The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1899
Page 7
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THE UPPEK DBS MO1NE8: ALGONA IOWA, WEDNESDAY APrflL 3, 1880 TALKS WITH WOMEN OF MIDDLE AGE P fcEPARE for thfc tutn of lift. It is a critical period; As indications of the change appear be sure your phystj cal condition is good. The experience is a wonderful one and under some circumstances full of menace. Mrs. Pink^ ham, of Lynn, Mass., will give you her advice without charge. She has done so much for women, surely you can trust her. Read! this letter from MRS. M. C. GRIP-" FING, of Georgeville, Mo.: i "DEAR MRS. PINKHAM:—Thai doctor called my trouble ulcera; tion of womb and change of life.' I was troubled with profuse flowing and became very weak. When I wrote to you I was down in bed, had hot sat up for six months; was under a doctor's treatment all the time, but it did me no good. I had almost given up in despair, but your Vegetable Compound has made me feel like a new woman. I cannot thank you enough. I would advise any woman who is afflicted as I have been to write to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., and get her advice and be cured as I have been." MRS. P. H. AT,LKN, 419 Nebraska Ave., Toledo, Ohio, writes: '•DEAR MRS. PINKHAM:— Change of life was working on me. My kidneys and bladder •were affected. I had been confined to the house all summer, not able to stand on my feet for any length of time. Terri- "ble pains when urinating and an itching that nearly drove me wild. I had tried many remedies. I told my 1ms- in_yours and he got me a bottle; am now on mylourth bo™ I feel that I am entirely cured. I can work all day. I can hardly realize that such a wonderful cure is possible. Lydia E. Pinkham s Vegetable Compound is the best medicine for women." Don t wait until you are prostrated with the mysterious condition known as "Change of Life." Get Mrs. Pinkham's advice and learn how other women got through. The more of a nobody 11. man is the more important ho thinks he is. Dr. Setli Arnold'H Cough Killer IB an excellent remedy f.ii- children. Mr«. \Vm.M. F rogue, CuluiubUH, Kim. '.Me. a dottle. The greatest trouble in everyone's life is something- lie never hud. Js there iiny devotee of the pa.ste pot and ink stand \vlio has not :it some time glued up his pen and dyed li s brush'.' ' Srst day's uso of Dr. Kline's <*rcnt Norvo Kuston.>r. Bend for FREE S2.OO trial bollln line! tnmtiso. Pn. II. U. K-LIXS. Ltd.. aill Arub 8t» riiiliulaljjhia. 1'a. Only about one in 1,000 cattle shipped abroad from tins country dies or is lost lit sea. It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup, Influenza. Whooping Cough, Bronchitisand Asthma. A certain cure lor Consumption in first stages, and a sure relief in advanced stages. Use atonce. You will see the excellent effect after taking the first dose- Sold by dealers everywhere. Large bottles 26 cents and 60 cents. DoiifiiCKH Citiinolr II« Cnrittl i by local applications, ,MH tliey cannot reach I the diseased portion ol 1 tho ear. There Is • only one way to cure Deui', and tliiit IB by constitutional remedies. Deufmss is caused by an inllamed condition o£ thu mucous lining of the Kuslachlan Tube. When tins tnho is mtt<iiiit<d yon Imvo a rumbling: sound or Imporfeet hparlns 1 . and when it is entirely closed Doafauss is tho result, and unless the inllnniimition can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, lioannf? ivili bo destroyed 1'orovor; nine eases out t)C ten are caused by catarrh, whirli is noihiiiK but an Inilumcd condition of the mueous surfaces. We will K-IVO One Hundred .uollars for any caso of Deafness (caiwil liv p-'tnrr^i that cannot l>e cured hy Hull's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. P. J. CHUNKY <fe CO., Toledo, O. Sold by DruBplsts, 7!ie. Hall's Family PH-n aro the best. . The advance of civilixat.ioii is sil- 7-eady'evident iu the Philippines. Ono. million bottles of beer has.