The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 22, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1899
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ESTABLISHED 1865 There has never been FEBKUARY 22, 1899. VOL, XXXIII* A Better Line of Coffee A Northwestern Official Says It Will Surely Be Built. Graft, and it Is thought a jail delivery was planned. When Flint fired Caskey returned to a cell. At the time of the shooting it was thought the wound inflicted by An Interview with Traveling Freight Agent Eberhnrt That May Mean Something. en- kept in Algona than we keep. We have larged and improved our line still further, and we would like to show them to you. M. 1. Grove & Son. Des Moines Leader: Bert Eberhart, traveling freight agent for the Northwestern, who has been In the northern and western portions of the state for 10 days, returned yesterday. He reports that the surveyors for the proposed extension of the Minneapolis & St. Louis road were at Sioux Rapids Thursday, having been driven in from the field by the extreme cold weather. They expected to resume the survey as soon as the weather modified, and continue in the field until a line was completed to Council BlulTs. A good deal of mystery surrounded the party with reference to the interest in which it was making the survey, but it was learned by a comparison of the hotel register Jailor Flint might prove fatal. Graft, as he was known to the officers, became alarmed and admitted that his right name was Gilbert Bleed- on, and that his home was at Amboy, a, small town in southern Minnesota, not far from where he was captured. Ihe right name was published, and the sheriff of Amboy learned of It. He remembered that Bleedon was wanted there for the same crime that he is being held, horsestealing. His wound Is healing rapidly and he ^ now practically out of danger. Thestatehasa clear case against him, and he will get to serve a liberal term in prison for his conduct. Sheriff Dowd wrote the slier iff in Amboy that the prisoner would bo turned over to the Minnesota «"**"•• author ItUlIJt/U UV^* u " v..~ til* Hies as soon as Iowa was through with Nothing Better to be had for the money him. THE LOCAL FIELD. at Sioux Bargains in Shoes Rapids with tho railroad guide that the man in charge of the party was tho chief engineer for tho Minneapolis & St. Louis company. The roadbed of the new extension of the North western from Donison to Wall Lake has been completed so far as tlie grading is concerned, and five miles of iron laid north out of Donison. Ihe Northwestern has 90,000 tons of 72- pound steel stored at Jewell Junction, which will be used In the construction of the extension northward from bac City to Algona. "The spikes and splices required for the construction of the new lino, which it is tho purpose of the Northwestern to build this season, said Bert Eberhart, who was over -the northern divisions of the Northwestern last week, " are piled up as high as small cottages, while the rails cover acres of ground. Tho present year is going to be a groat one for railroad construction, and northwestern Iowa is going to have its full share." PAID BY THE COUNTY. 1 L,lst of ClulinH Allowed nt tho February Honrd Meeting. COUNTY FUND. Bancroft Register, publishing notice, cVd 87 grade $ 000 M'weisbrod, .bpa? d ^-—v,;;., s ;;;;;;;; 31 GO a and Bancroft Register, proceedings........ Upper Dos Moiues, proceedings and Republican 3 ! proceedin K s' and' station- 4110 20 85 „ „ endleton. committee work '.'. '..... 