The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1899
Page 7
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THE MOINE8: A1,WWA. tOWA WEPNSSPAY JANUARY 11. 1899 •We know of nothing better to tear the lining of your throat and lungs. It is better than wet feet to cause bronchitis and pneumonia. Only keep it up long enough and you will succeed in reducingyour weight, losing your appetite, bringing on a slow fever and making everything exactly right for the germs of consumption. Stop coughing and you will get well. A NEW CENSUS" LAST SUN- CAY'S SUBJECT. Chapter Second Hook "I"-, Verge 3, Art of Sarnnel, as Follows: Us." ° 6 m ° st charac- David - v - boy, he could shepherd a flock, y " ten '° aves and ten slices ° f cheese to his brothers in the regi- n * , ° r ' With leath "i thong, stone loaded, bring down a giant whose armor weighed two hundred weight of metal, or cause a lion which roared at cures coughs of every kind. An ordinary cough disappears in a single night. The racking coughs of bronchitis are soon completely mastered. And, if not too far along, the coughs of consumption are completely cured. Ask your druggist for one ot • Dr. Ayer 's Cherry Pectoral Plaster. It will aid the action o1 the Cherry Pectoral. If yon hnre any complaint •wliftt. ever and desire the best medical advlco you run possibly obtain, wrlto us freely. You will receive a prompt reply that may be of great value to vou. Address, DR. J.'C. ATER, Lowell, Mass. In the Girl's Gymnasium. Ethel—"So you gave Charlie the mitten? How did you go about it?" Edith—"Why, I invited him to put on the 'inits' with me for five minutes and gave it to him in the 'jugular'— and he tumbled." The Only Good One. "Where we old folks used to sa., 'honest Injun,' the modern kid says 'on the dead.'" . "Well, you know, the only good Injun is the dead Injun." FITS Formation MyCttrt'u. Woflts ornerrousnass after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. Bend for FREE Sii.OO trial bottle and treatise. Dn. R. H. KLINE,Ltd..931 Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa. When a man plays the races the races work him. Honest grocers prefer to sell honei-t soap. Diamond "C" Soap is honest, economical, every way desirable. Philadelphia policemen carry canes with curved handles. They are sometimes useful iu reaching for escaping lawbreakers. WHAT TO EAT IS A SERIOUS QUESTION FLOUR VETERANS WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM. It Is Absolutely Pure. |Trylt. It Speaks For Itself. Your Grocer Keeps It If you made a home stead entry prior to June 22,187-1, for less than 10O acres, i you are entitled to an additional entry, which is assignable and -worth something. Widows and minor orphans of deci-asea soldiers have same right. I will buy it. Do not waste postage unless you made an original entry as stated above. JKKE COLLINS. Helena. Montana. Meat smoked in a few hours with „„-„_ KRAUSERS' LIQUID EXTRACT OF SMOKE. Made from hickory wood. pbenper, cleaner, %^*%SSL&S?&8&S?*I$££ IDcy0iflMC eetyourpen8lon |rtNSIUNd DOUBLE au)CK Write CAPT. O'FARRELL, Pension Agent, In rage to roar with pain as he n "ng it, dying, to the roadside or could marshal a host, or rule an em- Pire, or thumb a harp so skillfully "at it cured Saul's dementia-a harp from whose strings dripped pastorals, elegies, lyrics, triumphal marches, benedictions. Now, this man, a combination of musics and heroics, of dithyrambics and battlefields, of country quietude and statesmanship, is to fit out a military expedition. Four thousand troops, according to Josephus, were sent into the field. The captains were put in command of the companies, and the colonels in command of the regiments, which were disposed into right wing, left wing, and center. Gen, Joab, Gen. Abishai and Gen. Ittai are to lead these three divisions; but who shall take the field as commander-in-chlef? David offers his services, and proposes to go to the front. He wrll lead them In the awful charge, for he has not a cowardly nerve In all his body. He did not propose to have his troops go into perils which he himself would not brave, and the battlefield required as much courage then as now, for the opposing forces must, in order to do any • execution at all, come up to within positive reach of sabre and spear. But there came up from the troops and from the civilians a mighty protest against David's taking the field. His life was too important to the nation. If he went down, the empire went down; whereas, if the whole four thousand of the ranks were slain, another army might be marshaled and the defeat turned into victory. The army and the nation practically cried out, "No! No! You cannot go to the front. We estimate you as ten thousand men. 