The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1899 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1899
Page 8
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JOffifSOS FOB PO^ ASTER ! : |*^^^^ .1 S »* 1 issffle Ccr*"« &«&3s*fs. passes <f3i*e * l-rsys geinb cf Sfeff Miilfe fe«»se. *ss ; ; psses crrer &s »ee* lise ser^ ra g** ?!S,r!s " sfe-s sres-t *H?er.. LAMPS HELD MAGHETS. on fKAfTK DEritfB, - fiTSVBST, ' STAOT. f -r-fit-r. ?T"K>H?X~ . f'-aMfWOVSTKK, H. KTJSVKSX, STATEMENT £; RE^^L^ rJrixeor, * /?. *TAC*. GEO. cfcALL^ the Fanners' Milling Co, ,. ' 1 liV » .-_v-.7-rORir£Z>.J A* at* OPERATORS OF THE ALGONA ROLLER MILLS. "^ , ^-^^a wheat: also bran, shorts, and ground . . _ -„ ,-> ^r-r- i-:" ^;-4f--;^t4nr and solicits the lanncrs' business. C*sf^^-t^V^Wrf- Tt2-? s '-^ i ---- •" s - ! "' M '~ cxis: a Specialty. il! do as well by you as any mill in i 7S, General Manager. DAILY EXCURSIONS CALIFORNIA ETstifr lie pse'-je. SETS 1 NOTICE TO GRADi.?^;. _ _ _. ^ ;- w -,; no - Cars to points in California ;^S££y :«r^|il;|S^|l.HI "^^^ ^SoSn^ ^V^'^ year via the ^fif^iSfK^S^M^^^ ...... !i«;«« Dnnrfin and NnrthwfiRtfifn llHR. GHG8EO, Onion Facile and Northwestern e^est 2^±e S , Shortest •s^c-ad- S'isi^st Scenery "o^i ffrr bv= a:4 tli u*iE5 Vx-£ 5tat* Asrl^aftaral -oclely by » Clo** Vot*-. | t-£T to tie *2.i_p- THE PLATFORM WOMAN, r- I Tfai* Xoied Ant-hor 5mT» =i* H*» Been & Blot Cpo» America* ,,,..,...,,,,.,. TToiMUBkoo*- --T- T-_ - - * the ,. r .- •=--,- home any day in the week and! .^^ri^:^ ;-^:-";:TrJn5 a'J the' way. For pamphlets! and information inquire o. .-c^.--^- --a^ 1 Suit's Hog Cholera Remedv. Chicago & Northwestern Railway. Kossuth County State Bank, bo-aght and sold. Collec Passage tickets too -.- J:-IZ:"G. Snini- j.3.^c.-~3, T. CSriichllles, Lewis H. Smith, J First National Bank of Algona. $50.000 C. F. Bater is cc-^s io Di5 ocer , Ta::isf Dr. ?ss! ssi 3^:lEg os tie' of *jram;c.-sri to audit the Ye BA3GBQFF8 SUITES SEOOBD. c^; I ~^~z see- I Lars ie^-c h=sb£ics £T»sa> i^cerisoi fef the £^<tivfes of ise;r A l»ls Bull*r Making litcord for the Fa»l Year. Call o:. or £,idrass J. L. SUTTOX, Ai<ona, Iowa. T--SV-—s—D E- g—:.--. =^- =. i. TcTE^i-:"— °""" ! ^ D;-r»-s:ier. F. H. Vesper, Ambrose tiv,^T^-sraTiTz"isc-iT.-i:-ssk i: ~ii--:'iii:r rsJfesiojartfes ternishing first-class secarll __ oce f sger. Is Is is!d t-o b= a ffet! »t - ji w the Huni^. : Maro is ic. really c-oi B=si. &£-d fas a form- b«r ab'e -c get ^steners, ani it is sg- nincatt that in p.sces wiere st* t his 1.01 "otet fr4*s a-g^i—. Tts c:ss pcarasce of ibc platform TTCSLSII is a case of a b!ot being blotstd ont. HOME LOVERS FIRST CHOICE, Svrt»» Maiaena Are Sorclr Hampered In Their Choice bj- Tradition. PROFESSIONAL. CL.ARKE i COHHXOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. ^.c« o-er First Sasic-nil '^v's. Aircni. 1^ A. D. CLarir. PrrSir". C, C- Ci-ato. V:-» Pr=r. "•" CASH CAPITAL. 