The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1899
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APKIL 5, 1899. VOL. XXXIV-NO. 3, Rather Early For Maple Sugar, but we have got it. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Rent and for Sale, Saws Filed. Also Agent for the Eldredge, Victor, and Andrae Wheels. J. L. EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Two doors south of U. D. M. ofllce. A BIG SCHEME ON FOOT. The Sac City-Algona Line May Go In This Spring-. Strictly The First Run, Right from New York state. Langdon & Hudson. For Sale Three Stallions ff { 1 ? •3 Come and see them. J. L. Sutton, ALGONA, IA. W. H. LACY can furnish you low prices on From the roth day of April until the first day of May, 1899, we will give, FREE, to those complying with the following conditions, a set of sewing machine needles, any make, absolutely free. Only one set of needles will be given to any one family, and the applicant must fill out in detail and sign, giving postoffice address, the coupon hereto attached. Get your orders in early. They will be filled in the order received, and none accepted after May i, 1899. All orders must be sent my mail. gijp'We will furnish extra parts for sewing machines, any make, for HALF PRICE until expiration of this offer. Hay, Feed also all kinds of mill stuff, Wood and Coal. your weighing on our city scales Opposite Hotel Tennant. Cut out and send this Coupon. This Coupon Good for One Set Sewing Machine Needles, Name of Machine No. of Machine Date of Purchase 18.... Sign here P. 0 G. L TAYLOR, Alpna, loia. M. P. HAGQAnD. O. F. PEEK Carpets. Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Real Estate,-£N£_ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. W w This is the time of year to talk carpets. We can sell you a $1.25 and $1.35. per yard Axminster Brussels for $1. All New Patterns. Just take a look at our window, and then step inside and look at the quality, Also splendid line of all wools. Geo. L Galbraith. W. H. Reed (Successor to John Cronin) handles the best to be had in the way of up- to-date, fine FURNITURE besides everything that can be desired in plain and ornamental Picture Frames, Mouldings and poods that are required for beautifying and ornamenting the home. A specialty made of The Minneapolis * St. Louis, Kansas City, Pittsburg « Gulf Roads to Build a Great Trunk Line. The editor of THE UPPER DES MOINES saw President Marvin Httghitt while in Chicago a week ago. Mr. Hughitt says there Is nothing new to tell about the Snc City and Algona line. Ho says the Northwestern is building just what it is compelled to build to protect itself, and the inference is thai it will not build from Sao City to Algona, until tho Illinois Cen- Iral, Milwaukee or Minneapolis & St. Louis gets a shorter lino from St. Paul to Omaha than it has at present. It is entirely satisfied to take its freight by way of Ames or Stoux City as long as competition will permit. Tho moraonl a shorter lino is secured by a competing road, however, the Northwestern will bo on the ground. It is likely that spring will not be far advanced until the necessity for tho Sao City-Algona lino will be apprronl. WHAT WILL BRING IT TO PASS. One of Ihese signs Is Ihe aclivity of tho Minneapolis & St. Louis west of us. It is now considered certain that this lino will come down through Madelia, Fairraonl, Armslrong, Emmelsburg and so on soulh, Inslead of going on west through Spirit Lake and Spencer. Big meetings have been held and the line ia as good as settled. This will make a very direct line from St. Paul to Omaha. A BIG SCHEME. The building of this line is now thought to be parl of a bigger scheme than has been thus far suggested. It is believed that with the completion of this line Ihe Minneapolis & St. Louis and the Kansas City, Pittsburg £ Gulf roads will combine and make a greal irunk line from the north lo Ihe south across the United States, and that they will make a bid for the ship- menl of Ihe produce of tho farms of Ihe greal northwest. This will open all this northern territory to the gulf ports, and cut a big figure in reducing all freight rates. THE NEW FAIRMONT LINE. If Ihe Minneapolis & St. Louis decides to come to Fairmont through Madelia il will parallel Ihe Norlhweslern line thai is surveyed in lhal territory. The Northwestern