El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on October 7, 1918 · Page 12
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 12

El Paso, Texas
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Monday, October 7, 1918
Page 12
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EL PASO HERALD 12 10 AVERT INFLUENZA SPREAD, COURTS SUSPEND FOR A WEEK Judges of Federal and State Courts Join Other Public Officials In Halting wor&; Telepnone Company very Short Handed; Army Hospital Records "Seven Deaths, Discharges 152 Men; Seven Civilians Die. TN order to avert the spread of Influ 1 enza, all state and federal judges in El Paso announced today that they would hold no court this week. Their action was taken because court ses sions are necessarily crowded In reg ular terms by large numbers of attendant Jurors and witnesses. United States district Judge W. R. Smith was to have convened the October term of his court Monday morning, but announced a continuance until next Monday. The following district officials are in the city to attend this term of court: Capt. J. H. Rogers, marshal: deputy nuu-shal W. I Ratchford: district attorney Hugh Robinson and Roy Lassetter? his chief clerk. D. H Hart, district clerk, is ill at Austin and his local deputy. S. L. Kelly, will attend court in his absence. The following state Judges an nounced they would hold no court this week: P. R. Price, 41st district: Bal lard ColdwelL CSth district, and W. p. Brady and E. B. IfcClintock. county courts. Judge w. B. Howe. 34th district, was not due to hold court this week. Pnblle Employes HI. Among city and county officials and employes and their families, the following were ill Monday with influenza: City alderman Frank B. Simmons; Mrs. A. H. Johnson, wife of the city purchasing agent, and their 10 year old son, Alfred Hill. tOX West Missouri street; deputy county collector Ed Haight, Mrs. Robert E. Lyons, wife of the county commissioner, and their daughter Anna, Til East Wyoming-. Geo rye Booth and W. R. Sanders, deputy county assessors, were reported recovered from a slight attack tf the malady. 'Phone Forces Arc Short. C. E- Stratton, general manager of BAD BM Dr.Edwards'Olive Tablets Get at the Cause and Remove It Dr. Edwards' OBvc TaNets, the substitute for calomel, act gently on the bowels and positively do the work. People afflicted with bad breath find quick relief through Dr. Edwards' Wire Tablets. The pleasant sugar-coated tablets Sire taken for bad breath by all who know them. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gently but firmly on the bowels 2nd Hyer, stimulating them to natural action, clearing the blood and gently purifying the entire system. They do that which dangerous calomel does without any of the bad after effects. . All the benefits of nasty, sickenms griping cathartics ere derived from Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets without criping. pain or any disagreeable effects. Dr. F. M. Edwards discovered the formula after seventeen years of practice among patients afflicted with bowel and Ever complaint; with the attendant bad breath. Dr. Edwards' Oirre Tablets are purely a vegetable compound mixed with olive oik you will know them by their olive color. Take one or two every night for a week and note the effect. 10c and 25c per box. All druggists. 11 CHILD DOESN'T LAUGH 1 PliY IF CONSTIPATED If peevish, feverish and sick, give "California Syrup of Figs." Mother! Toor child Isn't naturally tross and peevish. See If tongue Is coated; this is a sure sign Its little stomach, liver and bowels need a cleansing at once. When listless, pale, feverish, fall ot cold, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't tat, sleep or act naturally, has stomach-ache, diarrhoea, remember, a gentle liver and bowel cleansing honld always be the first treatment flven. Nothing eqnals "California Syrup ot Figs" for children's ills: give a tea-spoonful, and in a few hoars all the tool waste, sour bile and fermenting food which is clogged In the bowels passes out of the system, and you nave a well and playfoi child again. All children love this harmless, delicious "fmlt laxative," and it never fails to effect a good Inside clean-sins. Directions for babies, children of all ages and grown-ups are plainly on the bottle. Keep It handy in yosr home. A little given today saves a sick child tomorrow, bnt get the genuine. Ask your druggist for a bottle of 'California Symp of Pigs," then look and see that it is