-just arrived sit Manila. We will forfeit SI,0(10 if any of our published testimonials are jirovan to bo not genuine. Tiiit_Piso Co., Warren, Pa. Sir-John Lubhock tells of a Knyby boy who was asked: "What is a theodolite.'. 1 " "A hater of Hod," was the, reply. Good For T.Ittlr I'VilkK. Unn'I torture Uieuhlldron with lli|iilil und |iill pol- souslTlio only KuliMif.'rucubio luriitlvc fur lit,t Id (ini-K liiCnsc-ui'elnCuiiclyUatlim i llfi.Alldi l iii{glsl.s,Hli!«','rti,.'iU(! One-third of the population of tin- world speak the Chinese liu SEND •end *T Cts. Special Offer. . Oat thUnd out and Bond to ns nnd we mil send you thl» Violin outfit by ex- • . . presB,O.O.D.,Bnbjectto csnmlnation.' Examine It at tionr express office and if not exactly as represented and the most wonderful bargain you ever BOW or hoard of, iray tho oxptMS agsnt tfat Bpeoiel oner price, |2Ji7-les» 47o or *2.10-irad expteas cliargea. Ihlf in o gEaUIAR.*8.c8 StradivariM.model Vlolln-richly ooi( eomplet oalnandone of the beet inetruotlon DooKBevcr bed. WrltofornvusicaltnBtrument and organ inno'cntaloime. 'i _. ., _, r.fU Roberts' Supply House, HlnncapolLs, ninn. MENTION Tars I'XI'Ell. CANADA ISA BIG COUNTRY Wltn variety enough to salt almost nny kind Kpf a settler. The farmer will find lands salted • \Q any branch of agriculture. The stock raiser ml find grazing lands in such quantities that T will never be able to put a fence around all Ahem, This is the way in which a Minnesota litor concludes his remarks on a recent trip \ made through Western Canada. Particulars by applying to the Department of the Interior. Ottawa, Canada, or to N. Bartholomew, 300 Fifth St., Des Moines, la. 'SIM BICYCLES Overstock-Hull lie tidied Oul. Sl'i.MHUU '88 HODEL8, guaranteed, $0.75 to 816. Shopworn it ecc- cmd band wheels, Rood an new, S3 to 810. Great factory clear-log salt. We ,blp t-> lujonft CD «pprOfftl 't UUl without » cent ti ftdrabca MXKilaBIOYOLE »J n*lpfni{ v* Rdfoitlsa gunuixrb Km ol W«|tT. oaa BiJer A^tai In etch town PR£ tlcel Uiau«lu:o tt.ii. ttiilg »| tun .'or o-jiT U. II. SKA1) (VCI.E COMPANY. CliU-»ji.. Ill WE CAN'T „ MAKE |J»nybettcrinkthan Iwe «lo—we don't J know how to. W« [liian make poorer land cheaper ink, I but we won't. GARTER'S INK Is the best that can be made. It costs you no more than the poorest. [Funnybooklet")' How to Make Ink pictures "free. INK CO.. Boston. Mass. [IttTEO LANDS £ I • MKto Cttpttol imild'B Denver, Colo. I IP Ct^oerftl Fftriuing, fcniit Uroviny, ««i«« i .. B*f»7ln*.ete. J audio aero traou for Ettlo on long time und email uaymenu wltbout iater- ^et>t. Uucoiipt tot oasb. ilore than 31.000 be»riov 'pf ruU tree* wr?ady growing. Special prices and terms YKULANU& YTAffKHCQ..l<a BpstQpBfag.QgpTer' 'fcJW- Seed Corn. Does your seed corn test, Bro. Farmer? Salzer's does—it's northern grown, earlv and good for 80 to 150 bu. per acre! Kencl this notice and 16<; for S corn samples and low prices to John A. Salzer Seed Co.. l^a Crosse, VVis. [w. u. j If a cat has nine lives we should accredit a kit-ton. Coe's Cougli JtiilHum IK the oldest iiml bust. It will break up u cold (ailckcr thuu anything else. It luulwayrirtillahle. Try it. The tanner pays more attention to the bark than to the bite. ! Try Qrain=0! TryQrain=O! Aslc you Grooor to-day to show you a package of GBAIN-O, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury as well aa the adult. All who try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that rich, seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress, \ the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee Insist that your grocer gives yoa QRAIN-0 Accept ao Imitation. When Buying 1 Base Ball Goods Look for Spalding'sTrade Mark "Standard of Quality" and take no substitute Handsome Catalogue Free. A. G. SPALDINQ & BROS. New York. Chicago. Denver CANDY , ..,,,,._,,,, tocgrp dyspepsia,oon- ,i«er ,»ua fcldaey diseases, biljov i. pic. 41 druggists. 