The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 22, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1899
Page 5
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THE UPPER DES MOINES: ALGQNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY .* 22, 1899, It would surprise you to see the consignment of LINENS we received last week. We are offering them at very low CHURCH FREE FROM DEBT. Sunday Last Was a Bed Letter Day For the Methodists. Dedication Services Largely Attended, and More Money Raised Than Is Required. prices for the next two weeks, 1,000 yards of REMNANTS in Linen Table 2, 2^ and 354 yard lengths Cloth in TAan Wholesale Prices. so pieces of cotton dish toweling, worth 6c, for 2S pieces of Stevens all-linen crash, worth 8c, for . A large assortment of hem stitched and fringed towels, from 4c up. Chrischilles & Herbst. 3c 5c The now Methodist church was dedicated Sunday free from debt. In other words a total of $23,600 is raised and in the shape of good subscriptions, to bo paid during the coming two years. Of this $15,400 had been subscribed already. Over $13,000 was raised Sunday, how much over is not yet stated, but enough to cover every detail of cost, and leave u margin to the good It was the most liberal subscripts ever made in Algona. The cost of the new church is givet in the following official figures: Contract with F. A. Gross » Extras for contractor ojj Repairing chimney £" Architect's fees •. ~i» Heating plant V» l > Electric light fixtures H>0 Art glass windows <"" I Pews !;;Chairs for Sunday school room i-to Sidewalks ™ Pulpit • t ^f. Building site • V;*J Sewer excavation, drainage, etc no Miscellaneous expenses ~2< Carpets ?.!° Kitchen and dining room >»« Pipe organ •*'"'" Expenses of dedication ^ Interest on money Iaj Dealers' association at Waterloo recent- y, W. P. Jones, one of the big dealers n that line of goods at Algona, said among other things that during the season of 1898 ho spent double the imount usually spent by him in advertising, and that his business in 1898 was $15,000 better than in 1897. So much for printer's ink." PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Geo. C. Call was in Marshalltown over Sunday. Mrs. Wartman and Miss Zoa will visit in the southern part of the state. J. O. Reaver camo up from Knoxville for a day at tho Hoxie home last week. Samuel Mayne was in town yesterday on his way to Ocbeydan on a business trip. Mrs. Samuel Mayne was down over Sunday to attend the dedication and visit Mrs. Setchell. Mrs S. I. Plumley is visiting her son Charley. She returns to Webster City the last of the week. Mrs Lulu Clarke McCoy came from Minneapolis last week for a visit at the Geo. E. Clarke home. Uneeda Biscuit. TRY A BOX and you will cry for more, like " babies cry for Castoria." Found only at my store. THE LOCAL FIELD. will Bean supper. Skating rink. Tonight. F. W. Kinne is very sick with typhoid fever. John L. Kropp and Maggie Wagner are licensed to wed. J. B. Hofius bought the old mill bridge, giving $30 for it. The Sheetz drug store is being painted inside. Jas. A. Orr is at it. Herb Bailey is putting out 60 evergreens this spring up in Union, Daniel Rice went to Chicago the first of the week with a load of steers. A new girl baby at Ed. Patterson's home yesterday morning was a welcome visitor. C. E. Heise is casting about for a residence lot and is planning, on a new home this spring. Mr. and Mra. John Geoders are home from Chicago with a big stock, and announce it this week. Madson & Hansen have gotten in a fine line of spring suitings, and spring is here. It will pay our readers to see their fine goods. Mrs. A. A. Brunson continues to be sick. Her trouble seems to be of the nerves, but the outward symptom is constant vomiting. It is rumored that Win. Heathor- shaw, our county fair stand-by, is married or to be married this week. We wish him much joy. The Harrison Wild organ recital at the Methodist church tomorrow evening will be the great musical event. The house will be packed for it. Wm. Nolan's son had a horse stumble and fall with him Saturday and his face was badly cut. Ho got deep gashes in both lips but no broken teeth. The opening sale of seats for the pipe orfi-an recital was 150 in a few hours. Burt will take a big bunch. They are on sale at Gilmore's store. Guy Taylor has a handsome Kimball piano in his ware rooms, and several more coming. This one is a beauty. Read his advertisement in this issue. The Mann sale was well attended last week. Nathan disposed of about half his sheep. R. P. Wright bought about 50. Many farmers are getting sheep. When Rev. Geo. W. Southwell wrote his poem on the Methodists and raised the first $1,000 towards the new church he probably did not dream of what was to come. Two double front residences are like- lv to Q'O in on the north half of the Ferguson block, east of the Presbyterian church. Wm. K. Ferguson is planning to build them to rent. The skat players in Algona are planning- on a skat tournament. Algona has several A class players and a whole lot that range down the alphabet. Algona challenges the state. Mrs. Jessie Smith Hantington continues in very poor health. She has been unable to sit up for 10 days and /,.'' her friends are much alarmed because ".