Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 26, 1915 · Page 22
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 22

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 26, 1915
Page 22
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( r VFS S J LiJi u 1 ,f 1,1 nil AFFORD 1 HEW OVERCOAT! If You Use the Advantage of Buying It on Credit! Just ahout this time every year thousands of men debate with themselves whether they can pet a new Overcoat There's no question that they need one. The point Is, can they afford one or not? 'We'll assume you'ro one of these thousands. Vell, stryou-ean ftfford a new Overcoat and pet one of the season's most approved styles if you are wise enough to buy it at CHERRY'S, the smart shop, at 628 Thirteenth street, that outfits men on Credit. Come to think of it, practically every man has bought something at one time or another on Credit. If you have never bought Clothes that way, try the system once and you'll never care to pro back to the custom foften financially difficult) of paying spot cash" for everything you -wear. CHERRY'S store has an Immense trade among men and women of all classes and occupations. They get treated squarely and come back, season after season, for their clothes. CHERRY'S have another biff shoD for women at 615 Thirteenth street, and in San Francisco they have stores at 1009 Market street and 2400 Mission street. Other stores Portland, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Advertisement. Clams as Silent 1 Partners, Is Plan New Industry Dependent Upon Credulity Oakland may have a new industry. ! An attempt is to be made to trans-plant the ild Xarragansett c'.am into the estuary mud flats. i This clum, the most elusive and , the most silent of its species, has ! been imported into Oakland by. Fred- erick Buegle and Martin Iiielil. and a strip of land owned L'V Kiehl on the waterfront is to bt used for the new experiment in propagation. - "These claims,'' said Buegle, 'ire the clams that- gave rise to - the expression "Silent as a clam," Hoegle further recites that the silence in one of the Xarragansett clam beds is so , intense that it is almost deafening.. j "There is one way only to catch them," recites the amateur naturalist and press agent for Luther Burbank. "You take a redwood plank with a knot-hole and lay it over the place you last saw the clam. 'When he seeks to come to the surface for food ho will creep through the knot-hole,' and you scoop him off quick. The 1 same knot-hole cannot be used for ' more than one clam, for they get wise when they scent another clam. The clams, if they grow here, will aid the redwood industry." PANES WITH Mlinsfl. LONDON, Dec, 25. Hundreds of Danes are fighting with the Britisn troops in GalUpoli, according to Captain Percy Hansen, a Briton of Danish parentage, who has Just received the Victoria Cross for his bravery and enterprise under fire. These Danes emigrated to Australia and New Zealand. A large number of Danes in England also have enlisted in the British army. EDDIE WRITES OF CHRISTMAS 1 ; , : Teechur sed we cud take owr pick of what we wantid to rite abowt and I tuk Christmus. It is th gratest time in al the yere and the one time when parints akt like rele human being. Nobuddy kares how good a time you have and almost nobuddy kares how mutch noyse you make. I am strongur for Christmus thaiiJ am for the fourth of July since It qwit being insane. The best thing abowt Christmus is Bandy Claws; I don't kare whethur he Is true or not and I know that this issent the time to argew the qwestshun. That feller Sandy Claws is the wisest man you ever saw. Last Christmus when I rote a lettur to him telling him what I wanted, ma rote one for me also. She sted I wanted a bottul of perfoomery and a hare brush, but do you think the old boy fel for that kind of stuff? Not mutch, he diddent. He browt me a mee-kanical set and a stems engine and a lot of other fine things. Of cowrse I got the hare brush, but that was kinder