made by the "California Fig Syrup Company." Adv. Are You Fat? Just Try This Tiinnsnnds of overfat people have be come slim by following the advice of doc- , tor who recommend Marraola Prescription i Tablets, those harmless little tat reducers , that impllf the dose of the famous Mar-roola Prescription 1 If too fat, don't wait for the doctor's t advice. Go now to your druggist or write to the Marmola Co. sti Woodward Are.. ; Detroit. Mich, aid for 7&c procure a I arte ease of these tablets. They reduce two, three or four pomnda a week without exercise, dieting or any unpleasant effect whatever. It too fat, try this today. Adv. Spent Money Foolishly "I have been a great sufferer from stomach trouble and gall stones. No one knows the pains I have suffered. Since taking the first dose of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy am feeling fine, can work all day and eat anything I want. Have no more distress or palpitation of the heart from gas on my stomach. I have spent a great deal of money on doctors and medicine but got nothing to help me." It is a simple, harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract and allays the Inflammation whieh causes practically all nmach 11vt anri (ntMtlnal admMit, including appendicitis. One dose will j convir.ee or money refunded. Kelly ft Pollard. Potter Drug Co., and druggists' everywh"'- Adv. Don't Throw Waste Water Into the Yard Throwing waste water into the yards or alleys from homes where there is influenza Is dangerous and should be stopped. Several complaints have come to The Herald of this practice. Where there are germs in the clothing that has been washed, these germs are carried out in the water and are apt to spread. All waste water should be run into sinks. The people who have the disease at their homes owe it to their neigh bora to be careful In this respect. the Tri State Telephone company, said this morning that 50 girls of the morning shift were absent on account of illness and he expected a number or the atternoon workers might be absent likewise. "We are pressing all available hands into service as operators," said Mr. Stratton. "and will do our best to keep service up to standard, but it may go down materially." Flospltals Have Many Cases. Influenza cases continued to come into the hospitals in the city Monday, while the morgue of Peak Undertaking company -was filled to capacity. Fifteen deaths were reported within the last 21 hours, eight of these being soldiers at the base hospital. Fort Bliss. The base hospital reported 11C cases taken In during the last 24 hours endinr at 8 oclock Monday morning, while 1S2 cases were discharged as cured, leaving a total of 940 cases in the hospital, several of which are pneumonia. Seven Deaths at Fort. j Seven deaths occurred at Fort Bliss since Sunday, making a total of 1 deaths in the El Paso military dis trict. Schools, dance halls, theaters and the public library remained closed Monday for the week. Sunday was one of the quietest days In the city for many years. Peo ple generally remained at home much as possible. The Soldier Dead. The soldiers dead are: Claude E. Long, of the remount de pot, quartermaster, corps, remaence, Sesn. W. Harry F. Hutch, sergeant troop K. Fifth cavalry, residence. Washington, D. C. James Tan Deexer. sergeant com pany C Ninth engineers, residence. Rarthorn. Mich. Joseph Maretto. post bakery, quar termaster corps, residence. Rock Is land, ni Samuel J. Gates, remount depot quartermaster corps, residence. Mid land. Tex. Jack Baxter, No. 12 bakery, residence. Midland. Tex. Raymond C Bowlen. remount depot quartermaster corps. Civilians' Death List. The following civilians have succumbed to influenza since Saturday, according to Monday morning's re- ports: wiuard a, liiii, n aei none Hotel bell boy, died at a local hospital Sunday moraine. William Erickson died at a local hosnital Snndav afternoon. Guadalupe Castanos died Saturday night at his home, 3S26 Hamilton street. J. T. Maddox died at his home. 2810 Florida avenue, Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Anna Lue Tar bo ugh, negress died at her residence near Camp Bierne, Ft. Bliss, Saturday afternoon. Rob Humeston died at Alamogordo, X. , Saturday. Mrs. Hat tie Jones, negress, died at her residence on Hill street. Sunday afternoon. Charles Pollock Has It. Chief of police C E- Pollock was admitted to Rolston hospital Sunday afternoon suffering with influenza. He had been having trouble for several days with a slight cold, which unexpectedly became serious. Juan Franco, city detective, whose address is at 1704 East Rio Grande street, and his three children are seriously ill with ifluenza. 