The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 1, 1899 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1899
Page 12
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A TRAIN LOAD OF FARM MACHINERY AND VEHICLES Has been shipped to THE WIG-WAM at Algona this year for its 1899 trade. Ten big car loads of goods, and still " there's more to follow,'' Ten Big Car Loads of Goods. Deere No. i Corn Planter. We purchased a full car load of these celebrated Planters. L Selby, Starr & Co,, Peoria, 111,, Seeders and Harrows. » 2. Deere & Mansur Go., Moline, 111., Disc « Harrows, etc. 3. Deere & Co., Moline, 111., John Deere Sulky and Walking Plows, Harrows, Cultivators, etc. 4. J. I. Case Plow Works, Racine, Wis., and Racine Wagon and Carriage Co., Case Plows and Cultivators, Racine Buggies. 5. Deere & Mansur Co., Moline, 111., Corn Planters. 6. Abram Ellwood Mfg. Co., DeKalb, 111., Disc Harrows and Cultivators. 7. Baker Mfg. Co., Evansville, Wis., Monitor- Wind Mills. 8. D. M. Sechler Carriage Co., Moline, 111., and Moline Plow Co., Moline, 111., Secn- ler Buggies, Moline Plows, and Disc Harrows. 9. Ohio Cultivator Co., Bellevue, Ohio, Famous Ohio Sulky Cultivator. 10. Mitchell & Lewis Co., Racine, Wis., the Mitchell Wagons. goods represent our first shipments only, for our spring trade. Our summer and fall goods will be shipped later. The New Deere Cultivator. Our trade on this Cultivator in 1898 was very .satisfactory, and the inquiries which we have already had testify to its popularity. We Buy Direct from the manufacturers in car load lots, for cash, thereby securing the best goods and the best prices. All our goods are fully warranted. Call and see our big stock of goods and get our prices. We can and will save you money. Our No. 101 Extension Top Surry. Made by the D. M. Sechler Carriage Co., Moline, 111., is strictly first class in every respect. Our Carriage display this year is finer than ever, and the prices are right. The Wigwam: Algotia and Burt. WILFRID P. JONES. WILL HATE A PIPE ORGAN It is Decided to Purchase One for the Lotts Creek Lutheran Church. Dr. Waud Gives Some Items of Inter- About Havana—General County Matters. est Rev. M. Furstenau with the teachers in the Lotts Creek Lutheran school attended the pipe organ recital in Algona last Thursday, and while in town decided on a fine pipe organ for the Lotts Creek church. The-organ will be as large as the church will accommodate, probably as large as the Algona organ. A fine pipe organ in a prairie church in Kossuth, when 25 years ago it was a ; wilderness, will be quite a novelty. TltonUa's Telephone Exchange. '.. BrlttNews: The Western Electric Telephone company are constructing a telephone exchange for Titonka Telephone company, recently organized. The Titonka company have a switchboard to accommodate 25 'phones. All the numbers are'taken, and a larger board will have to be ordered. The Western Electric company will place a fancy double walled hardwood booth with plate glass door and sides in their toll office at this station to accommodate their Jarge business the'pe. Burt Monitor. W. T. Bourne Is still confined to the /house. He gains very slowly. "Jones, of the Wigwam, will put in a branch implement house In the second town from Burt for sure, and he may perhaps put one in the first also, Mrs. Margaret Olson, formerly Mise •I Margaret Mallory, died at the home of 'Vbei'sister, Mrs. Alex. Wilson, at But falq Center, Feb. 16, of consumption. D, Tall man, in his last letter from Klondike to his family here, states that their prospects for finding gold are somewhat slim- Everything tested so far has proved deficient of the yellow dust, Men are leaving by the hundreds -for home, empty handed. Joe and Win Stabl find no gold, either, and are do; odd, jobs at Klondike wages. Davenport. Bill has an eye for business in the new town. He will probably follow the trade of painting in Titonka this coming summer. All.our teachers were at Algona last Saturday to attend the county teachers' meeting and to hear Will Carleton ecture on the "Drama of Human Life," Both the lecture and the teachers' meeting were greatly enjoyed and appreciated. The railroad accommodations between Wesley and Algona are very poor for those that must stay later than the evening passenger. The Wesley teachers drove back through the mud and snow banks. Wesley At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Z. S, Barrett last evening at 6 o'clock occurred the wedding of Mr. Stephen S. 8trooper to Miss Clara A. Pitkln, Rev. Mason officiating. Miss Arabella McPherson will' probably leave the latter part of next week for Chicago to learn the latest fade in millinery and tp order her spring and summer «tftck, Miss M,eQall p j Al will accompany her. • ,„ • - On last Wiwawtey.