1000 MP Weaver, stamps, etc ............... * » ' ' ' ory . ! CSP , overpaid to treasurer. ... At The Store. G G Studer. balance 87; not allowed. assessing; cl'd ates 1080 assessors' 2 00 meeting Son W A Peters, same g -^ A L Moore, same ~ ^ Carl Hanson, same g M D Riley, same ~ M J Jones, same ~ OHStolte, same * M H Smith, same J T. Chrisohilles, President. G. 0. Hudson, Vice President. T. H. Lantry, Treasurer. James Patterson, Secretary. ALCONA MILLING COMPANY. J Jensen, same f g 0^ GGStuder, same 2X4 AClemenson, same * «* W H McAninch, same * J" BF Hills, same g °"i Leroy McWhorter, same * >'" C L Ostrander, same ^"9 Frank A Faugman, same •> "* E C Merrill, same ? <~ Geo E Buttertleld, same •> °" BKStacy, same % %z Henry Dorweller, same - '" ChasERoupe, same 5 «« W J Crammoud, same nnii W HRaney, same........ y "" C & N W railway, freight J«»u Tohn E Peterson, trustee » "" MF Randall, overpaid to treasurer.... 100 Peter Winkel, bailiff *•" uu Following is tho program for the Degree of Honor public entertainment at Odd Fellows'hall next Wednesday evening: Vocal quartette; duet, luutn Bowver and Crete Goddiird; recitation, Mrs.' Mathers; recitation, Miss Carroll; instrumental RO!O, Gladys McClellan; short speeches by E. Tollior, C. I'. Nolto, and J. W. Hiuchon; vocal solo, Dr, Morse. • Tho marriage of Klnnoy K Dyson and Miss Mabel I. Milieu which occurs this evening unites two well known families. Klnnoy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Byson, a young mini of good promise, and tho bride IB tho daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lou Mlllen, a charming young lady. Very many friends will join in congratulations, THE UPPER DBS MOINES among thorn. Tho professor of penmanship In THE UPPEH DEIS MOINES' office started to tell about tho wedding of Frank Sllyius at tho L. P. Ward homo and it got in as a silver wedding on Mr. and Mrs. Ward. We cheerfully correct, hoping that Mr. and Mrs. Ward will have silver wedding for us to report, that Silvlus and silver will always bo as close together as they wore in this item. Laweon, Tho Terrible Swede, nmdo 1,612 miles in 139 hours in the ban Francisco race, and was tenth in lie race. This is an average of a little over 11 miles an hour, or less than he made in the New York raoo. Mi lor of Chicago won tho race and broke tho record, making 2,000 miles in 127 hours, an average of nearly 16 miles for every hour, not counting out tho time consumed in sleep. Brown, the Northwestern ^'t-of- way man, has told the Burt Monitor where the new towns will be. The first is six miles from Burt on the Mike t r>0 shea land, the second on the county 1 50 line on section 18. The location Is not what many expected, but it seems to be wise from a railway standpoint. Iho question is now which would hurt Burt most to have one big town In Fenton or two little ones. The new steel bridge is in at the mill crossing and is a beauty. It la 18 feet wide in the clear about three foot wider than the Blackford bridge. The total cost will be about $1300, while the Blackford bridge which is only eight feet longer cost $1,450 bridge was put up by day's Mr Smith is satisfied that tho county is 'ahead. Austin of Webster City bossed the work which was done by our local labor. Than The Coffee that we handle. Langdon & Hudson.. Corn is Kim LOOK TO YOUR EYES. Opthalmle Optician. The most dinicult cases of children ^Poojalty. Do your eyes acho, Binart, water, become m nninnrl nt' mill In the eyeball, ovblt. temple or forehead? If so you should consult a competent opttola" wHh tho latest aolontlilo method of correcting all errors of refraction. I'^arn- matloii and consultation free. Onice over fc. J. ailinoro's store, Algona, Iowa. Notice to Heating Contractors, Notice is hereby given that tho board of di- 1 1 o'c lot 60 || go SsSffiSssisSMa 1 1800. Heating bids to bo accompanied by "-I'll""iard resi-vos'tho right to reject any % d a«!gona, Iowa, Feb. l& 1800. ^^ 40U ' ' Secretary. N ADMINISTRATION NOTICE. undersigned of county, Iowa, :inv manner inoebtod to said es er- ate unH n : •Vftn ma ate payment to the under and those Having claims against the iiod ; and those Having «. f instate will illo them with tho clerk of tho flitrlct court of Kossuth county, Iowa, as provided by law? duly authenticated, for alfow- 11 Dated this ,0th aay c of s Kobrua,y. A Q . D. 1890. AdmlniBtvator. '" is The now )ngtJr CUnu tpi,iuu, ^ >»~ ••- •put up by day's works, and NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL. STATE oir IOWA, KOSBUTII COUNTY, Bs.