Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 11, 1915 · Page 14
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 14

Oakland, California
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Saturday, September 11, 1915
Page 14
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE . . I . lil JOI CIVIG GELEDHATIOr Opening cf Skyline' Boulevard History Making Event in-. Oakland. ' Culmir"itinfr a K'stdr? nlakir.fr day in the annals of Oakland in her opening up f rf rmr'.valed scenic environs to tourists, ft firework display, a carnival and a dance in the auditorium tost -nlRht marked .Hie dedication of the new Pkylita Boulevard. Thousands of the citizens Joined in the celebration. . The auditorium festivity ias participated in by a gay 'throng ot Sfative Sons' and Daughters, who, to music furnished bv the' Charles IX Smith bmd of Oiik-land. danced until ablate hour. The fireworks display at Lake Merritt was witnessed hy a large concourse. Red flares bjazed the route of the Skyline Boulevard. : - . , . " Symbolic of the linking up of Oakland with her unrivaled scenic attractions by the Skyline Boulevard, an unbroken chain of automobiles stretching from the city hall to the hilltops overr looking Alameda and Contra Costa counties, will long be remembered as one forming th'e most Impressive dedication In the city's history. Age .and. youth combined in celebrating the occasion, of the opening of what has been termed . -one of the greatest scenic roads in the west. At the-highest point of the hill climb overlooking the bay, the trading cars were greeted by an aged man, who, from his appearance, might have been a hermit and who doffed his hat and gave a feeble cheer , as theJiead of the procession swept away. ' SURPRISED BY GIRLS. It was thought by many that dedication ceremonies would be held 1n the natural amphitheater near; the junction of the Skyline Boulevard and the Tunnel road" but the parade continued . down through Claremont and Piedmont without a half. Before reaching. Piedmont Park where refreshments were served, a pleasant surprise awaited the a'utoists. A'g the first of the cars reached the Technical High Bchool a bevy of pretty girls ran out loaded with , bouquets of flowers and packets of colored postcard Views of Oakland which they presented to the autoists. Miss Myrtle Harlow ptrined a rose on Mayor Davie. Among the flower and postcard' distributors were Miss Margaret Larsen, Miss - Winifred Lutx and Miss Margaret Avery. California is perhaps more deeply Interested In" the development of the Philippine Islands than any other state In. the country.'- Tlie securing of proper Industrial, agricultural, finaix-ial and political conditions in the Philippines will mean a great deal In dollars and cents to the Pacific Coast., Sec Sunday's Tribune. Seventeen Ships Pass Through Canal Slide Br Associated Press, PANAMA, Sept. 11. The channel of the Panama canal was sufficiently deepened yesterday at the scene, of (he tiew slide to permit seventeen" of- the fifty ships which were waiting in. the canal or at ;the terminals to pass. ' . Provided there is no further slide most of the other steamers will be sent through the waterway tonight. Including possibly the passenger steamships Finland, bound from San Francisco for New York, and Kronlad, from New York for Los Angeles and Pan Francisco. The present tie-up Is the biggest since the opening of the canal. ...... . ., ' - v ........... ..' '.'-" TotheEcst TED Through -America's Picture Gallery ON An ell-steel solid through train, daily,, OAKLAND to ST. LOUIS. " 9 .03 c u r anPabIo Kansas City .Iffordlnt; a Daylight Ride ' ThroiiRh the ' FEATHER RIVER CANYON and ROYAL JGORGE Observation," I)lnln" hd Sleeping Cars TICKET OFFICES tS26 BROADWAY Tel. Oakland 132. Depot 3d and Washington Tel. Oakland B74. TO THE EAST : Trfi PANAMA-CANAtT" D1XIGHTFIL CRCISKS Abn'rd Lsrge Americs.ii Trtnsstlsntie Liners FIN1iAM" "KROOXLAN'D" S2.(KH Tom Dlnplscciiipnt. . from SAW FEANCISCO From .X0S ANGELES Sept. 20 OCT. 14 NOVr7. Pier 31. .10 A.. M, . Sept. 19 OCT. 12 NOV. 6. And "Every Third Week .Thereafter. To New York To Panama Canal tl2tl and l- I'llxt Cnhln JlOfl ,,,,) $60 suit lip Intermediate ISO til u; Jiicluding Meals and Berth Xiko. fimiMnitlon N. V. Tl'-et One Way Water Other Way Kail PANAMA "PACIFIC LINE .T. H. LARKE. 