it proposes to add 35 ultra ' high frequency television channels j to the previous channel assign- • ments in as many cities. The announcement invited comment up to Oct. 13 on the proposals. Additional assignments proposed include Channel 39 at Fort Smith Ark. The Commission said the additions were possible without disturbing the assignments in any other cities and will help "in bringing te.'evision service to a large number of areas as soon as possible." •• ignorant of or dislike Communism, ,hey would not have voted for the PPP hiicl they known its leadens' true beliefs. The PPP acquired pow- •*r ..beenuse, first, it. ivns the only real power in existence. Second, it ' had money. Third, it, had excellent' spankers and excellent propaganda, i The big explosion will come in British Guiana, say most observers.: not over mition:ilizni,ion directly! but over independence- Britain has i the nrmert forces to put down any j mg uusmcss cuiiix-nis u> ut: vmy uprising. But- independence is a .slo- | of making new outlays and would- j can which could inflame the whole , be inventors to think twice before | Caribbean. Not British Guinna I putting capital in British Guiana.] only, but nil the West Indies, are, I asked Dr. Jagcn if he intended; ft stake in the shapiiiR struggle Proper grounding of equipment that might come in contact with electric current is one of the best safetymeasures that industry can take to protect its personnr-1 from (."Icclric shock nnd possible electrocution. Worst of nil is the fenr of imminent nationalization which is causing business concerns to lie vary Guaranteed Watch Repair $3.50 to nationalize, and he replied: "Certainly. I'm a Socialist, aren't Jagan would not admit, that bauxite is high on his nationalization list. But the Demerara Bauxite 'o. Ltd., a subsidiary of Aluminum Co. of Canada, which has a virtual nonopoly, is reputed to be "sitting on the hottest scat in British Guiana." An American girl born in Chicago is responsible for in- roducing Communism into British Uuiann. She is t-lie former Janet Rosenberg, \vl\o was a member of :he Young Communist League when she married Dr. Jagan in 1043. Jaan was then studying dentistry in Jhicafio. Soon after, she left with ilm for his country find helped found the Proplps Progressive Par- with Communism in ony. Home owners now can heat their i homes with rubber panels only one- j sixteenth inch thick, which cnn be ' glued right to the ceiling. The pan- I els consist of a layer of electricity- • conducting: rubber mounted be-! tween insulation paper. Aluminum j foil on both outer .surfaces protects { the rubber inside from moisture. SptctaJ Youi watch Is disassem- oled, cleaned, pivots polished and hair-spring adjusted Chronographs and automatics not Included 3 Day Service Thompson Credit JEWELER Next Dooi to W.ide Fnrn. Schools of porpoises, swimming through the water, send out a constant stream of sounds of varying degrees. These sounds may represent sonar signals, by which the sea-going mammals avoid striking objects in the ocean depths. Only major league baseball team to refuse to play a World Series was the New York Giants, in 1904. when It refused to play the Boston Red Sox for the championship. GOOD USED FURNITURE We are now using the second floor of our store exclusively for used furniture. We fee! by doing this we can serve our customers better to three ways. 1. We can give you more for yout used furniture on new. 2. If you want to buy good used furniture we will haye it 3. If you want to sell used rut- niture we will buy It. In any of the three cases we would like the opportunity of figuring with you. Through our liberal allowance toi used furniture on new we have accumulated the largest stock of used furniture in our history We Pay Cash For Used Furniture We invite you to visit our used furniture department on the second floor. Alvin Hardy FURNITURE CO. 113 E. Main YOUR FMJfHHT THEATTtt • The IH'P holds 18 out of 24 seats MANILA, ARK. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 "Your Community Center" W *SUNDAY AD IS %T W» «B^« • • DONT MISS! M*KOF toy!, «/'«? BOGART AILYSON * ^_ » M-O-M. ..... BATTLE GEM THEATRE "Oscco/o's Finest'' SUN. »MON. •TUES. Enjoy Cool, Air-Conditioned Comfort mm & MONDAY Continuous Showing Sunday from 2 p.m. JOHNWAYNE as Dooley ..beating his way back from where no man had ever been-to where his woman was 1 The almost unWieviWe stwyof M almost impossible air-rescue! WARNER BROS. PRKIHT From Errwst K. Ginn'i Mbod-rKini trut-lift twst.Kllei ILIUM (.mm • mm, m WARNERPHONIC SOUND IT'LL BE A LONG TIME — Jerry Leverson of Chicago,: 111., finally winds up in court to answer 74 traffic violations which police say he has ignored for three years. The citations included 20 for speeding, one for reckless driving and 53 lesser violations. Peputy Bailiff Teddy Mazola, right, holds the warrants. Leverson was fined more than 55000 and jail when he was unable to pay. Should the court decide to charge time for money, Mazola could technically spend nearly ten years in jail. DELTA Highway 61, South Osceola, Ark. Open rain or clear Box office opens 6:30 Show starts at dark SUN. - MON - SEPT. 13-14 Also Color Featurette — Xavier Cugat Band THURS. - FRI. — SEPT. 17-18 Adults: 45c — Kids under 12 FREE Have Supper at Our SNACK BAR!! Everything Good to Eat and Drink!! ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays f 7:00 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION THEATRE '•••••»>*>o.•••••••••••••, On Our Wide Vision Metallic Screen SATURDAY Nyoka Serial and Cartoon SATURDAY LATE SHOW 11:30 P.M. Joseph CCJTTEN.Teresa WRIGHT e Steel Trap' d by 20lh C«ntury-Foj "Pttpeye" Cartoon and "Pearl Harbor" Serial SUNDAY —MONDAY PLUS CARTOON & SHORT • TUES • WED • THURS • FRI First Blytheville Showing FOUR BIG DAYS FIRST FEATURE FROM A MAJOR STUDIO IN FMM WARMER IROS. W NATUMl VISION! WARNERCOLOR ' VINCENT PRICE • FRANK LOVEJOY • PHYLLIS KIRK MROtYN JONES PAUINCERNI —.—cwntwuui ..—.... HIM lor ™.»«M( a PLUS CARTOON & COMEDY ••••*•••*••«*•••••••••••••••*••••••••••*•••**••••I

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