The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 8, 1899 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1899
Page 10
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THE tJPPEK DES MOINE8: ALGONA,IOWA, WEDNESDAY> MARCH 8, 1899. JUNE RACES ARE ASSURED Secretary Has Ninety Paid Nominations for Stake and Derby. Evidently It Will Be One of the Big Race Meets of the Season- Other Connty News. It is already evident that the June races in Algona and Bancroft are going to bo ahead of anything heretofore attempted in Kossuth, The Bancroft Register says: Secretary Bircher has 90 paid nominations for the stake and derby races of the Northern Iowa Jockey club, which opens here June 7 and 8. They come from all the surrounding states, several of them coming from Tampa, Florida. The liberal purses hung up have attracted tho attention of horsemen all over the country and will make the coming races the best meeting ever held within tho state borders. Tho purso races will draw equally well and present indications are that stable room for some 150 horses will have to bo provided for by the management at the four towns of the circuit. Dentil of n IMoiiocr. Burt Monitor: When Kossuth county was only a place on tho map and not recognized as a great county; when tho homes were scattered and the hardships many i Lydia Grace Allen was born in a prairio homo in Portland township, Kossuth county, May 27, 1800. Her early lifo was in a family of brothers nnd sisters upon each of whom rested some responsibility for tho development of tho prairie. On May 1, 1887, she was married to J. O. Isenberger. On Feb. 27, 1890, she passed from this earthly home. She leaves to mourn her early departure, a loving husband a kind father, and five children. Bancroft HcKlstcr. Five families of new Kossuth citizens arrived on a special train of eleven cars yesterday morning from Dyersville. They are are all good, solid, substantial citizens, and •we'd like to see such a party come in every F. P. Clark of Seneca left with his three carloads of stock and implements Wednesday for Can by, Minn., where he has bought a half section of good land, and will henceforth make his home. He is of the good class of farmers we dislike to lose. was in motion he could not stop it in time, and his thumb was mashed and a very painful wound is the result. Last, but not in any sense of the word least, we wish to mention Miss Bertha Hancock. Her recitations were fine, we are sorry to say that Oermania has a class of people who are not capable of appreciating an entertainment of this high order. The majority of the audience gave the best of attention to her efforts to please, but some went there, we are not able to say what for, but they not only disturbed the speaker, but those who wished to hear what was said, by their boisterous talk, whistlinjr, etc. Such people should have been invited to leave the hall. We venture to say should Miss Hancock ever again honor Gertnania with her presence as an entertainer she will be welcomely received. Mr. Sclii-yver Will no to Burt. UNIOX, March 0.—There will be a concert at the Good Hope church March 11. Admittance 15 cents. Mr. Schryver, who had his house burnt, is talking of building in Burt. Sexton to Have a Itovlval. SEXTON, March 8.—Frank Hedrick made a flying trip to Chicago Sunday. Several of our town's people attended Willils' lecture Friday evening. All pronounced it flue. At the district school election Mr. C. L. Hager was re elected director. There were three candidates R. Fitch, Ed. Johnson, and C. L. Hager. There was a large turnout for a school election. Mrs. Hall has announced that she 'will not teacli this spring. This is to bo regretted as Mrs. Hall has been a very efficient teacher. Meetings will bo hold here two nights this week preparatory to a series of protracted meetings to begin next week. The church regrets having no better room to accommodate the people who desire to come, but they hope to build just as soon as work can bo begun. PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. E. H. Warren is expected in Algona today for a visit. Mrs. A. U. Clarke goes to Chicago this week to visit. Rov. H. B. Butler is visiting his oldest son at Eltuider. W. P. Ripke went to Cedar Palls yesterday morning for a visit. J. W. Hay ward of Vinton and Mr. and Mrs. Allred