The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1899
Page 5
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THE UPPER DES MOlNEHt ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1899. A Shorn Lamb in the middle of winter is an object of pity ; so is a man in a Ulitf'rafrl Without f\ FUR GOfTT. ,, _ will sell you a good black dog coat at. A choice of four Galloway coats at A coon skin coat at .$ 9.50 . 17.90 . 24.75 BOYS' Gf\PS. Two dozen boys' plush caps, worth SQC to $1.00, at . 15c Our entire stock of 250 caps at 18c Our regular 6oc caps at 3g c Our regular 500 caps at 35 C Ladies' Flannelette Wrappers. $1.50 Wrappers at 95c $1.00 Wrappers at 70c .75 Wrappers at 45c .60 Wrappers at 35c Chrischilles & Herbst. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at No.3 departs at Freights that carry passengers— No. 93 departs at No. 71 departs at No. 65 departs at TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at No. 4 departs at Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at No. 04 departs at 10 «pm CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 11:30 a m Pass 7:05 am North- Mixed . . . • Mixed ..12:15pmPass ?i!±?5 3.r,ii>r,i MlvB 7:30 a m Freight.'.'...12:16pm 2:40 pm i 10*50 D m JllTTPn . . 'I ~tttt II 111 ^TA*A\Jvl • ' ' • • * Av ' " *jt Arrive ai'Des Moines at 12 -.15 p. m., 6:1& p. m., and 1:20 a. m. H VEgpBBi Agenti THE LOCAL FIELD. The Camerons next Monday. Galbraith's inventory sale is on. Marsh Stephens is a grip sufferer. Walker Whiteside cannot come to Algona. Krafts have some special bargains this week. Money is loaned now in Kossuth at five per cent. John Cronin has been sick in bed a week with grip. M. P. Randall says he has not yet decided what he will go at. Perry St. John slipped on the ice last week and broke his arm. The Kossuth farmers' institute will be the best ever held hereabouts. The impression is that the new town of Fenton will be on D. A. Buoll's -and. both sides but the result was about the same. It is a surprising vote, but Iowa is full of towns that have done the same thing. Marshal Cordlngley is going to begin shooting dogs. The tax was due Jan. 1. He has tags for sale and it is not yet too late to save a few desirable canines. Mr. Gross expects to be done with the new church the first of next week. All it will be waiting for after that is the electric lights. The pews will go in at once. A. L. Belton brought in a turkey's egg that was laid Jan. 1. That shows what a boom we are having. Who ever heard of such activity among turkeys before? Chas. A. Cohenour begins his duties as county attorney over at Wesley Monday before Justice Robinson. Someone is up for taking goods under false pretences. All Algona friends will congratulate Dr. and Mrs. Shore of Des Moines on the arrival of a son Monday morning. THE UPPER DES MOINES wishes the little one the best of the season. J, R. Bright has a Jersey cow that has had three calves in succession on Christmas day. He counts on her just as he does on the clock. He ought to be asked to tell the farmers' institute how he does it. A number have seconded THE UPPER DES MOINES' suggestion that we need a town clock. It will cost less than a lot of new bells and will serve everybody. A good town clock can be heard as far as any bell. The following is the program for the meeting of the W. L. A. S. Friday afternoon: Quotations on music; paper, Empress Josephine, Mrs. E. C. Dodge; reading, Gen. Lafayette s Watch, Mrs. Evans. Britt, June 28-29. The total purses will be $4,fKK), which are guaranteed. There is every prospect of a successful season. The new Kennedy department store at Bancroft has contracted for a half page ad. in the Register the year round at a cost approaching $300. The Kennedys are business men and they know how to reach the public. "A dozen such men could make Bancroft one of the big towns of Iowa. John G. Smith gets word that the Lacey bilTfor the propogation .of Chinese pheasants has passed the senate, nnd is likely to become a law. It is unlikely that anything will be done for Iowa, however, until the legislature malujs laws to protect tho birds after they have been put in the state. M. E. Pnlmer, who has been in whiit is now Buffalo township ever since 1869, feels that h« bus waited a long time for the boom. He was in Algona to begin with, then Wesley, then" Buffalo, and all the while away from market. But hia turn hns come and he feels us good over Titonka as any pioneer ever did over a railway station. Tiede of Belmond. the biggest advertiser in lown outside of the cities, is to tell the editors at Eagle Grove what he knows about advertising. Tiede keeps a dozen clerks in his store at Belmond all the Vime and