The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California on September 13, 1906 · Page 6
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The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California · Page 6

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1906
Page 6
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6 NEWS OF THE COUNTIES BORDERING THE BAY ALAMEDA MARIN SAN MATEO CONTRA COSTA GRITS A DECREE TO MRS. PEREIRA. Court Frees Wife of Oakland Saloon-Keeper and Gives Alimony and Child PROPERTY DIVISION OAKLAND. Sept. 12. — Judge Waste granted an interlocutory decree of divorce to Anna Pereira from Frank Per«lra today on the ground of deser-. tton and awarded to the wife a large amount *of the community property. Pereira conducts a cigar Btore and saloon at the southeast corner of Eighth and Washington streets. His wife insists that when i?he married him, ne was a barber and that the holding* he has acquired since then are community property. Judge Waste intimated that he would award half of the property to the \rlfe on December 12. IPOS. when the interests were settled, but tbe decree was not handed down until today. By its terms the wife receives a threefifths interest in the defendant's business and J7255.41 of the cash he has accumulated. She nlso receives as alimony $14 3 a month and $25 a month for the support of their minor laughter. Sola. The custody of the child is awarded to the mother. A final decree of divorce was granted to Julia J. lianley from W. J. Hanley by Judge Waste today on the ground of failuxe to provide. The couple were" married five years ago. Fred M. Eachus sued Katherlne Kachus yesterday for a divorce on the pround of desertion. They were married December 11. 1902, and have no children. Personal. OAKLAND. Sept. 12.— W. T. Johnson of Charleston, W. Va., is at the Athens. Jerome M. Breyer of New York City. Is at the Metropole. A. H. Mead Is at the Athens, registering from Bullfrog. Xev. Benjamin Bocs and wife of Tutulla, Samoa, are at the Crellln. E. J. Flinn. of Albany, X. V.. is at the Metropole. J. A. Holmes of the United States Geological Survey, is at the Athens. W. J. Cary is at the Touraine. registering from New York. NOVEL PLAN TO AID POETESS. BERKELEY, Sept. 12. — The clubwomen of Berkeley have decided , to print a unique book which shall be sold «nd the proceeds given to Ina Cooltrifh, the poetess, for her support. . ...The Spinners' Club of San Francisco, which has made its headquarters In Berkeley since the flr«, yesterday met fit the home of Mrs. T. A. Rlckard on Warring street and discussed the. plans for this new book. It has been decided to invite California writers, poets and artists of note to contribute to the book end many have consented to do so. William Keith, the painter. Is to design the frontispiece, and other artists wiil draw for the volume. The names of the writers whose work •will be seen in the book include almost the entire literary talent of the State. Miss Coolbrith has been in ill health for some time, sustaining a ««hock In the fire that prostrated her. She recovered partially, but a recent accident in Oakland, when she was Injured by a runaway horse, caused a relapse and she Is now feeble. She is the guest today of Mrs. H. S. Howard, of Oxford and Cedar streets. TO GOVERN CO-ED AFFAIRS. BERKELEY. S<i?t 12— ?fiss Cornelia Stratton. president of the Associated Women. Students of the University, has announced the appointment by her of the following committees to have charge of the women students' affairs daring the coming year: Woman's Room Committee — Francis Hughes, *OT. chalrrr>n; Lulu Hall. '07; Jane Hank, •06; Magdalene Venable. •£6 r "Anna Pehdleton; Hilda Morgan. *W, "and Hazel Meyers, '10. A Auditing Committee — Reba > Galvln. *07, cliairtnan; Minnie Culver. '08. and Ruth Viclcery, '09. Vice President Edith Rickley, '07. has feppointed the following social committee: Gertrude XeH«-y '07, chairman; Cecil Harrold. '07; Annla Middle. '<$8: Alice Porttrflfrld. '08; Florence Goddard, '09; irmn. Bromley. '09; Edith Slack, '10, and Ellen Wltmen. '10. Treasurer Grace Thomas, '08, has appointed the following financial committee: Senior*— Gertrude Xeeley. Marguerite Shoecrafu Amy Fischer. Junlor6 — Leone Lan*». Frieda Waters, Alice Porterfleld, Julia Evans. Carrie Winders. Willa Sale. Fophomoros — Irma Pfleger. Grace Batz., Alice Southworth, Iklna Whitney and Maude Cleveland. WORK I* COMSIEXCED OX SEW RAPID TRANSIT SYSTEM llAnrbrit Cotnpaay Heel no Active Oprra'tfopft la the Streets of Palo Alto. i PALO ALTO. FepLl2— The Hanchett *,Electric-SToior Company began work tils morning tearing up the " streets preparatory to laying the track for \u25a0 the • new rapid transit system. The , work was bopun at the Embarcadero road end of the Waverley street right of way by a large force of men and teams in charge of Contractor Wehner. A strip of macadam "ten feet wide has been removed from. Embarcadero road to Lincoln avenue. and a statement made by T. W. M. Draper. resident engineer of the company, to the effect that the road will be in operation *n less than ninety days promises to be fulfilled. The ties and rails for the new road arf expected within a few daj's. SEEKS MISSIXG UUS DA XD. OAKLAND, Sept. 12.