Salisbury Evening Post from Salisbury, North Carolina on September 19, 1906 · Page 5
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Salisbury Evening Post from Salisbury, North Carolina · Page 5

Salisbury, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1906
Page 5
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1. Eltfe Real Estute. Notice ! tw provisions contained b. :ate David Eller, au- l.fila.S ' it- ' All MwklMMrrt. creditors, dealers and clliers mrere.'ed in the affair of the Ko,m Chair Company will take nA? icit il d ... . t . iinn me ee trustee r, . ' " K-,uo "itmeu Henry ot uiddweu- ! . '"' ur' """"" ' "airuimpany." u men in-.t n ,.,J ,n i;,,aJ Superior Court fur the appointnier.t ot a Re- HIE NEW PRISONapt. j. a.hsherdead 2 IN FAMILY DIE ,wl will Mil t public ir. house door in ibe 4 r, N C. on MONDAY. v"mK . k TUiiliH, lMt,-,u 12 y i (:' lnjfbent bidder, the fiW .'. n at rst;ite lyinp to ( v .t K ucnbed w fol- ljv:- r.'iiininjE nineti-live a.- d ruore or less, about 4 ; i, J Sdlii.ln.rjr, adjoining 1 ( 1 C McCanlesa. Calvin .i-r. hoina, Dunn Miun-- j--- t I j : . On this tract in Cr .) dwelling hvus?, one .iijf 1 are duublebaro, crib c.t.l.ary out -building, it is ,:, . d;vl has some mtwuw. :ri- Contaiaing Wi nd ' y '. t;re or ., in rVon-iui;oiBiDfi thetttnvf de-Win. L. Cnubl, AiU-rt J McCanU-sv On this . , .' -iiduw, ,t )h aso Weil ' c mMDr. and utij uf :h- suru- -d in &;.) sui K NnitTH CAROLINA. ShM-ifl f n-.wan County. Cfiver u' that t lie ktatl: 1 To tin1 ! on me h- n In o n.riinde.l ;o s jra nion i I-w Lin (. hair ( tion. !. Ifrf.-DiMCt be found witUu -j ; apiar hv .1 u Gmn. jlT a (.M'.irt Cur.! of P.' h1 in Sali-bw the Ut M PLANS FOR NEW JAIL VETERAN ANSWERS LAST CALL MR. MILBURN'S ADOPTED. - : rct hive e-n o?Ter-.h-y will be ofTet-'il to- in t plantation Mi'! i( the ! A (or them together i-x-. nmounTJ! bid wvA-ratelr. - - .. It .-. jn t'jrh )a: :,r:e the spara! biiis rwd JorconfirmaiioD. :) :i(kivw deriljrd U:;.Ucan office i( the utilfri;:;d -a.:-- One-Uiilf cacb, lul.ct . fi tit'Arvkt tin dff rred -,i 10 6 terTMl uniit ,.-nev is nil paid. TIhh i'iili H. N. WiMDSON. T'.be estate of. David F.I!r, same liicp t and acn'-wr uf iht- C'fri, siiid oi.m- take n t.jarif . a corp.ira-' v ( named, if it ' (-unt;-. to ;iCii k't- uf ourS.iienur h' f.jurt I1j.:m n the 1 1: h Monday afT .13 uf St-pU'inber ln06. Hip The County Commissioners Decided Upon PlsDt Yesterday. Realized Two Hoars Before Hi Deatb That the Sands Wert Passing . MRS. SWICEGOOD DEAD. FOLLOWS SON TO THE GRAVE. Me of Choir Factory! :; ;o s decree of Judpe O. S. n rnirrfd in the action erujt-" 'iruelier'Vs. Rowan Chair ;hf- underiitfned J. C. Lin- . t-r i.f Ruwan Chair Compunj , -f fo public asie to the faitrh- Sr ch at tlie factory of it Cotupanp in China Grove. !.' -''ck:k m.i on Monday, ih f iCtobt-r, the chair 1 tchinery and 4-acr lot of r. Chair Company, i.tu(d in '. China Grove, N. C ry is well euipp! with new machinery, a Katt. h. p.entfine.two 19J h.p.loil- - h. p, bDt!er, a b!atkmiiii lie I; th dav of Novfinbtr. Hit eo'iiplaio!. a co y of r. d-p- in the rfc . f th- S i-ri'.-.r Coir for . and -aid h-U r.dunt f it fiiii io anw,.f to the aid t'uti. plaint wittur. llif r'"tre day 1 ' ' s.i.d :eriD, ti,f plain 'IT wd, ap-p!y 1.1 thf Court fr 'ii- r--:..-f -ip-and-ed i:i:ie v'"tLpia;n". Ucrt-nf 'ad not. mv) of .:.fijor,s tTiak-' fiuf ivmni. K fiivcti under n,y hai,0 a-;ti it-ai id said I'oun. this .Irtfh H iy t jf A.ijy'. J. K yi rVUV.V.iS, Cbrk uf Cm-.;.-: !;.. in County. ('VKRMAN A t,RK.i'!:. Atiornt'ys. --3w NOTICE Surtli Carolina . !n : liv b er: ! L'Oi.rlt Kovan Ceunt.T. I Nuv. Term. ('SSIK BAIUST" N, r:;r,l;1. GEt. V P. Jl A !KS N. Defemlant SumniuDh fur Keiief. Tn the defendant. Geure W..IV Haris-too: Vou take notice liiat an actiiwi entitled as allc ha been conimenre.! in the S iperior court of Kowan coucty. North Caaiiina. It your wife (ss.t Haii"aton for tha jnirni,e of obtaining an atwolute divorce from you un the croun of fornication anii auulterv: and that you are required to he and appear before the Judge of oor S ier:or fyljrt. at a court to tw h.