Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 22, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1896
Page 8
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Wright, AUentowu p.a. Dear Sir:—I have read with great satisfaction your admirable letter of August 10, 1SOO, published iu this morning's Issui; of the Public Ledger, and desire to tender my grateful acknowledgements for the clear, vigorous and courageous doclnr.itious of tlio principles of true Democracy which it contains. A careful perusal of Jefferson's first Inaugural address, which contains the platform upon which onr pnrty grew strong and prospered- for more than Lalf a century, will reveal, with solemn emphasis, the grave, and, I fear, almost irreparable error committed at Chicago. With the risk of being dubbed an old f6gy by our "New Lights," I confess that I have not yet been impressed ?.\-witti the wisdom of -exchanging the loyal, honest, wise and patriotic principles of Jefferson, Jackson, Tilden and Cleveland for the political hotch- pot of Tillman, Algeld, Debs and Coxcy. Such an incongrous combination'can a'ave no cohesion, as the recent circus performance at St. Louis clearly indicates, and in the general wreck which must speedily follow, either success or defeat, where will our grand old party be found if an ignominious repudiation of its principles Is now permitted. That which hns always been Its tower of strength, inspiring It with living encr : gies, which disaster could not suppress,nor defeat destroy—Its unswerving fidelity to principle, patriotic devotion to the Interests of the people, sanctity: for the laws, reverence for the Judiciary, honest discharge of its obligations, and its supreme concern that no blot or blur of agrarianism or repudiation should ever tarnish Its escutcheon,; but that equal and exact Justice should l>e inoted out alike to the humblest and most exalted, the fortunate and the unfortunate—in short, Its good name, •with all the benedictions which surrounds it, will bo gone. If party fealty demands the stutiflcation of one's Intelligence, the repudiation of his honest convictions, the suppression of his patriotic devotion, and requires that he Become a traitor to the fundamental principles of the government wh'ich he lias always revered for Its wisdom and honored for its justice and integrity then I admit that I am a stronger to that sort of partisan virtue. The crude and,vicious principles Incorporated In the Chicago platform; have thrust a crisis upon us fraught with dangers to the nation, scarcely less threatening and with consequences fully as disastrous as that we were called to meet Iu 1SOO. I have always been a Democrat, and can be nothing else without repudiating the honest convictions of my duty as a citizen. •When called upon for a decision in 1SGO T found that Jefferson's platform above referred to imposed to' as a supreme duty. "The preservation of the General eovernment in its whole constitutional rigor ns the sheet anchor of our peace at home and safety abroad." Upon Why Not . . Subscribe for the 0AILY JOURNAL 40 Cents a Month, : iUat plat form a very creditable number .'of DemoL-rats enlisted in the Union army, shared its battles and campaigns ns Democrats, came home as suc-h, and we believe we have been better Democrats ever since for having ilone so. Ri.-1'erring now again to .TolTurson's platform. 1 find also "The honest payment of our debts and the sacred preservation of the public faith" among the principles which he declares "form the bright constellation" of our Dem- ncraiic i-:ved: ;u;u I raki? my stand there again today, sincerely believing thai, as a Democrat, I can have ao other choice. Ir, is not the mere acquiescence in a parly's actions, right or wrong, but it is the support and defense of.the. principles upon which the party is based when assailed as they are now that determines one's loyalty to his party and gives him a just claim to the honor of that party's name. I, therefore, gladly join with you in exercising my rights ns a Democrat, to repudiate the uu-Dcmocratic Chicago platform and its Populistic nominees, and yet claim that I am still a better Democrat for all that. I shall also hewtily Join In any effort made to nominate a candidate for President upon .Teffersonian principles, believing that it Is the only course left to the true Democracy to save something from the wreck which must inevitably follow as results of the Chicago convention: Yours truly, WM. PENN LLOYD. WANTED HER RING. Miss Pearl Lower has Trouble With Mrs. Strinjjham. Trouble has again assailed,Mrs. Ca- thariuo SU'lngluim. who conducts a establishment for Mie curu of 1'aci; blemishes (and the beautifying of female complexion. parlors arc ii Republican Meetings. Republican speakingswill be held at the following places in Cass county: Twelve Mile, Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—W. T. Wilson. Young America, Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—D. C, Justice. Georgetown, Saturday evening, August 22.