'Thou art. worth ten thousand of us!" In no city of its size are there BO many men of talent as are gathered In this capital of the American nation Some of the states are at times represented by men who have neither talents nor good morals. Their politica party compensates them for partisan services by sending them to Congress or by securing for them position in the war or navy or pension or printing departments. They were nobodies before they left home, and they are nobodies here. But they are excep tional. All the states of the Union generally send their most talented men and men of exemplary lives and nobli purposes. Some of them have th> gifts and qualifications of ten men, o a hundred mem— yea, of a thousant men— and ttieir constituents could truthfully employ the words of th text and say, "Thou art worth ten thousand of us." With such opportunity are they augmenting their usefulness In every possible direction? Many of them are; some of them are not. It is a stupendous thing to have power— political power, social power, official power. It has often been printed and often quoted as one of the wise sayings of the ancients, "Knowledge is power;" yet it may as certainly be power for evil as for good. The lightning express rail train has power for good, if It is on the track, but horrible power for disaster if it leaves the track and plunges down the embankment. The ocean steamer has power for good, sailing in right direction and in safe waters and under good helmsman and wide-awake watchman on the lookout, but indescribable power for evil if under full headway it strikes the break- for free gc-vernment. and at the right time yoxi shall be one of otir territories, on the way to be one of otir states." And there is no power In Europe, Asia or Africa, or all combined, that could harm this nation in Its world-wide endeavor. God is o» the side of the right, and by earnest 1m- P'.oration for divine guidance on the part of this nation we will b'e led t«' do the right. We are on the brink of nothing. There is no frightful crisis. This train of Republican and Democratic institutions is a through train, and all we want is to have the engineer and the brakemen and the conductor attend to their business while the passengers keep their places. We want men in this nation with faith enough for all. We want here and there a David worth ten thousand men. The warrior David of my text showed more self-control and moral rowess In staying at home than he ould have shown eommantUng in the eld. He was a natural warrior. Marial airs stirred him. The glitter of pposing shields fired him. He was sne of those men who feel at home in he saddle, patting the neck of a paw- ng cavalry horse. But he suppressed himself. He obeyed the command of he troops whom he woultl like to have commanded. Some of the great- st Sedans and Austerlitzes have been n backwoods kitchens, or in nursery, with three children down with scarlet 'ever, soon to join the two already In he churchyard, or amid domestic wrongs and outrages enough to trans- "orm angels into devils, or in commercial life within their own counting- rooms in time of Black Friday panics, or in mechanical life in their own carpenter shop, or on the scaffolding o5 walls, swept by cold or smitten by leat No telegraphic wires reportei the crisis of the conflict, no banner was ever waved to celebrate their victory; but God knows, and God will remember, and God will adjust, and by him the falling of a tear is as certainly noticed as the burning of a world, and the flutter of a sparrow's wing as the flight of the apocalyptic archangel. Oh, what a God we have for small things as well as big things! David no more helped at the front than helped at home. The four regiments mobilized for the defense of the throne of Israel were right In protesting against he a Conqueror of hemispheres. Other physicians have cured sufferings, but here Is a Doctor who gave sight to those who were born blind, and without surgery straightened the crooked back, and changed the numbness of paralysis into warm circulation, and who will yet extirpate all the ailments of the world, until the last cry, of the world's distress shall change 'into a song of convalescence. Other kings have ruled wide realms, but here is a King that will yet reign in all the earth as he now reigns in heaven. There have been other historians who told the story of nations, but here is One who tells