850,000. General Banking. PEIT±TE SJLFEIT DEPOSIT YAVL nterest paid on time deposits. LuVerne News. Guv Ha-toa left here Mocdsy for | •• Mara" than would be passible ai " The Local Market. li the Amerieaii gir: was as in her choice of a husband ££ the girl of Hsourtainocs 5w;tZ4rlind she w/uild cciek^y emigrate from the land of Hb"•**? ! erty to eet cp a republic of her G-KTI err-ine IE s&mc e^nvenient sec-tioe of the globe. Swiss uiaidens have wide and deep courtship licer-se, bat in mscy of the cantons they are allowed bat a Barrow choice of bridegrc-onis, it being a rlgc-r- All grain prices are a little bener in cal U worth 56Cents. B. F. GflSbrie rslarcea from the eait [ 23, shelSe-d com 25, flas tl.03. barley 33. on the iraic Monday, Rochester, N. Y., Satarday night at j C*rro Gorao county i= 4:2*5,000 in debt. ^ _ f mortgagei. . iiate '.D the union. Mrs. Gutbriej Money—On ibort lime. Is itii'i !n Rotbtraler and wiU cot t»e i Money — Ai lowfe=l raiei. home till next Keek. { Mooey—Geo. C. Call, AlgOEa. • that isezt Sunday jnorc-1 to loan at 5 per cent. isg, at 10:45 o'clock, Rftr. W. S. Lewis, | UOSEY D. D-. presi^enl of Morcing Side col- j .fcsffe, SJDUI City, will i>reaet> for us. Tbe £fc=i Side MoiieaS club has been £»fgac!2<rd *itb Gfeorgfe Ti«, 1st cornet: Lloyd Niffer. ^3 CArnet; Nella Niver. 1st A. D. CLARKE & Co. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. NSIMNCE. DAXSON d- BUTLER, LOASS. LA2>D. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Ptoer±s of Hartford. Hanover of Kew York, M'T.rS'jta Fire. Minneapolis, Kcoiiord oj Rockford, LiuTi's Plate Glass of Xew York, Tr-iTc-i States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. SULLIVAN <4 McMAHOX, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, E. V. SV.'ETTIJs-G, ATTO3EY AT LAW, Algon&, Iowa. j. c. B-iyHOSl>. FOS a cle&r ikin, clear a'.! the way through, transparent enough to let oasly etfort-ec, if unwTittes, law that they Eiast marry a yontL of their own Ecighborhood- In m&r.y villages every | marriageable ycuti belongs 10 a so-1 ciety wbcse &o'e object is to prevent SET and every yocti f romcctiide from comiEg a-ccurtiEg the nsaidezi£ of the 6oeieiy*s village. The society ias a password, frtqucET- !y ciiscged —almoit reTrr civuiged. A; lorer of tie village, if ctal!erged. gives j the password acd ii Ls ars "opet sesame" j throngh tte oc-gnard ranks of she pro-! . tective society. | He may clLmb atd woo cEiniermpted, Raymond & R&yn-jond. 1 TORNE Y S AT L , FREDERICK M. CURTJSS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. j The ggitar. T$«& a ver. ^3 cornet; ea ver st iuD6b f Dfc _ rosv c be*k£—show through. ; Either Ei^ert, M mat^oan; * tike jR^-ijy Mountain Tea. A=k your fej, plato: George WiDt*r, j " W bit tern ore Champion. church in L<atl« C'rex&k is to Mr. Heciz oi IjotU Crc*k is ID !owa ! for Hfc went there last week. M*rk Bojlc took in tbfc ^laro enter- l at Aigoua Friday night. He Bros- moved their slaughter j XB itc coucty ii&e into totsn it i* tte back ecd of tbe lot on «- cbop is- TbU lot ii within issste, acd a« it U a frame ti*£ *ity gave them 1-5 days to feed Jobc LoUc returoed teeir vUH in Missouri . Tb&y stopped in Des were •'If " a woman ever gets so "homely" she isn't wortb looking at, she'd belter take Rocky Mountain Tea. I! brings back the bloom of youth; 35c. Ask your druggist. SntL a few lamps left; closing- out cheap at M. Z. Grove A: Son's. A FD»3 line ol canned goods at GBOVE & SON'S. The Homestead Combination. As oar readers are aware, we bare