The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1899
Page 4
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TH1 OTPEK DES MOlKJBB: ALQQNA,IOWA. JANUABY T8AB. BY INOMAM & WARREW. Terms to Subscribes. Onfe copy, one year.... •."••'Hfj Onecopy,six months.. •••• !2 One copy * hliee months • •• 40 8ent% W address at above rates. Bemlt by draft, money order, or express or- d Bates "advertising sent on application. Sample Directions. Wm. J. Bryan is hopelessly addicted to phrases that sound well but that will not bear analysis. Here is a sample of bis many late speeches against expansion! " Why should we purchase a title to the Philippines from Spain? We declared that Spain did nothaveany title to Cuba When I buy the Philippines I want to deal directly with them, and 1 want to pay more than |2.50 upiece for them." In the first place we are not purchasing a title to the Philippines from Spain. We are allowing Spain $20,000,000 for internal Improvements made by Spain, but we are freeing the Philippines from Spanish misrule as the legitimate result of war, just as we have Cuba. This allowance of $20,000,000 is a free gift, having nothing whatever to do with our rights to control the islands, and Is In no sense a compensation to Spain for them. If It were we should be thieves for the islands will sell at any time for $200,000,000. In the second place supposing we were purchasing a title to the Philippines from Spain, that would be no unusual thing. In the good old days, Mr. Bryan delights to tell about, we purchased Florida from Spain, and besides acquiring thereby several thousand Indians we got the old Spanish town of St. Augustine and a lot of good Spanish citizens. And Jefferson, to whom Mr. Bryan refers so frequently, purchased from France the territory of Louisiana, and in tho deal he got not only all the American Indians, who for aught we know were as much entitled to consideration as the natives of some of the Philippine islands, but also the big French city of New Orleans, and a lot of excellent Frenchmen. This country has bought territory many times in the past hundred years, and in each case has thereby acquired a big addition to its population, without either dealing directly with the people or paying in most cases anywhere near $2.50 apiece for them. Mr. Brynn indulges in specious claptrap, unworthy of a barn stormer in a hot campaign. But what shall be said when Grover Cleveland joins Mr. Bryan, and in his pompous way makes the following absurd suggestion: "The remedy for controlling the natives of our new possessions is obvious and simple. The misguided inhabitants of our new territory who prefer something different from the plan for their control which we E ropose, or who oppose our designs in their ehalf, should be slaughtered. Killing natives has been a feature of expansion since expansion began, and our imperialistic enthusiasm should not be checked by the prospective necessity of destroying a few thousand Filipinos." The United Slates has expanded eight times in its history, and what killing of natives has followed? How many Spaniards, Frenchmen, Mexicans, Alaskans, or Indians even, who would live peaceably with their neighbors, have been injured by the acquisition ol territory by the United States? When Mr. Bryan and Mr. Cleveland can find nothing to say better worth while than they have thus far given utterance to, it is safe for the average man to conclude that they have nothing to talk about. iberately set forth to subjugate any oreign land it would have violated the teat principle Senator Mason is to discuss. But when, as the result of a war, begun and conducted for humanity slanda that have been devastated .yranny and anarchy for centuriescome nto our control, it becomes our duty to maintain order, to establish stable rovernment, and to protect life and Property, no matter what the Islanders ,hink about it, just as much as it has been our duty to do these things among our domestic Indians or in polygamous Utah. -.--.-—.