The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 8, 1899 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1899
Page 9
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BEgfMQINgS: ALGONA IOWA,'* WIBNISDAY MAHCtt 8, Mom* Seeker*' ch ap E«nrMons. 4 The Nurth-Western Line will sell notae seekers' excursion tickets March \ 7 and 21, with favorable time limits, •to fittrnerotts points in the West and *• Bdiith at exceptionally low rates. For tickets and full information apply to fcgents Chicago & North-Wcstern R'y. A "little' 1 gambling game usually draws a crowd. Strawberries. Tie most famous strawberry grower in . this country is Mr. R. M. Kellogg, of Three '^Rivers, Mich. By a system of selecting ' and restricting strawberry plants and then Adopting' improved methods of tillage he ' has succeeded in producing from four to ^ flVe hundred bushels of superior fruit to * the acre. His book, advertised in anothet Column, tells all about how it was accom dished. . The girls are wearing their hail ' tougher than in the fall. CKESCKNT HOTEf,, .EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS, i Opens February 28rd. In the Ozark Monti- ittijis. Delightful climate. Beautiful scenery. Uaequaled medicinal waters. Cheap excursion rates. Through sleepers via •' Frisco Line. Adress J. O. Plank, M*n- agcr, Room. H, Arcade, Century Buildin", * or Frisco Ticket Office, No. 102 N. Broadway, St.. Louis. -Many love affaii's arc treated with M. i v great respect. IS THIS ••". Every morning I have a .bad taste in my mouth; my tongue is coated; my .head aches and I often feel dizzy. I have no appetite for breakfast and what food I eat distresses me. I have a heavy feeling in my stomach. I am getting so weak that sometimes 1 tremble and my nerves are all unstrung. I am getting pale and thin. I am as tired in the morning as at night." What does your doctor say? '"You are suffering from impure blood." What is his remedy? You must not nave const!§ ated bowels if you expect the arsaparilla to do its best work. But Ayer's Pills cure constipation. We have a. book on Paleness and Weakness which you may have for the asking. Wffta to our Doctors. Perhaps you -would like to consult eminent physicians about your condl. tion. Write us freely all the particulars In yonr case. You will receive a prompt reply. Address. DB. J. O. ATER, Lowell, Mass. DR, KAY'S LUNG BALM PATFMT secured orm.npjmii returned. Search free. LH I i«H_i_Collamer& Co. 1234 F St., Wash. B.C. UIANTED— A neat and Intelligent young man, ••one acquainted with tho business community of tills town preferred. Address The J. .Marcus Co,, IS S. Fourth St. , Phllji delphla. Fa "~ quick relief anil cures worst cases. Book of testimonials nnd 1 Delays' treat- mentFree. l)r. ll.ii.citiiKX'SSONS. Uoi u, Ailauu, u«. PENSIONS Get your Pension DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'PARRELL, Pension Agent, Jl H23 New York Avenue. WASHINGTON. D. C. /|A GOOD GARDEN , Jj(,la a pleasure and o profit. Gregory's seed book dl- Creels a right beginning. Gregory's Seed Insure tho Snost successful ending. Get the 'book now it's free. -> J. H. GREGORY & SON, Marblehead. Mats. MISSOURI; „ The best- fruit section in the West. ... fdroutha. A failure of crops never known. mild climate. Productive soil. Abundance of fgood pure water. "., For Mups und Circulars giving full desorlp- fion of the Rieli Mineral, Fruit nnd Agricultural Lands in South West Missouri, write to JOHN JUT. 1'UIiDY, Manager of the Missouri 'janrt and Live Stock Company, Neosho, New- ,onCo.. Missouri. BUNGLE SAM ad good enough for you. The're is more Of Carter's Ink used by tho U. S. Government than-oC all other makes put together. Jt costs you no more than the poorest— nsk for it. Funny booklet "Uow to Make Ink Pictures" free. CARTER'S INK CO., Boston, Mass. EXGUR- 2SIONS.. homeseekers and settlers for the wheat ands of Western Canada over the prln, Spal lines' of railway once a week. For rticulars apply to the Department of Interior, Ottawa, Canada,, or to , 300Fifth St., DesMoines la. IN THE GREAT NORTHWEST. Latter From th* Kama* and Nebraska Delegate* to Danphln. Prince Albert, Sask., 17th August, 1898. William McCreary, Esq., Immigration Commissioner, Winnipeg, Man: Sir—We, the undersigned delegates from Kansas and Nebraska, U. S. A., in reporting the results of our trip to Dauphin, and subsequently to Regtna, Prince Albert and the middle Saskatchewan country, beg to say that our tickets were limited to 21 days, and as we had other large regions to visit, we could only spend a short time In the Dauphin country. We examined, however, the principal cultivated areas In the southern parts of township 25, range 19, the great wheat fields of Wishart, Buchanan, Owen, Smith, Ross, Sinclair, the Whltmores, Drinkwaters, etc., and subsequently, others to the north, and never, in our experience, havo we seen finer grain. The whole country Is watered by numerous streams flowing from the slopes of Riding Mountain, and excellent well water is found everywhere at from 9 to 18 feet. Extensive forests of spruce and tamarack cover the northern parts of the mountains, from which timber is manufactured in Dauphin and elsewhere, and sold at $12 a thousand at the mills. Wild hops and wild fruits are abundant, and ripen in the open air. Vegetation throughout is surprisingly luxuriant, and without hesitation we would rank the whole region amongst the best grain growing areas of the continent. The output of wheat last year was about 75,000 bushels, but this year it is estimated at over a million. Westward lie the homestead lands which now, and when fresh surveys are completed, will afford comfortable homes to thousands of diligent families. The great Gilbert Plains, also, we were unable to visit, where grain growing has been conducted with the best results for years, and which will become a vast wheat field as soon as a branch railway reaches there. Settlement is speeding In all these regions, reminding us indeed of the early days in our own states; and, as we have examined, since our visit to Dauphin, a portion of the great country lying south and east of Prince Albert, we can readily imagine the tide of immigration yhich TIT ill soon flow into the Canadian west. (Signed) George S. Bennett, Hall's Summit, Kan.; S. W. Bennett, Hall's Summit, Kan.; E. F. Brooks, Westphalia, Kan.; John Flannery, Stuart, Neb. Some burdens are easier carried than thrown oif. Coo's Cough Ilulnam Is the oldest and best. H will break up n cold quicker than anything else. It Is always reliable. Try It. The Filipinos arc so fond of music that rarely is one seen who docs not play some instrument. Mm. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup. For.children toothing, softens tho gums, reduces In- lamination, allava natn. cures wind colic. 25c a bottle. Suicides in Italy have increased fifty per cent during the past ten years. Dally Taper for 881 a Year. The Boa Molnos Ually News, with all tho news of lowtinndthc world, telegraphic markets, a children's department, M'onmn's page, etc., Is sent to my address Jor $1 a year, T5 cents for six months,* iU cents fop three «iionihs, 25 cents a mouth. Address THE N15W8, l)es llolnes. lowu. When what women call "dainty" refreshments are served the men present never get enough to eat. America's greatest physicians have conquered La Grippe uud. its after effects. Their treatruenthas been thoroughly tested in tho hospitals of Europe and of this country, and is embodied m Dr. Kay's Lung Bulrn. Rev. H. B. Dye of Morrison, Iowa, writes —"Mrs. Dye had a bad attack of La Grippe which settled on her lungs. She used Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, with most decided good effects, which is a repetition of past experience with her. Nothing is so prompt and fjositive in its effects ou her luugs." You should write for free advice and a jojjy of Dr. Kay's Home Treatment, an illustrated book of 110 papes of receipts, etc. Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga, Springs, N. Y. Dollars won by gambling are obtained at a risk. THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to tho care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasing 1 the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CALIFORNIA FIG SVHUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. The high standing of the CALIFORNIA FIG SVRUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figa has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of jail other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company— CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO. BAN FltANOISOO, CaL tOCISVILLE, Ky. NEW YOUK. »,T. DO NOT SET A PLANT UNTIL YOU HAVE READ R. M. KELLQCG'S BOOK JpT CROPS OF SMALL FRUIT .NJJ «o>v iO ultOW TII13M. He has grown the largest crops of fancy fruit ever produced MS'SJ^'fl,;,?!, "Wrimentul garden uro single PUANTS WHICH PRODUCE OVER FOUR JARTSpr niio ittr*e berries. Our customers havo dono us well. This has been accomplished ; feoienUncaUy breeding up plants to a high fruiting vigor so they throw their energies to the ivelopni.ent of fruit Instead of useless runners- AH are propagated from an i DEAL PLANT U rejtrwea for sixteen yews or since the introduotlpn of ihe variety. Toe largest und itost Ifectly equipped operlraeiHui gardens in the United Slates, a'be cheapest plant is the one -fh will give you the bast fruit and most ot it. You oan't afford to play second addle on the pot by using scrub plants. The osiy larKQ stock of strtcilv thoroughbred plants in America. y°nr , W- THRPB RIVfRi, MIQH. GOVERNOR M'CORD. Pe-rn-na to All Catarrh Victims. Hon. Myron H. McCord, ex-governof of New Mexico, In a letter to Dr. Hartman, from Washington, D. 0., says: Gentlemen—At the suggestion of a friend I was advised to use Pe-ru-na for catarrh, and after using one bottle I began to feel better In every way. It Hon. M. H. McCord. helped me in many respects. I vras troubled with colds, coughs, sore throat, etc., but as soon ao I had L.ken your medicine I began to improve and soon got well. I take pleasure in recommending your great remedy to all who are afflicted with catarrh.—M. H. McCord. Thousands of cases of chronic catarrh have been cured by Pe-ru-na during the past winter, in spite- rt changeable weather, In spite of the natural set-backs from catching cold, and confinement to Illy-ventilated rooms, the great catarrh remedy—Pe-ru-na— has effected these cures. But now spring is here. The days are longer, the sun is warmer, and tho blfzzard is gone- for another year. Thb prcL.-nt3 a much more favorable opportunity for the permanent cure of chroni,: catarrh, especially old, stubborn cases. Now is the time to begin treatment. Other things being equal, one month's treatment in the spring is worth two months' treatment during the Inclement weather of winter, Insiyt upon having Pe-ru-na. There are no successful substitutes for this remedy. Send to Dr. Hartman, Columbus, O., for a free catarrh book. Great Britain controls 2,570,930 square miles of territory in Africa, on which dwell over -11,000,000 inhabitants. MERIT ALWAYS WINS. A SUCCESSFUL ENTERPRISE IS BASED ON MERIT. The Importance of Informing the Public of the Value of nn Article Through the Loading Newspapers. The few remedies which have attained to world-wide fame, as truly beneficial in effect and giving satisfaction to millions of people everywhere, are the products of the knowledge of the most eminent physicians, and presented in the form most acceptable to the human system by the skill of the world's great chemists; and one o£ the most successful examples Is the Syrup of Figs manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. Unlike a host of imitations and cheap substitutes, Syrup of Figs is permanently beneficial In its effects, and therefore lives and promotes good health, while inferior preparations are being cast aside and forgotten. In olden times if a remedy gave temporary relief to individuals here and there, it was thought good; but now-a-days a laxative remedy must give satisfaction to all. If you have never used Syrup of Figs, give it a trial, and you will be pleased with it, and will recommend it to your friends or to any who suffer from constipation, or from over-feeding, or from colds, headaches, biliousness, or other ills resulting from an inactive condition of the kidneys, liver and bowels. In the process of manufacturing the pleasant family laxative made by the California Fig Syrup Co., and named Syrup of Figs, figs are used, as they are pleasant to the taste; but the medicinal properties of the remedy are obtained from an excellent combination ol plants known to be medicinally laxative and to act most beneficially. As the true and original remedy, named Syrup of Figs, is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. The company has -selected for years past the loading publications of the United States tnrough which to inform the public of the merits of its remedy, and among them this paper is included, as will be seen by reference to its advertising columns. ' Patience goes a long ways towards settlement of troubles. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad has introduced a new feature in its sleeping car service arranging to attach an ordinary sleeper in addition to the regular first-class sleeper now in service on through trains. Commencing w.ith February 13 one of these cars will bo attached to train No. 6 leaving Chicago 3:30 p. m. and arriving in Pittsburg next morning at 6:45, and returning leave Pittsburg on No. 5 at 7:20 p. m. and arriving in Chicago next morning at 10 a. m. Also on train No. 7 leaving Baltimore at 7 p. m. and arriving in Newark at 10:22 a. m. next day. Returning on train .No. 8 leaving Newark at 8:30 p. m. and arriving at Baltimore at 12:53 p. in. next day. The Innovation will be that in these ordinary sleepers Pullman rates are reduced one-half, so that passengers have the choice of paying the highest price Pullman rate or take advantage' of the cheaper rate of.'ared in ordinary cars. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is the first \ine to introduce this service and its popularity has been predicted. Chicago Great AVostoru Increase The earnings of Chicago Great Western R'y "Maple Leaf Route" for th( first three weeks of February, 1899 show an increase of $33,618.44. Tota increase since beginning of fiscal yea 1) to OUE BtDGffiT Of SOME GOOD JOKES. ORIGINAL AND SELECTED, * Variety of Jokes—GtbM ftn<t tronlei Original und Selected—flotsam and Jetsam from the Tide of Honor Witty Say Infra, At the Theater. Behold me, The encore fiend! Gloating over my triumphs, Past, present and to come, I am the man with the Large, spatulate hands And the ample, open mouth, Like a decorative wreath. When any one sings a song Or tells a story or otherwise performs on the stage I clap and clap And clap Long after everybody else Has stopped. There's got to bo an encore Or the show can't go on. I won't let It. I'll beat my big hands Together and stamp and Holler If i want to. H I set tired I lean One arm on the arm of tho seat And clttp with slow, loud Claps Till I get my second wind. Then 1 let myself loose Again. I'm after my money's worth, and. Usually I get It, And I don't care If people Do slare. There's another song flnlshedl Now watch me make 'em Do It all over Again! What! They won't? Oh, I guess yes! Just wait till I get my arms Looso and begin to Work. Just Watch! Different. at . "You-say he man-led a woman of independent means?" "No, I said he married an Independent woman of means." Not n Sportsman. The other day a man of Holland, armed with a shotgun, was pursuing a poor lame quail, which had been limp!- ing leisurely along, about ten yards ahead. "Why, Wildejager," called out the farmer, who was watching the proceedings, "you're never going to shoot that darned little chicken walking?" "Donner und blitzen, nein! I no shoots him veil he valk. I vait until he zhstops," said the Dutchman, and he did, too.—Tacoma Ledger. Wheels In nig Poetry. The editor ran his eye critically over the manuscript the young poet had tendered. "It occurs to me," he said, "you use a faulty form of speech when you apostrophize the 'brave old years.' What Is there brave about the years?" "Well," replied the young poet, with some stiffness, "there are comparatively few people who can make a century run."—Chicago Tribune. Of Course They Have. Smith—Did you notice that peculiar sign on the door we just passed? Jones—No; what was it? Smith—Orphans' Court. Jones—I fail to see anything peculiar about that. Orphans have as much right to court as other people, haven't they?