El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on June 18, 1918 · Page 4
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 4

El Paso, Texas
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Tuesday, June 18, 1918
Page 4
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EL PASO HERALD Tucdav, June I?. IDIA DEMOCRATS PLACE CANDIDATES ON TICKET; FIND COSTS 1 County and District Office Seekers Recognized for the Primaries; Factions Have Little Tilt Over Needed Money; Precinct Cost Estimated, $119, Intended to Hake the Women Voters Comfortable. PR congress Zaih Lamar Cobb, Claude B. Hudspeth. For state senator, :5th district R. M. Dudley. M. M. McFarland. For member legislature. 119th dis trict R. E. Thomason (unopposed). For member legislature. 118th dis trict Adrian Pool. L. A. Dale. For chief justice court of appeals James R. Harper (unopposed). 1'or judge 34th district court W. ! Howe, A. S. Thurmond. For district attorney John T. Hill, Leigh Clark. I-'or county judge E. B McClintock (unopposed). For county attorney W. H. IVyit, Will H. Pelplires-. Tor judge county court at law W. P. Brady (unopposed). Fer sheriff Percy McGhee, Sr.. Seth B. Orndorff. For tax collector R. Del Eichey (unopposed ). For district clerk C. M. McKinney, May Hadlock Carlisle. For county clerk J. E. Anderson. TV. D. Greet. For county assessor John T. Cain (unopposed). For hide and animal inspector W. C. Roberts, w. W. Anderson. For Justice precinct one. place two W. C. Pa is, Barney Early, D. J. McSweene. A. J. HalL For justice, precinct one, place one J. M. Deaver (unopposed). For county superintendent of schools Miss ilyra C. Winkler (unopposed). For constable precinct one I. N. Davis, J. O Crowson. Lon Garner. For surveyor J. W. Carter (unopposed). For county treasurer A. R. Webb (unopposed . For commissioner precinct four sam siumentaai. j. y; Williams. For commissioner, precinct one R. E. Lyons. A. E. Bartlett. For commissioner, precinct two neorge Pendeli, Dr. E. S. White. J. G. Sauernman. For commissioner, precinct three Henry Herring, Jose Madrid. G. N. Garcia. For justice, precinct two George G. Crlchet. L A. Foil. For justice, precinct seven H. B. Elliott. For justice, precinct eight J. H. Ware. For constable, precinct two Albert Gonzalez. F. R. Munoz. For constable, precinct seven Sam Sparrow. For constable, precinct eight Sam Stepp. For county executive committee chairman. J. D. Pace. Frank Judkins. H Y. Ellis: precinct one, Hamilton Kayner. Frel Woodyard. J. S. Capron, precinct two, Julius Loewenstein. H. . Bowden. precinct three. Miss Marguerite Moon. Anacleto Apodaca: i-ecinct four. Andres Salazar: pre- met fne. M H. Webb: precinct six. M. R. Herriey. precinct seven. Sam W. Carr. precinct S. G. A. HammelL Complete List of CaadMatea. The foregroin? is a complete list of all county and district candidates n hose names will appear on the ticket in the July primaries, and in the tase where more than one candidate ,s named for any office, the order in v-h.cn tney appear is that for the officii ballot. This was decided at a meeting of the "ountv Democratic et-cutle committee, which met at the courthouse Monday afternoon to make arrangements for the primary Almost perfect harmony prevailed between the "courthouse" and "Saeeney" factions, each of which was represented by its candidates, but at one time there was quite a nit netween members or the coni- ansing over the probable cost of holding the election. Limits Talks to Tea Miauies. The committee organized with the appointment by chairman J. J. Raster of J. S. Capron as chairman, other members present being Frank Jud-kins, Charles DeGroff, Sam Carr, Dan Carr, D. Ba a and Myron Hemley. it was decided at the outset to limit each person addressing the committee to ten minutes. When the matter of drawing lots for places on the ticket came up. judge Ballard Coldwell announced I'm here on behalf of Mr. Hudspeth and so far as he Is concerned, it's immaterial which place he has on the ticket. If anyone here represents ! aar. i.oijd, ne may select tne place. Chairman K aster insisted on drawing of lots and Judge Coldwell drew with O. L, Bowen, representing Mr. Cobb, who secured the first place. All Deeaeerais There. "On behalf of the ticket I'm on, we Sropose that one selection of places e made to apply to all contested of fices." announced judge W. P. Brady, of the courthouse ticket. "You haven't heard the other side vet." judge J. V. Sweeney retorted. 