El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on July 31, 1918 · Page 10
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 10

El Paso, Texas
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Wednesday, July 31, 1918
Page 10
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EL PASO HERALD 10 Wednesday, July 31, 1918. WALL STHEET ISI COPPER SHARES MUCH STRONGER! SHOWSTRENGTH United States Steel Is Responsible for Most of Moderate Dealing. NOTE Quotations reflect cloalnc price July 31. New Tork. July SI. United States Steel, on its extremely faTorable quarterly dividend report, tontritrated about 50 per ten: of today V moderate stock dealing's at an extreme adane of two points. Saks approximated 30.090 shares. The detune was strong. Knited States Strel was the central flr- ure of today's stock market, is initial transaction t 10.000 shares, at 1M to l'V. represertinc an overnight gain of Mrtualli one poh.t. Steels remarkable nuartenv statement had a beneficial ef fect on the c.-neral list, although the mure substantial gains were made by gai indues, which added two to tbre and one-half points to eterdays advance. Profit taking caused material recessions arieng leader soon after the opening. Liberty bonds wer steady. Steel ffeUf, Then Kecvera. The abrupt reaction in United States Steel, which yielded all its gaifc. and fur-fhr weakness in Sumatra Tobacco and General Motors at four-point decline, the market showed a settling down with a moderate recorery. OH shares were advanced 1A to 2i points on reports of improvement in the M xican situation. Prices steadied Irregularly at midday, steel making ton recorery. N. Y. ZJSTED STOCKS (Br Asscclated Press. New York. July 31. Following wen the closing quotations at the New York suck exchange lor tne stocks mennoMo: American J A. T. T Anaconda Atchison Chino F. I Inspiration i"u!hcrn Pacific Northern Pacific Reading VnKn Pr-ciflc . U S. Steel Ill 33 . . SiH Slls 40 S4 S7te ' 122 108 te MONEY AND METALS American Smelting Shows Improvement; Curb Cop pers Eange Higher. Pronounced strength in tne whole list. excepting General Motors, was the feature of the market this mc ruing, according to J. s. curtiss & Co.. Sheldon hotel. Anaconda was stronger and told tro to . American Smelting showed Improvement and Inspiration recovered to 5Z. Ray Con- sonaatea was weaie In the rah list. Reading was firm at S, St. Paul continues to show strength. Union lacked only one-eighth of touching 122 Mexican Petrolewm opened at 1HH, a. overnight gain of with a high of Itl -V Bethlehem Steel gained a point. Rubber was up to 62. United States Steel opened with sales 108 to 1&H and sold off to 107 hi. At noon it had recovered to 18 and continued U advance to the wnoie market improving with tne move. On the curb. United Eastern and Super-lor & Boston were higher. Dundee Arizona was stronger while Consolidated Arizona was down fractionally. The following quotations furnished by J. S. Curtiss A Co.. Sheldon hotel, stocks and bonds, give the c.'o&lng prices. Curb Copper Mocks. Arkansas Arizona 5 0 8 Austin A ma son S f? H Big Ledge 1 U 1-16 Calumet Jerome 1 l-t0 ls Consolidated Arizona 10 13-1C 0 1W ... 7-l0 ... &i 0 6 ... 4H0 414 ... 0 CS 0 H ... Hi 0 167 ... 15 0 ... 0 34 ... i 0 ... 19 0 19 K ... 4 0 4 ... x0 1-110 2 ... 37 0 38 0 n ... 2k0 ... 1 0 I Dundee Arizona Ore's Monster . . . Hull Copper Howe Sound Jerome Verde .... Porphyry ! Globe Dominion Tom Reed Magma Chief Magma Miami consolidated I New Cornelia !Kay Hercules United Eastern Superior & Boston Vera Extersicn . . . Veide dmbicaticn Gadsden Grand Island I Us ted Copper Stocks. 1 American Smelting & Rfcf -. Miami Kay Consolidated Utah (By Associated Press). . Calumet A Arizona S4 New York. July 2L Mercantile paper. Sh at tuck Arizona 1 0 4 m -rins, . per cer.i: e ewhuu. ; Chile cent. Sterling 60-day bills. 14.72; commer-ca! 60-day bills. J .71 : demand. J:c:-16, cables. S4.7C7-1C. liar sliver. &9c: Me.dcan dollars 77c. Time loans, strong; days, 9 days, six months, percent. Call money strong; high C; low, rulmtr rate. 6; closing tld, 5; offered at $, last loan. SV percent. Lead. spot. 38-05. Spelter weak East St. Louts delivery, spot. S8.05?-15- LONDON MUTALS MARKET. London, Enr-- July 31. The following were the qtotatioos in the London metals market today Tib Spo ;?0; futures, 350. J Spot co, pers and futures, 1Z2; electro- i ivtie tri. I spot copper. U7; electrolytic. 137; tin. ZM: lead. Z3 is: soeiter. Tad Svotl 29 futures. 28 Spelter Spot. f&4; futures. 65. THE LOCAL MARKET. Mexican bank notes, itate trills. Mexican pesos. 7c Mexican gold 58051 El r&so Smelting Q notations. Bar silver (Handy & Harmen QU&ta-tiunt 9SHc London lead. 29, Its. Pig lead 88-vS. Copper Wire bars. $3C T HAS STRENGT Early Advances Sustained; Oats Go Up, and Hogs Maintain Provisions. Chicago. III., July 31. Corr d , fresh strength today. tnf.u.-ru (tl i Th rapid falling off In the m..emtnt tr-terminal markets. Opening pric- v.'i. r. i ranged from the same as jesterda 'm ' Ish to He hirher, with August at $ 1 . iw'' I 1.54V. and September at Jl sijl were followed by a decided upturn , Continued good catera demand t factor In shaping the upward count of t the market, but did not prevent sharp r- - I actions, which liter r.sultrd from g.-H. ' crop reports and from month-end pr.nt taking by longs. ! The clost vas weak. 0c net lour. ' with August at 31.531.S4. and SP-ber at $1.5401.r5. t Oats hardened w.lh com. After epening off to Igc up. with August at 6s j 68 He. prices scried K.