The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1899 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1899
Page 11
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THE UFPEB DEB MOINESt ALQQN A, IOW A FEBUARY 8, 1899. Good Yotif heart beats over one hundred thousand times each day. One hundred thousand supplies of good or bad blood to your brain, Which is it? If bad, Impure blood* then your brain aches. You are troubled with drowsiness yet cannot sleep. j You are as tired in the morning as at night. You have no nerve J power. Your food does you but | little good. Stimulants, tonics, headache, powders, cannot cure you; but I will. It makes the liver, kidneys, skin and bowels perform their proper work. It removes all impurities from the blood. And it makes the blood rich in its life* giving properties. To Hasten Recovery* You will be more rapidly cured if you will take a laxative dose of Ayer's pills each night. They arouse the sluggish liver and thus cure biliousness. WrHo to OUP Doctors, Wo have the exclusive services of gome of the most eminent physicians In the United States. Write freely all the particulars In your case. Address, DR. J. C. ATER, Lowell, £la>B. nn<i Cffefet. Visitor (to superintendent of insane isylum)—When is the hospital most rowded, usually? Superintendent—Always directly %fter the Christmas shopping. Cost of Nil arngna Cannl. The estimates for constructing the Nicaragua canal vary from $115,000,000 to $150.000,000. How different are he estimates of the people as to the value of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. :t is agreed that this remedy is unsurpassed for indigestion, biliousness constipation, nervousness and sleeplessness. It is such an agreeable medicine to take. Just as sure as one is alone in a house and gets into a bath tub the door bell rings. . A CANADA FARM. 3R, KAY'S LUNG BAU1 ° r s. colds disease. What n Former Resident of Idnlio Sny» Regarding Western Canada. Mr. T. A. Tolman, of Lacombe, Alberta, N. W. T., a former resident of Cascia County, Idaho, who moved to Western Canada in July, 1894, writes as follows: I brought here thirty-four head of cattle, fifteen horses, two wagons, two sets of harness nnd one hundred and fifty dollars in cash. I homesteaded the southeast quarter of Section 28, Township 40, Kange 20, west of the 4th Meridian, also purchased a quarter section of Canadian Pacific Railway land. I have been farming more or less all my life, and 1 am convinced that you cnn raise crops 40 per cent cheaper here than where I came from. My capital at present, counting everything is about'five thousand dollars. The yieJd of my grain all round in 1897 was 00 bnshcls per acre. This year (1898) yield ot wheat per aore, 37% bushels; oats, 50 bushels; barley, Sii; and potatoes, 400 per acre. I consider that this is a much better country for a man .than where I came from, provided he is industrious. You get a free homestead here, and Canadian Pacific Hallway lands are cheap and the terms ensy. I made my seventh payment on the land purchased by me, and am much pleased with my purchase, as the land has already much'more than paid for itself. •School law here is decidedly ahead of •vhere I came from, and there aw schools wherever there are settlers." An heir!ess woman and a hairless man should make a good team. Richards' Magic Catarrh Expollant Co., O.imlm, Nob. Write for particulars. A company iu London insures umbrellas. If you can prove that your umbrella has been stolen the company pays j'ou what it was worth. FREETOMILLIONS, A Valuable Little Book Beat Vt*« for the AMclfi*. Medical books are not always interesting reading, especially to people enjoying good health, but as a matter of fact scarcely one person in ten Is perfectly healthy, and even with such, sooner or later sickness must come. it is also a well established truth that nine-tenths of all diseases originate with a breaking down of the digestion, a weak stomach weakens and impoverishes the system, 'making it easy for disease to gain a foothold. Nobody need fear consumption, kidney disease, liver trouble or a weak heart and nervous system as long as the digestion is good and the stomach able to assimilate plenty of wholesome food. Stomach weakness shows itself in a score of ways, and