The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1899 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1899
Page 9
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THE UPPEK DEH MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, F1BEUAllY 8, 1800, With the thermometer below zero, you can well afford to investigate a few bargains in seasonable goods. We are making A Deep Cut in Underwear. 24 Suits Ladies'" Oneita" Combination, all wool grey, a regular $3.00 garment, for $1.99 24 Suits Ladies' "Florence" Combination, grey, regular price $1.75, at $1-25 24 Suits Ladies' Combination, regular price $1.25, at .90 50 Suits Ladies' 65c fleeced Combination, at --_--- .45 50 Suits Ladies' 50c same, at - - .39 A few seconds in best grade " Oneitas" at only $1.50 Bargains also in Men's and Children's Underwear. Chrischilles & Herbst. POSTOFFICE BROKEN INTO. A Bungling' Burglar Gained Entrance By a Rear Window. Bored a Hole In tho Sni'o, JLiost His Fuse, and Mndo a Flzzlo of tho AVholo Performance. This morning the postoffico was found all in disorder. A burglar had broken in through a rear window, piled up a lot of mail bags in front of the safe door, bored a holo through the top of the safe and poured in a half pound of powder, and tried to light it. From all appearances his fuse slipped through his fingers and fell into the safe before he got it lighted. Ho then tried to light a string and get it down, but failed. He evidently left iu a hurry, for a big crow bar, a fine double ratchet bit slock and bit were left, also an old overcoat and a gunny sack. The theory is that ho entered the office after 4 o'clock iu the morning, when Night Watch Switzer leaves his beat, and daylight caught him, He ransacked Ihe postmaster's desk, but there was nothing there. A dollar in Ibe stamp drawer he did not find. There was but litlle money in the safe, not lo exceed $20. No money is kept there except wbal comes. t iu late. An explosion, however, would have destroyed a lot of valuable books and records, and the office has a lucky escape. This attempted burglary, coining on the heels of the assault on Glen. Fountain while delivering mail at the rear door, shows that someone has been having an eye on the potsoffice for some time. TEAOHEKS MEET AT ALGONA. Projsrnm of the Fob. 18 Touchors' Mooting—Visitors from Neighboring Counties. The program for the big gathering of teachers to be held in Algona, Feb. 18, is out. It promises one of Ihe best educational meetings ever hold in northern Iowa. II will bo given in Ihe central school building, and Ihe morn- lug session will open al 9 o'clock, The order of exorcises is at> follows: " Discipline' aud Punishment"—Paper, Principal M, L, Carrigan, Wliilte- inore; 1st discussion, A. F. Bacon, Sexton; 2d discussion, Principal Minnie J. Coate, Algona. "Reading in the Lower Grades"— Paper, County Supt, Anna Donovan, Palo Alto counly; 1st discussion, Miss Marena Winter, Germania; 2d discussion, Miss Harriet Stephens—Model Class—Algona. "What Can We Do to Make Good Citizens"—Paper, Principal C. J. Johnson, Burt; 1st discussion, County Supt. C. P. Schell, Hancock county; 2d discussion, Principal David Dorrney, Swoa City. "How Qan the Common Schools Be More Closely Linked to the High School"—Paper, City Supt. J. F. Doderer, Garner; 1st discussion, Mr. Ole Hovland, Buffalo Center; 2d discussion, Principal N. H. Connor, Ledyard. The aflernoon nession opens at 1:15 and the prpgrain is as follows: " What Should tho Community Expect from the Toucher Outside the School Room"—Paper, Principal A. H. Hoffman, Wesley; let discussion, Rev. G, F. WhiUield, Burt; 2d discussion, City Supt. Spencer, Algona. "What the School Board Has a Right to Expect from the Schools"— Paper, Col. Thou. F. Cooke, Algona; 1st discussion, Mi's. A. H, Dorweilor, Whittemqre; 2d discussion, Principal W. E. Ifyler, LnVerne. "School Decoration"—Talk, Miss Jpsie Pettjbone, Algona. '* What lea Practical Education' 1 — Paper, City Supt, H, E. Blackmav, Ecametsburg; 1st discussion, Mies Carrie Goodwin, Burl; 20.,discussion, Priu' cipal E. G. Bailey, Bancroft. "Methods in History"—Paper, Ex" County Supt. Bertha Carey, Kossuth opuuty; 1st discussion, Principal L. C. Bowers,; 2d discussion, Mrs. Nettie L. Hall, Sexton. Supt, VapErdewyk gives the follow- ing notice to the teachers: All parts of this program will be open for general discussion. The talent, mentioned above and tho Will Carl ton lecture in tho evening deserves your attendance and co-operation. A committee of Algona teachers will look after the entertainment of all. The program is complete and the meetings will open promptly at O.and 1:15 