— Mrs. t Frank Pullls.'who says her husband left' their horoe yesterday morning and has not been eeen sinct, made inquiries today at the Receiving Hosplttl," fearing that lier *pou*e had met with an accident. He had not be^n treated at that Institution. The anxious'". wife- "says her husbanA, who dors not drinh. has never 'ft ay* fl away from homo during thfiir •"three year* of married; life and she . feare some harm has befallen him. Pullis Is; a plasterer. 23 "years old. "He is five feet eleven Inches in . height,- Is i*wlthbut. beard, or" mustache and has :§, Ufhf* complexion."^ Composer Now a Citizen. THFODOR VOGT. MUSICAL DIRECTOR OF THH BOHEMIAN CLVR, WHO BKCAME AN AMERICAN fITIZEX YESTERDAY. Theodor Vogt, Musician and Clubman Is Naturalized; OAKLANT). Sept. 12.— Emperor William of Germany lost a good subject today, when Theodor Vogt, the director of music of the Bohemian Club, and one of the leaders in the development of music in the West, took the oath of allegiance to the United States of America. The oath was administered by Superior Judge Henry A. Melvin, one of the directors of the Bohemian Club, In the presence of State Senator G. Russell Lukens and E. Courtney Ford, a well known club-man of San Francisco, who acted as sponsor for Vogt, former State Senator E.- K. Taylor, and several others. • After taking the cath which gave right to the title of American citizen, Vogt declared that his one regret was that he had not become a cltiien years ago. Judge Melvin remarked thatjwhen Emperor William heard of the action of thie well known composer he' would probably send a fleet of warships . to take Vogt back to Germany. Theodor Vogt Is one of the best known composers on the Pacific Coast, among the most famous of his productions being "The Quest of the Gorgon." which was written- for the high jinks of the Bohemian Club a year ago; the opera. "Prince Asmodcus," and "The Lily Of Chefu." a Chinese opera which made a great hit at Its first production in San Francisco. The composer Is a native of Hamburg, Germany, and Is 54 years of age. He is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music at Stuttgart. Germany. He has been a resident of California for twenty-eight / years. Twelve years ago Vogt became a member of the Bohemian Club. The home of the composer Is now at 1201 Lafayette street. Alameda, where he has lived since the flre. NO CENSURE FOR MISS VAN. HORN. BERKELEY. S*dL 12.— Miss Lucy Sprague, official arfvlser to the wonieh students of the University, made it known today that rio faculty censure will be visited upon Miss Marian Van Horn for that young woman's part in the automobile ride which ended in the girl's Injury last Sunday morning, and brought death to a woman companion. MSsh, Sprague, -when questioned about the University authorities view of the affair, said that the accident was. apparently a "bona fide accident" and that mo blame for the result appeared to attach to Mln Van -Horn, so that investigation was not apparently rendered necessary. The faculty committee on student's affairs has not as yet taken, action with regard to Walter Clark's and John Isaacs' part in the escapade last Saturday night, and no member of the committee has : vouchsafed a statement concerning what may-be expected in the matter. Both students are seniors, as Is Miss Van Horn. RICHMOND HAS BAD BLAZE AT NIGHT. MARTINEZ. Sept. 12.— A defective flue in the restaurant of Mrs.- M. Jacka at Richmond caused a fire last night that entails a loss of $SO,OOO to the town. The entire/business' portion 'of the block bounded by First 'and Se'cdnd streets and \u25a0 McDonald avenue Is now a heap of smouldering ruins. The buildings burned were the restaurant of Mrs. Jacka, the undertaking parlors and furniture store of E. B. ;.; Smallwood, the Eureka lodging-house "and the fruit store and N grocery of VF. Houston. i . " .; " - ; - From.lO:3o until after. midnight the fire raged until" it burned itself 'out,fas there was absolutely no "other- fire (protection than\that afforded; by -buckets and wet sacks. .The;iam6unt- of /Insurance Is not -known. The 'buildings destroy'd were owned by Ml?s;L.''B. Small wood, - Mrs. Odell and "Miss M. Smith. : '&TB%s&jgt&S& BBHHSBI The fact/that there' was .no wind blowing alone; accounts" for "the saving of the rest of the city. KBS. VATIEimXE DIEB. 1 — Alam^U. Sfpt. 12, Mr*. Mary K. -. Valentine. ; widow of: the \u25a0 la te,.William V«]»-r.tlnf. «11m1 yentrnlar -at; the \u25a0 home " of ber da^rliter. J Mr». ', Fr«l : F. : Hobb», -\u25a0 2«2& S Bc<-na Vl*u a*«-Bu»f. - Sl!e'.wa«'boB-n'in;lMohuiODd." Va.. flfty-seren years. afo and;^a^i• resided in'Callfor»! < for thlrtj-five rrara. .