The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1899
Page 7
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TMJS UPP1R DEB MQ1N1& ALGONA KJWA, WIDiSnEKDAY MABCtt 22. 1890 . Dashei-ly— Hell hntli no fury like a [woman soothed. | Downtfod— Well, it's not much bet< I ler if yoii dori'l scorn '<?tti. *">•'• ; Jt wlu brcalc "P ° cold ant Jt la nlways reliable. Try It. The.rnilroads in the United States ive employment to about 8'JO,000 per- CsottS. Nearly 40,000 of these are loco- i motive engineers. o , 1 !t -A-N-8 V S ?S d 5 ccnt " to ''"I"" 13 Chemical .for 10 samples and testimonials Whoever finds a fool s nitn most thoroughly. first plucks • £*TS PerBmnonMyOureu. WofHs or nervousness artei Slirt » W 1 "«Vi, D . r - Klin °'» Great Nerve Restorer. nJ H «^ IUBB 5- 9 , a>0 ° trinl ll01 " 8 nnrt trontico. Dn. R. H. Kuan, Ltd..931 Arch St.. I'Mladolubla, Pa. Levi Z. Loiter, the Chicrtg.) millionaire, usually works with a oipar in his mouth. This cigar is never lighted during business hours. To widen a business street in Copen nnpen, a round tower, 150 feet ii height, is to be bodily moved a dis tance of 50 yards. Rnllrnnd Acro*« the English Cliftnncl The English parliament is consider ing the plan of connecting that conn try with France by railway. Eng-i neers say •• tondbed can bo laid oh Hi .bottom of .he English channel. Tlii.- seems beyond belief, but it is perhap. no more remarkable than the cures accomplished by Hosteller's Stomnel Bitters in cases of dyspepsia, indigos tion and constipation. Women of fashion are invariably ii love •with themselves. They Work Whllo Ton Sleep. \\hl1eyonr mind ana body rest, Casearetg Onml< Cnthnrtlcrcpnlr your dlKostlon, your Hvor, you' bowels, put them In perfect order. All druggists luo, 2dG, 6Uo, A telephone company in Elyria, O. charges only 50 cents a month for tel ephonic service in residences. ANY a dutiful daughter pays in pain for her mother's ignorance or perhaps neglect. The mother suffered and she thinks her daughter must suffer also. This is true only to a limited extest. No excessive pain is healthy. Every mother should inform herself for her own sake and especially for the sake of her daughter. Write to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., for her advice about all matters concerning the ills of the feminine organs. _ Many a young girl's beauty is wasted by unnecessary pain at time of menstruation, and many indulgent mothers with mistaken kindness permit their daughters to grow careless about physical health. Miss CARRIE M. LAMB, Big Beaver, Mich., writes: "DEAR MRS. PINKHAM—A year ago I suffered from profuse and irregular menstruation ' and leucorrhcea. My appetite was variable, stomach sour and bowels were not regular, and was subject to pains like colic during menstruation. I wrote you and began to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and used two packages of Sanative Wash. Youcan't imagine my relief. My courses are natural and general heafth improved." MRS. NANNIE ADKINS, La Due, Mo., writes: "DEAR MRS. PINKHAM— I feel it my duty to tell you of the good your/ Vegetable Compound has done my daughter. She suffered untold agony at time of menstruation before takingyourmedicine; but the Compound has relieved the pain, given her a better color,-and she feels stronger, and has improved every way. I am very grateful to you for ihe benefit she has received. It is a. great medicine Every Desirable New Feature is Embodied in Columbia Ghalnless, Models 59 and 60, . , $75 Columbia Chain, Models 57 and 58, , , , 50 Hartfords, Patterns 19 and 20, , , , , , 35 . Vedettes, Patterns 21 and 22 $25, 2G Our 1898 Models were the leaders of last season. We are closing out a limited number of Columbias, Model 46, (Ladies') at 845; Models 45 and 49 (improved) $40; Hartfords, Patterns 7 and 8, at greatly reduced prices. See our New Catalogue, POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn. GUARANTEED to cure dyspepsia, con- nver uuu JtiUuoy diseases, biliousness, heudaohes, ulo. At druggists, 2ao and $1.00. THE SCHOOLS Of. Greater New York, Boston, and ;many Bother places use Carter's Ink • exclusively and won't use any other. I