Winston-Salem Journal from Winston-Salem, North Carolina on October 8, 1922 · Page 7
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Winston-Salem Journal from Winston-Salem, North Carolina · Page 7

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 8, 1922
Page 7
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Sunday, October ft 1 o 2 2 THE WINSTON-SALE tl JOURNAL n r, v Yale Carolina Holds Greensboro Is Crushed By Black And Gold Team Local Eleven Ran$ Up Score oFFortyne to Nothing Against Visitors; Caldwell and Sapp ' Star for High School Ell HO LDSIK F DRESTT0 1 SCORE Th Black and Gold eleven of the Jocal hUfh echooi crushed the PurpW Whirlwind of the Greensboro Jfilgh school yesterday afternoon W Hanes Park, before one of the', largest crowds that ever witnessed a high schol game In the cl4y. The final score was 41 to O.J Coach La Far's charges got off 'to a bad start during the first two quarters but outfought and outplayed the visiting team during the last half and ran up a high score. The score at the close of the first half tells the story of how the two teants battled during these quarters. Joyce's field goal and Frazler'i touchdown during the second quarter were the only scores In this half. The local team showed more drive and pep than was displayed In the Spencer game. The offense of the backfleld and line was a Rreat Improvement. Hard tackling nnd blocking caused Greensboro sustained by the Greensboro team. The local team has been rated by many as the greatest team In the history of ths high school and one of the greatest scoring machines In the state. They showed that they had the punch to score at will by running up one hundred and five points in the first two games to none for the opponents. Captain Joyce sent a beautiful dropkick through the goal post at the opening of the second quarter tor the first score of the game, the kick was made from the JO yard line. , The first touchdown was registered by Frazler just before the close of the first half when he ran fifteen yards after catching a pass from Sapp. Joyce kicked the goal. Joyce recovered a Greensboro fumble on the SO yard line. Sapp ran 22 yards and placed the ball under the goal post. Frailer made Ave more yards and Grubbs crashed off tackle for the remain ing three yards. . Joyce failed at Old Gold and Black Starts With Whirl But Feathers Soon Fall " . ' team to call time out to the limit and several of the visiting team 'the goal. were- helped off the field, Half- Frazler Intercepted a Greens-back Stone of the Greensboro team boro pass On the 22 yard line and suffered a broken ankle during ran 25 yards before he Was brought the game. to earth. Two plunges by Frazler The steady plunging of Caldwell, netted six yards snd Frazler went Grubbs. Frazler ftnd flapp kept over for another touchdown. Joyce the Greensboro team in hot water 'again failed at the goal. , most or ine game and the ball.. Hteadv olunslnr by the Biacn was in their territory most om the content. The local line played a great game and held the heavy Greensboro line in check. The running of Caldwell snd Kapp were the outstanding features of the game. Caldwell made several long gains whjle f-'app proved a great broken flefd runner and lead the team from quarter back in great style. The running and pausing of Swift for the Purple Whirlwind wss the feature for the losers. Swift made most of the Greens- and Goal backfleld carried the ball to the four yard line and Sapp crashed over for the touchdown. Joyce proved a failure at the goat. This ended the scoring for the third quarter. With several minutes of the last quarter ticked off Happ intercepted a pass in mldfleld and ran (3 yards for another touchdown. Joyce again missed the goal. Greensboro tried