The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 8, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1899
Page 7
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DES MQlNpSi ALGONA, IOWA, W3BDNlJi8£)AY» MARCH 8, ISffl We venture to say that a more complete assortment of,.*.. Goods was never shown in Algona. India Muslins, Persian Lawns, India Mulls, Dotted Mulls, French Organdies, Moreens, Soft Finished Cambrics, Warp Welts, Piques, Nainsooks, Dimities, Swiss Flouncings, Long Cloths, Victoria Lawns, India Linens. . A new and complete line of Laces and Embroideries. We shall continue our sale of Toweling and Table Damask at last week's prices until all are sold. Chrischilles & Herbst. THE LOCAL FIELD. See Galbraith. John Dillon comes in two weeks. Leonard Ayers, south of town, has been very sick. The winter took another cold Sunday. It was 12 below Sunday night. Mrs. C. E. Young, mother of Mrs. M. Z. Grove, has been quite sick. She is now on the mend. Edward P. Callais and Maud L. Runkin, both of Buffalo Forks, were married by Dr. Day at the Methodist parsonage last Friday. It looks as though Dr. Sayers will be Algona's next mayor. Mayor Clms- ohllles refuses positively to allow his name to be considered. W. O. Stacks has sold his farm in Sherman for $40 an acre. He is undecided what he will do. A deal is about completed for a big 1 wholesale implement house in Algona. The papers pass today. W. H. Ingham received an old deed Monday. It conveyed a piece of land to his father before he was born, and is quite a curiosity. Vincent's " Kash Savin Stor" is in or the spring trade with the finest lot , if goods in his line in these parts. ,%?,ead what he says. ' The western book concern of the . ethodist church has given the new urch in Algona a handsome morocco ole. It is one of their best. '• The Algona Methodists have given {be pulpit, pews, and windows in the old church to the new church in Sexton. It will be a good outfit for them. friends do not believe he has any of it secreted. Mr. Durdnll will close the stock out for what it will bring. One of the handsomest souvenir editions of any country weekly in Iowa is Grant Hawkins' Wapello Republican of March 2. It is beautifully illustrated and printed. Gr;int is making a great success as a newspaper man and all his old-time Algona friends congratulate him. Some of tho handsomest pianos ever brought to Algona are shown in Guy Baylor's room in the Heise block. It is ci'istonishing how handsome pianos are ccnade and at what reasonable prices. g( i THE UPPER DES MOINES publishes Cf this week a very valuable paper read *'by Dr. Kenoflck at the social union on t'health in the public schools. It will e'well repay personal perusal by all par- t'ents. 8 The Chrisehilles & Herbst store is 3 opening a splendid line of white goods i this week. Shoppers are keeping their eves on the weekly announcements of i this popular firm. The big bargains in '' towelings, etc., are still offered. i Ed. Chrischilles, brother of Theo. , ! Chrischilles, was operated on for ap- •t'pendicitis at Fenton last week, Dr. ,'Kenefick assisting Dr. Peters, Mr. j Chrischilles is 58 years old and it was a ^ serious case, but is getting on finely. > Word has been received from Burl- iington that it will take from 60 to 90 idavs to get the electric light engine 'Ithat the city requires. The city has i waited so long it can wait longer, .bet 'f the machinery be right when it is in. C. B. Hutchins' excellent poem on the opera hat served a good purpose at theWillits lecture. The ladies had their hats off very generally. How would it be for them to make a practice of taking them off at all public gatherings? Taylor's big. opening spring sale .•comes March 13-18, and it will be six Jdays of bargains. Everybody in Kos- isuth knows what one of Tailor's sales is. and no one who knows ever misses one. Keep the dates in mind and avoid the rush. J. L. Donahoo greeted the Fontanas to Algona Monday and took special pains to give them an introduction. He travelled as advance agent for the company all through California and Oregon some years ago and knew that they were all right. Goeders' opening spring sale is on, and his big store is full of goods just in from the market. He is offering bargains in all lines and from a splendid selection. It will pay everybody to buy early because the assortment is complete and special prices are being made. Wm. Schmiel of Lotts Creek writes to state that the pipe organ for the church there was bought before the pipe organ recital in Algona, and that it will cost only $1,000, being therefore much smaller than the Algona organ. It will still be a big organ for a country church. The Willits lecture drew a great house Friday evening, and everybody went away feeling better. The doctor is 77 years old, but sprightly as a boy. That is what sunshine has done for him. Sunshine is a great rejuvenator, and tho doctor dispensed a lot of it in Algona. Wm. K. Ferguson takes a very systematic invoice of his form every spring. Last year he hud Geo. Ashelford invoice his stock and this year