o'clock. MEETINGS. W. C. T. U. meets with Mrs. Dr. Hudson tomorrow at 3 o'clock. Special meeting of Prudence lodge, No. 205, Friday night, Feb. 10, for work in the third degree. The Social Union program, on account of the revival meetings, is postponed until next week. J. W. Hinchon is program committee. Services of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sundays at 10:45 a. m., and Wednesdays at 3 p. m., at Odd Fellows' parlors. Subject next Sunday: "Mind." All are welcome. The annual meeting of the Algona Cemetery association will be held Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the office in the rear of the Kossuth County Stale bank. Election of officers, etc. Friday afternoon, Feb. 10, Ihe following program will be given at the meeting of the W. L. A. S.: Quotations from Les Miserables; Current News, Mrs. S. D. Hamilton; Victor Hugo and His Works, Mrs. T. F. Cooke. Taylor's Church Sales. Jas. Taylor's church sales come as follows: Congregational church, Feb. 14; Swedish Lutheran, Feb. 16; Catholic, Feb. 20; Baptist, Feb. 23. The ladies of the various organizations will have charge, and the above dates have been arranged for by the presidents. MRS. WM. K. FEKGUSON. MRS. REV. ELFSTHOM. MRS. THOS. H. LANTRY. MRS. M. B. CHAPIN, HEINZ' sweet pickles, lOc a dozen. M. Z. GROVE & SON. Solid Gold Kings. Plump 14-kt. plain rings, 85 cents per pennyweight. If you will pay us $1.50 per pennyweight we can afford to make the bride a present. E. G. BOWYER. First door east of postofflce. 415 MONEY lo loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 percent., with optional payments Interest payable annually. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Goo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. Says the weather man. We go him one better—30 below say we on Ulsters. Only have 23 left in Men's at from $6.50 to $18.00; will sell at from $4,50 to $12.90 About 40 Boys's and Youth's at from $2.00 to $8.00— Less About miix*- 33 per cent. 1 f\ Heavy-weight Covert Top *>^ Coats, just the thing for spring wear; they hold their shape—correct styles, at bargain prices. THE LOCAL FIELD. J. L. Sutton has some fine horses for sale. ^ If ulsters were ever timely it is now. Kraft has them. Company F seems to he assured. Thfc enlistment rolls are filling up. It is some consolation to read that it went to 60 below up in Winnipeg. Wesley Lamson's home has a little girl, and Bobt. Henderson is again a grandpa. The Griffin-Belton case was tried Friday, Bro. Belton getting what the boy shot at. ^_ Don't miss the announcement in this issue of the new dress making parlors over Gilmore's. The bids for the new school house will be opened Saturday. Thecontrnct will be let soon. Uneda biscuit. .Ins. Patterson has them. He also has the Hildroth's famous taffy in bulk. The new bridge for the mill crossing is here and is being put in this weelc. It will bo a beauty. The Algona teachers' meeting comes next weelc Saturday. The program appears elsewhere. Over 100 boys are competing for Doxsee's drawing prizes. Many requests for cards come by mall. The county board dually settled with Dr. Lacy, paying him about half his claims, and the court costs. Wheat is a little off this week. At Algona 56 cents, corn 25, oats 24, flax $1.06, barley 34, hogs $3.40. Jas. Taylor's store will havo a series of popular church sales. The Congro- gationalists open Feb. 14, next Tuesday. The man who left his overcoat In the postofflce last night can have it by calling. No charges for the advertisement. Carl Setchell's regiment was not in the fight at Manila. It was doing guard duty, and no casualties are reported. This last week has pushed the plug in our English thermometer so far up into the crook in the tube thn.t it won't come down. The dedication of the now Methodist church comes a week from Sunday. B. J. Ives, famed as a church dedicator, will be here. Dr. Morse has a photograph of a little girl whose upper lip he put on. She had a double cleft palate, but now looks quite charming. The mercury was down to 32 below this morning. That beats the record. Last night wns the coldest night in very many years. The terra cotta lining in the new Methodist church chimney has collapsed. It will be replaced with a brick lining wall. The last time the postofflce was tapped was while Col. Spencer was Nasby. Our postofflce has been pretty free from burglaries. Everybody will be interested in the Chrischilles & Herbst underwear announcement this weelc. If we ever needed it this is the time. It would have been worth something to hear what the postofflce burglar said when that fuse slipped through his lingers into the safe while he was trying