319 Geary St. S.F. Gcn'l. Fi. Ait. Phoru Gartlald jal SWAYNE HOYT430 SaDsom it. 8.F Gb 1 ' irt. A(U. rnona Kearajr 1640 OTHEHS BEING CURED WHIT MOT YOUI Tli'' Chinese methixls of mm-lrlne differ frnm ull others It employs only purely herbal rem tilles. IV e . bej (P r.l I tin t Ifjilltin ot tlinw wit I) distant pronoiinreil Ineiirsble by 'tliv uj Jor'ty of pt-fftMloniil men. ' Give Hs fl Cflll when '-oilvenient. loe.nlfsrlon Free. DH, SINO. Herb apecialnt. 491 10th 8t,, Jisti U uliinjton, Ofklaad, Csl. I f f 4i iitn (mull : AFTER NINE YEARS, TO RETIRE FROM FIELD Sale to Mark Closing-of Hale Brothers' Department Store in Oakland Hale Bros,, Inc., Tiare announced i will begin and continue until' the ' I .... . . I. T 1 Jl.. ,1 d their Intention of retiring .from the mercantile life of Oakland In the near future?, after nine years of activity in the tiry goods business in this pity. This well-known. Hrm. it will ' be remembered, bought out the interests of Salimrer's deuartment store at the corner of -Eleventh and Washington streets shortly after the tire and earthquake In San Francisco in 106. At that time the main store of Hate Bros, at Sixth and Market streets, San Kranclsco, lay in ruins and temporar- u niucn ui rae aiya P"F" JS transferred to tTils side of the bay. To continue to serve -th.t portion of the San Francisco public that came to Alameda county and to acquaint the east bay cities with the high standard of merchandising and "the superior service for which Hale Bros..) have always stood, the Oakland store was established, under very propitious conditions and has. since its advent into the commercial life of this city, continued to fill a unique niche In the Oakland mercantile world. But the policy of concentration of business interests, rather; than 'an extension of the chain of Hal -Call-, fornia stores, has ed to the decision to retire from business in Oakland and to the announcement that beginning next Wednesday,. September 15, the great closing out sale of this firm ARID III HU IIP SIX Tourists Stopped by Masked Bandits on Road Near Seattle. By Anooisted Press, SEATTLE. Wash., ' Sept. 11. Six automobiles contalnlhg a dozen or more persons were held up shortly .before midnightlast night by four armed and masked men at a point on thet highway between Seattle and Ta-coma known as Renton Junction, 27 miles, south of Seattle. The robbers had placed ' a plank surrounded by a red lantern to .stop the machines, which reached the bar-, rier In gToups of one, two and three at short Intervals.' Reports- of the hold-up came to the police by telephone. The message said that a party of farmers had started after midnight te round up the highwaymen.. The total booty obtained is not known. The occupants of the -first machine, A. D. Lantry, H. 0. Liedman and L. Bassett. all of Seattle, were re lieved of $4 and their watches. DrydocK to Be Tested L for Dreadnought WorK 7 - St Aisopistei Press, v NEW YORK. Sept. 11. Officers at the Brooklvn navy yard believe that Secre tary Daniels is. testing the capacity and efficiency of the one dock in the yard big enough to hold a model battleship, ur- ders hav come from. Washington to pre-1 pare to receive the battlesmps W yoming, Texas, Arkansas, Utah and Florida on October 14, and to have all five ready to sail fourteen days, later. It will be the first time in the history of the local yard thaflin effort has been made to dock five dreadnaughts within such a short time. Each battleship will be In dock for about three days and a big force of mechanics will be obliged to work at top speed to finish t!fe Job in accord ance with the navy department's order. OAKLAND HOTEL CO. ELECTSJEW OFFICERS Charles Jurgens, the capitalist, was elected president of the Oakland Hotel Company, at a meeting. of the company, - succeeding iWalter Lelmert to that office. . Hla son, William Jur- ft , UP, tv no ,.. ... . . . J place of Joseph, H. King, and Golden L. Downing was re-elected secretary- srens. was eiectea vice-presiaent, , in treasurer. The new boird of -directors, nhnaon in TYi anp uu. ui, inn u caiuen.i and vice-president and Lelmert, King, J. T. Eccleston. C. J. HeOseman, R. H. Cross, H. C. Capwell and Kobert M. Fitzgerald. The hotel management will remain in the. hahds of Carl swora. witn Walter Baker as assistant manager. Miss Elizabeth Coats Is secretary to Manager Sword. MARE ISLAND NOTES MAHR 1SIAND, Sept. ll.