-derate gains. ' Higher quotations on bogs ja e strens h to provisions. Owing to the fact that hogs had reached J about the topmost figures of the yeir. pro-vie Ions held firm In the later trading. Next Speaker Of I The Texas House '.ammtwvm'mm -unfrmrniirmf mHmimmimiimtttsimitui imnuumiiT RI9HT BEHIND LA IV1ESA BUSY Grepn" Car mr ea Battread Stocks. B. & O. Canadian Pacific C. 4 O St. Paul Industrial Stacks. American Car a Fcundly.. American Locomotives .... Baldwin Lcoicotie. Bethlehem Steel Can Crucible General atotors Republic Texas Mexican Ft.troleum ........ Central Leather International Nickel 7,i I 81 UVi 1 151 54 T. 3A 47 7 1J6S 1 12 n Grains and Provisions rhlraco drain.. CIue Corn Auc, J IMS: Sept.. tl.if. Oata Aug.. 8Hc; EpL. .Sc. Chiraeo rroii.tom, Cloe. Pork Julr. tit. Sect., 1S.. Lard Julr. S2C.C. Sept, j:6.2-Rlba Julr :-tC; Spt.. US. Chlcaxo rroducc, Io.e. Chicago, J1L. July . Butter Market unsettled. Creamery. :Stt(H4c Ecsa afarXet lower. Jteeeipta, UK cases. Firsts. 376t?.tc: ordinary nrsts. t'USCHc: at market, raaea Included. 1 t JTc. Potatoes Receltta. 20 cars, jcarket m- aetUed. Ylrciria bairtla, Si.4i j.5S; Ken. tucr cobblers. S2.7EV3: Sllnnesata. early Ofaioa. I2.CS02.7S: M!rcrl. Kansas and Illinois, early Ohlos. S2az.lS. Poultry Alive, hichtr. Fowla, 2C3c sprlnsa. 32c Kansas City l'rodace. Close. Kansas City. Xs. Julr 21- Batter- Creamery. 42c; firsts. 4Hc; seconds. Vc: packlos. lie. Ecca Firsts, 37c: seconds. 22c Poultry Hens. 2tc; roosters. ISHc broilera. Sc. Mexican Beans. Mexican beans in wnolesals lots in ES Paso. cents. I SaBJSJHSJBSjgjSeSBBBrSKj I nuwstscnvSii )BSai ! awSSSnwSawawSawa - Sal isawSSSawk & tBSSSSSaw! iTHOPilASON DOOM PICKING FRUIT INJUR IIO. It. I TII03IASON. Cotton Market New York Fatures. Cloe. New York. Jalr 31. Cotton fatnres closed steady. October, 2S.92; Decemosr, 24.43: January. :-: llsrcu. 21.22. Spot, quiet: mlddlins: 21.1. c!FWl III TIE HEME to nx wheat riacc Ottawa, Or.t, July 31. IndicaUoac Ihat a fixed puce for the entire new wheat crop will be adopted in the dominion, was t n today after a conference of grain, milling and banking interests with Sir Thomas White, minister of finance, and Sir T. A. Crear. minister of agriculture. The grain comm'ssion took the under immediate consideration. MANY ACRES OF LAND ARE FILED ON IN NEW MEXICO) Santa Fe. K. M Jnly 11. That tie -war is not affecting public land filings adversely Is apparent from the annual report of the Roawell office, one of six federal land offices in the state. During the past fiscal year 94,219.01 was collected In fees. There are still 3, 787, W0 acres of pnblic lands in the district, an area greater than that of the state of Connecticut, mere than fire times the area of Rhode Island, or almost three times the area of the state of Delaware. Eddy county Etill has 1.086, 7S1 acres of public lands, or more than the en tire area or the state or Khode Island, i "v k, , ,-,,,. h,. hum work before that period of time est Gus Herrmann Declines to Attend the Commission Meeting Saturday. Cincinnati. O, July si. August Herrmann, chairman of the National baseball commission, stated today he would not attend the meeting of the National league called by John K. Tener. president of the league, for Saturday at night. "Some other National leaguers will not be there, either," said Herrman. "Why should we go? We have a tacit understanding to keep right on with tbe schedule until September 1, and not to worry in the meanwhile. "There is no reason why a world's series cannot be arranged to begin September X or 4. "The Ben who will play the world's series games would have been granted ten days or two weeks by their draft board In which to find Jobs. Br our system of finding essential work for the athletes, they would be at Chaves county has 9S6.440 acres sail open to entry, this being also more than the area of Rhode Island; Lea county has 296,260 acres. The counties only partially in the Roswell district hare areas in the district open to entry as follows: Otero county 678,920 acres, equal to the area of Rhode Island: Roosevelt, 35.129 acres. Socorro, 88,800 acres; Torrance, 35,760 acres. The office has uncalled for 169 homestead patents, the oldest running back to June 14, 1878. signed by president Rutherford B. Haes. and made out to Maj. Lawrence G. Murphy, of Lincoln. Business men in Germany, former ambassador tferard says, urge on the war as they hope to be saved from ruin by a large indemnity and by destroying our carrying trade. Mr. Uerard declares that if our anti trust law is not repealed this country will not be L-!e, after the war, to compete with oerman economic scheme. From Telie f. plres." WAR- PUZZLES GERMAN TRENCHES TORN OUT On front of more than ten miles In Flanders by British and French, one year ago today, July 31, 1917. Find an English soldier. YESTERDAYS AXSWBR R'S-U tiae down nose at left shoulder. Lindsey Warns People Against Bond Sharpers Keep Away From Stock Speculators Seeking U. S'. Securities, He Says. Santa Fe, N. 1L. July SI. Go. W. EL Lindsey, following his return from Stiver City and Teming, issued the following proclamation warning against theactlTitles of profiteers In Liberty bonds: "People of tbe state of New Mexico: Information comes to me that certain traitors and profiteers are undertaking to depreciate temporarily the mar ket value of Liberty bonds, war sav ings certificates and other govern ment securities for the possible dou ble purpose of giving aid and com fort to