this little book describes the symptoms and causes and points the <way to a cure so simple that anyone can understand and apply. Thousands have some form of stomach trouble and do not know it. They ascribe the headaches, the languor, nervousness, insomnia, palpitation, constipation and similar symptoms to some other cause than the true one. Get your digestion on the right track and the heart trouble, lung trouble, liver disease or nervous debility will rapidly disappear. This little book treats entirely on the 1 cause and removal of Indigestion and its accompanying annoyances. It describes the symptoms of Aci<5 Dyspepsia, Nervous Dyspepsia, Slow Dyspepsia, Amylaceous Dyspepsia, Catarrh of Stomach and all affections of the digestive organs In plain language easily understood, and the cause removed. MOM THE KLONDIKE. CHEERFUL UNbE^ITAKERS WHO PROMOTE THEIR BUSINESS. Donkey Shooting the iFlve fingers— Four Indian Born Who Mimlefred One Shin and Almost Killed Another—Warning if n San Frnnclsco Clulrvoynnt. liuomplete. Yabsley — Is it true that you left your last boarding house by request-a case of "take your clothes and go?" Mudge— 1 didn't get to take my clothes. »100 ftcivcird, »10O. Will MAIL SAMPLE BOTTLE ON RECEIPT OF 25c. Unsolicited Testimonials and Sworn Affidavits Offered to Prove Every Assertion—"5 DROPS" Scores Marvelous Triumphs; Breaks Its Own Record. What I. M. Duke, r,emon, Mies., has to say about "5 DROPS." SWANSON RHEUMATIC CUBE Co., CHICAGO: Dear Sirs-I will say to you and tl'.o rest ot the world that It has been many years slnco I have boon able to dp a clay's work until this sprlns. I commenced taking "5 DKOl'S" In December last, and I now feel like a new man. I liavo had she Rheumatism ever since I was 6 years old. I am now 60 odd years old and cured. Yours gratefully, I. M. DUKE, June 20,1898. Lemon, Miss, Cnred by "5 DROPS" After Physicians and all Medicines Fall. SWANSON RHEUMATIC CUBE Co., CHICAGO: Gentlemen—This Is to certify that "5 DROPS" lured my wife of a very severe case of Rheumatism. I had used various liniments and patent nedicines, and had the best physicians in West Texas on her case, all with no effect. She grew (porso all tho time and got so she had to bo turned in bed; had no use of herself and one side, the arm leg etc., looked as though it never would be restored. This looks pretty "thin," but * is a fact and If any one doubts it affidavit can be mado as to its truth. Should any one wish ,o know about this God-sent remedy let them write me; inclosing self-addressed stamped cn- relope; and I will prove it. Gratefully, JOH>, OLIVER, ' June 21,1808. Huckabay, Texas. If you have not sufficient, confkleuce, after reading these letters to send foi one large bottle for iSl.OO, which will surely cure you, then send fora Sue bottle, which contains enough medicine to more than satisfy you of Its wonderful curative properties. I'renatd by mall or express. This wonderful curative gives almost luistautrellef and Is n permanent cure for Rheumatism, Sciatica, •Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Backache, A9thmil. Hay Fever, Catarrh, SloeplcHBiicsg, Nervousness, Nervous nnd Neuralgic I'eadacheg, Heart Weakness, Toothache, Earache, Croup, l*& <] .'ippe, Malaria, Creeping Numbness, Bronchitis and kindred diseases ITfeD IS DC" Is the name and dose, targe bottle (<*OO doses) IJf\\J~*9 SI. CO, picpalilny mall or express; three bottles 88.50; samples 85o Sold only by us and our agents. Agents appointed la . SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURE CO., l67c a?g r A b c°ff everybody you know to save their tin tags for you The Tin Tags taken from Horseshoe, " J. T.," Cross Bow, Good Luck—and Drummond Natural Leaf—will pay for any one or all of this list of desirable and useful things—and you have your -good chewing tobacco besides. Every man, woman and child in America can find something on this list that they would like to have and can have—FREE I Write your name and address plainly and send every tag you can get to us—mentioning the number of the present you want. Any assortment of the different kinds of tags mentioned above will be accepted as follows; 1 Match Box, quaint design, imported from Japan. 