-The Naval Board of Survey, consisting of captain Andrews, U. S. N., senior member; Com mander Houston, U. S. :v ; avai constructor Drake, U. S. N.; Lieutenant Commander Briggs, U. B. N., and Lieutenants Klnck burn and uotquisi, i i. a. in., con vened this week on board the cruiser Maryland. - A force of estimators, from the hull de partment are busy preparing a report for .Naval uonsirucny n. m. uireun, i. d. N.. In reterence lo me cosi oi insiaiiinK a 300-foot Buliamg inp -on me souin siue of the cantilever crane, mJ The cruiser Denver has arrived at 1A Paz.., Mexico, on her way to Mare Island, where she is to be placed In reserve. The navy yard tug Tillamook and the collier Justin will be released from dock No. 2 at Mare Island at 9 o'clock Monday morning. The navy collier Nanshan and the guiir boat Princeton" lire reported to be on their way to Mare Island1 from Honolulu, and Dprli'a Iho lutter nnrt rlf nevt nek I I Here IS a yunfliuimy nini me j-iinuau (may accompany the divers to IiQiwluJu - In r,lo,. nf Hie Kntnm n that rrn f t U , stilf in Alaskan waters. ---- - I Commander F. K. Karns. V. S. N.; ma chinery rlenartment. is on his wav .north 1 10 Bremerton . nere, ne is ip act. as air. xiuu, wnen ne ran Ollt of Miss imember'of the submarine tender Bushnell . Chalmer's office. The latteharl com trial board. . - In nrt f,H auwK W"19 The army, officials, at Fort Rosecrans, Sftn Diego, Tiave requested. tlie.Mare Island officials to BUbmlt estimates for 625 con- denser tubes. The CtulHer Cleveland will come to Mare Island on Monday and will be given a berth at the north end' of the sea. wall. Mare Island of tidal- havo received a letter from the Department of Commerce , VALLEJ0 NOTES VALTEJp, Sept. 11. After being a(ay from Vallejo for 33 years H, 45. 1 Vander-llp, a former resident of Jrbv city, ar. rived yesterday - -from Chicago, and was kept busy meeting former schoolmates aim acquaintances. Edward,, Fitzgerald, former Vallejo- He. who had been engaaed In business in Oakland for several years, paescu away at bw lhursday night. , p - ana Lnor uianKing mem ror submitting tne I'lilllppincs, setting forth cranlili B blfl fin the renflt anrvev ahln KnrvAvnr ..II.. ii. j i.,..,. .... . ...... e "1 The keel of 'the lttt of the twelve sUei 'f ' "n M ' J Zl - coal barges was laid at the collier build- V, ,P . l'1 ,mcs n exjH'rt on Ing this morning. fc PliiKllines, t - enure siock iiaa ueeu uispuscu ui. In commenting today upon the nature of this closing out sale. W. R. Whitthorne, the present manager of Hale Bros.' Oakland store, said: " "Beginning 'next Wednesday Oakland Is to be treated to the most tre- trienrtniis bare-ntn aaIp. In . this cltv's history. My orders are positive. They 'I are to close out our entire, stock. To accomplish This In the shortest pos sible time the most drastic cuts-in prices ever made In Oakland will be made -in .this store. Tills means all ,.., ".Commission, and a member of the execu- sreat autumn lines that were oraerea i . . i daily. We have been unable to cancel orders for our autuintfJlnes and tliese goods must suffer alike with merchanyl dme"'W: stock. AS atways, not the sHghtest exaggeration will creep irito pur advertising or price tickets, The public has confidence in Hale's, and when I state that wanted faM merchandise will be sold at sensational rJ?ng'-e..?L small army of extra salespeople will be-ready when the opening gun is fired at 9 o'cock nxt AVednesday morning. - . "Our store will remain closed Monday and Tuesday tr make final reductions' and preparations."! Republican Leader and Phil-v anthropist Succumbs to Long Illness.- . - SAX FgAN'CISCO, Sept. 11 Frederick G. Sanborn, pioneer business man, Republican leader and philanthropist, and husband of Mrs. Helen Peck Sanborn, president of the Woman's Board of the Exposition, died at his . home, 1020 Dolores street yesterday, after a prolonged illness. As a substantial supporter of his wife's endeavors In many neklsSanborn passed away without once, since the opening of the Exposition, being In attendance at any of the functions ovei which she has presided. Both felt the situation keenly and the friends of Mrs. Sanborn have realized for somn time nast that while she endeavored to put on a cheerful outward appearance In her duties, her spirit was not In the work. 1 j The Sanborns were married 30 years ago. A year" ago when her