The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1899
Page 5
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THE UPPISH I)g8 MQIKE8: ALGOKA, lOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAHOH ^2, 1800, A mere glance at our new stock of goods will show BARGAINS In Every Department. We are strong this season on Ladies' Suits, which range from $io to $20. Ladies' Dress Skirts, black figured, from $i to $5, Ladies' Shirt Waists in white and figured from 350 to $2.50, We have also a few special bargains in pOMESTIOS. A good print in light and dark effects (any number of yards) at A brown sheeting, 9000 quality, at - - - 4 ct A good percale, light color, at - - - - 5 cts A good percale, dark assorted, at 7 cts The finest assortment of GOODS Ever shown in Algona. n Chrischilles & Herbst. TICKET FOR NEXT MONDAY The Choice for Mayor Falls to Dr. E.E. Sayers by Unanimous Yote. A Convention in Which Naught But Harmony and Good Feeling Existed—The Caucuses. A more harmonious gathering never congregated than the republican city convention, which met at the court house last Thursday evening. ' John G. Smith was made chairman and G. P. Peek secretary. The preliminaries being disposed of a ballot for a candidate for mayor was taken, and the entire twenty-one votes were cast for Dr. E. E. Sayers. This was not only a foregone conclusion, but it was as it should be, for the reason that since the positive refusal of Mayor Chrischilles to permit the use of his name in this connection for a second term no other name than that of Dr. Sayers has been seriously considered. The doctor is the unanimous choice of the people. For treasurer Geo. M. Bailey received the entire vote, and for city solicitor J. L. Bonar was complimented in like manner. The only contest was for assessor, and the vote showed 11 for J. W. Bales and 10 for Grant Ramsey. Frank W. -Dingley was chosen city chairman for the ensuing two years, and the convention adjourned. There may be some criticism offered at the selection of Mr. Bonar, a pronounced democrat, for city solicitor In a republican convention. This came, however^ partly as a result of an apparent desire not to permit party strife in our city politics this year, and partly because Mr. Bonar as city solicitor during the past year has had charge of all the correspondence in connection with electric light matters, and hence is thoroughly familiar with all the details of the work thus far. The latter fact had most to do with his selection. It should be said, too, that he has rendered satisfactory service in his capacity as city solicitor during his term of office. THE UPPER DBS MOINES has believed all along that the city's interests, under the circumstadces, would be best subserved by a return of those members who have had the work of installing the light plant in hand during the past year. They are familiar with the details of the work, and'aro in position to close it up and start the plant more intelligently than would be the case with a lot of new members. The apparent unanimity with which all the nominations were made is. an indication that the people as a rule feel the same way about it. THE CAUCUSES. Republican caucuses for the nomination of candidates for councilmen were held in all the four wards Wednesday night. In the First R. B. Warren was chosen without opposition; in the Second S. E. McMahon was renominated; in the Third A. H. Paine was the choice for a second term, and C. C. Samson had no opposition in the Fourth. Thos. Henderson is the democratic nominee for councilman in the Third, and will contest with A. H. Paine. Election comes next Monday. Eggs Wanted. Jas. Taylor wants 50,000 dozen eggs right away. GET a pair of nice kid gloves for Easter. We have, them in all shades. GEO. L. GALBBAITH. Our Easter Opening comes on March 31 and April 1. We shall be able to show you the latest things in Easter bonnets, as well as hats and millinery of every description. Our goods are absolutely up to date— no old stuff. AH the ladies are cordially iusited; we want you to see the g-oods, evea if you do not buy. We are able to make decidedly close prices on ia the iniUinery line. MATSON & MCCAJLL. w&uted to learn dressmaking. Call street. EULA A. PBTERSOJJ. SEE our oew iwdkag® oaffe® — 35 oz. for 25c. M , £ G BOVB & SON. Our hustling tvja! eslal* TO&U «rf mauia, B. F, SmUto, was m&rrSed lasl week, at the home of Mrs. Frank Mfttfalae, to" Miss IMIa Dejw, of which pleasUig event the GaruiauSa Gleaner Mfcf Peyoohw lor the past year been a faithful teacher in the advanced grades of our public schools, which position she filled in a manner creditable to herself and with satisfaction to the patrons. Mr. Smith is Unown all over the county, he having been in business in this county a number of years. There were just n. few relatives and friends present at the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. Math