to light it. J. E. McMnllen has out the first number of the Forest City Press. It is a likely looking paper, of good size, and liberally patronized. The Press will be one of Iowa's best papers. "The Other Shoe Store" gaye away all its souvenirs Saturday and in spite of the cold weather had a big opening. Mr. Simpson has fitted up his room uicely and has a fine stock of goods. The biggest mail that has been received at the Algona postofflce during the year past ctune Monday morning. Thoro are some features of the 189!) boom that we don't enjoy as well as others. Kossuth'a total valuation this year is $5,708,340. The total taxes are $217,523.89, of thif the now railroad into Titonka gels $0,956.25 from Buffalo township. The city library tax in Algona $418.03. The Harrison Wild pipe organ recital comes two weeks from tomorrow. Wild IB the finest pipo organ player in Chicago, and it costs $100 to got him here. His coming will be the musical event of the year. The firemen's masquerade dance next Tuesday evening will ba the event of the week. The firemen are a splendid lot of young men and ought to have all the floor will hold. Everybody should keep the date in mind. The Titonka Topic is out aud is so crowded with advertising as to make other Kossuth newspapers ashamed of themselves. Miss Graham edits a newsy page, and her Topic is a topic of conversation everywhere. Will Carleton, who lectures Feb. 18, speaks at Beloit, Wis., one night, at Evanston, 111., the next, and at Algeria third. He gets $150 for coming here. Thai is probably the highest price ever paid for a lecture in Algona. Mi 1 . Motcalf, who is putting in the electric light machinery for Bigelow, says Bigelow has bought an engine. The exact date of its arrival in Algona is not known. It is still safe to bet we shall have lights before spring. Jos. H. Zanke has.the premium milk record thus far reported. He has delivered at the Hobart creamery during 1898 183,000 pounds of milk, over 91 tons, and has received $1,198.79. This report is not guess work, but is the official statement of A. Giltnour, secretary of the creamery. He has been milking 42 cowts, and his average monthly returns have been frotn $59.83 in November to $141.89 in June. He got over $100 ft month for five months of the year. Who can equal this record? S. D. Drake goes to Cedar Rapids Monday to attend the annual meeting of the agents of the Northwestern Insurance company. He reads a paper on the growing popularity of old line insurance. Mr. Drake is one of the "leading" agents in the United States. This is a grade of men who write over $25,000 of insurance in one month, and have their names on a card by themselves. J. E. Downing says -all the big war vessels are lined with three feet thick of corn pith. It is pressed into solid blocks. It resists a big shot to begin with, and then when a shot goes through it and the water begins to come in it swells and closes the hole. Corn pith is now being used as the basis of smokeless powder, and corn alcohol is the active principle of smokeless powder. Groat is corn. A big batch of marriage licenses havo boon isasued lately. Tho Vinppy couples are: Mather Baumgartner and Cora Baumgartnor, Jos. Mayor nnd Annie Aisdred, Win, Gosoh and Snsio Sohilt/,, Henry J. Klinli and Bertha Massman, F. t* 1 . Thompson and Georgia Andorson, Frank D. Sllvlus, and Cora Doll Ward, R. W. Giles nnd Pearl Lewis, Mat. TTnmilton find Addle Honk, Ama Churchill and Isabel Fox, Supervisor Barton, who has been the efficient manager of the poor farm, makes a good rnporl, for 1808ns follows: Cnsh receipts $1,088.24, Improvements $149.11 nnd gain. In stock $742.01. a total for tho your of $1,079.00. Tho farm has had 28 pnupors In all, an average of 7i tho year round. Tho total expense hns boon $1,808.50, lonv- ing a not balance of $81.40 on tho cruel It side. Lou Mlllon is deserving of his share of credit for this excellent show- Ing. THE UPPER DJSS MOINES this week publishes a story of tho buffalo hunt that suggested tho name of Titonka, written by Wm. II. Ingham for tho Titonka Topic. Tho change In date of tho publication of the Topic may make a small part of our publication premature, but it was all in type 10 days ago, and it has to be printed or thrown in. We apologize to tho Topic in ndvanco, and promise not to take liberties with its copy hereafter. Wo had supposed that tho Topic would havo it all out a week ago. Prof. Curtiss told tho farmers that any scrub animal will take on flesh as fast for the feed as a fullblood. But it takes it on in tho wrong place. A scrub or milU strain steer will put all its fat into tallow, while a beof bred animal puts its fat into