The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1899
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. -3id you ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBKUAHY 1, 1809. Remember Grove & Son ? It is not yet too late Dissolution Sale, The firm of Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. having concluded to dissolve partnership will UNTIL FEB. 1, 1899, give some slaughtering bargains: Dress Goods for Dress Goods for Dress Goods for Dress Goods for Flannelettes for Heather Cloth, ioc per yard, 15.0 per yard, 250 per yard, 350 per yard, 6c per yard, 6c per yard, worth from 15 to aoc. worth from 25 to 350. worth from 35 to 450. worth from 50 to 650. worth from, io to xaJ. worth from 8 to ioc. Some big bargains in shoes, overshoes, remnants, and odds and ends of all kinds, regardless of cost Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. I. T. G'h-Fim:MTLea r &. C. ffudaon,. T. H.. Lantry, Jamtin Patterson,. Vine Pnnulimt. Trerusurtir. ALGONA MILLING COMPANY. HIGHEST PHICES P^ID for all. kinda of Grain and Seeds. Dealers in Hard and Soft Coal. Manufacturers- of. Striuriy High-giade Flour. Special utteution paid to the Owing to bhe-iacge anil uonsnantly mureusiner demand for our aucerior gi-ade of fluur we are enabled to offer £som 5 to 10 uente per bushel above Che mai'keti price to? good wheat. ff. W. DINGrLMlf, Manager.. .UMBER lif-v- NOT thos* concerns who «ftd meat oHuxnberln every b~" thfe time paJm o« iafe Mr prices; NOT those «. litfore wt&uas ex NOT Wflf» eaaceras wtw (>Vit ft* oKJatty, BUT a* I what tfiey Feaily are 16 tCWESTMABKET Pfil who SHOW YOU ti» raa^* rial ia youe to<ai ya r *ii **° ( * a b«9{»««8 In. only ana way— HONESTLY, and wtta tow a«v«f laokd aaybati^i! _ f &tt bust Hath, ffl»«nfto, Snafi, Bunta. CBmaat, jy^tiftrt: ftsii. C4m v. out one gaud ship* $8i£ tltft u&ianCB' (rfi •£ •.are than, regu»~ wha demand cash. it feey pay for;: faoiaJ people ail! 4ff »11 grades tor C. C. r. SAMSOH & GROSE, ABSTRACTS ESTATE FABM8 A*0 WILD res SUf Dollars A TRUE INDIAN ROMANCE Novel Manner in Which a Great Qncs tion Was Equitably Decided. It Was a Contest for a Ilrlilo, and tli Scene of the Incident Is Tmkl in Uootie County. C. L. Lucas of Boonu is writing Horn sketches of early days for tho Doino crat. He lei IB nn Indian Htory in th last issue, that is Interesting merely ti a story. Tho pioneer in Boono county was a trapper named I3nrton. In tin spring of 1844 he returned to Fort Do Moines to take a job as goverrimen teamster. On the way down ho cainput near a village of MuHqunkio and I'otta wattamie Indians. There Hcornor] lo ho great excitement in tho village, the nature of which was explained to therr by an interpreter. From this it ap peared that a young warrior of the fitu and Pox Indians named Quick Horsi had been in tho habit of visiting thnsf tribes at their village on tho " ncutra ground." which watt no uncommon thing among the neighboring tribes During these visits Quick Morse /el desperately in love with adusky maiden of tho Pottawattnmie tribe namec Singing Bird. This maiden had suitor in her own tribe named Fighting Bear, who waa equally smitten with hoi charms. She bestowed her affections upon him when Quick Horsa was absent, but when he was present Fighting Bear had to take a back seat. This