husband's health began to fall Mrs. Sanborn took him to HuropeO They returned shortly before the war broke -out and he underwent a critical operation, the results of which Indicated little hope of bis ultimate recovery. i Friendjrbf Mrs. Sanborn Say that her husband expressed a wish that she continue in her capacity as head of the woman's board. But they fear that her own health may not permit her to do so. -Through his wife Sanborn was one -of the backers of the Protestant Ornhan Asylum ' and" ef "-jrftiny ptei1hdvenient4 rbr"'lKe betterment of San Francisco. Sanborn was president of the Bancroft- Whitney Law Book Company ancLthrough his business associations he has. been highly esteemed in San Francisco for years. The" arrangements for the funeral have not been completed. IN SUPPLEMENTAL PLEA CHARGES INFIDELITY Supplementing the suit he has commenced for a divorce from hs wife, Inez Fe Caranza Molera, J. R. Molera at Alameda charges infidelity in ari amended complaint filed in the Superior cturt. He asks for the custody of their eldest daughter, Amelia, but asks the court to declare that a cMId named Fe Inez Molera Is not his. Mrs. Molera last June eloped to New Xork with Frank Teeramorsl Jr. of San Francisco. She took her two children with her. The couple were arersted add brought back here for trial. Cases against them lare now pending In San Francisco. - ,: ARREST OF TWfl RflYQ nl,JJ' 1 Af1" 1 " DU T O DISCLOSES ESCAPE Special Policeman Carrlek arrested two boys, Pan Burke and Daniel Mc-Coulagne, at Fifth and Adeline streets early this morning and learned from them that with two other bovs they had 'ped-,f,om. the detention home about midnight. The police notified the- detention home authorities and an Investigation resulted in the discovery that the boys had forced a screen from a window and jumped to the ground. .The two boys who have not been captured, are Morris Londrigan and Angelo Mortarotti MRS. ALFRED VANDERBILT LEASES INCHOT HOME EW - YORK- Sept. il.-Mrs. Alfred Gwynne Vanderbllt, whose husband ner-ishecLon the Lusltania. has leed "tur-nished the Amos R. Pinchot residence ra-rAaV'fn"e and Rif'ty-fifth street, at ,.000 a year. The house was ocru- vnH- in . "1 ,lmce Amor. Mrs. anderbllt. In grief, cannot bear to remain in the Vanderbllt Hotel apartments, she and her husband occupied " ..,HK,'I t-f)R T1IFFT. Henry Silva is being held i'i;. ?&$XSMg&tl0" ot e charge oiuic ti purae irom Miss I 1 CHaTftTefs.'a clerk at 79o p,i"i,'ii . .,-;,-ti. . . . "l ast fOUf- vvl .-.wrcu oiiva was captured after . a chase thrbugh the gtreets- by I, De. 'rllngt(;r'11164Elghty-flrst avenue! and -V'"' -s ,va was captured afte ' 7 M v. D"u"' near ner I esl the strings of h.er leather .'l "u-nuuag nanging rrotn under his cpat He, ran ' out of the 'place and was shortly afterwards captu,red. --' - i - v -. - Tim c.l., l..n. . . i""oj.inMiiie win contain a valuable and illuminating: article on TWENTY-FOOTERS RACE TODAY VTne tvfenty-footers of the local yacht clubs are to race off the exposition this afternoon under conditions that will keen the entire progress of the contest within easy view of the Marina. The .course is from within .yacht harbor out around the battleship Oregon and cruiser Milwaukee and return Oil flr-fniinl r,f -i . - ... uir elm l- .1 no,, r.t t U ,L. ,. entering and leavlns vacl.t Tirh,.r each lap.-' considerable seamanship is ex- , pectert of the winning skipper. The 4 slai't Is scheduled igr S;30 p. nw AOunESSMAIDItS - ' ' V. . : ICS PHAISE OF OREGON'S HIGHWAY Road Skiriting Columbia Rvief Called World's Finest by ; Visiting Experts. ; Oregon, In Its Columbia Highway, has theCgreatest scenic road in the entire worKl, In the opinion - of several good roads experts who are here. for the Pan- American . Road, Congress which will open In the theater of the Municipal Audi torium next Monday morning. ' One of the most enthusiastic boosters for the. hew highway Is W. W. Crosby, ..former chief engineer for the Maryland.