The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 15, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1899
Page 5
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THE TJPMK DE8 MOlNEB: ALGQNA, IOWA, WjBBKB8t»AY t ^SRtJAHY 15> 1899. Chrischilles & Herbst Wish to announce that their Ladies' Cloak and Suit man, of the Philadelphia Cloak and Suit Co., will be at their store next Thursday, Feb. 16th. Remember the date, if you wish to see a nobby line of Capes, Jackets, Suits and Skirts. THE LOCAL FIELD. Will Carleton Saturday night. The entire expense of the Carleton lecture is about $100. D. Rico is under the weather at his homo in Plum Creek. The snow thawed yesterday imd this morning it seems like spring. The pipe organ recital by Harrison Wild comes a week from tomorrow night. W. L, Joslyn is now a landlord himself. Ho has bought the Milwaukee hotel. __ Judge Qunrton was limping around last week. Ho lot a block of wood fall on his foot. Chrischillos & Herbst's cloak man will bo here tomorrow with a fine line of spring wraps. It will pay to note the new land bnr- gaid in Ueo. Holloway's ad. His list is changed this week. Mrs A. A. Brunson is very sick and does not gain. Her friends are much alarmed at her condition. D B. Avey's boy foil on the ico at school and dislocated his elbow. He carries his arm in a sling. Reserved seats for the Will Carleton lecturo will'bo on sale Thursday at Ehlors & Adams' drug store. E. S. Johnson will soon build a house on the corner west of tho John Paul yards. O. W. McMurray has the contract. _ Supt. \ T t\n Erdewyk hns set Fob. 27 for the final hearing of the Hale contest in Riverdale. It will bo held at his office. John Larson, tho Terrible Swede, is in another six day bicycle race. It opened in San Francisco yesterday with IS starters. Goo. C. Call has sold the old ark and five business lots to Ellory G»rfield for 81,400. The old ark is one of Algona s landmarks. __ Tho cold has kept the new mill bridge from getting up very fast. It will bo in in five days after tho weather moderates, Mr. Smith says. Contractor Grass was hero to bid on the now school house. Ho is now fix- in'^ tho chimney in tho now church ami will have it done tomorrow night. O. B. Durdall goos to Chicago Saturday night for now goods. Ho will also consult Chicago architects on plans for his now hotel. Ho is going to got tho best. ___ ' Tho Brownoll shoe store announcement occupies its usual position again. This store will open the spring with a very large stock of now and seasonable goods. In a fight at Lu Verne a man named Parr had his head pounded on the sidewalk until he was insensible. Then he was left in the cold and was not found until nearly dead, Iowa has a lady hardware dealer and sho was elected secretary of tho state association at Dos Moines, Mr. Doxseo reports. She is Mrs. Kupper of Burlington, ft business woman and good looking. How many of our readers can answer readily the questions that are put to the high school students, samples of which are published elsewhere? The work done in the high school is of tho right kind. __ Tho State Leader gives C. M. Do.xsee a half column editorial on his paper at tho state meeting of hardware men, and he is receiving general commendation throughout tho state press. Ha made a hit at Des Moiues. Judge Clyde has decided that Britt cannot enjoin Garner from building tho new court house, and Britt goes to the supremo court. If tho decision below is sustained Garner will go ahead. Gross Bros, have the contract to build tho building. Tho cemetery association met Saturday aud elected tho old officers, choosing E. N. Weaver to fill the vacancy on the board caused by Dr. Sheetz' death. The association has $800 on hand and is iu good condition. C. D. Pettibone is president aud a very faithful official. The social union program (or Friday evening consists of two vocal duets by Miss Zoa Wartuiau and Dr. Rist, a vocal solo by W. S. Wiloox, a tion by Ida Schiohtl, a paper on tho relation of the family to the school b.y Supt. Van Erdewyk, and a paper on the value of medical examinations in the public schools by Dr. Kenofick. Up to date 18 have enlisted in Company F from Algonn, 17 from Bancroft, and three from Burt. Most of the old members have ro-enlisled. Others want to join but their parents object while the war is still on. There ought to be 10 more enlistments from Algona. THE UPPER DES MOINES forgot in giving J. R. Mawdsley's milk record for 1898 to give tho number of cows. He had only 20 in all, milking part of the time but 13, and got $860 during the year besides his own butter. In all it came to over $900 or $45 a cow on tho average. Who would have thought that Ed. Anderson and J. M. Farley would ever go into the gold mine business 1 ! 