^Th« v laic Wllllum .V»l. eat me ': wan * a j pioneer I resident -' o£ 3 tills . city - and tii ; protninenny identified -with . tbe official ' hls- Jocj- of*Alameda. during Its etrly years. the san: fran^ HOLD-UPS INJURE OLD VETERAN Charles Woodruff Beaten by Thugs Who Rob Him and Make Good Their Escape DEAFNESS- TO BLAME OAKLAND. Sept. 12.— Charles ,F. Woodruff, a veteran of the Civil .War. aced 68 years. r wasbe&ten ? by thugs and robbed of $25 while waiting, for a car at Haywards. late last night. ; 'i-^-K^; Woodruff attributes his troubles to deafness. He says he did nbt hear the robbers' demands, and -because ;he- did not obey, them . they set upon him and beat him. He thlnksthey believed that ho was going, to use a revolver^ when he put his hand to his ear 'and one 'of them drew a weapon, 'while, the; other attempted to stab him with a knife. He seized the dirk by the '.'.bladf and received a, severe wound on the palm ; of his right hand. Then the; thugs, he says, knocked him down, and the one with a knife took $25 -from his trousers pocket. , . After regaining cqcscioUSnefls,; he boarded a car and went jto 'the Receiving Hospital, where his Injuries were treated. He lives at' 916 Michigan street. San Francisco. Within an hour after James Lalan,, who 'resides at 316' San Pablo avenue, had been held up and robled at Seventh and Willow, streets at mldritgtit" ?: last night, the police had two J of the three holdups In Jail, and this morning both were positively identified by,their victim. Later another man was "arrested on suspicion of being "the third man, but he has not yet been Identified. The men under arrest are all negroes.- One Alfred Williams was arrested a few weeks ago after a desperate battle with a pollceman.f who was j forced to club -the negro Into submission. The other man arrested who has/ already been identified "as one. *6f "the footpads is Walter Washington. Roy Barbee. also a negro, was takentnto custody On suspicion and Is now on the smalTbook. Lalan was on his way home, when -at Seventh and Willow streets he was attacked by. the three negroes, and after being choked, almost , senseless, /was robbed of $3, all the money he had with him. Society in the Cities j4 cross, the Sap. OAKLAND, Sept. 12. — In the presence of half a hundred relatives, Miss Martha B. Cbffln plighted her troth and became the bride of Aldrlch Barton at a simple celebration this evening 'at the Coffin residence on Perry street. The home was attractively garlanded for the event. In the living room, where the service was read by Rev. Joseph Worcester of the Swenborgian Church of San Francisco, bamboo 'and fern. with. white asters, made the.pretty-setting, .whlleilh' the. dining room the airy ferns and. pink- asters were, used effectively. The reception hall carried a decoration of hops. Miss Coflln was attended by 'her sisters. Miss Alice Coffin and Miss Edith -Coffin, both wearing dainty frocksof pale pink.' Seldom has there been a prettier bride, and; the wedding robe of white messallne rsatln with Its- trimmings of* rare lace lent Itself gracefully to Miss Coffins- slender Btatelinesß. The'tulle veil With its knot of f»range blossoms fellto the hem Of the skirt. A shower of bride's roses completed the bridal costume. Willard Barton supported, his brother. After the marriage supper Mr. arid Mrs. -Barton left for a brief honeymoon. Upon their return they wlMrCslde:with Mr. and Mrs. Coffin until the Completion of their own home 'ln- the 'Piedmont district. Mr. Barton is. tne son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard T. "Barton, and has achieved considerable succesß In the business world. His bride Is, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Coffin. Miss .Blanche Hosteler and Miss Grace Hostetter were .guests 'at a recent house party at the country home of Mrs. Alice Jenkins in *Los Gatos. Mrs. P. D. Browne was ~a- guest In Oakland the early part of the .week, returning to her home at Camp Meeker on Tuesday morning. Joßn W. McS^earwill lead to 'the altar during the late Octob#rdays"a most charming bride. "In the "person 7 of Mra. Wilma Green wold. J of | the "'southern "part of 'the State. The marriage \u25a0'will -take place in the couth and;be a quiet affair, after which an extended honeymoon will be enjoyed before returning to Oakland Uo establish their home. -, ..-'.'."" .: :. . . ; . . I McNear Is prominent injbuslness-and social" life of this :clty -and Is closely Identified with tlio Clare'inotat Country Club. He is the son of Mr. i and Mrs. George W. 'McNear and Is associated with his father in the firm of G. W/ McNear & Sons. \ ; An old Spanish woman remarked that California must : be' a: plous.cbuntry. It had. never dawned upon the pioneer settlers that such was the /ease ; and in amazement they questioned. 