The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 15, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1899
Page 7
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JffiM tJffilB DM MOIHllSr AL(K)NA IOWA, WlfiNE^BAY FESRtTAHY NOTES OF THE WHEEL M ATT6RS OP iNtfeRBST OTEfcS OF THE BICYCLE. Times Have Chanced—Retiring Racing Men Can No Longer Feel Sure of Trade Employment—Puncture Proof Tire Filling at Last. Time* Have Changed. It has for many years been the custom of the cycle trade, to employ ex- tacing men in offices, show rooms, and works; and when the ex-racing man has a genius for office, show room or factory business, such employment is no doubt an advantage; but the idea that the ex-racing man can look forward to employment in the cycling trade with any degree of reasonable certitude, is an altogether fallacious one, says Irish Cyclist. Even if every ex-racing man were endowed with the requisite aptitude for business, it must be obvious that there can never be such a continually increasing number of vacancies as would be required to accommodate the continual flow of ex-racing men into the trade, because trade expansion Is limited, and when a person has installed himself in a suitable berth, he does not expect to be kicked out to make room for the next retiring racing man. Scarcely a week goes by but that one hears of some ex-racing man who appears to be discontented with his present Occupation and to be looking around for a position in the cycle trade, with which he has not one atom of practical acquaintance. There are hundreds of capable young fellows now idle through having given up situations in businesses with which they had some acquaintance, in the expectation of obtaining more remunerative and congenial employment 'in the cycle trade on the strength of being able to ride a bicycle fast. The trade is overstocked with experienced men already, and for every vacancy there are many applicants. The racing man must be content to race for sport without looking forward to the cycle trade as a final resort when his speed begins to flag. of the United states and Germany. This is owing to three reasons: First, the British manufacturer does not avail himself of the latest improvements in machinery; second.the British mechanic is not now as technical as the American or German mechanic; third, the labor market is continually being disturbed by strikes and lockouts. fiald and Sloan aft Team Mates. Ex-Actor Eddie Bald is traveling toward the Pacific coast in company with Tod Sloan, the famous little jockey who set all England agog last summer. The jolly pair are making the trip by easy stages and having and making what fun they can on the way. They are avowedly bent oh pleasure, it being Bald's desire, possibly, to forget the worriments of the all-to-brief theatrical season. The jockey sets a fast pace, but finds it hard to shake the champion cyclist, except in the matter of dress, in which he can give Bald a generous handicap and still come off victor. But the Buffalonian is enthusiastic over his little team mate, and says he will go to Europe with him next summer and will ride in match cycle races there. Single Tube Clincher Tiro. The invention comprises what is probably the first of its kind in this country, though similar tires have been made, and are now in exclusive use, in England. The tire is made with a base which fits a rim tire, but with the lapping edges so formed as to receive between them an annular sealing tube. The inflation valve leads to the expansible tube, all the air which is forced into the tire first passing through that tube and thence into the tire proper through small holes ar- Puiicture Proof TIr« Filling. • Patent has been granted .to an inventor of Berlin, Germany, on an elastic filling for tires, saddles and similar cushioned articles, and on the process of manufacture thereof. The inventor makes a jelly of glue or gelatin, to which is added glycerin to prevent hardening, and an antiseptic substance to prevent fermentation; and heats the mixture until it becomes liquefled.when he beats it into a foam by suitable mechanical means, and, introducing it in this state into the tire or saddle, allows it to cool and solidify, retaining the air in the bubbles by which the elasticity of the substance, itself elas- ' tic, is considerably increased, and the weight much reduced. The result is a spongy substance of cellular formation. The weight may be further decreased and the substance made more elastic by the introduction of a number of small hollow balls or tubes of soft