The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 1, 1899 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1899
Page 11
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Every cough makes your throat more raw and irritable, £very I* cough congests the lining membrane of your lungs. Cease tearing your throat -and lungs in this way. Put the parts at rest and give them a chance to .Real. You will need some help to do this, and VoU will Bnd it in Cherry From the first dbse the quiet and rest begin: the tickling in the throat cepes; the spasm weak- .fetts^fle coughy disapr pears'. ^Do' not wait for pneumonia and consumption but cut short your cold without delay. Dr. . Cherry Pec* toral Plaster, should be o'irer the lungs of eYeicyjer- son troubled with a cough, Write tothe Unusual bppqrtnn perience eium'entljr , u. u ,....,. .,, .». giving you -medical advice.- < "Write frp«ly all the particular* in your case.'' Tfll UIN wh»f jour experience bu beeh with our Cbwrr I'octoral. You will receive ,a prompt reply, without cost, Addreii, DK. J. C. AYEB. • Lowell, Mass. The mayor of Macon,'Ua., i§ colleet- "Irig.isubscriptions for supplying 1 at least one daily paper to- each family now without one. He believes that this is in .the interest of law: and order'and wisdom and sobriety hi the community, and' the local press unanimously agrees with him. ~v A CONGnESSMAN ' Ciired of Ontarrh of Lone Stancllnir. " DUB M0IN18. ALOONA IOWA, W1BNEBBAY MABOtt OOCM3 JOKES. OftlOiNAL A tftrtitt Of Jok«»—OlWfts Anil tranles, Original »nd 8«t«oted— Flothkm »nd Jttiam fcom the Tide of tTltty • ftocb, der Kaiser. (From ttte I*ariijfedltl6h New-York Her^^&ld.) ±>er Kaiser auf der Vaterland Uhd Goot on'hlgh all things gommand, Ve two! Ash! don'd you understand? Melnselt—und'Gott! ' While some, men sing der bower divine, Meln'soldiers'sing der "Wacht am Rheln," Und drink dqr heajt in Rhelnlsh wein, Auf me—und Gatt. Dere's Prance dot swaggers all around. She's ausgespleldt—she's tio aggoundtj To much, ve dinks, she don'd amoundt; Melnself—und Qott. She vlll .not dare to fight again; But. If she should, I'll show her blalm Dot -Elsass und (In French) Lorraine Are meln, by Gott. Dere's gran'ma dinks she's nlcht schmall bier, Mlt Boers and dings she Interfere— She'll learn none owns dls hemisphere But me—und Gott. She'dinks, dot frati, some ships she's got, 'Und soldiers mlt der scarlet coat— Ach! Ve .could knock dem—pouf—like dot! Melnself—und Gott. In'dimes, auf peace brebared for wars, I bear der helm und spear of Mars, Und care nlcht for ten thousand Czars— Melnself—uhd'Gott. • In short,- I humor every whim, Mlt aspect dark and visage grim; Gott pulls.mlt mo und'I mlt him— Melnself—und Gott. The Reason, , A - '•!•'• CSoodwyn. ' Ex-Congressman A. T. Goodwyn, t ' from,;Alabama, writes the following letter': . ' The J?e-ru-na Drug Manufacturing \ ' Company, Columbus, Ohio: . - -, Qeh'tl^men—I have now used two 'bottle^'1-jSl Pe-ru-na, and am a well '\njan toj^y. I could feel the good ef- .'f^cts o^lyour medicine before 'I had , used it'^'Week, after suffering with catarrh for'over a year, Respectfully, A. ,T. Goodwyn. ' Catarrh In its various, forms Is rap- Idly becoming a national curse. An undoubted remedy has been discovered s by D.r, Hartman. This remedy has . been thoroughly tested during the past • forty years. Prominent - men have come to ,knpw of Its virtues, and are mafctn,g public utterances on the'sub- ject. To save the country we must save the'people. ' To save the people we "'must protect them from disease. The. 1 , disease that is at once the most prevalent and stubborn-of cure is catarrh; Public men of all parties rec- ognlse. In Pe-ru-na a national catarrh ' .remedy of unequaled merit. Send to '• Dr, JJartman, Cplumbus, Ohio, for a ', fj-ee book on catarrh. , A More Phriiee. "What is a, winter resort, Uncle Jiro?" "A winter resort? Well, any place yon po where 3'ou don't let yourself think it js as cold as it is at home." "PIC FOUR" "TIE 8EJ LEVEL ROUTE" NEW ' iVAQNiB |M,Wa«Mr9. v CAR§. PARS. " e. 0. MOPQBJIIICK, -• Pass, Tr - l-VNCH. , fw- ^ Xl : Auntie—Why, do you beleve, Oracle, that little Ge9rgo Washington never : told a story? Gracie—'Cos I'd be spanked If I didn't.