so grievously offended him that a great commotion was the result. The father of the maiden was up- pealed lo and he called the wise men of the tribe together and a council waa held to decide what should be done. After three hours' deliberation this solemn and dignified council decided that the two young rivals shot/Id go out on \ two days' hunt, and whichever Drought in the mo«t game at the end of that time ahould be entitled to the hand of the duaky maiden. To this conclusion of tho wiae men the Sac and Fox warrior entered a solemn protest, FT a- said the task they had assigned him was one he could not do without violat- ,ng a treaty his tribe had pledged .hemselvea to obey. In a treaty wf tb the United States the Sac and Fox In- Jiana had bound them selves never to mnt on the "neutral ground," He begged the wise men to reconsider their decision and assign him aorne- ,hing elae to do that he might honorably engage in, and at the same time called their attention to the fact that their decision aeerned to have been with the intention of getting hirn- nto trouble with the great father at Washington, Thi* they gravely denied,, called him: a wise man and a a tar,eamai», and assured him- that they would devise aome other plan to decide he matter, and so' retired: to their wigwam council chamber for that purpose, Mr, Bartora and: his companion had' >y this time become so 1 much interested n this novel' proceeding, that they decided; to remain in camp until the next lay and see what the outcome of this momentous affair would be. The wise men were in council until tnidniig-ht fee- ore they reached a cond'uaion. Early next morning the villagers,. onaiating 1 of abou-t 500 men;, women'and hildren,. were-all astiir r waiting 1 in sup- itreufied excitement tO ; hear what it waa,. At 8-o. r cloclt that morning 1 the ehi'eC pofceainan; ot Che-council stepped; upon: , log; and called upon; the people- to> !'a.tlier along 1 " the ban-Ik of the j rwer and; hey should; alii aee what waa going 1 ; to-alee place.. The rivec waa. level! with 5 he harrlca,. and; toga and- whirling 1 sfiielcs vere going rapid'ty down; Che ang-ry uri-eao.. On; off the !nivei>'3tood : a at>g:e- trse Chat leaned Cowards the chaa- iel of the- river- ao fas' that iCa Gop> came own. within 30)feet of, the water; which it that place waa 20' feet deept A killed c&thevr could-; g»o> up> the: Bwunlc t Ghia incliaedS Cree andi walic out over he middle- of the- channel; of the river- vi'th eaae.. The wiae men of the couar il: planned' that the two nivala should 1 •Q'ap thia tnee and! out oveii the- water ,nd atand aide by aide,, one facing the loutli: and: che. otheiv the south,, and: at a ifjnal to-be givea both 1 ahould: leapiinto; he waCau aG the same tiane; and: whichV vec uaatshed; d'ny land ttrsti ahould thens ind; Cheue he uniited; \n> mamnage- to' ilnging' Bled'.. Wo) objjJistiion! was made<o ; tihia deui'aibn,,and;evet!ybody aettmed- U)' reffai'd. iC aa a pieue of wiadanv which: ao; body of men; hue Che wise council; iuld' hawe thought; of. By Uha time Ghia plan, of pt'ouetJin'B waa announced,, die whole villagft- had adi on Che utveu bank: and; weue _ ou* along' the edge of Che waCen at! aotne diatanue both; above a.nd; belttw- he now much noted' Buee.. Tliey v/ntv& .11; looklngt oil 1 