—Q. A. Myers. Logansport, Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—Hon. Theodore Shockney of Union Jity. . Logansport, Thursday evening, August 27th—Hon. Frank S. Posey of Bvansvillc, at the rink. Anoka, Tuesday evening, Aug. £Dth —W. T, Wilson. The Noble township McKinlcy club will meet at Red school house Thursday night, August 27th. There will be a meeting at the school house at Adamsboro, Wednesday night, August 26th. Harry Whistler will talk on sound money. . ;At West Sand Ridge school house, Noble township, Wednesday August 20th at 8 p. m. W. T. Wilson, speaker. W. T. Wilson will speak at Sand Ridge school house, Noble township, Wednesday, August 2G, at 8 p. m. Everybody cordially Invited to be pros- int and hcnr the issues ably discussed. COMMENDATION. 'Morning Tribune, Knoxville, Tenn.: Serwangcr Bros., the old and well tnb'wn clothing house have decided to leave Knoxvllle and go into business at Logansport, Indiana. Bcrwanger Bros, was always considered one of Knoxvillc's most reliable clothing houses. They did a largo and lucrative business here for years. As citlr-ens these .gentlemen ranked high, and Logansport is to be congratulated upon securing as worthy and ;ood citizens ns the Messrs. Berwanger.. Mr. Ifrankenthal, one of the most popular salesmen In this city goes with ^m as a member of the firm. Joe has been with the firm of Lambrigbt & Williams for many years and no better cnown gentleman and'salesman ever lived in the cl-ty. • • .The Tribune* commends this .entire firm to the good people of Logansport. The lawn fete of the Wheatland • Ml !. church was held last evening, and there was a -good attendance and a pleasant time for all. The lawn was it up brightly, good music was on jand, and the event wris in'every way o^success. . . the-St. Elmo building and it. was thci rant tin- latest tn nMo o.'iine to a.climax Wednesday nfix-moon the occupant of the lower floor of the building were alarmed by tl".' screams of :i woman coming from (he apartments on the sec oiul Hoot 1 . A number of gentlemei rushed up the stairway nud found Mrs Striu'glinm in the act of ejecting with force a young lady. ' The youn wns resisting with all her strength but the madam, was too strong for her and had foroe'fiHier from the room. Pearl Lower, the young woman who was so unceremoniously ejected from Mrs, Stringham's, tells a wonderful story of the trouble. She claims, to have been"employed by 'Mrs. Striugliaiii in canvassing for the sale of the face bleach preparation at Kukomo. The cause of'the whole trouble is, according to the claim of the girl, a diamond ring, which Miss (or Mrs. as the case may be) Lower claims as her property., and which Mrs. Stringhnm has in her possession, as claimed by Miss Lower. While working atKokonto Miss Lower had words with her employer and was discharged, but she claims that when Mrs. Stringham loft Kokomo, she'took a diamond ring belonging to her, Miss Lower. The latter came to Logans-j port on Wednesday and went to. Mrs. Strlngham's apartments, where .shej found the latter at homo. She demand-; cd her ring and was refused, and she; claims that Mrs. Stringham assaulted: her with undue violence. Miss Lower went to Prosecutor Hale and reliUetii her tale of woe, aud.au affidavit charg-j ing Mrs, Stringham with assault and; battery was drawn up. A warrant was issued and Airs. Stringham was.nrj rested,-the trial of the case being.,set for yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock before Justice Fender. At the hoursej. the complaining witness had.not appeared, and the case was postponed until this afternoon, when the, girl', who is supposed to be in Kokomo, ..will bo brought back here to testify. . ..- • Miss Lower is from Wabash.and.hei step-brother was here yesterday froni that city looking into the case. . • , ! Mrs. Strlnghain and anotl'ier of hoi employes, a Miss Ada Poflnger, were mixed in a little trouble with a-barber some weeks since, the woman charging that the man had annoyed and poij- secuted them with, his attentions. The case was tried before Justice Lalng and the barber was dismissed. . , j ATTENTION, G. I.' A. -. ; The members of Prairie City 'Division No.'29, extend a cordial.invita- tion to Charity Division, No. 4, G; I. Ato the B. of L. E. to .attend a gnind union meeting to be hold at-Terr'e •Haute on Sunday August 23. The train will leave the Vandalia statlpn at. 1 7 o'clock a. in. and return the same evening. A goodly attendance is desired and till are expected to meet at the station without further notice.'