The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1899
Page 7
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THE UPPER DEB MOINES: ALGONA KJWA, WEDNESDAY JANUARY 25, 1880 What does it do? It causes the oil glands in the skin to become more active, making the hair soft and glossy, precisely as nature intended. It cleanses the scalp from dandruff and thus removes one of the great cause's of baldness. It makes a better circulation in the scalp and stops the hair from coming out. it Prevents Ayer's Hair Vigor will surely make hair grow on i bald heads, provided only there is any life remaining in the hair bulbs. It restores color to gray or white hair. It does not do this in a moment, as will a hair dye; but in a short time the gray color of age gradually disappears and the darker color of youth takes its place. Would you like a copy ' of our book on the Hair and Scalp? It is free. If yon do not obtain all the benefits you expected from the uso of tbo Vigor . mite the Doctor abimt tt. 1 Address, DK. J. C. ATER, Lowell, Moss. Nobody has ever discovered what pallbearers at a funeral think about. 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Me 1 M L*>ngLighia*zCtii:!3zii3*riT.c » ,_..Jfer2i» Fig Tomato, Siiu I " Early Dinner Onion, Ite Worth ft 1.00. forl-t«nu, ^Eul AborelOpigi »ortii $Lia.',^oe WL™ inAtl yjtt ffe£» fc-^gecbti wasls ou gre»t Plant »nd S««i Onolajca npon receipt of lhi»notice 4 I4f postase. YVeicrit* jottr«i»d**M i j-oa oae* «rr Sal 1 * ee»joawi.T ontttaem. Oniaa seeii 6S*. aad op a lb. Poiatof*at*l.*0 !| JOHX A. SilZEB SEID t«X. LI CE«M8a.J»tS^J Mmlt 0? Grandeur. How foolish in the Flyhiirhs to ln tbe h ° ttest "Nodonbt it wasn't, lack of sense so much as lack of cash." Shnll J'orto lUeo UeaStntC? Our public men are trying to decide what action should be taken regarding the status of Porto Rico. We have never before had to deal with a similar condition. Neither have we evtr had such a reliable medicine for dyspepsia, indigestion and nervousness as Uost,ctter's Stomach Bitters. It, makes strength to resist future attacks. For over 1,20'J miles the" Nile does not 7-eceivc a sing-le tributary stream. 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Read their advertisement in another column of this paper. General Wheeler says that during the past war he used the same spurs he used in the civil war. Richards' JNIa?ic Catarrh Espellant Co., Omaha, Neb. Write for pa -ticulars. A painless photographer is more needed than a painless dentist. Health for Ten Cents. Cascarets mate bowels and kidneys act naturally, destroy microbes, core headache, biliiousness and constipation. All druggists, Cheerful looks can't crown a feast unless the coffee is all right. A Remedy for the Grippe. A remedy recommended for patients afflicted with the grippe is Kemp's Balsam, which is especially adapted to diseases of the throat and lungs. Do not wait for the first symptoms of the disease, bat get a bo tele today and keep it on hand for use the mo-meat it is needed. If neglected the grippe has a tendency to bring on pneumonia. The Balsam prevents this by keeping the cough loose. All druggists sell the Balsam. WAR DEPARTMENT INQUIRY. WASHINGTON, Jim. 17.