The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1899
Page 5
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THK UPPER t»E$ MOIISBB; ALSOKJu IOWA, JAKUAEY la Come in any time during this month, and of interest in the way of price reduction 1 ' change in our bargain counter. You can SAVE 'MONEY on purchase you make. This week will see on Woolen toe opera house ami on» *fr S»e ae»j«? "?.M do. The ffiw Tneettasz? *H5 ?te < the «ity ;s to wife :n a SWU.T CUy tor- up Into sections. It » ttr be *. j !f« smEtne of a certain *fen*. ate. . ~*e- event for ail north ^testers Eowrt 3 <wr<ii«a: s» speetSra&ton* s be repr^weirtetL 2 Tt*« ' ; >ky **?* *' s r-jfers 5» a - — the Tftoinp«ra company __ The , a house to &OOSB canvas* for tire por- pose of Wrlna-ar-iraifiBseeasas ifona. Tb«y propose t» §nd <rafe proportion -jf sae pwpfe and w&ats proportion af Uie ahuaren attend Sunday sc&ooi. If sbey £**• »* j She facts. we have- an idea saaS sa« PS- , ll£rw «, , lpwn ; Bi««io<» sstys - saat he |, nows swtMng " If eifer auS - it 'UK Tbw is i $7.50 11-4 White, only a few of these, now. $5.90 $7.50 11-4 red, ..... 590 $5.50 11 -4 white and grey, - 420 $5.00 11-4 White, our most popular line, - 3.9Q $5.00 11-4 grey, ..... 3. 9O $4.50 11-4 grey, splendid value, - - 3.65 We have Shaker flannel blankets left, 10-4 size, that sold where for 7$c, which we will close out at 4>c. Mayor Chrisehiiles presided over a) nes ^. ieemritttr •» ut«>tie«t? <?f 13 21- WO rathei- stormy fcrial Monday. She aues- < uer ^nt, f or t ^ e ? :l «sj 5 j s anjnths «f : tioo being wfiether Wiiiiums *Sr-jek | rgag. T!je *«';»•! .<t«s»?t.* of the everv- Chrischilles & Herbst. j. 'jut? iTr^iii'i -jctu.;. -jfci**H '. .,..,»—•— . ;}})•« Jvrrru nHlL'.ll li» tf ^* :j«r*i -'T -^" >.-.r..- . aeld to be 5be aggressor. The • p;,;i« inarr. who condensed 3> shares >r was higbiy compiimented _6y prrto TO and S»T m:wl*? a »hor •>!,$ me ;n •*««*shies for Sis "impartial balancing: > y^^. Sis stock netted h ; nj over It e scales of just-hre. ; D er «nt. free of t»i! expenses. I' is major of She Re». A. S. Flanagan, "who will pleasantly remembered in Algnmi. is now located a5 Farmer CiSj. Hi-, and has built a new church liters S&aS was dedicated Sunday. It is 109x72 feet, '.he audience room 85x58 fees. There __ i* a Sunday schooi annex of 12 rooms j m ^,ji -[ .and J'lllery. the iTtioJe being 5t~ed to j ^jtj be tb f.nvtTtagether. Bishop Joyce -*ns present; at Sue dedication. arobabitj that. ?n «?«;<* of She eheaw irt- tfji-v«4 rates now prevaning the column? om<? not be ab»e to pay a* hijro s \<i ftas. bus stoeU in is will ai- e a bits . i -be CHICAGO. HIIWAUKEE 4 ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAISS WIST. No. 1 departs at 9:03 im So 3 departs at 3:ot>pm Freights that carry passengers— No 93 departs at 10:4opm No". 71 departs at £-,n£m No 65 departs at s.iOpni TBA1KS EAST. No.2 departs at 1 S : i« am No.-t departs at &:-:>pia Freishts tUat carry passengers- No. 76 departs at "^Snm So.9* ^Pa^ at ^P.'^^^. AJe^ CHICAGO * NOKTHYTESTERN. FreSbt" ...11:30 a ni Slked 7:30 a m Pass 7:05 am]Freight 12:15 pm iiuea i-.ij y ui!* ™~.. -.n.