will have some other stock man. He takes their valuation and then figures his profits accordingly. Ho says his farm pays 10 per cent, on the money ho has put into it. Dr. Day made a west Chicagoan happy last Thursday by speaking the words at the Methodist parsonage that made H. Donohue the husband of Clara Louise Cox of Whittemore. The happy couple proceeded to west Chicago, where a home has been prepared by the careful man thus initiated into double blessedness. Dr. Morse and Dr. Walters of Bancroft operated on Charley Sample last week for abscess resulting from appendicitis. Charley is at W. W. Jones' in Algona and is getting on nicely. Ho was in Chicago, but was not operated on, and came home but did not recuperate. He is likely now to get well and strong again THE UPPER DES^MOINES has believed for some time that it will ultimately be adopted by every township. The competition in the Doxsee drawing contest closed last week, Miss Josie Pettibone judging the merits of the drawings. Over 100 boys drew but only 15 finally handed in their cards. Ambrose Bowyer won first, S. P. Peterson's son second, and C. D. Slusser's son third. All the drawings were very good. Mr. Doxsee will have the Bowyer drawing engraved and will soon be seen in his advertisements. All the drawings were of the Bucks steel range trade mark. A. D. Barr got a letter Monday from Dr. Barr, who is at Hampton this state attending his son Bert, who is down with pneumonia. The doctor had just arrived and found Bert very sick. He had a rough trip over and was blockaded on the mountains by a blizzard, where it was difficult to pet enough to eat. He writes that he will not be able to come to Algona. He thinks Bert will recover, but he is having a very severe Beige. It began with a hemorrhage of the left lung. Albert Bahm's time will soon be out and he will go to work for himself up near Buffalo Center. Albert has been a model workman while with Manager Millen on the poor farm and goes away with the best wishes of all who have become acquainted with htm. Allowing him his liberty was a wise act on the part of the county, and was Sheriff Christensen's suggestion. He has been faithful to every trust, and THE UPPER DES MOINES hopes that ho will have all the success in life that ho is on- titled to. School election comes Monday. Our schools are a great credit to Algonn, and a very substantial and handsome new building has been planned- by the present board. Unless either Mr. Cowles or Mr. Swotting declines to again act on the board THE UPPER DES MOINES considers it good policy to retain their services. They have had to do with planning and contracting for the now building and can render good service in seeing the work completed. The board as now constituted is E. B. Butler, president; Thos. F. Cooke, J. W. Sullivan, Gardner Cowles, E. V. Swotting. Mass Meeting. There will he a moss meeting of the farmers and business men of Burt at the opera hall next Tuesday, March 14, at 2 p. m., to talk over the proposition to build a flouring mill in Burt. A big meeting is necessary and expected. JNO. KERU, Pros. Creamery. THOS. HANNA, Mayor. Musical Instruction. Mr. L. F. Burnett of Spencer, a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass., will give private instruction in voice culture on Tuesdays of each week at tho homo of Mrs. A. D. Fern. Mr. Burnett has had a wide experience as a teacher and singer, and has the reputation of doing very excellent work. A number of pupils have been enrolled, and it is hoped that many more will avail themselves of this opportunity. 5H2 MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. Home-seekers' Excursions. Special homo-seekers' excursion tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company Feb. 31, March 7 and 21, and April'! and 18, 1899, atone lowest regular first-class fare, plus v*^™* the round trip. MBS. 1.UND LOSES SEE SUIT. After a Hot Legal Battle the Jury Finds Against Mrs. Lund—Other Notes. The case against Mrs. C. L. Lund was closed yesterday. She was sued on a note for $3,500 which her name was on. She came into court and denied signing it, although every other witness said it was her signature. A. C. Parker helped E. V. Swotting and W. L. Joslyn for Mrs. Lund and Geo. E. Clarke and J. W. Sullivan represented the note holder. It was a hotly contested case and one of the most important lately tried in Kossuth. The jury found against Mrs. Lund after being out from 6 o'clock p. m. till 2 o'clock a. m. One juror was for Mrs. Lund. The total involved is over $4,000 and Mrs. Lund will have it to pay. COURT NOTES. The case against Henry Larson for stealing a watch is discussed for want of evidence. H. O. Carpenter of Bancroft is indicted for getting another man's property in trust, and then selling it. /Ho will be tried in April. Andrew Miller and Leo Miller of, Plum Creek shot Henry Johnson's hog. They were indicted and lined $25 and $15. Albert Labs is indicted for incest. He may be tried this term. The Frost case from Whittemore is continued till April. DEATH OP MES. FEED THOEN. A AVell Known Houart