is. After the ceremony they were taken to the depot, where they took the train for Des Moinea for a visit with friends. The Gleaner joins their many friends in extending congratulations. THE ENGINE HAS AEEIVED. It Came This Moruliiff and Will Ho l>ut in Position at Once. '-The Corliss engine for the electric light plant came this morning. The work of unloading and getting it down will begin at once, and an expert will be here tomorrow to put it in place. The plant ought to be ready to start inside of two weeks. BERT BABE IS DEAD. Demise Occurred Saturday at Hampton After a Lone Illness. A telegram from Dr. Barr brought the sad news that his son, Bert, passed out at Hampton on Saturday morning. It was not wholly unexpected, as letters from the doctor during the few days previous held out but little hope of hia recovery. The burinl took place at Hampton on Monday of this week. Bert WHS about 25 years of age. He was born and raised in Algona, and was a most exemplary young man. Many friends here will mourn his taking off at a time when he gave such splendid promise for the future. Bertram J. Barr was born Nov. 30, 1872, nt Algona, Iowa. From a child he was a great reader and close student, attended the public schools and graduated from the high school In his 17th year. The same year he enlisted In the national guards In his own town, taking much Interest, Also the same year won first place for the West Point cadetship. But turn- Ing from this taught school one year and then entered Cornell college from which he graduated In 1895 with the degree of bachelor of philosophy. From 1805 to 1897 he was assistant principal of the Knoxvillehigh school, and principal during 1897-8. From September, 1898to Jan. 1, 1899, he was principal of the Fort Madison high school. On Jan. 1, 1899, he entered a partnership banking business at Alexander, Iowa, becoming cashier of the bank. Shortly after this he was attacked by a severe cold, terminating In pulmonary trouble which occasioned his death March 18, 1899. WE have just received our new stock of Butterick patterns for spring, consisting of over 5,000 patterns. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. BUSH AGENCY HATS. All the newest creations of mens' headgear at KRAFT'S —Square Crown Stiffs, Heavy Roll Brirn Stiffs, Pashas, Fancy Bands, Crushers, and nesv Fedoras, at 10 Per Cent. Off Anybody's Prices... Our $2 stiff is a hummer. We leave it to your judge- ment. Kraft Clothing Co. THE BIG 7. See Grove & Son's ad. See John Dillon tonight. Meeting of the W. 11. G. Thursday evening. C, F. Klff and Mary Prleskore have a Hcense to wed, Judge Quarton \e holding court K in Emmotsburg. Roy MeCJetclile is out again after being laid up for iv month with pleurisy. The mothers' meeting will be held with Mrs. C. A. Ingham, Thursday, March 28. The present winter has been a strug gle between the elements and the coal biti, with the odds thus far in favor ol the former. E. V. Swelling and Geo. E. Clarke are confided to their homos wilh the prevailing colds. Samson & Crose boughl the Quick residence property as an Investment. It is desirable in many ways. The internal revenue on the deeds alone Bled In this county during the past month amounted to $50. No nominating speeches were made at the city convention, and none were necessary. It was all one Way. G. D. Rowe is figuring on buying a laundry at Wavorly. He will know this week whether or not he gets it. "A little early," say ^angdon & Hudson, for the new run of maple syrup, but they have It, nevertheless. Messrs. Darr and King go soon to Carroll, where they have bought a laundry and will engage in that bus iness. A year ugo now most people who make gardens had thorn completed. This your they are still shoveling snow. Quito a difference. Joseph Parsons suffered an epileptic stroke in town Saturday. Ho soon recovered sufficiently to be taken to his homo below Irvington. A jacket at the price offered at Jus. Taylor's Easter sale is a marvel, quality considered. He has a word to say about suits for ladies, too. The Wigwam had a half page ad. in the last Burl Monitor. Such pushing for trade as the Wigwam is doing is bound to bring good results. David Gilmore will add a new residence to the spring boom. He will build on the lots recently purchased by him opposite Mrs. J. J. Wilson's. Supper will bo served by Iho ladies of the Congregational society Thursday 3vening at 6 o'clock in the church parlors. Everyone cordially invited. P. S. Shackloford is the new harness maker at D. B. Avoy's. He comes from Missouri, and is a brother-in-law of one of the Baker boys, south of Hobart. Miss Mary G. Hay spoke on woman suffrage at the court house last evening to an interested audience. Spano Forbids a review of her lecture this week. Drs. Morse and Walters performed an operation for double hair lip last week on a child of Herman Krause in Ponton, 18 months old. The patient