The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 29, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1899
Page 5
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JDPPEB BBS MQIN1B; ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MA&GM 29, 1899, Mitti&i^^ - , . „, „,-_ ._--,..., . , ,. * A mere glance at our new stock of goods will show you BARGAINS In Every Department. We are strong this season on Ladies' Suits, which range from $10 to $20. ^ Ladies' Dress Skirts, black figured, from *i to $5, to $2.50. Ladies' Shirt Waists in white and figured from 350 We have also a few special bargains in DOMESTICS. THE LOCAL JFIELB. Grove £ Son will close out. The military ball comes April 3, at the armory. Matson & McCall's Easter opening occurs March 31 and April 1. Swedish bibles are on sale at Setchell & Setchell's at very low figures. There was a little dash of rain Friday. Everybody wished for more. A big' ribbon sale la on at Galbratth's. They also show a fine line of kid shoes. Brownell & Allred's Easter bargains A good print in light and dark effects (any number of yards) at A brown sheeting, 9000 quality, at - A good percale, light color, at. A good percale, dark assorted, at The finest assortment of DRBSS GOODS Ever shown in Algona. Chrischilles & Herbst. 4cts Sets 7 cts WILL STAET THREE BANKS. Capital from AJgona and Surround Ing Towns to Be Invested on th New Northwestern Ltiio-Mlscel laneous .Local Matters. Over at Ringsted in Emmet county the first station west of Ponton, a nev bank will go in, the chief promoters o which will be Geo. E. Boyle, J. M. Par ley, A. D. Clarke, Thos. Sherman Nick Bruer, J. B. Johnson, and John Korsland, with B. P. Grose for cashier They will incorporate as a state banl with $25,000 capital, and expect to ge started about the first of June. Ring sted is 3i miles over the line in Emme county, and in a splendid piece of ter ritory. Thos. Sherman will be presi dent and Geo. E. Boyle vice president The bank at Penton will have the financial backing of Gardner Cowles E. J. Murtagh, Thos. P. Cooke, C. C Chubb, J. M. Parley, and Fred Wag ner, with S. N. Harris of the Burt bank as cashier. The capital stool will be $25,000 and it will be a state t bank. M. Weisbrod will be president and E. J. Murtagh vice president There is no finer section than that about Penton. The Burt bank people will put in bank at Lone Rock, with a capital o: flO,000. The April Jury List. By some hook or crook—it is not clear just how it happened—we pub lished but half the jury list last week. Following will be found the corrected and complete list drawn for the April term of the district court: Julius Kiston, LuVerne; John Ldbig, Wesley; Wm. Peck, Burt H. Doege, Hebron; Fred Miller, Plum Creek; W. F. Lehman, Sexton; O. C. Dennis, Swea City; R. A. Hinton. Whittemore; W. P. Satow, Ledyard; Wm. Carroll, Seneca; A, L. Bowen, Cresco; B. W. Haggard, Algona; J. H. Saldin, Alfred Collar, Bancroft; Guy Butts, Wesley; Henry Kennedy, Union; Michael Andorfer, Prairie; Michael Saftner, Bancroft; Geo. Koestler, H. Ser'vick, W. S. Allen, and Sophus Peterson, Burt; Harry Thill and I. J. Bruer, Bancroft, B. F. Burtis, Lu- Verne; F. S. Norton and Henry Matson, Algona; Kobus Tjaden, Buffalo Center. Iu Behalf of the Weather. It was fortunate for the parties putting in the electric light plant that they had snow on which to slip the engine down from the depot. It was thus done for half what the expense would have been on wheels. The road was perfect as a piece of ice, and A. F. Dailey's little mules pulled half the fly wheel at one load—over 6,000 pounds. It .is figured out by someone that our long winter and late snow fall have all been in accordance with the eternal fitness of things—that is to say, planned with a view to giving time for that engine to get here and be hauled down on a enow road. That explanation may not be satisfactory to some, but it is the only one so far advanced in behalf of the' weather. If it is correct, the weather man can now proceed to bring on his etherial mildness. All Eyes on Algoua. If the plans for building the hotel whioh is now assured had failed to materialize, another would have been built. A gentleman from Peoria, 111., was here not long ago, and has been watching the progress of events in Algona with much interest. His proposition was to put up a hotel building on the corner now occupied by The A very, and he had sketches made of the building he had in view. It would have been smaller than the one we are to get, but would, have been modern in all respects. The cost would have been $13,000, and would have gone up as an investment, without