2 Knife, one blade, good sled 8 Scissors, ij^-inch, good sled 4 Child's Set, Knife, Fork and Spoon 25 0 Salt and Pepper, one each, quadruple plate on white metal.... 60 6 Razor, hollow ground, fine English steal ..... ..... 7 Bullet Ivuife, triple-plate, best qual. 7 ullet vue, trpe-pae, . 8 Sugar Shell, triple plate, bestquality 60 9 Stamp H"X, sterling silver ........ 70 10 Knife, " Keen Kutter," two blades 70 11 Butcher Knife, " Keen Kul'ter," 8-inch blade ................. 76 12 Shears, '" Keen Kulter," 8-mch, nickel .. ................... 75 13 Nut Set, Cracker and 6 Picks, silver 80 14 Nail Kile, sterling silver, amethyst set, G-inch .................. 100 16 Tooth Brush, sterling silver, amethyst set, 0-inch ... ......... 100 10 Paper Cutter, sterling silver, amethyst set, 7-inch ............. 100 17 Baseball, "Association, "bestqual. 100 18 Watch, stem wind and set, guaranteed good time keeper ...... 200 ' TAGS 10 Alarm Clock, nickel, warranted .. 200 20 Carveis, buckhorn handle, good steel 200 21 Six Rogers' Teaspoons, best qual. 225 22 Knives and Forks, six each, buck- horn handles 250 23 Clock, 8-day, Calendar, Thcrmom- eier, Barometer GOO 24 Stove, Wilson Heater, size No. 80 or No. 10 EDO 25 Tool Set, not playthings, but real tools 650 20 Toilet Set, decorated porcelain, very handsome *• 800 27 Watch, solid silver, full jeweled ..1000 28 Sewing Machine, first class, with all attachments 1EOO 29 Revolver, Colt's, best quality .... .1600 80 Rifle, Winchester, 16-shot, 31 Shot Gun, double barrel, hammer- less, stuU twist ....2000 32 Guitar (Washburn), rosewood, m- Wd with mother-of-pearl 2000 33 Bicycle, standard make, ladies' or cents' 2600 BOOKS—30 choice selections—same as last year's list, 40 tags each. This offer expires November 30,1899. Address all your Tags and the correspondence about them to DRUMMOND BRANCH, St. Louis, Mo. •67- PIIARAUTCED TO PURE ever y klnd of Cou Sh. Cold, Lft-Grlppe, UUAHAN I ttU I U bllnt Hoarseness, Influenza, Catarrh, and all lung unit tliroat troubles. Semi lor proof ot it. U does not sicken or disagree with the stomach. Sife for all ages, Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. Write us, giving all symptoms plainly nnd ouvPhysician will give FREE ADVICE, u liX-uage book of w Sold by DruggUt* or sent by mall, recipes aud a FBEK SAMl'lE. fl Price, 10 ceut» auU »5 c«ut«. Address pr, 6.4. KAY MEDICAL CO., (Western 0%e> Omahi; jeb, It gives valuable suggestions as tc diet, and contains a table giving length of time required to digest various articles of food, something every person with weak digestion should know. No price is asked, but simply send your name and address plainly written on postal card to the F. A. Stuart Co., 151 Main St., Marshall, Mich., requesting a little book on Stomach Diseases and it will be sent promptly by return mail. (Special Letter.) The ascent of the dread Chilkoot was not so bad as I had anticipated, but certainly it was bad enough. A severe snow storm was raging on the summit, and it was intensely cold. While I was struggling up the steep ascent a cadaverous looking man came up to me, and held out a card. He. said he was a partner'In the firm of Grimes & Grabenstein, undertakers and embalmers, and for ?25 spot cash he would undertake to embalm me and send my corpse home to my friends, who must forward another $75 on its arrival. His firm "always gave satisfaction;" and he guaranteed that six months after death I should "look like a peach"—far better than I did now. He told me this in view of the many accidents which occurred there so frequently, over sixty people having lost their lives a few days previously In a big snow slide. When the ice broke up we traveled from Bennett, some 600 miles, 1- a Peterboro' canoe. Five Finger rapids are not so dangerous as the celebrated White 1" M-se rapids, but still require a great d. :il of skill to steer. At the time we went over the rapids a poor little donkey was drifting down on his own account. There are twelve to It is part of tho euro to wish be cured.—Seneca. Diamond "C" Soap 13 a high grade laundry soap that cau ba used in hard or soft water. Strength. •'•I thought you told me you never drunk anything stronger than water," said Mr. ijooce's new acquaintance. "Wat (hie) water," said Mr. Booce, with painful dignity, '"s been known to blow up boilers.