'where upon the chairman admonished him that "there are no two aides here. judge: we are all Democrats." Will H. Pelphrey. "Sweeney" candidate for county attorney, then announced that "we won't accept tne proposition." Lots were then drawn for all places. Clint Has Left Off. Due to a technical error in hlc im plication, the name of Francisco Vil la laoos, cunt candidate for luatiee of the peace, will -not appear on the ticket, it was decided. Justice A. J. Hall, courthouse candidate for Justice of the peace, narrowly missed a similar fate. The matter came up by chairman Raster announcing that one applicant hac failed to have hi application acknowledged before :i notary public, while another had failed to designate exactly what position he sought. The board, without knowing the Identity of the men, voted to reject both, and Mr. Kaster said then that the unacknowledged uiiiiiiliiuii was mat oi snr. viiiaia-bos, while the other applicant in question was Justice HalL Jfeglecta to Write AekMwteteiKent. A. S. Thurmond, who was present, said he had received Mr. Villalabos's application and had personally neglected to write dwn the acknowledgment. A motion by committeeman Judkins that the candidate be allowed to amend his application was lost. In the case of Justice Hall, it appeared that the original application was filled out properly, but the carbon copy was not. Chairman Kaster inadvertently had returned the orlri- nal to judge Hall, keeping the improperly filled carbon for his record. It was decided by the board that Justice Hall had made proper application. Coat Causes FrierJou. The real friction of the meetlnar came up when the question of assessing costs on candidates was presented. Chairman Kaster had estimated that the total cost would be about J 6000, and that each candidate would have to pay six per cent of one year's emolument of the office he sought- This varied from JSO in the ase or county surveyor to S60A in the case of sheriff. State and district candidates pay only $1, as required by state law. The committee adopted this suggestion unanimously. Pelphrey TaJaka CMt HI. "I think you are assessing' too much and I want to sav so frank v. and add that I cannot run for county attorney because I haven't the $300." said Will H. Pelphrey. Mr. Thurmond and others thought the estimate too Federal Bank Big Help To BankersHere Does Not Charge Members For Check Collections. Nor for Wiring Money. No charges are to be made by the El Paso branch federal reserve bank for collecting check, according- to manager Sam Lawder Tuesday morning-. This action is in conformity with the practices of the parent bank at Dallas and the 11 other federal reserve banks in the country. This ruling applies to all checks drawn on Lank ins institutions in the United States. It as also announced by Mr. Lawder that there woula be no charge made for telegraphing money for the banks affiliated with the federal re serve branch. This means that bank ers doing business through the branch have in these cities may be telegraph money to New York, Chicago or anywhere where there is a federal reserve bank, and the creatts they hae in these cites may be telegraphed here. This will allow banks to do business on a larger scale and allows them to use practically their entire credit. Mr. Lawder said. The check collection system of the reserve banks is voluntary and mem- LKaspar. p; Clay, c; Marriss. lb: To! wr J (lava at s iiui w 1 1 v;va iu uauuit their items through the federal re serve bank, though this privilege is granted them if they desire to take t advantage ot it. HRent Fer Banker. Judge W. p. Ramsey reclved a telegram from the director of the federal reserve system at Washington Tuesday morning congratulating him on the establishment of the El Paso branch. "This branch will doubtlessly proe a great convenience and safeguard to the banking interests of Arizona, New Mexico and west Texas, and bring them in closer contact and into more sympathetic relations with the federal reserve system." the tele gram said. It was signed Harding. WINE TO PUT HERE Team of 24th Infantry to Meet Bliss Players Wednesday Afternoon. The Emancipation day baseball offering at the Rio Grande park, June 19. between the fast team of ambulance company No-. 