&ttwwoa ft*. S clock occurred; $n* wedding of A Sexton Note. Mrs. Herman Nelson, who has been gone nearly a year visiting in Denmark and other places, is reported sick In Philadelphia. Bancroft Iteglster. Mrs, S. Mayne left for Stuart Wednesday evening to see her mother who is dangerously ill. B. L. Lamoreaux of Titonka was up Saturday after a bull shipped in on the Northwestern from Ames. The animal Is a handsome Red Poll, two years old, bought of the college, they securing him from the noted breeder, J. W. Martin of Richland City, Wis. Mr. Lamoreaux has about 25 thoroughbred Polls, and with the handsome Individual just secured by him at the head of his herd will give other breeders a hustle for the sweepstake ribbons. Titonka Topic, Is almost unanimously re 1 Titonka publican. R. Lane served 134 meals Tuesday— and we thought It was rather a quiet day in town too, There is no lack of good men for the town officers. H. G. Gardner, Al. Falk- enbalner or G. L. Dalton would make an excellent mayor. G. L. Thomas Insists on being marshal. Whlttemore Champion H. Hahn shipped cattle to Sioux City Sunday night. Whittemore ships more cattle than any town of Its size In this part of the country. Mike Welsbrod has bought the Will Hable farm in Fenton. Mr, Hable will stay on the place this summer, but will move to Minnesota in the fall, where bis father now resides. March 13 is the date of the school election. Three directors will be chosen to succeed Mrs, Dorweiler, J. M, Farley and H. Hahn. T, J. Wa»<l in Havana, The Germania Gleaner publishes an other interesting letter from our Kos eiith boy Jn Quba. He says: We bad a little march in the'country last week only gone one day. I saw many nove! and ifl-tereeting sights. Just imagine walking through % bigpin§4pple'pa|oh waqt., I n «>Y pineapple until m « cl1 3 we buy hoi»e anj| vyhajt wg ISQhJfil mw lay. The doctor advises us to eat all we want, so we think nothing of eating .11 the way from six to a dozen a day. As they cost only 15 cents a dozen wo )uy quite a number. We also have all the fresh vegetables we want, radishes, ettuce, cabbages, etc., and a great plenty. The Cubans are way behind ,he times in farming; they use a wooden plow with an iron point, drawn by oxen exactly the same as was used in olden times. I saw a load of Yankee alows coming out the other day, so it will not be long before things will be up-to-date. The oxen are fine animals but awfully slow. The cows are Jerseys, and appear very sleek and fat. I ne'ver saw finer grazing land, and stock ought to look fine. A few of the natives own hogs, and instead of allowing them to run as we do, they tie a rope around its neck and stake it out. Chickens are very scarce; eggs cost as high as six and seven cents each. I havn't eaten an egg since I came to Cuba. IjuVerne News, Berta Sleichei- of Llvermore visited over Sunday with Al. Lovell and wife, going to Algona on Monday. Link Mlnkler has purchased the Hotchkiss property now occupied by Charley Goodwin, and will move into the same about the 1st. Wm. Hot has rented the Tesmer house and will soon occupy it. Mrs. Tesmer goes to Algona to reside with her daughter, Mrs. Jay MoCall. Swea City Herald. John E. Byson has built him a barn and machine house on one of the lots south of the hotel. Mr. H. A. Saunders Is packing up and goes to Manila, Iowa this week, where he will buy Into a large drug store. Manila is his old home, and his old friends will be glad to welcome his return. Chas. Miller was up from Algona to visit his folks over Sunday. He says the mill at the depot Is running day and night, which means that 625 bushels of wheat are milled every 24 hours. Lodyard Leader. The teachers' meeting at Algona Saturday was a success. The attendance was large. T. J. Julian of Union township, this county, has been engaged by the Iowa Homestead to furnish three columns week on dairying. Mr. Julian is a successful dairyman and no doubt will fur nish some very interesting and Instructive reading. This makes the Homestead of special interest to the farmers of Kossutn county, and we trust will be the means of many availing themselves of our clubbing offer. Wesley }fe\vs WESLEY, Feb. 28.