—Commissary Oene.ral Eagan yesterday sent the war investigating commission n revised statement in place of that originally made in response to General Miles's charges. The revised statement is nbont 35 per cent shorter thnn that which wns ordered withdrawn because of its violent, and abusive character The commission, -after its receipt, went into secret session to decide whether in the present form H is expurgated sufficiently to permit it to be made a part of the commission'? records. Capt. Irvine, Eleventh infantry commissary on the Panama, said when that vessel sailed for Ponce on September 1 the beef smelled bad, the odor being like Unit emanating from a dead body, and finally had to be thrown overboard. Gen. Humphrey said the congestion at Tampa was due to the in- tvbihty of the railroads to luvndle cars. For the improper condition of the Scnccn, Concho, liuchustion and /ity of \Ynshington the responsibility rested with the medical department. He confirmed the stories of bad innmigement in landing at Santiago. The refrigerated beef was good but too plentiful. The cnnncd "beef did not give satisfaction. WASHINGTON, Jan. 21.—Major W. 1IJ Daly, chief surgeon with Oen. Miles, whose field of service stretched from Tampa to Porto Rico, und whose report candemning the beef furnished the expeditionary torces created a sen- Bation some weeks ago, made his long- awaited appearance as a witness before the war investigating commission yesterday. Surgeon Daly's report was the strongest in language of those submitted by General Miles in substantiation of his attack on the beef supplies. In bis testimony Dr. Daly insisted that the refrigerated beef was bad and had the odor of an embalmed body. lie had made soup from some of the beef, filtered it and analyzed it. From this he got a lightish brown residuum which disclosed the characteristics of borax and salicylic acid. WASHINGTON, Jan. 22.—Professor F. Wielaski, chemist of the United States geological survey, yesterday reported to the .war investigating commission that his test of the powder furnished by Surgeon Daly as being the residuum from the boiling down of a portion of the condemned beef, disclosed the presence of both boric and salicylic acids. He could not say where the powder came from; said boric acid was unobjectionable; that neither bad an offensive odor, but that salicylic acid was harmful, being prohibited by mosf European countries. K«irer explain; any blunder worth the name eiplaies itself. a' ilajzu. 1 - Canarirh Eipellam Co.,. T Nebi Write for Senator Simo-n,. of Orc.vroa. has. been taking banjo- lesso-tw. "Are you Eoa- pro.-yin.g2~ so ma- one a.-sfcetl him recently. "Either that or th*. neighbors, are getting more tt,se<I to Et,' T lie replied. A lively and Teaerab-le oM goose ! struts airuimd the yard: o-f ,Joha, |- in Cravnloffd eoaucy. Ohio. It wa-s |. bmujjliB firom GeEUMiffiy by Johm'-i t father, Ae-rAm.,, ia lU.'JO-, and Is ; nearly t?0 ; years oL:L Lost! spring la K8jf S * ., uu .. . beaducbes. etc. At druggt»t.j. JM ami KM*- !: Mats, ire spL'etid: andet'- the honses o-! J! the beBBer u'-la^s ia sue P'hilippmeav c * |: ejco-lonii* diimpness,. an,ti are I'er j: m-o;Tirvii lirueijj 101 bhe su-a-.. 3feau?l» H. all* ti«mj»- Uin.Ji sletipmg' room.* are iboaB rfj fetfb abo-sf« ch.<*- i, spiu' • > l F&GHTING BOB of SeM'i/s &«. sitjs: * hit a spot the size of a beer keg'* h&ui 3 CUE of c ST. JACOBS OIL Jimaricaa ean. can strike the pain spot of SCIATICA AT TO EA1 1$ A SERIOUS QUESTIDK — FLOUR W(U SCLVE THE PROBLEM. It Is Ab»o!ul*Jj IW Trv " It Speaks For Itselt Yo<i»0i»t«*lii:««a«t« labor an.1 Capital Inquiry. WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.