10, Fort Bliss, and the crack company, IMth infantry, team, of Columbus. N. M , promises to be one ot the best of the season. The plajers of the Clth have defeated about everything around Columbus and are now arranging games with other fast border teams, among which is the ambulance team. Lieut. Richardson will be in charge of the Columbus players on the trip. J. D. English is promoting the game and announces that he has all details com- i pleted that baseball fans may enjoy J Merriss, P. & Merrill, K. K. Mantz. E. one oi the greatest games ever played nere. ine game begins at z:so ociock. Army Camps, Border Cities Send Members Scottish Rite Masons Draw From Bliss and Cody, Besides Civilians. With the conferring of the i-A decree, the summer reunion of the Scot-tish Rita bodies of Freemasonry in Kl Paso will come to a close tonight before midnight. Following are the names of candidates receiving the Zi decrees ot the rite: , . From Fort Bliss S. S. Allison. C. K. Alban. J. F. Allison. C. J. Chrlstoffer-sen, J. W. 8. Cross, rj. C. Dlmon, S. D. David, J. D. Earl. U F. Finley, J. N. Gould, F. O. Garrison. N. I. Glasscock, J. E. Hartley. J. H. Hasshelder, K. N. Hoopman, w. w. Jones. K. F. Johnson, H. N. Kemp. E. M. urkovlta. I H. Lineup for company F, :4th lnfan try: Williams, p: jrnev. c: Jackson, as Carr. lb: York, ;b: White. Sh: Young, rf; Burres, cf Hushes, if Edmondson. Toles, Ross, Collins and Brown will be in uniform and may play in place of some of the above. Ambulance company No. 10 lineup: liver, ;b: Montoya. ss. Buford. Shaw. If: Dlnkins. cf; Atkins, rf. 3b; US AT GRAND BARBECUE Thousands of women are being em- nTrvr1 i n Pra r ie m malt-a ira v hal. mittec and candidates, the squaiihle hlsh. but the committee assured all loons. candidates that all moneys not expended would be returned. Discussing the high cost esimated. Mr. Kaster said. You know we have women voting this year and we can't have polling places in the rear of saloons. We want to give them all the comforts we can." t'ct S119 Per Preeiact. The chair was authorised to nego tiate for polling places. Incidentally, he said the school board would al low the use of school buildings only on payment or j each. Mr. Kaster':, estimate of costs was $119 per precinct, or twice tbe lSlt amount plus $19. II. Y. Ellis, who had announced as a candidate for the legislature against Adrian Pool and L. A. Dale, withdrew his application Just before the drawing of lota began. On agreement of both factions represented, the committee decided to pay a bill of $150 remaining unpaid from tbe 1916 election. Judaea' Mat Endorsed. Presiding judges of election were appointed as follows, the list having been prepared by Mr. Kaster and endorsed by the committee: Precinct one. F. S. Klose: two, John Walthall: three, O. O. Smith: four. W. W. Carroll: five, J. M. Russell: six. De Kyle Smith: seven, Wyatt Evans: eight. C. I Sherwood: nine, P. M. Rigdon; ten. Earl Maxon: 11. C O. Horner: li, Wyeth. Doak: 1J. O. J. Binford: 14, W. B. Olardon: 15, George Evans: IS, J. C. Crlmmen: 17. H. M. Andreas: 1$. Jasper Wool-dridare: 19. Harris Walthall: 20. Edgar Fewell; 21. Horace Lay: Si. J. B. Gwin: J3. I. J. Bush: U. W. B. Ware; 25, E. P. Lerner: 2C. Roy Barnum: 27. R. Montijo: 28, C. M. Grider: 29. J. G. Barada; 10, J. G. Ewald: 31. J. J. Smith: 32. J. N. Coker: S3, A. X. Ho-ket: 34. Sam Ruffner: 35, Doniciano Baca: 36. Jose M. Escaieda: 37. R. F. Compton: GS. Julius Kantor. Mis 9-Piece Suit $199.00 PsMsSHM I BJe Yaffi1 H! Ha III Wmmm m ma 1HHH SEE SPECIAL WINDOW DISPLAYS Cross River Into New Mexico to Eat at Bowen; Suspend Business. Leaving from tbe Eagles' hall, 20 South El Paso street, at 3 ociock Tuesday afternoon, approximately 200 bricklayers, in state conference here, and their invited guests motored to Bowen. N. M.. to enjoy a variegated barbecue. The entertainment committee of El Paso local No. 3. had labored long to make the barbecue the event of the bricklayers' convention. Tuesday morning a delegation of Kl Paso