thrown in to make ma glad I gess. A feller can stand for things like that if he gets nuf othur things. On evvry day exsept Christmus my dad is a kinder quiet and solumn sorter man, but mayb you don't think he cant cut up then. He bot us al a lot of kandy and it was he that sorter fixed thing up so Sandy cud find the place. I re-membur aftur we had al tried owt al of owr toys and bustld a few we looked arowhd and saw that ma had also got urn presints and that moast of them were from dad. She sat back In a big eesy chare what was one of her presints and looked furst at a set of furs and then at us kids and then at dad and sed, "you children should be gladder than ennything that you hay got such a fine fathur. And then he up and kist her' and we al got sick eating kandy. It was a very Mary Christmus. This yeer he sed to me, "Eddie, how wud you like ter be a gud feller?" and I sed I am a gud feller cawse I can lick Bill Jones and it takes one ter do that Then be toald me that what be ment was fer mo to tak half of the munney X had saved for presents and buy things for a famly what he was going to make a Christmus for. You can be a sort of Eandy Claws he sed do you like the ldear. I deslded I did and that I wud, and I am gladder yet now becawse he gave me a lot of munney to make up for the half that went and ennyhow EDM I Ml FACE Bed and Inflamed. Burning and Itchin- Severe. On Arms and Hands. HEALED BY CUTICURA SOAP AND OINTMENT "I had eczema on one side of my face In a icaly rash. My skin was very red and Inflamed. The burning and itching were very severe. I would awake in the night Itching my face. Then it broke nut on thn j? upper part of my arms and nana, i could never put my hands in water without " causing me much pain, J . - uodna i. . .1 ri fo and Ointment advertised I V sent for a free ' was only a few days before my face had ceased itching. I got some more and in a short time I was healed." (Signed) Miss Irene Heinricy, Loveland, Colo.. Jan. 1, 1915. Sample Each Free by Mall With 32-p. Skin Book oa request. Ad-drees poet-card "Cntlmira, Dept. T, Boa-ton." Sold throughout the world. SEMT-ANAUATj PnTPEXD AT THE KATE Ol Four (4) Per Cent Per Annum, X'ayab'e on after Monday, Jan. 3, 1916, has been declared by the SECURITY BANK Oakland, Cal., On all Savings Deposits for the half year ending December 31, Sj.. , l.'ivl'ieiulH hot called for are d'hld to! nil b.-er the same rate of tint-rout. as the pri:'--iji.-il from January' 1, tlilfi. i I'epohjts made on or before January 10, I 'J it,, draw Intorest from January 1, 1916. CHARLES A. SMITH.. Cashier, J spreading Christmus arownd to sorter help bid Sandy owt is pritty good fun. Dad is a bit al rite I gess. . When Christmus mornin cums Dad alwaze puts on his smoakin lackut what he nevvur wares enny othur time and sits arownd the howse al dav ammiWin cigars with nobuddy sayln a wurd abowt fillin up the. howse with horrid smoak and ewerybuddv trvine han" ta mk ewerybuddy else happy and suckseedlng. "Lets make the hola veer lust UW. Christmus" ma wil sny and he wll al waze anser, "Wei, I'd be wlllin only it kosts too mutch." And then thay both laff and sav that the hole yeer issent so bad aftur aL I g'SS If Christmus came evverv Aav it wud be pritty hard on old man Sandy Claws, but I do wish it cud be- fixed up ter have it cum abowt once In a munth I Maybe sura dads wud get bettur ac-qwalnted with thare boys and sum teechers mite be a littul moare decent and not so cross, and a lot of things. I bet I kno a iot of things I am goin to get for Christmus withowt connttn the handkercheff I'll draw at Sunday Skule. ROYAL LAW fiAS mid in ES Court Says Mother Is Entitled to Children in. State of y California. LOS ANGELES, Dec. 25. Disregarding the orders of the royal court of Austria, Judge Monroe ended an international divorce suit by granting the custody of two children to Mrs. Kate W. Szendeffy of Pasadena. The royal court of Austria recently awarded the custody of the two children to the