That speaks well for CARTER'S BRSK and gives you food for thought. /t Overstock: Aluit lie timed Out. Bi'ANUAUJ '88 B01JKLB, guaranteed, 130.75 to S10. ^hopworn & BCC. oiid baud wheels, good as oew. S3 to SlOj Crest fnctoiT elwrlna w>lo. '&trt»l without ft omtin adranefl -, «=«—««- \EARHaBIGYCLJE " W.jl,, M , rittt u «,wif).»l»«l totntttKluw Ih.m. WlUa «« OM» fox's""!"i K. B. BHiP (YCI.K COMPANY. Cfclcaso, 111 • TO Western Canada nuil imrtlciilftrs ua to how to secure 160 acres of tbe best 'Wheat-growing laud on the Continent, can bo tecureU on application to the Supcrlntenduut ot limnlgrutlon, OUuwu, Canada, or the umlerdlgned. Specially conducted excursions will leave Sr>. Paul mi the tlrst and (bird Wcjuno?Jays of i' month, end specially low rules on all lines of railway roach- Ing St. Paul, are being quoted for excursion leaving thiT'i on April 51 Ii for Manitoba. AaslnlbohK Sus- Kaul'.ownu and Alburiu. N. Hiirtli-iloiuow, Canadl >o Bi'vynnnoiit ACBIU. SUli Fifth St., De.< MolUfB, low». „ Bjg diachart't'S, lulluur.uatioUB, irritations or ulcm'utiona of in u c o u s nicnibranoe. I'ululcBB, and uut astrlu. g«"t or poisonous. SOW by |)|-«8g|»u, or spnt hi plain wrappor, by express, prepaid, for, or31, ( ,ttlKHi»2.TS. Circular sent ou rcauost Go to your grocer to-day and get a 150. package of It takes the place of coffee at i the cost. >. Made from pure grains it is nourishing and health* ful. Insist (hat your grocer gives you GR AIN-O, Accept no ttnitwion. |h ,„ It Cures Golds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup. ln« lluenza, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Aslhnifi. A certain euro (or Consumption In first stages, and a sure relief In advanced stages. Useatonce. You will see the excellent eBept after wing the Gen. McArthuf's Troops Repel an Attack in Force, BRAVERY OF OUR SOLDIERS FennsylTnnla Voinntecro Plgtit \vltli Uie Spirit of Rcguliifii — DIsimtcheg Received by (he War Depnrtmpnt Jndl* onte an K:\t1f Cloning of the Rebellion. Manila, March 20. — The Insurgents to the north of the city advanced from their trenches late yesteray afternoon and attacked Gen. McArthur's center. The Utah battery, Third artillery and the Pennsylvania regiment replied promptly, and after some resistance drove the enemy back with, considerable loss. Lieut. John Thompson and Privates John McVay and Alexander McCanse, all of the Pennsylvania regiment, were wounded. A Filipino soldier who has been captured by the Americans states that the rebel forces Immediately to the north of Manila number 4,000 men. The main army, comprising 10,000 troops, is concentrated at Malolos, the insurgent capital. The insurgents have reoccupied Tal- tai. A gunboat towed 100 men of the Twenty-Third infantry across the lako to-day and shelled Biuangauan. The lines are quiet, though there is some firing on the front of the Tenth Pennsylvania infantry. Luwton Will End the War. Washington, March 20. — "Gen. Lawton will have his headquarters in Aguinaldo's capital, Malolos, within a fortnight," said an official of the war department yesterday. "Lawton will take command of the forward movement against the Insurgent stronghold when the Sherman arrives at Manila with the troops on board that transport. When that movement begins fighting iri the Philippines will not continue long. Malolos will be taken, Aguinaldo will have to fly to the north, and finally leave the island or make terms of peace with Gen. Otis. The war news from the Philippines will not be exciting for many more weeks. Gen. Otis has confidence in his ability to make short work of this rebellion, and the war department has confidence in Gen. Otis and his army." The confidence of the war department is shared by the navy and state departments. From all official sources at Manila the government is receiving the most encouraging impression. Troops Entitled to Extra Piiy. Washington, March 20. — The comptroller of the treasury holds that tho men who enlisted in the regular army or in the volunteer service for the war with Spain are entitled to extra pay. He holds that the soldier is entitled to two months' extra pay if he served n Cuba, Porto Rico or the Philippines, and one month's extra pay if service was in the United States. The soldier who received a furlough of hirty or sixty days prior to his discharge Is not entitled to the extra pay. One point of Interest is the fact that he soldier will receive the extra pay iven if he is not mustered out with he organization. Michigan Tax &an In Dispute. Lansing, Mich., March 20.