^ FITS PormnnontlyCuroii. Wo fits or nervousness nft.ei first day's uso of Dr. Kline's Groat Korro Restorer. Bond for K1113E $3.00 trial boltlo nnd treatise. Du. R. H. KLINE, Ltd..931 Avon St.. Philadelphia, 1'a. The Lord loveth a cheerful giver. And, for that matter, who doesn't? •WANTED—Case of l)ad lienlt.1i that R-I P-A-N-S will not benefit. Send 5 cents to Klpnns Chemical Co., New York,for 10 samples nnd LINK) testimonial* Gen. Wheeler carries a gold watch which he picked up at San Juan. It evidently belonged to a Spaniard, but the owner could never be discovered. 1 15,- separate and distinct drops going through, and each time the raft was whirled around and tossed up and down he looked the most amazed donkey I have ever seen. We had a good view as we shot through just behind him—"quite a family party," an unkind friend remarked. Four Indian boys were tried and condemned for shooting two miners on McClintock River, near Lake Marsh. One man, Meeham, was killed outright, but the other, Fox, had a bullet through his right breast, but managed to go twelve miles to the police post, where he was found, having fainted through loss of blood. He recovered and gave evidence in Dawson, where I had an interview with him. He stated to me that the whole trip, with its sad fatality, was foretold to him by a San Francisco woman who was supposed to be gifted with second sight. She The readers of this papier will be pleased to learn that there is at least ono dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all It3 stages and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now known to the tnedlcal fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall s Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying: the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution nnd assisting nature In dolnt? Its work. The proprietors have so much faith In Its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Do'.lars for any case that It fa.lls to cure. Send for list of "Address" F. S J. CHENJ3Y& Co., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists. 75c. Hall's Family Pills are the boat. Over 2,r-00 persons annually commit suicide in Russia. _ A Single »os« ot "Five Drops" will benefit you for la grippe— its usea few dnys will cure you. See their advertisement in another column of this pacer, containing strong testimonials. The Wife— The" minister hit you pretty hard, today. .John. The Husband — I'm very glad you enjoyed the sermon, my dear. _ _____ _ Richards' Magic Catarrh ICxnellnnt Co., Omaha, Koh. Write- for particulars. The windows of Persian houses, as a rule, are not visible from the street. TO COKi5~ATcoiLiriN ONE DATT Take Lnxntivo Bromo Qulnlno Tablets. All drucelsts rotundthoinoiipy If it falls to euro. 25o. The gerruinolms L. It Q. on each tablet. The largest theatre in tho world is tho Pnris Opera House, which covers an area of three acres. _ Piao's Cure for Consumption has boon a family medicine with us since 1805. — J. R. Madison, 340'.), 43iul Avo., Chicago, 111. Full of emotion and full of whisky both produce nervousness. PERIODS OF PAUL Menstruation, the Ijftlatoce wheel ot woman's life, is alsoi the fcaae of eilst* ence to many because it tneahs ft time of great suffering. ' While no woman is entirely free f rbnl periodical pain, it does riot seem to haVd been nature's plan that -women otherwise healthy should suffer so severely. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vcge- ( table Compound is the most thorough fe* male regulator known to | medical science. It relieves the condition that produces so much discomfort and fobs men-' struation of its terrors. Here is proof: DEAR Mns. PIXKIIAM:—IIow can I thank you enough for what you have done for me ? When I wrote to you I was suffering untold pain at time of menstruation; was nervous, had headache all the time, no appetite, that tired feeling, and did not care for anything. I have taken three bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, one of Blood Purifier, two boxes of Liver Pills, and to-day I am a well person. I would like to have those who suffer know that I am one of the many who have been cured of female complaints by your wonderful medicine and advice. —Miss JENNIE R. MILES, Leon, \Vis. If you are suffering