Ij«uly Pnsses Away—A Sister of J. O. Dalziol. The WauUogun Gazette has the following obituary notice of Mrs. Fred Thorn of Hobart: Mrs. FredL. Thorn, who died on Fob. 20, 1899, was born in Gurnee Feb. 24, 1869, whore she grow to womanhood. She was married to Fred Thorn Dec. 25, 1889. A few years later they moved to Iowa, where she continued to reside until a few days before her death. She was brought to Chicago for surtrical treatment where skilled surgeons, trained nurses and loving friends did nil in their power to restore her to health but to no avail, and wife and mother sunk peacefully to rest. The funeral was held from the home of hor mother, Mrs. Wm. Dal- ziol, at Gurnee and the large concourse of friends and neighbors who gathered to pay their last respects to the departed showed in what high esteem she was hold. She leaves to mourn hor untimely end a husband, daughter Lolo, who is now live years old, a mother and several brothers and sisters, besides a largo circle of friends. Uneeda Biscuit. TRY A BOX an,d you will cry for more, like " babies cry for Castoria," Found only at my store. James Patterson. (ONLY 5 CENTS A BOX.) Don't Settle on your spring shoes until you see the Elegant Line of New Goods in BROWNELL & ALLRED'S stock. Styles—The very latest. Prices—The very lowest. Goods—The very best. Pine Repairing and Custom Wont. Exclusively Boots and Shoos, Boston QlocU, Algona, la. Prof. Fontana called Drs. Morse and Kenefick to the stage Monday night and then after rubbing Bert Evans' hand a little ran a needle through it without hurting him at all. He was showing how hypnotism can be used in minor surgery. Ho also ran the needle through Bert's ear, and he did not feel it. Bert was wide awake all the time. Geo. L. Galbraith bought the old Methodist church last Thursday for $250. It was considered a low price. He has A. G. Seastream engaged to superintend taking it down and work has begun. He will use the material for a building in town. The report is out that Gov. Larrabee will not build the model farm homes on his Eagle land. Charley Larrabee, when in Algona last week, said that it was the plan to build and THE UPPER DES MOINES is confident the improvements are to be made. Frank Jenkinson sold six heifer calves from his Union Shorthorn herd to Phil. Weisbrod of Palo Alto county last week for $300 cash. That beats raising scrubs. Frank has some Shorthorns he is proud of and is having fine success as a breeder of them. Jo. Steil went wrong in some way at Lu Verne, and the Chicago wholesale men are out about 60 cents on the dollar on him. They urged Mr. Durdall to take hold of the remains and clean it up, and he is now at it. Jo. can't tell wh.ere tb,e money has gone, and his Perry Burlingame has an old geography that was printed in 1795. There is not a map in it and some of the information about the world is very curious. Here is what it says about Louisiana territory that Iowa is a part of: "It lies west of the United States proper. The gulf of Mexico bounds it on the south. Its other limits are not defined with precision." The book has board covers with a leather back. Everybody who is interested in hypnotism, etc.', should see the Fontanas tonight. The professor is by all odds the best exponent of these things ever seen in Algona, and what he does is curious enough. That a young lady weighing a little over 100 pounds should be able to stand on one heel, and Sheriff Christensen not be able to push her off her balance is certainly singular. Rev. Dift'enbacher, who has been holding meetings at the Adventist church, got a telegram Sunday announcing a serious illness in his family at Des Moines and ho went Monday. He will return in a few days and close his series of meetings, which will be postponed until further notice. Five new members were taken into the church Saturday as the result of his labors, Solid Gold Plump 14-kt. plain rings, 85 cents per pennyweight. If you will pay us $1.50 per pennyweight we can afford to make the bride a present. E. G. BOWYER. First door east of postofflce. 43 MEETINGS. Usual services Sunday at Presbyterian church. W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs. Abbie Hudson tomorrow. The Algona Rebekah lodge will hold a regular meeting Friday night. Epworth League dime social at the L. Barton home on tomorrow evening. Congregational church, morning, "The Moral Philosophy of Expansion;" evening, " Sticking to Facts." Miss Hay will lecture in Algona on woman suffrage on March 21. Later announcements will be made. Prof. Spencer says the lecture course paid out about ?20 over and above expenses. The total cost of the five entertainments was $830. He says a lecture course will be gotten up again next season. The people have enjoyed the course this winter, and it was furnished at the low cost of 15 cents a show, reserved seats included. The actual figures and total receipts §855.50, expenses $837.85. A movement is on foot for the east half of Burt township and the west half of Portland to join and help run one central school in Burt, gathering in the children from the