meanwhile is busy and the expectation is thatil will come lo the Kossuth line in Eagle township. The Swea Cily Herald says; " We are informed lhal Ihe grading for Ihe 40 miles has been lei and lhal the con- Iraclors have been over Ihe survey and purchased 100 stacks of hay to feed their learns while grading. The line runs through Fairmont and as Ihe articles of incorporation call for 40 miles of road it is not probable lhal the line will be extended. It will terminate at a poinl aboul two miles west of Mr. Null's place, eleven miles north wesl of Swea City. THE IOWA CENTRAL DEPOT. There is nothing new lo report about the location of Ihe Iowa Cenlral depol. Surveyor Hill lefl Algona lasl Friday evening without staking out any grounds, and Marsh Stephens is down at Belmond buying right-of-way. Every indication is lhal Ihe road will come up across Ihe north quarler of the C. B. Hutchins farm, cross the road east from town just east of the Dougal Wallace farm, cut through the Wallace farm north of Ihe house and barns and cross the Lund farm as nearly parallel lo the Milwaukee track as possible, and pretty close to it. This is to get across the ravine in the Lund farm as cheaply as possible. The line will then come into town about east of P. L. Slagle's home, and the depot will doubtless be on the diagonal near Mr. Slagle's. This is practically the old original survey. Surveyor Hill has found this line cheaper than any further south. Bazan." While Mr. Francis Jones, al though only 25 years of age, has been before the footlights since childhood having spent 20 years of his life in the dramatic profession, hence he is today regarded as one of the leading young actors of America, his years of experience enabling him to portray characters of importance that scarcely any other actor of his age would dare to assume, The minor characters of the play are in the hands of experienced octors, and a perfect performance is promised. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. S. E. McMahon is in Butler county trying a law suit. A. H. Keller and wife of Emmetsburg visited in Algona last week. Mrs. Thos. A. Way and Mrs. Weed of Brill i were Algona visitors Monday. W. H. Connor of Wheaton, III., has been very sick. Ho is slowly recovering. A.D.Clarke was in Cedar Rapids nnd Des Moines last week closing up a big land deal. Mrs. C. E. Davenport wont to her old home at Eldora last Saturday for a visit of a monlh. D. D. Hunt of DeKalb, 111., brother of the late R. J. Hunt, has again been elected state senator. Frank Hepburn returned to Des Moines last week afler a vtsil wilh his sister, Mrs. Harvey Ingham. Patrick Kain, son of the late pioneer of the same name, is home for a visit. TO EQUALIZE THE TAXES. A Drop of Over One-fourth in the Total Assessments This Year. A. QIZMOUR, President, E. P. KEITH, Vice President, U. SOBENOK, Secretary, f. W. WADS WORTS, Treasurer. DIRECTORS: 0. B. BUTOJSINS, FRANK DEVINE, OBAS. WOOSTER, 8. STEVSSY, Q. S, ANQUS, J. E. 8TAOT. The Farmers' Milling Go *^ OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF THE ROLLER MILLS. .^° <a ,, n i£fi' I f ls = *ft e tl ' a 1 e wlth olt ^L c . 6 ? our from selected wheat; also bran, shorts, and ground r feea in lots to suit purchasers. This is a farmers' company and solicits the farmers' business. Highest cash price paid for m- Give tj?,e new company ,4 and will dp as well by you as any mill in with prices always at the satisfactory point. W. H. REED. HUNGERFORD & BAILEY, Dress Making Parlors, Over E. J, Gilmore's store. CUTTING AND FITTING A SPECIALTY. STRICTLY UP TO KOSSUTH LOSES OADY. The Married Man of Lu Verne IB to Go West and Grow Up. Cady of Lu Verne, whose wife got a divorce and then married him again, because " she loved her man," has sold out and gone to Nebraska. He has been living in Livermore a few weeks and the Gazelle says: Several of the citizens in the north end of town are personally interested in hoping that a good location may be speedily selected, and thai Mr. Cady and family be early located in the far west where they can have full swing in their agricultural and other pursuits. RobertB-Martlu-Joues Company, A combination of talent never before equaled for the presentation of an Ibsen play will be seen at the opera house on Thursday, April 6, when this author's masterpiece, "Ghosls," will be