onr enemies and Inducing loyal citizens who are owners of war promotion securities to part with them in exchange for speculative promotion stocks or bonds. "It is regrettable that the state of rtew Mexico is without statutory authority to regulate and control the issue., sale and barter of speculative promotion stocks and securities a condition that should be remedied at the next coming regular legislative session. "Contemporaneously with the raoid ana large increase in tne value or live stock and other properties at the beginning; of the war. the stock Ram bler and speculator appeared among our people, orrenng the sale or a great variety of speculative stocks and bonds of companies largely organized for the purpose of enabling the organizers and their agents to transfer the legitimately increased wealth of the farmer, stock grower and producer generally, without ade quate, ana sometimes ror no consideration, to the possession of the trade-sharper, speculator and non-producer. "This resource of these conscience less profiteers having about exhausted itself, because of the dissemination of knowledge among our people and other causes, they are now proposing to trade upon the patriotism of those of us who have invested in Liberty bonds and other war promotion securities. All owners of such securities are hereby warned against the opera tions or tnese pro-uerman trade sharpers, cheats and speculators; and prompt report of their identity and field of operation anywhere in the state of New Mexico to this office or to the stat- counr.i of defence is earnest! reuuestca. I Livestock Market ! Chieoco Lirestoek: Close. Chicacn. UL. July II. United States Barean of Market. Holes Receipta, iz. M. Market steadr; mostly lte2c burner. Butchers. wlf.TS: urnt. Sis 13019.40; packing: J17.751.H: bulk. is.ifis.: pies, goea ana cnotce, rn.7wtl8.ES. Cattle BeceipU, 4f. Market study. Steers steady; ther cattle roac to higher. Calves steady. Beef cattle, mod. choice and prime, S17.S6)le.?5: common ard medium. Jl.S17.r; botcher ateck. cows and belfers, ;7.6w'l.25; canners and cutters. ICliei.M; stackers and feeders ffood. choice and fancy, fieflS; inferior, common and medium. $7.7S6t!t; veal calves. Eood and choice. lCMt7. Sheep Receipts. 1X.MS. Market alow but about steady on ktUing clasrea; feeder lambs higher. Kmnu City IJret.tock. Close. Kansas City. Mo, July JL Hoes Receipts. 1 .- Market hla-her. Balk. 1S.U.5; heavy. Jlf.l.: llfht. (i8.s9i.t5: piss, ji:ei:.si. Cattle Receipts. IS. CSS. Market steady. Steers. S17.701S.i; weateraa. il201: cows. SCSteiS; heifer. JStJlf; feeders. S 0I7.SC calve. S80U 35. Sheep receipts. 4 to. Market steady. Teaiilnsa. J110H.iO: wethers. I11012.SS; ewea, MtjlZ: lambs S1S018.S. Denier JJetock, CIos-. Denver, Colo, Jnly SI. Hogs Receipts, IM. Market llSc higher. Top. tlt-St; balk. I18.2S01S.S. Cattle Keceipta. 7s. Msrket steady. Beef steers. 10 1: cows and helfera. tS.SS011.7i. stockrrs and feeders, IT.SS0 13.51: calves. Si0i:s. Sheer Receipts, ncne. Market un changed, j Bassett Tells . Wliy Sugar Is Cut For Homes Says There Won't Be Much Left For Manufacturers From Allotment. 'Texas's allotment of sugar, in the gteat shortage which has come upou the United States, is 13.200.0et pounds. This necessitates a rationing for home consumption of two pounds per person per month, and when this allotment is made there is very little left for the confectioner, baker and preserver," said Charles X. Bassett. district food administrator, who has just returned from a trip of inspection over his district and a visit to Houston, where he conferred with E. A. Peden. state food administrator. "Grocers will not be allowed to sell sugar for preserving purposes unless tne application lor the purchase is approved by the food administrator's of fice. This means, sugsr in any quan- El Pasoans of All Interests Gather to Promote Him for Next Speaker. About l'JO EI Fasoans. representative of business, professional and va-rt't political interests, all combined at a luncheon at Hotel Sheldon Wed-neMa: noon to launch a vigorous imrialgm to have representative R. E. Thomason elected speaker of the 'house at Austin at the next session. I The meeting was a great success and Mr Thomsson was greatly impressed ! In the tribute paid him by an au- heme representative of all interests :ti K Paso, and the outcome of the rt eeting was the election of state senator R M. Dudley as chairman of the . m.paign committee that will en- J di.-.ior to have Mr. Thomason elected i.e.-ikcr. I Aaka Snnnort for Thomason. I The meeting " as presided over by Mr Dudley, who presented represen-, tative Adrian Pool as the first ' sneaker. Judee Pool stated tbe ob ject of the meeting and asked tbe help of every El Pssoan. "Mr. Thomason went to Austin two years ago advocating things that were not so popular then," said Judge Pool, "but today those things are extremely popular. The speaker cited woman suffrage and prohibition as examples. Judge Pool suggested thst the chamber of commerce, city and county officials, ministers and woman's organizations, besides private citizens, could assist in the movement by writing to acquaintances over the state and 'ask their support for Mr. Thomason. Chance to Get Tocether. "I have known Mr. Thomason many months and I want to say I am proud of him. and am for him for whatever he wants." said Rev. P. R. Knickerbocker, the next speaker. "Since the recent election I have met many crying women, but I want to say we should all get together again, and