—Chicago News. The Remedy, "I am in favor of giving the Filipinos independence," said one debater. "So am I," answered the other. "And I'm satisfied that the United States controls the only reliable brand, and that If we can get them to hold still and try it they will like if—Washington Star. ISngllsh In IloiiUlines. The Waterbury Republican laughs at the New Haven paper which alludes pathetically to a "fatal drowning accident." This recalls the headline in an esteemed Hartford contemporary recently, which, with equal pathos, read: "Suicide His Last Act." Very probable.—Hartford Courant. A Sure Rlgn. Mabel—Do you know that Lord Fit?monkey is about to visit us? . Dorothy—Yes; I heard yesterday that your father had signed a contract with, bin},—Harper'e MBS. MNMAM CONQtJEBS BACKACHE, Wotnec Who dwe Their Present Happiness to Lydla ham's Vegetable ddtiipotuidi . POTKHAM:— When I wt ote to you I Was not able to dd anything 1 . I suffered with backache, headache, bearing-down pains, pains in my lower limbs, and ached all through my body. Menstruations wefe very painful i was almost a skeleton. I followed your advice and now am well and fleshy, and able to do all my own housework. I took medicine from & physician«for over a year, and it did not do me a particle of good. I Would advise all suffering women to Write to Mrs. Pinkham. She will answer all letters promptly, and tell them how to cure those aches and pains so com* mon to women. — Mrs. C. L. WINK, Marquez, Texas. 1 think it is my duty to write and let you know what your medicine has done for me. For 'two years I suffered with female weakness, bearing-down pains, headache, backache, and too frequent occurrence of the menses. I was always complaining. My husband urged me to tryyovir Vegetable Compound, and I flnallydid. I have taken three bottles and It lias made mo feel like a different woman. \ advise every woman that suffers to take your medicine and bo cured.— Mrs. G-ARBETT LICHTY, 013 S. Prince St., Lancaster, Pa. I had suffered for over two years with backache, headache, dizziness, nervousness, foiling and ulceration, of the womb, leucorrhcca, and about every ill a woman ciiuld have. I had tried doctors, but with no success, and it seemed as though death was tho only relief forme. After using flve bottles of LydiaB. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound, and four packagcsof Sanative Wash, I am well. Have had no more pain, womb trouble, backache or headache.— Mrs. CLAUDIA HALPIN, Cream Ridge, N. J. Before taking Lydia E. Pinkham's VcgetabK Compound I was afflicted with female complaints 50 that I could hardly walk. My back ached terri- b'.y, in fact, I ached all over. Was not able to raise myself up some of the time. I had no appetite and was so nervous that I could hardly sleep. I have taken but two bottles of your Compound and feel like another person, can now eat and sleep to perfection, in fact, am perfectly well.— Mrs. SUK McCuLLouoH, Adlai, W. Va. LydiaE.PlnKham'sVegetableCompound'.AWoman'sRemcdyforWoman'sma Was it Quiulc Cure. "Doos your wife ever pet you up to hunt for burglars at nights?" "No. She tried it once, but I made her go ahead und hold the candle. She has never heard anybody prowling around downstairs since." TO CUKIS A COf.D IN ONK DAT? Talio Laxative Uromo Qulnlno Tablets. All druggists refund tho money If It falls to cure. 25o. The genuine has L. U. Q. on each tablet An ostrich every year furnishes feathers worth from $40 to 5f;JO. I boliove Piso's Cure is tlio only medicine that will cure consumption.— Anna M. Koss, Williamsport, Pa., Nov. 13, '95. A line of street cars in St. Louis is to be run by compressed air. win, ti 0o o tlR i ll! ! nn< ) °° 1<lB Cu «"l Quick With Dr. Beth Arnold's OoiiBli Killer. ind Country Stores, aoo. a bottle. John D. Rockefeller alone emplovs 25,000 men. J Onion Seed OHo and Cp u I.b. Catalogue tells how to grow 1213 bus. per acre as easily as 100 bushels. Largest rrowera of Earliest Vegetables and Farm seeds. Knrlies; vegetables always pay. Salzer's Seeds produce them weeks ahead of others. Coffee Berry 15c per Ib. Potatoes $1.20 a Bbl. Cut this out and send with 14c for groat Catalogue and 10 packages of vegetable and flower seed novelties to JOHN A. PAL'/Kn SI3ED COMPANY, LA CROSSB. WIS. _ [w.n.J There are over 500,000 women earning their living to-day on the typewriter. Health for Ten Cents. ' Cascarets make bowels and kidneys act naturally, destroy microbes, cure headache, billiousuoss and constipation. All druggistu. The original model of the Maine was not destroyed in the Brooklyn lire as reported. FITS ParmnnonUyOuruu. Wo nts or nervousness jftei first day's uso of Dr. Kliite'B Grout Norvo Itosturor, Bond for If HICK $2.00 trial bottle and troiitiso. Uii. 11.11. KLINE. Ltd.. mi Aruh St.. 1'hiladulphiu. Pa. A healthful hunger fora great idea is the beauty and blessedness of life.