in; aomhau aOanoe and; deep interest baa outcome oE tthfe• ex- even-t. Tha; M wiaa men of he uounisil; took; a poaiiiou; neai< the «e. and; Bha muchi tov.ed maiden; stood; fifouti of them,, and; all looked' an- jraye as tihoug'h. aomethihji': aaured; watt eing doae;. ff on' aome time all eyea- waie tunned upon, tliernv hut alii ofiai uddeu; thone wa» a. movamanti off luwdit naady stags and. datfuuK looka; J&£. tjh&noouolfttha-tzras-tlie^' oaiuu to* i Ualu and; Chan) dwew outa w-liiuli;aiiould; up • eftai toeft fliisU and. 1 as .wjii ttia; antfjiy ouvueutt OJUite feiil Ibtt " : ' adl dia fo(ia \vdito Che= ailudiUu»8» off and; w&s- damn iw ESuw 80 foot bolow with n slinultnnooii spliish, both dlBftppoarod bolow tho our face and were out of Nlghl for. 10 HQO ondfl. Quick Horso wus llio first lo i-o turn to tho surfaoo, and wllli a rloflnn yell boffnn Hwlmmlns; lusllly for Hit shoro. Threo RocondB later tho |>on ducous form of Fighting Hoar ciitno t tho aurfaco of tlio water, but ho WIIB H badly strnriKlod mid daaod thai It tool ariolhor six BouondB lo rottttln his hot lor judgment and collect tils though la Uy thlallmo Quick Horso lind roftohot tho slioro In front of tho wl»o men uric the rnnidon, Hloppod proudly up on .,.„ ground, whllolho water wttHyotolroiun Ing from !I!B buckHkln |»ittl« ho wn mot by Hinging IJIr-d ntid thoy inn brniiud In Icuo Indian afTnullnri. Til hills and valleys now rovorhonilod will tho shouts of iippluuso that woro glvoi by the wholo UHsrunbly, tnaklnu Quick Ilorne a lioro of much honor, Tho IIH ual tnarrlHgo eoretnony wiw dJHpM with, mid ono of the grim hngen of UK council pronounced them husband am wife, This performance )iad h»i«m HO In ti nsely ItiUireHting that Illtlo allonllnr had been given lo FlghUng Moitr nfl.»ji ho came to UHJ Murfftc.i) of tlio watw hul now all eyes were turned upon him This much depressed arid oiit.'gftiidi 1 ailed suitor had crawled out of UK water whiles UK) shout* ofappinuno wort being heaped upon !I!H micuuxaful rlvn' and hud Heated hirriMelf upon n Jog will; fru-.e and oyc.H turn<!<] lo l,ho' ^roiiixl It deep hurnlllalion. There aro few peo who know UK: dhatno and dlHgrae* which a failure of this kind brings upon an Indian from his own people, ft, Is part of Ihc, mnk'i-up oM,hf: ' character to applaud the parly in a contest and to hold In contempt, scorn arid derision the one whr is unsuccessful. Although this young mart was « member of their own tribe they scoffed and jeered at him without showing ft sign of pity. Amid fill this h<; nrow 'rom the log find looked at tiiem with a decisive ejrpressfon on his tutic,. ff ::ould be sur« that be had reachwi ft. jonchwion and had decirled to put ft nt.o execution. From th« placo of his dcfettt }tt, wftfked rapirfiy to h'fs family wig warn, »nd taking bis gun in hanfl, walked' fid- lantly past thejft'iffnjf crowd, faunohcd hts into the river and disap" Beared down the stream and was novftr iften by his owr» people again. Two lays later Fighting Bear renounw.rt allegiance to- his own tribe artd oined the Mac and FOJT Fntlians, A so after llhfa h« marrffsd a; mafdftn; of that trih«, an - d In 847 went wftftt wfth them and >ne of their moat daring 1'ea.tfera, or DEATH OF L, HOBAIf, Away .Sr/ddonfy A ttfrf ffei* t'rom it,Vi*tt in Vf\nc.