===£1--THE Vinton Eagle says, in giving the Iowa City Republican a home thrust, ihat— "It Is an admitted fact that the state university squanders more money with less results than any other institution in Iowa." We are willing the Eagle should get even with the Republican in any way t pleases, but we cannot let so reckless a statement as this go. If Bro. Murphy would like to see the figures we can show him that the Iowa state university is run at less expense per capita of its students than any state university in the west or than any other college of like rank. The state .nvestlgatlng committee found as little to criticize and as much to praise in the management of the state university as t did in that of any other state institution. . THE newspapers which are talking of Senator Funk for governor are doing so without his consent. Senator Funk ias already openly endorsed Gov. Shaw 'or a second term, and even at the close of that he will not be a candidate un ess circumstances should arise that would make a declination on his par unreasonable. Senator Funk has lot of friends in Iowa who would like see him governor, and who may be heard from later on. They do not want to have him injured by the unauthoi Ized use of his name at this time. The Consent of the Governed. Senator "Billy" Mason is to address the senate shortly on the following resolution: "Whereas, all just powers of govern ment are derived from the consent of the governed: Resolved, That the govern ment of the United States of America wil not attempt to govern the people of anj other country in the world without the con sent of themselves, or subject them by force to our dominion against their will." If the senator puts the interpretation upon the whereas clause that Wm. J Bryan did in bis Cincinnati speech, he will add still further to the distrust in which he ict now held. This is no time when the country is engaged in grave and serious duties which affect its honor at home and abroad, to hold a de bating school over phrases, upon which history has put an interpretation. " Whereas all just powers of government are derived from the consent o the governed" has not prevented the United States from enforcing civilization upon the Indians, from suppressing polygamy in Utah with an iron hand, from bringing back the seceding states into the union with armies, and it will not BOW prevent the United States from doing its duty in Cuba, Porto Rico, and. the Philippines. There is a great truth in the phrase Mr. Mason quotes, But it is a truth that must be interpreted in a great way. Construed in. a little way, the phrase is an absurdity, fpr no government was ever maintained with the literal consent of the governed, the American republic least Of all, Wpnjeni men under 21, Chinese, Jndiang, residiente of the, territories, unnaturaUzed optners from foreign l^ads, noae of them have any hand in our government in a literal way, anc yet by common consent human liberties and human rights ap set forth in the deelaralfipn kg,m m>t been Abridges]. JfocJ JiWe t «pUntry lor pu.YpKjge,8 pf ftg$rftB4l?eSMM!!t de- by to THE succession to Senator Gear's seat is being discussed very cautiously by the state papers. Every thing seems to hinge on the senator's health. If he is in full vigor the impression is that he will bo re-elected. If he collapses the impression seems to be that a hal dozen men will have commanding strength. Among them are Col. Hep 1 burn, J. F. Lacy, A. B. Cummins, Geo. D. Perkins, and J. P. Dolliver. IN THIS JJEiaHBOBHOOD. W. E. G. Sanders of Emmetsburg sails for Scotland Jan. 14. The supervisors of Sac county have voted $200 to help the county fair. Will Norton, Mrs. A. L. Peterson'i brother, has gone to Dassell, Minn., tr manage a lumber yard. Geo. Tiss, Mrs. Ike Finnell's brother has bought out his partner in tha Li Verne drug store. A. R. Coats of Armstrong has jus welcomed his 21st baby. Armstrong can honestly claim to be booming. Spencer Reporter: Mrs. A. W Slerzbuch of Algona visited Mrs. H W. Broadgate of this city Saturday. C. J. Thompson and C. M. Hjerlei of Forest City have opened a bank a Titonka. Mr. Hjerleid was formerlj in the A. D, Clarice office in Algona. O. H. Caulkins'father has just sen him a salmon from Puget Sound 4i fee long. O. H. is doing a big hard war business at Corwith, and the Hustle says he is enlarging his store room. Emmetsburg Tribune: Mr. and Mrs Charles McCormick went to Algon Saturday to attend a family reunion a tho home of Mrs. McCormick's aunt Mrs. A. J. Jones. They returned Mon day evening. Livermore Gazette: Dave Roye was down from near Algona Wednes day seeing his old friends, He report Mrs. Royer as suffering severely fron some ailment of her foot, which is be coming very serious. Emmetsburg Reporter: B, F. Cros of Algona came over Wednesday