another pass frdm ths ewtnty yard line and Happ caught It and ran for a touchdown. Joyce made the try at goal good. This brought the boro gains and played a good score up to forty-one points and game. Green also handled the ' ended the scoring. ball well. Both teams played a'aood clean The two teams have always game and brought many cheers been great rivals and the local team were trying to do their best and pile up a great score while the Greensboro team was on the defense during the latter part of the contest. The game wan a beautiful contest although a high score was piled up by Black and Gold machine. The only thing that marred the contest were the Injuries from the stands by good plays. Over a thousand people witness ed the contest, one of the largest to witness a high school game in the city. Summary and line-up: W.-8. Highs Pos G. High Veach VF. Sellars J. Davis I-T Mcintosh Burns LO Wrenn Whtkins C Block F. Davis RC1 Hodglns RT Jackson RE Burroughs OH Swift. Capt RH WHklns Lit Harrison FB Green Com to the First Baptist McMichaet church Sunday night and Capt hear Dr. Jester' closing: Houchins message on 'The Touch that Oaves. Wonderful; Score by quarters singing, powerful preach-! lchl J? a II t VJl OCIIOIWI u !! O- ing; Diessing ror an woo can get in. Early comers get the best seats; late comers may pJ; get in. Tan Brogue Oxford A new last for young men, made o' a new color leather that i8 in great demand in the larger cities. This oxford is of high quality and will give long service. Price $9.00 Wright's Shoe Store WM. WRIGHT, JR., Mgr. Main at Fourth Phone SS 10 1 1241 0 0 00 Summary: Referee. Noble (Au burn; umpire. McAllister (Davidson); timekeepers, Shepherd (Dav-son) and Welsh (Carolina); head-linesman. Fulton (Carolina); touchdowns, Frailer 2; Sapp 2; Caldwell, Grubbs; Held goals, Joyce 1; goals after touchdown, Joyce 2; substitutions, Hatcher for Burns; Frailer for Houchins; Hampton for McCorkle; Jentz frtr F. Davis; Burns for Hatcher; Hatcher for Watklns; Jones for Veach; Cofer for Caldwell; Grubbs for Hampton; Hendricks for F. Davis; Frailer for Caldwell; Hampton for Frazler: Chatham for Hendricks; Houchins for Cofer; F Davis for Lents; McCorkle for Frazier; substitutions for Greensboro, Williams for Borroughs; Connley for Hid-glns, Koelng for Mcintosh; Goodwin for Block; Stone for Harrison; Mcintosh for Koelng; Koelng for Mcintosh; Hodglns for Wrenn; Ford for Hodglns; High for Thomas; Burroughs for Cellars. II. o;iDSlE T Q3TQUCHDQWMS McDonald Once Carried Ball Over Yale Line But Team Was Offside (By Ths Asunisleit F'eM New Haven, Oct. 7. In a drizzle Yale deprived of Captain Jor-da and O'Heay, defeated North Carolina University 18 to 0 this I afternoon. McDonald,, the visitor's quarterback once carried the ball I across Tale's goal line but the ladsj i from the south had been otrsiae ! and the touchdown did not count. ) A clean 2 2 -yard forward pass. Neldlinger to Mallory gave Yale Yale its first score. In the third j period Johnston, from behind I North Carolina's lne, kicked the I ball against the post. It rebound- ed and Eddie of Yale fell on It for Yale's second touchdown. The , third score came when Neldlinger Winston-Salem High Point ..." ; ; I ' Motor Lines "IK H. F. MOORE, Manager SCHEDULE A et "itgh Point ' lKjt,n xfrug Company 8.00 A. M. 11:00 A. M. 8:00 P. M. 5:00 P. M. Leave Winston-Salem Zlnzendorf Drag Company ' 8:00 A. M. 11:00 W. M. S.