in this way, write as Miss Miles did to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass., for the advice which sha offers free of charge to all women. He Sitteth, Waiting and Watching, with ST. JACOBS OIL to cure your It Cures Surely* THE LEDGER MONTHLY For February Cue's Cougli Is the oldest nnd best. It will break up a cold quicker thau anything else. It Is always relluble. Try It. London's police force numbers 453, or double that of New York. Blrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. For children teothlnf?, softens the gums, reduces Inflammation, alluvs oaln. cures wind colic. SJo a bottle. The fare ou two of the street car lines of Cleveland has been reduced tc our cents. The companies sell seven ickets for twenty-live cents. Have used DK. BETH ARNOLD'S COUOH KILLER n my family for Kl years. Mrs. A. Sucbuucck, Minneapolis, Minn. -25u. a bottle. The shepherds of Germany predict ,he weather by observing- the wool on .he backs of their sheep. When it is very curly fine weather will'prevail. Getyour Pension DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'PARRELL, Pension Asjent, 1425 New York Avenue. WASHINGTON, D. C. SMOKE. Wado from hickory wood. Cheaper, clcnoer, sweeter. and Mirer than tho old way. Bond lot .circular, li. KKACBEIt A 11UO., Mlltou. !»«. IS A SERIOUS QUESTION FLOUR WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM. It Is Absolutely Pure. Try It. It Speaks For Itself. Your Grocer Keeps It TryGrain=0! TryGrain=0! Ask you Grocer to-day to show you a package of GRAIN-O, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury as well as the adult. All who try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. £ the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee , Insist that y our grocer gives you GRAIN-O Accept no imitation. •w INTERIOR OF HOTEL, described the scene on the river and his friend being killed In the boat, but predicted that he would be saved. This gave him courage to keep on, although he felt every mhiute that he should drop through weakness. The four Indian boys, the eldest of whom was only 16, seemed to have no ideas of right or wrong, and knew nothing of a God or Great Spirit; indeed, they showed scarcely the intelligence of many dumb animals. Their s:ate is pitiable in the extreme. I be-, lieve it is exceedingly likely that they will be reprieved. The snapshot of the Interior of the 1 hotel at Long Lake shows a shanty! that is a typical specimen of the roughly constructed hotels throughout the country. f It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma, A certain cure lor Consumption in first stages, and a sure relief in advanced stages. Use at once. You will see the excellent effect after taking the first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere. Large Jjottles 25 cents and 50 cents. secured orwonoj all return*!!. Search f«»J. Collumcr & Co. 1234 Fjt., Waslu D. C. W. N. U. Des Moines. No. 6,—(899. When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mcatioa Tliis Taper, Fifty Years in One Choir. After having sung for fifty years ini the same church choir continuously, missing v<~ry few services, Messrs/ Daniel F'..aabev, Jacob Shaaber and; James Hill of Reading, Pa., sent inj their resignations because their voicssl were possibly not as good as- the largel congregation had a reasonable right toj expect. The singers are now nearly 70, years old, but are still young and ac-i tive in body and mind, and they can ( still sing in a manner that is wonder-i ful to those who hear them. Thej brothers Shaaber say that the vocalj organs of the throat hold out as wellj possibly better, than the eyes, ears, arms, or limbs of the human body, if they are properly exercised and taken .care of. They .experience no difficulty in singing right along with the younger folks in the choir, but they now desire to quit because they imagine the congregation may want to hear new voices. AN AMERICAN BEAUTY The above picture is reproduced in five colors on the cover of the FEBRUARY LEDGER MONTHLY. Size 10x13 ' ns T H T HE FEBRUARY issue of the ¥ itlily istho "American Beauty" number. It contains reproductions of the portraits of tho most beautiful women recently exhibited at the Portrait Show at the Academy of Design in New York. The