—Punch. A MIsuiHlorstood Man. "Nobody can learn all there Is worth knowing in this lifetime," said Mr. Meektori, wisely. "And a man ought never to assume that his education Is finished. I'm going to keep right ahead with mine. I'm going to study astronomy." His wife looked at him sharply, and then in a cold, hard tone exclaimed: "Leonidas, you'll have t!b think up some better excuse than that for staying out all night."—Washington Star. Acting- His Part. "So you and Dickey have been play- Ing soldier, have you, Tommy? I hope ypu didn't really quarrel with each other." "Quarrel nothin"! Dick only played soldier about three minutes and then he said' he was goin' to be a Cuban insurgent, and he stopped and went to eatln'."—Chicago Trlbunte. A imaging Word Oontngt. His tongue clove to the roof of hl3 mouth. "I—I—that is," he faltered, "you—" And then he suddenly caught her to his bosom. • "You know what I would say!" he cried. Frigidly she disengaged herself. "Another missing word fake," she murmured, pale but calm,—Chicago Tribune. A Matrimonial Venture. Blinkers—Hello! Winkers. I heai you married a woman with an independent fortune. Winkers (sadly)—N-o; I married a fortune-wi.tA an independent woman.- New York Weekly. Tei, with a Little Alteration. * -. / "I should like you to paint a portrait of my daughter, Mr. Dab, I'm sure she'll pato a fine picture—she's* very like me!"—Ally Sloper. Progressive Silence. Scientists now announce that whisky Contains ptomaines. In anterbellum days Jn gjt. Louis they weye called—St. kpuis Star, *v FREE TO MILLIONS, A»bi* tttti« Book Sent fr.e fa* the Alklng, Medical books kre hot Always interesting reading, especially to people enjoying g6od health, but «s ft matter of fact scarcely one person In ten Is perfectly healthy, and even with such, sooner of later sickness must come. It Is also a well established truth that nine-tenths of dill diseases originate with a breaking down of the dl* o^stldn, a Weak stomach weakens and impoverishes the system, making It easy for disease to gain a foothold. Nobody need fear consumption, kidney dlse&se, liver trouble or a weak heart and nervous system as long as the digestion is good and the stomach able to assimilate plenty of wholesome food. Stomach weakness shows itself in a score of ways, and this little book describes the symptoms and causes and points the Way to a cure so simple that anyone can understand and apply. Thousands have some form of stomach trouble and do not know it. They ascribe the headaches, the languor, nervousness, Insomnia, palpitation, constipation and similar symptoms to some other cause than the true one. Get your digestion on the right track $aid the heart trouble, lung trouble, Iver disease or nervous debility will apidly disappear. This little book treats entirely on the cause and removal of indigestion and Us accompanying annoyances. It describes the symptoms of Acid Dyspepsia, Nervous Dyspepsia, Slow Dyspepsia, Amylaceous Dyspepsia, Catarrh of Stomach and all affections of the digestive organs in plain language easily understood, and the cause removed. It gives valuable suggestions as to diet, and contains a table giving length of time required to digest various articles of food, something every person with weak digestion should know. No price is asked, but simply send your name and address plainly written on postal card to the F. A. Stuart Co., 151 Main St., Marshall, Mich., requesting a little book on Stomach Diseases and it will be sent promptly by return mail. Ever/ mot.lier thinks there is no baby on earth like her own, and every tttber mother is glad of it. "Yes, th6 oldtnfth 6afcght me fiot>- sottlsiintf his dftttehter - " "And — •-" "And then he fcagnnized me." Ornln-ot '*ry Grnln-o! Ask your grocer to-day to show yo\t a package of GRAltt-O, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children tany drink it tvithout injury as well its the adult, Al| Wliotry it, like it. QtlAIN-0 hns that rich seal brown of Mocha or tlava, btit it is made from pure grains, and the tnost delicate stomach receives it without distress. One-fourth the pi-ice of coffee. IScnnd 3Sd per package. Sold b,v nil grocers. A clop may be tnxed (hiring life, but afUM- death it is the taxidermist. I slit. 11 recommend Pise's Cure for Consumption far and wide.