— Jeuii Ing-clow. WANTED—Cnso of -bud health that ll-l P-A-N-S will not, lienollt. Send 5 cents to lilpunu Chemical Co., New York,j[or_10 samples and 1.000 testimonials. The debt of France is about 55115 for each resident; that of Holland, $100. Great Britain, 5587; Italy, $75, -vhile that of the United States is not quite 915. TryQrain=0! TryGrain=0! Ask you Grocer to-day to show yon n package of GRAIN-O, tho new food X drink that takes the place of coffee. < ^ Tho children may "drink it without < * injury as well as tho adult. All who try it, liko it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and < > tho most delicate stomach receives it J ^ without distress. £ the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee ; Insist that your grocer gives you GRAIN-O Accept no imitation. -'^,.. BALSAM It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup, Influenza. Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma. A certain cure (or Consumption in first stages, and a sure relief in advanced stages. Use at once. You will see the excellent eflect after taking the first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere. Urge bottles 25 centsjind 50 cents. MAN for tljo road wanted; salary »12,00 per week «.,»., , nnd co '»"'lBSloiu references required. BOXAI> CHEMICAL CO., a.iimln TempU, Vbleigo. f.atarrh Positively Cured at Homo. Have cured thou uuiuilllsamhof thisdl«eu«e. Wlllnurayou. ISdays trial free. 11. M.Aua'n.'lliUl Cuampluln Aye.,Chicago An Old Crooked Stick held up a hobbling man after a ST. JACOBS OIL SPRAIN straightened him up, sound and cured. Send One Dollar And this ad, and wo will send you tlilti big, new 1800 Btylo, S10 Ib. hlgU-mado HoBarvolr Coal aud Wood Cook Btove by freight O. O, D.. subject to examination. examine it at your freight depot and U found perfectly satisfactory and the greatest utove bargain you over saw or heard of, nay the freight agent OT7B SPECIAL PEIOE, $14.50, less (1.00 cent with order, or $13.50 and freight charges. Freight amounts to next to , notmnc compared with what you gave in price. Will Blilp tills Btove either from foundry at Keokuk, la., or Chicago, depending where you live and the freight on the Btove will average (1.26 for each SOO miles ftoru either point. THIS STOVE {seize No. 5,07011 i nio o i v> WE lt IB mttclo from 07011 is ISx vcry THE AGME IOWA $14.50 ron, In very latest full Rococo design, oven I nearly square, has extra large flucn, heavy covers, heavy linings and grates, heat roilootur, liandsome nickel p »tcd oven shelf, heavy tin lined oven doors, handsome nickel plated front, name plates, oven door panels, ulokel towel rod, . nickel tea pot holder, Osborn patent oven door kicker, mounted on large handsome Rococo base, haa extra large, deep, genuine Blandish porcelain lined reservoir! cemented oven top, swing feed. Extra Wood Grata Froe. so it can bo Instantly chanced from a Goal Burner to a perfect Wood Burner rVS issue a written bindiner 8-uaranteo with every stove i we guarantee it to reach you in perfect condition. We oau furnish any parts wanted in yeara to come. ORDER TO-DAY. DOff'T DfiLAY. Wo will Ba?e^u»10. 00. *ddr efl s, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), CHICAGO, ILL. of our me a ADVICE iJy ow rbysidnn niul a , no and ueS-piigo Free Ilook treating al FREE SAM 1 dfaeauea with ( PLE '50 excellent recipes are Boine of the reasons why you should wrlto us, 's Renovator Cures the very worst cases of Cyspepsla, Constipation, Headache, J.lvcr and KUuey diseases. Send for proof of ft. We Quarautee It. Write us about all of your symptoms. Dr. iiay'a Renovator is sola by drucclsts or sent by inwll on receipt of pi'lce, 85 cewts and Sl.OO. essPr. B. J.KAY M ED111C A U CO., < Westernj)ffice)X>m aha, Neb, 6 «THERE IS SCIENCE IN NEATNES8," BE WISE AND USE

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