4 Ysleta School Closes. Definite decision to close the Tsleta school for one week on account of the Influenza was reached at a meeting of the trustees, Judge I A. Foil. M. Cad- SCHOOL DA WJ, the eve dmt& ANTI-INFLUENZA RULES COMPILED Dallas Eeserve Bank Physician Gives List of Preventive Methods. A circular letter containing rules for the prevention of influenza was received at the local federal reserve bank from, Dallas headquarters Monday. The letter said the rules had been compiled by Dr. W. E. Crow, the bank's Dallas physician. A. P. Coles, of the local directorate, said there are five or six cases of Influenza among employes of the local branch and that the rules would be observed strictly. They follow: Take Care Or Teeth. "This disease enters the body through the mucous membrane of the nose and throat. Therefore: Brush the teeth regularly and follow with antiseptic mouthwash and nasal spray. "Use individual face towels and drinking cups. "Do not associate closely with any one having a cough or cold. When coughing always keep a handkerchief over 'mouth and nose. Avoid crowds and crowded build ings. Live In The Open. "Sleep and live in the open as much as possible. "The working quarters snould be given every possible ventilation. Ex haust fans should be kept In operation and wherever possible the windows in the building snould have at least a small opening at both top and bottom. Kloora must be kept perfectly dean. Sweeping to be done after all occupants have left the room. "spitting snouia be proniDitea. Cuspidors are unsanitary, but if used should be filled with disinfectant. If you have a cough or any symp toms of a cold, consult a physician immediately and if ordered to do so by him, stay at home until he notifies you that your condition la not serious. A good antiseptic for the nose and; thrno t plvm-lhvmAlliM Ailntjuf with water, equal parts; or. use Dobell' solution." wallader and Mrs. Lucy 1L Feterman, Saturday afternoon. St. Joseph's academy and St. Mary's school in El Paso will be closed for one week beginning Monday. PUBLIC LIBRARYCLOSES A WEEK; TO FUMIGATE BOOKS The public library will be closed for one week until Monday, October 14. The board of directors feels that as all public institutions will close for a period of one week. It is best to help In every way to prevent the spread of influenza by closing the library. The books will be fumigated during the week. It is requested that all books returned be left in the vestibule where provision Is made to receive them. There will be no fines charged on books dne from the seventh to the 14th ot October. IXFIUB-YZA'S JTA31ES. Editor El Paso Herald: In 1870, the good old family doctor took his saddlebags, mounted his horse and visited his patient. Placing his hand on the patient's forehead, he determined his temperature. Placing his ear gently upon breast, he listened to the respirations, and, counting his pulse, he determined his heart's action, and, looking wisely over the top of his octagonal spectacles such as you see pictured' on the wrapper of Old Virginia cheroots, he said: "Brake bone fever." In 1880, the doctor sprang into his two wheeled cart, visited his patient, took his temperature with a fever thermometer and gave the malady the more euphonious name of dengue fever. The patient, not being familiar with the medical phraseology. Just called It "the d n new fever." In 1890, the young doctor stepped into his shining buggy, drawn by a dashing span of horses, and listened to the breathing with his stethoscope and said "la grippe." In 1900, the M. D. sprang into his runabout auto, took his sphymograph with which to test the pulse and he called the disease "grip." In 1910. the doctor stepped into his Cadillac, made his called and diag nosed the ease epidemic Influenza. I have had whooping cough, measles, l smallpox and the mumps, once each. I Labor halL The doctors did not change their , names. I am willing to try anything- Hotel I-nnKhlln, 111 W. Franklin, once, but I am getting very tired of has every modern convenience for the getting the same old disease under a comfort of its guests at very moder-new name. I have bitten at this in-1 ate rates by the day, week or month, fluenza proposition every time and Adv. YS McClure Newspaper Syndicate. Copyright. 