—Mrs. Mulligan, Plmusteud, Kent, England, Nov. 8,1805. The combination of a sale is an open secret. . Dally 1'Hpcr for ftt n Voitr. The DCS Molnes Dally News, with all the news of Imvu nncl the world, toloirrnpblo markets, n chll- rtien'R deportment, womnn'R pane, etc., IB sent, to itiijr address for II a your, 75 centfl for six months, SO cents for three monllis, 35 cents' n month, Address TUM NKWB, l)ea Molncs, Iowa. The peanut politician should not complain if lie pets well roasted. l.nn«'» Futility Macllclnci. Moves the bowels each day. In order to be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick headache. Pride "5 and fiOo. Four new teeth lately appeared in the (nuns of Mrs. Julia Spence. of Clai- borno county, Tennessee.- For six years previous slie hail been without a tooth. Her age is. 03. The recent decree of the Court providing for the foreclosure and sale of the main line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Is directly In line with the reorganization proceedings. General Morri tt snj's: "I found Admiral Dewoy a very genial, likeable man, quiot, modest. shrewd, observant, alert and tactful." _ Coughing Lends to Consumption. Kemp's Halsain .will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 ami 50 cent bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. Chewing gum continues in favor with females as a lockjaw preventive. •SRbt Bufgieiii tifc&ii* &*»& «# Vdfttuwi Me^ be Abided tof Wdaasa.' fia&d Mil, frtefcham'8 Advice. Woman's modesty is naturalj It is chtt«nlng. To many women a full statettrent of their troubles to a male jshysieiaft u W* most impossible, the whole truth may be told to Mtt. Pinkhftm b^cAtiaS ?*"* is a woman, and hfef ad vide is f r ofterefl to all Women sufferers. " Mrs. O. E. LAD&, of iOtli and N Sts., Oalvestotii Te*as, whose lettef is printed below, was completely discouraged whefa she first wrote to Mrs. Pinkham. Here is what she says: " DEAR MRS. PISKIIAM:—I Wrote to you some time ago, telling you of my ills, but now I write to thank you for the good your remedies have done me. I have used two* bottles of Lydia E. PinUham's Vegetable Compound; three packages of Sanative AVoshj nnd oric box of Liver Pills, and to-day I call .myself n well .woman. I suffered with backache, constant headache, whites, sick stomach, no appetite,' could not /• sleep, and was very nervous. At ^ ? time of menstruation was in ter- / i rible pain. Your medicine is f worth its weight in gold. I never / can say enough in praise of it. I have recommended it to many friends. If only all suffering women would try it, there would be more happy homes and healthy women. I thank you for the change your medicine has made in me. Lydia E. PitikhauVs Vegetable Compound and Mrs. Pinkham's advice, have saved thousands of women from hospital operations. .The lives of women are hard; whether at home with a ceaseless round of domestic duties or working at some regular employment, their daily tasks make constant war on health. If all women understood themselves fully and knew how exactly and soothingly Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound acts on the female organs, there would be less suffering. i LydlaE.PiPKliam'sVegetableCompoundiaWoman'sRemedyforWoinan^tl n • Y CUT I A I EH I secured orninnfj nil roliirnnl. Search free. Collnmur & Co. 1 23 4 ¥ »t.. Wash. D. C. .niOHIUS, WanliliiKtoii, Prosecutes Claims. JDB.1 Examiner U.S. Pension Ilureau. l war, 15 iul|iidicivtlug iilaltim, atty sluoo. SOUTH WEST MISSOURI. Tho bcsl fruit section In the West No 1 drouths. A failure of crops never-knbwn. Mllil ollraato. Productive soil. Abundance of good pure wuter. • For Maps nnd Circulars plvlnR full deBOrlp- tlon of the Rich Mineral, Fruit and Agricultural r.unds In south West Missouri, write to JOHN Bl. runny, Mu.niiKer of tlie MisROUrl Land and Llvo Stock Company, Noosho, Newton Co., Missouri. t —.• W. N. U. Des Moines. No. 9.