- she does not gain strength. " Sheriff Christensen sent his baby boy to Milwaukee Monday evening to its mother's folks. It has a growth in the nose that is troubling it and a surgical operation will bo performed there. Dr Boss!ngham was down from Seneca yesterday. The doctor says the new railway towns don't come near enough to Seneca to change things much. He is haying a good practice. B F Reed says if all the farmers will'follow'out his advice at the institute he will go back to farming. He says the farms will be so handsome that everybody will want to live on the farm. Court opens Monday, Judge Quarton presiding. The judge held court at Spirit Lake last week and has spent the present week at home. The Mrs. Lund note case is the principal one for trial. With the present weather it is not an affront to call the attention of the farmers to the fact that they are going to need some seed corn soon, and to invite them to read what A. L. Goddard says in his advertisement. Secretary Peek will go to Britt this week to meet the county fair secretaries from Hurnboldt, Clarion, and Emmeteburg. The five counties will form a circuit for next fall's amusements and get a good list. The cups to be shot for at the coming state tournament are on display at the Sheetz store. One is the state team oup, once held by Smitl>and Durant. It is now held by Budd a.Pd Wovthing- tonofpes Moiues. The other Is the S0, Smith PUP flow held by W. B. Milner of Des Moines. Algona have shooters for both cups. The closing lecture of the course, Dr. Willets'on Sunshine, will be the best of the series if the editors who heard him at Eagle Grove are to bo judges. No one who holds a ticket should fail to hear Dr. Willets, March 3. Father Lechtenberg went to Chicago to see Marvin Hughitt about getting the Northwestern line to Algona to come to St. Jo. Mr. Hughitt told him as he did the Algonians that the company had not yet decided to build the line. The Wigwam opens its twenty-ninth season with the best and biggest stock of machinery it has ever had. The Wigwam is the pioneer in this part of Iowa. The older it grows the bigger business it does and the better bargains it offers. Supervisor and Mrs. Barton came from LuVerne yesterday. Mr. Barton came expecting to go over the poor farm a little, but after ho got hero he decided that Lew Millen would have other things on his mind and so he did not go out. Carl Setchell has sent his mother some Manila shoes, playing cards, drawn work, bullets, etc. Carl says he he went to fight Spaniards and is tired of policeing the dirty black scamps of natives. Carl don't think much of the average Filipino. Nowadays those who wish to do writing in the court house offices have to come out to the front desk. The board has ordered that no ink be allowed in the vaults. In the south part of the state a lot of records have been changed as the result of such a practice. A. L. Belton and Lafe Griffon decided that their lawyers did not do them full justice in the Algona courts, so they had a little tilt of their own at the Mann sale, after the old English fashion of trial by combat. It was .a red hot suit from beginning to end. John Sifert and wife sued Charley Bossingham and wife yesterday in 'Squire Clarke's court for S3.50 wnsh bill. 'Squire Taylor and F. M. Curtiss expounded the law. It seems that John claims to have done a big laundry business for Charley along last May. Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Hutchison had a bad scare Monday. They had been giving their baby medicine for whooping cougb, and at the bottom of the bottle the dose seemed to have had more potency for the little one was put to sleep and could not be wakened for six hours. Frank Potter's little baby died at Hobart Monday evening and is buried today at 1 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Samson and Mr. and Mrs C. A. Tellier went over to sing at, the funeral. Many friends will sympathize with the parents who mourn. The burial will be at Whittemore. A young man drove down the mill hill last Thursday just as the passenger train was going west. He did not pull his team up at all, and the cars hit one horse in the head, knocking it flat. After the train had gone the horse got up and the man drove on. A woman in the wagon was frightened but the man