-00 P. M. ' 5:00 P. M. All Seven-Passenger Cars. Expert and Efficient Drivers. Our Motto: Safety First Patronize the line of good service that stays here summer and winter; that you can depend on; that serves you in good weather and bad -over good roads and bad. We go avery day and are always on time. Ride with us. " - ; r Winston-Salem-High Point Motor Lines (8pelsl Is Tse ,Jorasl) -Wake Forest, Oct- T. Starting the game in whirlwind fashion by maklnf touchdown and four successive first downs and then slowing to a pace that (ailed to produce touchdowns Wake Forest won the second football game played on the home grldlon today from Elon by the score of T to 0. . " - Inablllaty to produce the necessary punch at the crucial moment prevented Wake Forest from scor ing several touch downs that should have followed first down after first down after first down especially during the Initial half. On the other hand Elon began an offensive in the last half that gained four first downs and once threatened the local elevens goal. Coach Ivenes charges made a total of ten first downs ssven of which were In the first half and five In the first quarter. But after the period the team began to slacken Its pace and did not seem able to carry the ball over when liio opportunity came. Wake For est also suffered a total of four! fifteen yard penalties and several Ave yard penalties which seem to come at the time when scoring seemed most possible. Lowry, right hsjf back and star broken field runner on the, Baptists suuad, started the game at quarter and by - efficient generalship carried the ball down the field for the only touchdown In the first two minutes of play. Lowry kicked place kick. Wake Forest then received and again marched down the field only to lose the ball On the fifteen yard' line, being held to downs. In the last half Elon developed an offensive that brought four first downs to their predlt and several lengthly runs were made r.y Perry and Hanner. In the last five minutes of play Elon get away with a twenty-flvs-yard gain by the air route from Perry to . Clark which placed the ball on Wake's eight yard line. After two line bucks which gained .little or nothing Brandon recovered a fumble for Wake Forest which carried the ball out of Wake's territory, klon completed several forward passes during this period, Clark doing the spectatular work on lett end. For Wake Forest Lowry was the outstanding backfleld man making gains through ths line and around end during the entire time he was in the game. Holmes and Boylan also made consistent gains throuah the line. In the line the work of Bill Johnson was steady and effec tive throughout the contest. Johnston and Pegrand went well on the nanus wnue Palermo played a tood game at tackle recovering two fumbles. Heckman was not in the game on account of .Injuries. Line cp; Wake Forest Position Elon Johnson Clark L. E. Palermo ; Smith L. T. Smith Whitesel L. G. Martin High R. G. Johnson a. Brown R. T. Jegano , piynn R. E. LowT Perry Q. Q. Brandon Qt;nlt L. H. Fulton Klrkland K H VyUn : McAdams F B Summary: Scoring Wake Forest touchdowns Lowry. Place kick from touchdown Lowry. Substitutions for Wake Forest Holmes for brandon, Coward for Palermo, Hansen for Fulton, Greason for Lowry. Brandon for Holmes. Palermo for Coward, Fulton for lluneon. Lowry for Graeson, Lee for Martin, Hansen for Lowry Lentz for Bmlth, Crutchfleld for Johnston. Caudle for Reltzel, Coward for Palermo. Harris for, Graeson for Boylin. Substitutions for Elon, Hanner for Gantz, Fltts for Kirkland, Gantz for McAdams. Time of quarters 15. 12, 16. 11 Officials referee Torgan, Ristate Lmpire Whltaker State, Headlines-man McDougsl state College.,,: MR. HERMAN AND WIFE DECIDE TO SEPERATE (By Ths Amoeittcd Hrein) South Bend, Ind. Oct. 7. Mrs. Augusta Tlernan. wife of John P. Tiernan, University of Notre Dame law professor, filed suit for divorce late today charging cruel snd Inhuman treatment. Recently Mrs. Tlernan charged that Harry Poulin was ths father of her ten-months-old son. Poulin was found not guilty of the charge In city court. Professor Tlernan. who assisted In the prosecution of Harry Poulin, announced shortly after the Judge rendered his decision that he and Mrs.