-State Highway ., , ,v , . tlve commltee of the congress, who Is at the Hotel Oakland "1 have seen all of the famous roads of the world;1' states Crosby, "but none of them, In the old world or the new. can compare with this wonderful road which runs along the banks of the Columbia river. Such wonderful .roads as that which circles Lake Luzerne., In Switzerland, and that which goes from Nice to Genoa, are surpassed for scenic beauty Oregon read. , No road in France. Italy, England or any of the old countries can equal it. Not even the famous Palisades Parkway, along the Hudson river in New York, canj.equal this road." The new highway , is now in course of. construction. At preserit.lt is thirty miles in length, running along the banks of the Columbia river, in snme places more than 800 feet ahove the water All of the eastern delegates who are "coming to Oakland for the convention will view the Columbia Highway tefore reaching here. - ' C. M. Kerr," assistant chief engineer of the Louisiana State' Highway Commission, and S. E. Bradt, secretary and member of the Illinois Statp Highway Commission, arrived in the city yesterday as delegates to the congress, and are at the Hotel Oakland. Both will be sneakers on the convention program, (is will Charles P. Light, field secretary of the American Highway Association, and George W. Cooley, state engineer of Mm-nesota,who are also in the city. " Hope Abandoned for 96 Aboard Fruit Shijiw Bv Associated Press. WASHINGTON, Sept. 11. Hope that any of the ninety-six persons aboard the missing United Fruit steamer Marowijne are yet alive finally has been abandoned by the Navy Department. .The vessel sailed from Belize, Honduras, August IS, for New Orleans, and probably was in the Yuttan Channel when the recent West Indian hurricane swept sthe Mexican Gulf. The department announced yesterday that the ship's owners had admitted her loss with all on board, after a futile search lasting more than three weeks. ome wrecaage nenevea 10 nave nct-n part of the vessel's structure works has been found. The three naval vessels assigned to assist In the hunt for the Marowijne have been instructed to discontinue the search; Spokane Farmer Beats Woman; Kills Self B Associated Prtsi. SPOKANE, Wash.. Sept.' 11. Nick Kit-ter, a farmer 50 years old, was found dead with a revolver by -his ide when of fleers, from the Spokane county sheriff's office were c!ftledfto the farm bv Mrs. Louise Woerhlln, a widow, near Colbert, Wash.., last night. Mrs. Woerhlin hajj bein-xbVa,reii-.a'riont the he.ad...and body and left for dead by ktttfr(, Children of Mrs. Woerhlin said Kitter ctrme to the Woerhlin home late In the evening and after -nuarrelling with their mother, belabored her with the hutt of a revolver until she was unconscious, "lie left the house and shortly afterward his body was found at his farm adjoining that of Mrs. Woerhlin. . Mrs." Woerhlin, according to pffiYers, probably will die. HOLDUP MAN IN GARB OF WOMAN, jS REPORT R. f4det)ef''geTr, of 67 Sixth Ftreet, notified tlie police last night that; a' marj garbed lit woman's apparel had attempted to hold up his father and sister at Sixth and Madison streets. The police are investigating the report. - ' Hugh McCall, '3718 BeAilah street, re ported to the police that his pocket was picked while In a crowd on Clay street while watching the dance last night. A purse containing small change was taken. George Lowe, 905 Webster street, reported that burglars entered his home and stole jewelry. Mrs." C. "L". Condon; 3765Kast Fourteenth street, reported that She was victimized by a stranger who gave her a $1 bill, the denomination" of which Had been raised' to $5 and that she gave him the proper change after he had purchased some gum at her store. - Mrs. J. R. Currie, 2178 Rosedale ave? nue," reported that art attempt at burglary was made at Jrer home but the In- rSjiir was- frightened away. TWO VERSIONS OF CUT ON ARM 0FM. SCRIBNER M, J. Scibner, 1066 Sixtieth street, reported" to. Patrolman McTlgue that he had, been held up near his home' and thfif the footpad had stabbed him in the arm. The report was made after Dr. J. P. Wpods had informed the police that he had dressed a wound for Scribneh ' 'Corporal Rumetsch was- detailed to in vestigate the report and at Scribner'si home found that a. window had been broken and tlirtt there was blood ffn the floor inside the house. .Mrs. Mary Maco-vich, S'rihner's housekeeper, stated that she had shoJ'ed Scrlbner out of1 the house aft.erThaviug trouble with him and that he had cut himself while trying to climb irr through e-wimtow. Irs. MauovicU has decided- lo leave her employer. , - Y 0 U ii G B APTIsfS-WILL ATTEND NOVEL. fjALLY A 'wireless rall- program has been sent out by the First Baptist Church