—The sub- commission on agriculture and agricultural labor of the industrial commission has made public ir.s syllabus of the topical plan of inquiry on the condition of labor and capital employed in the pursuits. This plan is divided into three general heads, viz.: Labor employed, capital employed and remedial legislation. Under the general head of each are questions on which the sub-commission desires information. Tney embrace f.O in at! and thoronfftvly cover the fietrt which thfe saVj-eomniivsion has in hand. Witnesses making 1 responses to the ffuoitions asked are rrfjiitre'l to give facts rather than opinions except by such instances where sug-geations art invited. FIFTY-FIFTH CONORISSS. More liaslne** for American*. LOJTDOJT, .Tan. if.—The Calcutta correspondent of the Times says: "The recent English striker efffccttutUy pre- rente*} the placing ot orders for rails, gardens and rolling -stock for railway building in India, antt it is only toft probable that in ifutore theorderswUl po. to a largfe e.itent, to the United States, parr.icnl'arly for locomotives.'' IOWA PATENT OFFfCE REPORT. At) VICE TO ISVES'TOBS. ;3 T Jan. 17. — An oi o-rer twenty-Sir* years in pa teats for irsTentor* warrants its to gnve adriee. We established thfr Iowa Offic* as an 'he.t'vwirafotf: arid liejfiit- imate e-atc'Trprise- and means of por- i-oaail usefulness- awcl tivelahnvxl and the promotion a if tfic- paViliie g-cxwli as, tioEcemplaced; by o-rtr piste-nt £aws. an-«l have- <gi<f&n free aflirke to thonMaaife off inTfunoir* and! const cnrjus to- <!.->«>. 'ifaik- log; 1 larentio-flS in^olives time, labor and tmo-wey. Cstdtniw- patents rei'iutire* ekttleil labor attti JKefl. lit re HY torsi- arc ptoaeirtrs in- Elbe do™ a EM of art- fnn.«ii ft* maay Instances- e-xftoaraAt thsemsi&Cie* as beraefaie-to-rs. wscla-o-ei-t I'iapiwjf rewa-wL Fairesttiia' ii« WSB- .siklieired; the- sia ; re*c ram* timer- pcutiio-Q 1 - J'tamfciiivs" ' e&emi ancli o r, tier i: TOP* is a h>iii.aiinie*i elbamtse tl!«ai& O'fCea 1 &S.HSK. Bat moite** esp^n*!? (ft 'rag' M. iiffimrvftcli by siwata-lsoi'Ily. wrllli be no bannr**!!.*.. Jivst siu- SKNATE, Wnahington, ,Tnn, 10.— When Hio senate convened it proceotlwt at once to U\o iitxll of the house to attend as a body tho funeral ot Mr. Dineley. Jonathan Ross, appointed to (111 the nnexpirod term of tho lute Senator Morrill, of Vormont, was sworn in to-day. SUN ATE. Wnshiiujton, Jan. 17.— Almost the ontlro Rossion of the seiuitc today \vns devoted to coiiRlilorntlon of tbo pending Nicnrnpnrt ciin.'il hill. Speeches worn nindo in mr- inirt of the measure by Mr. (Jlillton, of 'I'exas, nnd Mr. Tumor, of Washington, nnd in opposition to it by Mr. Siuonci*, of Wisi;onsin. lloiisn. , Tho house pnsscd the naval personnel bill without division on the Jlnnl passajro, thus iiccompHshing wliut the olllcofnor tho navy have striven for dtirliift inoro than a rleca le. By Us provisions tlm line and tho engineer corps are welded into nn nimilRii- niatcd lino, «tafl! oflloei'M sire Riven nosltlvo rank, but their command In limited to their own eorpM, and a nystom of volnnlary and comiuilsnry retirement on tlireo-<|ii'ailern pay iisof the next hinder rank of forty officers a year is established, wlrich IH do- siffncd lo remove the (inn^ostlon in tho lower rank lit forty-live. Tho bill also practicallv otiualixcs 'their pay with tliat of army oHlcors. SKNATK. WaHhinpton, Jan. IS.