The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 22, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1899
Page 7
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3PJECB PflS ALGQK A IOWA, ..... WM)NESA\iD, MBJRTTABY 22, 1899, , TURNING What does your mirror say? Does it tell you of some little streaks of gray? Are you pleased? Do your friends of the same age show this loss of power also? Just remember that gray hair never becomes darker without help, while dark hah? rapidly becomes gray when once the change begins. will bring back to your hair the color of youth. It never fails. It is just as sure as that heat melts snow, or that water quenches fire. It cleanses the scalp also and prevents the formation of dandruff. It feeds and nourishes the bulbs of the hair making them produce a luxuriant growth. It stops the hair from falling out and gives a fine soft finish to the hair as well. Wo havo a book on tho Ilalr and Scalp which you may obtain free upon request. If you do not obtain all the beneflta you expected from the use of the Vigor, write tho Doctor about It. Address, DK. J. 0. AVER, Lowell, Mass. , IS A SERIOUS QUESTION ¥" L ,V SO K£ T 1 E P R 0?LEM. It Is Absolutely Pure. Try It It Speaks For Itselt. Your Grocer Keeps It PAPER HANGERS WANTED To handle our Satnpln ISoohr,. Discounts. THIS .JENNINGS TAPER CO., 881 Wulmit, Dos ~K\K WALL isn pleasure nnd a profit. Gregory's seed book dl- TecU n rlKlit beginning. Gregory's Seed Iniiurn the Inost successful ending. Get the book now It's free. IAMES I. H. GREGORY & SON, Marblehead, Mass. Getyour Pension DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'FARRELL, Pension Agent, .1425 New York Avenue. WASHINGTON, D.C. NEW DISCOVERY^™ . _ . _ . _ quick relief anil cured wumt cases. Hook of testimonials ami 1O days'treat- ment Free. Ilr. II.II.UItliKN'SBUM), llox II, Allnnln, «u. fir l/au'c Ronn'uatnr «UAKANTKED ~ Uli M] b nBllUVdlUI, to euro flysiiepslu con- <ti|intluu, iivur uiul kidney diseases, Wliousuosa, Iieuduchos, etc. At druggists. M<: and J'l.UU. DATCUT Snnrchfree. OU E « • Collnmer & Co. 1234 1? St., "Wash. D. C. havo stood the test. Send stamp for list of desirable (arms (or sale in Northwestern Iowa— fcio to $45 per acre. Also :v largo list of Kailrau] lands in Minnesota—choice prairie—$10 to ijl'< per acre. Kasy terms; b' per cent interest, Geo.E.Richardson, leAWs.Ia, Is a variety which brings (rom 5 to 7 cents per bushel more- than any other variety grown lit is on tho wheat llelds of Western Canada ithat such a grade Is grown, and a, farm of ICO acres is given free to every bonafldo set tier. For particulars apply to tho Depart- •ment o( tho Interior. Ottawa, Canada, or to •N. Bartholomew. 300 Fifth St., Des Moines, la. ONE GOOD DEALER WANTED in every town where not represented. Finest and most durable. Colors always uniform and guaranteed. ENTERPRISE PAINT MFG. CO., '— Chicago. I IN CANADA'S FREE HOMESTEAD LANDS. Wetaskiwin, Alta., April 5th, 1S98. W. F. McCreary, Govt. Immigration Commissioner, Winnipeg. Dear Sir: — I like the country very much so far; have seen a great number of farm'ers from the states and every one seen so far says they have done well and like it here far better than where they came from, and all claim it to be the best country for a poor man that they were ever in, and with good crops this season I predict a great rush. There are some nice claims to be had yet, but will not last the summer through. I do not find it any colder than in Iowa and am feeling much better than when I I left there March 1st. I think this a I great country for those who are suffering with throat and lung troubles. I have seen men that had as high as 51% bushels wheat per acre and near 100 bushels oats, but they weigh from 45 to 51 pounds per bushel, but the general run is 25 to 50 wheat, 50 to 75 oats, and stock looking line; some cattle running out wore nearly in market flesh. I expect to return to the states late this fall