— Seven ot he most prominent attorneys in the tate spent the entire day Friday he- ore the Supreme court arguing the onstitutionality of the law of 1881 under which telephone and telegraph ompanies have been taxed. The pre- ise questions raised in this litigation re involved in the controversy over he law just enacted changing the sys- em of taxing railroad companies, and lie court's decision will determine the vorth of the latter statute. Iowa Virtually Out of Debt. Des Moines, Iowa, March 20. — Iowa s as good as out of debt. State Treas- rer Herriott has Issued a call for $400,000 outstanding bonds, the payment of which will entirely wipe out the debt. The warrants will be paid as soon after April 20 as they are presented. It is expected by Treasurer Herriott that by Jan. 1, 1900, there will be a large surplus in the state treasury. Fire DaamgeB Indiana Town. EvansvUle, Ind., March 20.— Fire at Patoka, in Gibson county, early Friday morning, came near destroying the entire town. The fire started in' Samuel Burn's saloon. The total loss is put at $20,000, partly covered by insurance. The' fire is supposed to have been of incendiary origin. Held May Be Bout to Spain. New York, March 20.— A .dispatch to the Journal from Washington says: "It is understood here that Whitelaw Reid of New York is to be offered the post of minister to Madrid, to be speedily filled, now that Spain has ratified the peace treaty." Wreck on Rock Isiiuul Road. Volland, Kas., March 20,— A trainman was killed and twenty-six persons were Injured as a result of the east-bound Rock Island passenger train No. 3 leaving the track a short distance west of here Friday morning. May Admit American Meat. Paris, March 20.— The LJberte says the chief point of the negotiations proceeding between Paris and Washington are the entry into this country of American meats and oil seed. Colorado Trouble a* an Denver, Colo., March go.— News wag received here last night that the itrouble at Lake City is a,t an end. Italians surrendered as soon as troops appeared. leasant method and beneficial effects of the well-known remedy, SYRUP OK FIGS, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company, illustrate the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plants known to be medicinally laxative and presenting them in the form most refreshing to the taste and acceptable to the system. It is the one perfect strengthening laxative, CLEANSING THE SYSTEM EFFECTUALLY, DISPELLING COLDS AND HEADACHES, PREVENTING FEVERS, OVERCOMING HABITUAL CONSTIPATION PERMANENTLY.' Its perfect freedom from every objectionable quality and substance, and its acting on the kidneys liver and bowels, gently yet promptly, without weakening or irritating them, make it the ideal laxative' In the process of manufacturing figs are used, as they are pleasant to the taste, but THE MEDICINAL QUALITIES ARE OBTAINED FROM SENNA AND OTHER AROMATIC PLANTS, by a method known to the California Fig Syrup Company only. In order to get its beneficial effects and to avoid imitations, please remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package Const, ners of the choicest products of modern commerce purchase at about the same price that others pay for cheap and worthless imitations. To come into universal demand and to be everywhere considered the best of its class, an article must be capable of satisfying the wants and tastes'of the best informed purchasers. _ The California Fig Syrup Company having met with the highest success in the manufacture and sale of its excellent liquid laxative remedy, SYRUP OP FIGS, it has become important to all to have a knowledge of the Company and its product. The California Fig Syrup Company was organized more lhan fifteen years ago, for the special purpose of manufacturing and selling a laxative remedy