The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 1, 1899 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1899
Page 9
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• ; y ' %r MillHiHiMllHi tJJPPlB MS MOIKIBi ALGOKA, IOWA r WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1, It would surprise you to see the consignment of LINENS we received last week* We are offering them at very low prices for the next two weeks. 1,000 yards of REMNANTS in Linen Table Cloth in 2, 2 % and 3*4 yard lengths At Less Than Wholesale Prices. 50 pieces of cotton dish toweling, worth 6c, for . 3c 25 pieces of Stevens all-linen crash, worth 8c, for . 5c A large assortment of hem stitched and fringed towels, from 40 up. Chrischilles & Herbst. THE LOCAL FIELD. Algona is the place to buy farm machinery this spring. Marshal Cordlngly shot eight dogs Saturday. There are others. Doxsee is going to have another bis- oult baking contest for the girls. C. E. Heise's new home will be one of 1899's good improvements in Algona. Manager Wadsworth is expecting the Two Jacks in " Money to Burn" before long. Next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the Fontanas give a fine show at the opera house. G. M. Johnson is going to handle seeds of all kinds this spring at his machinery depot. Secretary Peek did not get a call for the county fair men to meet last week. They will meet soon. A. P. Hall is having a long continued Illness. He Is confined to his bed much of the time. Sam Witter can walk about a little, but gets no use of his arm yet. He is getting on very slowly. Special meeting of Prudence lodge, No. 205, Thursday night, March 2. Work in the third degree. Frank Stacy, the milk man, is just out after several weeks of very severe grip sickness. He is very weak. Mr. and Mrs. D. Rice are talking of moving to Algona. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Keith expect to move in the spring. The old Methodist church is to be sold to the highest bidder tomorrow. It is to be gotten off the lot by April 10. Will Kinne had joined the Woodmen and paid one assessment before he died. His family gets $2,000 insurance .as a result. February was the" best month in the history of the Algona mill. It is running night and day and is behind on orders. J. T. Sullivan of Waterloo is visiting his cousin and trying the Seller cases now on in court. He is an able and genial lawyer. The city council was to have met Saturday evening. The few who breasted the storm adjourned until Friday of this week. John Dillon, dear to old time play goers, will be here in a few weeks in "Bartlet's Trip to Selzerville." It is a great comedy, and John is a great comedian. The 13th Minnesota in which Carl Setchell is serving at Manila has 13 wounded men. Carl is not one of them but has doubtless seen some lively skirmishing. A. M. Coan has drawn the plans for Wm. K. Ferguson's double house he will build north of his home. It will cost $2,500 or more and be a fine looking addition to town. A bad blizzard set in Saturday and continued all day Sunday. Considerable snow fell and the mercury got down to 10 below Saturday night. This winter beats the record. J. A. Hamilton says the southern mills are all under water and that the price of hardwood lumber has gone up §8 a.thousand at one jump, the biggest known to the lumber trade. Algona now has two as fine shoe stores as there are in the state in a city of 5,000 people, The styles and qualities for the spring trade cannot be beaten. The prices also are right. Farmers will read with interest of the train load of machinery the Wigwam has gotten in this spring, A train load is lots of machinery, but the Wigwam is doing a business that warrants it. Cheever Hudson is out after two weeks indoors with his eyes. One week he was in a dark room. F. S. Norton is now at home with his eyes in bad shape, It seems to be a type of the grip. Guy Grove has gone to Morris, Minn., to join his uncle John for the summer in the land business. John had to have a man and offered Guy enough so he could afford to hire a boy in his place in the store hei'e. The annual meeting of the directors of the Kossuth County Agricultural society will be held at the office of Haggard & Peek in Algona, Tuesday, March T, at 1 o'clock p. m. A full attendance is desired. Dr. Willits' lecture Friday evening will be