members, together with the leading men of the town of Bowen, raised a brand new American flag to flutter oter the revellers during their afternoon's entertainment. "Mayor" Harry Cooper, of Bowep. received the delegates and guests, while Will Lar-kin, specially appointed "chief of police" for the occasion, saw that everything went off smoothly and without complications. Joe Sullivan, of Kl Paso, with a number of skilled assistants, presided over the refreshments, which had been brought from New Mexico. Cassaaittees la SiiiIm. Tuesday morning was occupied by meetings of the committees appointed Monday afternoon, no regular business session of the delegates taking place. The committees are: Review and appeals Dan Collins, chairman: Ike Houston. S. H. Pierce, Joe White. Horace Csrson. Redistricting Harvey Walker, chairman; Joe White. Lee Bell. Frank Walsh. Harry Awkey. Subordinate unions Ed. Reisel, chairman: Henry Fefe. David Roberts, Albert O'neilly. Lee Bell. . Grievances David Roberts, chair man: Joe White. Dan Collins. Horace Carson. Albert O'Reilly. oenerai good Otis Clark, chair man; I. S. Fisher. Harry Awkey, William J. Moran and A. C. Wolf. r inane w imam J. Moran. chair man: David Roberts. Harvey Walker, am won, s. M. pierce. Journal Joe White. chairman Frank Walsh. Wm. J. Moran, Lee Bell and Ed. Reiael. Constitution I. S. Fisher, chair man: Otis Clark. Dan Collins, Henry neeie, Horace carson. nays and means David Roberts. chairman: Ed. Reisel. A C Wolfe, Harvey Walker, Ike Houston. Press Wm. J. Moran. chairman; Ike Houston, Albert O'Reilly. j Mortuary resolutions Harry Aw- Kv. tnM rmin: I vtoll Hnrv Keefe, Wm. J. Moran and Dan Collins. Visit Brtek Plan!. Monday afternoon the delegates spent in visiting the plant of the International Brick company, riding out to the plant In autos. Monday evening they were the guests of manager F. J. Williams, of the Majestic theater. Military Gets Beer. The beer intended for the barbecue and picnic scheduled for this afternoon at Bowen. N. M.. for the visit ing bricklayers, fell into the hands ot tne united states provost guard Monday afternoon while being taken out of El Paso. It kept the El Paso committee busy Tuesday attempting to secure a release of the refreshments. MitcneiL J. L. Meyer. C J. Shapiro, G. J. Shaffer, L. H. Stephenson. Wil-lard Strong, A. V. Scharwenka. D. E. Thomas, B. L. Tlmrber, W. E. Tippin, De Loss Towar, J. D. Tucker, H. P. Howard. From Camp Cody, Demlng. N. M. a F. Andrews, Floyd Bourlier. C. S. Brown. L. W. Bicknell. P. H. Bartholomew. C C Collins. L. J. Crosby. C A. Foster, R. S. Gelger. W. F. Grossman, J. J. Holes, Gus Jullen, H. H. Kline, F. C. Mcintosh. M. S. Moore, T. K. Parkhlll, C. H. Patterson. Walter Price, J. B Rogers. E. L. Whitcorob, J. W. Wilinlck. Ralph Wlltamuth, F. H. Wlnalow. J. H. YuUL From other towns A. c Askelor, G. C. Beakley, Mart a; G. A. Compton, Columbus; H. P. Donovan, Columbus; H. L. Gordon, Mart a; C. A. Mets. A. P. Mitchell. Fabens: W. G. Mclntvre. Al pine; Pasquale Notary, Columbus; R. ! Q. Taylor, Marta; Wallace VanCleave, coram sua. El Pasoans Nels Anderson, H. L. Birney. W. W. Carroll. M. S. Darby-shire. A. P. Evans. H. E. Griffith. K. p. Goodman. M. D. Hackler. A. H. Hughes . C. J. Osterhag. A. E. ROmo, K. K. Koss. Oton Sartorlus, H. C Smith, a L. Swatt. Marcel Welller, T. L. Peach. J. M. Holmes. GET IT AT McMICKLE'S BIG GROCERY SALE Still on. Everything marked down. Be sure and get your list together and visit our store Wednesday. If it is to eat we have it. See us before buying. ICE CREAM, Cfcoeeble, VaafHa, Strawberry aa4 Maplemrt, piat 15c; opart 3c rmm, Bulk IS Ik. lot) e K. 0. Baking Powder, 8 ox. only. . .66c Delgaiflo .Perk A Mean, can Tei doaea 73e .SBabeasa I'ork A Bnu 3. eaa 1SC doaea. .