any bonus. All eyes are on Algona just now. They Were Not Lost! A friend over in Irvington township tells this paper about a jolly load of eight Algonians who were out for a sleigh' ride one night last week, and pulled in at his place about 10 o'clock at night. The fact that the family had all retired for the night was not a factor iri the case-^-they had to get up just the same, whioh they did cheerfully and 'entertained their visitors until 3 o'clock in the morning. The aforesaid sleighing party will probably always insist that they were not lost- nothing of that kind; they simply wanted ta make "Sol." get up and play the part of host. He says he has no kick coming. For a Wholesale Grocery. F, D. Calkins is down from Blue Earth City. He hasn't forgotten that Algona is a mighty pleasant place to live, and is now looking over the field with a view to putting in a wholesale grocery house here. The opportunity is ripe for just such an enterprise here, and Mr. Calkins would be a good man to push it along. He offers to take one-half or a less amount of the stock, and desires to have Algona peonle financially interested with him. This is a chance for a paying Investment, and people with idle money might see him with advantage to themselves. "Old Man Potter." O. A. Potter of Cresco ex pressed himself as delighted with the call his friends made him one night last week, but he enters a vigorous protest against the term used by a correspondent who called him "Old Man Potter." He says he may be old, but he doesn't feel that way, and intimated something about getting after the aforesaid writer with a sharp stick or something more persuasive. He still answers promptly to " Put," but " Old Man Potter" is too much. It don't go. We suggest a 24- foot ring and stuffed clubs. Snaps for Easter. Our wide ribbons will be on sale Friday and Saturday for 25 cenls a yard. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices. P. O. B. any station. New Spring Hats it Taylor's. Madam Silva of Chicago has arrived and will have charge of the millinery department. CITY COUNCIL DOINGS, Regular Meeting Saturday Night— Mostly Houtliio Proceedings. The regular monthly meeting of the ity council was held last Saturday night. Though it was a regular, but ittle outside of the consideration of rills and other routine work was done. Tellier was appointed assistant to nelp complete the assessment of the city. The Clerk's Record. ALGONA, Iowa, March 25, 1899.— 3ity council met in regular session at he city hall, Mayor Chrischilles in the ihair. Members present, White, Vesper, McMuhon, Morse, Paine, Stebbins, Chapin and Sayers; absent, none. Minutes of the previous meeting read ind'approved. Moved and seconded that the follow- ng approved bills be allowed and war- ants be drawn for the same: W. E. Naudain, freight and hauling.. .$ 15 09 M. White, digging 775 Cd. Schrader, labor cm-water works... 3 40 i. Meldrom, same i 85 Vm. Miller, lighting lamps 2000 olm Sweitzer, police services 1000 >V. W. Baldwin, cartage....: 225 )has. Foster, salary, etc 62 21 . L. Donahoo, services, etc 2070 Jatt Parrott & Sons, election, supplies 7 20 . J. Cordiugley, salary 40 00 Win. Carlon, street work 24 25 W. H. Horan, wiring. 2025 no. Paul Lumber Co., lumber 385 . W. Robinson, hardware 8 88 :eo. Richmond, wiring 1175 llectrlc Appliance Co., supplies 7624 no. Paul Lumber Co., lumber 32 72 N. V. Carlon, snow shovelers 10 50 j. F. Peek, salary 4000 T. Chrischilles, salary, expense acct. 102 72 L. Bonar, salary and expenses 5500 lobe Mach. and Supply Co., supplies. 00 Vrn. Kuhn, cartage •.... 200 hicago General Fixture Co., supplies. 237 10 1. E. Sayers, council and Bd. of Equal 28 00 lex. White, same 2800 I. B. Chapin, same 2800 '.. A. Paine, same 28 00 fait. Stebbins, same 28 00 . H. Vesper, same 2800 V. E. H. Morse, same 2800 E. McMahou, same 2800 Ayes: White, Vesper, McMahon, lorse, Paine, Stebbins, Chapin and uyers, noes, none, carried. Be it resolved by the city council of :ie city of Algona, Iowa, that warrants f $500 each to the amount of $1,000, be ssued for the purpose of defraying the xpenses connected with the electric ght plant; and that one warrant of t>500 be issued to replenish the general und and defray the expenses connected ni\\ the completion of the power ouse, and that the mayor and city lerk bo authorized to draw the same, nd the city treasurer be empowered to egotiate their sale. Moved and seconded that the resolu- ion as read do pass. Ayes: White, Deeper, MoMahon,'Morse, Paine, Steb- 1ns, Chapin and Sayers, noes, none, arried. Moved and .seconded that the assess- r be authorized to appoint one deputy o assist in completing the assessment oil of the city of Algona, Iowa, for the ear of 1899. Carried. Moved and seconded that the ap-. ointment made by the assessor of E. 