1 We would sooner have looked to see them plug the vein if by any chance they had run onto a gold streak. Wo hopo they got rich, but will the gold ever come out for a company of red hot silverites? Tho teachers' meeting Saturday will be the largest and best county meeting yet held. In the evening all tho visitors will be escorted to the opera house to hear Will Carleton. It will be worth the while of our town people to attend the exercises at the central school building both forenoon and afternoon. The mercury got down to 36 below twice tho past week according to C. D. Pettibone's official record. This is tho coldest known here since 1857, when the mercury froze. Many thermometers have both in 1875 and 1885 marked as low as 36 or 38, but the official record in both winters was but 33. The past two weeks have been the coldest eyer known in Kossuth county. Dr. Boody of West Bend hns sued the county physician and the county jointly for §56. It seems tho county physician asked him to make one visit to a poor patient on the farm. He says he had orders to attend the case. The county physician is liable if anybody is, but tho doctor makes tho county a party. Attorney Cohenour will attend to the law, and tho case fs before his honor, Philip Dorweilor. Tho principal case to bo tried at the coming term of court Is that involving Mrs. C. L. Lund's liability on a §3,500 note. The note bears her signature as well as the mortgage and Clarke & Cohenour and Sullivan & McMahon will attempt to show that her property is liable for the payment. E. V. Swot- ting, W. L. Joslyn and A. C. Parker of Dos Moines will claim that tho signature is a forgery. At least that is the gist of the answer now on file. The school board has decided to appeal to tho supreme court from tho award given to D. A. Haggard for his half lot condemned for a school house site. The question is whether the jury had a right to consider the building of a school house on other lots as a damage. The board considered the award as excessive also under any construction of the law. The public will await with interest a ruling by the supreme court on school houses, whether they are a benefit or damage to adjoining property. _ Horace Mann says "B. F. Reed's paper at the farmers' institute on how to make the farm more attractive waa excellent as far as it went but he failed to reach the vital question, viz., how to make the farm attractive enough to attract Ben. Reed and others who have left it for other attractions considered superior. When that problem is solved the question, 'How shall tho farmer obtain more leisure for social life,' will also be answered. We will have more farmers and each farmer will not be compelled to work so many hours to supply the world with the means of subsistence." The revival meetings closed Sunday night. Mr. Ostrom did not attempt to make any count of converts and did not count the financial returns for himself. He says ho never does either. In spite of the cold weatheV, however, he had crowded houses, and proved to be much above tho average evangelist in intelligence and in liberality of spirit. Mr. Hillis was paid $60 a week by the local churches for his singing. Some years ago ho was on tho operatic stage. He has a magnificent voice and adds wonderfully to the meetings. From Algona both wont to Sheldon where they are this week. Tho local pastors are well pleased with the meetings. Mr. G. D. Boiler, who is preaching tho gospel of "Buck's" stoves and ranges throughout tho west, was in the city last week. While extending tho glad hand to all his acquaintances, Mr. Bollor remarked, "You know that old story about tho man who was asked about tho disposal of an enormous quantity of fruit and who said, ' Wo eat what wo can and what we can't eat wo can.' Well, it is that way with Buck's Stove and Range Co.; we sell an order when we can and when wo can't sell it wo cancel it; but it is needless to say that I have never had an occasion where I canceled an order in this territory, where people know so well what our goods are." Before leaving town Mr. Boiler sold a nice line of these goods to Mr. C. M. Doxseo for his spring trade. _ THE NEW HOTEL ASSURED. The $5,500 Bonus in Slftht-Mr. Dnr- dnli Will Get His Flaws At Once and Work Will Begin. The new $20,000 Durdall hotel building is a go. In place of the citizens giving him the site, they are to give him $5,500 payable one-third when the foundation is in, one-third when the building is enclosed, and one-third when it is completed. A paper has been circulated the past two days and enough is subscribed and expected to warrant the statement that the money will be raised. Mr. Durdall will build 66x132 feet on the ground, three stories high, pressed brick on both fronts. Steam heat and electric lights. He will get plans at once. The full and complete details will be given next week. _____ _ WINTER underwear and blankets — cheap at JAS. TAYLOR'S. Uneeda Biscuit. Your Wedding Buy your wedding ring of us, we al- ways'make the bride a present. 