2S C uud fI.W. • O'S CURE FOR kwW*' c; roiM SUM i-VTION WHAT To EAT IS A SERIOUS QUESTION •« * «• FLOUR " IMMHUt OTJR BUDaET OF FUN, SOME GOOD JOKES, ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. A Variety of Jokes—Gib en nnrt lronle«, Original and Selected—Flotunm and Jetsam from tl«° Tide of Humor— Witty Saying*. tinder Fnlfto PretcnnCft. "I was at Santiago town," Ho said with a merry laugh, The maiden with a tender kiss His sentence cut In half. "I was," ho gasping crlod again, "In Santiago town;" When with another loving kiss She straightway cut him down. "I was," once more he strove to say, "In Santiago, see?" But ere ho could complete the phrase She landed number three. "I ^was nt Santiago town;" The fourth he countered low; Then added, as ho turned to run, "At least tlireo yours ago!" —Cleveland Plain Dealer. While Ilouso Phllonophy. "What were you saying, Mr. Secretary?" "I was snylng, Mr. President, that a religions society near Boston lias clo- cidecl that tho world will como to an end in 1902." "Good. Then we needn't worry a bit over what will happen when tho army bill runs out."—Cleveland Plain Dealer. Tho Surest Cure. "They say that Nell Gadleigh has broken off her engagement with Harry Hipplcson." "Yes, she says he was so affectionate that he wearied her." "Oh, if that was all, why didn't she .lust marry him and have done with the wearisome part of it?"—Chicago Daily News. Tho Proper Thine:. It was during the height of the egg famine that a saloon-keeper on tho west side had an inspiration. He hnng out this framed sign: A DRINK WITH EVERY FRIED EGG! "I rather guess," he said, "that'll fetch 'em."—Chicago Tribune. Ji'oreboctinfr. "I named one er dem twins 'Sampson Pinkley' an' de yuthuh 'Schley Pinkley,' " she said, pensively. "Those are pretty names." "Yas; hut I gotter change 'em. I don't want 'om ter grow up wif no senti christenin'. Bar's fussln' enough in dis fam'ly now."—Washington Star. 1'ronimcts for 1'ogtnrlty. "Do you think posterity will he benefited by our attitude toward America?" asked one Spanish official. "I shouldn't wonder," replied the other. "Posterity may como in for the collection of that $20,000,000. I am beginning to doubt whether wo will."— Washington Star. KitKlly GuoKged. Johnson walked down the street carrying his mangled bicycle. "You are making a decidedly old- fashioned vehicle of yourself," said .Twigsby. "What vehicle?" A wheel-bearer, of course."—Cleveland Plain Dealer. Her Dear Friend*. Irene—Isn't it ridiculous in Fan Bil- liwink to wear those short skirts to •make people think she's still a miss in her teens, when she's 35, if she's a day? Maud—I don't know. I think she shows good judgment. When she walks out nobody looks at her face.—Chicago Tribune. Did Ills Heat. "Paul, I'm not at all pleased with the report you bring home from school." "I knew you wouldn't be, pop, and I told the teacher so, but it didn't seem to make any difference!" Think of It. "The ballet was shocking." "Was it?" "Yes; why, they appeared la mod «r» bathing suits." — Philadelphia North American. "Well, J see gopd tiines are c «T«», wy wite'f lolls fcavs s WHITS te PwMidi.** R*r« Conetlt, Sh« (after marriage)—"You told »* that I was your first love, but I have found a whole trunkful of letters from all sorts of girls, just bursting with tenderness." He—"I—I said you were the first 1 ever loved. "I didn't say wou were the only one who ever loved me.