'ellier as his deputy be confirmed. Carried. • .,, Moved and seconded that the re- orts of Chas. Foster and J. L. Dona,00 bo approved. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn. /arried. J, L. DONAHOQ, City Clerk. in fine footwear are bound to attract attention. The show last night was not exactly "out of sight," but some of it might well have been. This week closes another financial quarter with this paper, and collections will be made soon. The Adveutists will hold their quarterly meeting at their church next Sabbath at 3 p. m. C. R. Lewis will move from hts Irvington, farm to Algona. He has rented his farm to his son. . John Lamuth goes on the road for the Champion binder people. He will give them good service. Mrs. Klnne has bought the property next to B. F. Grose on the west, and will make her home there. Fifteen deeds were filed for record yesterday. Abstractors are working nights to keep up with the rush. If you are going to need a disc harrow this season G. M. Johnson has something that will interest you, One should not delay getting off the band wagon in time to see what The Other Shoe Store has to say this week. E. C. Tuttle is back in the Northwestern hotel. He keeps a good house, and we hope he will have lots of custom. Geo. E. Clarke is still confined to his home, and it is said has symptoms of his old trouble, inflammatory rheumatism. The Advent meetings are closed for a week, the pastor in charge being called home again by sickness in his family. The supervisors meet next Monday in regular session. The bids for doctoring the county poor will be received at this meeting. Friday's warm spell caught cold, and in doing so was simply keeping in touch with the average citizen. It is the popular thing nowadays. On Tuesday and Wednesday next the baking contest among the little folks takes place at Doxsee's. The winner gets a beautiful Buck's range. An item in the daily papers notes the fact that our townsman, Wra. H. Campbell, has been granted a pension of $12 a month. It will come handy in his case. Chas. Graph starts right with the U. D. M. for a weekly visitor. He has rented a farm a mile south of the W. W. Jones place, and is now his own landlord. M. Z. Groye & Son's grocery is now located in the Rowe restaurant building, to which place it was moved Monday. It is the intention to close out the stock. The Algona Milling company has put up a new smoke stack at the mill, the old one having passed its days of usefulness. The new one is 24 inches in diameter and 40 feet high. Frank Bailey was down from Fenton yesterday. He is postmaster there, and will move the postoffice to the railway station soon. He will also operate a grocery store in connection. The rear room of Geo. C. Call's office building is being refitted for his general office. It will have new paint, new paper, and new. furniture to put it in keeping with a first-class affair. W. C. Hart last week parted with an old friend in a driving horse which he has owned for 21 years. He bought it when it was nine years old, and it gave up the ghost from sheer old age at 30. Services at the Presbyterian church at the usual hours, At the morning service the sacrament of the Lord's supper will be administered. In the today unite In roarrlnge Geo. M. Bradley and Miss Mary Gaffney, both of Cresco. They are among Cresco's best people, and congratulations are hereby extended. They will occupy H. O. Buell's farm near Tltonka. All the wise men say test your seed corn. It is the advice offered every spring, but seems more pertinent at this time than usual, as much of the corn already tested appears to be unfit for seed. No corn will grow that has been out of doors all winter. evening will be Easter exercise. given a children's Preaching every Sunday at the Free Methodist church at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The Sunday school has been changed from 10 o'clock until 12 m. to follow the preaching. All are cordially invited to attend. Licenses to wed are granted to Herman Gade and Pauline Ostwald, Geo. Goad and Mary V, Ellison, Geo. Bradley and Mary Gaffney, Geo. C. Henderson and Jessie I. Grant, Harry A. Lewis and Clara E, Hodges. W. P. Jenkinson sold two more short-horn bull calves Monday—one four months old to L. J. Newel of Fenton for $60, and one 12 days old to Peter Weisbrod of Feriton for $50. That is the kind of stock to raise. Perry Burlingame says he is sure he would be delighted to have a station of the Iowa