rubber. Instead of forcing the substance directly into tires when in the heated plastic state, it may be run into molds of the desired shape and allowed to cool first. Cushions of this material are durable, do not become rigid, non- elastic nor hardened, and can be made economically. They are also good conductors of heat and consequently cool in use. FREE TO MILLIONS, A Valuable Little Booh Sent Free for the Aftttthfr Medical books are not always Interesting reading, especially to people enjoying good health, but as a matter of fact scarcely one person i'n ten is perfectly healthy, and even with such, sooner of later sickness must come. It is also a well established truth that nine-tenths of all diseases originate with a breaking down of the digestion, a weak stomach "weakens and impoverishes the system, making it easy for disease to gain a foothold. Nobody need fear consumption, kidney disease, liver trouble or a weak heart and nervous system as long as the digestion is good and the stomach able to assimilate plenty of wholesome food. Stomach weakness shows itself in a score of ways, and this little book describes the symptoms and causes and points the way to a cure so simple that anyone can understand and apply, Thousands have some form of stomach trouble and do not know it. They ascribe the headaches, the languor, nervousness, insomnia, palpitation, constipation and similar symptoms to some other cause than the true one. Get your digestion on the right track and the heart trouble, lung trouble, liver disease or nervous debility will rapidly disappear. This little book treats entirely on the cause and removal of indigestion and its accompanying annoyances. It describes the symptoms of Acid Dyspepsia, Nervous Dyspepsia, Slow Dyspepsia, Amylaceous Dyspepsia, Catarrh of Stomach and all affections of the digestive organs in plain language easily understood,, and the cause removed. It gives valuable suggestions as to diet, and contains a table giving length of time required to digest various articles of food, something every person with weak digestion should know. No price 'is asked, but simply send your name and address plainly written on postal card to the F. A. Stuart Co., 151'Main St., Marshall, Mich., requesting a little book on Stomach Diseases and it will be sent promptly by return mail. ranged along the top side of the tube near the joining edges of the tire. The claim made for the sealing tube is that after the tire has been inflated the pressure of the tube against the adjacent edges of the tire base will tend to make the joint more surely air-tight than would otherwise be possible. Washington-Baltimore Cycle Path. The committee appointed to investigate the feasibility of constructing a bicycle path from Washington to Baltimore has begun discussing the plans, routes and system of tolls in connection with the project. A civil engineer is to be secured to investigate and report upon the difficulties and report expense of the undertaking, which is roughly estimated to be from $100 to $150 per mile, or $4,000 to $6,000 in all. The popularity of such a path, bringing the national capital within forty miles of easy riding from Baltimore and connecting it with New York and Philadelphia, is not to be doubted. Fcclal Attachment. Removable sideplates are attached to ordinary pedals, the plates being toothed the same as the regular sideplates and of such height that the foot surface will be brought some distance above the usual position. In riding under ordinary circumstances the rider places his feet on the sides of the pedals to which the extension plates are not attached. When it is desired to vary the length of the stroke, as for climbing hills, the rider by a foot movement similar to that which cyclists are accustomed to use in catch- Cycle Track In a Hotel. London Cor. Chicago Record: The new Hotel Great Central, connected with, the new railroad entering London on the north, is approaching completion, and will be ready to receive the summer influx of visitors. One novelty that seems to be worthy of comment is the large cycle track which occupies the greater portion of a flat. This innovation, it is hoped, will allow guests to take their usual exercise in comfort and safety when the streets, as is generally the case, are impassable owing to mud. This is said to be the first arrangement of the sort ever seen in any hotel in the world. As it rule, tears do not accompai^ a baby's cries until it is three mouths old." Brouius Inormla Grass! It's the greatest grass on earth—Salver says so. This grass yields 4 to 