—Tit- Bits. An Rxplnrmtlon* "I would be thought more of," Mr. Dismal Dawson explained, "if people only understood my nature better. I am that kind of a guy that never gives up when he haa once started to do somethln*. That's the reason I've always been afraid to start. In at anything. —Indianapolis Journal. A Trtio I'ntrlnt. "Then you don't like the broad a?" "Of course not; it is not only un- American, but actually sinful.'' "Get out!" "It is. Have you never heard that the righteous follow the straight and narrow a?"—Indianapolis Journal. Cnrrhicc, With the approach ot spring this typo of horseless carriage is becoming quite popular. An InHliimttlon* "Kipling is a genius and yet I suppose my chances of recovering from pneumonia would be just as good .is his." "Well, I don't know. You must ro- meinber that Kipling has lived an exemplary life."—Cleveland Plain Dealer. WHAT THE LAW DECIDES, Not l>Ismuyo(l. She—"I deem it my duty to tell you that papa has lost all." He (her affianced)—"Well, don't worry about that. 1 have no doubt I can got another girl with good prospects who will marry me."—Philadelphia North American. •The receipt by an agent from his Insurance company of a policy to be unconditionally delivered to the applicant Is held, In New York Life Insurance company vs. Babnonk (Ga.), 42 L. R. A. 99, to bo equivalent to a delivery to the insured himself under a contract making delivery essential to its validity. Misrepresentation by « proposer buyer to a commercial agency, respecting his financial condition, is held, ir Poska vs. Stearns (Neb.), 42 L. R. A 427, insufficient ground for rescinding a sale made by one who rolled on a report of tho commercial agency, when that report included other matters be sides the statement of the buyer. The discretion of a receiver In re- spnct to details in the management ol a strcnt railroad, is held, In Morley vs Snow (Mich.), 41 L. R. A. 817, to extend to the adoption of metal safes rot receiving- furrs, Into which I he pas- Kongor:; arc required to put the fare, whllp the condiH'tor prc.sHi'c, a button which ritiRK a hell and registers the faro. An ordinance rcmHrir.g ahull Ing owners to IUH>H sidewalks tree from (•mow. as they arc required to do almost rvprywfcpi-i', IH held. In stain vs. Jai'kuian (N. II.), 42 L. It, A. 4:-',S, to be miriinfitltiifioiiiil. as ii t;;isInj; of properly for public une without jinst compensation. This is l;i emillkt with tho conolu.vions of the courts elsewhere. Tho presence ol' a for the gate's attorney In the grand jury room diii'ini; (lie taking of the testl- nuiny of \vilnrnsos. and the U'.klng and triniKfrlblnK of mich testimony in full, la held, in slate VH. Urn water (Vt,), 41! .Ij. U. A. 444, insufficient, to abate the Indictment, In the absence of any statutory provision or any prejudice to the accused. A provision in a law creating a trust, HUtnoriKing benofieiarioH to remove the trustee and appoint another without the aid of the courts, for what they deem good and sufficient cause, Is upheld, in May vs. May (D. C. A pp.), 41 U R. A. 7«7, although It if, held that such power must not. be. exercised wantonly, capriciously or arbitrarily. The point seems to be quite unusual. Employment.'to procure tho passage of ordinances for paving streets and alleys at a compensation which is in part contingent upon KIICCOKS in obtaining the nooensary ordinances and securing the comrade, is held, in Crichiield vs. Bcrnuulr-x Asphalt Paving company (III.), 42 I,. R. A. 347, to be void on grounds) of public policy because tending to bribery and corruption. A provision that a life-insurance, policy shall not. lake effect, until tho payment of the. first premium is held, in Stewart, vs. Union Mutual Life insurance company (N. Y.), 42 L. H. A. 147, not to defeat the. insurance where a note for the premium was accepted and, at its maturity, a check taken, wild tho undcratundiiig that it. would bo satisfactory if it. wore paid the next week, although the insured died -l>afore the check was paid. Tr.8 bin* test *orn hy Charles 1, .at his execution, Wfls recently sold at auction in London for two' hundred guineas. .1. 