5t,f DINGLEY & PUGH. THERE is no better lino of coffees than that carried by M. Z. GROVE & SON. TRY A BOX and you will cry for more, like " babies cry for Castoria," Found only at my store. James Patterson. (ONLY 5 CENTS A BOX.) MR. B. BENEDICT will bo with us for one day, Feb. 23, with his high-grade tailor-made suits for ladies. JAS. TAYLOR. MONEY—On first mortgages. Ivl on0 y_On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. An ISnsy Way to Pay Old Debts. Farm loanson thbamortizement plan. See Thos. F. Cooke before making a loan. HEINZ'sweet pickles, lOc a dozen. M. Z. GROVE & SON. Solid Gold Kings. Plump 14-kt. plain rings, 85 cents per pennyweight. If you will pay us §1.50 per'penny weight we can att'ord to make the bride a present. E. G. BOWYER. First floor east of postofttce. 43 ALGONA'S BOOM IS ON. Sampson, Dewey, McKinley, and all the other great men were boys once. Give the boys a chance. Here is something Specially For the Boys. Until our spring stock arrives we will offer our entire stock of Boys' Long Pant Suits % —over 200 suits—at one-third off. Some swell things left. Also our stock of BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S OVERCOATS AND ULSTERS at \ off—40 left. Do the right thing by your pocket book, and incidentally the boy. Demand tor Saloon Hooin Shows That " The Boys" IIiivo nil Eye oil Us. The following letter has been received by several of our real estate men. It shows that Algona is in the oyes of tho outsiders: CHICAGO, Jan. 2S.-Dear Sir: Have you anything on your "To Rent" list that would make a reasonably good location for saloon purposes? If so, kindly give us particulars, and wo may bo able to find a tenant for you. Wo pay commissions to veal estate men for advance information regarding pvospectives of this kind. Our specialty is saloons, cigar store, and office lixtures, bowling alleys and billiard tables. Give us a list of locations that would be suitable for these purposes. If wo succeed in finding a tenant for you and effecting a sale, wo will pay you a commission on the amount of our deal' Or, should you make a lease independent of us audgiveuspromptnotice, we will make you a commission on whatever we may sell to your tenants. We enclose postal card for acknowledgement. Hoping that we may hear from you on the subject, we beg to bo considered, yours truly, THE BRUNSWICK BALKE COLI.ENDEH Co, Per Davenport. CHOICE bargains iu Indies' cloaks— also children's, at JAS. TAYLOR'S. Poultry Farm and Garden for Sale. C. Medin will sell his seven acres south of town. Good house and barn. A bargain for someone. 4St4 FLANNEL shirts and underwear very cheap at KRAFT'S. FOR RENT—100 acres of improved land near Armstrong. Call on Frank Nicoulin, Algona. Iowa. 48t2 MORE precious than pure gold because it never fails to cure your headache, indigestion, constipation, pimples, bad blood. A great system regulator. Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist. PROBABLY THE SAME MEN. The Vostoflice at Alta, Buena Vista County, Opened In the Same Manner the Aljioun Olftee Was. The following report from Alta indicates that possibly the attempt to burglarize the Algona postoflice was not made by a green hand: FORT DODGE, Feb. 12.—Special: The postoftice at Alta waa robb»d between 10 o'clock Saturday night and 2 o'clock this morning. An entrance was effected through the rear door of the office of the Alia Advertiser, in which the postoffiee is located. A hole was drilled into the top of the safe and the door blown open, mail sacks being used to muffle the sound. The burglars succeeded in securing ?15Q in money and §55 in stamps. There is no clue to the identity of the burglare, but it is supposed that they drove into town about 1 o'clock with a team and left going northeast. The tools they «se# were taken from a neighboring blacksmith shop. Farm For Sale. The Gotlieb Bohn farm in Plum Creek la for sale. The swi of Sec. 8-06, 28. Apply to Mrs. Julia Bohn at farm or to Wm. H. Ingham.-45tf Homo Seekers' Cheap Excursions. Tho Northwestern lino will sell home seekers' excursion tickets on Feb. 21, March 7 and 21, with favorable time limits, to numerous points in tho west and south at exceptionally low rates. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. ' , 4813 THE SCHOOL HOUSE LETTING. The Bids Wore All Too Hltjh—The Plans Will Be Modlttcd for New Bids. Architect Smith came from Des Moines Saturday to assist the school board in considering the bids on tho now school house. When they were opened they were found to be as follows: J. M. Cowan *W,730 G. Anderson 17,600 H.E. Gross I'.MO M. E. Bush 17,848 Niels Peterson 18,l.jO John R. Gier 1».