(l.3 Khi Uelatlae. regular 3Um awekase ' Jlffy Jell, regular lSe sMkase, oaly e Oyster, regular 19e cmn, nly Te Van Camp's !oap. rearwlar 15c eaa &e Dining Car Soap, regular IJe eaa Date t'leaaner. regular le eaa ?e Baa Ami Petvder. regular ! eaa 7e Boa Ami. regular lOe fcar " Quart Can Pnmpkis, regalar 15c size 9c (eronat, resralar toe package "e Coraaaat, regular 30e paeluuce 13e Heehaale Soap, resralar le bar -tc Cooklag Soda, regalar lOe package Tea. all Brand', special POe valao 3Se Blaelag. regalar lOe fcottlo 3e Rlaelng. regular SSe bottle lie Sapello. regalar lOe bar Te Cberrlea. regular TSc bottle Se Cherries, regular 4e bottle He Rahlu, Dried, per lb. reaebVa. nrtrd. per Ik. le erjreerlae Soap. MM bar Be TalewBi Powdor. toarolar I5 eaa Te 9pleea. All titrn, tecnsfcr IS eaa Te Maearoal. rejmnr 13 package He Vermicelli, regalar lie package 8e GaftM MoHtartJ, tt-iy 59c laoiant Po4am. regalar Se package IPe Drtoket. regwlar 33e package INe Casaed Tripe, resvlar S3e valae Sle Caaaed Mrahsa, resralar Me valao le Oat Meak rest. Se pa Be Lebater. regalar 3Se eaa 13e Cora, eaa 14e; doaea S1.63 Saba Para, refalar 15c caa 9c Cora Flakes, package lOe Fruits, Qt. Cans, Each 19c Bitter Chocolate, Lb. 40c Pepper Sauce, regular 15c bottle 1 Two Handsome Dining RoomSuits At Unheard of Low Prices To further stimulate the buying of good furniture, we have selected for this week's selling two unusually handsome dining room suits which will be sold at bargain prices. We are doing this to further advertise our stock of high grade furniture and our ability to sell at low prices. If you have either present or future need for a handsome dining room suit, be sure to investigate these two. 1 NEGROES CELEBRATE DAY OF EMANCIPATION AT PARK Under the auspices of the El Paso branch of their national association, the negroes of El Paso will leather Wednesday In Washington Park, to commemorate the emancipation of negroes by Abraham Lincoln. A basket picnic will be the attraction. A short program of patriotic songs; a paper on woman suffrage, read by Mrs. Edward Sampson and a short talk by Rev. H. A. Wells will complete the celebration. Solid Mahogany 9 -Piece Suit, $244.45 Solid mahogany suits are scarce and it would be hard to find a handsomer suit than this. It is an Adam pattern and consists of 9 pieces; has 60-inch buffet, an extra large china cabinet and 54-inch dining table. There are five straight chairs and one arm chair. The chairs have black leather seats. This suit is easily worth $350. It k the best bargain ever offered in a handsome suit of furniture. We offer the nine pieces this week at the mm m extraordinarily low price William and Mary Dining Room Suit al $199.00 This suit, similar to above cut. consists of five straight chain, one arm chair, a 54-inch riming room table, china cabinet and 54-inch buffet with mirror. The buffet has a lined, two-cornpartment silverware drawer, large linen drawer and two small drawers. There are also two closed compartments. The chairs have extra quality tapestry seats. This suit is a William and Mary period and is made of selected quartered oak in r Jacobean finish. The 1 Qt) fU special price is P A OUJJ VIENNA'S BREAD RATION IS REDUCED TO lVs POUNDS London. Eng.. June 18. The bread ration for the city of Vienna has been lowered from i;s0 to 630 grammes (less than 1 pounds weekly), according to a Copenhagen dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph company. The Ukraine fiasco is gien as the reason. When the flour ration as lowered last Januirv Mr kes ficturred in Vienna and t!ie authorities pre said toJ oe prepared inr nm.iar results now. Shriners Offer New Degree; Say ll Will Just Fit Six Nooices At A called meeting of El Maida temple. Mystic Shriners, Monday night at the Masonic temole details were practically completed for the emergency ceremonial that will be held Wednesday veninit. Charles II. Leavell will have charge of the floor work. The roof garden at the temple. where the ceremonial will be held. will be put in shape for the work today and tomorrow. On account of the majority of the novices being military men special features will be introduced. It was decided last night that the special degree of "The Inner Shrine would be given. This is an honorary degree and only a limited number will ba accorded this honor. Potentate W. W. Evans said that he thought that probably six of the present novices could qualify for this degree. This special work will be In charge of noblea Tom Lea, E. F. Maxwell. Victor uarusso and Bob Page. "This is a very beautiful degree and the novicis that receive it will be signally honored." said Vic Cartnuo. Pull dress and formalities will be dispensed with on this occasion. Recorder