-Dis S t.H,i nourt in and for Kossuth County. iay concern: Whereas, on the ember, 1808, a paper purporting to be the 'last will and tnHtament of Sieban And Goddard's Silver King is King of Corn, Profit and satisfaction will follow if you buy and plant our reliable fire-dried seed corn. It is not merely an experiment, but an( established fact. We will send descriptive price list that will tell you all about it. Ask for it. The following merchants will take your order for seed ; or you can send direct to us at Fort Atkinson, Iowa. E. J. Gilmore, Algona, Iowa. Grove & Son, Algona, Iowa. E. A. E. Laage, Sexton, Iowa. F. Keopke, Burt, Iowa. John Nemmers & Son, Bancroft, Iowa. Respectfully, H. J. & A. L. Goddard, FORT ATKINSON, IOWA. [INCORPORATED.] The onera house wasliterallyjaramed . «„. 11 *-i_..i_t 1«rtt ii»tr> Gti t.n»«rl n V SPCnristensen, serving grand jury and petit jury notices 4700 Anderson, trustee » "" - Theo . Fred H Smith, trustee..... ••••••• Hospital Insane, care of patients...... SPChrlstensen, taking Jensen to the 63040 for the Will Carleton lecture Saturday evening. Chairs were carried in and still many stood. The visiting teachers were present as guests, talked on the c v rea ; and and the 2Hth c 1800, appointed and llxed as tho opened day of February, o time when court, at the duly executed last will and testament o f tl e deceaed at , wh ch time as guests. Carleton drama of life and used his subject as a thread on which to f observations wise and illustrate them with He was liberally P Dated this 20th day of Februiirg, Clerk of tho Dlutrict Court. herebv ordered that the within notice his ap- W. H. Reed (Successor to John Cronin) handles the best to be had In the way of up- to-date, fine ?3Uhl;t3 VO TT lluwm* J-" E H Clarke, State vs Chapman 2j &o H P Hatch, collecting taxes a i *u BRIDGE FUND. , plank. 74 J A Hamilton, inoun. . . . . . ............... on fiO Inc Town LuVerne, grading ............ 20 BO LTGriffln, grading ..... . ............... 1" «" Fred French, bridge wojU. ............. 1& 00 T Bilsborough, bridge work . ........... 250 M Welsbrod, committee work .......... 3oO WO Austin, nails...... ....... • ......... ~ ±J! John G Smith, committee work ........ 1170 M Welsbrod, repairing bridge ......... 10 00 J B Roblson, work on bridge ........... 1 " lumber hingtes a spec/a/ty The moral of this picture lies in the application. Shingles ot our Brand, whether Spanked on the Roof, or—elsewhere— always give Perfect Sat : isf action an< Good Measure, Ii fact they do good wherever applied. ".:::-. 10 e o Ed Kunz, mdse for poor ................ « J»J LBarton, Supt poor farm .. ............ *° "" Walker Bros, Vase tor Nestman ....... 2 J5 FT Sparks, burial Mrs Montgomery . . SO 00 James Patterson, mdse for farm ....... ^ J-g Walker Bros, mdse for poor ........... 21 80 Lev! Eckhodt, mdse for Wilson ....... 1 "" Cook Bros, mdse for farm ............. £Xn Walker Bros, mdse forNesfjman ....... 1 00 Samson & Paine, grinding feed ........ A ob SHOT A HOBSE THIEF. string many witty and to own poems plauded.. Our old time Adolph Friday has changed his name as the following Hera in the Minneapolis papers bears witness: "Adolph Freitag has been eranted permission by Judge Bunn to change his name to Adolph Morgen. He explained that many liberties, such as 'Friday,' 'Freetag,' were taken with his name, much to his inconvenience " When Adolph comes down to Algona again everybody should remember this. The annual bean supper in honor of tshod at Algona, Iowa, and a sa p tion be i made and had In the Issue of Feb. 1800, of said paper QUABTON , judge. COMMISSION OF SALE. given that by virtue of a the clerk ty*two° and The easthal --• - -- ., .. the west half of the northwest t quarter of the south- . LUMBER CO