-n ™ -n Mixed 7:54 pm; Mixed 10:oOp_m Arrive at Des Motnes at 1?:15 p. m.. 6:lj p. m.. and 1 :SO a. m. p _ H _ ^^ ^^ THE LOCAL FIELD. Peter Winkel is now going it alone in the wood business. The farmers' institute comes in two weeks. Plan to attend. E G. Ball is working for the Ambrose A. Call mail route company. Bi*hop Vincent comes next week Saturday. He lectures on ' w Tom and His Teachers." C J. Lenander has been elected president of the Farmers aad Traders bank at Bancroft. Dr McCoy recalls that Gen. Miles was once blockaded in Algona three days by a blizzard. Brownell is selling good $5 shoes at $2. THE UPPER DES MOINES knows for it paid §5 for them. Mad-on i Hanson are joining the list Of bargain makers. Note their prices on fine tailor made clothing. McMulIen is a good writer, an experienced printer, and an enterprising manager. He will eive Forest City a live paper. We wish him abundant success. It bus looked like spring the past week. This recalls to the minds of the pioneers wheat sowing in February. J. D. Starks says he has"done that twice since he came to Kossuth. ;suth. H. J. Wilson started again Moadav for the on A. voun" man named Jensen from near'Ledyard was before the commissioners on insanity yesterday. W S. Wilcos says he has shipped over'flve carloads "of dressed poultry, about 20,000 turkeys to the car. Charley Wooster has a new barber in his shop, Mr. Bell of Fort Dodge, who has been working in Des Moines. The countv fair directors' meeting cornea early "in March. The date for the coming fair will be fixed then. John Goeders is having the Methodist church carpet made in the church. It will be sewed as it lies on the floor. Mr Mill* of Richland, an old-time friend of the Vincent Bros., was up Monday to look after horses inlvossutn. W H Lacy is running a floe feed store across from the Tennant house. An advertisement appears in tnis issue. Now is the time to talk hotel in earnest. Mr. Durdall's prouosition is in common parlance "a rattling good one." Marriage licenses have been issued to John M. Studer and Mary Schneider, Chas. N. Loebig and Elizabeth Kennedy. Brownell has just put out his acety- Hne light plant and put in the gasoline burners. He gets a better and cheaper light. Everybody has the grip. Dr. Morse gave medicine last week to over 100 people. Other doctors report like experiences. The Titonka Topic appears this week. W. H. Inghara has been m it- ing an account of his buffalo hunt foi the new paper. Miss Kate N. Smith was taken with the prevailing grip while at Lecl}aia last week, but is now at home and much improved. The corner room of the Heise bloflK is cleaned out and uew paint and papti will «o in. It is to be ready for the Simpson shoe store Feb. 1. The railway station is Fen ton is still not located. Tho company has an option on every available pioce of ground across the township. There is every prospect o! a big teachers' meeting at Burt Satuid, >. Burt receives its guests in royal stile, and everybody will have a good time. The Bancroft Register says the Tjarks store will move to TUonk^ What will it do with that big invoice of wooden shees? Titonka is no wood en shoo town. Elmer Wilbur is picking oranges with Walt. Henderson in Galifo nm and writes to his family that hujnealHi is already so much better that he is le- paid for the trip. J. E. MoMullon is to start a new paper at Forest City, and has weaia* moved to that place. It will prowW be called the Forest City Press. Mi. the road itusnu .Houuay lor cne depot mills. They have just caught up with their orders and are running night and dav. They can sell all they "can make. The contract for building the new school house is to be let Feb. 11. Work will begin as soon as the frost is out. The building will likely be set on the south lots of the Heise purchase. The insurance companies made an equitable settlement for the damage to the Cordtngley meat market, and work has begun on repairs. The ceiling will be raised two feet in the new building