— The feutnro of to-day's session of tho sonato wasn upocob delivered by Bacon, of Georgia, In suppurfc of his resolutions doclarhiK that tho United States would not assume Hovurol^nty ovor llio Philippines. Bacon is one of tho orators of tho senate, und as ho pavo lilin- solf free rein, not coriilnln^ himself to notes, he spoko strongly nnd cfTectlvoly. Following Bacon's Hpe.;ch tho Nlritriigiiaii canal bill was taken up and rorrmlnotl under discussion until fi o'clock. .lust ns a final vote was about to bo calle;! for, Allison offered an amendment providing tliat tho secretary of tho treasury should issue bonds to raise money with which to construct the canal. irorsB. The house had under consideration tbo bill to grunt the Pacific Cable Company a subsidy of 8100,01)0 a year for twenty years for the construction and operation' of a cable. No action wan reached. HBNATB. Washington, Jan. I!).-— Tho senate listened further to-dny to tho discussion of tho policy of expansion. Turner, of WushiiiK- on, delivered a carefully prepared speech on tho Vest resolution. Tho sponch was, for the most part, a constitutional argument, in which Turner took issue with Senators Platt and Forakor upon their recent utterances. Forakor replied to Turner, after which the Nicaragua bill c;vmo up. Asiibatitntu for Allison's amendment was ofter&l by Mot-gun providing '•that the secretary" of tho treasury is hereby authorized and required to fitnit the payments of the appropriation inudu in this act so that such p-iymr-nts shall not exceed the sum of $20,000,000 iu any fiscal year." Adopted. not:sB The Brown-Swanson contested election contest case wan decided in favor of tho sitting member, KV/UIIHOII, twenty-four republicans Toting with tho dfjrnozrat.H for Swanson. When the po.itoffleo appropriation bill came up a motion to strikeout the words "newly acquired territory," in connection with an appropriation of S:;,000,OW) for mail facilities for Porto Rico, CaLa and the Philippines carried. 8KMATE. Washington, ,, £0.— The senate v/.vt in session for i\vt> bourn and a hitlf to-day, but tbo session was practirralfy barren of resultn. Nefs^n, frcp.) of MiniKi-wtii, «i[X/kf; in or>;Kjsit;ot4 to Vw.t't, anti-f«pj«n- »ion rf:» .iution. Consirteratfon of trie Nicar;»t'ui canal i>HI was r»:Mtinf:»K hut its', completion was pr'rventf:'!. probabk- bythn filtbusrfrri'ip tactics adopted by Tiffma'c, of fc'outh Carolina. nnt'*r.. The. postoftlrre apprf>p'.-iatton bill w.ia passel. The army r':f<rjfarifxatir>n f>iti wit£ bft takftn. '.»{> riftzt Tn.-rwlay by (irtanEmritix consont wtf.h thft provtsiort fr/r lij honrs' era! debatft. Arlyjurned till Monday, Washington, ,7an, 21. — ThftaMitft pas?.- t:<l thf: Slfstratri'ja f.-anai b:tt ay & vote (si 4f> to ft, and thft anti-*caI[)En-j? V«tf wa* rr.ade tinfln!*;if:d tessrifif-s. A rfr*/.[fif.u>t» by Cwf- fery catfEns? on thft pretftlMit far tiny itifur- mat»ri hf. may haffft r <:'•<•'* vwt team th'f; a3e:ss.ts (if the .v>-c.atF''d J'fci-Iipfiinft relative to tbe taad'tttott of the P was a ALLISON CHALLENGES HOAR. S^J* HI* Fiynrtn on Cnlnnixl I'nllr.f Kx- pftn*ft >A rfc £nir//rr#:r:f., f> v f. Jan, SS, A hare marfe by SS«Rfj, ,«.-jja- the *-*ti- Efo*r of the Jw- whiieft wiH In-. y redraft from nEjft an-nftx.*t5f>n of Porto IJico and 1 tiite {'hilff>ji-tni«.<» a«fl have reached th'f; e.'metmiVjre tl'vaf. this flw'Bres werftR*>t exagg'-irate^, A nwuB- ber of ftSiti'mateH Ii^s-,'; V>*«:n m-arffe,. bat tPtst fit Ht;ns;f.. r >r Ifiwtr v/a.