the closing one of the lecture course and, we predict, the most entertaining. It is a delightful talk on, how to enjoy life. Dr. WiUits is known as the apostle of sunshine. Rev, C. A. Towle, who has preached. in the Congregational oh«roh in Algo- na very often, died at his home In Grln- nel last Wednesday, He was state superintendent of Sunday school work, The funeral was held in Kewanee, III., Friday. M. Stephens has been secured as right-of-way man for the Iowa Central railway from Belmond to Algona, and begins work for the company today. No better man could have been secured to get the right-of-way for the company. He begins work at Belmond and will work up this way. The Plum Creek creamery Is a go at last. A meeting washeldMonday night and over 300 cows secured. Thecream- ery will be built on the little creek just north of D. Rice's home, and work will begin at once. The surrounding neighborhood is good for a creamery and it will pay from the start, A subscriber sends the following note to THE UPPER DES MOINES: "It seems to me that the school board Is making a mistake in cutting down the size of the new school building for by actual count we find there are 32 kids in this one block, block five, and we don't count Miss Dodd either." The Johnson machinery warehouse announces in full this week that lot of farm implements THE UPPER DES MOINES referred to a short time ago. The Johnsons have bought everything in carload lots and they get the best there is made. They have made great preparations for this season's trade. F. L. MoComb is negotiating for the basement of the new hotel for his laundry, and the plan is likely to be adopted. If he gets it he will have a splendid room for his work and will have an office on the main floor. A good laundry in the hotel will be a convenience to the hotel and to the traveling public. Following is the program for the Degree of Honor public entertainment at Odd Fellows' hall .this evening: Vocal quartette; duet, Edith Bowyer and Crete Goddard; recitation, Mrs, Mathers; recitation, Miss Carroll; instrumental solo, Gladys McClellan; short speeches by E. Tellier, C. F Nolte, and J. W. Hinchon; vocal solo, Dr. Morse. Riverdale will have a red hot school director election Monday. The Hale appeal from the location of a school house by the present board was heard by Supt. Van Erdewyk Monday, and he decided to leave the matter to the new. board. Both sides will hustle for five ol the nine new members to bo chosen. The Hale side Is confident of winning. * The Methodist church comfortably seated about 300 for the Harrison Wild pipe organ recital. The program was' classical, and some of the selections were a little above the average appreciation, but on the whole the audience was delighted, Mr. Wild is an artist and proved to be a master of the instrument. He was encored several times and responded cheerfully. Dr. Wlllit8'"Sunshine"HtupEldora till you can see it yet in the people's faces. They went wild over him. Manager Crockett says he is going to buy all the churches in Eldora, and use the Congregational church for a livery stable and the M. E. church for a dwelling house and burn all the others, then build a church big enough to hold the town and get Willits to preach. School election comes a week from Monday. Gardner Cowles and E. V. Swetting are the outgoing members. There has been but little discussion of the election on the street but that little has been in favor of re-electing the old members, The feeling seems to be that as they have had a hand in planning the new building and know about it they are In position to render better service than new men at this time. Both have rendered excellent service on the board. It is now definitely settled that the Belmond extension will strike Algona somewhere between the co-operative creamery and. P. L. Slagle's. The road will not pass through the south side of town as was at one time talked. The results of the preliminary survey make the route around town to the south and west impracticable. It is likely that the road will parallel the .North western out of town or thereabouts,'although it is still possible that it will come down through by the Presbyterian church and so on north by Chubb Bros, to the mill. Under the new code the city election comes the last Monday in March. Many republicans favor doing away with