been able to secure for them this year an unusually advantageous clubbing arrange- mfcct, which includes the Iowa Homestead, it« Special Fanners' Institute editions, the Poultry Farmer, the Fanners' Mutoal Insurance Journal, a&d the Humane Alliance, together wffb oar own paper, all for the surprislDgly low figure of $3- Nothing like this has ever before bees offered to our farmer readers. Tbe jBosieetead with iis Special Institute edition for January, con- taios 64 pages of practical farm informs ti&n, and reading tke paper and its Special Institute editions for a year practicaJly amount* to * liberal agficoltaral edacati&o. •Ri« Special Fatinefi' Institaie editio* for tbe preeeat mooth coosideM four interesting, practical topics reJaiing to farm urt^f, sheep boftaodr;, winter's etc., and on thew jnore thaoaCiO fttfi- undistiirbed. But the lover from afar must ngbt his way past the challenging } sendee's or tise tbe shrewdest and most sful stealth. B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Algons, Iowa. F. I_ TRISON, M. D., W. H. Reed •:Successor to John Cronin) bandies , , tee beat to be had in the way of up- I j to-dat*, fine FURNITURE ! Thermometer I besides everything-that can be desir is plain and ornamental Picture Frames, Mouldin Therefore 0ods lhat are required for bea ° d orn a»e D tinR the borne. 1. WELL. " " ; Orders promptiy 5iiM— SO is osr tci- j epboce cuaber. PHYSICIAN ASH SURGEON. it IT'S better than rea-iy mocev se Oi£t* and aiiim, c-ODeiipatloij. sick j " Moan- *' d r=s.dtz«c is tie Boston Block.'. 1* . O. i\ v_J 1\. 1 C_)^* .-TE tit iitw bJoci.) j * » headache, lain Tea. Ask voar druggist. ELDSAXT lice of hai^dnerchiefr. flers, oew enls, at s. etc., for Christmas prc GALBEAITH'3. H. C. MeCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUR&BOH, icsct, McGregor street. MOXEY to loan at -5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOKm. W. H. LACY s*Ug hard and soft wood at §1.25 to $2 per cord, delivered. NOTICE TO BUILDERS. Kotjce is Ix-r-cfit garea tiaai ti* toani ol di- Biwraa of U Ftb. U, at 1 o'tioci; p. ex., (or lie er«ak.n &| AB fejgbl rooia fcij* sci&Cfl bciSdicg iritfaia said on* of it* ya&5* W» ife* • mas- for Plans and te bids tr ' * for ui* faaiSdtES at Utc olct* ,!«&». Tbcbou-4 fight to .... CTji. »OX$KE, PHYSICJAM AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa* M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Offlc* a£4 rcaidanee orer T DB. MARGARET E. COLES, ffom&opattiie Physician and O»ce an4 rt^ddtsc* io Boitoa BSoek, AUGONA, IOWA. DENTIST, A. L. RIST. D. D. 8. io ! with prices always at the satisfacti i point. I W. H. REED LOOK TO YOUR EYES *W. IP. SKCP3KS, Opthaltuic Optlciai f ?S e most di »cu\t cases of children a specif tRg'to"^ I Z° Jour eye« ache, smart, \vater, becom i flamed, or pain in the eyeball, orbit, tempi ] forehead* if so you should consult a coa ; tent optician, with the latest scienttflo me' j os eomeseting all errors of refraction. E* I uiation and consultation free. Office ove J. uilmore's store, Algona, Iowa. HIS HEART'S DESIRE SHELUY & PETTIBONE, MARBLE Head Ston( f Monuments MOE BROS, i jarsee us beiore you contraot. tog'

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