-T!ernan would separate and that she would take the three children, two daughters and the son to home of her mother In BronsOn, Michigan. The Tiernan's separated today. No Baseball Ma ft nee, At The Journal Toddy (resit Interest has bem manifested by lha local fan Us The Journal's baseball rontlne. riven each afternoon during the series, and th tvowde have Inert 'sod dally. ' Tlie fifth gsjiw of the series will he played n Nrw York, this afternoon m two o'clock. Howxer, tlx game will not be aimnuiKN'd by The . Journal today. ...; v.. . The law of North Carolina have tnaria It unlawful to play baseball games In tltln State on the Sabbath day, and Ttm Journal cannot, with good coiwcimoe, announce the results of a 8 u inlay baseball game played la New York, when It would be unlawful to play the game here. The reader of The Journal am Invited to pern He the columns of the Monday morning Journal for msiilta of the game. Tho annexing of the fourth game of the sories by the Glanla, baa again npaet the d"l" basket of baseball ripens, and It looks If those -who pinned their faith In the Yankees are doomed to blue disappointment. The Ulanta have only more game to win, while the Yanke must wake It tW straight In order to cop the championship. Such a feat la regarded as highly lm-probable and It Is more than likely that one more game will deride the series as John McOraw aoems determined U make a clean sweep of the aerie. , , In case the sixth game fboold be neeemary and be played Monday afternoon. The Journal's baseball matinee will again be staged and the fans are Invited to attend. Kvery ball, every strike, and erory play made in the game will he announced lut as soon as It is received over the Associated I'm Wire, which - Is connected directly with tho Polo Urounds at New York. FAILURE TO KICK GOAL , GAVE GAME TO FURMAN (By Ths iMwM Pnm) 1 Gainesville, 11a... Oct T. Newton's failure to kick foal In the second period gave Furman a T te victory over Florida today In the opening game of the season here. The 'Gator touchdown was scored In a downpour of rain.whtah marred the play through the first half. This and the visitors' touchdown resulted from long forward passes, Furmsn gaining 0 yards on one completed pass and Flnrlds fifty yards on two. Neither team oould gain consistently throush ths line. I lees have been known to leave their hives and haver around the-entrance at the approach of a storm. Lobstst-a and crabs abound along ths shallow, sandy shore of northwest Afrlra. "The) Dintsr of DsJ.v." will be Dr. Jester' subject at the First Baptist church revival service this morning--Get there early if you want' a seat. , , 1 See Those Good Florsheim Shoes and! Oxiords at Winston. Shoe Store 442 Trade Street T TRINITY DEFEATS VIRGINIANS 1H The first woman with sovereign authority was Semlramls, queen of Assyria. 1 was pushed over from the five-yard line. Line up and summary: Tale (18) Postlon N. C. (0) LB Cutler R- Morris I.T Storres - Mathews LO Cruikshank (Act C) Pritchard' (c) C Landls Cross Dlllar Holman Becket Bench Neldlinger FB Mallory Score by periods: Tale . . . . .. . North Carolina- Tale scoring RT RH QB LB RH Blunt Polndexter Hadfleld Cochran McDonald Morris Johnston McGee 0: : : 1 : 0: t 9 0 Touchdowns. Mai Steiner's Men Play Spectacular Game and Crush Victims (fieecisl Tl Journal) Durham. Oct. 7. A spectacular run of 65 years for a touchdown by Brown featured Trinity's 7 to nothing vlotory ovsr Hampden Sidney on Hanes field this afternoon. The long run came In the fourth quarter after Brown had several times before gotten away for telling gains. Of the three other touchdowns