1SU. by f General OF course, the best way to take care of your feet Is to wear the proper sort of shoes, but I have talked so much about this I am afraid a lot of my readers will tire of listening. So here are a few little things as how to take care of the feet, without spending much time over it. The first rule Is. change your shoes when you come home. Japanese grass slippers with crossed bands to hold them on the feet cost SO cents and are worth a fortune in the comfort they give. Satin or cretonne mules are anywhere from 1 to 5 10, or more; satin house slippers to match any gown cost from J2.50 up, and those at the lower price will outwear a sea son and make the foot look neat while resting it. One pair of house slippers will save an it or $10 pair of street snoe8--consequently they are economical. If your feet ache, soak them In hot salt water. If you haven't time for that, rub a cut lemon over them and wipe dry. Or spray them with toilet water or toilet vinegar. After your bath. If your feet trouble you at all ana this is a wonaertui treatment for an old woman, by the way, try a massage. While the feet are warm from the bath, rub some cold cream over them and work it all over the feet and the ankles with the hands, massaging it well into the skin. Rub between the toes and under the sole of the foot, and along those bones which run from toe to ankle. Then wipe off, rub some toilet water or vinegar over the feet, and dry. This last seems to do away with any trace of oil that might linger on the surface of the skin, and so stain the stck-ings. Powder lightly with talcum as a finish. Questions and Answers. U W. H. You are not too fat. According to insurance tables, a girl of 18, five feet one inch, can weigh 115 pounds. But of course candy, potatoes and milk are all fattening. If you want to reduce eat half as much of these items as you do now. Marlon I haven't been able to work out my experiments with indigo and henna, but this Is the way the Oriental women do It thev make a naste of henna, let it stay on an hour, wash TTnrz ZZI - Two More Home Remedies to Cure Grip and Ward OH Pneumonia OEVKRAI. veara asro I cooled the O following prescription, given by a physician in the Kansas City Weekly Star, to ward off hay fever, grip, etc I have applied It ever since, with the result that I have been free from my annual attack of the grip, and many who had the grip, to whom I recommended It, were almost Immediately relieved. It certainly clears up the head at once. The remedy is a simple and safe one. Take one tablespoonful of salt and one of baking soda, put in a quart bottle, fill with water, shake well and It is ready for use. Fill the palm of the hand with the solution, then snuff it up the nostrils until It flows down the throat. It is a splendid throat gargle also. It is so harmless and efficient no one need fear using it- It may prove very beneficial now in warding off the influenza. John R- De Mler. have been stung. Not let the doctors call It: Brake bone dengue. Epidemic Influ, Spanish grip and more, too, and let It go at that so a fellow will know what he Is getting. The most scientific deduction is that when the he had a few pain, and achealeft ft . iTr ,i ,w .lit from each and he threw them into a retort and distilled It snd he called the resultant decoction influenza. J. W. Blgham. FEDERAL EMPLOYES ELECT, INITIATE CLASS TONIGHT Election of officers, reports of delegates to the Chicago convention and the initiation of a large class of women candidates are features of the ! meetlnsr of the Federal Emolovea union, to be held tonight In Central By DW1G By Edna Kent Forbes I Foot Care. Change your shoes to rest yonr feet off. follow with a paste of indigo, and let this stay on from one to three hours. When this is washed off. olive oil Is rubbed into the scalp and lightly over the hair, which is naturally dry from so many pastes. The result Is a lovely black, they say. But you had better have such a treatment done the first time by an expert. Ton can do It yourself afterwards. I am only giving you the advice I have read about this. I haven't so far been able to work out any successful results. but I have not been able to try this out on growing hair. HERE is a remedy for the grip. Influenza and pneumonia which I clipped from the Chicago Daily News it years ago. and I have seen it tried effectively for many years. It was given at that time by, Dr. Frederick M. Goodman, Ph. C. of the Chicago college of pharmacy, and follows: "Now, as soon as the symptoms