W. H. McCullough announced that further than the 1911 card and the fea the nobles can wear anything that the El Paso police win aiiow mem to get oy with. Gioes Cuban Paper 80 Years Old For Red Cross To Sell A letter was received at Red Cross headquarters Tuesday morning from E. W. King, of Presidio, Texas, containing a copy of the "El Redactor." a paper published in Santiago, Cuba. November 17, 18JS. The paper is in a fan- state of preservation and contains very interesting items, such as an advertisement for the sale of three negroes. Mr. King requested that this relio be sold and the amount applied to the Rod Cross fund. The Red Cross aewing rooms In the White House are being kept cool for the comfort of the workers through the kindness of H- S. Potter, who donated three 1! Inch fans, and the Lara bee Electric company, which gave one of the same size. FIVE ARE CONVERTED IN ALTA VISTA MONDAY NIGHT The revival spirit is growing in Alta Vista as a result of the revival at the Alta Vista Baptist mission. In which Rev. J. F. Williams, of the First Baptist church, is doing the preaching Rev. J. F. Daniel is the missionaiy In charge. Monday night there were five conversions -three soldiers, a young woman and a boy of 12. During the revival there have been IS conversions as a result of Dr. Williams s strong appeals. Much interest is being taken in the revival, and church workers are being greatly helped and encouraged. THIRTY SEVEN STUDENTS ENROLED AT NORMAL ! At noon Tuesday J7 students were registered for the third session of the El Paso summer normal session. As the school boards over the country have permitted married women to teach, a number have .nmM They are applicants for teachers' certificates. Several of the course are ih. college preparatory, or carry a college credit. Superintendent R. J. Tlahe uM that he was very anxious -to see this normal session succeed, as he is convinced that it will be difficult this year to secure sufficient teachers with certificates to run the schools. A 1 Saaee, Teswlar tSm bottle tireea Olives, lac bottle Urm Olives, rea-alar -Me sortie Greea Staffed Olives, resralar 0e bottle Toilet Paper, regular 19 roll Fresh Eggs, guaranteed, dozen. Toilet Paper. S ralla Patted Calefcea. regular 3Se raa , Street Potatoes, regular 26c can 13c ...is ... 4e ...He ..9c . .Zle .. e . .le ..31e .. Be .39c ..2Se ..Mo Spinach, raralar S3e eaa, oary Milady Toilet Soap, lOe bar .. HUk, Tall eaa Lux Washing Powder, reg. 15c pkg . 11c Taaa Flaa. reiralar xse eaa See Plat Maaen Jars, doses 4ee Paver Napklas and Plates, resralar Oe package . Be Prepared MBstani. plats, evly ISo Moralajr Joy Coffee, lb. SSe Fresh Eggs, Gaaraateed. ooeea 3e Sardines in Tomato Sauce, 25c Sue . 11c Araaoar's Spaghetti, reawlar lOe eaa Te CantaJoapci, large oaet, eack 10c CantafeajBe, mediui site, 4 far 2Sc 59c SSe Ie 9e Se ISe .lee Sc l-3 law 5c ISe se 13e ISe GraasuiaV Waahtaa; Fewea, rea SSe package. . .14 saiaoee. regwur toe eaa e Tarn PsHaw, regwlar SS bottle ISe Apple Matter, regular XSr cam ....SS Walker Hot Tamales. raa Te Seoteh ajorley, ISe parka 8e LSasjM Veaeer, SSe bottle lee LlanM Veaeer. regalar 3e battle 29c Olcoaiaeaagiae. la. .sac Hatter. Beat, lb, 47e Oroa. Best White Oaet, 10 Hx. 25c ...25c Peaches, gallon can Vaa l'aam Calll saaee. 4ae battle PlefBeatos, resralar ISo can Lima Beaaa la ease Hoaslay. regular ISe eaa Ripe OUves. regular 3 eaa Omrmf Saaee. regular as valuea Root Beer, retiar 15c battle Caluaaet Baktaa- Powder. 1 lb eaa sliced Reef, regular SSe eaa Striag Beaa, eaa, oary Apple J alee, regular SSe bottle Apple Juice, regular IS bottle Krlap rr Crackers, regular 2e package Baklaa; Powder K. c New Potateei, S Km. Aaa Maay Other Vegetables aa FroaU. VISIT OUR VEGETABLE AND FRUIT DEPARTMENT EVERYTHING MCE AND FRESH U. S. Fas The Largest TMsalay of Fruit aad Vegetables Is El Paao. McMICKLE'S fast East af New Cewt Hoate Oa Saa AatoBio Street DIGK FIRST DF raismf Goes to Old Missouri Home First; Other Rotarians Go Saturday. James A. Dick will be the first El Paso Rotarian to reach Kansas City to attend the international convention. Accompanied by his son, James A. Dick, Jr., he leaves Tuesday for th- Dick parental home, near Center View, Johnson county. Mo., where the boy