4her.4statement." "You -have cj-os'sesi-planted ? all the way from San Jose to San Francisco," she made answer, and did" not know that It was the first "telegraph line in the ; far 'West. . V "I*11 --. give ; you this piece of land for a. picket > f ence.'i, offered one -,- generous' citizen, pointingto,the land now/bccupled by r the : pelger building. "Not much," scorned ; his friend. "Picket -fences \u25a0 cost? money": , ' Such were _; the f stories told 'at 'the Oakland Clvb r when,* under the happiest of circumstances, the'member's'assembled for their second meeting -of,; the year, at the home of Mrs. Ceorge J. * G. Marsely. ?/\u25a0] '\u25a0_ ';"/.'.;; \u25a0-\\:\ '.'California Stones" gave the, inter'esttng theme r<Lnd jMrs. fAl "A.^Dfinslon as chairman-h ad prepared " a'cholce; pro-' gramme.": Mrs. ' C. >F.; Chad wick lread>a letter written' by ;C. -B.> ! Rutherford, describing In -quaint '"words'.' the 'Oakland of the pioneer;,- time. "The -thrilling story of the young ;wdrrianr who f guard-; ed her small "sons . alone f : while; the father > took --his ; : perilous j journeys • into 'the hills: with' thetcattle'and* waited .'ln patience for -the re.turn'of ?jthe*carrler pigeon with its^messajpe: of safety :waa geographically ,-related -'by^Mfs.; Sara Reamer. • ':'; It ? hardly V 1V 1 seemed *' that this "place* of ; wolves land -,; coyotes : could : be the, beautifuU Piedmonts Springs. \'\ r pPAn^ interesting { -. musical...; programme interspersed the "bits of history *and ? a refreshing? glass: of ' punch rounded ; out the . afternoon . of 'club = week. .. :? OnS Wednesday ? of S next ;* week ' the members look? forward Ho; the; luncheon at, Piedmont \u25a0'Springs.* when; 175- of | tlielr number :; wlll7^a thereabout? the; tables.- Cardslfor • the .'affalr.'are'obtalnab'le' from Mrs. W. W. Standefqra^; ' - " ; REDWOOD » FACES i DEFICIT. \u25a0>-, REDWOOD 'd CITY.';f S^pt. i'-l 2.-^-Frank Towne,' the City; Treasurer City^- made a report : tolthe lTOwhi v vTrustees last-! evening ; In. which'. he 'stated that the! town, would b»;"lh,debtf 54724. 77. at : thejend r of -the Jyear s!f ; all- contracts now-let ' were" carried^ out, ;" ': ~\ ; •- Unanimously Renominated CONGRESSMAN JOSEPH R. K.NOWLAND, UNANIMOUSLY RENOMINATKD BY THE THIRD DISTRICT REPUBLICANS. . Knowland Only Choice of Third District Republicans. : OAKLAND; Sept. 12.— Joseph ; Russell Knowland. of Alameda was renomlriated by the Republicans; today to -represent the Third Congressional District. He had no opponent before: the convention that was held In^Hovey Hall, and his selection' for the second' time to serve in the halls of national legislation was unanimous. ." ; ,-•-\u25a0-\u25a0- George W. Reed of this city, chairman of the . Republican committee of the Third Congressional District, called the convention to. order. *J. F.Bermingham Jr.. of Pinole was chosen chairman of the convention, being placed In nomination >by Dr." C. L. Tisdale of Alarrieda. George. D.Metcalf of Berkeley seconded the nomination. . After.; taking up the . gavel Bermlngham: announced the, appointment of the following committees: . Credentials— H."> W. Meek, George Lewis, D. W.Doody, James. G. Quinn, W. H. Halsey, William Tait, J: C. Jensen, W.B. Parker,' John Bouquet.. \u25a0 7 Platform and ; Resolutions — W. R. Davis,; David McDonald, George W. I Scott, Dr. O. :D.\Haml!n.'; Frank : D.". Williams, D..W.-Tortelmeier,fß. : :F.^Rush,, Ralph Harrison.. -^ ... ,i . -....;; '\u25a0 .• . \u25a0'.-•] " : Permanent Organization and Order of Business^-C. M. Belshaw, •C. S. Long,' A.rE Ward. Phil Walsh,, Daniel Mulllns, F." W.: Bllger, James 'Harrold George Stoddard, F. P. Weinman. ; ', Resolutions were adopted:, indorsing the administration of President Roose-; velt and Governor Pardee and"; the platform of the Santa Cruz — convention; pledging support to -the r.^ candidate, named by the Santa Cruz- convention: commending -the services .. of % i-nited States Senators Perkins >n^ Hint; pledging steadfast "support t6 \u25a0 Congressman; Knowland,' and •"lauaih"g\hls achievements in- the. -House,-: of Representatives; pledging support to •the State," county and Congressional ticket. -Frank Devlin of Vnlle jo presented p< Knowland'a nanle^tO'.tne conventlon,and paid high tribute to thVgenius of the Representative. Seconding speeches were made'byW.H. Donahue of Pleasanton, GeorgeL-D. '\u25a0, Metcalf rof Berkeley, \u25a0 George 'H. \u25a0 Jayne • of Alameda, Senator C. M. Belshaw of Contra Costa and W. R. Davis of Oakland. United Senator Perkins, "who was present as ah unlookeV of the-proceedings of the' convention,'"- . was Invited to address 'the delegates i and in doing so took occaslonjto Commend the work of .'Congressman "Knowland ; and also .the administration- \u25a0 of . ; Governor. Pardee. Senator Perkins ,in the course of his- remarks said: - . . . .."Although • not having the honor of being adelegatetb 'this convention I could » not resist the; '" temptation 'to come here. I want -to endorse .the record "of _ Congressman , v Knowland^ Through your 'su If rages vl- have had^ the honor of serving fourtecn.years'ln'tHe United States Senate. ; Tn thait^period there has been ho ''young \u25a0niah'QomeHo | Congress who has attained ,, v sudh In-. fluence and prominence^in^Buch a\Bhort time as has Congressman •Knowland..:: "Many of us would like very 'much toY : have * seen ' Governor ' "Pardee, our townsman,; selected 'for "our; State standard : bearer again, "but It. seems '.that California 'does "not -believe :Tlh;mbr"e" than : ; one - term for - Governor. *It 1b no reflection "on Goyerribr 'Pardee 'that; hot Was not nominated :. the 'second X time for : ; Governor. lie ;: has ; /given viis -.a splendid administration artd*wb-cahgo to the election this fall 'and polht^rlth pride -to ; the record /of : Governor Par-; dee."- ;;. '' ;'"\u25a0.'\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0"\u25a0"•\u25a0"';. '•\u25a0'.:\u25a0''', '.'-j \u25a0'-:.-\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0 - Congressman Knowland thatiked ;thV convention for. the honor conferred and promised ithat he wouldTse.rve ; his' constituents as faithfully/and well In, the future as he r iiad done «ln "the; past. . ,; . I The Congressldnal ; committee ; for; the" I Third, district was namedjas; follows: \;; Forty-sUth Assembly District— -C^ ll Cfellln. , ; ; ;: ;\u25a0- \u25a0:\u25a0.;\u25a0'; :"; ','r,;' .;.;, \u25a0\u25a0: \u25a0 Assembly . District-^-•E."--E.j'Johnson. > .- : \ * Forty-eighth Assembly - District— D; W. T>oody. \u25a0%Si: Forty-ninth ; Assembly — Maurice Flynn. '*. '* . -: . ; \ t s .^Fiftieth Assembly District— Rod WJ Church, r.; '\u25a0- ; , \u25a0-••\u25a0..',•' : \u25a0'\u0084.: / ,- " '. ' '\u25a0:?] •Fifty-flr#t Assembly District— -J.;W/ Evßns.' '. - ' , ['.' ;,";."\u25a0'\u25a0-""-- \u25a0 \u25a0--\u25a0'.-, '- --. \u25a0 ; ,;\u25a0/ -'--- : i i ?Fifty-second Assembly District-^. I E^iMarllave. : - . ;"..;\u25a0, :V; : .:-v -\u0084-':. '\u25a0'\u25a0.. ".;'.. ; ; ; >.\ ;""Flf tj--second 'Assembly , " District — ; George H. Ward. ' \u0084. " - Assembly District— W. D. i t'&rinycook. "v" v : " \u25a0;i At ".Large— George W..Roed, : C. \u25a0 II Tisdale. "Everett- J. ; Brown, John e ßer-'j mlnghamfJr.;- George D.I Metcalf, : W.~L? Crboks.^ '."\u25a0'\u25a0'•' .-/ : \u25a0 ;;.>\u25a0 --J^-} .'.'\u25a0\u25a0 ; \u25a0 : "•'='."•'* *.*• "iWhen , the , convention ; adjourned ' ; ; the* delegates /were; the" guests:, of (Congress-* man and. Mrs.; Knowland -at V dlnnor.' : .V. XABOR'S XO»INEBS. Conßty TlcWet Ccntnln" Xansea of Some ;\u25a0;:.;] Men Xamed! by. '-Reiliiblt cans. '\u25a0 > . ; fpeptJv ?12.^With; little | I sign rof .: the" Union \u25a0'Labor ", party ;tdda\v. nominated^: a^county,- i tlcket,,; : a' I" mixed ian"kir,'i'nfariy/of (the' nomlnees|be^ j ing; identical KwithJ; those s named^ at |tUe"i f Republican 5 con ven tlpn .\u25a0. \u25a0 last s' Saturday. 1 1 i'lThe"; convention ;Hoday4was| harmonious! l^ho\jgh;lnSthat\tHerßowen-P«try|win)f j ; butnurhberingsthe -A?- 1?/| Ormsby ; delegates.'^; Auditor, Q. W. Bacpoj Assessor, C.' 1 MUSICIANS NAMES ARE ANNOUNCED. lil-jt of Players for the ;Sym;jpli6ny?Coneert at Greek Theater Today. Given Out SECOND j SYMPHONY . BERKELEY, Sept. 12^— The _ university r authorities -today \ made public for the^j first -; time"; the ": names /of the men composing- the -reorganized •\u25a0'.'university symphony, orchestra, which Is to .give .Its^inltial concert^ of. the winter, series In , the Greek theater .. tomorrow afternoon. ; \u0084 . .-• ; .The . orchestra wiil be conducted, 89 always by J. Fred., • Wolle. ; professor: : of- music, in. the of California, 5 who won j such .high favor from California audiences last spring by his qualltlesjbf imagination, fervor, deep musical culture, .<" and magnetic sympathy. The concert 'master, as before, v, will be Qlulio Mlrietti, for many symphony: seasons past known as .the best^concert master.' Jni' the west. Tne list of first- violins will;, lnclude Mr. Minetti." Hans Koenlgl and Andre Verdler,;and Herman Heller, G, Saldlerna,' S. Polak, Edward B. Lada, Walter Manchester. Frank Hess, R. Uhlig, and .L. Homeler; ; ; The other members are as follow.s: Second violins. Miltner, M.. Bracamonte. B. Purt, Rudolph Sieger, J. Zoberbler.'Raymond H. Bone, C. F. Hamlln and Heinrlch Stahl; viola/Charles Heinsen. Charles Trainor. Frederick G. Knell, William F. Kretshmer, : Nathan Firestone, Schernsteln;, violoncello. Arthur, William "W. Wertsch Jr., A. M. Lada, Charles Toepke, Arthur T, Regensberger. F. BracamOnte and W. Leimert: double basses, S. Greene, H. Sieger, M. Rees, G. Kell, F. Mundwyler. Charles Goerlich and L. J. Previati; flutes, Louis Newbauer and Walter Oesterriecher; oboes, J/^L. Mundwyler and August Apal: clarinets, A. Spadina and C. Casparl;, bassoons, A. Baetz and J. J. Mundwyler; French horns, H. Bergenholtz. F. Koltz, C. Rletza and A. Merrltt; trumpets, .Eugene Keller and C. Horst; : trombones, W.HV'Colverd. Martin Hobbs and H. Bellman; bass tuba, Charles Goerllch; kettledrums, G. Huntington; percussion. Dexter M. Wright. M. J. Kbchman. , The concert WIH begin at. 3:30. ,B<*ethoven's Second Symphony will be thVchlef feature of the day. It Is in four movements, as follows: Adagio molto— allegro con brio; Larghetto; Scherzo allegro; Allegro molto. The symphony Will be preceded by the overture to Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro,"'arid, by: a "Morning Song" and an "Evening "Song" 'by. Elgar. After the symphony will come: three "Norwegian Melodies" by. Grieg and the. Jubilee Overture; by Weber. CUTS OFF A SOX. OAKLAND, Sept. 12.