and a sloping roof will be put on. The Fullers, who gave the famous fire dance at Algona, are traveling ail over Europe. They send cards to Algona triends every week. Fuller remembers Algona kindly ever since he used to play violin in the orchestra. The statement of the Geo. C. Call banking house in this issue speaks for itself. Mr. Call has built up a fine business, and with the addition of Irving Dodge to his working force opens t'°? new year with the prospects of a big gain. The Northwestern railway will make a new time table next Sunday that will affect the running of all its trains in the state. It is to fit a new fast passenger that will run from Chicago to Omaha, in 12 hours. No details are known. The checker tournament in Algona simmers down to a match that is being arranged between an expert from Sheldon and one from Dows. O. L. Foss is arranging the preliminaries. Algona will challenge the winner, and beat him, too. The officers of the state sportsmen's association were to have met last night to fix a date for the state meeting at Algona. The date will be fixed this week and will be some time in May. This will be another big meeting for Algona this year. The baby daughter of E. T. Dodge died Tuesday "morning after only a week's illness of bronchitis. She was past three years old. The funeral was held today." Many friends will sympa- thise with Mr. and Mrs. Dodge in their bereavement. Evangelist Ostrurn comes to Algona Jan. 28"ind will open revival meetings in the Congregational church. All the societies join iu getting him. Meanwhile special meetings are being uelu every evening preparatory to his coming. A big revival is hoped for. The program of the Sheldon winter assembly is published. Dr. Day is ou for two lectures on the book of Genesis, one to be given Tuesday, Feb 14, aud the second on Wednesday, the loth. The assembly lasts & week, and a very elaborate series of exercises is arranged. The Republican announced last week that J- W. Haggard had bought a bait interest in the plant, and that the hrm will be hereafter Starr & Haggard. Mr. Haggard is a very comment printer and business manager. THE LPPtK DES MOINES takes oft its hat to the new firm. The public library has received a very fine atlas of Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Philippines, sent out by the war department. Prof. Spencer was "truulental in securing It The nu^ are made for government u=e but will have <rreat value to the student who «ants°to know any particular fact about our new possessions. Saturday night as Glen Fountain was brlnSg t y he£all from the north tram £"& back door of the postothce abou^ 8 o'clock, someone stepped out of the shadow and told him to drop it. He chucked the bag into the , ™uld-be : thief's face and ran for the allej wit i it It U likely that the mar. was drunk. Nothing more was seen of him. csuot Van Erdewyk is arranging his taupi. va ", t , 'Al^ona teachers' program foi the Ai«, ^ ^ m v eeU Will rJfeton gives his lecture. Ho" w U have four "papers in the fore- o^a bouse 3 It is to be a great event, T, t Gr,nnpfii' took occiisioii to tell at "" The Methodists oueht to arrange? fur special train service Then 'hey crave Harrison WTUde here to piay ihe pipe onran. so Sh«5 peopie sould.come ffjm» distance. Wilde is ia ^'L ii7 autran ' 1 Louie Faik and CUirence Eddy as a pipe organist, and his recital wtli be the biijjest musical event erer fi~io in northern Iowa. There is no such organ in northern Iowa, to be^:n wish. E. P. Birchor says there will be a hundred entries in his stake races, and that his meetings will beat; anything yet attempted ia saese parts. He sijs also that the peopie will see something I ^-^^i,.