us of things that occurred before the world was. There have been other generals who commanded men, but here was a General who commanded seas and hurricanes. There have been other prophets, but here is One out of whose life and career, Moses and David and Jeremiah and Ezekiel and Micah and Malachl and Zechariah dipped their Inspiration. There have been other merciful hearts all up and down through the ages, but here is One who loves us with an everlasting love, and whose mercy antedates the birth of the first mountain, and the wash of the first sea, and the radiance of the first aurora, and the chant of the morning stars at the creation, and will continue after ttie last rock hag melted in the final conflagration, and Atlantic and Pacific oceans have rolled out of their beds, and the last night shall have folded up its shadow, and our Lord shall have cried out in the same words that sounded through the night of John's banishment on Patmos, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last." Then all the mightiest of heaven will gather around the incarnated God of whom I preach, each one saying it for himself, but altogether uttering it in mighty chorus, "Thou Son of David, thou Son of Mary, thou Son of God, thou art worth ten thousand of us!" But I must not close without commending to you this wonderful Christ here and now as your pardon for al sin, and your solace for all grief, and your triumph in all struggle. Down a' Norfolk, Virginia, a few days ago, a gentleman was telling me of one of our war-ships in Cuban waters. Before it left a northern harbor, some NEW DISCOVERY: «i«» qulckrellefandciirea worst uuee. Send for book of testimonials and 1O days' treatment Free. Dr. n.n.onKmi'B_guiig. «ii_nu, tij. Or. Kay's Renovator, _ GUAKANTjTBD toounx w* s, b epsia, con- . liver and luduey diseases, biliousness, , etc. At druggists, 25u and tl .CO. ers. ONE GOOD DE/ 1 ' r n WASTED in every it/wn , where not represented. IMOXAbb PURE MIXED PAINTS Finest and most durable, Colors always uniform and guaranteed. OHU t I EN Vw%4!!v ENTERPRISE PAINT MFG. CO. As steam power or electricity or water forces may be stored in boilers, in dynamos, in reservoirs, to be employed all over a town or city, so God sometimes puts in one man enough faith to supply thousands of men with 'courage. If a man happens to be .thus "endowed, let him realize his opportunity and improve it. At this time millions of men are atremble lest this nation make a mistake and enter upon some policy of government for the islands of the sea that will founder the republic God will give to a few men on both sides of this question faith and courage for all the rest. These two false positions many are now r— false as false can be. The one ,_ tha t if we decline to take under full Cuba and Porto Rico and the we make a declination WOMEN DR. MARTEL'S FRENCH FEMALE PILLS Particulars and teytl- nionlulB in plain sealed letter M*ttispFBBS. 381 & 383 Pearl St., New York are will be disastrous to our nation, ana other nations will take control of these archipelagos and rule them, and de- that and to humiliation and de other theory is that if ka possession of these once Span~?o£, we invite foreign inter, and enter upon a career tba CURE YOURSElft , Usu !%> O for unnatural discharge^, iullaiuuitttipOB, irritations or ulcwatiou* of mucous uwmbr»ne». Faiuless, au4 not «»t 01 pol«onoU8. or wot to pUIn wraRPfr, vxtresi, prepaid, lor . or 3 fi the second course may say to those islands ' We do not but we have set you free David's exposure of his life at the front. Had he been pierced of an arrow, or cloven down with a battle-ax, or fatally slung from a snorting war charger, what a disaster for Israel! Absalom, his son, was a low fellow, and unfit to reign, his two chief characteristics were his handsome face and his long hair—so long, that when he had it cut, that which was scissored off, weighed "two hundred shekels, after the king's weight," and when a man has nothing but a handsome face and an exuberance of hair, there is not much of him. The capture or slaying of David would have been a calamity irreparable. Unnecessary exposure would have been a crime for David, as it is a crime for you. In nine cases out of ten, the fatalities every day reported are not the fault of engineers or brakemen or conductors or cab-drivers, but of the stupidity and recklessness of people at street or railroad crossing. They would like to have the Chicago limited express train, with three hundred passengers, and advertised to arrive at a certain hour in a certain city, slow up to