fathen. In giving the children to the mother Judge Monroe stated that his order may be followed by more litigation, but that Mrs. Szendeffy has the authority of the California courta behind her. Mr. and Mrs. Szendeffy are Austrlans. They were married at St. Giles" court, London, April 3, 1909, and later came to Pasadena, In December, 1313, Mrs. Szcndeffv declared her husband deserted her and returned to Austria, whero he Immediately applied for a divorce on the grounds of desertion, and it was given to him. The custody of the children was also given him. ""'' Mrs. Szendeffy learned of It. and, believing that the decree was invalid because both her,self and husband had established residences in California, she brought suit for divorce and for the custody of the children. When the case came before Judge Monroe he declared that he did not believe the courts of this country were more effective than the courts of Austria and that he could not Inquire Into the divorce decree there, but that the children are in California, and he would grant the custody of them to the mother. The order was made and the divorce question was dropped. PERSONALS 1 Mrs1 It. C. Smith was registered last wei.k at R.i.no, Nevada, hotel. Mrs. tJrace Wood tins hf-en a house f;uest of her brother, C. D. Brown, in JSakerstielcl. C. A. Walker was registered last week at a ijakersfield hotel. Laurence Hansen wu a bunlnesm visitor last week . in King City where he tvrr-M-rly res-ded. iiys Maricn..McrriUaa .a..Val!qJo visitor nit week. Jvirs. Belle Foster has been visiting friends in 1'dso 'tobies. Mrs. Joe Lewis, who has been under (he care of doctors in Oakland, returned several days ago to her home in Truc-kee. Mls filadys . Mulr has been visiting friends in Cal'stowa. - Herman Allison has returned frnrn a several days visit with relatives in i-air-ii-ild. Kev. C L. Petersen has been visiting his mother, Mrs. L. 1'etersen at her home in Calistoga. Dr. K U. Case waa the guest of Dr. Wj L. Plodgett last week in Calistoga. Mrs. Clara Mulvey (Clara Jones) has been visiting relatives fn Petaluma, "?r- and Mrs, P. It. Mugier were motor visitors las', week to Merced where thev were entertained for several davs at the home of Mr. and Jlrs. C. K. Welch. Major Kraro-Ui, 1-mh Iniantrv, K. t ., pi-t-Hiried at the election of Company K recently In Petaluma. Attorney M. C. Decaili has been visiting in Perndale, his former homo, and other sections of the county. M.. and Mrs. U C. Fields have re-tu'ed from Oakland to Blue Lake and will make their future home in Scotia, A. A. Webber waa a recent visitor in Byron. , Miss Emma Hlmbert visited friends in IK-nicia recently. 1 11. Hopkins was a recent visitor in Brnleia. f:-Surervl.Kir ' John IUodnch w,-s a vintoc Ihst week, in Ainmrn. w.- 8. HolbrooHn was registered at a Pacific Clove hotel last week , M.- K. Lyons was a feceut visitor in Martinet. The Most Important Bit of Commercial News That Has Been Told in Oakland for Years--- A Farewell Statement :F R O M Abrahamson Bros. After 35 years of business life in . Oakland the time has come for us to say farewell: 111 doing so we wish to publicly' express our" most sincere thanks to thousands and thousands of customers for the confidence they have shown in us during all these years. We have always appreciated their loyalty and patronage and sincerely hope that they will remember us as kindly as we will them. Our stock of merchandise and lease has been sold to Maryniont & Upright who will conduct the busi ness in the old location, Thirteenth , and Washington. We are sure that they are deserving your patronage and commend them to you as aggressive, progressive and reliable merchants. We wish them success in all their undertakings. ABRAHAMSON BROS. (Inc.) Per J ulcs Abrahamson. m tQi W iJk 1AY (Bill ' iikiiCPliU IL Have Purchased the Stock, Fixtures, Lease and Good n ? 