^ uew in the way of Betting running horses started. He will use a. beavv rubber band across the- track. When the horees are all up to it one end will esi musical sntertaia- ; j-^a siveu in A son;i in not toe "ness ever g:.»eo : *as 'he Otaieroti concert M',uniay evening. I* i* a P'»y that she house ! oijui'i a».'E have beeu cn.'wnzeti ;i* =» ; should ;ia~e been. M ; .*s Catneryo siiajr • 3eaut;fuiiv. w'aiie She vttoi'.n ;tn»l ptaoc • piayiriif -were exceptions!.!!' iine. and ; the" contj-aito sinaer bad a rich vuiee. : The c;.osin>£ number «:i* "' Ave Muriu" suc^ by Miss Came run aowmpanied by ij\- Vue other th.-ve. A.* the curSain drooped ihe atwtenoe did what it _ has ne^er. done before in A'sjrona, retnamed seated and called Miss Oitueroc before the ourtain. The apuistuse 'tisted ;on^ anouita f'.'r a second r«c«iU but she d'.vi New Year I want you all to be happy, and 1 know you will be if you buy your groceries from me during the year 1S99. James Patterson Every Boy be let loose and L: will 3y out of the wav. That is the method of starting much used now in the east. Contractor Gross has finished his: work on the ne'.v church. The build-, ing- is now complete with the exception of the carpets and pews. A fe'-v windows are stiil to be put in. and the heaters are to be covered and gilded. It is too uarlv to speak ia detail of the inside appearance and anish. £t^.;* enough to say. h«r-vever. that it fulfills all that the "outside promises. When the church is opened the pubirc wil! see the handsomest auditorium in Iowa in a city of less than 25,000 people. J. W. Hinohoa gave a most interesting talk before the social uaion Satur- dav evening- on the odd things he ^saw abroad. Among them he spoke of the absence of boot black* its the big city of Dublin, of the trisa jolting care, of the lack of opposition between churches and saloons ail over Europe, of the tip system, of railway traveL and hotel usages. He possesses a very easy narrative stvie and everybody present ec- ioyed hU'ta-Ui- Rev. CMlierausbaw was sick and unable to be present. He was to have given his experiences in a big blizzard. America is in the to stay. The whole back page of the^ Manila Times, sent out by Carl SetcheU, is an advertisement for Schlitz beer: " Amidst the roar of battle the boys all thought of Schi itz'beer and would have beenVilliag to have given a big order ou the paymaster for just one glass. What's the matter now? In peace or war Schlitz is always good," etc. The whole back page of the Manila American likewise is devoted to the virtues o? Schlitz. which if said to "kill the suu's heat," About half the aunoupce- ments in both papers are of American drinks. Clarke £ Cohenour are preparing arguments iu the supreme court in two cases of local interest. Cue is the suit of Harriet J. Stephensou against the Bankers' Life Insurance company for *° (WO, which it refuses to pay alleging that her husband's shootiug himself relieved it of liability. The other is a Lund case. Lund loaned money to Studer for Tovvusend of Sycamore. III. He collected the money and failed to send it to Townsend, who brought suit of foreclosure against Studer. The court'held that Townsend couid not collect from Studer, as Lund had au- tho'rity to collect the money. Bif elow, the electric light man, has retafaed F. M. Curtiss aud is expected Special Prices on Men's Black Suits. A Jubn G»-br»Uh wtth- •s frcm the p*irtuersbip. Hw ih is