is said to do more business than all the other merchants of Belmond combined. Tiedo draws trade from all tho adjoining counties. The Methodist are planning to give a musical entertainment in connection with tho church dedication that will be worth hearing. They have engaged Harrison Wilde of Chicago, the greatest pipe orgnn player in this country, to give a recital. Tho organ is admitted by everybody to be a fine instrument, and Wilde will give a recital that will be memorable in northern Iowa. The Woodmen had a meeting in Algona yesterday. The delegates present were A. W. Wright of Ledyard, Dr. Saunders of Swen City. B. Bauman of Bancroft, H. H. Fellows and F. C. Bacon of Wewley, A. Yale'of Whittemore, I. P. Harrison of LuVerne, H. B. Mason and C. J. Doxseo of Algona. H. B. Mason and H. H. Fellows were chosen delegates to the state camp which meets at Marshalltown, Feb. 8. F D-. Calkins is talking of opening a big lumber yard in Algona in the spring. J. J. Cordingley will rebuild his meat market as soon as the insurance is adjusted. The weather of the past week has been of the stiff winter variety, but no storms. •Mr. Jones says the Wigwam will build in Fenton as soon as the new town is located. John G. Smith was re-elected chairman of the supervisors. He is a good presiding officer. Chas. Bell hauled 221 bushels of oats into West Bend and won §10 offered for .the biggest load. 'Squire Raymond has not yet had a case in his cdurt. Algona justice business is quiet these days. John Goeders has the contract to furnish the carpet for the new church. It will take over 500 yards. E G Bowyer's brother is executive officer on the Princeton, which has just been ordered to Manila. Maro, as usual, gave a gt-eat_ enter- tainmeAt. If anyone doubts his skill let him ask "Uncle" Benjamin. Bidding on county grading for the The supervisors and Dr. Lacy of Lu- Verne are to meet Jan. 30 to try and agree on a settlement in the famous case against the county. The doctor has a judgment of S372, and about $400 costs have been added. Brownell's shoe sale discounts anything he has ever before offered. His marked down prices are bona fide. The odds and ends of his stock are going for nearly nothing, and there are some fine goods in the lot. The boys will get some fine prizes at Doxsee's if they can draw a good copy of the Buck's steel range cut. Mr. Doxsee is arranging to have the winning drawings engraved and will print them to show how they look. It is rumored at Burt that the Northwestern will build a fine brick depot in the spring and four engine stalls. This new depot is to stand on the east and west track. We cannot find out that anybody knows anything about it. The Cameron company played in Foster's opera house in Des Moines Monday evening. The Register says: " Mme. Cameron and her concert com- nanv appeared at Foster's last evening and gave a most enjoyable program. 1 At the social union Friday night N. Spencer speaks on the State Teachers " l Talk about our hogs dying out. Ernest Gilbert north of town had a litter of Jersey Reds born the night the mercury got down to 26 below, and their mother hud unwisely chosen their birth place on the unsheltered side of a straw pile. Next morning six lively little fellows were frisking about apparently as hearty and comfortable as they would be in June. These pigs ought'to be good stock for Klondike breeders. The postofflce election is being held in Bancroft today from 9 to 4 o'clock. The Australian ballot is being used, the names of W. F. Laidley, J. B. Johnson, and P. M. Bamvlou being printed on it. All republicans getting mail at the Bancroft office are qualified to vote. No particular excitement is attending the contest. Editor Laidley showed commendable fairness in not using his paper to injure his competitors or to help himself. The county supervisors are fig /nig on making a model court room out 01 the court house hall. They will make two or three rooms across the south end, for the judge, reporter, etc., put tho bench up near the middle, build a bar, and fit up a vault for the clerk's records, and possibly put the clerk s office up stairs. They will have an architect design the changes, and when they are made Koesuth can boast the best court room in the state. Thompson, the Sioux City engine man, came last week and took the engine sent on for the electric light plant home. He looked over the specifications and frankly admitted that his engine did not meet them. He did not say whether he intended to send in another engine or not. The city will wait a reasonable time for Bigelpw to get an enerine here, and then will go ahead without him, notifying his bondsmen again. City Attorney Bonar is of the opinion