an made a short stay with his brother, 1 L. Crose of this city. He has jus turned over the clerk of court's office c Kossuth county to his successor afte serving six years. Emmetsburg Democrat: Miss Kali Wernert spent Friday evening wit Mrs. Crose of this city. She was on he way from Rock Rapids to Algona t spend her vacation of two'weeks a home. She has been at Rock Rapid most of the year. F. S. Standrlng writes to the Brit News from Honolulu and says he had pleasant trip, and to use his own word " tickled to death with the country. He says the chances for a young ma who is willing to hustle are first-clas in that part of the world. He take this means to remember himself to hi numerous friends in Hancock county. Speaking of the Tellier-Hotellin, wedding the Whittemore Champio says: The bride was formerly one o Whittemore's most accomplished youn ladies and the groom is the county sui veyor of this county and one of the hes young business men in the county. Th Champion joins with the people Whittemore in wishing them all pos sible happiness. Emmetsburg Democrat: Mr.. Ami Puegnet, the Algona young man wb kept the shoe store in the buildin where the postofflce is now locatec was married to Miss Nettle Matgon las Wednesday evening by Dr. Jackson ( this oity. His many Emmetsbur friends extend hearty congratulatloni He is still engaged in the mercantil business at Algona. The Clarion Monitor recalls an ol Algonian in the following item; Gran vllle Hancock commenced work for th Boston clothing etore the first of th weel? in place of 0, If. Speight, who we u.ndwstausl, wil\ engage In the u»a oblae businegs in jh, e iprjjg, & Jf. ' n experienced man in the clothing usiness, having engaged In that $>ur- uit In Clarion some years ago, and is bligihg and courteous to all. Some time ago THE UPPER DBS KOINES copied an article from the Buf- ilo Center Tribune which stated that 'rof. Sifert of that place was in the abitof whipping and misusing his upils. Prof. Sifert tells the Forest Jlty Summit that the story is without oundation and that it is a piece of pile work on the part of the Tribune. We are glad to set our readers aright n the subject. Britt News: The North western Iowa ^rain company have moved their offices o Britt. Mr. Z. S. Barrett, president nd manager of the company, will make his his headquarters hereafter and will move his family here in the spring. 'he Northwestern company have five levators now, and intend to build ten r twenty more during 1899. This ompany will be n valuable acquisition 0 the business Interests of Britt, and Mr. Barrett will receive a hearty wel- ome to our city. He is a good man for ly town, POLITIOAL NOTES. Chairman Hancock proposes to hold 1 two days' state republican convention. Tho Des Moines auditorium is still between wind and water. Other towns ire already figuring on the coming tate conventions, Ills probable headquarters jpened In Des Moines soon by A. B. Jummins, candidate for election to the United States senate. C. G, McCarthy, who has just retired from the office ol auditor of the state, will take active namigement of Cummins' campaign. The Emmetsburg Reporter is against .ov. Shaw for a second term. It snys t matters not what our own individua 1 opinion may be, the fact is plain to lose political observers that Gov ihaw Is not popular with the masses ind if nominated will not poll tho ful •epublican vote. There are plenty o good, honest and popular republicans n the state that can and will do that and it seems to us that it would bo in the line of true party policy to nom nate one of them. Bonds of Incoming Conntjr Officers Approved—Schednle of Bills Approved and Allowed. NEWS NOTES. Aiden Benedict's Fabio Roman! was playing in Des Moines last week. At Sioux City all telephones have been ordered out of the court house or account of expense. Every seat in the opera house a Iowa Falls was taken at the Maro en tertainment on Monday evening. F. W. Tomlinson has in his bank a Williams, near Webster City, a geran ium 13 feet high. It is said to be the biggest in the state. Miss Ella Graham, editor and post master of Titonka, tells the Game Signal that her paper will oppose je male suffrage. That is the way it goes The electors of Cerro Gordo countj voted $2,000 for the care of their sicl soldiers, and two physicians recent), put in a hill against this fund for med ical attendance upon their own sons. Estherville's