given for Ihe first time in this city. After the long list of senseless farce comedies and sensational melodramas, it is indeed wilh anticipated pleasure thai we welcome the announcement, and the management of this organizalion must have received well deserved praise for his worthy effort to give the theatre- goers something extraordinary, for while Ibsen's plays have been read by hundreds, few have had an opportunily of witnessing a stage presentation of one of them. The company appearing in "Ghpstb" has been selected with great oare, and while a great number of people is not required for the play, each and ever member must be an artist pf, rare " ligenoe and possess It is his first return to Algona in many years. Miss Kate Wornet has been called from Rock Rapids to Emmetsburg, where she is wilh Mrs. T. L. Crose in her millinery store. Mrs. A. D. Clarke has been in Erie, Pa., visiting her daughler, Mrs. Williams, who will come lo Algona Ihls week .for a visit at home. L. J. Smith is home from his musical tour, which was very successful. He received numerous requests lo give re- lurn concerts and had a most enioya- ble time. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Call have gone to Washington and New York on a business and pleasure trip. The young man of the family is with his grandparents. Rev. H. B. Butler is home after nearly a year from Algona. He looks well and is feeling well. He will go to South Dakota shortly to visit his sons there again. Dr. Kenefick has gone to Iowa City to take a course of leclures In bacteri- ologv in Ihe medical school. He will also go lo Chicago for further study, and be gone probably three months. The doolor is a sludenl. Jas. Taylor came home Monday after two weeks in Philadelphia and New York. He says tho eastern centers are offering big bargains and afford groal facililies for Irade. He bought largely in New York. Thos. F. Cooke was in Des Moines last week arranging with the state executive council for some changes in the by-laws of Ihe Algona Deposil & Loan associalion by which money can lie loaned at a lower rate of interest than heretofore. Miss Gertrude Nielsen left yesterday for Seattle, Washington, where she will make her future home. Prof. V. O. Mongers of Trinity seminary, Blair Neb,, visiled al the home of H. Nielsen last week. He is Mrs. Nielsen's nephew. Rome Woodworth was in Algona Monday. Rome has been busy in Chicago since his uncle's death in attending to mailers connected with his estate, but will now return to Port Arthur, where he will continue to live. He Is enthusiaslic for Port Arthur, and says all our grain will be sent that way soon. Mrs. Laura A. Hunt and daughter Maggie are enjoying a very delightful winter in southern California. They State of Affairs Exceedingly Unsatisfactory Owing to Our Expensive Public Improvements. The new city council met Monday morning to equalize taxes, and discovered early that the total assessment for Algona had dropped from $418,730 last year to $312,741 for the coming year. This state of affairs was exceedingly unsatisfactory, as owing to our expensive public improvements the total amount raised by taxation cannot be lessened, and the levies in many instances cannot legally be increased. Besides this the coming year will call for other improvements, notably a south side sewer to accommodate the new hotel. The drop of over one-fourth in tho total assessment is due to the change from using one-third valuation as a basis to one-fourth, while not raising the actual cash value of the property assessed. Assessor Crammond has talc- en substantially the values heretofore put upon real estate and divided by This has materially reduced the four. total, as well as the assessment of nearly each piece of property in particular. The council began Monday by going over the list and marking opposite each piece of real estale lhat seemed lo bo assessed al a lower rate than other like pieces. After this is completed the council will .adjust these assessments, and then figure up and see whore they are at. If these corrections bring the tolal up lo the necessary amount it will end there. If they do not tho council will have to make a general raise all along Ihe line, or face a deficil at the end of the year. The former course Is more desirable. Algona has not been assessed too high heretofore, and it was not the intenl of the new law to lower the assessment of property. Ex-Mayor Chrisohilles appeared Monday and swore in the new officers. Mayor Sayers is a good presiding officer, and the new aldermen, Messrs. Warren and Samson, take hold like old members. CITY FINANCES. The following very complete report of the city finances compiled by Clerk Donahoo gives the presenl financial state of the city: ALGONA, March 31.