let them get two minutes sooner to their destination, not one farthing of their own or any one else's welfare dependent on whether they arrive one minute before twelve o'clock, or one minute after. You ought to get permission from a railroad superintendent to mount beside the engineer on a locomotive, to realize how many evils of recklessness there are in the world— funeral processions whipping up to get across before the cow-catcher strikes the hearse; man of family, with wife and children beside him in a wagon, evidently having made close calculation as to whether a stroke from the locomotive would put them backward or forward in the journey to the village grocery; traveler on a railroad bridge, hoping that he could get to the end of the bridge before the train reaches it. You have no right to put your life in peril, unless by such exposure something is to be gained for others. What imbecility in thousands of Americans during our recent A'mer- ico-Spanish war, disappointed because the surrender came so soon, and they could not have the advantage of being 'shot at San Juan hill, or brought down with the yellow fever, and Carried on a litter to transport steamers already so many floating lazarettos, instead of .thanking God that they got no nearer to the slaughter than Tampa or Chattanooga, or the encampment at their own state capital, mad at the government, mad at God, because they could not get to the front in time to join the four thousand corpses, that are now being transported from the tropics to the national cemeteries of the United States! Exposure and daring are admirable when duty calls, but keep out of peril when nothing practical and useful is to be gained for your family or your country or your God. I admire the David of my text as he suppresses himself and enters the gate of his castle, as much as I admire him, when, with his four fingers and thumb clutched into the grisly locks of Qpliath's head, which he had decapitated, and Saul admiringly asks, "Whose son art thou, young man?" Christian ladies, at much expense and With fine taste, bought and furnished for that war-vessel a pulpit, from which the chaplain might read the service and preach while on shipboard. The pulpit was made in the shape of a cross, and it was beautifully damasked and tasselled. The ship got into the battle before Santiago, and the vessels of the enemy began to sink, and their crew were struggling in the waters, when, from this ship I speak of, the officers and sailors began to throw over chairs, planks, tables, to help the drowning save themselves. After a while everything movable had been thrown overboard, except the pulpit in the shape of a cross. After objection by some that it was too beautiful and valuable to be cast into the waters, the cross was dropped into the sea. One of the drowning men seized it, but let go, and another seized, and the shout went from many on deck to those struggling in the waves, "Cling to the cross! Cling to the cross!" Several of the drowning took the advice and held on until they were rescued and brought in safety to deck, and shore, and home, and I say to all the souls today sinking in sin and sorrow, now swept this way and now that: Though the guns of temptation and disaster may splinter and knock from under you all other standing, and everything else goes down, take hold of the cross and cling to it for your present and everlasting safety. Cling to the cross! for he who died upon it will save to the uttermost, and he is so good, and so lovely, and so mighty that he is worth infinitely more than ten thousand of, us. .,•*""* Small BOTS In tacit. First urchin—"Hev a cipar? I got a box of 'em at Christmas!" Second urchin—"Yer did?,' First urchin—"Yes; me mudder give em to me fader and he chucked 'em array back uv de woodshed." A Double Crop of Applet. On a Longr Island farm is an apple _ree which bore two crops of fruit the sast yefti*. and the farmers are taking unusual interest in this peculiarity of nature. Jnst as inuchinterest is being shown in Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, •which cures dyspepsia,indigestion, constipation and blood disorders when other remedies fail to benefit. A cloth jacket is warmer than a fur Lined coat, because there is little temptation to leave it open. While there's life there's Soap—Diamond "C"jSp_ap. An Indiana woman was made to pay Sl-'6 damages for saying that her neighbor's beauty was artificial. Deafness Cannot tie Cnred by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There Is onlv one wny to cure