-ld for the coonty of IlowttO at the court houe ;n Saiishury on the I.' Monday after the f.r,t Monday of Septemlier. l'0. the saiije iieinj: the imh day of Novetutter. next, and annuel- the ctimplaint, a Copy of which U. outbuildinif. and ofticea, : , , ' J Clerk of the Supertor Court for said oounty wi:h'n (our weeks from the date hereof: and mill further take notice 'hat if yoa fail to answer or demur to uid complaint witidxi said Noveniher term of court, the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded therein. Given under mj hand this the Hth day of September, r.MJ;. larga profli. PrMpctlTe i ana oordialiy Inrited to in-1 plaol. subject to confirmation of The county commissioners held a called meeting yesterday and adopted plans for the new jail which it was decided at a previous meeting to build. The plans of Frank P. Milburn, the Southern Railway's architect, were adopted and the complete plans will be in the hands of the commissioners by October 15. Bids will then be advertised for and as soon as the contract is given work will begin on the new jail.' Mr. Milburn appeared before the commissioners in person and his plans were adopted as the most desirable and economical. The structure will cos), about $S,mi and will be located in the rear of the present jail. When it was first proposed to buiid the new jail the site where it will stand there was a protest from the vestjv of St. Luke's Episcopal church but this has been withdrawn and r.o objection is now offered. It is likely that the desirablfe site on which the jail now stands will be disposed of by the commissioners. "I wil! not Hve but a few hours at the best; I may be dead in 'A long Illacn Eodtd- halfanhour." With these words Capt. Jacob ;. A. Fisher, one of the bst known farmers of Rowan county turned to the members of his family j Tic Fineral DIES FOR CHILDREN. A MOTHER'S BRAVERY FUTILE Attempted to Leapt Flame. With. Children but wu Fatally Boned. Sunday Afternoon. Mrs; S. J. Swiccgocd, who has gathered at his bedside Tuesday '. een 'n a semi-conscious condi morning at half past . seven ; uon more wan j o'clock. When he had finished speaking he slept. ! The worrla wpra nrnnhoH At 11:30 Cant Fisher breathed his last. a week, died at her home on South Main street, Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Death came as a relief to the tired body of this good woman. She had Iborrte up under racking physical suffering fur months and years with fortitude and uncom plainingly, knowing that her re- BEG1NNING OF IHE END. Capt. Fisher was stricken ten days ago by fever and last maining days were few, Friday pneumonia set tn. The; The shadow has been cast seriousness of his condition be-1 heavily upon the Swiccgood home came apparent from the first and twice within a week. Osily one ; for two days the end haa been looked for hourly. But this j veteran of the most gigantic con-1 test of arms tht the American week ago Sunday a message was received from New Orleans announcing the sudden death of the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Jersey City, Sept. 15.