seemed as composed as though nothing had happened. A resolution wns passed by the teachers Saturday endorsing Supt. Van Erdewyk. Miss Austin of Bancroft presented it and it carried unanimously. Its purport was political but the presentation and vote were both intended merely as an expression of appreciation. Supt. Van Erdewyk was touched by tne unexpected endorsement, which was fully deserved. Total ' •••* 38 - 000 The cut of the building gives no adequate idea of its proportions. ItisSHx Geo T Richmond is up from Ames and electric wiring is going on again. The cold weather put a stop to it. Mrs. Olo Hansen, formerly Anna Lordell, is ovor/rom Spencer visiting, her lirst return to Algona in three years. J B Carr was called to Omaha last week to help bury a brother. He was a. lawyer in tho city and leaves a large family. Prof. L. J. Smith goes to Illinois soon to visit and also to look up several otters ho bus to play the pipe organ James Patterson. (ONLY 5 CENTS A BOX.) TO FINISH THIS SEASON FOR WfVRM FOOTWEfVR. From now on we will sell all of our well-known makes in Arctics and Overshoes and all kinds of warm Footwear at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. One lot Ladies' first quality Storm Alaskas at only 650 a pair. One lot Ladies', Misses' and Children's Overshoes at SDC. Men's 11.oo Arctics at 900. Men's $1.25 Arctics at $1.15. Men's $1.35 Arctics at $1.25. Our Men's $1.50 Arctics—the very best made—only $1-35- Boys' $1.25 Arctics at only $1.00. 5oc and 6oc German Socks and Felt Boots at only 4OC. And many other bargains in this line. Come and see them. Flno RonalrluK Custom AVorli and Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, Algona, la. * • "i--i A MR, BENEDICT, the ladies' suit, skirt and jacket man, will be with us for one day, Thursday, Feb. 23. y JAS. TAYLOR. 119i feet on the ground, of brown sandstone throughout, has 29 rooms, an auditorium 60x60. The basement is furnished for a dining room and kiUshen, the latter supplied wiUi H. Buck s steel range, hot water hetiter, full eut of dishes and silverware. The entire auditorium is carpeted, tho pews lire the best made. The wood work is red birch and quarter-Hawed oak. I no pipe organ is finished in wild cherry. Everything from the front steps to the back'area ways and from the vestibu e to tho pastor's study is elcpinlly finished and no detail has been slighted or omitted. It is an elegant building, the finest church in the west in a uilv of less than 10,000 people.. Dr. Ivos said to an UPPER DES MOINES representative that he'had never seen so fine a. church for the money ithad cost and that he bad seen many that bad cost $40,000 that are not so complete or handsome. THE DEDICATION EXERCISES. A half hour before the time sot the church wns crowded and people were soon standing in the foyers. The Con- .n-egationaliKts, Baptists, Presbyterians and Froo Methodists joined in tho services. The pipe organ pealed out an opening welcome, Miss Crete Goddard sang "The Holy City," and the program was begun. A mala octette consisting of D. T. tmcl Sidney Smith Rowland Smith, E. W. Fuller, Join Clemmer, J. F. Flansburg, Geo. Hamilton and Prof. Meeker occupied the choir loft. The music was beautiful throughout. Prof. Smith played tho organ with the touch of a mauler, Miss Goddard sane: with fine expression, and in a voice that is not often excelled among younger singers. The anthems and congregational singing were inspiring. ,, Ur Ives morning sermon was on tho power and beauty of the Christian faith and influence. The doctor has dedicated over 2,000 churches in the past 40 years, and has has raised over g>10,000,- 000 of money. Ho is an attractive, genial, and persuasive man, exactly suited to bis work. His sermons wore all able, and bis after talks were so jappy that it is not at all remarkable that hp is known as the church dedicator. The program in full was as folows: SUNDAY MOKN1XG, 10 :30 O'CLOCK. Ritual, by pastor, Rev. F. E. Day. Hymn. Prayer, Rev. B. I. Ivos. Male octette, "Muri'li Onward." Scripture. n\ 00—Sermon, Rov. B. I. Ives of Auburn, N Y Financial statement by Dr. Ivos. Contributions. Benediction. Postlude. SUNDAY AFTEHNOON, 3 O'CLOCK. Hymn. Prof. Smith proved himself a master of the instrument Sunday and Algona will regret to lose him if ho decides to go. HornRO Mann goi-8 to Chicago tomorrow to hi* absent six months. He will bo in l hn city mid will devote his time largely to sociological study. J. W. Illiic.hon and daughter, Nellie, ,ook in tho editors' mooting at Eaglo Grove and then went to Port Dodge to visit, tbo Healey family over Sunday. it! other Algonians nt Eaglo Grove were M. Starr and the proprietors of THE UPPER DES MOINES. Cook Stoves At Cost. J. J. Ryan has been up looking over his interests tho past week. He says Algona is about, us good us they make towns, and ho still holds to his residence here. James camo up just in time to contribute to a public enterprise 01- two, which he did cordially. Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Foster came from Ames for a few days, attending tho dedication. Ho Hays ho knows nothing about, the intentions of the Northwestern railway, and if ho did wouldn't tell. He is superintending tho work done nenr SMC City. Dr. Morse piissod his examination for admission to Company F successfully at Des Moines, and is now to be surgeon of tho new company. Dr. Priestly conducted tho examination, While gone ho helped initiate Lafe Young as a Shriner, and lie suys Lafo's friends didn't leave anything out. LADIES of the Presbyterian church will give a sale at Taylor's the 28th— next week Tuesday. WANTED—6,000 dozen eggs in trade at the highest market price. JNO. GOEDEHS. Wo have on our floor ten high-grade cook stoves, with and without reservoirs ranging in price from $15 to $30, which wo will offer at cost until March 1st, to make room for the line of " Buck's" stoves which wo have purchased for our spring trado. Tboso are not cheap stoves, but nro what we have left of three or four different makes, and which wo are anxious to get out of the way Since wo havo boon selling "Buck's" stoves and ranges three- fourths of our customers have bought "Buck's," wnieh has made our other stoves slow sellers. We now desire to close out everything else and sell nothing but " Buck's." Here is an opportunity if you need a stove this spring. t^TTheso CUT PRICES will prevail until March 1st only. I HIM «!..••! I.!.•!.» The Other Shoe Store HAS SHOES THAT ABE UP TO DATE, ———- Men's Women's, Misses' and Children's, Youth's and Boys.' Ask to see our MANNISH and full dress shoes for ladies. A complete line of Rubbers carried in stock. DRAY loads of now goods daily at JNO. GOEDERS'. WANTED—Girls to learn dress-mak ing. Over Algona bakery. 49t2 — . - . •-. THERE is no better lino of coffees than that carried by M. 'L. GROVE & SON. DRESSMAKING done by Miss Amy Ward. Residence lirst house north of J. B. Winkel's sowing machine office. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 percent., with optional payments Interest payable annually. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. and snag-proof boots; ery pair warranted. Call and examine stock before buying. O- O. ev- Fanners' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of Now York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, KoeKford of RocUforcT, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Offlce over Algona State Bank. GEO. M. BAILEY. CLARA E. FOSTER. Church for The old Methodist church will be sold at auction to the best and highest bidder, at the church, on Thursday, March 2, at 2 p. m. 491,3 SEE Thos. F. per cent, farm vnents. Cooke for ten-year 5 loans—optional pay- John Clemmer, Miss Crete Goddwrd, W H. Koran, K W. Fuller, Fraternal addresses by Roys. Stiles, Suckow, and Ollerenshaw. Solo, "The Heavenly Dream," Miss Crete Goddard. Address, Dr. B. I. Ives. Doxology—Postlude. SUNDAY EVENING, 0 O'CLOCK. Union young people's rally, led by C. J Doxsee. T: IB—Prelude, Largo Celebre. Hymn. Prayer, Dr. Yetter. .„.., „ Male octette, "Memories of Galilee." your "\Ve4diug Buy your wedding ring of us, we al- Holy Night," Miss Crete God dard. Sermon, Dr. B. I. Ives. Hymn. Contributions. Dedication. Benediction. Postlude, Coronation March. THE ENGINE IS COMING-. rue AlKOim Electric Light Plant Is About In—The Engine Expected Tills Week. Lawyer Curtiss says Bigelow has jought a Sioux Corliss engine of tho Murray iron works of Burlington with leavy'fly wheel and heavy duty frame, and that it is ready to ship or is al- •eady shipped. If it is as described tho city will lake it, and it will be in jlaco in a short time. ST. THOMAS' GUILD ladies will give a sale at Taylor's, March 2. FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co, ELEGANT line of handkerchiefs, mufflers, new novelties in ladies' neckwear, Battenbevgs, etc,, for Christmas presents, at GAMJRAITH'S. I Emweteburg Tribune; In a pape tread by him before tb.e HUNGERFORD & BAILEY, Dress Making Parlors. Over E. J. Gilmore's store. CUTTING AND FITTING A SPECIALTY. STRICTLY UP TO DATE. W. H. LACY can furnish you low prices ou \ kinds of mill stuff, M. P. HAGGAUP. O. P. PEEK Wood and Coal, T Do your weighing on our city scales Opposite Hotel Tennant. Haggard. & Peek, TWENTY-FIVE 02. coffee for 25o at M- 1. Grove & Son's. HEINZ' sweet pickles, lOo a dozen. M, 1. GROVE & [Successors to Jones & Smith.l Abstracts, Bicycles Repaired, ' Bicycles for Rent ^£H For Sale, Filed, FOE RENT—400 land neav Armstrong.

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