7 tons better hay than timothy In dry, rainless countries; yields even more than that in Ohio, Ind., Mich., Wls., Iowa, 111.. Mo., Kans., Nebr., Mont., yes In evry stata of the Union! Salzer warranU this! Potatoes, $1.20 a Bbl. ___ Send this notice to JOHN A. SALZER BEED CO., LA CROSSE, WIS., and 10 cents postage and receive their great Seed Catalogue and sample of this grass seed and nine other tarm seed Raretles free. . Iw.n.] Mrs. "William Astor, of New York, recently paid $30,000 for a set of Dresden china of an extremely rare quality and fragile character. Richards' M.ap:ic Catarrh Expellant Co. Omaha, Neb. Write for particulars. Want of air kills a man in five min utes, wont of sleep in ten days, wan of water in a week. Honest grocers prefer to sell honest soap. Diamond "C" Soap is honest, economical, every way desirable. Nature fits ail her children witl something 1 to do. Am delighted with DR. SETH AKNOLD'S COUGH KlLLKli; It curea every time. Key. J. S. Coruleh AVnynesvllle.Ill. 25c. n bottle. The world's agriculture occupies th attention of 280,000,000 men. •\VANTED-Ciise of lind health that R-I P-A-N-S will not benefit. Send 5 cents to Klpnna Chemlva Co., New York, for 10 samples and 1,000 testimonial* The man on the car with the mos change in his pocket never pays hi: fare. Cause: He is the conductor. Of CO»Rfc*rtt There are now over 280,000 words in the English language, acknowledged by the best authorities, or about 70,000 more than in the German, French, Spanish and Italian combined. A contrivance to prevent snoring has oeen invented by Edwin Jnck, of YVy- andotte, Kansas. It is a bridle of rubber webbing which is fastened under the nose and keeps the mouth shut. China has two immense walls. One of them surrounds Pekin, and 5s > 40 feet thick, 50 feet liiph, and 15 miles in circumference. The other, called the great wall of Cliina, was built 2,115 yeai'S ago, and is nearly 1,300 miles long. A joyous shout from Owen Murphy, a New York painter, welcomed the nn- louncement that his uncle had left lim $25,000. An hour later the man vns lavishly distributing bits of paper imong pedestrians, saying 1 they were Greenbacks. Excessive joy had made lim crazy. Two States are alternately repre- cnted by the lion. John J. Upchurch. le lives on the boundary line be- rwcen Georgia and Florida. Lastyear le was a member of tlie Florida Senite. lie at present represents Charotte county, On... in the lower house of tho legislature. A curious freak of the wind was vitnesscd in New Hartford, Oneida county, N. Y. It blew the steeple of ,he Presbyterian church twenty-five lecrees out of plumb, until it pointed northwest. While workmen were eu- flcnvorimj to straighten the steeple, ,he wind again took a hand at it, and blew it back to its original position. A laundress in Paris had her hair caught in the machinery belting, and lier entire scalp, from the nape of her neck to her eyebrows, was torn off. She was conveyed to a hospital, and, after some hours' delay, Dr. Malherbo sent for the sealp. When the hair had heen shaved from it, the physician adjusted tho scalp upon the woman's head, to which it has since naturally attached itself. A stranger repeatedly accosted Mile. Suzinotta, a neat and attractive lady, in 14th street, New York, seeking acquaintance, Ilis persistence at last so angered her that she struck him a vigorous blow on the nose with her muscular fist, and he dropped. He sat down so hard and suddenly that his spine creaked and his teeth rattled. The lady is a juggler, and in a museum plays with 40-pound cannon balls. MATMNITf , Two Grateful Women 'fell of the Help They Have Jteoefted Ffoa Elkes Wins Match with Waller. The fifty-mile match race between Harry Elkes and Frank Waller at Madison Square Garden was won by the former easily in 1:50:46 2-5. Waller was given a handicap of two minutes, in which he gained a lead . of eight and a quarter laps, but his pace was inferior to that of his opponent, who gained steadily on him except when the Butler brothers were pulling him around the ten-lap $rack. At twenty-one miles and three laps Bikes passed Waller. He finished the race nine laps and ten laps in the lead. ing toe clips, rotates the pedals and catches the sides which are fitted with the extension plates. This change of foot position is supposed to give a longer leverage to the upper part of the down stroke. The inventor is Albert Wagner, of Chicago. Britain's Commercial Decline. It is to be doubted whether the British realize the extent to which their trade has'fallen off. The explanation generally