that the city cannot do this until Bigelow gets his other work done, and qui ts. This will be in a week or ten days. The boilers are about set. not likely that this will be made inside of two months. No plans are being made to go beyond Algona, and if the line is ever run further north It will be later. Mr. Call says the plans are drawn for the Algona station, and that it will be an ornament to the town. Col. Stedman Is sick at present, and as soon us he is able he will go to California for a few weeks. B. W. Haggard and G. W. Skinner of Bancroft held some town property together. A contract for a lot was made out to Holmgreen and Mr. Hag- gnrd's name was signed. Holmgreen sued Mr. Haggard last week for a deed, and Mr. Haggard declared that ho never signed the contract, but that Skinner had forged his name. The Imitation was very clever, but several witnesses testified' that they did not think it was Mr. Haggard's signature, and the court so held. The attorneys for Holmgreen were Swotting and Barsalou, Clarke & Cohenour for Haggard. Skinner beats Holmgreen out of some $200. It is now Samson & Grose in the abstract business and our genial county clerk has given up his wood contract. Mr. Grose takes a half interest in the land and abstract office, and becomes permanently settled in business in Algona. The new firm is a very strong one and will build up a prosperous business. They know the county, are pleasant and reliable men to deal with, have one of tho best sets of abstract hooks in lown. and are enterprising. Mrs. Grose, who made so many friends in tho clerk's office, will assist in tho work and make out the daily reports of papers filed in the recorder's offlce, Geo. M. Bailey turning over his list of customers. Outside laundries are just at present making a special effort to work up trade in Algona, which makes it timo- ly to refer to tho fact that Algona has one of the best laundries in tho state. Mr. McCombhasall tho improved appliances for doing good work, he is attentive to his business, obliging, and careful. THE UPPER DES MOINES has patronized them all and it knows that just as good laundryinp is done in Algona as is done anywhere, in fact it has had less occasion to kick on the service hero than it over has had with outside work. There seems to bo a disposition with the new year to patronize home institutions and a good place to begin is with tho home laundry, for it is a valuable institution to tho town and merits all tho patronage tho people can extend to it. Happy I want you all to be happy, and I know you will be if you buy your groceries from me during the year 1899. James Patterson ' ZBlocDs: MONEY to loan at 6 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. A PAIR of gold-bowed spectacles have been left at this offlce; also a pair of very strong spectacles, steel bows. A Chance for the Boys. In order to give the boys a clmnco to got some ot tho "good things" Unit wo nro going to givo away we have decided to offer throe prizes for tho first, second, and third beat drawings of tho Buck's Stovo and Range Co.'s trade-mark, as shown herewith. First prize: Foot-power Bracket Saw. Second prize: Nickel Silver Watch. Third prize: A Warranted Jack Knife. Any bov under 16 years of ago in the county may enter the contest. Contest will close March 1, when competent judges will pass upon the merits of the drawings, and the drawings of tho successful contestants together with their names will be published in all the city papers. Trade-murks may be secured at our store. C. M. DOXSEE, HARDWARE. Solid Gold Plump 14-kt. plain rings, 85 cents per pennyweight. If you will pay us $1.50 per pennyweight we can afford to make the bride a present. E. G. BOWYER. First door oast of postofflco. 43 Q SPECIAL suit sale Friday, the 13th. JAS. TAYLOR. Drny Line for Sale. In a town of 3,000 people, doing $5,000 worth of business yearly; only one other dray line in town. Will take $1,000 for the line—half cash, balance on reasonable time. Inquire of 4212 FRANK NICOULIN. WE have a few bargains in crockery. Call and see FOR various good reasons we have decided that hereafter Jersey bull service at our barns must be paid cash in advance. J. B. WiNKEL. 42t2 A. T. REED. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. Sellin; Good Shoes Cheap en out. This is an average of 10,OuU for the year. None of our local democrats went to M Son City this year to honor Jaokson. Horace Boies was there and told tnem 16 to 1 is dead. There are 38 more upils in the pub Geo, C. Call was in Oskaloosa last week with the Iowa Central officials, arriving home Monday morning. He says the line to Des Moines will be built and also the line to Algona. What route to Algona will be chosen will depend on the final survey. It Is FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. your WeddliiK Kliijl. Buy your wedding ring of us, we al- wavs'make the bride a present. 