of the grip appear, the patient should go to a stove and Inhale hot air. This of Itself Is sufficient In some cases to destroy the organisms. But, In addition to the hot air, alcoholic vapors and powdered borax should be in- naieo. "For the eyes I would recommend a mixture of four grains of borax to one ounce of rosewater. When the ears are attacked, treatment must be directed to the throat. A small lump ot borax may be dissolved la the mouth, in any case, the patient should keep warm and should sit by a stove, using the alcoholic vapor and heated air. 1 "If fever Is noticeable, the same procedure should be followed. For aouits who .are attacked by fever. IS grains of aeetanllld may he taken every half hour. In cases of very wen lever, com water cloths may be applied to the head. "The object la to destroy the bacillus, .LlTtS never falls. I think a good plan for every person to carry in the pocket a two ounce phial of alcohol and a small box of pure Powdered borax and a few lumps of borax to hold In the mouth for the throat. "In this way every man may be his own doctor, and I am sure that If these directions are fallowed we shall be able to ward off any serious effects of the grip." Al Berner. Letter Carrier No. IS. NEW YORK CASES OF INFLUENZA DECREASING (Continued from pace J.) a. m. as compared with a previous similar period, was announced here tcday by the health commissionerr. The number of new cases totaled 15J8. More Deaths In Denver. Denver. Colo, Oct. 7. Seven additional deaths from Influenza were reported up to noon today in Denver. The disease continued to spread throughout the state. Gov. Gunter announces ne would ask the cities In the state to close public places as soon as tne disease appeared. The state grand lodge convention of the I. O. O. F to be held at Kort Collins. October 15. was called off today by grand icoge oiiicers. Misnourl University Closed. Columbia, Mo, Oct. 1. The university of Missouri, has been closed on account of influenza, it was announced loaay. Closlnjr In Kentucky. Bowline: Green. Kv Oct. 7. In view of the situation created by the epidemic of influenza, the Kentucky siaie Doara ot neaitn has Issued proclamation closing all places of amusement, schools, churches and otner places of assembly. Conf-rea Galleries Closed. Washington. X. C Oct. 7. Because or me influenza epidemic In washing ton, all galleries of congress except me press galleries, were closed today ana visitors except lawyers were oarred from the senate and house. Does your roof need painting? 126 gallons Cabot's Shingle Stain at pre war prices, uindfi Lnmbtr c Adv Rupture Kills 7,000 Annually Seven thousand bmwam M,h vmp ,m laid away the burial certificate belnc marked "Rupture." Why? Bream the umorcunate ones bad Deflected themselves or had been merely taking care of the aian (welling) of tha affliction and raring no attention to the caoae. What are you doing? Are yoa neglecting yourself by wearlne a trass, appliance, or whatever name you choose to call It? At brat, the tnua Is only a makeshift a fal urop asaiaat a collapsing wall and cannot be expected to act aa more than a mere mechanical support. The blading pressure retard, blood circulation, thai rabbins the wcKKcnea n use tes or tnat waxen tney neea moot nourishment. Bat science has fonnd a way. and every trsas sufferer la the land la Invited to make a FREE teat right in the privacy of their own home. The PLAPAO method la unquestionably the moat scientific, logical and successful self-treatment for rupture the world has ever known. The FLApao PAD when adhering closely to the body cannot possibly slip or shift out of place, therefore, cannot chafe or pinch, soft as velvet easy to apply Inexpensive. To be used whilst yoa work and whilst you sleep. No straps, bocklea or springs attached. Larn how to close the hernial opening aa natnre Intended so the rupture CAN'T come down. Send your name today to PLAPAO CO.. Block St. Louis. Mo., for FREE trial Plnpao and the Information necessary. Adv. THIS is El Paso's Wartime Christmas Store. Do your Christmas shopping now. HERE ARE THREE GOOD REASONS FIRST The Government want you to do this became very early hoBday buying will help to relieve the traffic Best wkter. SECOND It will make k possible for m to do bwincs aext December vrkh the normal msaber of salespeople, which is another Government request THIRD At the White House you may save 10 to 25 percent now from what prices on similar merchandise, all over 1 Paso, are very