we have a great tnmg to get to gether on now. Every man, woman and child In the city can get together on Thomason. Onranlzationa Are solla, Pear Picking Commenced in Melton Orchard; Other Fruits Coming In. La Mesa. 2f. M-. July 31. Picking of the pear crop in the Melton orchard at San Miguel will begin next week. This is one of the finest pear orchards in this part of the valley. Other orchards are demanding much attention. No trouble is being experienced In getting land owners to sign for turning the ditches over to the government and every one seems quite ready for the transfer. Mrs. B. Wilkinson who has been ill. continues to improve. THHERS EL H O. A. Critchett, president of the Equal Franchise league, carrying tne information that every member of that organization would support Mr. Thomason for speaker. Otis C Coles said the same thing for the chamber of commerce. Comlnc Man In Texas. Judge L. A. Dale said he had known eroy. A- S. Rowlands, J. I. Driscoll, Ben L. Clements. G. A. Martin. C. H. Finley, E. C. Held. Mrs. Robert L Ilolliday. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Surges, Mr. and Mrs. 2. L Cobb. W. M. Feti-colas judge E. B. McClintock, judge A. M. Walthall. J. C. Brooke. R. L. Holliday, H. T. Bowie. M. A. Warner. James A. Dick. Rev. Fuller Swift, Rev. P. R. Knickerbocker. Mrs. W. L Fox-worth, Mrs. T. W. Lanier, Mrs. Ewine Thomason, Del W. Harrington, W. H. Fryer. W. G. Roe. B. G. Perry, F. H. Lazenby, Tom Lea. A .'Native Texan, Roswell Man Hurled Fromi Track But Removes Obstruction. Carlsbad. N. M, Julj 31. H. H. Weaver, lineman for the Pecos Valley lines, with headquarters at Roswell. thinks that perhaps he is the victim of a plot to wreck the fast Kansas City filer into Carlsbad. Weaver Is In a hospital, nursing a badly smashed foot, and also many, many sprains and bruises all over his body. Weaver started north from Carlsbad Sunday afternoon, returning to Roswell after an Inspection trip down the valley. He was driving a gasoline side car that runs on the rails, and was hitting up a high rate of speed climbing tbe hills north of Carlsbad, when his machine hit an obstruction on the rail and was ditched on the right of way. Weaver was thrown and badly hurt, one foot being mashed beneath the machine. However, when he regained his senses, he worked heroically to remove the obstruction from the rail, as he knew the south bound passenger would soon thunder down the hllL Bleeding, He Wins. The binge of a buggy top, a bit of steel nearly an inch wide, had been driven between the ends of the two rails, and the long end bent north. In the direction of the coming passenger It was driven in ugni ana Lodge ffoKcea Regular meeting Hit- -nony chapter. 244, i E. 3.. In Mas-r.lc Tern p'e. Thursday. Auc at 8 p. m. V aitim: member lnvtt?J. Julia Va-Jgnan. W X. May Overton. Secj. Readj Reference Bnjiceti Directory Accountant! Auditor EL PASO AUDIT CO. W. H. Payne. Accountant. Rm. 214 MW Bldg. Phore tli Ajsayerj and Chemists RKCK1IABTS ASSAC OFFICE. Francisco St. Pkone 7. P. O Box S Ban VllnTOM ASSAY OFllt' Cmcnett ft Fergvaan. assayera, ehemfsta. metaunrg-tata. representatives for ore snipers, 219 San Franete St. Si Paq Tun Auctioneers AUCTION SALES. BllUa Williams, auctioneer, will cry sales in or out of tovo. Ph. stilH. Auto Accessories R. E. Thomason is a native Texan. Kn.n anJ VMrrt nm r fin In., vlll in : train. Cooke county. He is a graduate of jhard. and the bleeding railroader had the University of Texas and a great difficult time In removing it. Af-friend of the state's greatest edu-he h.d cleared 2" W,V tional Institution. He served as di- " v ' ",i iz. r.""J -X-Xi. trict attornev at Gainesville for four nAw" ""'f?. town and years before removing to El Paso to settle. He was elected to the legiS' lature from El Paso county two years ago and was this time nominated without opposition. He was joint author of the zone bill and all war measures proposed by Gov. Hobby at the recent special session of tbe Texas legislature. He was active in tbe fight for woman suffrage, prohibition and clean election laws and is the author of the present Illiteracy law. V- rr.kMMn-An . ... n L . . Judge Pool read a letter from "rUoard of managers of the house, which presented the Impeachment charges against James E. Ferguson when he was governor, to the senate of the state. Mr. Thomason took the stump in the recent campaign In behalf of Gov. Hobby at his own expense and spoke in 14 counties in west and north mil means, sugar in any quail- AU sugar 7or preserlng nu-nSS is eT now ln hi yontn ,nd ha must oTsecured rlugthe o'Tflce J 1???'". " .i . An,i mAt leiu. All inese connuu srave ai mired him. "I think he is a coming Hobby good majorities. Mr. Thomason man tn Texas, tie is a gooa man mor strong intellect. He of the food administrator However, it is not necessary to receive permls sion to sen tne consumer tne allot ment of two pounds per person month." Mr. Bassett said. Preserving affidavits will be issued only in the forenoon. Mrs. A. F. Quisenberry, who is in charge of this department of the food administration, will be at the office of Mr. Bas sett each morning ready to make out the affidavits on application. Mr. Bassett will leave tonleht nr Thursday morning for California. where be will visit his family during tne montn oi August. REMINDS HOUSEHOLDERS OF SUGAR RULE TAKING EFFECT W. K. Ramsey, deputy district food administrator, issued the following ouueiin xuesoay evening: "Information has reached this office that