of Garner lately visited at J. A. Brownell's. and your on the an' was Sarah's liiiVeriie iXews. Mrs. Z. E. Brown of Minneapolis, who has been visiting Dr. Armstrong and Mrs. Andruss at Irvington, returned to her home yesterday. Died, at his home in LuVerne on Wednesday, Feb. 23, at7:20p. m., AdamBunkofska, aged 86 years and six days. Mr. Bunkofska had been a resident-of Lu Verne since 18S3, when he moved hero from Geueseo, 111., and was quite well known. A. C. Grant, residing one and one-half miles south of town died last Sunday morning. A short service was held at the home on Monday so as to take the remains to the depot in time to take the train for Rockford, Iowa, where they will be interred by the side of his wife. Wlilttotnore Champion. J. P. Walker leaves for Mon«-na next Tuesday. R. M. Hatch may go Ut Ihe same time. Ed. Chrischilles of Fairville is quite seriously sick and it is feared an operation will be necessary. A. H. Bixby returned from Minnesota Sunday night. He purchased a quarter section three and one-half miles southeast of Canby. Wesley News. Mrs. Wm. Ward of Algona, who has been at Wm. Giddings' the past two weeks, returned home Tuesday. Miss Nettie Funnemark left Monday evening for Madison, Wis., in company with her cousin, Mr. Dunstad, for a visit. Dame Rumor has it that she will become a bride before returning. The Algonu leeture course has had some very good numbers this year, and deserves the liberal patronage that it has received in the county. Tltonka Topic. Arno Heise of Algona has been in Ti tonka since last Friday putting in the furnace in the Al. Falkenhainer residence. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Daltou were guests of Corwith friends over Sunday. Mrs. Daltou remained for a week's visit. Ledyard Leader. A fond, loving, and patient Algona mother has decided to make a farmer of her son, because he has grown corns ever since he was a baby. She says he is the greatest corn grower in the county. Herbert Brewer came home Saturday from Humboldt, where he has b,eeu taking lessons iu telegraphy. He will not return to school, but will be on the lookout for a position in an office. Swea City Herald. Chas. Larrabee was down from Armstrong yesterday. He says the taxes on the Larrabee lands will be about $300 more this year than last. Rob. Gallion has leased three-quarters of a section of prairie land over in Dickinson county and will break it and sow it to flax next spring. • The Dunlap Bros, bank at Ledyard has changed hands, having been purchased by Dr. E. F. Dunlap and Frank T. Miller, formerly druggist at that place aud Germania. We understand that Frank will soon become manager of the institution, and his friends in the north end of the county will gladly welcome his return. Rod Jain lias been in Indiana on a visit. He says the winter wheat is very poor there, and the farmers are not feeling happy. A. C. Parker convicted J. H. Engle of embezzlement at Spencer last week. Engle had Gaines of Omaha, Wright of Port Dodge, and Cory of Spencer to defend. Mr. Parker came to Algona for the Mrs. Lund case. Dr. Shore was up from Des Moines Saturday to see Mips Myrtle Call, who has been having a very serious attack of pleurisy. He will put 510,000 this spring into a row of four flats in Des Moines, to be called "Shoreham." Miss Lolla Randall goes to Chicago Monday to enter the Chicago training school of the Methodist church. She takes the deaconesses course and will be gone a year probably. A farewell reception will be tendered her at the Methodist church Friday evening. Harvey Ingham goes to Chicago Saturday to meet Judge Babb of Mt. Pleasant and P. K. Holbrook of Onawa. The three are a committee to look up a half dozen or more men named for the vacant presidency of the state university. It is not known how long they will be gone. Leonard J. Smith went to Maquo- queta yesterday morning to give a pipe organ recital, and from there he has three weeks' engagements in Iowa and Illinois. He will return to Algona, where he has been engaged permanently by the Methodist society. He has a fine program for his .recitals -and will give some splendid entertainments. Wai. Pinkerton came from Pierre, S. D., Saturday, for a visit. He has been sitting in the legislature and the session is just over. The dispensary law was beaten in the house after the