for stock, etc.; will write you when I want to go. Thanking you all for past favors, I remain, most respectfully yours, (Signed) Dr. D. B. Strevell. Tommy— -"Mamma, why have yon got papa's hair in a locket?" ]]is mother —"To remind me that he once had some, Tommy." MISCELLANEOUS. hio February. The discomforts of this month can be escaped by taking advantage of the winter excursions of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad to one of the many pleasant resorts of the South. This line offers unsurpassed facilities for reaching the cities in the South, the winter resorts of the beautiful gulf coast, of Florida, of California, and of the West Indies. Write C. P. Atmore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky., for folders descriptive of Florida or the Gulf Coast. We always feel sorry for tlie woma'Jt whose husband thinks he knows how to cook. Home SevknrH' Clieiip KxcurKlono. The Xorth-AVcstern Line will sell home seckors' excursion tickets February 21. March 7 and 'JJ, with favorable l.ime limits, to numerous points in, the West and South at exceptionally low rates. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & North-Western R'y. _ Don't think a man dwells next to the root merely for the sake of the view. Soap that's all soap- Soap. -Diamond "C" Don't think a woman over achieves greatness w JlS£_ s J? e £ ets a husband. .CRESCENT IIOTEt, EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS, Opens February 28rd. In the Ozark Mountains. Delightful climate. Beautiful seen* cry. Unequaled medicinal waters. Cheap rates. Through sleepers Salinas, Cal.—Parito, believed to be the oldest Yaqui Indian in California,' 3s dead. He was 308 years old. Bellefontaine, Ohio—Judge Thomas Mittenberger was found dead in his bed and his wife in an unconscious condition, from which she cannot recover. Escaping gas from a broken fixture was the cause. Marquette, Mich.—Assignees of J. M. Wimmson's estate have leased to Andrew Carnegie the Michigan iron mining property on the Menominee range. Kansas City, Mo.—An oyster famine is the result of the unexpected blizzard in the south and east. Local oysi<e? dealers are practically bare of sup plies. Cobden, 111.—Capt. George Owens chairman of the Union county repub lican committee and vice president o .the Union County Soldiers and Sailors Association, died, aged 02 years. Washington.—The president nomi nated Ernest P. Goodrich of Michigan Leonard M. Cox of Kentucky, and Al fred C. Lewerenz of Michigan to b civil engineers in the navy. Columbus, Ind.—Frank Molting, a grocer, swallowed his false teetl asleep and was unconscious and nearlj dead when discovered by his wife. Piper City, 111.—The Rev. Willian B. Allison of the Presbyterian r.hurrt here has resigned to accept the pas torate of the Presbyterian church a Bement. San Francisco, Cal.—Attorney-Gen oral Ford has filed an opinion with th' railway commissioners in which h< states .that they have no authority over the Pullman Palace Car company Columbus, O.—lu the Ohio suprem court the National Biscuit companj was granted until April 1, 1899, ii which to answer the interrogatories ii the case of the state of Ohio ex rel attorney general against that com pany. St. Louis.—Lucien M. Chipley, aged 5ti years, for years one of the best known financiers of St. Louis, has died from cancer of the liver. Manitowos, Wis.—John Kunz, prominent farmer, has been declared insane. Fairbury, 111.—The Livingston county farmers' institute held a two clays session here. Norwich, Conn.—Luther M. Kinney a farmer, aged about 55, was found dead, buried in the snow near his home. Milwaukee, Wis.—A bust of the late Horace Rublee has been received in this city and will soon be unveiled in the public library. Detroit, Mich.