^ tk« iRiirwcAt of aEL In- {iM-.ssif.eech «n tke Ve*t ve-v ohition-. ht- saifh "A f»eiTna,n.«in.t itt- a* ia OBT e ' a year witt roinpali ipo'li'c-y arv;t tPta't is tfte asi'og 1 ovtr natiwrnal 1 d-e'&C 3- j>«<r { C til ink iils earn fe (ttt r :criC> < n' : ;ti'a.f.evi; <r>( to iia K* a niattwitali I fa- foa.* ONE 0009 DEALER WAKTJ& In every town where not repr*»«nU4. C S if { . PURE MIXED PAINTS Plnwt w<J mo«| Sl^aO^Wl'^SS:- ^^SS* Sly' ~ ' *" ~ ™" tuu, few! Aufe., Baldly w -foir Well, I ibfrofc y«s>w » Ikte wr«r*»4 «io> awsit s* ffid! seeuwes- pate-utt* bi± mo* pottg'i? sss. ira If yo-ia- naiBjuuM alSiowttii Qiff «'at tiling? ao;vii p eliid ffliff BB.'Jiffi)lisiiiE!<!8 r dli»mi«»t! (fe ill. iioiwtiBitt amsjriiliiui*:' Bltuaii nifts-iriit.*. a w* wiiliC daoi aiffl ttK»« w«wrfc '|i>ttii'(pai!r£i!!i;*r ara i ; iai|pwiri-al. ».-'>;•£ es( fit- at* * -ttfc* acB-- aiti r,. arf- jJnv CM* foe ufe iiiitirif»*siiii-'ll % J('»iJ!tii|l tlli& <r»4' Tho followlnjf caiimatcn of tho growth of the population of Kuroponn oonritrlcA in tho last ten years is jrlren by a high authority: Unfcflin, 14,B por cent; Germany,; Austria-Hungary, 0.0; ICnglnnd, S.Bj Italy, 4.0; France, 0.8. ttatnrrh dnnnot »»i with M)CAT. APPLICATIONS, tin they fcnnnot roach tho scat of tho dlseaso, (,'a- tarrh Is a blood or conntltiitlorinl dlsonno, tnd In order to cure) It you inunt talco In- tnrnal remodlon. Jlall> Catarrh Curn Is takou tntornally, nnd uotfl dlroctly on tho bloodand mucous .surfacns, ITiill'sCatart'li Cnro is 7iot a (iuac,lc modlclno. It. was pro- Horibnd by ono of tho bust physicilmis In l-hls country for yonrn, and IH a rn^ular pro- scrlptlon. It Is cointiosod of tho Imsl tonlt'S known, combltipd with tho host blood puf- iflors, nctltiK directly on tho niucoui hiir- I'acos. '.I'lU! porfvit combltial/lon of I ho two (npfrodloiitR Is what produces mich \vou- dnrful rosulliH In cnrlnpf catarrh, Kcud for testimonials, frno. F. .T. Oil ION ICY&. CO., Prop*., Toledo, O. Hold by druggists, pried Tfio. Hall's Family Pills arc tho best. thut Many annul Kit In cloak Is a the wearer IUINMCMMI butter ilnj'B. A BliiKln liiiHfl of "Klv« Dropl" will benefit you for la grippe — Its UHO a fow dayii will euro you. Hen their advertisement In another column of thin paper, containing Hlrong twit.lnionlnlH, He who W!N|IOH to fulfill his mission intiNt be n mail of one Idea. Hint IM of one (front, overmastering pnrprmi;, over- Hluxlowlng nil bin nlins, and guiding nnd controlling his ontlro life. — Hale. Flint. Mull tn Tho wldnsprend public Intcront In the contest for the fnot mull contrant between Chicago and Qttinlm him caused ' ono temporarily to overlook tho similar achievement of the Orotit Northern railway in CKtabllHhliiK quick mall communication from New York, via Chicago and St. Paul, to Seattle, nnd thence to the Orient. Tho fant Pacific mall service by way of St. Paul to tho Puget Sound country la now quite an remarkable no that via Omaha to San Francisco. On January 8 tho Great Northern placed In aerv- Ico a fast thrciiRh mall nnd paoBen- ger train from Chicago to Seattle, on which tho mall pouchoH never onco leave tho car after tho tranafer at St. Paul. From New York to Seattle tho tlrno by this Northern route is Ju«t four days. East of St. Paul tho rnalln arc carried on iieveral roadH, but went of that city — on a run exceeding Inn eawtern .portion by D00 mllea— the mall goes through without change acrosH five great 8tatcH on the trackH of tho Great Northern. Forty-flvo