party nominations in municipal affairs. This would probably be done if Mayor Chrisohilles would accept a renominatlon, but he says he will not. Alex. White and S. E. McMahon are also quoted as refusing to sit again on the council. The retiring members are Alex. White, S. E. MoMahon, H. A. Paine, and E. E. Sayers. Dr. Sayers ie talked, of for mayor. He has the ex- perience abd ability to make ft good one. Whatever Is done the feeling is general that fhe present mayor and council have rendered good service during the past two years. Everybody was out to the annual bean supper served at the rink by the old soldiers and the relief corps. It was an enjoyable occasion. The supper was good and the after program was never better. Rev. Suckow made a rattling expansion speech that was much applauded, and Rev. Day closed the program with general remarks, also heartily enjoyed, The stories by the veterans were all good. D. H. Hutchins told an amusing story of how he held a whole rebel column in check, D. B. Avey told about crossing the Tennessee river in a tub, S. C. Spear told about running away to enlist, E. Tellier told about detailing a squad to be baptized, and Commander Brunson made an eloquent little speech to close in honor of the boys at Chiokamauga, whom, he said, he hoped to see in the Grand Army. Some fine music was rendered, Miss Crete Goddard singing several solos. HARP and violin music at Taylor's tomorrow—St. Thomas' Guild day. DR. WlLLETS Friday night. Seed Flax for Sale* Several hundred bushels of my own raising, can guarantee free from mustard. GEO. C. CALL. DRAY loads of new goods dally at JNO. GOEDERS'. WANTED—Girls to learn dress-making. Over Algona bakery. 49t2 CLARA E. FOSTER. Church for Sale. The old Methodist church will be sold at auction to the best and highest bidder, at the church, on Thursday, March 2, at 2 p. m. 4912 BIGELOW IS DEAD, The Electric Light Contractor Passes Away Rather Suddenly— I 1 . W.Kln- ue'B Funeral. Bigelow, the electric light contractor, is dead. He died Friday at his home in Lincoln, Neb. It seems that some time ago he submitted to a surgical operation for abcess of the bladder. He refused to take an anesthetic although the cut was six inches deep Into him. He complained several times while in Algona of being too sick to be about, and actually left his bed against the advice of his physician to come here at the time the Sioux City engine stood on the track. Mr. Metcalf, who has superintended his work here, went to Lincoln to attend his burial. He and a lawyer came yestetday to close up with the city. Lawyer Curtiss says the engine is done at Burlington and will fill Bigelow's contract. The city will accept it as soon as it comes and pay up all that is coming to the estate. A settlement will be reached readily, and the end of the long drawn electric light troubles will be reached. Bigelow was a pleasant talker, and had experience in electric lighting. Now that he is dead many pleasant things will be recalled of him. Why he let everything go at sixes and sevens in Algona, however, will always be a mystery. DEATH OF P. W. KINNE. F. W. Kinne, the livery man, died Friday, pneumonia following the typhoid fever. The funeral was held Sunday, the Masons taking charge and the Woodmen assisting. Mr. Klnne was 31 years of age and leaves a wife and two little girls five and seven years of age. He came to Bancroft some years ago, but had been in Algona only a, year and a half. He was a genial business man and a good livery man. Mrs. Kinne's brother, A. F. Conley, is in charge of the barn and will keep it open until her affairs are settled. Mr. Kinne had $2,000 insurance in the Woodmen and $1,000 In the Midland of Fort Dodge, J. J. Ryan's company. ST. THOMAS' Guild day at Taylor's tomorrow. Harp music. for. SettliiK. White Plymouth Rock eggs for set- ring for sale. 50t4 JOHN C. PATTERSON. RESERVED seats for Dr. Willets'lect- ure on " Sunshine" at the E. & A. drug store Thursday morning. SEE Thos. F. Cooke for ten-year 5 per cent, farm loans—optional payments. Your Wedding Ring. Buy your wedding ring of us, we always make the bride a present. 