—1899. This Signature SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADAi f j is on every box of LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE TABLETS, Accept no substitute represented to be "just as good," A GRIP CUBE that DOES CURE! Druggists refund the rhoney if it fails to cure. PRICE 25 CENTS The .clji-bnic boi:e would make a Bplendid'"population for some deserted island. Gold Mine Apple Fritter*. To a cup of warm milk add the beaten yolks of two eggs, a tablespoonful of sugar, the beaten whites of the eggs, a teaapoonful of baking powder mixed with two cups of'"Gold Mine Flour" (insi&t on getting the genuine from your grocer); into this batter put slices of sour apples. Drop large spoonfuls into hot lard and fry. The trouble with the bore is that lie never troubles himself. . Health for Ten Cents. Cascarets make bowels and kidneys act naturally, destroy microbes, cure headache, billiousuess aud constipation. All druggists. A bnd actor is neither more nor less than a stage robber. Jrtrs. Wlnalovv's Soothing Syrup. For children teething, softens the gums, reduces In- Cuuiumtlon, allnvs nalu. cures wludcoHc. Ka a bottle. Nature is tbe mother and habit is step-mother. Coo's Cougli Balsam le the oldest and liest. Itw;lll break up a cold quicker thun uuyihlug elee. It Ja always reliable. Try It. There are 450 employes to every 100 miies of railroad in the United States. IIotv'B TIllH? We offer One Himdred Dollars reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Oatarrti Cure. F. J. CHUNKY & Co., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known P. J. g'heueyfof the last-15 years, and believe Him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by Shell 1 firm. WEST & THUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WARDING, KINNAN & MARA'IN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blcod and mucous surfaces of the system., Testimonials sent free. Price ?5c per bottle, Sold by all Druggists. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Four cities in the United, States have each an average of over 135 .square miies. Greater New York, 395 'square miles; New Orleans, 195J£, Chicago, 189. Httsburg, 139, A runaway match is the usual result when a eoup'.o wants to hitch and tbo old man kicks over the truces. America's groutest physiciaiiB have conquered La Grippe uiiil itfi after effects. Their treatment bus beeu thoroughly tested ill the hospitals of Europe nnd of this country, and is embodied m Dr. Kay's Lung Biilni. Rev. H. B. Dye of Morrison, Iowa, writes —"Mrs. Uye hnd a bad attack of LaGrippo which settled OH her HuigN. Blie lined Dr. Kay's Luug Balm, with most decided good effects, which is a repetition of past experience with her. Nothing is RO pz'ompt and positive in its effects on ner hiugs." You should write for free advice nnd n copy of Dr. Kay's Home Treatment, an illustrated book of U(l papes of receipts, etc. Dr. U. it. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga, Springs, .N. Y. The plumber is the only man who is really beuefltted by hitting' the pipe. Dr. Solli Arnold's Cough Killer Is an excellent remedy fur children. Mrs. Win. M. brogue, Columbus, Kan. 23c. u bottle. A counterfeit coin may be lead, but it's hard to push. Oh Tlmt Delicious Coffee I Costa but Ic per Ib. to grow, Salzer has the seed. German Coffee Uerry, pkg. 15c; Java Coffee I)KB. }Dc. Salzer's New American Chicory IBc. Cut this out and send J6c (or any of above packages or send 80c end get all 3 pkgs, and great Catalogue free to JOHN A. SALZER SEED CO., La Crosse, Wls. [w.n.] In Yonnerstown, O.. a slot machine company says that its profits last year on 300 machines were over $15,000. Dropsy treated free by Dr. H. H. Ureeu's Sons, of Atlanta, Ga. The greatest dropsy specialists in the world. Bead their advertisement in another column of this paper. Any man who is engaged in business is a fortune-hunter. "WANTED—Case of bad health lhat JH-P-A-'N-S will not benefit. Send 5 cents to Hipaus Chemical Co., Now York,fur 1U samples and 1,000 testimonial* The lack of money is the root of a great many evils. TO CU«JS A COW) IN ONE PAY Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money If It falls to cure. 26o. The genuine has L. B Q. on eaoh tablet. That was a neat epigram of the governor of Massachusetts: "In serving the common weal we serve