portrait, on the cover of the February issue, a suggestion of which ie iriven above, is by that celebrated fashionable portrait painter. Carle J. lilenner, und it is reproduced in five colors, making a picture worthy of framing. To all lovera of the beautiful, this cover is worth many times tho price of the magazine. Now is the Time to Subscribe. To ocry one sending fifty cents now for n year's subscription, vro will send FREE tho January number, and we will al«u suud tho Ledger monthly until March, 11)00. Your Postmaster will take your subscription. The Boston Globe's Opinion of the Ledger Monthly. For the money (50 c.ts. a year), no brighter periodical than tho 1/eilKvr Monthly is printed in English. This wide-awako publication is certainly worthy of classification with the monthlies at many times the price. One has to rub one's eyes and look twice to see "Fifty Cents a Year!" The I^eilffcr iflontlily is brimful of suggestions foi evory member, younir or old, of tho great public's greater family.— Boston Globe.. You cnn avail yourself of the offer uoovo by sending only fifty ccutu to ROBERT BONNER'S SONS, Publishers, No. 158 Ledger Building, New York hii"o stood tho test. Send stamp for list or desirable furms for sale in Northwestern Iowa- Sin to $15 per acre. Also n large list of Railroad amis in Minnesota—choice prmrie— $10 to »1» pur acre. Kasy terms; 6 per cent interest. Geo.E.Richordsoni "Nothing but -wheat; what you might call a sea of wheat," is what was sale? by a lecturer speaking of Western Canada. For particulars as to routes, railway fares, etc., apply to Superintendent of Immigration, Department Interior, Ottawa, Canada, or to N. Bartholomew, 308 Fifth Street, Des Moines. Iowa. ONE GOOD DEALER WANTEQ in every town where not represented. NOXAL.U PURE Finest and most durable. Colors always uniform and guaranteed. ENTERPRISE PAINT MFG. CO., Makers, Chicago. FOR 14 CENTS We wish to Rain this year2QO,000 new tiubtomura, and heuoo oner I'kt-. 1.) Day Uoilisli, lOc •. Early Kipo (Jabbnce lOo Earliest lied Bout, lUc LoDgLlghtn'K Cucumber loo Bailor's Sett Lettuce, 16o California Fig Tomato, 3Uo Early Dinner Onion, NJo Brilliant Flower Seeds, Ijjo Worth $1.00, for 14 cents, TjFl.ui Above 10 pkgs. worth $1.00, we will mail you free, together with onr great Plant and Seed Catalogue upon receipt of thia native 4 I4o | postage. Wo invite your trade and .o'w when you. onut .—.edHyouwillnever "outthcm. OnionSeeilOyp.and - np a }b. Potatoes at R 1.80 ,,_ _.. a Bbl. Catalog alono 60. JOHN A. 8AI.ZEU SKtU CO., ti L'KDSSZ, MIS. . His Blindness. "What has come between Miss Mif- fiin and Charley Rockingham? I noticed at the ball last night that they didn't speak to each other." "He called at her house on Christmas, but didn't see the sprig of mistletoe that she had hung up in the parlor. Of course there is no excuse for a fellow who will make a mistake of that kind." AFRE EP of eitlier of tho above WAU HEUOES will bo mulled I-OSTPA AtUlr Sorry He Spoke. -You know," said the collector, lather plaintively, "you said that you would pay me if I came today." ,. "Well," sa(d Mr. B»dew, "you m.u.8t bear in mind that human nature human nature. The hes( of «s times say things that we are fpr," , CTURE1 'eet unil I.lmbu, Mplnul ami .loliit l>l»eaec«, \Vry Nc'i'k. I'urulysls, Ulieuinu- - THE L, C, McUIN MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, St, Lou is, Mo. to any onu who will promptly Write in the Kumea and . ------ These me homo. Wo cure and I' C5rii»iil«'U J'ci-nons In their neighborhood. These nicturei are '"'" """HAVINUS und an ornament to any homo. Wo cure and ami Joint DUeiitca, Wry Nc'i'k. I'urulysls, lUieumu- F1NB KNGHAV1NBS und an ornament to an correct Crooked Feet unil I.lnitiv ' ' " ------- — - tlsmandrect .all " * " ineuts. Address, "THE POT CALLED THE KETTLE BLACK." BECAUSE THE HOUSEWIFE DIDN'T USE The,{oUowin(f oatalogues •will be srnt to your address on receipt ot | tents ea«h w pi*y postage on ttew; A—Pu'n'ture. B-Hwuesa and Vefelules- fi—Stovea and Raujses. p—Agrtcultural laiplemeuts. Babv, CorvlaKSjS, ' B-w-pyugs ^nd Ptueus Medicines. C~Mu!>loal y f» *a.. f.^v. n» _- . -. blnes |_jjH^oles. d~ aud Gouts' Furnlbbrog Clothing for Mea uag -r-f"

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