—To the Honorable Mayor and City Council of theCity of Algona—Gentlemen: In accordance with your request I beg leave to submit herewith my annual report of the receipts arid disbursements and financial condition of Ihe city of Algona, Iowa, for the fiscal year commencing March 31, 1898, and ending March 31, 1899: GENERA!, FUND. Receipts— Prom county treasurer, taxes Flues In justice court Road tax Sale of real estate From licenses, blllards From licenses, plumbers From licenses, auctions From licenses, pedlers From licenses, circus From licenses, miscellaneous , From licenses, dog tax Sale of wax-rant From sewers Miscellaneous '" 4,440 71 GO 00 38130 30060 15000 SO 00 1100 1500 0000 2800 2500 50000 44300 3780 Total receipts for general fund. .S Balance on hand last report 6,580 31 72018 atlended Ihe RoseFeslival alPaiedena and wenl lo Los Angeles lo hear Rosen- thai. Mrs. Hunt and her brother W. R. Stevens were given a birthday surprise party on March 6 by their relatives and friends. The party, consisling of 21 relatives and friends including the Porbushes and Miss Alice Mann, drove to Stoddard's canyon where they enjoyed a bountiful dinner under the trees. The toasl given Mrs. Hunt was responded to by Miss Mann. After a visit to the three falls near Old Baldv, which Is 1.200 feet high they returned to Pomona in the valley of beautiful flowers, fruit and sunshine. Sliver Cream. Best silver polish on earth. Call for sample bottle.— DINGLEY &PUGH, Sole Agents. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. Buy Your Wedding Rings, of us; we always make the bride a present, Beware of imitators and people who would dupliqate this proposition. They say if you will do this or if you will do that, or if so and so was the case, then they will offeryou the above proposition. There is always that if, if, if, in the way. We are positively the originators of low prices in the jewelry business of Kossuth county, and will continue to undersell all competition without any Jfs or ands. & PUGJS. Total general fund $ 7,30047 Disbursements- Paid for salaries 509 no Street Improvements i 747 so Elections. .....' '6755 Lamps and supplies 340 Ofl Fire department 5800 Police department 070 on Buildings and repairs 248188 Tool? and repairs. 'on 70 Freight and cartage g 0 00 Printing Q HI £R Sewers b . ".^ Total paid from general fund.... 8 7,703 03 Warrants outstanding * 35614 Balance cash on hand 2507 WATER FUND. Receipts— From county treasurer, taxes R 1,595 33 Waterrents " 171750 Water taps M 1 '^g go Total receipts for water fund... ."$ 3,528 83 Balance on hand last report lj292 26 GIRLS wanted to learn dressmaking. Call street. ELLA A. PETERSON, Total water fund $ 4,84242 Disbursements- Paid for salaries 937 50 Coal ' ' RIRR<I Extensions '.'.'.'.'."" 07711 Miscellaneous supplies 310 88 Total paid from water fund S 2,841 02 Balance on hand ...2,05505 ELECTRIC LIGHT FUND. Receipts- Sale of warrants $ 1,00000 Wiring and material '768 28 Total receipts for electric fund. If 1,768 28 Disbursements- Paid for salaries 31107 Wiring and material 1,411 34 Miscellaneous 5057 Total paid from electric fund ... 8 1,781 88 Overdrawn ...................... ........1663 RECAPITULATION. Totn 1 receipts of city, 1808 ........ g 11,89675 Totui disbursements ............. * 12 325 B? Balance general fund .......... .. .'. '2507 Balance water fund ............... 2.05505 Balance electric fund (overdrawn) IB 62 Balance sinking fund ...... ...... . . ....... ...,,; Total balance in treasury ....... ."i SINKING FDND. To balance on hand last report ..... To receipts from all resources ..... By warrants paid... ......... ...... By balance on hand .............. . OJTV FINANCES. Total assessed valuation of the city of Algona, Iowa, for tne year of 1898. ......... ,... ........ .. K Limit of indebtedness . . . ..... '. J Water bonds 2,06450 778 82

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