much better than it has bet-u. bus t» is uuii'seiy that he wi"! a;iatu aJ- will hereafter sf ; ve h's soy? iittenticD to his personal pi-t-yeriy an>: affairs. The two brothers opened the Ga'.braith store togesher rnauy years a^o over on Call street, when both were you as: me a. Job a we a i to Wisconsin, but Georse •iiWAV* been an Aigoua tnervbaat since. When John cume back be again interest it! *"ne score. Xo** that he drops out;iaa:n George becomes sole owner again. The Ga'r>rA: v -h^store one of Aliiocn's staunch a.ud weii io Kossuth cvimty under 1« years of age bas a cbanue to secure c-ne of these valuable prise* on en She following ptau: To the bov *ho maJves the best drawing of "Buck's" trade uiark as- showw hew- i-Q we wi'L »iw a new Rodders fwt-power scroll stiw worth $4. Li> the Ov-y wCto aiakex the second best drawing vve will give a stem-winding uickcUitvcr- watch worth $2.25. warranted for one year. To the boy who makes- the third be<st dr&wiatf we will «Hvi? a pearl battilied pocket kuife worth *L Trade niark* and curds of instruction may he secured at our store. J. ompe-- teot - u d<--es wil! decide upon the merit* of the drawings, aud a copy ot the best druwiag* together with the names of the, three prise winaers. will be yubUslxed i iu all the Algona papers. Contest will close Mai-ch t. G. M. DOXSE& We desire ti> thank our friends for past favor*, and to say that we are uo* uo stairs in the same block, prepared to take care of our old customers ;tnJ as manv ne* ones a.s mny s*'e fit to give us a cafl. HEISE ^c BXEM.KK. BOOXE coa!. 53.50 per too. delivered. at W. H. Lacy's. Keep your eye on..... to r»y Vp- i All persons owing me ou account are I requested to call and. settle at ouce, as j I aai La ueed of money. Irvitigton. Iowa. Dl'V-VOOtUK. Browtieirs Clearing Sale. dttio DRESSM-CKtN'O. OUtEiBg aud • bv the tiav or at ootue. MRS. Eb'b-lK K. VVKKKLOCK. Cor. W. iK-Ores'-T ami S. WiLluuiis Sts. FOK the nanuul couventiou oi the XA- tiotsal Butter Makers' association at Sioux Fa!!s» S. Dak.. Jau. S>-£y. the Xorth-.vestera line will sell excursion tickets oaJita. 21-24, good until Jan. 31. ISSd. at greatly reduced rates. Apu!v to agents for full particulars. MONEY to loan, at 5 percent, interest. [Optional payments. U. tlOXLK. i MEETINGS. Exclusively Boots and Shoes. tV'iS.'.v.'ii IKovX A'QiCttvi, -lv".vj,. FSAISIE GEl'S THE S'i'lTIOK. A Bonus ot ! » ! Greai Bargains in There will be a joint installation of the Women's Ueltef Corps aud O. A. K. Jau. 25. A special meeting of the KeJiueu will be held uext Motiday night to confer the degree of Pocy.hv.mtas. Services at the Congregational church Sunday tuorcitig. Thcine^of sermon: "The tVt aivd the Kettle." Supper will be served by the ladies of the Congregational society Thursday evening at <5 o'clock iu the church parlors. Every one is cordially iuviteu to attend. Services of First Church of Christ. Scientist, at Odd follows' parlors, Saa- davs 10:45 a. iu., Wednesdays S p. ui. •' Love" will be the subject next Sunday. All welcome. ] At the Baptist uext Sunday morning Rev. D. M. Stiles will piviioh ou '^How Christ Honors True Oiscii'leship." In the evening there will be a union evangelical service led by Hev. \Y. J. Suckow. The Rediuen request the presence of all members at their wigwam, Thursday night, the UHh, when orticers will be" installed for the eusuitig term. Other important business will also come before the council. Dr. Dav's theme for discourse at the Methodis't church next Sunday morning will be, " Dangers to Methodism iu a Revival." No