Deafness, and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Kustachlan Tube. When Hi is tube is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when it Is entirely closed Deafness Is the result, and unless the inllammation can be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous •\Ve C wul Bive One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Pills are the bost. Every time the wind raises a disturbance it is sure to blow about it. Piso'sCure for Consumption is the bost of all cough cures. George W. Lotz, Fa- bucher, La., August "0, 1895. There is nothing 1 more unsatisfactory than compulsory love. TO CDBE A COLD IN ONE DAV Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it foils to cure. 25o. The genuine has L. B. Q, on each tablet. The woman who always wears a smile is faultlessly dressed. Mrs. TVlnslow's Soothing Syrup. For children teothlnR, Boftena the (rums, reduces Inflammation, allnvB rmln.curea wind colic. ?3o a bottle- Tile man who owes a parting shot is never pressed for payment. Coe's Cough Hula am Is the oldest and best. It will break up a cold quicker than anything else. It IB always reliable. Try It. Cheap jewelry beats the more ex- pensivo kind all hollow. WANTED-Case of bad Ticalth that IJ-I P-A-X-S will not benefit. Send 5 cents to lilpans Chemical Co., New York, for 10 Bauipleu and 1.000 testimonial* The average backyard by any other name would not inspire a landscape painter. A catalogue of 300 prizes suitable to every taste and condition mailed on inquiry. Prizes given for saving Diamond "C" Soap wrappers. Address Cudahy Soap Works, South Omaha, Nebraska. General Wheeler ascribes his hardihood to regular hours. lie poestobed jvery night at 10 and rises at 7:30 in the morning. Am dellRhted with PR. BETH ARNOLD'S COUGH KILLKIi; It cures every time. Key. J. B. Corulsh, Waynesvllle.Ill. £5c. a bottle. fflUY WAN1? TO These Gfateiftti Wotnen Who Been Helped b? Mrs. Pinkhatn Women who have suffered severely and been relieved of their ills by M»4 Pinkham's atltice and medicine ate constantly urging publication of theiif statements for the benefit of other Women. Here are two such letters: Mrs. LIZZIE BEVEBIY, 858 Mefirimiid St., Lowell, Mass.* writes: "It affords ine great pleasure to tell all suffering women of the benefit I have received from taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I can hardly find words to express my gratitude f or what she has done for me. My trouble Was ulceration of the womb. I was tin* der the doctor's care. Upon examination he found fifteen very large ulcers, but he failed to do me good. 1 took several bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, also used the Sanative Wash, and am cured. Mrs. Pinkham's medicine saved my life, and I would recommend it to all suffering women." Mrs. AMOS TROMBLEAT, Ellenburgh Ctr., N. Y.. writes: "I took cold at the time my baby •was born, causing me to have milk legs, and was sick in bed for eight weeks. Doctors did me no good. I surely thought I would die. I was al- BO troubled with falling of the womb. I could not eat, had faint spells as often as ten times a day. One day a lady came to see me and told me of the benefit she had derived from taking Lydia E. Pinkham's medicine, and advised me to try it. I did so, and bad taken only half a bottle before I was able to sit in a chair. After taking three bottles I could do my own work. I am now in perfect health." A person named Lang', who for over 20 years was a fearless member of the fire department at'i'royes, France, was discovered after death to be a woman. TryGrain=0! |TryQrain=0! Ask you Grocer to-day to show yoa | j 3> a package of GRAIN-O, the new f pod - ' <> drink that takes the place of coffee. ! ', Tlie children may drink it without < > injury as well as the adult. All who <» try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that J' rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, J | but it is made from pure grains, and <» the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. £ the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee , Insist that yonr grocer gives you GRAIN-O + Accept no imitation. Probably the worst mistake a man Dan make is to correct/ the mistakes of his friends. CHEAPEST DAILY IN THE WOJRI.D. The Des Moincs WAIIA" NEWS is the only dollar dally In the world. Its subscription price Is *1 a year. 75 cents for six mouths, 50 cents for three months, 25 cents a month. The dollar rate has been In force over throe years, and is no experiment, nnd It bus increased tho circulation of the NiSWS to 23,500, fur the