— When Mrs. Elvira P. Thorndyke, who died a week ago, made her will, disposing of anestate"valued at $2300, she cut oft her son, Melbourne Thorndyke, with. sl and left the bulkof, her estate to a daughter,', Ada C. Krebs. She bequeathed $506 to a daughter, Ella Thornton, and her , piano to, Ada Krebs' daughter, Aileen Cameron.' The will was filed for probate today.* - E.-ThbmaB; Tax Collector. John Donovan; County^ Clerk, J. ,W. Glllogly; District; Attorney, Everett J. Brown; Sheriff, :;Frarik . Barnet;.- Superintendent of j Schools, T.\ O. Crawford ; Coroner, iJ. E. Henderson; Public Administrator, . R. Wland; Treasurer, C. D. , Rogers; Recorder, A. X. . Grim; Surveyor, C. H. Spinks; SuperlorxJudges, long term, H. G., Walker, W. J. Gallagher; short term, William H. Waste. ; T.W. Harris; City Justices. Oakland, H. : S. Aldrich. G eorge Samuels. • Supervisors— Second ' district, Charles W. Heyer; > third district, J. A M. Kelley.-State Senators— Fourteenth district, fto nomination; sixteenth district, C. W.'Petry. Assemblymen— Forty-sixth district,? no nomination; forty-seventh district, noYnomlnatlOn; • forty-eighth, C R. Elder; fortynlnth district, Edward McGulre;; fiftieth district, R. M. Hamb; flfty-flrst 5 district. R. H.- E. Espey; fifty-second . district, v John M. Eshelman. „ ; -r, ' Township — Justice,' W. R. Geary ; \ Constables, \u25a0 Thomas Carroll, W. C. Allen. ; : . ';\u25a0./ ;. *;. :\u25a0 -Eden ToVrhshlp — Constable, John C. Simons.- : \u25a0. .•-- Washington Township— -.Justices,' Thomas Power, S/ Sandhbldt: C 6n T atables, .Joseph Roderick,' S. Vahdervtfort; Berkeley, Justice, J. Rbllln Fitch. . . . . : . \u25a0•Oakland Township— Justice, James G.' Quinn; Constables, H. T. Hempstead, Morrls.H.' Lane. /*- I'Als.meda— Justices.,- Charles p, Drolla,;F. S. Cbne^Con'stable," Al Klhn. . The:;cbhventlon'_iwa* called! to order this rnbrnlhg'at'Gerrharila Hall -by A.' S. Ormsby, chairman . of the "county, centfarcpmrnltteb.; J. B.'Bowen Was'electe I 'chairma"n r ahd;P. C. Weber secretary. . with'.' S."'H.rf Gray ."assistant secretary of the 'convention. ;> -1 The. platform 'adopted Indorses public ownership •of )publlc futilities ; calls fbrMeglslative 'enactment ;of the Initiative and referendum; ' favors election of ;. ; Unite d? States by direct Tote 1 ,;-; opposes v goyernineht by injunction ; favors ; restriction of Asiatic tmmigfation;. demands regular-form of flre Insurance ; .policies, ; legislation against the C trusts^ '"\u25a0 t reb markets, a', new Hen law, amendment ; of ':' primary " election law/knd'aipubllc morgue for : : Alameda County." ;G.':W. BacSn was renomlnatedfor •Auditor. \u25a0 -without contest, ' ,as '\u25a0\u25a0: was Charles iS.'; Thomas . for 'Auditor. Delegate ? .\C. :S. ,; Orr t-& placed Henry P.'Dalton'sr "name, before ithe: cbnyentlbn.Xbut'palton; ' ; himself ."prepared and declined to make; a con itestfbr.the ndmlnatibn.\The"6fficeS continued, to £ be;fllled without bpposUlon until* that * of«Superihte'ndeht of ' Schools, was reached., 'when Vdelegate-'opposed 'IT. /O.JCfawford's name with-' that 'of fMllllcentrW.Shlnn of 'Klles. T Crawford's! forces had ' : their own .way, winning by 100 to ;• IB." 'vi.-'After the district and township nomi-. nations : wefe"; ratified 1 theVnew county central^corrtrrtittee '.was crioSen : r a*nd the convention adjourned. V V '-,:., The? committee > Is .as -follows: Forty-. slxth";"ass<-rnbly;- .district, ;",-. A: T. Biddle, GebrgeclTbyne,^ Frank: Pine; ,; fortyrßeventhrBeventh-district,-Charles Orr, C. sKiesel, P. H. Heffner;: fortyreighth ' Franks Heguera, ; J. » J. Overton.' 5 - My. P. Murray;v^forty-nlnth .^district, v'J. B. \u25a0Bowen," P."" C! ;\u25a0 Weber, : D.'t ; P.; Sullivan ; f iftiethilL;^ Hyde;: T:; C. Devellers? R. S. Gillett; sflrty-first.rJ.":W. ;Blbhy. G. E. Cilrie, \u25a0{ J osephy Smart; .: f if ty-'s«coad,> M. pr-McGill.'Gebr'gelDrum.A^J: Brackett; at larg-e,. Joseph :RebBli; Raleigh"Poorman,",W::H.'EUlsbn,' "Al B. Lewis. V:LEVoi(E^renT«*lxißEß .