which would be more pleasant to the taste and more beneficial in effect than any other known. The great value of the remedy, as a medicinal agent and of the Company's efforts, is attested by the sale of millions of bottles annually, and by the high approval of most eminent physicians. As the true and genuine remedy named SYRUP OP FIGS is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company only, the knowledge of that fact will assist m avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. O Hon. Ceo. P. Bemis, the most popular man ever elected as mayor of the city of Omaha, Neb. Ho is also one of the oldest and best known real estate dealers and negotiators of loans in the west. His .business is very extensive. He is not only one of the best judges of real estate but he knows a good thing when he sees it, whatever it may be. So we call attention to the following statement made by him and several other men who are not only popular in Omaha but are known from ocean to ocean. They are Hon. A. U. Wyinan, Ex-Treasurer of the United States and now President of the Omaha Loan and Trust Co., one of the largest and most prominent negotiators of Western farm and city loans. Hon. W. J. Connell, Ex-Congressman and now Omaha's City Attorney. Hon. W. A. Paxton, Pres., Union Stock Yards. Hon. T. S. Clarkson, Ex-Commander in Chief G. A. Ii. Hon. C. J. Smyth, Attorney General of Nebraska. Hou. A. S. Churchill. Ex-Attorney General of Nebraska, and many others as well known, each of whom has personally signed the following statement. "TO WHOM THESCOffiES, CREATING: We take pleasure In com- KJendlng the virtues of tlieVemedles prepared bythe Dr. B. j; Kay medlcarCo. Haying known of some remarkable cures of Omaha people effected bv, tho use of Dr. Kay'a Renovator and Dr. Kay's t-ung palm, we believe that these great remedies are worthy of fne confidence of tho public* At this season, your system needs renovating, The internal organs are inactive. The waste matter is not eliminated but absorbed, thuscontan> inating the blood and debilitating the entire system. The nerve force is not replenished, conseqxiently you are tired and have no energy. These symptoms are present In the Spring and after an epidemic of La-Grippe. To renovate the system and remove all bad effects of La-Grippe or Spring lassitude use Dr. Kay's Renovator. It certainly has no equal. Send for proof of it. It is a perfect renovator and regulator of all internal organs, curing the very worst cases of stomach troubles,, constipation and obscure liver and kidney complaints. Try it and you will wonder at its marvelous effects. Write us describing your case carefully and we will give you valuable advice free and send you a 116 page illustrated book ofreceipts etc. If druggists do not have it don't take any substitute they say is "just as good" for it has no equal. Ib can be hud by return mail from. us. Price 25 cts. and 91. Dr, B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N, Y. and Omaha, Neb. Hop. Ceo. P. Bemis OmuUa s most popular May. aayor. HAT TO EA1 IS A SERIOUS QUESTION FLOUR WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM. It Is Absolute! "pgre. Try It It Speaks For Itself. Your Grocer Keeps It 'A FAIR FACE MAY PROVE A FOUL BARGAIN." MARRY A PLAIN GIRL IF SHE USES OLIO NEW DISCOVERY; cini I ... .. ,, _ ~^ ~~ '" ~ mm- m » -v p »- • quick relief and cures worst W. IN, U. DCS AlOineS. NO, 13,—1800. cases. Book ot testimonials and 10 days' trout- v»t*tti4-¥r>*jiA l»- ii ii iII>ULIVI« t)ii«.-u i>l._ 11 v in_7.j_ /t- . went Free. Ur. Ji. H. uiiuitii'S SONS, u»i u, iiiauta, u«. DR. KAY'S lUNIj Mate Canltol build's Dourer, CoJo. ' - sumll puyuicnls wUbowt iutor Moio tlmu 20,000 . pint ou8tom«M. and houco gtter J Vise. U Utijr llnd bb, llio , h " oolia I" 10 " 8 ana toa «. -jvo now. a WM DEN; >VATB«CO , JUJ Itostpu BMfc iBe, MfotRsdWeetf ' alzerVBuatl.oUuc •WILL KEEP YOU DRY. Don t be fooled with a mackintosh or rubber co»t. If you wantage*t that will keep you dry In tha hardest storm buy the Fish {Brand Slicker. If not for sale In your town, write for c»UUoeua to A. J. TOWER. Boston. M*M.

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