city scales have mov than paid expenses. From Auer. 2C when they were put in, the receipt have been $289.95 and the expense $194,13. City scales are a good thing. Mrs. Carter of Curlew, Palo Alt county, shipped to Hartford, Col., Mon day a consignment of 30 canaries, fo which she will realize the sum of $12 less the sum of transportation, $3. Th Etnmetsburg Tribune remarks tha canary raising at $4 a canary beat turkey raising at H cents per pound. Prof. C. F. Curtiss, director of th experiment station at the agricultura college, who will be at the Kossut' farmers' institute, goes to Europe earl in the spring, where he will spen three months, chiefly in England France, Germany, Belgium and Den mark. He will attend a number o fairsand will bring home many valu able ideas. SEXTON'S BIG EEOOED. Its Creninorjr 1'nld Out Nenrl $17,000 In 1808-Good Officers fo the Ne\v Year. SEXTON, Jan. 10. — The Sexto creamery association held its annua meeting Saturday, Jan. 7. Wm. Kuh was re-elected president, E. A. E Laage secretary, and Chas. Arnsdorfe and Wm. Kuhn directors. During tho year from Dec. 1, '97, t Deo. 1, '98, the creamery has receive 2,590,476 pounds of milk, sold 114,88 pounds of butter, having an averag test of 3.99 and yield of 4.6. The uvei age price per pound has been 17J cents have paid out $16,366.66. Frank Bacon was retained for th coming year. Frank is one of the bes buttermakers in Kossuth county. H creamery is always neat and he ha never been known during the pas year to be unable to take milk vvhe customers came; no delays because mi ckinery is out of repair. The associa tion has done well in their choice officers and buttermaker, and all loo forward to a prosperous year for '99. Old Times Uocallod. Peter H. Burt tells the following in cident in his letters in the Armstron Journal: One thing they early resolve not to neglect was the education of th young. In the fall of '66 the Kossut county side of the settlement potitione the powers that were for a teaohei which was sent them in the person of young lady just emerging from he teens, Miss Hannah Hawks of Green wood Center, whose people had jus settled in that place. She therefot became the first teacher in the youn settlement. She taught in the winte of '66-7 in the house of William Dundas The building in which she taught i still in good repair and is now bein used as a stable by Alex. Dundas. Har nah was a comely looking young woma and of the nine young men who wer then in the settlement I have heard said that four and one-half were in lov with her. I understand the Hannah visited these parts last fa looking up some of the old time ao quaintances. IT'S better than ready money hepaus It cures rheumatism, constipation, sjo headache, indigestion, Eopky Moun taia Tea.« Asfe; your dpugg^t. OUNTY BOARD MEETING. more. FFIOiAii RECORD OF ITS DOINGS. 500 fiOO 500 500 Uaiffi AUDITOR'S OFFICE, Jan. 2.—Board met pursuant to adjournment with the ollowing members present: Jno. G. Smith, chairman, L. Barton, Ed. Kunz, VI. Weisbrod. Minutes of the .Novem- jer regular and adjourned ' meetings ead and approved as read. Moved and seconded that Jno. G. Smith be elected chairman for the en- ulng year. Carried. C. S. Pendleton appears before the board and being duly sworn takes his eat as a member of the board. The following bonds were approved >y the board: James B. Carr, clerk of district court •••85000 3has. A. Cohenour, county attorney 5000 Chas. F. Lathi-op, recorder BOOO M. P. Weaver, auditor 8000 J. T. Smith, justice of peace »oc G. H. Tinker, constable Rml 3. F. Logue, township clerk ... 3. H. Stoite, assessor J. J. Jones, justice of peace — Gorman Anderson, assessor... W. W. Annis, clerk G. A. Holman, assessor 3. K. Jenkins, justice of peace. Obed Robinson, justice of peace Nils M. Johnson, justice of peace GOC J. W. Bates, constable »"( West. Wai-burton, clerk »oi H. C. Randall. Justice of peace 50C J. W. Curtis, justice of peace got 0. Reibsamen, clerk J. M. Zellev, constable 5. C. Andruss, clerk 60( M. D. Reilly, assessor »pi Geo. O. Austin, justice of peace 50( G. G. Studer, assessor 500 J. L. Cotton, assessor H. P. Hatch, clerk A. L. Mooro, assessor B. A. Thorstman, justice of peace. Roy Wilbur, assessor <> 0( G. B. Liulwig, clerk "OC Rudolf BeriTnghaus, clerk "01 B. F. Hills, assessor 1001 R. W. Barge, justice of peace 50 J. B. Bingston, clerk oOl J. Altweue, clerk »°° Henry Dorweiler, assessor »pi John Mertz, justice of peace GUI Philip Dorweiler, justice of peace 501 R. A. Richardson, clerk "01 Clemens Kisch, constable » ul W. H. MeAninch, assessor G0( Geo. E. Butterfield, assessor 501 J. A. Andruss, justice of peace 501 J. W. Stott, clerk 501 R.Jain, Justice of peace 501 Nic. Engert, Justice of peace oO J.C.Jensen, justice of peace oOl John Capesius, constable • • 501 Mabel Carr, deputy clerk district court.. 