likely to be losg before Christmas. We have arranged ample Holiday storage facilities. And you can make your Christmas purchases now and we will hold them for Christmas instructions. Next Friday be information about this Buy More i Bonds Little Plaza Bedtime Story for the Little Ones ' UNCLE WIGGILY AND THE W0LLYP0G 1 : 0 NCB soon a time, when Uncle Wig gily I-ontrears, the nice bunny rabbit gentleman, was walking In the woods. looking for an adventure, he came to a place where there were some trees, with the leaves Just turning brown, to get ready for winter, and there Mr. Longs rs heard a sad voice saying: "Ob, dear! I never can do if! Oh. Isn't it bard! What shall I do? uJ!?! me" Jd Uncle Wiggfly to ntmself, sort of exclamatory like. "That sounds like trouble. I wonder if Johnny Busbytall. my Uttle squirrel friend, has sprained his nose so he can't climb a tree? I must do what i can to help." Uncle Wlgglly was always that way, so putting his tall silk hat tightly on his head, that it might not turn a somersault, he went to the tree where he had heard the sad voice. And there he saw a most peculiar and strange little animal. "Why, who in the world are you?" asked Uncle Wiggily. for he saw right away that he needn't be afraid, as he would have been had It been the skillery sealery alligator. -Who are you?" "I am the wollypog," was the answer, "and I am In a peck of trouble." "Well, maybe I can help you out." said Uncle WiggUy with a Jolly laugh as he twinkled his pink nose until yon would have thought it a stick of sassafras candy. "But first tell me what sort of a chap are you?" "Well." said the wollypog, "1 am Inst like the pollywog, who turned Into a frog the other day. and helped you, except that I am different." "Yes," said Uncle Wiggily. " 1 can see that." And, truly, the wollypog was different from the pollywog. For the woUypog had his head where his zKtAu!.-: improved. New variety e.?. woitypog. -i have' called "Calotabs." to write a little verse for the lady I . . moaise teacher in the hollow stump' 5'nee has given us smokeless school, and I can't do it. I tried and! Powder, colorless iodine and tasteless tried, sitting at my desk In school. flalD"e now pomes nausealess calo-bnt not a single Uttle verse or poem S'1: a1newJr"r"tJ known as Calotabs. could I write. j wholly delightful in effect. "So, the lady mouse teacher told me , ,e""Uv" the old style to come out in these woods and try to f,m5,' " system-purifier and write it here. She said poets often w.'SJST:. went in the woods to think of some- ,n other miii . caiomei above thing to write, and it might Helpt;d0ODfI L1""",? 1?.,tn b"t me." f?, on sor remedy for bilousnesn. wollypog.' I can't think of a single poem." "Ho bum!" exclaimed the bunny uncle, musing like. "How would this do. "The wollypog sat on a log "But the trouble is I don't." said the queer animal. "I am not on a log. as you can easily see.- "Very true." agreed Uncle Wiggily. "Well try something else. Listen. T.ost In the fog was the woUypog. His nose was turnlnj blue." "Please stop!" begged the wollypog. "I'm not lost in the fog, as you can well see. and as for my nose turning blue " "Very true." said Uncle Wiggily again. "Tour nose isn't blue, though mine Is pink. I'll have another go at It, ;ow will this do? 'A great big dog chased the wollypog.'" "That won's do at all. I'm sorry to say." spoke the little upsldedown creature. "I am not chased by a dog." "Well. 1 thought I might say that, just for fun. and it would do for a verse." explained Uncle Wiggily. "Anyone could see you weren't being chased by a dog. But I try once more. I want to help you." Now, while the bunny rabbit gentleman was trying to think of a little verse for the wollypog to write for the ladv mouse teacher in tha hol low stump school, along through theipose of making thin people fleshy de-voods came sneaking the bad old veloplng arms, neck and bust and re-sklllery-scalery alligator. He saw! placing ugly hollows and angles by Uncle Wlggiiy's long ears, and thei the soft curved lines of health and 'gator said: beauty, there are evidently thousands "I'll Just creep up am. bite some of men and women who keenly feel souse off them." their excessive thinness. "So the 'gator crept up. and he wast Thinness and weakness are usually Jnst going to bite the bunny when due to starved nerves. Our bodies L ncie nigguy happened to tnink or a verse. "How wt.l this dor a. asked. "The wollypog Is a terrible chap, with a tall in place of his