the com- monweajth." fir liflu'e Ronnvatnr MUABAHTKED Uli no) S ncllUfalUI, to euro dyn])0pslii, con- suimuui,, i.vor ami 'Kiuuuy lUsuiines, bUior betiduulius, olo. At druKKl8U>, Sou uiid il.UU, Whiskers Dyetl ^^) A Natural Black &> '"* Buckingham's Dye. Price 60 cents of all druBglsts or li, I'. Hall & Co., Nashua, N. U. Of Western Canada, and their vastness and productiveness, and the broad expunse of the Gruzlug Plains east of the Rocky Mountains ns well us the beautiful rewards for toll of the husbandman, was what Impressed the Wisconsin Editors on their trip through that country last summer. Free homes eaa be had there, and particulars obtained from the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, Canada, or N. Bartholomew, 808 Fifth St., Des Moines, la. NEW DISCOVERY; quick relief and cure» worst Book of testimonials and 1O clays' treat. Dr. H.ll.UllfcKN'SBOXS, Box H, Allwll, fla. MAN for the rond wanted; salary »12,50 per week IIIHII nn( j connnlsslon; references required. KOK'AL CllKMlCAI, CO.. Jlmiiilc Temple, Vhleogo. If afflicted with • &ore eyes, UMU [Thompson's Eye Water TARR/l ir's Seeds are Warranted to Ti ^Mahlon Luther, K. Troy, I'a., »ks!i,l«lii!d the worW\ / bj ciowlui.'S-'iObushcla Big Four Dies; J. BreUer, \ I Mbhlcott, WlJ., 173 bush, barley, and B. Lorijoy, \ I lied Wing, Mian., by growing fl;o bosh. SaUcr'B corn ' purnaro. If you doubt, wtlw Uiera. M'o wbh.tvgam • iUO.COO now ou»touii!f», liepce will «ena on trial 10 DOLUARSAWgRTH FOR 10o. I 10 pk«sofrara fnrra icedi, Salt Du»h, Rnpa fur Sheep, ', tha IJOOO Corn. " Ulg 1' ur Oata," lleanllen Hurley, j Bromu* Iuorcula~.f leldlng T t(>D9 hay i>cr aureon dry . rolls, etc., " 40u. Wheat,' 7 Including our maiumoih j . ticud Catalogue, tolling all about our Farm . Bceil«,oto.,«llmalled jouufoorcceiptofbut ' " lOo. poatajo, ndKltlvely wortli f 10,10 get a ' Please (end this . at »l,«l) and up a l)bl. 35 pkgi earliest vc — CBJ ^ r CBtaJ 0 g alouoSc, So. w.n.u. " IF r»«» l YOU DON'T SUCCEED." TRY ONLY ONE DOLLAR DOWN j, *• represented, and the gr.nde.t liargtla ou ever beard of, pay THE ACME JEWEL In onn of the u»t U>;«l« made, floeat steel tubliut; best material toj-outfh' out, drop force cpimec- tlous,_£u ' tuba tires, higb gri trlmmlnurs, ar" — JjSJiSjflL, '>' -,„, wop force o,—»»- tlous, full bau boarlug, two-piece hwiger.Ulgh " ul lll l'I»^!B^W^pis^B4(lsja^^a—^^^ n jj n ^i. i Q*|^UQ fTUlU'AlltOOU 9UUUO r^^A^^'^ir,r^^ SEARS; ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.); CHICAGO. 111. Alabastlne is the orlglnaj and only flur- abie wall coating on the market. It is entirely dlfterent tram all fealsosnlne preparation?. Al^>ne is jnaele ready for use In Tfrtilte or twelve beautiful tints by the addition of cola water, it is put up in dry powdered fgrre, in five- pound packages, with full directions on every paofcttm. It takes the pjaoe of scalinsr kftlaomjnes, wftU paper and pain? for walls, Aiftbattine can-b.e prick, wood ?r canvae, T Kalsomlnes are cheap and temporary preparations, manufactured from whiting, chalks, clavs, etc. Tliey are stuck on the walla wltb decaying animal glue. Ala- bastlne Is not a kaiBomine. It Is a rook- base cement, which sets, and U h.,ardens wJth age. It can be re-coated and re- jecorated without having to wash and scrape off Its old coats. Beware of a targe four-pound package of light kalso- mine, sold to dealers for four pounds and pffered to., o«atom,ers as a 'flv package, The interior walls of churches, ecbool- houses and ali public .halls shoud never be ooated .with anything but the durable and pure Alabastlne, pa evident has this fact become, that hundreds of tons are used annually for th»s work. The 'genuine AlabasUne does, npt r.u,b or scale pff k It is cleanly during the lontf ' .'loci of its usefulness. Every owner 'of a building should use it, Ask your paint dealer drvggiRt for card of Unte. &n4 free copy o? our pap.e Jo Al&bastln^ Co,.. or TUB "JUST AS QQOP-" posted or Is' frying tq daceive ing he ferine something and Je trying, to sell . h,e lias , may not himself » s well as to »U 9«w substitutes. ault for damages by sell! ojrg by us|ng an tofrlnge: to ,

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