—Twenty-nine wholesale grocers and sugar jobbers at- tended'a meeting here and decided to excursion rates. Through sleepers via Frisco Line. A<lress J. O. Plank, Man- ' deal only with tiie sugar trust, affev, Room H, Arcade, Century Building 1 , or Frisco Ticket Office, No. 102 N. Broadway, St. Louis. Victims of diphtheria, according to a state law of Iowa, must be buried within eight hours after death, and, when possible, the funeral must take place at night. TBE EXCEHENCE OF SYRUP OF FI6S is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to tho care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA FIG SVKUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all tho importance of purchasing- the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CALIFORNIA FIG SVBUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. The high standing of the CALIFORNIA FIG SVKUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in. advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company— CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AN FUAKOISCO, Co!. LOUISVILLE. Kr. SEW VOltE. S. Y, And ttois ad, and we will eond you this big, now 1899 ftM*v*fu, UAMiJitiiu » i. W.W jwui' iiu.l|£l*l' UUpUb UDQ II XOUDa • perfectly satisfactory nud the greatest stove bftrguin you ever saw or heard of, uay {ho freight •agent OUK SPECIAL PB&OB, SI4.5O, IGSB H.OO sent \vlth order, or 813.60 ana tVolBbt charges. Fro-ghp amounts to uoxt to nothing compared wltn what you save In Will shjp thio stove either from foundry at K ]>'•. or Chicago, dependinir where you live a pig ii'oo, in very latest fuU nearly square,"£aa extr» Ian heavy Unlogg and grates, 1 plated oven uholf, heavy tiul! plated frout, name elates, ov •nicko) tea pot bolder, Osb. os, heftv; t Keokuk' and tbe ovou covers, andsomo nickel handsome ulokol nickel towel rod, Terre Haute, Ind.—Mrs. Rhoda Lovelace, who died at the age of 99 years and 3 mouths, was the oldest woman resident of this part of the Wabash valley. Milwaukee, Wis.—Because -they did not like their foreman fifteen men employed in the dye department of the C. J. Smith & Sons manufacturing plant quit work. LaGrange, Ind.—William Kelly of Chicago, confined in the county jail' for the last five months on the charge of compliicty in the Shipshewana bank robbery, has been discharged. ; Clarksburg, W. Va.—Tho Lucas coal lands, including 4,000 acres lying on the west fork of the Monongahe'la river, have been sold to the H. C. Frick Coke company of Pittsbjirg for $016,000. Indianapolis, Ind.—James W. Tyler, father of Marion Tyler, who was lynched at Scottsburg, has begun suit in the United States court against James Gobin, sheriff of Scott county, for $5,000 damages. LATEST MARKET REPORT. CHICAGO. Cattle, all grades $1.60 @6.10 Hogs, common to prime. 1,40 @3.a7i£ Sheep and lambs 2.10 @5.00 Wheat, No. 2 red 72%@ .73 Corn, No. 2 35 @ .36% Oats, No. 2 white .2814 Eggs 21 @ .22 Butter liy a @ .21 Rye, No. 2 65&@ .55% ST. LOUIS. Wheat, No. 2 Oats, No. 2 cash Corn, No. 2 cash Cattle, all grades ....... 2.60 Hogs 3.65 Sheep and lambs ...... 2.25 TOLEDO. Wheat, No. 2 cash Corn, No. 2 mixed Oats, No. 2 mixed , Rye, No. 2 cash Cloverseed, prime cash. KANSAS CITY. Cattle, all grades , 2.35 Hogs, all grades ...... 3.45 Sheep and lambs 2.25 MILWAUKEE. Wheat, No. 1 northern.. Oats, No. 2 white 30%® Barley, No. 2 51 @ NEW YORK. Wheat, No. 2 red .§4% Corn, No. 2 44^@ .45y 8 Oats, No. 2 .35 PEORIA. Oats, No. 2 white 29%@ .30 Corn, No. 2 .. 32%@ .32^ Kxpects Support lu I'lllll|ijiliioH. A Madrid dispatch says Aguinaldo expects the armed support of China and Japan in fighting American domination in the islands. Appointing" t for Wlscoublu Mim. Horace A. aylor of Madison, Wis., editor of the Wisconsin State Journal, is to be appointed assistant secretary of the treasury. .28% .34% @6.00 @3.79% @5 25 .36% ,29% .57 3.30 @5.75 @3.80 @5,00 .73 Negroes ut Vaua. Another large company of negroes arrived from St. L.ouis to woyk la tho mines at Pana, m. FREE TO MILL IONS, A Valuable little Hook Sent Free tat the Asking. Medical books are not always Interesting reading, especially to people enjoying good health, but as