senate had adopted it. He say_s that it is not likely to come up again soon. The people voted in favor of it last fall, but it got only a small majority of a small vote. Mr. Pinkerton says his brother, Jack, is well and also his five boys. They are all working in the mills. Mrs. C, A. Ingham and Harvey Ingham went to Spencer Saturday to attend the funeral of Arch O. Russell, partner of Thos. P. Ingham. He was taken sick Tuesday with inflammation of tho bowels and died Friday, the doctor remaining with him day and night. He was about 28 years of age, a promising young lawyer of decided ability. Judge Helsell adjourned court for the funeral exercises, and speeches by members of the Spencer bar were made and resolutions adopted. Editor Brunson's home was beautifully decorated and the remains were taken from there to the train to be buried in the old home cemetery at Glenwood. Rev. Thrush of the Congregational church and Father Kirby of the Catholic spoke. Many-in Algona had met Mr. Russell and will mourn his early death. "UNOLE JOHN" OUT WEST. tjncle John, you're home again, from yonr visit way out west? I 'lowed you'd stay all winter, and enjoy a good long rest. Well, how's your daughter Sarah. son-in-law Mullay, And how'd all the crops turn out prairies of Iowa?" Seein yer takes an interest favored guest When she married Will Mullaj-, and they both moved oft out west, An' yer not the talkin' kind, 1 don't mind a tellin' yer, When I saw her face to face I scarcely knew she was her, Course it's been ten years or more, an' a gal would nat'rally change And have some western ideas that to us might seem quite strange. She's dropped the h off her name an' spells it S-A-K-A. She wears short shirts, rides a wheel, has an exerciser way Up in the actic, called, she says, "her muscle making room. (Just as mother used to have, only her's was called a loom.) She's pres'dent or the Monday club, (It don't meet to wash their clothes.) She's leader ' the lit'rary, where Tuesday she always goes. Then there's the "mothers' congress" that meets on Wednesday night. Where they discuss the question '-how to train the child up right." One night they met with Sara and mother was 'vited in, Course she had to tell 'em how she did It rais in' ten. " But mother," spolte up Sara, " you certainly must know When you was tendin' children was mor'n 20 years ago." Mother told me afterwards, that of eighteen that she see Just twelve of 'em was married, an' the others hoped to be. Mother talked with most on'em, an' as near as she could find Jest three or four who's present, left one child apiece behind. There's the " New Church Supperclub," meets to raise the parson's pay, Where a twenty dollar "spread" goes fur ten, I've hcord some say. She's a member too o' that, an' the Y. P. S. C. E. Is also secretary of a club fur charity. I heerd the resolutions which she drew and read one day, 'Bout tho squaler an' suf'rin', how the members ort to pray For them that's cold an' hungry, (an' leers cum to my old eyes.) An' the papers had 'em printed, an' a committee on supplies Went 'round an' left a copy with each suf'rin' hung'rln' sole Whose buttry was short o' flour an' whose bin was lacklu' coal. Then they have a cookin' club; " Baker's Doz- en'r" sumsich high A soundln' name they called, an' nobody can cum nigh Or be an active member, who knows how to cook or bake. Mother says its nice she b'longs more 'specially fur William's sake. In pack'ges she buys her foods, they have pic- ters ' them that et The same food that they contain, an' they are all a livin' yet. She scolds her mother dredful fur holdin' to her old way 0' cookin', says, "'twill surely make her prematurely gray." " Mince pies," she says, " is pizen, an' sassage meat is vile, An' buckwheat cakes smell to her as tho' they're about to spile, The one that tastes o' doughnuts is sure to come to grief." Fur fear it might be embalmed, she won't taste a piece of beef. One day she read a paper at the Baker's Dozen club Called, " Effect of Carbohydrates Upon the Cerebral Lobe." Mother knew the day before that she'd read, so on the sly She purchased the ingredients an' made a big mince pie. Sara never tasted a piece, Will lowed he'd try a bite If she was only willin' so mor'n half was left that night. Mother looked in the cupboard next rnornin' while she was 