will remain for several days, while Mr. Dick goes on to the convention. Later. Mr. Dick will join his son on the farm and they will go ocr the scenes of daddy's childhood days together. The rest of the El Paso delegation will leave El Paso Saturday at noon on the Golden Stzte. arriving in Kansas City Sunday evening, to spend the following week at the convention, one of the most noteworthy meetings of the year in the United States. Those who are going Saturday aro Robert Krakauer. H. R. McClintock. G. . Martin. A. E. Rowlands. Will 11. Winch, T. H. Rogers. D. C. CrowclU Neil T. Shearman. Oliver A. Daniclson and JacK p. Sheehan. Mrs. Winch will also be in the party. Messrs. Winch, Crowell and Daniel-son are former Kansas Otians and will meet many old time friends while there. E. C. Davis is planning on coming down from Chicago and Joining the El Pasoans during the convention. He is now in Chicago with his wife and little daughter. The Kansas City "Buxs Saw." the Rotary publication of Kansas City, in its last issue, says: "The Rotary clubs of Corpus Christ! and El Paso, Tex., have asked for time for the presentation of stunts. The El Paso club has advised us in absolute confidence that they are going to prepare to put cn a io minute stunt which will be the most original and by far the most clever of anvthina ever presented at a Rotary convention." In the cool basement ne are making special displays this cek and offer attractive prices on refrigerators, ftreless cook stoves. Buck's gas ranges, ice cream freezers, lawt hose, lavn movers ana grass catchers. ROGERS FURNITURE CO. 207-9-11 N. Stanton SL White Serge Pants Hair Line Stripe $7.50 VALUE, SPECIAL $4.75 W OUSTED AMD C'A&SIMERE TROUSERS AT $2.50 14.06 S5.M Walk a block aad save the dlffereaee. 304 East Overland St. NO SEWERS FOR GLOBE UNTIL AFTER THE WAR Globe. Arii.. June 18. Globe will have to wait till after the war for her long needed sewerage system. Lately was voted p. percent bond Issue of 1:40.000 for this purpose. Now the capital issues committee of the council of national defence Han iMwi I the city attorney that sale of such a Dona issue is considered "not compatible with national interest." THE DAILY RECORD. I Gnndvlw Addition The Grandrlew I BMltr coirpaay to B. E. Neelry. lots 2i I ;"d In block un IdilU aenu. I 5: June 11. 1JU. I Bafldtng TVrmrU Imrd. T- B. Fnrlch. 11S Park street, adobe. Ohniles Hlrkerson, lo: Overland, alterations. IZ2S. M. I'novchon. Corona and t lllow. adobe. $100. W R. W arc. 809 Oregon stre-t. alterations, tin .1 E. Mi rf .-in, court hojse. . picture bor-lh. .. W F. S humacher. Ill Kaat Boulerard, repairs. $S00 Liend to Marry. Apune a.-a irrinlu ;:rdea. n S-I. tdo nt-d Sartto Er re. F. er!..n r! G-Ttru! i K T Tiling n and Anin 1 J h-- SENATE PASSES ASHURSTS BILL TO OPEN INDIAN LAND Washington. T. C. June IS. A hill by senator Henry F. Ashurst of An- they will establish before another year FITSIXK Fiy.MI Conference at Mountain Park Brings Together 32; Dinner Thursday. j All of the 32 members of the lead- ' ere' conference of the Mexican branch of the Y. M. C A. have returned from Mountain Park. N. M. The Y. M. C. A. camp house has been at their disposal during the last two weeks, in order that they might hold the second j annual summer conference of the ! Mexican "T." i This conference was distinct from the usual summer camp Inasmuch as its purpose a as more than that of a xacation. being to assist in the train-irg of leaders among the Mexican younjr men of EI Paso and vicinity. Several courses of studv. such as would fit these men for V. M. C A. work and other associated activities were presented to the men present by the several Instructors. Secretary W E. Phillips. Prof. J. U. Escobar and Prof. J. C Deigadillo were the men in charge of the conference. Provides Mexteaa Seeretartra. Those in attendance wr nil itn. dents or graduates of some educa tional institution and were selected as men who are likely to become prominent in the affairs of tbe south west or northern Mexiro Vfru.t f them were from the high school. El Paso School Of Mines. Palmnr. ml. i lege or the Lydia Patterson institute. Secretary Phillips stated Tuesday that this conference alone has mad I avanaDie to tne r. M. c. A. more