a matter of fact scarcely one person in ten is perfectly healthy, and even with such sooner or later sickness must come. It is also a well established truth that nine-tenths of all diseases originate with a breaking down of the digestion, a weak stomach weakens and impoverishes the system, making It easy for disease to gain a foothold. Nobody need fear consumption, kidney disease, liver trquble or a weak heart and nervous system as long as the digestion is good and the stomach able to assimilate plenty of wholesome food. Stomach weakness shows itself in a score of ways, and this little book describes the symptoms and causes and points the way to a cure so simple that anyone can understand and apply. Thousands have some form of stoni ach trouble and do not know it. They ascribe the headaches, the languor nervousness, insomnia, palpitation constipation and similar symptoms to some other cause than the true one. Get your digestion on the right track and the heart trouble, lung trouble, liver disease or nervous debility will rapidly disappear. This little book treats entirely on the cause and removal of indigestion and its accompanying annoyances. It describes the symptoms of Acid Dyspepsia, Nervous Dyspepsia, Slow Dyspepsia, Amylaceous Dyspepsia, Catarrh of Stomach and all affections of the digestive organs in plain language easily understood, and the cause re- m&ved. It gives valuable suggestions as to diet, and contains a table giving length of time required to digest various articles of food, something every person with weak digestion should know. No price is asked, but simply send your name and address plainly written on postal card to the F. A. Stuart Co., 151 Main St., Marshall, Mich., request- Ing a little book on Stomach Diseases and it will be sent promptly by return mail. Look out for explosions; the wintry blasts are blowing 1 up streets and alleys everywhere. S:!,OOO for u Now Corn. That's what this new corn cost. Yields 813 bushels per acre. Big Four Oats 250 bushels— Snlzer's Rape to pasture sheep and cattle at 25c per acre yields 60 tons; potatoes $1.20 per bbl. Bromus Incrrals, the greatest grass on earth; Beardless Barley CO bushels per acre; 10 kinds grasses and clovers, etc. Send this notice to JOHN A. SALiZEU SEED CO., LA CROSSJ3, AVIS., with lOo stamps and receive free great Catalogue; $3,000 Corn and 10 Farm Seed Samples. [w.n.] The ostrich is first plucked when it is about seven months old. Usually a dozen feathers are taken from the wing's and tail at one time. You use soap in the laundry every week. Try Diamond "C" Soap next week. The man who is unable to write seldom poses as defendant in a breueh- of-promise Kuit. TO CDKK A COI/D IN ONE DAT Take Laxative, Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund tho money it it falls to euro. i'5c. The genuine lias Ii. H. Q. on eacli tablet. A genuine ilirt never knows where she is going 1 to end. «r,., .. T, CoiiM Not Keep ITonno Without Dr. Beth Arnold's OOUKU Killer. Mrs. E. J. Bni'ton, Boyd, Win. 25c. abottlo. An Ohio man married tin heiress and tried to prove that he didn't cure for her money by spending- every cent of it. WILL KEEP YOU D$Y. T—r^iiin uiii tannin iii in HIM, wronfTni'jiuit%m. I Don't be fooled with a mackintosh L B or rubber coat. If you wantncontj S that will keep you dry In the hard-1 Jest storm buy the Fish Brand I Slicker. If not for sale In your! I town, write for catalogue to 1 A. J. TOWER, Boston. Mass. FOgrS 14 CEBITS WowiBhto(ruinthlayear200.000 m>.\v cuutomcTtJ, and uexiuo on'or 1 P1(K. la JJiiy Kadish, loo lit;. lurlyKipo C'ubbngo. 10o " Knrliost Rod Boot, loo " LoneLifrhtuVCJucumberlUo " Bauer's Best lettuce, loo " Uilil'ornin Iflg Tomato, 2Uo . " Knrly JJiuuor Onion, luo B •' Brllliauti'lowiu-Suedu, loo Worth $1,00, fur 14ccnt». fl3j Abovo 10 pkgs. wortfeJUO, wo will jiuiil you freo, toMKor with our great Plant and Seed Cutiiloguo upou receipt of this notice & J 40 postage. \vc invite your trade and Know when you ouoo try halzci-'u Sci'dHyouwilluovurffotnloiiKwith- :!