— H. P, Hanson Is loading h,is household goods Into a car here today. Pe has rested bis farm and Intends moving to Minnesota, near ' Public sales ar§ beopming very P»ers Jjf 4fce Jarp .line ia iWt s here visiting her brothers, R. P. and i 1 , I. Chapin, She will remain for some Ame, as her brother, P. I. Chapin, is very sick at present. Mrs. Ward, mother of our mayor, J. I. Ward, is very siclc, and her friends lave grave fears for her ultimate recovery. C. Norttnan, a farmer living six miles northeast of Wesley, died Friday from cancer of the stomach. The funeral was held today at the German Reform hurch, six miles northeast of here, of which he was a member. Mrs. Bolster has been quite sick with a grippe, but is reported better today. Jacob Jobnson and his force of carpenters are at Titonka this week working on Mr. Tillie's barber shop. Frank Norris, H. McCutohin's right hand man, was an Algona caller Monday. J. J. Budlong was over from Titonka Saturday. Mr. Budlong is in the lumber business there. He says he is doing a rushing business and is well pleased with his location. Mr. Budlong is a good business man, and will make a success of his business in any town. Ohas. Corey, who has been in the livery business at. Oelwein, Iowa, for the past year, has sold out and intends moving his family back on the farm here. The stormy weather of late has stopped corn husking in this part of the jounty, However, farmers improved the time while the good weather lasted. Rev. H. L. Case closed his series of revival meetings here Sunday night. Mrs. Corey, the widow of the late M. Corey, has a sale today and is selling off her stock. She intends to leave the Farm and move to town, and make her home with her daughter, Mrs. Yorker. Mrs. Will Reed of Algona is here visiting her mother, Mrs. Corey. Union News, UNION, Feb. 26.—Mrs. May Frink is going to Hampton to visit her parents this week. Mr. J. F. Cook has bought a new windmill and will put It up as soon as the weather will permit. Mr. Ed. Donovan has been very sick with the typhoid fever, but is improving now. Mr, Harley Palmer is going up near Ledyard this summer to farm. Miss Nellie Salisbury and school vis ited the Sohenck school on Washington's birthday. The llecortl for Jauuary. The month was warmer than usual, with much less than the normal amount of precipitation. The mean temperature for the state, as deduced from the records of 118 stations, was 19.8 degrees. The average of the northern section—a belt across the state east and west, three counties j n width—wae 15.0 degrees; central section, 10.9 degrees; southern section, 23.6 degrees, The lowest temperature reported was 34 de f rees belpw zero at Mason City on the 1st. The highest was 68 degrees at Council Bluffs oo the gist. Ksthervllle reported the lowest monthly average, 10,8 degrees, Kepkuk reported toe highest wobbly average, 87,8 degrees. The average, precipitation, a» reported , was .88 qj an inch, ajo inch belqw tbe nor MAY BE A LONG SESSION. District Court Opened Monday -with a Yery Large Calendar. A Reminder of an Old Suit—After a Slot Machine Man—Miscellaneous Court Matters. Court opened Monday, Judge Quartern presiding, for a long session. Some 20 ses are set for hearing, most of them for the jury. Two criminal cases are on, the Frost case from Whittemore wherein Frost is accused of selling beer illegally, and the Larson case, wherein Larson is accused of having broken into Marv Cady's hay wagon and stolen a watch. C. E, Cohoon defends Frost, and the case is set for this morning. E, V. Sweeting defends Larson, and the case is set for tomorrow. The Mrs. Lund case is set for Friday. This will be the best fought case of the term. Mrs. Lund's name is on a $3,500 note, which her lawyers declare is a forgery. Clarke & Cohenour and Sullivan & McMahon are for the plaintiff, while A. C, Parker will help E. V. Swotting and W. L, Joslyn for Mrs. Lund. Yesterday some cases arising out of the Seller failure in Whittemore were tried. KEMINDEB OF AN OLD SUIT. Last week at Spencer Carr & Parker sued Hugh Bronson, formerly of Seneca, for |850 attorney's fee, This ia the tag end of that old stallion case Hugh and Charley Bronson had so long. They bought a stallion somewhere that was not as represented, and refused to pay for him. The man who sold him sued for $8,000 and A. C. Parker defended for the Bronsons, and after • a long seige a judgment was