^ERkELEY^ fSept '; uii^Charles :^P. ; Foxity-as ) chal rman* and \ B.'; MeGI rity ?ec T | :re tafy'; of % [ the }\ Berkeley ,'i Independency iLeague^Clubswhleh: .'met; "Jtbnight ;at / J3To6drhen "Hall.','" Between "'forty.; and : 1 fifty ! pe"rsoris v weref present. :-'.:: i I «,\u25a0•'; R AID ;CmiEOTfOA^IJKS.r-<H kland , fc> ji t . ' | 1C— Captiilii 7ot v Pollce'j Frank ; Lynch • and . Spr--j jretntJßtkrk'laM night rallied a. Chinese gambllns f-den'at'Bo3 Second street-and captured . ten Chlaa'.B»tn:wl»9jwlrre'playlii|r:fautaß. ;"-'-: Teacher Near Awful Death AGNES GILLIGANY SAN JtATEO COUNTY • TEACHER. SERIOUSLY INJURED BT. A BOX CAR. Agnes Gilligan Under v Gar With Wheels An Inch Away. SAN MATEO, Sept. 12. — Alleged carelessness on the part of the railroad gateman, in not lowering the gates while a freight train was switching In the yards, is given as the cause of an accident last evening In which Miss Agnes Gilligan, a ! teacher In the public schools sustained injuries that may prove fatal. Miss Gilligan was knocked down by a box car and a large iron rod, pierced her side, tearing a .hole several inches long in her abdomen. When the car was stopped, the wheel had already pinched her flesh and many eye witnesses assert that had the car gone 'a foot further she would have been cut in two. . . Miss Gilligan was returning home shortly after dark. When, vas both gates .'at the track ..were open, it. never occurred to -her that there was an engine on the end of the long line of box cars standing on the sidetrack. When she was In- the .center of the track the engine bumped into the cars with terrific, force. • The car only kicked back about five feet and to this fact Miss Gilligan oweY her life. M. J. Lyons was the first to go to her aid and /when he attempted to drag her from beneath the car he* discovered that her dresses were tightly fastened under the wheel and -It became necessary to call to the engineer to move his train before the woman could be released. Miss Gilligan has been a teacher In the public schools here for the last eight years. "... In" the Voting contest now pending for the most popular teacher In San Mateo County, she has taken the lead from the start and at the last counting of; the ballots 4 she stood .over 4000 votes ahead of .any other teacher on the list. - " \u25a0 HUSBAND CLUBS A MASHER. REDWOOD CITY. Pep t 1 2.— Peach I c Chavis.a young grocery <51erk of this city.. proved to a Pan Francisco masher that he was capable of protecting his vifefrofh insult Saturday night, and when .J.\u25a0: G. Ham. a : boilermaker, addressed Mrs.;. Chavls; on the street. Peachle. 'waylaid Ham with a club and a running fight ensued.-- In "which Ham proved himself- the better, foot-racer. Ham, it -Is stated, never stopped • running until he, found- . himself . safely locked In- his room. ln the Del Monte Hotel with many.; of, his friends. around him. .The friends of both parties tried to hush the matter' up and so successful were they that It.was not until this morning that the truth was learned. "Mrs. Cha vis was on her way to the store to meet her husband when she noticed a stranger following. her. ..She informed her" husband ."and upon his advice she started back down the dark street toward- home, while, Peachle secured.: a club and .started around the block.>, to "head off nis -wife and : the would-be masher. . He. found him and the fight and; flight followed. MARRIED AT SAX MATEO. SAN MATEO, SepU 1 2.— Miss Aimee Fitzgerald, daughter; of ' Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald, and : Frank Paulin were 'married at the Catholic parsonage yestesday. The bride : was attended . by her/" sister, Miss" ; Rita Fitzgerald, while the groom was supported by William Finger. . ""-'-- SHBHHSSBBI * ; .The bride has resided here . since 1 childhood.. Paulin has , lived here . for I many .years, and. - like his" bride, Yen- [ joys a largo circle of "friends. ..The j happy couple left -for . -the • Russian j River, where they '\u25a0. will .'spend their, j honeymoon."; ':.-.;. ( "SEEKS ARREST OF, HrSBAXD. HAY WARD.' Sept. / IS— Declaring that ' her ; husband ihas refused : to provide ; for/ her \ or^ for * his* mlnor,< child for! more f than six years," Mrs." Maud. Rose this jjmomlngjappllea ,to -Justice: of the I P»ace. Prowse : for a for.^the « rres tj of ,her^ husband,*- An tone G.* Rose, charging jhim iwlth failure jto .provide.' Mrs. Rose alleges tlnat ;her« husband "deserted VherJ Just the*: birth -of her" chlld.*and.;that,sihce, that time he has refused ; to /contribute t is. ; penny toward the 1 ; support of -\u25a0 either the child \u25a0or - her- FETITICXS .- IKj INSoi-VENCT.—Petltions , in insolv'ftioy •»•«*'< filed;- yesterday In the : t.'nlted States" District , Court as* follows:-? >i.' .p.. Jonuson.V contractor -ana v dealer In ortce fnmltnre. San v debts : f 1773. ; no t asset*: Harry U'lmam" : Raphael.^elerk,';' San Francisco.--, unknown i liablii tie » . wtn* ' partner i'witJi " J. . A.- Ray. mond''.biiHlaoss "*t Santa -- Rosa and. Redwood City *in 1800 ; »hU -lWir.~ There 'are do ;«Mtt». ' DECIDE TO SETTLE RELIEF CLAIMS. Members of Executive Committee Will Pay Demands; for Money Long Overdue- SUM REACHES $500,000 Hope for the hundreds who have claims 'against the Relief Corporation, the successor. t?