-Mrs. Mary Peterson, aged 35, is dying and her two children are dead,, following a fire which partially destroyed their home on York street early this morning. The mother, hoping to save tho lives of ner children, Frank 5 years old and a baby seven months, took them in her arms and crawled under the bed. The firemen were attracted by the mother's groans and discovered them. The boy was so badly burned that he died as he was being carried down the ladder and the baby died as it laid beside its mother in an ambulance on the way to a hospital. The mother is so badly burned that she can not live. The husband and fath er was away at the time continent has known fought Swicegood, Mr. Lloyd W. Swice-bravely. though uncomplainingly, goofl. in New Orleans. The fond and stayed the hand of death ; mother lay in an unconscious confer days by sheer force of will j dition in one room of the home power. He did not rebel at his i while the burial service was being fate but wanted to live for the said at the side of her boy. This sake of those near and dear to j last anguish was spared her and she died as peacefully as though falling upon sleep. .Mrs. Swicegood was born in him A LEADING CITIZEN. Capt. Fisher has ben BLACKBURN BUILDS FENCES. Salisbury on the 4th day of, October, 1844, and had spent her life here. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniei J. Shaver, her father daring his lifetime being one of the best known and most substantial men of thecom- Seeki to Conciliate Hit Former Political Foea. .'rtj.jcitv for the manufacture: u i -t. per day. The main build-1 0 fet, with bt-atruak foun-1 t T' edrjp kiln I. tint class ami il.-ity Of 40.000 feet. A .pur: i ifraurtwl connKMi that factory main line ot the Southern . cheap and aatwaciorj anu .-nihil. F'artiea with tufllci-1 Clerk Superior Court. Ovaiman A Greporj, Attorney, for plaintiff. NOTICE ! e 6th day of September Wm. J. C. L1NGLE, ReceiTer. 'roan Gregory, Attorney. I The undersigned, J. C Llnfle, Re-, celver of Kowan Chair Company, here--,by gives notice to all claimant, and creditors thereof that they art required JH a. ,' Nntirs ! by an order of the Jud?e of the Sur-wministrators Notice. Court of 0ounty nndeTtd ln nrj T. Crichcr the action emit leu, va. Rowan Chair Company," to present and make proof to tha underaiirned Receiver of Rowan Chair Company of their respective claim, aain.l aaid company on or before the 1st day of November, 1 or they will be barred 0 Miller, deceased, notioe .hereby that all pereona having claim kuit said aw lata are required to pr-'.bum to the underaiirned lor pay- "ttoo orbefor, tie 5th day of Au- !'', or tola notice will be pled in ! recovery. All P"004 llldbtwi ; from participatici! distribution mate are rwquirwu w u . ...... "Sue settlement. . Thi. .., u, j,v of September, 1H0. J. C. LINGLE. Receiver. OVERMAN i GRl'G'iRY. Attorney. Representative E. Spencer Blackburn, who spoke in Salisbury Saturday to the Republican Congressional committee, remained in Salisbury until to-day to hear Bryan. Mr. Blackburn is stopping at Hotel Vanderford and has been having some love feasts with his earstwhile political enemies. Among other callers yesterday was former Assistant District Attorney A. H. Price. Beit said in justice to Mr. Price, that the visit was made upon the urgent solicitation of Mr, Blackburn. The two were together some little time. Whether Mr. Price will take the stump for Blackburn is still an unsettled problem. promi nent in the affairs of Rowan county for a half century. He entered the army of the Confed- I eracy as a member of Company 1 'F. First Cavalry and made a' ! record for intrepidity and cour-j i j k ,.m;. i luiBi.jau.u. She was married to j either side. Emerging from the j - . , . la . . cmrtict wi h shattered fortune,,. chjld h ho Mt about agriculture and soon I rd husban(j 3urvive as one of They are . jjrs. H. C. Williams, most practical and ! of charlotte, Mrt. a H. Dudley, farmers m the county. And this, nf . . ,. T . n-putation . . u, g Mrs. Claude lllme- ' Frederick and Mrs. W.Ross Cox, j THE fullness OF VEAHS j 0f Salisbury, and Mr. S. Preston Capt. Fishtr was in his eighti-1 Swicegood, of Savannah. All j eta year but age had dealt