'round An' not a mini of that mince pie could anywhere be found. If a tramp broke in an' et it, or wherever it did go, They wan't nobody in that hquse that ever seemed to know. We tho't we'd stay all winter when we started on onr trip, But mother had a plant at home she said SPECIAL ADVANCE SALE of Spring and Summer goods, which we have just received. Our store is ful o latest novelties in Dress Goods, Silks, Trimmings, Laces, Embroideries, Kid Gloves, Ribbons, Corsets, Hosiery, Underwear, Staple and Fancy Wash Goods, Linens, etc. The latest and most desirable novelties in Ladies' Suits, Skirts, Jackets, Capes, Waists and Petticoats, Carpets, Draperies, Lace Curtains, Tapestry and Chenille Curtains, Table Covers, the largest line and lowest prices ever made before. Don't fail to large line of Carpets, Matting, Floor Oil Cloth and Linoleum before you buy. see our We lead the trade in Clothing for men, boys, and children. Suits, Spring Overcoats, Odd Pants, and Gents' Furnishings. Hats for Men, Boys, and Children in all the latest shapes and shades. Shoes. Ten Thousand Pairs of Men's, Women's, and Children's Shoes in all the very latest styles and best makes. In Men's we handle the celebrated line of Pingree & Smith make. In Ladies' the well-known and reliable 'line made by J. Richardson & Co., every pair warranted. In Boys' and Girls' we sell the Wolfe Bros.' shoes, which are 15per cent, better for the money than any other make; and in order to move our large stock of shoes quickly we give you one pair of good fast black hose free with each pair of shoes; so come and buy your shoes of us and get a pair of stockings free. Yours for trade,. JOHN GOEDERS. might get the grip If it didn't have some fire. Sara urged us hard to wait 'Till they had 'nuther supper an' got parson's sal'ry strait Then we'd see the oper' house, an' the city's 'lectric light, Where the railroads goin' to run, an' the totes' hotel site. When a woman's sot, she's sot, when she says she'll go, she goes, The best thing fur man to do is to stay by purty close. Before we left the depot, Will says, " Mind the Christmas feas' Mother, make a good minco pie 'n save Sara the biggest piece." C. M. DOXSEE. The Big Department Store. A Little Money only is required down to purchase from me a piano, organ or J _ "^ _ . v ««.« .1 J 1 1 ._ J_ 1 — sewing machine, which gives you I sell them on the monthly payment plan, CONSUL HANNA OOMING HOME. Plill. Will Take a Breath of Good Iowa Air This Sprliie. The Livermore Gazette suys Consul and Mrs. Phil. C. Hanna will be home before warm weather. Incidentally it adds: Mrs. Hanna was remembering a number of her friends again this week in various ways, among which was a souvenir spoon from Porto Rico with Morro Castle engraved in the bowl, to- be used at the editorial residence. A NEW TELEPHONE EXQHANGE. Algoiia Is to Have a Flue New Telephone Office as Part of the Year's Boom. Messrs. Chase and Achatzof Creston, Minn., were in Algona last Wednesday looking over the telephone exchange. They have since bought the local business of the company, and will put in a new outfit entirely and fit up a handsome office. They expect to come in about six weeks, Whether they will keep tho oHlce iu the present quarters is not known. Plenty of Time in which to pay the full amount of purchase price, and the :payments are so small each month that no* family of ordinary means need be without a Kiniball Piano, an organ, or a sewing machine in the house. If you are in the market for any of these, just drop me a postal eard—I will do the rest. O. U Tf\YLOR, ALGONA, IOWA. An Even Heat is always desirable both in extremely cold and moderately warm weather. We keep just thie kind of coal. Also carry Boone, Mystic, Illinois, Nut, Hocking, and smith- ng coal at the lumber yard. F. S. NORTON. Hurt Monitor. W. E. Murray, professoi. 