largest of any Joiva dally. Tho DAILY NEWS Is u member of the ABsuciutedPrcsa, nnd gives a dully telegraphic maik'ji report, and all the uewsof lowttaud thu world, coudeuted for busy people. Its Haturduy issue contains attractive- pages for women and children, und valuable literary mutter. The Saturday Issue Is ulouo worth the price of the paper, lio up with tho times, reud a dully paper and keep posted. Address, THE NEWS, DCS Muiueb. Iowa. Distance is often lasting friendship. DON'T DELAY responsible for want you, And David, blushing , modesty, responds, "j thy servant, Jesse, the wjth genuine pan of world has aa<J other conquerora yet they subdued only 4 nation 97 a HOME-MADE PHILOSOPHY. Too many young men think thar ed- dycashun is finisht wen they fall in love. Itz better to treat the devil like a nabor than to treat a nabor like the devil. The syence of talking learnedly about nuthin, iz wot makes a man appear deep and astoot. One wirtyoo about football and baseball iz, thay harden the mussells, even If thay do soften the brain. A manze moral karacter iz not took inter considerashun half az mutch az the karacter ov bis bank ackkount. Ninety-nine outer every hundred kin only be reached and swayed throo thar pregyjoodice. Thay rant, but never reason. It is better to wake and weep, than to keep right on sleepin; and better to luze the biggest fish, than git no bite at awl. Men call it charity to give the hungry food. Gord calls it Justice. Christ calls it dooty; and nature calls it a pleasure. Hooze right? Govd seems to cuddle up to tho man in rags az clost as He duz to the man in purple and fine linen; but He must sit in a rear pew to do it. The most obedient slave will make the most exactin master wen the vice versa ladle turns the flap jack ov con- dishuns and puts the slave on^ top. Too many good peeple wud like to lift a ton for Gord, but overlook a hull lot ov trubble thay cud lift off thare naborze heart with one kind word. A great many pepple boo are moldln publick opinyun kin troothfully say to thare readers: "If it wu?en't for me, yood be q try," Good Lands Iu Minnesota. The best farm lands to be found in che state are along-the line of the Minneapolis & St. Louis E. R. Purchase n ticket to Madison or Dnwson in Lac Qui Parle Co., Minn., and convince yourself that less than 30 bushels of wheat per ac-re is a small crop. Other cereals, including 1 corn, in proportion. Crop failures unknown. A Japanese bride gives her wedding presents to her parents as some slight recompense for their trouble in rearing her. Save the wrappers around Diamond "C" Soap. They are worth money. Don't expect too much of the man who is wearing his first home-made Shirt. An ex-lord mayor of London has been convicted of boodling. The Anglo- American alliance feeling has growing bonds of sympathy. BALSAM It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup, In* , fluenza. Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma, i A certain cure for Consumption In first stages, and a sure relief in advanced stages. Use at once. You will see the excellent effect after taking tho first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere. Largo bottles 25 cents and 50 cents. WHEAT WHEAT WHEAT "Nothing but -wheat; -what you might call a sea of wheat," is what was said by a lecturer speaking of Western Canada. For particulars as to routesj railway fares, etc., apply to Superintendent of Immigration, Department Interior, Ottawa, Canada, or to N. Bartholomew, 306 Fifth Street, De». Moines, Iowa. , DR7KAY'S~LUNrBALM for coughs, cold* and throat disease. • W. N. U. Des Moines. No. 2.— I When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Taper. I {• tTwQ Old CrUtcheS wUl often tell a tale oflon g I I IMRAf^n suffering from L-VJITI L9/mvJV'9 and how they were thrown away by use of St. Jacobs Oil* It says, "GET OUT I" and the pain goes. •'DON'T BORROW TROUBLE." BUY APOLIO 'TIS CHEAPER IN THE END, ..We MAKE 27 STYLES OF.. Sewing Machines f™"$I:.? u °. i& paye Catalogue with Testimonials High Grade, High Arm, . _ 'i mc-ivt f*tJt, tat 1-3 AGENTS PR1QES $IR25 p.-LBuystKis 5 Drawer, Regular $45.00 style _]|!S£S»J2 Prop-In-Pesk Cabinet Sewing Machine. Bend in your order at oace. TbU oOw will not » appear again; it U ouly made to iutrodu'^ oar r iiivli Urudt) Muchmaj to new uiwtowWB' TliU — kJuf*pOti£&bB<&& nil the intent ijjLtprovtlisdutfi ... i w Eccentric Movement, Positive Feed, Automatic Bobbin Winder, Self SettlnirFli able, uud filmplu In Couttruttluu... Victor Style ' 8&i

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