•• oSUhpm. Onion S«c<l (JS«. and anp it Ib. I'otuioeu at S1.8O - * a llbl. Catalog ftlone 60. No.wn j, JOHN A, 8AI//.KII SElil) to., l.A C1KISSE, \US. j 8«—'899, \ r kea Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Taper. She Had Hnfl Experience. Mrs. Watson—My new girl that I had come Monday left as soon as she pot the vrashinp done. , She said somebody else could do the ironing-. Mrs. Jenlcs—Didn't you Jeel disgusted? Mrs. Watson—A little, hut I thought I was lucky to pet the washing done. Onr Volley of Territorial Expansion. Annexationists are advocating the addition of Canada to this country, and think it can bo accomplished in'a peaceful manner without exciting a quarrel with England. Such questions cnll for the wisest statesmanship, just as dyspepsia, constipation, liver and kidney diseases call for a reliable remedy like llostetter's Stomach Bitters. One-fifth of the students in Swiss xiniversitics are women. Silver plated Napkin Ring given free for saving 75 Diamond "C" Soap wrappers. The empress of Russia dusts her dainty nose with a $5,000 handkerchief. TtJMOB Coo's CeniKli T)nl<mm Ts the oldnnt anil best. It will liriMik tip a cold quicker tlmu unythlug else. It Is ahrnyn reliable. Try It. Almost one-quarter of nil the wheat raised in the world is grown m the United States. IlRivnrc of OlntinriU.H for Cntnrrlt That Contttlii Mornnry. nB mercury will suroly Opstroy tho souse oC smell nnd completoly (1i?rniiR;p lhr> whole Byslom when i:ntorlim It Ihron^li flic mucous sill-faces. Such nrticli-s fihould iift-cr bo used except on proHcrlplloiiH frotu ron- utnblo physielans. <IH the (laniufrc they will do is ton fold to tho Rood you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Oui-e. inniuifiiclui-Ril by F. J. Chnnoy <& Co.. Toledo, O., contains no ineroury nnd Is takon Internally, nolliifr dlreolly upon tho blood nnd mucous surfaces of tho system. Tn buying Hall's Catarrh <:ure bo suro you got. the Keiiulno. It Is ttilreu Intorually, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. Sold by DriiRKlsts. prico 7iio per bottle Hall's Family Pillajiro t,be host. In the Bavarian royal family during 1 the past one hundred years there have been twonty-sovou cases of insanity. Hfrs. AVlnslow'H Hootlilnpf Syrup. For children tcnttilng, miftons tho Rinns, roduoco In- UiunniHtlon. uIiavH iiiUn.c.iirci wind colic. STie a bottla. It is a common practice among Japanese young- ladies, when they desire to make themselves very attractive, to g'ild their lips. WANTHD-Ciise of bail hraltli that It-IT-A-X-S will nut liiMiufli. Send B I-CIIIN u> Itlpnnn Cheinlrnl Co., Now York, fur HI mimnhis and 1,(I(X) testimonials. Satan is sureli 1 :i really j^ood fellow after all. He i« always watching- and preying. Dully 1'iipor for 8U 11 Your. Tho Dos Moiling Dally News, with all tho news of lowimnd Mio world. t<!l(!irrn|ilil» mnrkuls, n ohil- clron'Ndopurlimuit, woman's PIIKO, ( >ti!., Is sum, to any address for $1 a your, vii duuta for six moiiMis, 60 cents for tliroi! iiioiuhs. liu oenls 11 month. Ad- drois THIS NK\V8,_I)us Mill lies. lown. Some people refuse to lay up for a ruing day for fear there will be a prolonged drouth. tr&quallfled Success of Lydia fi. Pittkbam's Vegetable Odrbpouiid. Mrs. ELIZABETH WirteEtock, Magnolia, Iowa, in the following letter describes her recovery from a very critical condition: " DEAR MRS. PINKIIAM:—t have been taking your Vegetable Compound, and am now ready to sound its praises. It has done wonders for me in relieving me of a tumor. "My health has been poor for three years. Change of life was working upon me. 1 was very much bloated and was a burden to myself. Was troubled with smothering spells, also palpitation of the heart and that bearing-down feeling, and could not bo on my feet much. "I was growing worse all the time, until I took your medicine. "After taking three boxes of Lydia K. Pinkhnm's