given for the decrease during the past year is that it has been caused by the great strike of the engineers, which ran through the latter halt of 1897 and well into last year. Labor has during the past year been employed at increased wages over those paid previously, as a rule. But the productive capacity of tlie British mechanic no longer takes the lead, Jt (,9 exceeded by that of the mechanic Notes. A movement is on foot in New Orleans to build an indoor cycle track. A bill for the protection of bicycle paths has been introduced in the Minnesota legislature. Arthur Zimmerman is once more reported to be seriously thinking of returning to the racetrack. Jacquelin, Bouhours, Parlby and Deschamps are giving exhibition races at Marseilles, France, during January. President A. L. Mace of the Century Road Club has issued a call for the annual meeting of that organization, to take place in Chicago on February 26. Tom Eck is at the head of a movement in Minneapolis to organize the professional skaters and bring them under the control of the National Racing Cyclists' Union. The Springfield (Mass.) Bicycle Club has discharged all Us indebtedness, and will hereafter devote itself to the There is economy in using Diamond "C" Soa? in the laundry in preference to other kinds, Learning to wait patiently is a rare developer of character. Dally I'M per for $1 a Year. Tho Bos Holues Daily News, with all the news o Iowa and the world, telegraphic markets, a ehll dren's department, woman's pugo, etc., Is sent t any address for $1 a year, 75 cents for six months 50 cents for'three mouths, 25 cents a month, Ad dress THIS NEWS, Dos Molnes, Iowa. Escaped. "Hobson wasn't so silly, after all. "What do you mean?" "He got out of the country before Valentine's day." Richards' Magic Catarrh Expellant Co. Omaha, Neb. Write for particulars. Hope and hops are both noted fo their light qualities. social side of cycling, eschewing racing affairs. all Hamlet was a melancholy individual, A small town is called a hamlet, so you can draw your own conclusion. HERE TH ,'rV 8 Know by the s!gn ST. JACOBS OIL CURBS Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago, Sprains, Bruises, Soreness, Stiffness. tttie climax of life force in woraftit is capable The first requisite for a good mother is good health. Health of body ineans health of the generative orgabs. .Read what Mrs. dr. A. Blufftottj Ohio, says about Lydia E. iPhlk-. I ham's Vegetable Compound, and how Well; L it prepared her for maternity: ' : I " DEAR MRS. PINKHAM:—I must say a Word I in praise of your Vegetable Compound. I used three bottles of it when I was preg- . I'n L nant, and labor was not nearly as long as it was With my other babies! and my baby is 66 healthy to what the others Were. 1 think every, woman should use your Compound when pregnant) it will save them so much suffer* ing and misery. 1 cannot say euougtt in praise of it. If ever 1 need meriici'nt. again, I shalltiseyourCotnpoutid." The most successful tonic known tft medicine for women approaching raft' ternity is Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vege« table Compound. It is a safeguard for every woman who uses it, and the fullest benefit comes from its, use with Mrs. Pinkham's aclvicb freely offered to all woman, llev address is Lynn, Mass. Here is a convincing statement bearing directly on this subject, from Mrs. E. BISHOP, of 1848 I'acifi* St., Brooklyn, N. Y.: " DEAR Mus. PINKHAM:—I am * great believer in your Compound. I was almost despairing of ever again being well, as I was a great sufferer, and had been for years. I suffered from womb trouble, and had terrible blind fits. After writing to you I tried your Compound. The result was astonishing. I have used it and advocated it ever since. In childbirth it is a perfect boon. I have often said that I should like to have its merits thrown on the sky with a search-light, so that all women would read, and beconvincedthat there is a remedy for their sufferings." A Million Women Have been Benefited by Mrs. PlnKham's Advice and Medictob .MORRIS, 1 WllKllillgtOII, ».C. I L^t^PrmSu&l BxifmlniS^LB. Penalon Bureau! 