than half a doxen Mexican secretaries for immediate service and he felt that the international committee nf th Tonnw Men's Christian association will recog- i" "ie wora none 10 tne extent that ForHakudSkiiHeiltii Ciikitra is Saprrae If foo use Oifirara Soap for everyday toilet purposes, with touches of Cuticora Ointment now and then as needed to soothe and heal the first pimples, redness, roughness or scalp irritation 70a will have as clear a complexion and as good hair as it is possible to have. vaaiala Fi cL Fre.hr Mad. AddrSMpoat car 1baara, !. lM.aWa." Sold cau abate. Soap Be OsstBMaatKaod 50c xena. opening about 30,000.000 acres of western Indian reservation lands to promote development, on a royalty basis, of minerals needed in the war, was passed by the senate today and now goes to the house. MEET FOR mt-ALIK TIOV. County judge E. R McCllnt"clc ar.d the county commissioners Tuesday as a board of equalization. Tnere were practically no requests for decreases in assessment for the year. Judge McClintock said he could not tell at this time what the total valuation for the ear would be. TILK OV MAIL ADVERTISING. Abe Harris, formerly of Houston, will address the Adcluh Wednesday on mail ad ertlslnu. A lane number of the admen have signified their intention to attend the luncheon, which Is to be given In the Hotel Sheldon grilL regular summer conference on much larger scale, to which will be inited representative Mexican young men Iron not only every city of the southwest but many representatives of the Y M C A.'s of all northern Mexico He also felt that this conference and those to follow will be of immense value in develoDlmr a het- nvened 1 unnersianning ana better feeling v-ii me iwo nauans. First Dtaaer Thursday Mght. The first dinner to be held in the new building ot the Mexican Y. M. C. A will be served Thursday evening. It vill be a new members' banquet, at which members of the board of directors and the older members of the association will welcome a large group of jounsr men who hae been admitted during this month. - KEHRKiAX IS ACQIIVTTED. Walter T. Kerrigan was tried and acquitted Tuesday in the Stth district court on a charge of theft of an automobile. I! liuro B. Ci.l aul Ana A. ow'a . ASensibleTable BEVERAGE For War-Time INSTANT POSTUM No boilir.ff fcscn cup sxrono m or mild as desired H NO WASTE I 1 Lemon Juice For Freckles Glrit! Make beauty rotJoo at home tar a few cents. Try Kl Squeeze tao juice 01 i.u lomons late a bottle containing three ounces ol orchard wnltj. shake well, and you have a quarter pint of the best freckle and tan lotion, and complexion baau. tlfler, at Tory, very small coat. Tour grocer has the lemons and any drug store or toilet counter will supply three ounces of orchard white for a few cents. Massage this sweetly fragrant lotion Into the face. neck, arms and hands each day and see new freckles and blemishes disappear and how clear, soft and white tbs skin becomes. Tea. it is harm loss. Adr. Husband Can Not Be Found To Attend the j Funeral of His Wife Phoenix. Arix. June 18. B. A. Har- I rington can not be found to attend the funeral here of his wife. Only a few dajs ago he left Tor Tantano. on the Southern Pacific, east of Tucson, to do railroad construction work, but i he can not be found there and is be- I lleved to have gone farther east. FORMER POSTMASTER WANTED ! FOR ALLEGED EMBEZZLEMENT i Willcox. Ariz.. June 18. From Los ' iiReie;s tin come information that, amjci v 1 nomas, former postmns-ter at HiKhlai.d Park, 13 soug'u by the federal authorities, on a charge of embezslement of J2SO0 He Is charged also with alleged irregularities in i.nnecti-ff with his management of t.ie (jarwmra Investment companv nor.s unsecured t'i.ini a'e eer.t'. '-111 h - 1 '1, hi tic t'i n nf '-'-' I'r ,',, $-f -r, 1 .1 .111 uvviij borne Dr.'pcrt here The New Mexico Cottage Sanatorium Far Ac Treataaen of TsWotiosa SsW Qtj, New Mexico An established Institution. Own garden, dairy, tee plant aad complete laboratory Wonderfully cool summer climate. No dust. No mosquitoes. Writs tor booklet N. Exhausted Bodies TIRED NERVES Relieved Absolutely by Cadomene Tablets Til .nf-'ne 1.oiar SolJ by All L-rugisl-v

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