5tf DINGLEY & PUSH. ELEGANT line of handkerchiefs, muf- [lers, new novelties in ladies'neckwear, Battenbergs, etc., for Christmas presents, at GALBRAITH'S. ARCHITECTS HEEE MARCH 15. Plans for the New Hotel Will Soon Be Adopted—Mr. .Durdall Homo Prom Chicago. Mr. Durdall came from Chicago Friday. While there he consulted with Hyde, the noted hotel architect, and he will come to Algona March 15 to submit plans for the new hotel in competition with some of the western architects. He tells Mr. Durdall that he Is ing to have an elegant,building. Mr. Hyde planned the Pilgrim hotel in Marshalltown, after which Mr. Durdall is patterning. It is likely now that the plans for the new hotel will be adopted in a couple of weeks, and as soon as they are work will begin on the removal of the old buildings and on letting contracts. WANTED—5,000 dozen eggs in trade at the highest market price. JNO. GOEDERS. THERE is no better line of coffees than that carried by M. Z. GROVE & SON. DRESSMAKING done by Miss Amy Ward, Residence first house north of J. B. Winkel's sewing machine office. TO MAKE PERFECT TITLES, Callanan Equities in Swamp Lauds to Be Disposed Of. A Proceeding irt the Interest of Ev* Person "Whose Title ttas Seen Clouded. Notice of sheriff's eale of all the equities of Geo. T. Waterman, who stands for Jas. Callanan, in about 300 pieces of Kossuth county land are posted, a.nd on March 26 every land owner for $2 will get his title clear. That will end the steal that has been perpetrated in this county on numerous pur* chasers of the swamp lands, who have been called to pay from $40 to $100 for quit claims to get rid of clouds put upon the lands after they came Into possession. Geo. E. Clarke has been instrumental in working up the present suit and in planning a method for disposing of the Callanan claims, and while it has taken some time and figuring, he has accomplished the end, and has now notified every swamp land owner that for $2 he can get a clear title. If he does not want to pay the $2 the land will be exempted from the sheriff's sale and left just as It was before. The history of the various plans to get rid of the Callanan clouds on those lands is very interesting. While Col. Sessions was in the legislature Geo. E. Clarke and Judge Quarton wore instrumental in getting a law passed compelling owners of clouds on titles to pay $25 attorney's fee In case they refused to quit claim free of cost, and were beaten in court. Callanan at once transferred his swamp land equities to Geo. T. Waterman of New York, as no personal judgment for costs or attorney's fee can begotten against a nonresident. Mr. Clarke then commenced two suits against Waterman for damages on account of these clouds and attached every one of them in the county. He got judgment by default for some $300 damages and it is to pay this judgment and costs that the clouds are to be sold by Sheriff Chrlstensen. Every swamp land owner who realizes the benefit these proceedings are to him will gladly pay his $2 and take a sheriff's deed. Many have already paid $40 and more. To sue In court would cost $40 or more. Mr. Clarke has arranged for a cheap and speedy end to the whole business, and Is entitled to the thanks of all concerned. Solid Gold Rings. Plump 14-kt. plain rings, 85 cents per pennyweight. If you will pay us $1..50 per pennyweight we can afford to make the bride a present. E. G. BOWYEB. First door oast of postoffloe, 43 MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. SEE our new package coffee—25 oz. for 25c. M. Z. GROVE & SON. DON'T fail to call and get some of the bargains this week at Galbraith's. MEETINGS. Mothers' meeting at Mrs. Carr's tomorrow. The ladies of the Congregational society will serve supper Thursday evening at 6 o'clock in the church parlors. A special meeting of the W. L. A. S. will be held Friday afternoon, March 3, at 4 o'clock at the reading room. The members are urged to be present. The Baptist society will have a social at the home of Joseph Bright tomorrow evening. Ten cent supper from 5 o'clo_ck until all are served. A cordial invitation is extended to all. Regular worship, at the Baptist church next Sunday conducted by the pastor. Morning theme, "The Lord's Supper—What It Signifies;" evening, '•The Demands of Infidelity Satisfied by Christianity." A cordial Invitation to all. Quarterly meeting services will begin at the Free Methodist church Friday evening, March 3, and continue over Sunday. Elder J, B. Newville of Winnebago City, Minn., will have charge. All are cordially invited to attend. Regular