evening service, as the pastor will prtac-U at the luu-th side union uieetiug in the Presbyterian church. La<t Friday evening the Rebokah lod^e installed the following ottioors: Mrs. H. H. Mason, N. G.; Mrs. l.eroy Barton, V. G.; Mrs. A. D- Hrudley, recording secretary; Mrs. Ma»\v Hei-uuvu, financial secretary: Mrs. Delia ' treasurer. Switches Wanted. For switches and hair chains call on Setohetl \- SeteheM, Algoua, Iowa, or write to W. J. Wells, Osugo, Iowa, whose work here is so well known ami prices are so low. All work is guaranteed to suit. 3 - li > iOO UtUsevt iiuii v ^. Will ttuu TUrv> I'ralrltf—Irvlusjtvm >V»uts a SwUvU '; It is dually settled that the- Iowa; Centrtd will locate its dfyot at tbo: Pniirie church. Tho ciUietis thoro-1 nbouts last weok raised a bonus of • cri^OaudotTeivd it to tho couipauy. j A telegram camo buck accop'iug it. j Some or" those who voted against the j wx subscribed to the fund. This is as it should be, tor Prairie- i* tho logical, si'Ot for a station. j 'Tho residents iu eastern Irvuigtou hnvo a plan bv which they wiviu a; switch put iu." IVrry Burliugaaio is; UNTIL Fl-'U. 1 wo will mske «p tul active iu tho matter. " ; winter suit* at ^tvut-!y reduced prioo* CoiUr&rv to last week's roport work; in order to disposo of our heavy- wo!s;Ct Ua< alivad'v begun ou the oormauont j good* and nuiko room for spring stock. -utVev aud" ••*ratio stakes aro now boing : Now is tho time to tako tuivauUigo of *et bet'weou Holmoud and Corwith. i this otfor- IT IS A SNAP if you tuv The oirvovor* will bo in Algona soon, looking for a suit. Work on trading will bogiu early iu ; Uoaunubev- Vutil bVb. 1—tUoy wul the <priu i all tv goue by that tiuve. Plump U-kt. plain rings, So por pennyweight. If you will pay us $1.50 per ponny weight wo can art'ord to make the bride a present. K. 0>. l?O\YYKK. itrst door east ot \)o#to8Soo. -W JNo\V ^. were ^ tor Call and see them. M. Z, C.KOVK v<: SON S, MONKY to loan at 5 p^'r cent. A. D. CI.AKKK vV Co. BUST'S BIG CREAMERY. tt Toy* tho It' 1 SL'ITS thvtt were ^J!i>1 Now go for 'SUITS that wore $^3 I Now go tor. ...... I PANTS that wove $8• Now go tor : PANTS that were $7 No\v tov 50 « — 50 l'j> to l>«to \vltli j _ of S us.fiS. j Tho lUu-t co-operative oivauiory du\ a goikl business (or tho year IStfS. Tho j total roooipts, misoolhuioous and all,! foot up to f4ti,723.iM. | PouiuU milk received 'MI'S^ Pounds bvutoruuulo Total value of buttov Mill receipts Misoollautfou* vecoipts Fiviu o per oout. cluu-ges •*•«' *•> Madson & Hanson, W. H, LACY K»w Your \YtHtaiHK Buy your wedding rin ways make the 5tf Uluti. of us, we bride a present. DIXOI.KY & Pi'O. Au Knsy Way to I'uy out Uol»ts. Farm loansun thoanu>rU'£o»j\oiU phuu Seo Thos. F. CooUo before uuiUuig a loan. Total receipts The Mouitor says: Tho creamery has put in uew machinery and uuulo improvomouts to the anunml ot $1,077,Si>, and tno operating osponse* aw SI,- &J5.»W. . , ,, The average test for tho year vs c>.M>, average prioo CT.SjJ cents; uuiuber pounds of milk for pound of butler, i*:.;:^; yield percwt. of milk, 4,4-1 pounds of Imtfer, Of the but tor uiauo 2-:>,7i>T pounds wero sold at home. FOK tinvo loans ou real ostato uppiy at Kossnth CouiUy Slate JtJtwk. also aH UUuU o.( uviU stuff, Wood and Goal. "/>0 «,'0({*' ((\'t'ilhiHil Of» OM*' I'i'l^ ,Vft) O(>[u»!»\U> Hotel *l'»UVV.-Mlt. fp f\ IH'YS A STOVE ^•k "^ k'lvtiy MOtuI v*»U>. UK> IftV V lljA g UvVikv;,\\k Utt«UU){ AVMfftVvS* A*!-' *L*r ]\teuu« (Uius to» u vsvvi*'«t\ ^i Mio^ <^l7^\J.»vWAu\U« OjiftWH

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