is doing nicely. The Chrischilles & Herbst store will unload some of their surplus stock of domestics and ladies' suits if prices will doit. If you miss their ad. this week you also miss some snaps. Dr. Morse will make a model captain 'or Co. P. He likes military work, is Dopulur with the boys, and it is predicted that he will soon have the crack iompany in the regiment. J. O. Reaver has sold his Knoxville Express and will temporarily at least make his home in Algona. His family and household goods are already here, ind J. O. will be along soon. Ten Eastern Star ladies from Algona Jhapter visited theBurt lodge Wednesday evening, where a banquet was spread and a most enjoyable time was lad. They returned next day. The Call bridge was found tobeheav- ng, and men were at work Saturday cutting off the piling and letting it down. The freezing of the river solid at this point was the cause of the rouble. Chever Hudson last week bought the Tillotson restaurant, and will put a nan in to run it for the present. It is a good stand, but he may dispose of it igain, as he cannot give it his personal attention. There is no occasion for making a mistake on floor paints if you note what he Sheetz Pharmacy Co. have to say )n this subject. There is wisdom as veil as method in their announcement in the first page. Miss Lou R. Smith has accepted the principals!)! p of the Germania i-cboolB, anrl assumed her duties there this veuk. The Germania people will find icr fully capable of meeting all the de- nands mude uponJier. The Wigwam will put in an i in pie- nent house at the new town in Fen ton .in the Northwestern extension. The only drawback thus fur is in getting he right rm»n to run it. Thus the Wigwam branches out. Luzon will be the name of the new own in Amsterdam totrnthip on the Iowa Centra! extension, providing it id cut rejected by the government. Whether it will be as easy to capture as was the island by that name is another matter. The Methodist church was well filled ionday uiglii for tbe pipe organ re- •ital by Miss Bonoie Elder of Mason 'My. Mrs. Moore assisted with several vocal E-ek-euon?, and the entertainment was rcte-d one of exceptional merit, it was tbe first of the course. " It beats the cars" how tbe Wigwam keeps geUiiag- new goods. Confiden- y wa liolglat remark that the Wigwam is also seMJflg lots of .goods, and be proprietor attributes bis splendid iprarag trade lo large part to the liberal jse of oesvspaper space. Note his train oad of implements fa Ibis itsue, Art. AHea is do!u,g some Bpleodid iu- iide photo work tbese days. He caught .he interior of THE DPPEB DES MoiNKS iffice last Thursday, aod the represeo- ation of tbat busy .work sbop is true to ife, He wiU do a lot of Interior work ibou.t town thw winter before going to iouthern Minnesota for a summer J. W. Sump&on eustaioed w?vere in- urius luet TUurwJay by falliog I those ] been delirious from a load of hay, rtenf Hobart *•""'•: oft his back and shoulders, parts were bndly hurt. He i laid up e<rer since, and Was uonriuuB part of ino time. It was an unfortunate accident, buk It is hot thought his Injuries will be permanent.. Cards announce the ma-fringe of Mr. Prank O. Bacon of Sexton to Miss Matie E. Field of Algona, which occurred last Wednesday. They wlllmake their home at Soxton. Mr. Bacon Is One of Suxton's substantial citizens, and the bride Is Well known In Algona as one of Us most charming young ladles. This paper extends hearty congratulations. It should be said that Alex. White, who has represented the First ward during the past two years, retired of his own accord. He would havo been the choice for a second term had he hot refused to again become a candidate. He has been a faithful and efficient member of the city council. Modesty prevents our commenting on the nominee from the First. Henry Durant has In preparation an article on liquid air, the recent discovery which bids fair to revolutionize the world so far as mollve power Is con cernod. Ho hopes lo havo it ready for our issue of next week. Mr. Durant has made an exhaustive study of this wonderful discovery, nnd our readers may nxpect something from him that will bo of especial Interest and value. Goeders' big department store Is bo- coming all that the name implies. His next blglmprovement, now being made, is the conversion of 60x20 foot of the basement Into a grocery department. It is being fitted in splendid shape, and will soon contain a brand now stock of groceries. A more complete department store will bo hard to find in the northwest. Mr. Goedors goes Friday to buy his stock. Such harmony as existed in the city convention Thursday' night Is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Ono might have started in with a club and hit a head wherever ho saw It, and yet It would have been impossible to 'have starled a "scrap." Ono spectator characterized H as "disgustingly quiet." He wns