juicy steaks. Tho agricultural college tried a Jersey grade and a Herford. Each gained two pounds a day while fed. Each was well fitted for market. The Herford sold above the highest quotation in Chicago and the Jersey at $2.12 a hundred below. The Herford was big where the high priced meat is. The Jersey was big where tho meat is worth the least. The new hotel movement is progressing. Definite options have been secured on the lots and the matter of raising the money has been agilated. It is likely that a definite conclusion will be reached this week. Mr. Durdall has submitted his proposal in writing as follows: "I, O. B. Durdall, hereby agree to build a modern brick hotel, pressed brick front, on lot 1, block 30, in Algona, said hotel to cover said lot and be three stories high, to have an entrance on State street also on Thorington street;, the corner room 44x70 feet on Slale and Thoringlon street to be reserved for a store room, said hotel to cost not less than $20,000. The consideration for the above proposition is that tho cili/ens of Algona procure the title to said lot 1 not later than March 1, 1890, and agree to deed said lot to me upon tho above described hotel being completed not later than Don. 31, 1891), for the consideration of $1." Lot! is three business fronts, or 60x136 foot MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, A. D. CLARKE & Co. Foil time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County Stale Bank. Your AY adding; Buy your wedding ring of us, we always make tho bride a present. 5tf DING LEY & PUGH. DRESSMAKING, culling arid filling. Sowing by the day or at homo, MRS. EFFIB 1C. WHEEI.OCIC, Cor. W. McGregor and S. Williams Sts. THERE is no bettor lino of coiTeos than that carried by M. Z. GROVE & SON. icnrui For Sulo. Tho Gotliob Bohn farm in Plum Creek is for wale. Tho swi of Sec. 8-96, 28, Apply to Mrs. Julia Bohn at farm or lo Wm, H, Ingham,-45lf A FAMOUS dish for breakfast—keeps tho whole family well—costs only 35o— lasts 30 days—one package of Rooky Mountain Tea, Ask your druggist. MONEY lo loan al 5 percent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. DRESSMAKING done by Miss Amy Ward. Residence first house north of J. B. Winkol's sewing machine offlee. RAILWAY TIME CAliDS. OH10AUO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. IjOOAr, TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs ut 0:05 a in No. 3 departs at 3:58 p in Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at 10:45 pin No. 71 departs at 3:20 p m No. 05 departs at 8:30 p in TWAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 a m No. 4 departs at 0 :S8 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 70 departs at 10:10 p m No. 04 departs at 3:20 p in It. F. HEDKICIC, Agent, CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight lltiiOa m Pass 7:0"> a in Mixed 12:15 pui Mixed 7:r)4pm North- Mixed 7:30 a m Freight 12:15 pin Pass 2:40 p in Mixed 10:50] Arrive at Dos Molnes at 13:15 p. m., iu.,and 1:20 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. Uneda TRY A BOX and you will cry for more, like " babies cry for Castoria/' Found only at my store. James Patterson. (ONLY 5 CENTS A BOX.) A Good Jack Knife nt this time of year is an appropriate tool to have with you. It will be a long time till spring and you will have many chances to Use it. We have just received ti bolatod invoice of cutlery—should have been here for the holidays— and wo are going to givo our customers an opportunity to get something good at a very cheap price. Wo will sell a heavy, two-bladed brass-lined American made knife, made from Wardlow's best blade steel, sharp and ready for use, for only It is a knife'that sells everywhere for 00 cents. Every knifo fully warrantod. Yon should see our 26o and 15c knives, made from the same material and warrantod, too, if you pleaso. This special price will hold good till Feb. 11 only. We have a fine line of butcher knives. For every one you buy and find defective we will GIVE YOU TWO. What more could you ask? |^,^at2«M**A~Ai««*a-"« ^ V J All are welcome One. day only—next week Tuesday, Feb. 14. Taylor Your special attention is called to our Muslin Underwear, Ginghams, Percales, Dress Goods, Embroideries, etc. We will close out one lot fleece back wrapper cloth at 50, worth ice. Help the ladies out; come; they will sell you cheap. / This Space Belongs to The Shoe Store Great opening last Saturday. Everybody came—everybody was pleased—all will come again, because they know p. good thing when they see it, We shall always have gocid; things at moderate prices, You are always welcome,

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