services at the Congregational churoh-at 11 a. m. Communion service and reception' of members. The pastor will preach on "TheCleans- ing Blood." Evening, "The Highest Kind of Liberty." Preparatory service on Saturday at 3 p. m. First Church of Christ, Scientist, services at Odd Fellows' parlors, on Sundays, 10:45 a. m. and 4 p., m,, and on Wednesdays, 3 p. 113. "Substance" will be the subject next Sunday morning, and in the afternoon, "Christ— Truth the Light of the World." There will be the usual services at the Methodist church next Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. tfl., Sunday school at 9:45. Dr. Day's morning theme will be, "The Ground of Religious and Moral Obligation;" evening, "The Secret of True Greatness; a Character Study." All are invited. Following is the social union program to be given Saturday evening: Instrumental duet, Edith Bowyer and Bertha Tellier; paper, "The Congressional Library," Miss Maud Molntyre; recitations; vocal solo, .Vesta Kinyon; poem, Mr. Clarence Dpxseo; violin solo, 7th Concerto De Beriot, Mr. Bowers; paper, "Cavour, Statesman and Reformer, MissEllaThompson; vocal solo, Miss Crete Goddard. The following important subjects are to be considered this week at the Adventist church: The righteousness of God and how received; prophecies of Daniel; the new birth, what does, it mean? the law of love; the Christian Sunday; the Christian Sabbath; the "little horn" of Daniel and what it means to us; the new policy of the TJ. S. government in the light of God's word. All are invited. Services at 7:30 p.m. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile In the world and lowest prices. F- 0. B. any station. «||*> <Mp " . jj* Utieeda Biscuit. TRY A BOX and you will cry for more, like "babies cry for Castoria/' Found only at my store, James Patterson. (ONLY 5 CENTS A BOX.) Don't Settle on your spring shoes until you see the > Elegant Line of New Goods in BROWNELL & ALLRED'S stock.. Styles—The very latest. Prices—The very lowest. Goods—The very best. Fine Repairing D Custom Work. and Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, Algona, la. Here, Girls, is a chance to get a •' Buck's" Toy Range. On April 4 and 5 we will have a biscuit baking contest at our store, and the girl under 14 years who makes the best baking powder biscuits will receive a perfect little range valued at $10. We will furnish all material, and the biscuits will be made of "Algona" or "Famous" Milling Co. flour, and baked in a Buck's Steel Range at our store. Mothers are invited to be present at the contest to see how their girls can operate 'a full-size Buck's steel range. All girls intending to enter the contest are requested to call and register and receive number, which will entitle her to bake. The little Toy Range may be seen at my store. DO YOU WANT The Best Rubbers in the Market?— If so call at The Other Shoe Store, Gold Seal, Pure Gum Boots. Also several other first-grade Rubbers. We have the BEST SOLID $1.25 Work Shoe ever . ' sold in town. C. O NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Offlce over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, PUoenix of Hartford, Haiiover of Now York, Minnesota Fire, MUmeapolis, Hookford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Lite of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. M. P. HAGGARD. G. If. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Real Estate,-*^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. LOOK TO YOUR EYES. . sp. s%i3p3s:B, Opthalinlc Optician. The most difficult cases of children a specialty. Po your eyes ache, smart, water, become inflamed, or pala tri the eyebajl, orbit, temple or forehead? If so you should consult a competent optician, with the latest scientific method of corre.otiug all e;rrors of refraction. Examination and consultation free. Office over E, J. (Jijmpre's store, HUNOERFORO & BAILEY, Dress Making Parlors. Over E\ Qilmoro's store. ' \ N GUTTING Ai,% FITTING A STRICTLY UP TO DATE; W4TJSH OR NO P4 Y. Artesian weu contractor. I have tlie only cable stoam drilling machine owueu In tUe county, sink wollsfov water supply for towns, cities, and railroads. Special attention to farm well work, Estimates made. I em- nioy only expert drillers. AcWress A- 'S 1 ' Raftey, Algona, Iowa.

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