whole territory by team. It is figured that it will costless to do this than to run a lot of country schools, and that the children will enjoy better advantages in every way. Supt. Van Erdewyk goes up Monday to explain the matter at a public meeting, This central school plan has been tried in many places and is a great success. First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sunday services 10:45 a. m. and 4 p. in., Wednesdays 3 p. m., Odd Fellows' hall. Services at Adventist church as usual Saturday. Sunday school at 2 o'clock, and missionary meeting at 3 o'clock. Baptist church Sunday, morning, "The Biblical Idea of Public Worship;,' evening, "Baptism, What It Is and Whatlt Signifies." Methodist church, morning, "The Necessity of Christianizing Christianity;" evening, "Some Antidotes for Doubt." Sunday school at 9:45 o'clock. The young people's societies of the Northern Iowa Baptist association will meet for their semi-annual rally with the Baptist church of Algona tho last week'in March, the exact date and par ticulars of program will appear later. The program for the meeting of the W. L. A. S. Friday afternoon will bo a paper by Mrs. Nannie Setchell on "French'institutions of Learning;" a paper by Mrs. L. H. Smith, "Rural Life in Modern France;" "Current News," Mrs. A. P. Hall. SEPT, 19-22 THE DATE, Tho County Fair Comes Enrllcr This Venr-l$l ) OOO for ITiiii. A big mcetingof county fair directors was hold yesterday afternoon. The dale for the coming fair was fixed for tho four days, Sept. 10-22. For races and amusements $1,000 was appropriated, ?300 more than over before. P. J. Walker, F. C. Newell and J. G. Rawson were appointed to confer with tho county board with a view to having tho county lift the debt on the grounds, the property belonging in fact to the county. A Different Kind of Hluo Skv. West Bend Journal: The sum of $13,500 was raised at the dedication of tho M. E. church at Algona Sunday. There goes lots of blue sky profits. But perhaps it was only invested. Referred to tlio "Sknl" EiitliusJunts. Spirit Lake Beacon: Algona is figuring on a " skat tournament." They ought to drown 'em before they get their eyes open. Homo SeekerM' Clienp Excursions. The Northwestern lino will sell home seekers' excursion tickets on Fob. 21, March 7 and 21, with favorable time limits, to numerous points in tho west and south ut exceptionally low rates. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. ^ 4813 SEE Thos. F. Cooko for ten-year 5 per cent, farm loans—optional payments. Your AVeddliiK Uliitf. Buy your wedding ring of us, we al- vays make tho bride a present. 5tf DlNGLEY & PUGH. HEINZ'sweet pickles, lOc a dozen. M. 7*. GROVE & SON. Poultry Farm mid Garden for Snlo. C. Medin will sell his seven acres south of town. Good house and barn. A bargain for someone. 48t4 Farm For Snlo. The Gotlteb Bonn farm in Plum Creek is for sale. Tho swj of Sec. 8-96, 28. Apply to Mrs. Julia Bonn at farm or to Wm. H. Ingham.-45tf A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments Interest payable annually. IP you are going to paper this spring you can find a good assortment of paper at Galhraith'ri. YOU will be able to find anything you want in curtains and draperies at Galbraith's. •*• Buys a '' Buck's" Range like this cut, except it has four holes instead of six. Nothing better made. We have cheaper ones if you wish them; #30 buys a six-hole range with reservoir and high shelf complete. Guaranteed to be a perfect baker. You should see what we have to offer in steel ranges, OHM m\ DO YOU WANT The Market. Wheat is worth 56 cents, oats 24, corn 25, barley 33, flax SI.03. Hogs bring $3.25. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in tho world and lowest prices. F. O. B. any station. Efjgs for Sotting. White Plymouth Rock eggs for setting for sale. 50t4 JOHN C. PATTERSON. ARE you thin? Would you like to get fat and plump? Tried " laughing' —twouldn't work; now take Rocky "-•intain Tea—'twill do the business I 8i3 cents. Ask your druggist. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. OH1CAUO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL LOCAL TUAIKB WEST. No. 1 departs at o. a departs at a Freights that carry passengers— No. 03 departs at ^.'onSln No. 71 departs at 3 20 p m No 05 departs at 8:30 p m ) TUAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at :'« ^.oaSm No. 4 departs at 0:38 pro Freights that carry passengers— , n ,. , No. 70 departs at 10:10 P m No. 04 departs at 3:20 p in ". •.. F. HEDIUCK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight . Pass ..... Mixed I North— ...11:30 a mlMlxpcl 7:05 am .. . .12:15 pm ........ ------ - f — Mixed........ 7:o4piu Puss Mixed. 7:30 a m '.'.'.'.'. 12:15 pin 2:40 pin 10:50 - Arrive at Des Moines at 13:15 p. m., 6:1 The Best Rubbers in the Market ?— If so call at The Other Shoe Store. Gold Seal, Pure Gum Boots. Also several other first-grade Rubbers. We have the BEST SOLID $1.25 Work Shoe ever sold in town. CL O- INSURANCE, I ~ ~ ~~ ' of Cedav l of Havtfovd, ol Nevv YovU,

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