doubtless thinking of some of thoseold-tlmecon vontlons where everybody was after scalps. The school board met and organized Monday evening. E. B. Butlor was again chosen president, and Thos. P. Cooke and E. B. Butler were made a building committee for the new school liouso. The other committees remain the' same as last your, with the substitution of the name of J. T. Chrlschlllee for that of E. V. Swotting. C. W. Sarchott wan employed us janitor for the Third ward building. Roy Wilbur started Mondny morning 'or Missoula, Montana. Ho has sold off his personal property, and goes to Missoula to accept a position in the offices of tho Northern Pacific Railway company thero. This move is a rather unexpected ono for him, and comes as a 'esult of bin father having decided lo sell the farm, which Roy has been working for him. Tho best wishes of many friends go with hlrn to his now :iomo. At tho home of Mi. nnd Mrs. R. Hodges in Irvingtoti, next Tuesday evening, the ceremony will bo por- 'ormed which will unito in mnrrlage their daughter, Clara E., to Mr. Harry A.Lewis. Tho bride IB tho daughter of one of Irvinglon'n oldest and mont respected families, and the groom is well known in Irvington, where ho IIHH I ved for many years, and is not lacking n the qualities which go to the making of a model husband. This paper extends hearty good wishes. Edwin Blackford hns taken the agency for a company at Lisbon, Iowa, which insures windmills against dam- ago by wind and storm. It Is Iho only ompany in the state that insures this claws of property. Mr. BlacUford has 'r his territory tho south sixteen townships in Kossuth county, and there is every reason lobelievo he will doasuc- essful business In furnishing eome- hing which every farmer needs and ias heretofore been unable to get. His son Ellison will help him in the work. John G, Smith, chairman of tho county board, went to Des Moines Monday to see what he could do with* tho executive council about disposing of our 'arge surplus in the school fund. The aw provides that school fund money :annot be loaned at less than six per :ent. interest, but since money goes >egging at that rate our $17,OOOHurplu8 s not easily loaned out. The five p«r cent, interest we huvo to pay on tho amount on hand makes it poor.policy to continue on the present plan, and Mr. mith's effort will be in tho direction )f making some disposition of the prin- slpal. MOXEY to loan at 5 percent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIK. 7'KK 1 * tor Setting. White Plymouth Rock eggs for sfit- n£ for sale. 50L4 JOHN C. PATTERSON. IT warms tho heart like sunshine, cheers the soul like old wine, gives pft for the future, blols out tbo past. That's what Rooky Mountain Tea does. At-k your druggist. Don't He "fooled," Notwithstanding the recent heavy ulvanct-s in the price of wire, J. A. n & Co. are selling woven field ntry fencing during March at year's prices. If you think these will )as>t all eawrotti'you will get fooled tho first of next 52t2. and poultry ast prices eurely month. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAW,. L/OOAi, TUAUCS Vi'tbT. . 1 departs at 9:65 am No. 3 depart* at 3:58p in Freights that carry paweugtre— No. 93 departs at 10:15 piii Jo.71 departs at 3:20pm No. 65 departs at 8:30 lira TUA1SS EibT. fo. 2 departs at.., 10:45 a ta No. 4 disparts at 0:2Sp IQ Freights tbat carry passsagers— No.7{Tdepartuat 10:10 pia No.64 departs at 2:20pja U. F. CHICAGO i Soutfc— i Fttdjziit li.SOsna 'ass... .-... 7'.W>aui - '- ' 12:15pu3, North' 12:15 jma ~ ' m Biscuit. TRY A BOX and you will cry for more, like " babies cry for Castoria," Found only at my store. James Patterson. (ONLY 5 CENTS A BOX.) Preserve Your Health By keeping your feet dry. To do this You Need Rubbers. Our stock of rubber boots and all kinds of rubber footwear is large, very large, and we can serve you with almost anything that you want in this line, as well as in all other lines of boots and shoes. Our prices are very low for first-class goods. Bro-wnell Fine RopalrliiK a Custom Work. and KxcluHlvoly Uootn and Shoos, Boston Ulock, Algona, la. HERE IS A GUT OF AMBROSE ROWYER'S Drawing of Buck's Trade Mark which won firat prize in our drawing contest. Tho othur prize winners aro ELMER PETERSON, second, ARTHUR SLUBSBB, third, Everybody who buys a Muck's Stovo gets a prize. It IM I in possible to make a stove hotter than tho BUCK'S. Kvory ff'rl under 14 years of 11^0, who has not yet entered our baking contest for April 4 and 6, should do so at once, DO YOU WANT.,.,. 'The Best Rubbers in the Market?— If so call at The Other Shoe Store. Gold Seal, Pure Gum Boots. Also several other first-grade Rubbers. We have the BEST SOLID $1.25 Work Shoe ever sold in town. O- O- Easter Easter Suits, Easter Skirts, Easter Silk Waists, Easter Capes, At TAYLOR'S. Jackets like cut lined throughout, &5.00.

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