£74 Zitterell & Atkinson 19,'J'JO These were for tho building exclusive of tho heating and plumbing, which were figured tit about §3,000 more. Mr. Cowan withdrew his bid, but even his bid put the building beyond the reach of tho board, and the outcome was that Mr. Smith is to cut the building down in various particulars, and tho bidders will submit now bids very soon. All the bidders compliment the plans which are for the best built building Algonahas had. Tho board will not sacrifice anything of substantial merit, but will cut out some of the cloak rooms if necessary and reduce the size. It has a little over $14,000 to build with and will build the building within the limit. One reason for the high bids given by all is the advance in tho cost of materials and labor due to the booming times. TO FINISH THIS SEASON FOR WfVRM FOOTWEfVR. From now on we will sell all of our well-known makes in Arctics and Overshoes and all kinds of warm Footwear at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. One lot Ladies' first quality Storm Alaskas at only 6$c a pair. One lot Ladies', Misses' and Children's Overshoes at 5<Dc. Men's $1.00 Arctics at goc. Men's $1.25 Arctics at $1.15. Men's $1.35 Arctics at $1.25. Our Men's $1.50 Arctics—the very best made—only $i-35- Boys' $1.25 Arctics at only $1.00. 5oc and 6oc German Socks and Felt Boots at only 4OC. And many other bargains in this line. Come and see them. -A-llrod., Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, Algona, la. Fine Repairing and Custom Work. Cook Stoves At Cost— Wo have on our floor ten high-grado cook stoves, with and without reservoirs, ranging in price from §15 to $30, which we will offer at cost until March 1st, to make room for the lino of " Buck's" stoves whicli wo havo purchased for our spring trudo. Those are not cheap stoves, but are what we have left of three or four different makes, and which wo are anxious to get out of the way. Since wo have been soiling "Buck's" stoves and ranges three- fourths of our customers have bought "Buck's," which has made our other stoves slow sellers. We now desire to close out everything olso and sell nothing but "Buck's." Hero is an opportunity if you need a stove this spring. (^•These CUT PRICES will prevail until March 1st only. A FAMOUS dish for breakfast—keeps tho whole family well—costs only 35c— lasts 30 days—one package of Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. DRESSMAKING done by Miss Amy Ward. Residence first house north of J. B. Winkel's sowing machine office. PIPE OKGAN DEDICATION. Harrison Wild Will Ho Hero Fob. 2!J to Dedicate the New Pipe Organ at tlie Methodist Church. Tho coming of Harrison Wild to dedicate the new pipe organ at tho Methodist church next week Thursday night will be an event of great interest. Harrison Wild is the greatest organ master in the west, and it is conceded that ho is not excelled in any section. His program will strike tho chord of human feeling and the listeners will be rested and pleased. Tho organ he will play is a great instrument and has a power of expression varied and full. The specification is of Mr. L. J. Smith's own selection, and as ho is a graduate on tho pipe organ his knowledge of the desirable points to be had in "a great organ was a great help in securing the instrument which tho Barckhoff company built. Every seat in the auditorium and chapel should be filled, and THE UPPER DES MOINES believes it will bo so. Do not forget the date, Thursday evening, Feb. 23. Teacher Wanted. A first grade teacher is wanted for school 1* miles west of Ledyard, to commence Monday, one month, salary §32. Call at superintendent's office. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments Interest payable annually. The. Other Shoe Store HAS SHOES THAT ABE UP TO DATE.— _ Men's Women's, Misses' and Children's, Youth's and Boys.' Ask to see our MANNISH and full dress shoes for ladies. A complete line of Rubbers carried in stock. and snag-proof boots; every pair warranted. Call and examine stock before buying. CL O. SAMSON & PAINE, DEALERS IN Grain, Feed G. P. PfiKK RAILWAY TIME CARDS. ^^^^^~_^^^-~'^—— ~"— CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. ^_ No. 1 departs at No. 3 departs at Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at -10 • No. 71 departs at a.<tn^ m No. 05 departs at a .du p m TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at No. 4 departs at Freight* that carry passengers— No. 76 departsat o.onSm No 01 departs at 8:20pw v R. p. HEDIUCK, Agent. CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERS. South- Freight 11:80* We pay the very highest prices for all kinds of grain, sell ground feed, which we deliver to any part of the city, and sell and deliver hard and soft coal at lowest prices. E£r"Leave orders at Samson's abstract office in Opera House block. The Red Elevator, M. P. HAGGAHD. Haggard & Peek, f Successors to Jonas & Smith.! Abstracts, Real Estate,-^, Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. C. « N. W. depot, Phone 11. ALGONA. HUHGERFORD & BAILEY, Dress Making Parlors, Over E. J. Gilmore's store. I am prepared to furnish Green or Dry BODV W I either 4-foot or *tov.» lungth, hard -n{soft, to any quantity desired. :>>eforo ordering. I am ' tfa,

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