effective August 1, householders will cut their consumption of sugar to tne oasis oi two pounds per person per month and the restaurants and public eating places will cut their consumption of sugar to two pounds per 9 meals served. Any change from tnis rule win oe given Immediate pub' uciiy. HUNTS LAWYER MAY GET COMMISSION IN THE ARMY Phoenix. Ariz, July XL It Is said that Gov. Hunt has recommended Frederick S. Struckmeyer for appointment as a member of the Judge advocate general's division of the army, with the rank of major. Such a recommendation Is said to have been asked of the governor several months ago. and he is said to have had under consideration the names of CapL, J. L. B. Alexander. J. P. Lavln and Paul Geary, all of Phoenix, and state senator C H. Rutherford, of Jerome. Mr. Struckmeyer Is a dose political associate of tbe governor's and for a while was legal member of the state commission of public institutions. He was a candidate for attorney general two years ago and is understood to be willing to be so understood this year. tie is an attorney in active practice ln Phoenix, where he handled the Hunt side of the gubernatorial contest after the death of Eugene S. Ives, and he is the principal attorney, with W. B. Cleary, tiow In Chicago, tn representing those deported from Bisbee in damage suits filed against Ccehiee county mining companies and residents. He has had military experience, serving with an Illinois regiment during the war with Spain. RAILROAD TIME TABLE All train arrive and depart from Union station, foot of San Frasdsre street. All arrivals and departures given in El Pass or mountain standard time. SANTA FE For Albuauerane. Denver. ChJcaro. Les Angeles No. SOS Ira. S:M a. m.: Ne. SIS at srss p m From Altraooerque, Denver. Los Asgelea. Chicago No. 801 arva, 10 a. m.: No. Ml at s: p. m. EL PAfO SCmiWESTERN' (ITestern Division) For Arizona and California No. 3 Irs, : p. m.: No. 7 Ivs. at l li v. m. From Artsoaa and California No. 2 arva. Z:li p. m. (Eastern Division) For Kansas Clur. St. Louis and Chlca.ro No. 4 Iw. p. m.; No. 2 at SM p. m. From Cblcaro. St. Lonia and Kansas City No. 1 arva 7:00 a, m.: No. 3 at 2:40 P. EX CLOUDCROFT SCHEDULE. Leave El Paso Train No. 12:01 p.ra. Arrive Alaraogordo Train No. 4.. 2:47 p.m. Leave Alamogordo Train No. 22. I:Mn,m. Arrive Clsudcroft Train No. 22.. 1:20 p.m. Lve -iouacro: I Train No l. Another Girl Joins Navy's Recruit Staff Miss Logan Enlists As Yeomanette; Electrician Hass Takes a Trip. The navy recruiting force here was increased Wednesday by the addition of another yeomanette in the person of Miss Margaret C. Logan, of 3010 Grant avenue. Miss Logan was sworn into the service Wednesday morning by Lieut S- P. Tracht. for the period of the war. She will start active work at tbe recruiting station Thurs day. Tuesday, according to Lieut. Tracht, at one time there were eight young women at his office who desired to become enlisted. Cunningham. Chief Yeoman. S. C. Haas, first class electrician. wno has been on duty at the local station, will leave here Thursday morning lor a trip through tbe eastern end of the navy recruiting district. L. K. Cunningham, chief yeoman, who received a temporary appoint ment to that grade this week, has been on duty here for seven months. Enlist Aa Apprrntlcea. Practically all of the men enlisted for the navy Wednesday were for the regular service and of this number the major portion were as apprentice seamen. Those enlisted for the regu-ulars were Otis L Llthana and Jesse G. Latham, Las Cruces, N. M. : Rosendo L'Esperance, Las Vegas. N. M.-. Wade Boatwright, Dalhart. Texas; Charley H. Slater. Hot Springs. N. M, and Robert Blankenship, La Lux, N. M., apprentice seamen: George J. Alexander. Buckhorn. N. M, and Willie Dun-lop. Portales. N. M.. firemen, third class, and Vernon G. Borset. Pierce, . M, landsman for yeoman. For the reserve force William G. CresOD. Sierra RlAnra Texas was en. listed as snip s cook, third class. is an orator of recognized ability and since becoming a member of tbe legislature has been recognized as an able man. ARIZ. ASSESSORS T Ef accomplish great things. He great future and I shall do all I possibly can for him. I Senators For Him, ! Joseph M. N'ealon brought a practl- : cal message, declaring that a Texas' senator told him that five votes in his . district would be cast for Thomason ' for speaker. T believe he will be; eteeted speaker. said the speaker, "and that two years from now a messenger from the people of Texas will say to him. 'well done thou good and faithful servant; higher honors await von." Mr. Thomason himself was the ck Ins speaker, and was Introduced as "worthy, true and able, chairman Dudley adding that no combination or set of men In tbe state would defeat him for speaker. "He Is known over the state and is loved everywhere," tbe chairman said. Doesn't Mind Sacrifice. "It is a sacrifice, in a financial way. to go to the legislature, but I feel amply repaid for the time I spent at Austin, and I feel that since you gave me no opposition, you have endorsed my career there. And I want to pledge you, here and now, that If I am elected speaker. I will do my best to reflect honor and credit on the people of Texas, and especially my friends in El Paso." l'ledired For Reforms. Mr. Thomason said he was for clean and honest government. -He said he voted against submission of the pro- nioition Question at tne regular ses sion, because his constituents had so Instructed him. but at the special sea sion