13 yrsln eivll war, 15 luljuclleutliiR (Halms, ntty since. $50.00 GIVEN AWAY I iTiivvlne In Mnvt. ludim of TlIK I'HCIPT. ITor correct ___. _. . ....... solullonBof jnizy.Ios In tho next. Issue of TIIK PEOPLES' 1'oru- I,AH MONTHLY. Bond your iiumo and address on a postal card for nuiiiplo copy and particulars. Western Pub. Co., Uox 035, lies Hollies, la. CANDY CATHARTIC Locomotor ^ C&n b« Cured. These extreme nervous disorders were treated with wonderful success by the discoverer of Dr. Williams'Pink Pills for Pale People, previous to his discovery beihd otter- ed to the public generally. This remeay is the only known specific in m&ny diseases that, until recent yea,rs.wer« pronounced incurable. Ytere is tne proof; James Crocket, a sturdy old Scotchman living in Detroit, Mich, nt 83 lloutcnlm St., was cured of Locomotor Ataxin by these pills. Vor many years he has been n chief engineer of one of those big passenger pnlnce steamers plying upon the great lakes. This is n position of great responsibility and the anxiety causes a great nervous strain. Mr. Crocket says : "For fifteen years I watched the big engines mid boilers without a single accident, and only noticed that I WHS getting nervous. Suddenly without warning I was taken sick, and was prostrated. I had the best of physicians but grew gradually worse. At a council of doctors, they said I had nervous prostration, and had destroyed my whole nervous system and would never recover. I'or three years I was 1 unable to move from my bed. The doctor said I had locoiuolor ataxia, and wouWuever be able to wait ugaiu. "The pains and suffering I experienced during those years are almost indescribable. The friends that came to see me bid me good-bye when they left me and I was given np. The doctors said nothing more could be done. My wife kept reading to me, articles about Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. We finally decided to try them. The first box gave me relief. I continued to tise them for about two years before I could get strength enough to walk. 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A Natural Black is Produced by QuplfinnrliQiri'G Flub forthe uUCKIilpalll a UjG.whisiccn. SOcts. of druggists or R.P.Hal I & Co.,Nashua, N.H. CAN BE CURED AT HOME. No Aledlolno. Write For Trontlao On Pul- moiuiry DlHcascs Scut FRKE. Coe Kobonuit Co,, - - Now York City.. . Pale People for they saved iny life."— Detroit Evening News. The Genuine &re sold only in P&tK&ges Uke This 50 cents per box at Ml druggists or sent direct by m&il.~- Addresithe DR.\YIUUAM«; MtotciNE COMPANY, SchcnecUdy, «*A HAND SAW IS A GOOD THING, BUT NOT TO SHAVE WITH." SAPOL IS THE PROPER THING FOR HOUSE-CLEANING. rt«VtfiVWiVWftW.WMYtf^ ' >**•**• 60 8<MMiMittMM9MM>ill>B>MttC»80MMf ADVICE l>y our Physician ami a FREE SAMPLE nu and n (SS-page Free Book treating all diseases wltn 56 excellent recipes are some of tho reasons why you should write us. Dr, Kay's Renovator Cures the very worst cases of Dyspepsia, Constipation, Headache, Liver and Kidney diseases. Send for proof of It. We Guarantee It. Write us about all of your symptoms. Dr. Kay's Renovator is sold by druggists, or sent by mail on receipt of price, 25 cents and $1.00. Address Dr. B. J. KAY MEDICAL CO,, (Western Office) Omaha, Neb. »lllM*IUUMMA^^ WHEAT WHEAT WHEAT "Nothing but wheat; what you might call a sea of wheat," la what was said by a lecturer speaking of "Western Canada. For particulars as to routes, railway fares, etc., apply to Superintendent of Immigration, Department Interior, Ottawa, Canada, or to N. Bartholomew, 308 Fifth Street, DCS Moines. Iowa. i\jr r n n 1*1 ^4' SEEDS Salzer'B Seed* are Warranted to Frodnte. _ gabion Luther, E. Troy, 1'a., astonished the-fforldl W by growiuK 250 bushels Big Pour Oat« [ J. Brciuer, 1 f Mlshlcott, Win., J73 buih. barley, and H. LoTcJoy, \ f Red Wing, Minn., by growing 320 bash. Baiter's corn ' I per aero. ITyou doubt, wrile them, M'e wish to gam 300,101) new customers, henoe will lend on trial , 10 DOLUARS'WORTH FOR lOo. I 10 pkinof rare farm loods, Salt Bnnh, Rapo for Sheep, J i the »,!000 Corn, " Dig V at Oats," J)eardle»« Barley, I Broiuujluermls—yleldtngTtonihayporaoreondry P ' tolls, cto., 'MOo. Wheat,' 7 Including our niammolbJ Seud Catalogue, telling all about pur Firm moils, IMS., annulled you upon receipt olbut • ' lOo. uontace, positively worth J10, to get a •• '. start, 100,000 bblfcBced Potutoi!*/ ^»"»*-w»^V. i ONE! < wt GOOD DEALER WANTED In every town where not represented. NOXAbL, PURE MIXED PAINTS 1 Finest and most durable, 1 Colors always uniform 1 unit guaranteed. ! ENTERPRISE PAINT MFG. CO., i Makers, Chicago. When Answerng Advertisements HindJJ Mention This Taper. TAKE Thl? SOLD BY ALl, PRUQQISTS IN THE UNITED STATES AND SANAPA, ft <m t my bo* vt fci*i»tlv» Broui* <t«iata« Tablets. Accept R9 9it»tu«to wpr«se»(cd (9 lie "4»9t •» The BEST REMEDY for GRIPl Druggists refund the money , if it fail? to cure, PBIOB 815 GBNTf,

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