Central on his farm, but if it is such a good thing he is perfectly willing some, of his neighbors should enjoy it. Perry is'generous to a fault. The Court of Honor had a very pleasant entertainment at Odd Fellows' hall Monday night. The program consisted of literary and musical features, and wound up with a banquet, all of which were voted the biggest kind of a success. The engine and 13,000 pound fly wheel are in place at the light plant, and an expert will be here in a day or two for the purpose of putting on the finishing touches. Mr. Metcalf is planning to have the plant ready to start by April 10. Easter services at the Congregation- kl church: 6 a. m., sunrise prayer meeting by Endeavor society; 11 a. m., Easter sermon on The Hope of Immortality; 7:30 p. m., Easter cantata, " Priest and King," by choir and Sunday school. Dr. Day's theme at the Methodist church Sunday morning will be appropriate to Eastw: i ^'Christianity's Indestructible Foundation^" 'J'heeven- ing service will be the annual Sunday sohopl Easter the children. All welcome. R,ev. Qllerenshaw, at b,}s home ? wjl], Four strong horses pulled the light plant engine and frame to where it has since stood, in front of the plant. There they stopped to catch their breath, and when they tried to start it again they were unable to move it a peg. It was a big load, even for four horses. Rev. E. P. Barllett of Des Moines, state secretary of the Iowa Baptist state convention, will preach at the Baptist church next Sunday. Special Easter music will be provided, anfl the pastor will administer the ordinance of baptism at the close of the evening service. The new town of Luzon on the Iowa Central in Amsterdam township is to have two banks among its first improvements. One gentleman has already applied to Geo. C. Call for a lot to build on, and the town is not yet platted. He says he will put in a bank with $25,000 capital. There is little to be said In the way of railroad news this week. Geo. C. Call is authority for the statement that the Iowa Central will be in Algona by Aug. 1 next. Surveyors are expected here today or tomorrow to select a location for the depot. Just where that will be is the problem just new. The city schools are out for the spring vacation of one week. During this time Prof. Spencer will go to Alden for a short visit, Miss Bright to Minneapolis, Miss Essex toDosMoinos, Prof. Meeker to Ames, and Miss Cullaton to Indiana. Meantime the small boy is abroad in the land and the world is his. John Dillon had a full house Wednesday night, as he always does in Algona, and he was just as full of bright sayings as ever. It is not easy to follow the plot—if there is any—in "The Road to Seltzerville," but that IB a small matter. The people went to see Dillon, and all were delighted with the entertainment. Chas. Hanna was down from Burt township last Thursday, and was an agreeable caller at this office. He owns n. splendid farm and is getting on in fine shape, and for that reason wo argued the point with him about selling out and going after Minnesota cheap land, which he has been talking about doing. Capt. Morse of Compauy F is preparing to organize a company of cadets, the ages to range from 16 to 18 years. He hopes to got at least 50 names enrolled. It ought not to be difficult to get that many vigorous young fellows to join. They would be useful in many ways to Company F, and would help out wonderfully on dress parade. The sheriff's sale, of the Callamin equities in Kossuth county farms took place at the court house last Saturday. It was merely perfunctory, those upon whose titles there was a cloud bidding in the land themselves. The total cost to each for the removal of the cloud was only $2.GO, and is cheap compared with what it would have cost to fight it single-handed. A new and unique ad. of Hall & Vesper appears in the Burt Monitor of last week calling attention to the merits of certain dyes handled by that firm by attaching a sample showing results obtained, It evidently necessitated an increased postal rate, which indicates their faith in the merit of the goods handled as well as In the efficacy of judicious advertising. At the Slusser & Scherer foundry and machine shop is being made a new kind of rotary steam engine. It is the invention of a man at Garner named Boutilier, who thinks he has something that is going to be a wonder in the motive power line. Our local shop has done him a nice piece of work, and it will be no fault of theirs if it does not meet the inventor's expectations. Chas. Coan, now at Des Moines in the office of C. E. Eastman, the architect, is the man who really made the