of Oakland to the young Baptists of the city! inviting them to be ;ln ' attendance tomorrow morning to .witness the arrival of the S. K, Results. This boat, and 4t will be an acttial boat, . constructed on the altar of the . First. Baptist church, will be manned by Carl Baker, bandmaster "of the U. S. naval training sta-tlon-and. -0 naval cadets of Terba Biena Island. . Tiie passengers will be the yoting Baptists. i.'A fyeligfpus quarantine is to be.,"-' held. This hovel ... annuati 9unday school '-raliy" Is under the supervision of Arthur Ei Caldwell (ind W. H. Groat and comrnrlices at id o ciock. X35 FJTEIi SAIIX)H DTKS. By A5tdPrM. i VVfitUXUTON, Sept. 11. Gerhard MafuarUt, a sailor of the Cerinun lerce raider Prinz Ettel Fried- interned at, the Norfolk navy Is dead in the Las Animas naval IWierculosis hospital tn M 'olorado, it . . tllll.ltJlJ IU r.l llflB (Ulil. 'lie IIH.ll i was announci ' r,p,n sent tht Eitet'i comm ere at the 'request of tlie I commander." i r i h. . i?: ,K!ir:;r.; UNCLE WIGGILY'S (By Howard Copyright, lSlS,-by McClure Newspaper Syndicate. . One bright, beautiful summer day, when Uncle Wiggily' I-ongears. the nice rabbit gentleman, came bark to his seashore hotel from having been down on the boardwalk, watchUig one crack run into another, the, mud turtle messenger boy saidr ".: '.: "Here is a letter for you, Mr. Long-ears '' - - laimed Uncle ; " whom It can msuy. i wumwi y be?" - So he 'opened the letter and read bmH whn ho h,i finished be exciaimtu. 'Hip! -Hjpr Hurray!" anu ne w. his tall silk hat In-the Oil'.- "vh .,n .mrnii itrsr like l ourlh of 1 w ho was a mud turtle chap, on purp.we so he would not k'o'fast and make the anlmai rifnnlo at the hotel feel nervous excited. . "Well, I feel even better than the Fourth of July," spoke l.ncle Wiw,U. "This Isn't "a letter at alh' . ' "No?" murmured the mud turtle xnes senger, surprised like, f But it Iooks llko ft letter " "No."' said Uncle AVlggily. "It-is f Invitation to a codfish ball a sort ot dame party, you know." ,.,, "Art you going?" asked the mud turtle In a verv low and easy voice, so ..as . v, o. howi In the nail. "Of n lirxp. I'm going uueie ger. rv, An.ifiii. hall will he on the lawn tennis courts." said the rabbit gentleman ''and there Will he a net lence jll. nr.nl so no one will fall off. I inwst -go and tell Nurse Jane Fuzzy W uzzy. bhell . ne real pleased." , . And the muskrat lady was when she heard about the codfish ball. ; "Of 'course, we'll g,., Uncle WlSBilv. She said. "And you must -wear your white trousers. You Win wok H""' i"1" In them. Everv one at the, seashore. vnn know, wears white trousers and blue coat. So you must alo.' "Alas! Likewise sorrowfulness. said Uncle. Wiggily. most sadly. What Is the mailer: Nurse e. . cannot wear my wnne irv.usvi "Whv not ?" Nurse Jane wanted to know. '""' - , ., "Because I had them on when I fell In th Mr wa.ve the other day. and V. t,J ... . mtr rt C 1 U A wnen ine. lonsier iram-u. u - me he tore them " run i win w iiicui j . 1 Nurse Jane., "Alas! That Is net all," went on Uncle Wiocilv. . "My white trousers are so stained with salt water that .they are nearer hlack than white. If I have to wear them, Lean t go to the codfish ball." . . "Yes. you shalt go." cried Nurse Jane "This is going to be a fine dance, and I want to go and I. want you to t.ike me Not ftnly will I sew up the hole in your trousers, - nut l win ai- so they will tie as wnue m good as new.'- ' ,, . : "Well. If you ,do that 1 11 go, said Vncle Wiggily. - ' "I'll do it." said the muskrat lady. So the next dav; which was the one befnr- the codfish hall parl,Nurse Jane fixed Uncle wiggirys rroui.ers o r, f ;'1!!1."":"0" "d Now I'll hang them out on Ihe line to drv." said the muskrat lady. For she and Uncle Wigprily were stopping at a nice seaside hotel, wnere iney mind II you wasneu mu a """i9ii,u - a table cloth and hung it out of the window? tadrv. In some -hotels they don't fct-yoii do that, not 'eeu wash a Via Hlf trKlf - Hn Nurse Jane washed Uncle-Wlgglly'S V'V:'.;. i -i -.Tr- . SPIRITUALISTS HQLD CEREMONIES AT FAIR TRffiUNK BUREAU, Tanama -Pacific Exposition, Sept. 11. Spiritualists' imy ceremonies in the California building opened the official exposition program to day. This Is also Butte County Day ana National Newthot Congress Day at the fair. Residents of Butte county have their headquarters for