gent- j these were at her bedside when j ly with him. Until stricken by j the end came. I his last illness he possessed the i Mrs. Swicegood was an indul-! vigor of a man thirty years 'gent, devoted mother and wife younger. He loved the tree me and ner wnoie me was spent in of the farm and upon it he spent I dispensing cheer and happiness i all his days. j to others. She belonged to Salis- i Capt. Fisher's home was noted bury's old regime and her death i for its hospitality. He loved the marks the passing of another of companionship of his friends, I the already badly broken ranks and old, and the Fisher j of those who were most closely MRS. TERESA LITAS1ER DEAD. Aa Aftd Woman of China Grove Township Receive, the Call. identified with the city's history for a quarter century when it was a great household of families all having common interests and sympathies. The funeral was held from the First Methodist church, of which ONE-ARMED MEN'S UNION. Chicafo'i Maimed Railroader, to De mand Comfort, of life. Chicago, Sept 13. The "one- armed men's union" was formed here last night Its principles essentially are humanitarian, it being devised with special regard for the 1,200 maimed, legless or armless switchtenders, flagmen and crossing men employed by the railroads in and near Chicago. One of the first, things on the program of the new union will be to secure a more "comfortable" existence for the disabled members. The list of demands to be filed with the railroad compan ies will embrace cushioned seats for members with stumps; ice water in summer time and awning shades to protect the tenders from the heat of the sun and the dampness. w lilt Aufutt 1th, 1908. . H. MILLER, . Adminittrator T C LINN, Administrator's Notice. Notice tO Creditors. j The underlened bavin qualified R,in, .lial 'xlmlniairaior of ; administrator of the esta'e of Daniel ,isK.rt V rarur. deeeaa- M. Shaver, deceased. '.e of Rowan I h.r.K f t,v .11 narsona havine 1 eountv. hereby irife. to all per- !4lo, arainat aaid aetata to preeent'aone havinc claim, against siud estate 4m to me on or bofore the 15th day to present the same to the undersigned "'September, 1901. or thl hotloo will ' for payment on or before the Mth day fifed in bar of their recovery. All :0f August, ivui, or m uu.r .... Wor, to aaid estate are notified to; plead In bar of their recovery, n sakn r,romn. neraon. Indebted to vM !.! will - r " r-i r- ...,-, rhi. September It, 1900. P' V. JIJ .. ,'..r.,.,r-o This AuIUSt 31. lWn. WMSWWUunaswvn, - . o. a SHAVER, Mrs. Teresa Litaker, who lived near China Grove, died Tuesday. Mrs., .Litaker was eighty-four years old and her death was due to the infirmities of age. She had many family connections in different parts of the county. Toeo. F. Klutu, Attorney. Executors Notice to Cred itors. r. AH persona having- olalm agalnat estate of Egbert a C Hambley, fcd'aaed, are hereby notified to oiblb- he urn to the undersigned on or 'fore the 15th day of September, IW1 ihi.notto will bo plead In bat cl ""ir recovery, and all peraoni indebt- to the estate are raqueated to make fumut paymant, ailshury, N. C, Sept. 14. I0. Lottie c. hambley, wuirli of Fbei-t C. B. Hambley, deceaaed, W Hewlereop, Atlorooy. Adm'r. of Daniel M, Sharer. Overman A Gregory, Attorneys. Executor's Notice. HavInK qtaavlined a Esecutor'of John LiixUaj, deceased, i hereby notify all pernio having elaloi. hi. oetavew prewnt tbem to roe. duly verified on of betor th lfth. day of Sept. 1007. Debtor to aaid estate will Bleat niak prompt pa'a"'" Thl. l"ib da Sl'lnher. . P. O.TATL'M, Executor. tms otvAUtAi-" eot-SH s.oue. IIHEDniAXJlTIVtK8ET'la taO Qsvat Usssss, awl " kW a tf Sa Dr. W. H. Lilly, a prominent Concord physician, died Thurs-day in his seventieth year. Dr. Lilly has been in failing health for years. Crescent