1 of pharmacy and associate dean of Highland Park college, and Geo. Paine will constitute a new drug firm for Burt. A now building will probably be put up for them and they will open for business as soon as possible. John Madden loaded his goods this week and he and Ws family left for Marshall, M4nn. J. D. Awes has also loaded and gone. We are losing some good families, but our best wishes go with them. Isaac Ames, who was one of Kossuth's early settlers, goes with his son. Chas. Madden, who bought wild land there, will go up and build and then move in a few weeks. Miss Nellie 3alJsbury while walking from herspuoolou Wednesday fell on an icy place in tue road and broke her Jog Just above the ankle. The ice was covered with snow and she fell so quick she hardly knows how it was done* M. J. Walsh writes from Montana that the snow there is from two to 15 feet deep on the level. Gtarwaula standard. . J5I. Lewis had a very painful accident H« owe over to pur of: fee jtp aid, «s is pur typographical woi'Jf ftftd he HOTEL AEOHITEOTS MAEOH 15, Mr. Durdall Hopes to Have the Old Buildluea Off By That Time-Plenty of Reuters. Mr. Durdall expects four .architects in Algona March 15 to present plans for the new hotel. He hopes to have the old buildings off at that time, but is buving some trouble in picking out a lot for the corner building. He will put the brick on his lot south of THE UPPEH DES MOINES office. A dozen or more men have already tried to rent the new hotel and it is evident that there is going to be no difficulty in getting a landlord. ^ IT warms the heart like sunshine, cheers the soul like old wine, gives hope for the future, blots out the past. That's what Rooky Mountain Tea does. Ask your druggist. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. P. OfcABKE & Co. TWENTY-FIVE pa, Z. Grove & SOB'S. • Ward coffee for 25o at M- John Dillon Coming. We take pleasure in announcing that arrangements have been made for the appearance of the popular comedian, John Dillon. That he has been engaged for one of his inimitable performances in Algona will be welcome news to all. John Dillon is a universal favorite, Some comedians are admired only in certain localities. Mr. Dillon never fails to please. He has a new play this season that is making a great hit. It is called " Bartlett's Road to Seltzerville" and abounds in a world of fun, fully interpreted by genial John and his clever company. The date is fixed for Wednesday, March 22. Whiskey Sales In Brltt. The law and order league claim that the names of T3 men who occasionally or of tener get drunk are to be found on the drug store reports for the months of November and Peoember at Britt. A list of names was handed to Bailey which makes him fairly shudder to think what microbes and malaria might have done in these pestiferous months had it not been for the forethought and perspicacity pf the druggists in getting id ahead of the " probes." One man bought §# bpttles in 51 days and when Pailey looks at him he can lust imagine what, the "probes"said fe «wb other wbjw ' ' "' ? tbe pQWtw bwJHw? 01 pint in 24 hours. Another who has lived there for years, recognizing that rattle snakes are much more dangerous when frozen than at any other time, took in 60 bottles in 60 days. Not a snake has touched him so far, but there is still danger. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. '' Plvunp and tender chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese are furnished to our. customers ft pi-ices wWeb are generally i Uttte below the regular market rates. Season Is now opening wo. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Rent Saws Filed. Sale, J. L. EDMONDS, ALQONA, IOWA. Two-doors south of IT. D. M. office. M.P.HAGOAKD. O. V. PKBK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.' Abstracts, Real Estate,Collections, ALGONA, IOWA, AND MONTHLY SUFFERING. *T*housands of women are troubled at monthly intervals with paina In the head, back, breasts, shoulders, sides hips.and limbs. But they need not. suffer. _ These pains are symptoms of dangerous derangements that cani be corrected. The menstrual function should operate painlessly, * • makes menstruation painless, and. regular. It puts, the delicate menstrual organs in condition to do their work properly. Aud that stops all this pain. Why will any woman suffer mouth after month when Wine of Cardui will relieve her? It costs f i.oo at the drug store. Why don't you get a bottle to-day? For advice, in cases requiring special directions, address, cry- tog symptoms, "The Indies' Advisory Department," The Chattanooga Medicine Co- Chattanooga, Tenn. Mn. ROZENA LEWIS he TAXM..WNI »thl» Interval ead and b . • V, • w'/V '„? ,K? '<"< "4" i •' Mki'A^;kHv';J. v ;%#.$»<& i f fj i •- x i t -f

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