> the finance commtt-^ tea of.tho Relief and Red Cross Funds. is held out by the action of the execu-, tiv« comfnlttee yesterday in voting: to' pay approximately $500,000 worth oC claims. ' \u25a0\u25a0•'\u25a0»\u25a0 A list of claims passed upon by the. judicial committee wasvreceived and a resolution to pay them as soon as subscriptions from Eastern cities werereceived was passed. 'As this was unsatisfactory to the Judicial committee. ,„_ the executive committee finally decided to pay immediately all claim* designated by the Judicial committee as demanding immediate settlement. As, a majority of the claims were passed!! by the old finance committee, it is probable that a great percentage of themn will be paid atonce. With the payment of $300,000. there, will remain something like *2.000.000> on local deposits. This money is prac-> tically appropriated for the building;. and furnishing of cottages. , The com- 1 mi t tee. therefore, is* anxiously await- • Ing receipts of money from New York,,. Philadelphia and other Eastern cities-! Disquieting word has come that the>. Chamber of Commerce and other civic: donating bodies of New York are organizing a committee .to visit San \u25a0 Francisco and supervise the distribution of the funds contributed by them. F. W. Dohrmann, who presided, announced that the corporation was not. sure of receiving the. money from Ne-wrr YCrlc and Boston. On the motion of Rudolph Spreckelxi it was decided to order three car loads, of gas stoves for the new. cottages and. J one car load of a smaller size stove for! other shelters. The stoves will be'< bought at the factory at $«.« apiece. j for the larger size and $3.75 each f or- , the smaller. A rate will be made with the Spring Valley Water Company for the supply of water to the permanent and oth,er camps at a flat rate of $500 a month- There are sixteen permanent camps., sheltering 19,000 people, and several i smaller camps not directly under relief; control. Rudolph Spreckels was authorized! ; ]to receive bids for the I.SOO gallons; iof whisky that the corporation has; on. hand. ,Blds will be received and referred to the executive committee. ,Mr. Spreckels will also call upon the val rious insurance companies to submit rates for fire insurance on the valuable, stock in the warehouses of the corporation. The next meeting will be held tomor- ' row at 2:30 p. m. ISSUES SA.IIPLE LEASE. I Relief Corporation Will . Enter laio * - '.Agreement With Campers. . \u25a0 "Copies 'of the lease that wllf be entered, into between the prospective, oc- ' cupants of the relief -Cottages and tha t corporation have been issued .and sent • to the several camps for posting. Fol- ; lowing the usual form of lease;.thelessee agrees to pay the corporation : i $2 a month for each room of the'house. and also 50 cents a month for .each) gas Jet. 25 cents a month for each; '. light Jet and a small sum for simmer- i ing burners. The conditions gorernlng the ten- i I ancy demand compliance with the i rules of the camp, the agreement not j ' to sublet or assign the lease without* the written consent of the corporation. I and guarantees the house to the occu- ; pant after the payments have ;beea : made for a certain term. SAUSALITO CLUB SEXDS SUPPLIES- j Miss Lucy Eaves of !the Relief Corporation is in receipt of. a letter from Mrs. Charles M. Woods of the.Woman's Club of Sausalito. saying that the club is supplying the \u25a0 Telegraph ' Hill Neighborhood Asociation with : bedding and clothing. The club acts [ as a branch of the industrial depart- ! ment of the Relief Corporation. AI'TOMOniLRi IX BERKELEY TO BE HELD I.NSIDK LIMIT State Law Preftciibln* Tea Mllc» na ' Hour to B« Enforced Pendtas Pm.<«-aase of OrdlaancV. BERKELEY, Sept. 1 2. — Chauffeurs hereafter will b«, required to keep their speed in Berkeley within the ten-miles an hour limit prescribed by state law. pending .the ' passage by the trustees of an ordinance regulating the matter. Chief Vollmer announces that - tha state law will be strictly enforced.." '.\u25a0 The action of the trustees Is > the result of a letter sent to the board by M. L. Ryder, a former trustee, who begged for a law compelling the .machines to carry a cow-catcher, protecting citizens from harm when struck by the flying "devil-wagons." \u25a0, CIRCUS TRAIN DERAILED. . NILES. Sept 12.— Forepaugh and Sells Brothers circus' train was derailed In Nlles Canyon last night by "the breaking of a car wheel Journal. Beyond the delay, to the train . and thft regular traffic while the wrecking crew repaired the damage, no harm was done. The circus was on the way to Stockton. «itteks If you have any symptoms of a weak or disordered stomach, Kver ( oT kidneys you really ought to commence taking the Bitters at once. It promptly corrects all such ailments as Poor Appe- tite, : Headache, Nausea. Sour Risings, Heartburn, Bloating Liver Jr; Kidney Ills, Indiges- tioft Dyspepsia or Constipation

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