the day In the California bulldlng'and in the North Gardens. The Newthot Science CbngrefS Day cele brations will be held In the Court of the Universe this afternoon. Among the musical features at the'. Exposition are the oruan ...recitals at. Festival Hall by Kdwjn. "Letnare of London. Music Is being1 fur nished in differe-nt sections of the fair grounds and buildings today by the Boston band, the exposition orchestra, the Lr.ited States Marine band, the Philippine band and the Marimba band. Silvio Pettirossi will give an' Ulumlnarted aeroplane flight on the Marina this evening. A HAMBURG LINE FINED BY U. SCOURT JUDGf By Associates ?resi. -- , . - NEW YORK. Sept. 11. A fine of $700 ( for contempt of court was imposed on, the Hamburg-American Steamship Com- I pany by Judge Veeder - of the FederaJ Glirt in Brooklyn for ,-refusal to answer j questions in a suit for damages brought 1 by the owners of -two other, steamship j companies. Two of the questions which the Hamburg-American line declined - to answer j were: "Did the; Hamburg-American j line load and dispatch from this and I other ports of the Cnited States colliers i with ojrgnes destined for German cruisers j In the Atlantic?" and "Did Captain Boy-j Ed, naval attache of the German Embassy, direct the supercargoes of these colliers, themselves German naval reservists, to divert the vessels ffonv t-Wir stated course sff as to meet "with' the German ships of war?" Counsel for the Harnburg-Amerlean line' took exception to the court's rul ing. ' - ' - , $i A JtOXTH AU.AIOXY. Together with an Interlocutory decree of divorce, which she obtained yesterday, Mrs.. Joseph Helsch'er was awarded tl per month nliirony, one of the -stnAUest sums on record.. ih AIa hieda county. Judge W. H. Donahue further ordered, however, that her husband should pay $8- per-week: for the supporof their four minor chil dren. . Americas Greatest ; Cigarette miEgyptianOgarrtttthtluV&rlil Mi 1,X,- ,-...i.. y . "Of cturse, I'm going: uiu ie "'" aftPr dark to get them. And now he has ' i.T,,;!. p f t ' 'v aJr fe--...but ciTCtetHTiP8Rlow V:"h: We iotsof fun." . J into the hotel rushed Unci, ,WBfl. "X"' W l"f Tth" ke"rl "Where Is the codfish, ball -oh, Nurse Jane!" he cried, 'What 1" Mason. Vn.nJ t "?ni. n be?" asked the mud turtle uuy ...o.-.. do )U (hink? Th had fnx grabbed my sscran.entn -nhd MnC-nr it. t r.nmrH f 1 a ' ' ) lit " WHITE TROUSERS R. Garls.) trousers, and when she huugtliem out tu'dry she Fluffed the legs full of towels so the trousers looked Just as if the rabbit gentleman's paws were in them. All the next day, until toward evening, the' white stuffed trousers hung out on the line to dry. To and fro they swung t.. tua ..-(..l eA..Al ftf n..l. 'iit itf-." .nt..,.'.r nlh ' 'tmnd' for a moment, thinking It was the rabbit gentleman hi.uself hanging; there and naving Bwing on me ciuiueaiuiB. jjui it wasn't "I think you- had bettedres now sdkl Nurse Jane to Uncle W Iggtly, on , , the evening of the codfish ball party. itj'v.oout and bring in your white trousers from the line, and uut them on. I'll be getting dressed myself and w won't be late." -. 1 - : Uncle "WlggBSf r.wen, out-in the hotel! yanl to get ltis ' whif trousers, - and he was just going to reach them down off the line, when, all of a sudden,, some- , thing black Jumped up from behind the Tain waterliarrtl, made a grab tor tne Btuffed trousers, and. tearing them ..off the line, ran away with them, calling out: "Ah ha! This is the time I have caught you, Mr, Iongears. V'uu thought I you could fool me, swinging on tne announced: I clothesline in the dark. -But at last' -11 , Department- of flty Planning t'real-'have you!" " " npnt. Percy V. L&ng. cltv mtiniwy-nf ! "Itn! The fox!" whispere'd 1'ncle Wlg- Sail Francisco; first vice-president, Fred ' gilv, keeping In the shadows. "That.". heeter, councilman, I,os Angeles; was the bad old fox! 'He saw the stuffed "ft'""? -vice-president, Duncan McDuffie, I white troffeiers - on the lln and he Berkeley- city planning commissioner; sec- thmorht I M-nn In thm H waltml until whitestuffed trousers off. the line and ran away with them. He thought ne had me. Ha! ha! What a Joke!" And then Cncle1 .Wiggily laughed until, ha sneezed. ; "Joke!" cried Nurse Jane. "i, don't' see any joke! You say the fox took your white trousers?" - "Yes." . ,. ".Then what are you gMn? to wear "to the codfish ball? You must havs white trousers. You haven't another pair to your name, and, now that the stores are all closed, you can't buy any! Oh, dear! What a bad fox! If he had taken anything but the white trousers!" Uncle Wiggily thought for a minute. "Hush! Don't feel badly," he said to Nurse Jane. "I. know how to get a pair of w hite trousers after "all." "How?" asked the muskrat lady,dry ing her tears on .