Vegetable Compound Lozenges, the tumor passed from me. "My health has been better ever since, CRU now walk quite a distance and am troubled no more with palpitation of tho heart or bloating. I recommend your medicine to all sufferers from female troubles." It is hardly reasonable to suppose that any one can doubt the efficiency of Mrs. Pinkham's methods and medicine in the face of the tremendous vol- ,ume of testimony. Go to your grocer to-day and get a 150. package of It takes the place of coffee at |- the cost. Made from pure grains it is nourishing and healthful. Insist that your „ Accept uo imitation. es you GHAIN-O. FROM SUDDEN WEATHER CHANGES and Stiffness Is prompt to act and sure of a prompt cure. S A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A HOUSE[FUL OF SHAME." CLEAN HOUSE WITH The Tin Tags taken from Horseshoe, " J. T.," Cross Bow, Good Luck—and Drummond Natural Leaf—will pay for any one or all of this list of desirable and useful things—and you have your good chewing tobacco besides. Every man, woman and child in America can find something on this list that they would like to have and can have—FREE ! Write your name and address plainly nnd send evciy tag you can get to us—mentioning- the number of the present you ivant. Any assortment of the different kinds of tags mentioned above will be accepted us follows: 1 Mutch BON*, quaint design, im- pm'lecl from Japan 25 2 Knife, oiu: Untie, ynod stetl 25 y Scusurs, -i/a-inch, e°°d steel ilfi 4 ChiU's Set, Knife, Fork and Spoon 33 B Salt an/V: (Vppcr, one each, miad- rnple plate on white metal BO 0 Razor, lioHow ground, fine Knglish steel BO 7 Tiuttcr Knife, triple plate, best ijual. (10 8 SugarShell.triplcplatc,bc'.,tqualily CO 9 Stamp HOY, sterlint; silver 70 10 Knife, "Keen Kutler," two blades 70 11 Butcher Knife, "Keen Kutter," 8-inch blade 75 12 Shears, " Keen Kutter," 8-incb, nickel 75 1U Nut Set, Cracker and 8 Picks, silver BO 14 Nail [''He, sterling silver, amethyst set, 0-inuh 100 1C Tooth Brush, sterling silver, amethyst set, fl-incli" 100 10 Paper Cutter, sterling silver, anic- inyst set, 7-inch ]00 17 BaseBall,"Association," bestquul. 100 18 Watch, stem wind and set, guaranteed good time keeper 200 TAGS 19 Alarm Clock, nickel, \rarranted . . 200 21) Carvers, buckhorn handle, good steel 25 ..... 21 Six Rogers' Teaspoons, best qual. 22 22 Knives and Forks, six each, buck- horn handle* ................ 250 28 Clock, 8-day, Calendar, Thermometer, Barometer ............. 500 24 Stove, Wilson Heater, size No. 30 or No. 40 .... .............. BOO 25 Tool Set, not playthings, but real tools ....................... ego 20 Toilet Set, decorated porcelain, very handsome .......... .... 800 27 Watch, solid silver, full jeweled ..1000 28 Scwini; Machine, first class, with all attachments. . ............ 1500 2!) Revolver, Colt's, best quality ..... 1600 SO Rifle, Winchester, IC-shot, 22-cal.lOOO 31 Shot Gun, double barrel, humjner- less, stub twist .............. 2000 32 Guitar (Wa&hburn), rosewood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl ..... 2000 33 Bicycle, standard make, ladies' or cents' ...................... 2600 BOOKS — 30 choice selections — same as last year's list, 40 tags each. This offer expires November 33,1899. Address all your Tags and the correspondence about them to DRU(V!(V=OND BRANCH, St. Louis, Mo. Rev, M. W. Everhart, formerly Presiding- Elder of the Cham "".and West Jacksonville Districts, and now pastor of the M E ,h „>. norhnviHe 111., writes:—"To the afflicted, I take pleasure in Cannot too highly commend the heal ^-restoring' properties of the medicines manufactured and sent out by the Dr. B. J. Kay Meaical Co. * * * The change thas has been wrought in my •tinitftry st*te by the use of the fir. Kay's Kidneycur* w»4 the 's Renovator ia simply phenominal. I Have been relieved of and p«nful urination and pajns ini my back of 12 \., .>"'.:•>.^t'J^M

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