0 u of A. oraMaiMS 9 Corner 13th and i Washington Sts. The largest transaction that has been consummated in the Western Retail World in many years. Abrahamson's have been in businessjn OaKland since 1880, and have occupied the present location for twenty-six years. The new f irm is made up of well Known and successful business men who have extensive plans for the present and great ambitions for the future. The consummation of this deal means that a acraice Sale BEGINS MONDAY AT 9 A. M. fhe Abrahamson stock is to be closed out as soon as possible to make room for new merchandise in all cte-partments. The floors must be cleared to give the craftsmen a chance to rearrange and refit where necessary. Action is the keynote. Trice-cutting is the order of the day. All of which will mean great saving opportunities for the thrifty buyers of Oakland and the entire bay district,- JBe on hand when the .doors open at 94a, m. Five Floors Crowded With Sensational Bargains n-jti-ic- I f i Ml,- i i TfaAtt M M T pjjy 4; fflfo m uu i in swn i i ki a i i ii u m i r r- v i m'1 i , it ii w V t mm aid U The range of merchandise is broad and the prices we quote are certainly interesting from a saving standpoint BASEMENT 1 Blankets Linens Comforters White Goods Sheets Wash Goods Billow Cases Domestics Curtains Flannels Draperies Towels, Etc. FIRST FLOOR Hosiery Underwear Handkerchiefs Gloves Leather Goods Silks Dress Goods Neckwear .Ribbons Veiling Laces Embroideries Hair Ornaments Trimmings, Etc men s toats. tesses . Offered at prit that will open the eyes of the women of Oakland and the bay district We are making an exception of this department and are giving you details as to prices because we are enthusiastically impressed with the garments and the prices at which they are to be sold. Be assured that every Suit, Coat and Dress is. desirable in every detail. We are not asking you to buy out-of-date styles, unpopular fabrics or discarded colors. SECOND FLOOR Millinery Art Goods THIRD FLOOR Coats Suits Dresses Skirts Girls', Misses' and Juniors' Coats FOURTH FLOOR ( Waists ' Bath Robes Petticoats Kimonos Muslin Wear Sweaters Corsets Wash Dresses Children's and Infants' Wear Coats Suits $ 7.50 Coats are all reduced to $ 3.75 $10.00 Coats are all reduced to. ..... $ 5.00 $12.50 to $15.00 Coats seljing at 7.50 $16.50 to $20.00 Coats selling at ... . $10.00 $22.50 to $25.00 Coats selling at ... . $12.75 (Many of These in Plush) $27.50 to $32.50 Coats selling at ... . $16.75 t ftade of Plush and fur-Trimmed) $17.50 to $22.50 Suits reduced to $25.00 to $35.00 Suits reduced to $37.50 to $45.00 Suits reduced to $47.50 to $60.00 Suits reduced to ..$10.00 ..$14.50 ..$19.50 ..$24.50 Late styles and popular materials. Trimmed with fur, velvet or chinchilla. It is the greatest lot of Coats you've ever had a chance to buy at bargain prices. Girl's Goats $3 75 lZZX.5o .Dresses "and. Costumes J There will be particularly attractive bargains in trimmed Hats, Waists, Muslin Wear, SilK Petticoats, etc. Don't fail to visit these departments when you come Monday. $5.00 New Serge Dresses marKed $2.50 $ 8.50 to $10.00 Serge Dresses for. . $ 5.00 $12.50 to $17.50 Dresses are marKed $ 9.50 $22.50 to $30.00 Dresses are marKed $14.50 $32.50 to $40.00 Costumes a Dresses $17.50 Theso dresaes come from the highest clas3 manufacturers in America. The afternoon and evening models are particularly attractive. You know the advisability of early selection. Act accordingly, The Windows Are Closed for Rebuilding Alteration work is already under way. The windows are being rebuilt. You may miss them, but remember that the bargains inside are worth stepping in to see. Electricians, Painters and Carpenters Are Busy on every floor. We hope the noise and confusion will not pV$,('iViV" disturb you. Take the coWn for what it indicates that the new firm is aggressive, enterprising and anxious to prepare its new home for occupancy as soon as possible. Again we say: The bargains will be worth coming for in spite of upset conditions. arymbnt & Upright -bSZto.. 13th and Washington r

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