1'roc tot Rttott. one of the best i lawyers in Kentucky, has piveti up his prncUcp, to take thfc chair of law in Center College, Danville, Ky. '•What HIP you doing. Tommy?" •'St.andin' before the looldn' ulass,'' said Tommy; "I wanted to see how I would look if 1 was twins." Miss Natalie .Seheiu'h, who started I ho Itod Cress endless letter chain last, summer, .says tho sc-heme. has brought in $20.000. Mid filit; Is still receiving all occasional »pt,ler. The Uev. .loshua Ynnng, of Clrntotl, Muss., i i-cently celelirnl.eil his fiftieth anniversary as a pro tidier. 11. \vnt\ he who. with Lloyd (.ai-rison, ofllcinlc'il nt. ,lf)hn Jlrown'B funeral. UABAST1NR IB tho original awl only (Itintlile wall i?oaUn$, entirely dllTnreiit from all kul- somlnoii. Knii'dy for use In white fir twelve beautiful tints by lidding cold water. ADIK8 naturally prefor At,A- P.AST1NK for wi'.Ux :ilirt c'ell- IHKB, because It I:! pure, clfian, durable, t'ul m> In dry pow- form, In llvc-i'mui'i pack- with full directions. LL Ualsomlnrn nre d'onp, temporary propiiMitiono nwtle from WhlthiR, elmlks, iMiiys, el<\, and pturk on wnl'.n with dc- onyimi animal ;;Hie. ALADAS- TINK" In not a kalsomlne. EWAfire of tho dealer Who says ho ran Hell you tho "tmnio thlnu" u3 ALABAMTJNR or "HOincthiMK jt'.i't an Kood." Ha Is olthrr not posted or la try- Ing to deceive you. ND IN OKFRniNO ho IvjuKHl. .'.huan tuul tries to noil on AUABAHTINIS'S demands, lio nitty not realize the clunu'.Rf! you will suffer by a knlsomlno on your walla. RNSlt;LK dealers will not buy a Jtiwttiilt. Pi-alors risk one hy Belling and consumers hy uslnsr Infrlngoment. Alabimtlno Co. own i-lRlit to make wall coating to mix with cold water. HE 1NTUR1OU WALLS Ot every HcboolhousR Hhou'.d ho coated only with uure, durablo AUABASTfNIS. It sufeKitardn fioalth. riiuidrods of tons aro used annually for this worlt. N BUYING Al^ABASTINK.afiO thnt iiackuRes uro propc-rly labeled. Bf.wnrc of largo fonr- Ii on IK! package light kalso- rnlria, offoroil to customers *s a flve-pouiiil vai'kage. UTSANCE of v/all paper IS Obviated by Ar,AUA9TINE. It (•an bo used on plasterRd wa.lls. wood cclllnRS,- hrlck or ean- va». A ohllil can brush It on. H does not rub or scale off. STABIJSITI3D In favor. Slum ImltotlonH. AHk paint (1eul<tr for tint card. Wrtto for "Alubaatlno IBro," free, to ALARAMTI>;R co., Itapids, Michigan I>jio\v Hor Itlnd. Hostess—"Dear me, the conversation is flagging. What can we do to amuse our guests?" Host.—"1 don't know, unless Wo loav« the drawing room for a few minutes and give them a chance to talk about us."—Tit-Bits. Kvldcnce. Tommy—"Is that a ho or a she lioa, papa?" Pater—-Which one, dear?" Tommy—"That one with his face scratched and the hair off the top of Its head." Pater (with a sigh)—"That must be the male, my son."—Household Words. Tiro Schools. "It may pain you to notice," said tha realist, "that I am worth much more in the market than you." "Not the least discomfort," said tha idealist. "Even now the mule is worth more than the horse."—Indianapolis Journal. Just an Argument. Museum Manager—"What was all that trouble amongst the curiosities this morning?" Lecturer—"Why, the two-headod man got quarreling with himself aa to which of him should get shaved first" —Puck. lint She Dldu't Wiint To. "Yes, when Jack proposed to mo 1 thought of the grammar class when I went to school." "What an idea! Why?" "Well, you see. I—I couldn't decline."