-her-tall.' "Why. I'll take some of the white stuff that I ififce to make my shoes white," said Uncle WlKgily. "and wtth lt '."V( ; i n paint a nai I wnite! Hurrtfy!' of my black trousers 0 Oh, tne very thing: inais une: ! cried Nurse Jane. "Quick, Wlggvl" She called him that for short, as ?ie was th a hurry. "Quick, or we'll be late for i the codfish hall." '- Soon, with the shoe whitenlnit stuff, I Uncle Wiggily made a pair, of his Mack ! trousers a White a. snow, and he wore them to the codfish ball, and no one knew the difference, except the fox, and b wasn't there to tell, so that djdn't count. . Uncle Wlgcily and Nurse Jane bad a , fine time, ( nd this teaches us that every-; thing that is stuffed Is not an olive. And I in theNext stnrv, if the bedsprlifg doesn't tick like a watch and wake up th alarm 'clock. I'll tell you about Uncle Wigs'ly and the big ice cream cone. Jf know. all about the Millippl: if yo.. want to know wlint has Iw-on dotie fliere during the last two years, and What ought to be l (onp f0 .soiure the prosporUy .of the islands,' read I Iff ttmrrrelipn?) v.ei article In The Sunday Tribune, to morrow, ly Garfield .lone, who Is an expert authority on the Filipinos anil their jslmuK not fg m - - - - , -,- , . . .j i is a Household Necessity THE s Tank Water Heater .i i - vides -1 J i-i hl mm EXPERTS AO JIB!! ' FOR DAY AT FAIR ' League of Municipalities Wit? Meet at Visalia Next - Year. All delegates to the league of Cn-'-y-nian Municipalities and City l-'ian"""" Association convention are having- a final. fling at the exposition today before re- l" men- resitective nunie.n in 11 oections of the state. The officers of i lie imi, - , "that the week's jk which 'concluded "J the convention stated ; gathering in this pity yesteraay, was -one of the most suc- te uioM rani.a'.ioil clerlo of of Ue Le s. 'A'lsalia cessful held by the two organizations. Allen H. AVrlght. .city . clerk, of San Piego, Is the new president of tfe Leasue of California Municipalities. VisaTia'" l-to be the next centering point of the league. The other newly elected officers are a follows: First 4ie-presldel.t,'- Wallace Rutherford, city Httortv pt Napa; second vice-president Lorlli . Hand!ej preideht of the Board of Public Works, Los Angeles; secretaries, H A. Mason, board and -ordl nance expert of the Hoard of Supervisors,.,,- .-an tTaneisco. and VV. .1. l.n-Ke. i-ck1- , dent of the Bureau of. Municipal Refer cine, Alameda. l- ollowlng the departmental elections - held. 'yesterday results follows were : . Jl. v-nepey, iri-Ml" Richmond. Department of City Attorneys "PjeSlI-. dent, Howard Robinson, assistant city attorney, I.os Angeles; vice-president, V. AV. Henderson, city 'attorney, Merced;, secretary, W. J. Locke, Alameda. Department of Clerks, Auditors and Assessors President, ,H. (!. Nesting, Marysvllle; vice-president Frank f fas-sOfflr Pale A Hoi secretary,- Miss-? I'-. I' Karly, San Mateo. " : Department of Health President. Dr. Wither A. Sawyer, secretary of state board of health: vice-president, Pr; H. F. Browning, health officer Hay ward: ec retary-treasurer, Dr. Ralph L Taylor, he.-ilth officer f-onsr' Beach. Department of Engineers. Cnuncilmen and Street SuperintendentST-rreRlilenl, James T. Sutton, city engineer Alammla; oretary, -B. Croklle, city engineer Fresno. k SPECIAL frozen Brick Maple Ice Cream Lemon Water Ice Vanilla Ice Cream A pint brick . 25c A n&tl brick . 50c Ql brick ddmttd 80d Broadway Near oakiandiiaklflnn n rnonc -v ..... aroaa 496 Fourteenth Water 1 II,, ' , 14 using gas, tne clean, convenient fuel, pro his - necessity, promptly and economically. .,-' x V; ';: Visit the display rooms of tha local dealers. See this splendid hot water providr in operation. Pric.es reasonable. Easy to install , Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Thirteenth and Clay Sts.. Oakland Lakeside 5000. BERKELEY AM) ALAMEDA V ' I I -l: ''

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