he cast his vote "for what I thought was the clean side of affairs." He then pledged that he wonld do all be could to have prohibition and woman suffrage written in the state constitution. He would also work for national woman suffrage, he said. Ao lotr, Lnless Fighter. This is a progressive dav " the speaker continued, "and the war is hastening reforms we never dreamed of before. I look for a revolution, so to speak, ln our lives, and I want to be on the progressive side. I was for a clean ballot and an honest count, not because I objected to people voting, but to people being voted. X wanted none but American citizens to be on guard at this crisis. I don't believe any man should be allowed to vote unless he can carry arms for the country. Means To Help eat Texas. After outlining that he was Intense ly Interested In education, and would do all he could to make the university or Texas second to none. Mr. Thomason turned to reasons why EI Paso and west Texas, which have never had a speaker, are interested ln the movement. The school of mines was cited. "I believe that in a few years this Institution is destined to become one of tbe foremost schools of mines in the United States," he said. On matters of irrigation and those relat ing to the cattle Industry. Mr. Thomason thought El Paso would be in terested in having the speaker from this section. And I want to say a word with IJereafter no officer oi enlisted reference to senator Dudley and I ,"'"K "mp ..J Suty or representative Pool." he added. "You "IJL"7,., he win. " Tr will see team work at Austin next "i'A?!1 ? h,s f""?. to T- wlnter. We will all put our shoulders! Savin, flS ..iTSiT. w,,u,ont to tbewhee, and do all we can to help j 0 comaSe? o'n Mr. Thomason emphasized that he Til e VI.? "Tt."i"'' didn't want to be classed aa a -pork " ." ""r1 J?rL',!.1ri"'l".V; .w.t-l' ?.u.t.-WO-uld;of residence 1 thT vicinity of this medical attention. Railroad men are divided in opinion as to whether the piece of steel, which was several inches long, would have derailed the passenger locomotive which soon after passed over the place. Trainmen say that the trains generally pass over this piece of grade, which slopes on into the Carlsbad yards at a speed spproarhing 30 miles an hour, which Is sufficient to cause a disaster, had the obstruction held, and forced the focqmotlve from the track. Officers have been informed of the event, and arrests are hoped for soon. Boot Machinery Damaged. H. J. Slease, boot and shoe maker. suffered a disastrous fire Saturday night in his machine shop. Slease has several nundred aoiiarsr worth oi machinery Installed for the making and finishing of shoes, and the fire dam aged it. It is not known how the fire started, as there was no electric current on. and no stove tn the room in' which the blaze originated. The building is owned by W. H. Mullane. former newspaper publisher, who Is now ranching tn tne Guadalupe moun- AI7TOS WRECKED We bay. sen .ir exchange cars of all makes; large stock f repair parts; we deal ln rurber ard metal. El Paso Anto Wrecking. Ph. 438. Z2S Leon St. K. Trachtenberg. Frep. Business Colleges DBAL'OHOyS college guarantees pos!ti -.a. iXTBHXATlONAI, Baslwesa Colt Carpenters WANTED Carpenter work. Ph. t:o-j Carpets Cleaned CARPETS, Tict-vm dried or stear-e-cleaned. DnxUey Caryet Cleaning Worsts Phone 121S CAKPKT cleaning and rug wearing, dark: Mattress & Bag Co. 2112 Myrtle. Phtso 417. 1S2S and 1070. CUHI'KKED A lit. steam or vacuum carpet eieanlsg. sewtsg r laving. Du 8ang a- Wllfwm ohane ll Detective Agencies The Ben WHsiamft Detective Agency Snlte SIC First Nat. Bank Bllc P ut Fumitnre Packing FUKNITIiBE Dieted and stored ana snipped Pn-sang Jc Wellborn. Ph 111 Fnrnitare Packing military service by avoiding the many embarrassments and anxieties that inevitably attend a sudden snd unregulated demand upon a small commun ity for living accommodations far be- yound its normal capacity. Grand Canyon Meeting Ef fects Elimination of Discrepancies. Phoenix, Ariz, July 3L Members of the state tax commission have returned from a meeting at the Grand Canyon of the state tax conference, including the assessors and supervisors of the state's 14 counties. The organization is one unique among the states, affording an annual opportunity for threshing out comparative questions of taxation between the counties and industries. It is said to have shown its large value ln the elimination of misunderstandings and local prejudices. On the basin of data amiml r,A decisions reached, the supervisors aid assessors, at their stated meetings in August, will adjust moat of their questions of taxation. A committee ras appointed to take up with the state council of defence some questions concerning the organization of the county councils. This meeting will be held Aucrost 1? nMinnuj i.wu, juSu . Tne next tax conference will be held in either TV...... las or Bisbee. as guests of Cochise LUUUIJ. Army Takes A Hand Setting Home Rentals Cody Division Commander To Supervise Leases for Officers' Families. Camp Cody. Deming. N. M July 3L The question of rentals in Deming for the families of officers, ln particular, has been raised from time to time, and has been under consideration by the Deming chamber of commerce and headquarters of the 34th division, with the result that a mem orandum order was Issued from the headquarters named on Monday dealing with the "regulation of house rentals" and reads as follows: SOLDIERS MUST KEEP INSIDE WHEN RIDING TROOP TRAINS Camp