—Philadelphia North American, Wonderful. "His parents have spent a great deal of money upon his education, haven't they?" "1 should say so. You ought to feel his muscle."—Detroiit Free Press. I'osslbly. "If that isn't just like a womanl Here two fellows fought over a girl and she married the loser." "Perhaps that was a condition of thf flght." ('oavlnelng Kvldeuo*. Friend—That song of yours has bo« come very poular, hasn't it? The Song Writer—Yes; I've hear4 a number of people swearing at It.— Puck. . Her Ch»uc». Miss Pass*—"They eay murriagf made io freHveo." •"• Mies ?ert-<'A& J tfcej, DEMOCRATIC RELIGION. Be.thc.J'K pillow of ntone antedated the ladder of light. No man can discover tie\v lands without putting out to s( a. Snow flurries of trouble do uot extinguish Cod's sun of love. The saloon club may appear harmless,, but it is a deadly weapon. The Christian's home invites the world to the Christian's heaven. We are so anxious to malco a living we have forgotten how to live. You may vote to "let the saloon alone," but it will not "let yuu alone." The greatness of our service depends on the Master and not on the work. DR, KAY'S LUNG BALM NEW DISCOVERY; Bit« __ (|iilrk riMlcM'imU i-in-i'H wurBt riiMt-u. luiuk of loMtluionlut* und IO days'treat- tneiiti'ri-u. iir. it. II.IIUKKVKNIINH, iim n, Adi.oia, (it. It Get your Pension ^DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'PARRGLL, Pension Anrent, 1425 New York Avenue. WASHINGTON, D. C. CURE YOURSELF) Umi K\K « for iniii'itural dlsc.tuirniw, tnlliuii.tiMlmiH, imlutionu or iilccnitlmis of III U C O U ti lUOItlllllinftM, • I'uinltiMN, und not uutriu-. ^Tt!UVAN3CllEMIOAtCo, K''"l or polhonoUH. Nolcl or cent In plain wrapper, liy cxprpRR, iirepnld, for ll.iin, nrilliuttloB, J2.7.1. Circular taut, ou ruuueit, FOR 14 GENTS \Va wlah to i;nio th In yrar 2<JO,Gi;i) HHvr t-ut!toiiii!rti| ntnl Imuuo unor 1 I'liis. li Dny Kadlhh, kg. .'.CarIT Itinii (JnblidKO, •_' JCiirlleHtUud^iiirt, Ka'Piur's^eBtl 11)0 ]i;o nborlim jitttiK^r, l^>o ('alifontia J''ltf Tomato, 2Uo y.ttr\y Dinner Oni'/rt, )f/u Brilliant Fluwi-rHuuilH, loo Worth 91.00, for14jjeuu, Tjiuo AhnvolllpitBurworlii Q1.00,Wanlll yon free, tuKCther willi our £ront 1'lant and neud Ctttalouuo upou receipt of thlu notlrn A I'lr, poBtaifo. \Vo invlto your tradoanu Know w1iR7i you onua try Nal/.or'fl H«f(MlKyouvf(llnnvnr KKtalonKwlth- ,, outthnm. ()>iioilh<>il iinp a Ib, J»olatn(!8 «it SI.HO " a Hbl. t'atalm; alone f)o. Wo. mi A, SAI./UH HKP.I) CO., 1,1 (,'IIOHME, «IS. W. IN. U. Oes Monies. No. 14.—1899. MORRISON MFG. CO.— lirnllnnr.n: I will suy Unit I have lined your H«cl 1'lal.A for conti'oling the running of the walking plow und I ilnd tliut it lias u good many iwlvuiJtiigeR. It will keep n plow running levol. If my plow wings over one way or tho otlior, 1 cuu fix it in three ininuteH KO it will run alone. It will U'HO keep the plow Hharo tihorp a coui--i(|erul)!e length of time. It iw u very wimple improvement und is ull you olnim for it. VOUIH truly, FRANK.'WKNKK. A postal curd will bring a ncuulil'iil llhiMtratci'l < 'atali.ifuo l<'rc:e. MORRISON MFG. CO., FT. MADISON, IOWA- "A THAI MING IN CLEANLINESS IS A FORTUNE." COMPLETE YOUR EDUCATION WITH THE DEMAND iROR Bicycles Is wutireJy without precedent, and '6y miming our factoricK to their full capaeity we aro enabled, to offer unequaledcombinations of DESIGN, QUALITY AND PRICE. Colunifcjle* I3e've>l-Ge>«r C.t-ialnl&a», . (&7S ColMinble Chain, /V\ode>lw 97 «mc* SO, «O Hartforda, 3S B| * THE8U iS'

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