Academy and Business College, Crescent, N. C. THE SCHOOL FOR THE PEOPLE 1 ! Eleventh session open Sept tn 1 Hcaltbv Location, New Baildings. New 1 Eqaipmeats. National Reputation. W offer tha fo)lew'n coerscs. ' Academic Bookkecpint Shorthand, Typewritinf lsic Art, Penmanship ud Normal. ltron FacnltT, Help for Needy Stadeele. Eipenm less than any clhar school ia the State. Catalogue and partlcalan ires. ; Bf v. J. H. I. LTE8 LT. n. 0. CRESCENT, N C 7 Ji-tw dAw young and old, ana tne risner home was the scene of social ' gatherir,gn innumerable. I THE CITIZEN. j Capt. Fisher always took a j lively interest in politic and was i for years a leader of his party. I He did not insin upon political ;M c., wa. . iono--time i preferment but his counsel was j mernber, Sunday afternoon at ! eagerly sought and generally I ha; pa9t four 0-clock) Rev ! heeded. jj c Rowe officiating, and the I He was a pillar in the Lutheran tody wag laid away in a grave 1 church and had boen an officer m . the newy made mound his local church since young man- covering. tne remains of her son. hood. He had frequently attend- . ed the sessions of Synod, m ' which his common sense and sa- ! gacity were potent factors. ' ; All told, Capt. Fisher was a u. j man among men; upright, coura-; Dl" H ' f igeous, generous, loyal he be- j Hi. 4Slh Annivenery. 'queaths to his posterity a name I MR. WINECOFF REMEMBERED Talked in His Sleep. Sibjey, Iowa, Special, to New. York Herald. Because he talked in his sleep about a murder which he committed Charles Rocker was sentenced today to life imprisonment There was no evidence against the man until the story he told in his sleep was investi-ated, when sufficient evidence to convict him was found. August Sehroeder wa murdered two years ago. Charles,, Rocker, a farm hand, marrieU Schroeder's widow some months s later. Mrs, Rocker informed the . county attorney that her husband while talking in his sleep, had told of poisoning her first husband, even telling where he had , purchased the poison he had administered. The story was investigated and the purchase of the poison traced to Rocker. Schroeder's body was exhumed snd traces of the poison, were found. ' Mr. A. J. Winecoff's forty-fifth anniversery was happily celebrated at the instance of a number of that stands for the highest type of citizenship. He was conscious to the last ; 1 ,1. - moment ana recognize. u Friday. Mr. wine. his dying eouc . as the lt breath I itted to $har0 was taken. All the memben. of M of whoplsn. the f8m.!y vere with him when ; . ht me ena came. i.,;M .f t h rvwni when Mr. Winecoff took the seat as- The surviving children are: Mrs. K. A. i oaer, oi a-incuniu,.., . . . nt . nnn. ,t Mr,. I. V. Miller, of Albemarle; :j ra. F. R. L. ShAeffer. of Rowan ; n.al1 p1 : " . . leountr; Mrs. Ed.Smyre of New-I"0" IU" 01 plwu" '"f "b 'ton; Messrs. John B., George A. l.-j i .u fich.e Mayor Boyden's docket was -n. iiiirw. lilrl from liirht airain this morning. But 111V IUIIV',1 " " ' i ... Gov. Glenn will speak in Stanly county several times this week. His appointments are as foilows: Richfield, Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, September 19; Albemarle, in court house, 'Wednesday night, at 7:30, S?p- Grace Lutheran church Wednes-; four defendants were in tha dock , temper 19; Norwood, Thursday aitemoon n is chick, Depiem- Under the auspices of the Jr 0. U. A. M., an educational rally will be held at Rockwell on Thursday, the 27th inst The" general public is invited to attend this gathering. , This day will be a notable one in the history of the Rockwell community and the public generally is invited to be present day afternoon at 3 o'clock, Rev. H. A. Trexler officiating. and all wer charged with minor offenses. ber2C.

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