Cody. Deming. N M. July 3L The 3th division headquarters has issued a memorandum regarding injury to soldiers on troop trains. The memorandum follows: "The attention of these headquarters has been called to injuries which have been sustained by reason of soldiers riding on special trains in open vestibule doors, sitting on the platforms with their legs hanging out of the sides of cars, also their feet nro- truaing out or open windows or out tbe side door of baggage and kitchen cars. "Due to the great risk of accidents and loss of life incident to such practices, officers concerned with movements of troop will Issue the necessary orders that under no condition will this practice be permitted." BAXD LEAD Bit PROMOTED. Camp Cody. Demizuc N. M.. Julv 31. Second Lieut. Ernest L. Harris, leader of the band of the 134th Infantry, has just been promoted to that rank irom sergeant. He is the second band leader ln this division to be com missioned under tbe new order. rACKING and shipntng honsehc.t C our specialty. Furniture repairing. :ir and upholstering. K. u. uin'.H r . Mattress factory. 1TW Texas. Ph. I:.-' WE TACK. SHIP OR STORE Paralture. cut glass and china: furn'tora repairing and refmiabiag and upholster1 g. Get our prices. See our work. 7 SO Texas, Phone 4110. O. D. HOCSEE PPnOLSTEKtSO CO. Electrical SnppEes LAKBABEE ELECTRIC CO. 4 OS Tessa St. Phone Hardware CUT RATE Hardware and Paints. HENRY MOHR, Sea S. EL Ff-O TT. Hardware Exchange A. VAFFE. 400 S. Ei Paso. tools. "Call and youTl call Mechanics' again " Hair Ccttms CHIROPODIST, switches made from comb. hies. Marey Pnrny. 10 Bnckler. Ph. till. Hair Goods Wigs Toopc. IH N Kansas PK T- Jnnk Dealers HIOllEST market Braces Bald for an c::.i of iuak and battles, lluaots Bottle and Jrnk Co. pa. 1041. HERMAN II LOCH A CO, TK-T1S-T." : Oregesi St. Ph. 5453. Old metal, ru: ber rags, bones, hides, scrap Iron, e'e EL PASO IRON METAL CO li05 Saa Astasia, Dealers In scrap Iron, rut ber. ccp-per brsss. bones, etc. Phone t2SS Key Fitting THOMA KEY MIOP. 400 Mesa. Ph. 1345. Kodak Finishing ALEXANDER STUDIO. 109 S. El Paso. Mercantile Agencies A. G. DUN A CO. Mercantile report. El Paso office. 001 Guaranty Trust Bldg. Want Ad Rales. One cent per word for each insertion. No advertisement counted as less than 20 words. Three consecutive insertions ! cents a word. By month. J1.30 per line. Bold face lines double price. In order to give time for proper classification it is necessary to close The Herald classified page tlam. Want ads received after that hour will appear the next day. Orders to discontinue want ads must be in Herald office before 9 a. m. of day of publication. ANSWERS TO IIEKALD WANT ADS Thii Mlawhu. II.. - . . . . . . - w u,.m,rcu lor answers to Herald Want Advertisements are nww oeiBsr a ior c.euvery at The Her old business efface. D sos .a rsT D 203 a z4 D 303 H 300 E S T. a E 373 L 7 F 333 K 0 a r: tt do what he could for the section in a legitimate way. ! The election of senator Dudley as chairman of the campaign committee; was then carried on motion of judge camp will be subject to prior approv al of the camp commander in like manner. Ilequlremnnt Demanded. "The permission contemplated In rn Phone ts ts El Paio. Its Lss Crucrs. I.U1VEU A1J.KY EL PASO CLINT WDeeiers cat leaat Clint dally for Bl Paso. 3.30 a. m. Leaves Herald office for dirt 3 4& p m. rAE!-CLl.Vr-KL PASO Romero's car ares Herald office I la p rn. dillj and Suidar Hake reservstlons st Herstd or Phone 3?. iai n, I Arrive Alaraogordo Train No. it. ls-.ss n.m.! Canorulo ard arrises in El Psso 711 Leave Alamogordo Train No. 3.. 1:00 p.m. Arrive ti raao Tram ro. 3 3:40 p.m. SOUTHERN PACIFIC LINES For San Antonio. New Orleans snd Washington No. 103 Its. 3:00 p. m,: No. 10 at 10:30 p. m. rrora wasnington. New Orleans and San Antonio arrives at C:ii a. m.: No. 3 at 4:30 p. m. Por Arizona and California No. 1 Iva, 7:1S a. m.; No. 101 at 7:10 a, m.: No 100 at i:0 p. m. prom An sona ana canxftrala. No. 4 arva at 11:16 a. m.: No. 103 arva 3:16 p. rn.; No. 110 at 10:00 p. m. TEXAS PACIFIC For Dallas and St. Louis No. C Irs. S:30 m.: No. 3 at S:1S p. m. From St. Loots and Dallas No. 1 arva 12:40 p. m. . No. 2S arva. at 9:1S p. m- MEAICAN CENTRAL No regular schedule. MEXICO & NORTHWESTERN. No regular cb-dsl AUTOMOBILE TIME TABLE. TPPER VALLEY LAS CKICES At'TO Loaves Herald office at : p m. Arrlvea at Las Crncrs 4 It p to Toe returning car leaves Las Cmees nostoff re for El Psso 4 30 D m . vis II- jciur.e, Tcl.cs, La Mesa, Chambtruo and .., . SEW MEXllO. 31 (K.OI.I.ON Dally to snd from Stlvet City and Mogellon. Cars leave Silver City arrival of Santa Fe train No. 117. Mogollon. S a. m. Bennett Motor Transit Co. Phone 10. Opp Depot. LOtl.M,tll.s. I'LALNWKW AND 1111.11 Leaves Tatam 7 am. Mondays. Wednrs-dsys snd Pndaya for Lovington. making eoaneetlon at Lovington for Carlsbad and sll points in Pecos valley Keturmug leases Lovington 1 p. tn. or Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays for Plalolew McDonald. Ring. 8coit and Talum. Fare ne way Tatum to Itovinaton. Jt: round trip. 33.se. Duke Son. Tstom. N II. CITY MLVKIt STAGE Lea arrive TTor. burg. 11 10 .i. p m . a rrl Silv c - 4 Trjt...: 1.. . t. TYRONE - LOltDsUl KG Silver City. I H 1 m.; s 4C a. m.. arrive Lords-ti l.iai Lirdsburg. 1 ?Q rrone. 