Tlie Man Captured by Deputy Me- Glvney ot Swea City Has a Close Call. . . Graft, or Bleedon as he gives his real name, the horse thief caught by Deputy McGivney and turned over by Sheriff Christensen to the Fort Dodge Washington's birthday will be given in the skating rink by the grand army and relief corps this evening. The following program is arranged: Grace and supper at 5:30 sharp; music; prayer, Rev Ollerenshaw; music; address, Rev. Suckow; music; personal reminiscences of the war by Comrades Haggard, Hutchins, Spear, Dodge, Telher, and Avey; music, Star Spangled Banner; address, Rev. Day; benediction. Mrs Lizzie B. Read gives $500 to the new church and one of the big windows will be made into a memorial for the doctor. Mrs. Read expects to come to Algona in April for the summer. Dr. Read was the first president of the trustees of the first church, and for FURNITURE besides everything that can be desired In plain and'ornamental Picture Frames, Mouldings and goods that are required for beautifying and ornamenting the home. A specialty made of with prices always at point. W. the satisfactory REED, B. F. Grose C. C. Samson. SAMSON & GROSE, [Successors to Hay & Rice,] ABSTRACTS REAL ESTATE UQANS. FARMS AND WILD LANDS FOR AND FOR RENT. SALE Opera House Block. - - - IOWA. One Hundred Dollars- Is offered to any person who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, authorities, tried to break jail last week. The door of the steel cage on the second floor of the Fort Dodge jail will not permit food to be passed in without opening the door. Three prisoners were in the cage when Jailor Flint took their supper in. They had eaten and one of them was putting the basket through the door when Graft, who wag in the rear of the cage, started toward the door. The prisoner at the door was brushed aside and as Orait placed his weight against the door to open it Jailor Flint braced himself to prevent it. Flint is a email man and was losing ground when he drew me revolver and ordered Graft to step back. Instead of obeyipg he pushed all the harder and had the door almost open when Flint fired, the ball enteripg the right aide of the breast and, passing around a rib lodged under ths right ehoulder blade. At the time the shot was fired another risoner named over a year all the Methodist meetings were held in his house. The Methodist church and THE UPPER DBS MOINES were both housed at Dr. Read's at the same time, but the Methodists are now in the best quarters. A. W. Dunning was brought to Algona from Eatherville yesterday by Constable J. W. Wright of Clinton, who was taking him to Clinton to be tried for conducting a lottery. Dun- A. B. 48t2 . . Commissioner Notice of Limited Partnership oilbertsonC. J. Thompson, F. W.Thompson and F L Kelley, as special partners, have on this 30th day of January, 1809, entered Into a ning sued out a writ of habeas corpus before Judge Quarton, claiming that be could not be legally taken because he had been away from Clinton three years and consequently the statute had run. Lawyers Grim and Penn of Ea- therville came to appear for him. County Attorney Cohenour appeared yal v ^™ -. justness will 1 county of Kossuth, state of ^S^^^^^^y^ aa it mav hereafter select; that the general for the state. A FAMOUS dish for breakfast—keeps the whole family well-costs only 85o- lasts 30 days—one package of Rocky er and mrthr business as er with the laws of the state of lovva; tbat thw umited Vartnershlp will terminate on the 30tb flayoJ VS 1 E. E. SECOR, H. O. GARDNER, General Partners. G. 8. GttKBBTSON, 0. J. THOMPSON, F. W. THOMPSON, F. fc. £Et*»V, * Special Pattfters. Headquarters for salt anA flEWb-g-g. 3 h, eel, Pjckerel, pike, trout, &?*«»* ¥? We have wo. 1 wwte flsU to, lu-BOftfta at 89eilamlly white fisb, Wo; ? -'-- jV erring 85c; 3 K hewing fov60bapaU; No,lco4| herring, etc., very ohsw Doyoullke spare rib 9*4 port

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