bead. And If be looks at yau crooked once you'll wish yourself safe home In bed." "Oh. don't let him look at me. then'" suddenly cried the alllzator, who was sneaking up on Uncle Wig- Council of National Defence Regulates Christmas Shopping Kind of Presents-No Extra Salespeople Do Your Christmas Shopping No-w! -D. T. C. N. B. Packages steaded for shipment must be forwarded at least 30 days before Christmas. We wiM have an ample supply of "Please do no open until Christmas" labels. "Economy Day" in our Basement important event "The Store of Service" By HOWARD R. GARIS. aaasaamaaaassaanaBBaaaaaaa gily.' "I don't want to go to bed. Oh. let me get away from here!" Anl the 'gator, thinking the funny verse the bunny wes making up was real, ran away as fast as he could and he didn't get any souse that day. And the woUypog liked the little verse so much that he copied It down on a piece of white birch bark, and took it to the lady mouse teacher, of com so telling her who wrote It for him. And the lady mouse teacher laughed, and so did alt the animal children. So you see It is a good thing, sometimes, to know how to make up poems and verses, and if the pound cake doesn't try to tae the sold fish scales and throw them away where the rice pudding can't find them. Til tell you next about Uncle Wiggily and the tea party. Copyright, ISIS. Hotel Langhlin, only 3 blocks from tne depot, post office, shopping center and best cafes. Sll W. Franklin, fhone 2483. Adv. Gnn repairing our specialty. Arms at Cycle Co. Adv. Allen THE KEW CALOMEL S HARMLESS L All sickening and danger ous qualities removed-Medicinal virtues vastly riVty'lotabr ol. V.nf IV riety. Calotabs. One tablet at bed time, a swallow of water that's alL No nausea, no griping, no danger Next morning you wake up feeling fmeT0,ur U.Tr demised, your system purified. Eat what you please no restriction of habit or diet Calotabs are sold only in original, sealed packages, price thirty-five cents. Tour druggist recommends and guarantees Calotabs. Adv. MORE WEIGHT, STRENGTH, VIGOR AND NERVE FORCE If You Take Bitro-Phos-phate Says Dr. F. S. Kolle Judging from the countless preparations and treatments which are continually being advertised for th. . necu more pnospnate than is tained in modern foods. Phvi.n. claim there is nothing that will sun-ply this deficiency so well as the organic phosphate known among druggists as bltro-phospbate. which is Inexpensive and is sold by most all druxRists under a euaiantee of satisfaction or money back Frederick Kolle. M. D. editor ot PI Store. Watch fee daily Buy More Bonds Phone 4580 Cuticnra Heals Itching Burning Skin Troubles Established April. 1SSL BANK BY MAIL A safe and convenient way to do yoar banking. We give special attention to accounts sent to us through the mi's. Our free booklet. "Banking By Mali." explains our method of handling savings accounts and checking accounts by malL A post card will bring it and you will be under no obligation We operate under the guaranty fund law of the State of Texas. El Paso Bank & Trust Co. EL PASO, TEXAS 4 Percent Interest Paid on Savings Accounts 1 Percent, STATE NATIONAL BANK Capital, Surplus and Profits. J2S0.0OO. Interest Paid on Savings Accounts, C R. storehead. Pres. Joseph Xagofftn, Vlce-pres. C X. Bassett, Vice-Pres. Geo. D. Flory. Cashier. R. W. McAfee. Asst. Cashier. The Big Piano House Jenkins Piano Co. 211 Texas St. USE-GLOBE MILLS products and help the Southwest grow. ' In what ether section are yoa Interested f First National 4i On Saviaza AecU. Herald Want Ads Pay New Tork Physicians "Who's Who" says: "Bitro-Phesplate "h0 ; j be prescribed by every doctor and U'e "ospital to Increase strength blood!" nd t0 enrlc:n By feeding the nerves directlv and by supplying the body cells with t"e necessary phosphoric food eleme-.ts .irh7h'"f u"Iv produces a welcome transformation In the ar pearance: the Increase In weight frequently being astonishing. .. iT?'f. ,rerease weight also carr'es nlth It a general improvement in the .Li, ?" outness. sleeplessness and lack of energy. hlch nearly always accompany excessive thln'n.'-s soon disappear, dull eyes becnn.e bright ami pale cheeks Klow with the bloom of perfect health. CAUTION : Although bitro-pnos-phate Is unsurpassed for relieving nervousness, sleeplessness and several weakness. It should not. owini to Its remarkable flesh groi-.K p-,.-,. r desire to put on flesh. Aatv oe uaea oy anyone who does not

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