<>n»ln, Mrs, f'ora Horan retarned from her visit to Wrsconain a week ag'o- last Fri- ay, Hhe iseeraed to have been' bene- lttfjd by he.r trf&. BwU in 1 a day or two he began to- fail anr) last Thrn-sd-ay ; came, th.e rloceoiM* th-fn-fc as the (ft an ; abcess caused; by an attaelf if piei'Otinilia, M&v father 1 and- mother ndi afateream-ft af/ once- on learning' of 'i&v aeriovm illness,, and- were- pr'eaem'ti at he funerali,. which was b&ld a;K the •yome- Saturday aftftrnoon',. Rev.. SiUTes ' Mrs, Sforan 1 was SO' years >f a^e r born ; Aprvl T9 r I'^fift,. near Albany,. Wis, Her- maiden name was Jora Clernmer, She waa mam'ed' in- rg-ona, Crt; 'JLftwrene& Horarv, Oct.. IS,. 802',, and haa ai'nce made her home here, She was an a:f,tvve worke-.i 1 ' In- the chavch,. being' ovg'anfst sc^evat years,, a woman 1 who- ma.ite- fefen<fa of r poaaeRsed : of all the qual'i- fea f/at^O' to- making- a; pleaaant worn^n to the borne and a pleasant woman; n hep' outside actuvifiies, She was a aufterer from pheumabi'sm at i'rnea but ne^'eir limwplai'nedv SlVe feowe- rep ilnal fflneas with- patience and' heettfirt peai'g-naCion, and a'^es to' her ong reat moiusned; by the community.. IF s and; BVlidaj -Kv<m*jv0f i The bi'g 1 . Koasufih fa-rmei's' insti'tute is niaeaai'bn< today.. AIT: day Gotwoi'raw ,nd; fi''rid : ay will! be devoted to valuable iHcusaiona, Thla evening iB win; pay vewyhody to tunti. out.. The pvo&'naav a- aa^ foLTbwa:: Music. vouatiojv...- ,;.....•... ......... . ......fikvv B'. ffi. Day Music: Lddvsss-of Wslootno:. .....Mii.vov €liv!Hohilloa sunnstt . ..... ..... ....... ...... ..... ...-.&..&.. Muslu: tdil«es8 r "The fflui'th; We Live-On"'. ... . ............. ..,.,,.„. ..... ..... ...... J. Si- Tomo\'vow evening Che- i)i'0(j'i'a ollowa;: Musi is. nvoeatl'nnx ... .......... ...... ............ Rev.. Suottow Music; Adduasa. . ........ ________ ... ..... J?tol'. G. S<] Guutiss iveaUivof fowa ffiKpevimonC Station, •tddneas ...... ........... .... ... ,....,)!, HJ, Downing? ia-aa Green or Dry iH|ueaiUMMi»; uiwato stoudi Nothing Better \ to be had for the money Than that we handle. Langdon & Hudson. SAMSON & PAINE, We pay the very highest prfces or all kt nds of gram, self ground feed, whfch we deliver to any •>art c/the city, and. setl and de- iVer hard and soft coal at lowest A'J'TOttNtSVH AT LAW, AT LAW, LA W. JAAffft, LAttt), >rfces, sivrvs af.straef, offlcw In Opera tteittso The Red Elevator, C, A; N, W, depot,. Pbrme-11, ALOON'A, W. H, Reed (Successor to-.Mm CV'onim): handfes fihe best c,o be had fiv the wa-y of up- to-date,, fine FURNITURE ev^ehin^ Sha-tv can be> desvimd K pl'al-n' and ornamental' Pi icture Frames, Mouldings nd goods' tihali ai'B required fbi* b i-nfl? and ounameneina' the h<ime. A peeiai Sy made of itth pi'ices always aft Kha sauisfactioi'y oint.. W, M, REE0, H. r fmmtsli yw low al«o iUi-Uinds or- mill atuiT, Wood aw ft HAOOATtI). 0. IP. AW OH X1t It 8 A'f LAW, fe. V, 7"/Y>7/ // r yf ¥ LA W, tt y » * stow,: LA w, /J '/ ^ r> ti A'f L A W, Offl'cs rtVeiv K'i-(ss«f.iv Cc.tfnty S-fevte ftft-nlt, Alison*-, Y A'P LAW, ;: Sc>n«ft so . IL-.. TFrtBO'N 1 ,. M.. ojjftfitti' AMP IW'«tt i flirt- nwv Woefe.Jt ,, M.. Office- at ii*BW6Wft«, PMYSiClAM AMD Office in* i<esii.ieiioa aval' Office 4iitV Msia'etice 1 itt-

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