secured for $1,200. During the proceedings Mr. Parker had to file an amendment to his answer and the court assessed the costs up till then, some $200, to his client. Branson refused to pay an attorney's fee because he said if Parker had made the answer right at first that $200 would have been saved. J. W. Cory, our old district attorney, is Bronson's lawyer; and the funny part of it is that oyer at Spencer he had to file an amendment to hia answer after all the evidence was in last week, and the court again assessed the costs to Bronson, Another funny item In the case was Mr. Parker's review of Cory's record. He showed that Cory bad persuaded 28 clients to appeal to the supreme court, and that be had never won a single case of the 88, and if this new rule of responsibility on the part of lawyers is to prevail Cory runs the riek of losing all hia property. The case is continued till the next term. WJUX'tXU VOU UUNNING A SLOt MACHINE. Judge Quarton granted a writ of habeas corpus last week in the case of JDemming brought from Eatherville by the olty marshal ol Clinton. He held that the offense was committed so loug ago that the statute of limitation* had run and that he could not now be taken. The report of the case from CllotoMUftg follows! Demming was here a little over u year agp, and it i» claimed »et up ft Blot machine in the Rimn bakery, where he operated the same. After leaving here Raun notified Demming to take the machine out, and he did so. It is alleged that in closing up business, Raun signed what purported to be a receipt, but which was in fact a note, which in the hands of an innocent purchaser, Raun has paid. The officers charged Demming with running a lottery, a misdemeanor under the .aws, but the court at Algona holds that he cannot be brought here on that charge, as the offense was committed over a year ago. The grand jury will investigate the case. LEAVES HIM IN JAIL. When the horse'thief, caught by Sheriff Chrlstensen, told his name at Fort Dodge liis parents at Amboy, Minn,, were notified, The old gentleman came down, the Messenger says, to see the boy. He is an old man and much broken by his son'a misconduct, Gilbert being the black sheep .in an otherwise decent family. Two brothers are reliable and ateady buainess men in Minnesota and are doing well. The old gentleman says that Gilbert has always been wild and reckleas and has cauaed hia parenta no amall amount of grief. They have uaed every method of perauaaion to cauae him to • mend hia waya, but it waa of no 'avail and young Gilbert continuedsin hia course, not becauae he waa really bad, the father fondly explains, but becauae he waa addicted to the habit of drink. Young Gilbert aeems to have had a mania for horae-atealing, and upon a previoua occasion, young as he is, served a 18-months' term in the penitentiary at Stllwater. At the present he ia wanted at Amboy by the aheriff of Blue Earth county, Minn., for horae-atealing. Some time before coming here Gilbert stole a horae and cutter, which he partly dlaposed of at Spirit Lake. The horse has been found there, but the cutter iastillaloat article, Mr, Bleedon, Sr., is determined to find the stolen articles if possible, but the Irresponsibility of his son makes him think it wiaeat to let hia boy remain in Jail and take the penalty of his act. The father is a German farmer and seemingly of the beat type, and returns with the aympathy of thoae who have met him. ENQLB BHINO TBIED, Our readers will recall some months ago reading in THE UPPER DBS NOJNEB about a preliminary hearing in a oaae againat J, H. Engle of Spencer, which waa held in Algona to bring to light what he had done with some 15,000 he had fleeced a preacher out of up near Spirit Lake. Judge Carr waa for the preacher and Geo. E. Clarke for Engle, Mr. Clarke after thia hearing decided that Engle was not what he pretended and dropped him. He has an array of lawyers, however, and is being tried at Spencer this week for embezzlement, A. 0. Parker prosecuting. Mr. Parker took the case because while testifying In Algona Engle took pains to have a little fun at his expense, and he intends to make Engle pay for It. It is the general opinion that Bugle was the most colloBsal liar who ever testified on the witness stand in Algona, : •- ••<•• ......... i--MONEY to loan at 5 percent, interest, Optional payments. H. ..,., , MONSV to loan »t 5 per cent. A, D, OLABKB $ co.

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