sketches for the new hotel to be built by Mr. Durdall. He has already become so proficient in the business that the work of making the sketches was left entirely to him, and his ability is clearly shown in the result. All will be glad to note the progress he is making. Prof. Spencer has issued the program for the Northwestern Iowa Teachers' association, to be held in Algona on May 4, 5 and 0. It is a neat pamphlet of 24 pages, and contains, beside the regular programs of work for each day, illustrations of the new Methodist church, the court house, the two school buildings now in use, and the one" to be erected. The title page, by David Purvis, shows skill as an artist. The reporter interviewed several farmers Saturday, and the prevailing opinion among them seems to be that fully one-third of the corn crop of this county was caught by the heavy snow storm early in the season, and has been in the field since that time. This will mean a considerable loss in many cases, though there is a substantial agreement that the crop is by no means totally ruined, as it will make fairly good feed even though it has been under the snow for four months or more. Uneeda Biscuit. TRY A BOX and you will cry for more, like " babies cry for Castoria." Found only at my store. James Patterson. (ONLY 5 CENTS A BOX.) Novelties in Footwear For Easter. THE NEWEST GOODS. THE LATEST STYLES THE BEST QUALITIES. High Black and the newest shades in Tans. In Ladies', Misses', and Children s button or lace boots, low shoes, oxfords and slippers. Mens' fine shoes in the newest shades and shapes. We solicit your patronage and will be pleased to see you and show goods at any time whether you buy or not. Fine Repairing and Custom Work. Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, Algona, la. Our Baking Contest Takes place next Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Every girl in Kossuth county under 14 years of age may take part and try for the little The baking will be done at our store and we will furnish all material. The biscuits will be made from Algona Milling Co. or Farmers' Milling Co.'s flour. We want the mothers to come and see the little girls b a k e a n d operate a f u 1 1 sized range. Get on the Band Wagon And- Get off the Band Wagon At- The Other Shoe Store On the corner, date, and goods sold. Everything in Shoes and Rubbers up to our prices are right. Nothing but first-class C. O. Snaps for Easter. We have a good many of the Nelson- Swedish $1.50 gloves, and a lot of mousquetaire $1.50 gloves—they all go Friday and Saturday for 69 cents. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. Buy Your Weddlug| Rings of us; we always make the bride a present. Beware of imitators and people who would duplicate this proposition. They say if you will do this or if you will do that,' or if so and so was the case, then they will offeryou the aboye proposition. There is always that if, if, if, in the way. Wo are positively the originators of low prices in the jewelry business of Kossuth county, and will continue to undersell all competition without any ifs or ands. DINGLEY & PUGH. WE have a nice new line of fancy veilings for Easter. GEO. L, GALBRAITH. SEE Thos. F. per cept. farm ments. Cooke for ten-year 5 loans—optional pay- MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. HEINZ'sweet pickles, lOc a dozen. M. Z. GROVE & SON. Furm Tor The Gotlleb Boho .farm In Plum Creek is for sale. The 9wi ofSpo. 8-96, ,' Apply to Mrs. J«Ua Bob|B at farm, or to Wca. H, Ingham.-45tf MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HoxiE. IT warms the heart like sunshine, cheers the soul like old wine, gives hope for the future, blots out the past. That's what Rocky Mountain Tea does. Ask your druggist. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. THERE is no better than that carried by line of coffee? cal and surgical nursing. Mrs. Martinson is a graduate of a five-years' hospital course. Leave calls at Wm. deary's. 5312. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—O* short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. Sheet MiiHlc. All tho latest music at teachers' prices. DINGLEY & PUGH. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & S^'. PAUi, JjOOA.1i THAIN8 WEST. No. 1 departs at......... 0:05 am No. 3 departs at a ;58 p m Freights that carry passengers— No. 93 departs at 10:45piu No. 71 departs at 3:20piu No. 65 departs at 8:30 p m' TRAINS KAST. No. 3 departs at 10:45 a,m No.4 departs at 8:S8pm Freights that carry passengers— No. 76 departs at 10:10 pm No.04 departs at 3:gQpm . HBDHIOK, Agent. •

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