4 00 p m . srrHa "i r m Efi.n-tt M-Jti r -r C.'i. I. M. i'h-Eo JIB r?r Another .n""1, w,s carr'M this order will be subject to the con dition that quarters desired by an officer or enlisted man for his family can be secured ln advance of tbe family's arrival, at a reasonable rental, under sanitary conditions, and under a written legal agreement satisfactory to the camp commander covering a period of at least six menti s, with the proviso that if the station of the officer or enlisted man may be authorizing senator Dudley to appoint any committees he mignt deem necessary, and pledging all present to perform all services asked of them. Thomafton'a Friend Present, Those present were: R. Del Richer. W. E. Orr. Claiborne Adams. G. W. Burr. A. R. Webb. J. A. Kscajeda. A. Schwartz, M. Schwartz. Bertha Pool, E. M Lawrence, ir, O. C. Coles. F. M. King. L. A. Dale. A. IL Goldstein. I changed bv proper military orders be- Mary Pool. A. IL Lang. Dr. J. B. Gray. I fore the expiration of the period G. X. Gorham. Jack Dawson. Birdie ' covered by the agreement the said A. Krupp. llaymon Krupp. John T. Cain. J. a White. E. W. Haight. G. W. Robertson. J. H. Rogers. Dave Sullivan. IL M. Andreas, O. J. Allen. J. II. Harper. "E. P. Lerner. W. P. Brady, Alves Dixon. W. H. Scott. J. M. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Xealon. P. R. Price. G. B. Ryan. Leigh Clark. L M. M Crummen. H. L Oldham, W For Rent Stores and Offices us BtsT-DainK, etflees In the Herald salldlag. Reasseahto rates. Apply "- o mi neram. MORGAN ULDO. Ortmsd ttosr More ream. DOUGLAS a CROWELL AOEN'CY. m mils Bldg. Poena 0130. FOR RENT Ground floor otfJce la Ken Id building: very suitable for real estate and laauraace office. Apply to the audttar of Store room, in San Antonio 300.00 Store room. Second and Stanton 3101.00 Store room. 320 Broadway 3SO.00 Store room. 214 S. Stantcn I75.0 room notel. 214S a Stanton 3100.00 luwann or an sinus. J. IL SMITH A SONS. 318 First NatX Bank Bldg. 307 Mssa Ave., office. Morgan Bldg.. 313 400 s. St Vrnln. cor. Second Sc. IH 3nl Fe. ew store 130 400 Saa evanctsco. store and rvaa- mont 3S0 J22 8. El Paso, stcro Ijro 3S0 Myrtle, store its 101 E. Second, ear. Bl Paso, basement in 211 E. OverUnd. store and base" 122 S. Stanton cor. Overland, store. .1110 Stt San Francisco. 2 floors and basement, 71x120 feet, trackage I3S0 DOrGLAS C CROWELL AGENCY. 724H'HjHd Paone SSU. arrangement may b terminated upon one week s notice by the tenant to the landlord, accompanied by a copy of the order changing the tenant's station. Cooperate With Chamber. "A board of ofl.cers be appointed oy the camp commander will be Frent-IisceUaneons RENT FREE Small ranch. on ralle from small town In New Mexico. Fine water Juit the thing for small family who wlnb. to live cheaply. Apply 217 Cs- Mattress Renovating MATTRESSES mads to order and rena vsted. Dwne A Wellborn. Phone 311 MAKERS OF MATTRESSES, repairei. renovators. Phono 417. 102S and 10" 2213 Myrtle. Clark Mattress Rag i . . Musical WALTER DAVIS, ptaae teacher. 3 mania. as. Pbane TSSZ. Painting W. R.AI.LFN. pajtlng A Untlng. Ph 3i: Plmnbers PRONTO PLUMBERS. Phone 1003. SERVICE PLUMBERS. Phone 3441. Safes SAFES. Dsn-glar chests, vault doors. Light tolas safes and files at a saving to yon. S. P. HamWngb. SCI Myrtle Ava, Second Hand Clo tiling Ladles 2nd band clethlng boaghc. Ph. f 45 Men's 2a 1 hand clothing bought. Ph. si4. LEVY nan ahcheat nrlees Udlts'. men a 2nd hand clothing. Phone 4i 111G1IEST PRICES paid for old and shoes. Phone ITS WE PAY JuORE tar la.lK band ciothlcg. Ph. 1700. men'a seji..! WE PAY rjghsst prices for second hirj. rlntbes. phone 33SO. Second Hand Ftimitnre EXCHANGE XEW F7J RNTTTTRE For second hand. Western Fumitu-e Co. 113-120 So. Stanton St. Phono 14S2. Storage Warehonses HOUSEHOLD goods packed, chirred stored. Daniel Fnrn. A Mat. Facty Ph :i Stove Repairing STOVE REPAIRING New parts rials and carried for all makes of stores, t J Peeler with D A H. Iron works, cor. F ist Fifth and South Florence. Phone 13ri Tmdermiits MeLBLLAN BROS. Ph. 700. 300 Fr sco Sr. Trauisfer and Storage a-aiu.-ri aeis Kl l"aao Transfer fn ' e. gage and moving, hearing of all k'nd POMBROVS KL TASO TRANSFER CO. 300-310 & Oregon . Storage, baggage a- i freight transfer. Phone 2144. Tronic Factory Dressmaking ri, c r- r t. u w th., ... 1 tn' record or rentals and all data per- . s J M- ,r- IWh m,' n ?r alnlng theret... operating with the AT JIOME, or h, dav Ph. 7757W ?K' . iea4 T ...r; S limine chamber of commerce to rcg-, DREsMAKlNt. in tam.ii. Pht7" Ssa 1 Ll.aicu nllll I I1C UUiy Ul IIIU'IllslaIU( , V. XafV. JohnM. Wyatt. BenWIlliama' " 7v."tal" " ".l1"" 1 ZL'j"KNc snd plain sewing. Ph. 0473. T. A. Couzens. Claude Lawrence, c. I J 1 reasonable advance over the'. , ' ,S w,lrTK- dressmaaer A lad! W Croom Seth B Orndorff Ed M " V raI,onat"' aaance over tne ,ml!or, A 5l,c,aity In .renlng and rec AQOlf llOtrnian. .I .I IvaSter I'aUl l the nun.r lJn .rrf an nell Thorn 1. It W L Brown. IT V l'.i,,. .:!u.ir. ;,ersonii.-I It pnmar ladles' -p. UEMsTlTCllINb Oi at c ass if material t. n cntl . ar.l Mrg?r ic,m Mich. Co ;o TRUNKS, sultcasea. travelisc bars n repaired ani exchanged. El Pjso T-i- Factory next to Crawford th-ater Ph tj t Typewriters TirnKl7K and Office Snppiy . Sold, rented, repaired. 210 Mills at Ph 53.- Veterinary Surgeons c. t: dags. KOI , hoaoltal for horns .-I 3017 Texas. Ph. 033. nlghta aol, Welding Shops LlllMi, ItRAZIXta snj str. r"t-BtCHiNN. 21 San l-ranciro. rh. st- per ( hUHM-iD, way it nuid OS dost. em. ' promptly, any sll I'noia 3001. i BROWN WELDLVU CO. COO Texas St, I.cK.rs, x L. Mictelson, tha. - Torn.-, uPji 1 ,1 iu iTru'.te tin. tfl.c.eacj uljEi ra I

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