5 tf DINGLEY & PUGH. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest .prices. F. O. B. any station. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. added each year. It .111 pay our ro«a«« U I' «" Vl-llllUO WV • •*•— speait for themselves. Jay E. Randall's first issue of: the able form for the we The coming of the company Is an event of ----, city papers praise them highly lar prices of 86, 35, 50, and 75 cents. The county agricultural society ml , . i ** i Vii-iiiQO KfltjUl Ql*V *" Art Allen breathed steam while helping to put out the fire in the Cording ev meat market, and also was very nuch exhausted by hard work and ex- osure. He has been laid up for re- aks ever since, but is not seriously mured. J S Trigg who will conduct tne CosButh farmers' institute read a pa- je r at the state agricultural society net week. The Leader says: 'It was not onH' clever and witty in style, but "pointed a moral well worthy to be emphasized." H Combs, the night mi Her at thede- not mills, nearly had his eye put out nVt week and the night run has been off fora few days. He was. working ° the big wheel with a stick and in „,.-_ way H got caught and struck hinTin the face. .oon JolmG. Smith U ' P Gitf L. Taylor, iecrstury, 0. 1. treasurer. m e ^ln g 7nlUr7body— " " lan t a Miss'Lillian Phelps spoke to a unio meeting Sunday evening on J e "r ance, and Monday evening leotuied o a visit to Rome. She is a Relative o the more famous B" zab /* hprt aiS n g Phelps, and a very onteitaining speaker. . Prairie beat the railroad tax again. The vote wa* 66 for,,78 again^ Ij were made on the lormei vuvo «* hub. rea. Prof C F Curtiss, who is to address Best overshoes (Wales- Goodyear) $1.30 Rhode Islands i.oo 75 Overcoats $15.00 grades at $12.00 $12.00 grades... .$775 and $9.50 $10.00 grades $7-5° SO Boys' Overcoats At big discounts. Good line $1.00 shists $ 0.75 Good line 750 shirts 0.50 Few $15 men's suits.- 11.75 $10 suits, good assortment 7.50 $7, $8, and $9 grades 5-9° $5 to $6.75 grades 4-75 BOYS' SUITS—too many; about 25 per cent, off on all. UNDERWEAR CHEAP. Bargains in all winter goods. Special prices on black worsted suits. Switches Wanted. For switches and hair chains call on Setchell & Selchell. Algona, Iowa, or write to W. J. Wells, Osage, Iowa, whose work here is so well known and prices are BO low. All work is guaranteed to suit. , 3219 MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. An Easy Way to l j uy Old Debts. Farm loans on the amortizement plan. See Thos. F. Cooke before making a loan. , LADIES who wish to see the spring styles in suits and skirts should call at Taylor's on Friday. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. CUSHION SHOE. To clean up stock after the holidays and prepare for annual inventory. Bargains Extraordinary Some Men's fine shoes, best goods made, going at only $2.00 A few pair Men's $3.00 patent leather shoes to close at only - 1.00 Some extra bargains in Men's $5 shoes, latest styles and best goods, going at only - - - - $3.50 to 3.75 Some good bargains in Men's shoes at on ly $1.25 to 1.50 Boys' shoes, good and seasonable, only 1.00 Ladies,' Misses' and Children's shoes at wonderful bargains. One lot ladies' fine turn and welt shoes, button and lace, several styles of them, always sold at $3, $3.50 and $4-clearing sale price only - 2.00 One lot Ladies'fine shoes worth $2 to $3.50—going at only - 1.50 . has been - FOR a clear skin, clear all the way through, transparent enough to let sunshine—rosy cheeks—show through, take Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist. "If "a woman ever gets so "homely" she isn't worth looking at, she'd better take Rocky Mountain Tea. It brings back the bloom of youth; 35c. Ask your druggist. STILL a few lamps left; closing out cheap at M. Z. Grove & Son's. DON'T fail to call and get some of the bargains this week at Galbraith's. A FINE line of canned goods at GROVE & SON'S. 7—THE BIG—7. One lot Ladies' fine hand turn shoes, as good as any $3 vnd $3.50 shoe, plain toe, going at only - - $1 to 1.25 Come and see what 50c will buy. This great sale will continue until Saturday, Feb. 4. We have neither space nor time to tell you all about it here. A visit to our store will be of interest to you, and we shall be glad to see you, whether you buy or not. " Yours Shoerly," Brownell & Allied, A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments Interest payable annually. Exclusivity Etat

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