mlnutOH are consumed In transferring tho malls In Chicago, and thirty inln- uteH in St. Paul. After that tho Northern Oriental flyer dooB tho re«t without a p'iuao until the A«latl« malls go on board tho HteamerH of tho Japan Mall Steamahlp Company. Both the Importance of Seattle aa an Oriental shipping point and the Hpeed of thcs Great Northern transcontinental mall Hcrvlco make the achievement n noteworthy feature of American railway progrean. Tho Piiget Sound cltleH have a1- reatly become formidable rivals of San Franclsfeo a« regardH tho freight and paHHenger trafllc for Japan, China and Awlatlc portH. The atearner routo from Seattle to the Orient, Heerna tb be more free from atorma than that from San Franclaeo, and an a largo proportion of the Oriental erpwrtn aro producta of the N'orthweKt the freight traffic ha« naturally taken thla cour«o, Tho fact that, the full capacity of the Japan Mail HtearnKhlp Cornpany'» boats Is engaged a» far ahead a« next AtigUHt Is In Itielf a striking proof of the growing Importance of thfl Oriental trade that bus Ita outlet at Seattle, NERVOUS DEPRESSION IA f Ai.r: wttrt MRS. A wornnn with tho bhlfiM* ft t<»ry rtt|* cnmfortnblo person. Sho Is lliofflcal» unhappy onrt freltictitly hynterlcai, The condition of lite mliul khown Ai " the bhiOR," nearly always, wlUi wo* men, wsnlt.s from (Uwnncd organn ol generation, Jt Is n source of wonder that In thlA ngo of ndvnru'od tnedlcnl Helcncft, any person nliould Mtlll bollcvc l.ltal roerft force of will and dctcnnlnnllon will overcome dcjirowfied Hplrlts nnd ncrv- ouwnosHln women. Those troubles nr* IndicattonN of dlncnNft, Kvery woman wlio dot'«n'(> under* fitnnd her cotidltlon nlinuld write to Lynn, Worn, to Mrs. Plnlchnni for her advice. ll«!r ndvlct) IH thorough coin- tnon HotiKc., and 1« the eoinmel, of a learned \voiiisin of grail, »5xporii>nee, Head 11 iu Hlory of MI-M, F. 8. JJir.NNKTT, 'NVithtplintlii, Kansas, an told In the following lottor; "Dtail MltH. PlNliHAM:--! llIlVO Mlt* fcrcd for over two ycnm with fulling, cnliirgi.'iiK'iil, inn! ulcci'iilloi) of Ilia womb, and tlilM wpi'ltig, being In Hiiiib n wenlcotK'd fiondltlon, rii-tmed mo to flow for nearly fdxmonlh'i, Homo (.lino ngo, urgi'd by frlcndu, J wrol« to you foradvlcit. Aftor iiflng llin tretd.wonfc which you ndvlncd for a whorl, lhno f tlial. terrible, flow Hl.oppcd. "I am now gaining utretiffUi nnd flesh, nnd liavo lietiltli than I havo liad for tbo punt trn yearn. I wlwli to hiiy to all dlNtrcMMcd, Buffering 1 women, do not BiiflVr longer, when there IH onu no kind und willing to aid you." Lydia.K. Plnlcham'H Vegetable Coin- pound IH a WOIIUIU'H rumcdy for wo- mnn'B lllw, Moro than a million wo- kncn have been bcnelltcd by 1(. Go to your grocer to-day and get a 150. package of Crain=0 It takes the place of coffee at { the coHt. ^ Made from pure grains it is nourishing {incl healthful. IntM that roar itrdwr gtrnt jrmt O R AI ff-O. A<se<rtrtB</f '•-" I c«e««, H(rh/l t»T l.'K,k tit ifnttMHiMMt Ml! I H liny*' t.ritalintinlFree. Ur.H>lt,i>uitwitM»t.utt»u,Vit New Yorker — f)(dyr>u note any potnt-H (>t rwt<:rrib!an«e between this (Ad work! ?m'l the new when you were abroad? .Second New Yorfscr — We't, and frelaurl Eof/feftft farnHiar. f) In * f(m> korttx «ittt ' LIQUID EXTRACT Of 8MOKE. Irfffft blfiktfty wxtti, (jb&Kt&r/ ^faiA'itt t itrtfi tutitti fchjirt fchftm/1 WAV. HAi»4 fttt . t'~ W. N. U. Des MoJnea. 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