- 'By order of ."•'••',' i MRS. JOSEPH WHINNERY,; j 'President! New fall and winter styles-In'stiff and soft hats at Dewenter, hatter and furnisher. ' '••' ' • • • TERMERS'PICNIC Big Event to Take Place August 27th Near Adamsboro. THE BEST SPEAKERS Hon. W. D. Owen, W. S. Haggard ,. arid F. B. Posey Coming. EVERYBODY Reads the • • JOURNAL; It Is Read air day long. It s the' best Advertising Medium in'the city. jTiherc wBI be a.big picnic of the good . old-fashioned kind at the grove on the .-.Nortli'baiik of the Eel river, one miile .<«ast of ••Ada-msboro, Thursday, August 'S'Tfih. .Those w.ho a,ttend will be ex- .-.pecbed to add the contents of well-toad- ve'd baskets to the general good cheer, •.and a good time is promised. There will :be good rnusit, both instrumeffltal ijncl vocal. Glee clubs wffi render ex- (fellnnt patriotic songs, and there will be sound money speeches that It will profit all people of all beliefs' to hear and attend to. | . The prominent speakers to be present are Hon. W. D. Owen, of Loganspoi-.t, .Hon. W. S. Haggard of Lafayette, Hon. •F. B. Poeey of EvansvEIe, unU Hon. Hiram Brownlee of Marion.' All residents withi'u reach of the picnic grounds 'should not fail to be present at this basket- meeting. HAS COflE,AND GONE. John L. Sullivan is No Longer a Mighty Han. . The mighry Sullivan lias come and 'gone, and with him, his aggregation of fistic experts and scientific 1 wrestlers. ( If there was a day when the iifiiho of Sullivan struck terror to the average individual at the thought of 1'iitiiig his brawny lists, that time has pawed. The glory-of Sullivan has departed and he is today but a sad reminiscence of the highest type of human physicnl development. Today he Is a perfect specimen of what a man can develop in the way of a mountain of flesh. His every action is sluggish and his waist has developed an enormous paunch which overhangs, and he is now in tht- condition of the man who is unable to see his own toes because of too much abdomen. There was a meager crowd seated about the raised platform which had boon erected in the center of the rink Hoi 1 "the accommodation of the boxers 'ami wrestlers last night. Sharp on the stroke of 8:30 o'clock a clerical appearing gentleman mounted the steps loading to the platform and announced the first event. He was dressed In a modest business suit, coa,t cut in the latest style, and wore a high standing- collar wilh a neat cravat of Quaker hue. His smooth-shaven face bore a benevolent expression and his well stniped• head was topped with iron- grey, .almost white, hair, growing sparse at the-crown. This was "PaY- so'n" Davies, and he looks every inch the dominie. He announced the bouts In a calm, even tone, just as he would lino a hymn, and his actions through- 'out the evening were as dignillcd as those of a host entertaining cultured guests. This man is an anomaly. It is said of him that ho never touches liquor in any shape, and neither docs he use tobacco; if the truth has been -told -about him, he never utters profane langtingo either, and yet this same roan has been for years the promoter of prize fights and the companion of p'rizo fighters, men who arc commonly supposed to be full of the vices he is credited with not Indulging in. For the exhibition itself, it cannot be said that it was "all star." The best exhibition of scientific boxing was between Tommy White,'.the'Australian who is matched to fight the colored wonder, George i)ix:on, at Madison Square garden iu New York, September 22, and Billy Murphy. The box- Ing was fast and both displayed familiarity iu all points of the game, but White was clearly the better of the two. The bout between Dan Creedon and white was also a hot one, the heavyweight giving a fine exhibition oC ducking and clever dodging of right and left swings. The wrestling bouts aroused the most admiration among the spectators, most of whom had nev- ;r seen scientific wrestling. The closing bout, three rounds with gloves, between the ex-champion Sullivan and big Tom Chandler, was a farce. Both men were "beefy" to the point of slaughter, and neither could stand more than a half-minute of the work, liiat "terrible right" which made Sulivan famous lay across iis massive paunch without pretence of affording protection, and it was not needed. He let.it go-but once, and. then at the empty air. Complimentary tickets had boeu sown broadcast in the city, but the holders of lithograph tickets were few who succeeded in having their bits of paper countersigned.. The