made Quarter Bmlth carried two of them over and Captain Neal. playing with a bad ankle. nt h mh.r. Three times out of four Blmpsop made good In the eitra point after touchdown by kicking. The Virginian team put up a terrific fight, but were kept on the defense by Steiner's men c.nrlns most of ths gams. In ths thlrit nllartsr Trinity had the ball on Hampden Sidney's three yeard line, only to be held for downs by the plucky Virginians. The Trinity team kept the offensive most of ths way through and playsd the game In their own territory, making thirteen first downs to Hampden Sidney's three. Day for Hampden Sidney received the ball on klckoffs and did some pretty running back of the Interferences which his mates gave In this feature Captain Brehaman for the visitors also stood out. Ths terrific heat of the day told on both teams and necessitated substitutes. Csrter who had been going like a houss afire bad to come our when he suffered a bad gash on the forehead. The Line, dp: Trinity Hampden Sidney Position Neal Capt. C. Carter , L. E. Hatcher I T. Fuquay L. T. Taylor Lac L. O. Simpson Saunders C. Pennington . . . . . Hall R. O. Caldwell Stolti R. T. B. Carter Breneman Capt. RE! Smith Sanders Q. Garret IT R. 3. W. Weaver K. Blankenshlp ' F. Brown McKelway L. II. Scoring by period: Trinity 7-7-7-6 -27 Hampden 8idney .... 0-0-0-0 0 Substitutions: Trinity, Moore for Neal, Everett for Brown, H. Weaver for B. Carter, Neal for Moore; Brown for Everett, Bullock for W. Weaver, Winters for Smith, Everett for Brown, Troy for Neal. Hamp-H n Sidney: C. Blankenshlp for Fuqua, Tyson for McKelway Brena-man for Sanders, Ott for Brena-man, McKelway for Sanders, Smith for Day, Durham for Hall, yR. Brenaman for Ott. Touchdowns: Neal Smith (i) Brown points from placement after touchdown, Simpson I. Tims of psrlods It minutes. Officials Referee Norton. Umpire Dlshman, Hend Linesman Rowe. Attendance 2,000. 10; veralty IS; Lebanon Valley . High School !UnllS At Charlotte: High school Shelby high school 0. At Asheville. Ashevllle High school (1: Christ school 0. ' At Henderson vl lie: Blue Ridge 0; Bingham Military school 0. At Wilmington: Ksw Hanover high 7; Hamlet high 0. At Wilmington: Wilmington Light Infantry ; University of North Carolina seconds 0. At Louisville: Bethel 14; Louisville 11. At New Orleans: Tulana 14; Mississippi College. At Raton Rouge: Loyola 7; Louisiana stste o. At Tuscalooga: Alabama 41: Oglethorpe . At Fayettevtlle, Ark.: Arkansas It; Drury . At Chattanooga; Columbia 0; Chattanooga 40. At Memphis, ?enn.: Medicos 45; Southwestern Presbyterlsn 0. At Hickory, N. C: Guilford U Lenoir 7. At Tranyslvsnla College 0; Marshall Colloge 60. At Gainesville: Furman Ti Florida I. At Annapolis: Navy 71; Wat-ern Reserve University 0. At Emory, Va.: Mllllgan Coy-lege 11; Emory and Henry 0. TECH TAKES GAME F 1 S Golden Tornado Defeats North Carolinians by Score 19 toO (By Tke Asaeaistsd rm Atlanta. Oa,, Oct. 7. Ooorgla Tech defeated Davidson 19 to 0 here today on a muddy and slippery field. After Captain Barren and Fullhaclc Hunt had senred three touchdowns In ths first half, Coach Alexander sent In a new line-up for the second half with the exception of John Staton, who played left end. He tried his hand at center In the last session. Ths Tech team was penalized 48 1-2 ysrds, In ths latter part of the game, sending them hack from Davidsons three-yard line, wher Godwin, a substitute, struck a Davidson player In a scrimmage Referee Elcock banished Godwin from the game. Line up and summary; ' Oeor. Tech. 19 Pos. Davidson 0. J. fltaton IjK C. Davis Johnson lP McMsster Molnths ixi Field Frye O Brlece O. Davis ' RO Clsrk A. etaton RT S. Davis Mltchel Rra Fatson McDondugh QH Moore Barron 1,HM Hunt Rather RHH Martin A. Hunt KM Shepperd Score by periods. Georgia Tech 12 7 0 0 19 Davidson 0 0 0 0 0 Summary: Georgia Tech scoring, touchdowns, Bnrren 2. A IT...... ...... 