manager, declared that the tickets had been counterfeited by the wholesale and refused to honor the bulk of those prp-: Onlylro Days Left To Close out our entire stock ACTUAL HALF PRICE. Greatest opportunity ever offered. Overcoats Ulsters Mackintoshes Men's Suits Boy's Suits Children's Suits Pants . Hats Nightshirts White and Percale Shins 72 price 72 price 72 price 72 price 72 price 72 price l /2 Price 72 price price 72 price ; ' In fact all goes at Half Price to close out the entire machine. A credit of 30, 60 and 90 days will foe given on all heavy weight goods to get rid of it quick. All are welcome and respectfully invited to come- HARRY FRANK, 314 Fourth Street. sented. The "Parson" is certainly not making a barrel of money^on his venture, but it is said he'can'stand a few losses and still have plenty. The company goes to Ft. Wayne fr.om here. A JOINT DEBATE. C. E. Carter Invites E. Pi Kearney to a Discussion. C. E. Carter, who was the Populist candidate for Senator two years ago, and who is now making speeches for the Pharos has challenged Mr. B. F. Kearney, president of the Raiiroad Men's Sound Money club to a joint debate. Mr. Kearney has replied'as follows: Logansport, Ind., Aug., 21, 'SO. Mr. C. E. Carter, Logansport, Ind.: Dear Sir:—I beg to acknowledge receipt of your kind favor of this date and in reply will state that I shall be only too glad to meet you in joint debate. While I do not profess to be a public speaker, I can not refuse to meet a gentleman who h:is been so uniformly fair iu his treatment of those who disagree with him in-;their views of the present political situation. For your information, I will state that I have referred your letter to Dr. .T. Z. Powell, Chairman of the Republican County Central committee, - as you suggest, with an earnest request that he oblige me iu this matter by malting the necessary arrangements to hold the meeting as suggested by you. In the event that the Chairman of the Republican Central committee can not see his way clear to making these arrangements, hi order to save time, I respectfully refer you to the Executive committee of the Railway Men's Sound'Money club, of which Mr. A. P. Hockenbeamer is secretary, where I think your desire will bo .gratified. Thanking you for your kindness and cousideratioin,, I remain, Yours truly", E. F.'KEARNEY. THEODORE SHOCKNEY. •"——•— / At The Rink Saturday Evening August 22. The Republicans will open the campaign in every county in. the State next Saturday evening. Theodore Shockney of Union City, and a candidate before the State committee for the nomination of Governor will speak at the rink at 8 o'clock p. m. on above date. While the interests of every Individual and every class of men are the Interests of all, and one class of men ought not to be arrayed against any other, for all are necessary yet Mr. Shockney Has been the especial friend of railroad and laboring men and they should turn out and hear him. . NOTICE, The entertainment to be given, by the Continental Fraternal union Wednesday evening, August 20, is postponed to Wednesday-evening, Sept. 9th, owing to the Illness of the president, R. S. Mountain. FALL TRADE - - - HAS BEGUN Why Not Take a FULL PAtiE AD in the SUNDAY JOURNAL. HERE'S A STUMPER. Miami County Sentinel: If Mr. Bryan's argument to the effectthat the free and unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio of sixteen to one by tbo United States will make the silver dollar just as valuable as the gold dollar, how will they be easier to get, or how will It make it easier for the debtor to discharge his debts? Jesse Keiser, the blacksmith, is suffering from an attack of <ptarrli of the hand. He will not be able to return to work for several weeks. Egg plant, Lima beans,—Rothermel. New Ideas. IN FINE FOOT WEAR—THE COINS TOES THE RAGE. The dollar toe. the half-dollar toe, the quarter toe and the ten cent too are some of the ideas in fine shoes. The above mentioned lasts are very popular for the coming season and why shouldn't they be? Any thing connected with silver or gold at present must be popular. These shoes, which are the lateat fall styles and are to be found at Filling's shoe house, are better than 16 to 1 or a gold standard. A very small amount of either gold or silver will take a pair of them and then you are sure of a double standard. For Filling's shoes are a standard and it takes two to the pair. The new style shoes are quite different from the old pointed toes that have been, on sale/ the, past two years. Tney still retain that beautiful long drawn-out effect but are decidedly round toe Instead of point. Pilling has a complete line of these goods. 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