1 Innnliiliuun limner; roierpf, r;ii:CK itmviu-son); umpire. Springer (Vlrulnia); had linesman, Powell (Wisconsin). FOOTBALL RESULTS PRINCETON BAR E OVER VA Tale 11; North Carolina 0. Georgia Tech 19; Davidson 0. At Wake Forest 7; Elon 0. University of Richmond 0; University of Maryland 0. Chicago 20; Georgia 0, Princeton 6- Virginia 0. At Durham, N. C: Trinity 21 j Hampden-Sldney 0. Pennsylvania 27; Sewanee 0. Williams 14; MlddJebury 7. Cornell 48; Niagra 0. Haverford 01 Stevens 0. Auburn 20; Springhill 6. Centre SB; Mississippi 0. Washington and Lee 14; North Carolina State f . South - Carolina 7! Presbyterian College of South Carolina 0. Ths Citadel 14; Paris Island Marines 0. Syracuse 22; New Tork University 0. Dartmoth 19; Maine 0. Harvard 20; Holy Cross 0. Army 13; Kansas 0. Michigan 41; Case 0. Columbia 43; Amherst C. Tufts ; Bates 0. New Hampshire State 7; Norwich 0. I Fayette 7; Pittsburg University 0. Perdue 10; Mllllken 0. , At Nashville: Vanderbllt 38; Henderson-Brown 0. At Lexington, Va: Vliglna M. I., SI; Roanoke college 0. At Blacksburg, Va: Virginia Polytechnical Institute 20; William and Mary 6. - ' . At Columbus Ga: United Statea Infantry school 12;'Woftord-eol- Old Dominion Holds Tigers to No Touchdowns; Score Made on Freaks Princeton. N. X, Oct. 1. Princeton won Its second gsme of the season todny, defeating Virginia by five to nothing. The contest was played under a steady downpour of rain which made good playing impossible. Many fumbles and constant slipping marred the game. Princeton scored on a drop kick by Smith In the second period and a safety In the fourth period. Despite the rain several thousand loyal Tigers rooters Were on hand in the palmer stadium to witness the fray. Une up and summary: Princeton (5) Pos. Virginia (0) Snlvely LB Treat kT Dickson. Capt. LO MoMillan . C Btickner RG Baker RT Gray RE Wingate . . QB Bergen " LHB Score by periods Princeton Vlrsrtnla Summary: Rereree, w. it- uro-well; Linesman. W. H. Manely; umpire J. P- Murphy; field judge F. R. GUIinger. Davis Blackford Hall, Capt. Thesmar Ward Fenwlck Campbell Foster Oppelman ..0 3 0 2 i .0 0 0 00 lory. Eddie (sub for Cutler . . . . m .,,... Neldllnrer. Referee Bchwarts. Brown. Umpire Reed. Springfield. Field Judge Thurber. Colgate. TjmmA Knxsman. Palmer. Hartford. i! Time of periods, tea minutes each. rlnn Institute 0. At Knoxvllle: Tennessee 21; Maryvllle 0. . At Washington: Georgetown unl- TO RENT A nice new home In a desirable location to a man and wife or small family. Owner a refined young lady. Will rent same for her board, room and car fare. Address "A." Box 1228. . NATURE NEVER DUPLICATES m f r Nature Delights in Variations A grove of trees no two trees alike. A group of men no two with the name measurements.. Tall, short, erect, stooping each man has his own peculiarities. Imperative reasons why clothes to fit you must bo individually tailored for you. And, In addition, quality clothes at prices you can easily afford. This Is Ed. V. Price & Co. service. In no other clothes such exceptional values at so little cost. $35 to $70. S1 Th Nation' Question I Wo Are Showing Jim Now Woolens ami Stylos for Autumn and Winter, Hro Thorn First a Exclusive Representatives for Winston-Ssvlem WHAT ABOUT THAT FAIR GROUND DUST AND GREASE SPOTS ON YOUR CLOTHES? Bring Your Appearance Back to Normalcy By calling 2,12.0 5c . We Clean and Press For 7 Special Attention Given Ladies' Work. We Call for and Deliver Anywhere. GORDON EROS 414 North Main Street and Southside : CLEANING, PRESSING, DYING, AND REPAIR WORK f i I r - t

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