501 L. T. Clement, justice of peace 50C Nick Borman, justice of peace 501 J.C. Raymond, justice of peace 50C H. P. Hatch, Justice of peace 50C Henry Bosnian, constable 50i N. W. Grifllith, clerk 50C W. A. Chipman. justice of peace 50i E. W. Palmer, Justice of peace 50C A. Bergesou, clerk 100 1 Henry Meyer, constable 50 Kasper Kohlhaus, clerk 50 A. J. Jones, justice of peace 50 F. W. Mittag, clerk..... 50 I. A. Withain, justice of peace 50 0. F. Hale, clerk 60' Dan Bartholomew, constable 50 John E. Peterson, justice of peace 50 T. M. Ostrander, constable 50 Fred Miehe, Jr., constable 50 W. A. Smith, justice of peace 50 J. M. Dye, justice of peace 50 C. L. Ostrander, clerk 50 W. W. Alcorn, clerk 50 G. V. Slade, constable 50 The annual reports of the followinj justices of the peace were approved am placed on file: P. E. Johnston, Germar township; W. A. Smith, Hebron town ship; F. M. Trimble, Ledyard town ship; Jos. Dunwoodie, Irvington; R. W Barge, Greenwood township; Geo. O Austin, Greenwood township. The reports of B. F, Crose, clerk o the district court, showing fees from Oct. 1, 1898 to Jan. 1, 1899 to be $322.65 F. D. Calkins, auditor, from June 1 1898 to Jan. 1, 1899 to be$179.75. and M F. Randall, county recorder, from Oct 1, 1898 to Jan, 1, 1899 to be $901.40 wer approved and placed on file. Moved and seconded that $30 be ap preprinted out of the poor fund to tak Mr. Nestman to Clinton. Carried. Report of S. P. Christensen, sherifl showing fees collected from Jan. ] 1898, to Jan. 1, 1899, to be $868.98, ap proved and placed on file, Report of G. H. Lamson as to ex pense of Mrs. Buffington approved an" placed on file. Resolved that C, M. Sage be allowe $30 out of poor fund, Adopted. Moved and seconded that M. Weis brod be a committee to arrange for tak ing C. Hinz to hospital at Iowa City Carried. Moved and seconded that W. W. A corn and C. A. Tellier be a committe to check with county officers. Carried Moved and seconded to adjourn unt 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Carried SECOND DAY. TUESDAY, Jan. 3, 9 a. m.—-Boar met pursuant to adjournment. A members present. The following bonds were approved Louis Ohmstad, constable 850 P. R. Winter, clerk 50 Chas. A. Molinder, justice of peace 5C Wm. Peters, assessor 5c Frank A. Fanginan, assessor 50 Moved and seconded that the schoo loan of E. R. Tucker, assignee, record ed Book 1, page 404, school mortgag record, be extended for a period of fiv years. Carried. . The school loans made by the audito were approved by the board. Report of J. M. Dye, justice of th peace for Harrison township, approve and placed on file. Moved and seconded that Young b allowed $1 per month for rent. Carried Resolved that Geo. V. Davis' tax o It. 2, blk. 13, and Julia A. Neeling'sta on It. 7, blk. 6, Bancroft, Iowa, b abated. Adopted. Resolved that the county treasure be instructed to redeem certificates No 8756, 9330 and 9331 from the tax sale and that the tax on Its. 5 and 6, blk. 25 Its. 7 and 8, blk. 25, and Its. 6/7 and i blk. 26, east of highway, all in Call addition to Algona, bo abated for th year 1898. Adopted. The bond of Mamie D. Goodner. dep uty recorder, for $500 approved an placed on file. Resolved that the county auditor b instructed to advertise for bids fo county grading, to be awarded at th January adjourned meeting, said bid to be for each district as follows: District No. 1: Eagle, Swea, Seneca Fenton, Lotts Creek, Burt. District No. 2: Grant, Springfield Hebron, Lincoln, Ledyard, Harrison _ District No. 3: Greenwood, Ramsav German, Buffalo, Wesley, Portland. District NQ. 4: Union, Plum Creels Irvington, Oresco. Plstdot No. 5: prairie, Lu Verne herman, Riverdale, Garfield, Whttte- ^ffiWSfSSS.Wi!"- eject any or all bids. The annual report of t- «• ustlce of the peace, approved ?K:£»sS£s8 [ a rl-Hanaen, assessor, approved and laced on file. . g L Resolved that the poll * a * OI1f S, be ase, Ledyard township, for 189* oe and E H Clarke, State vs Band E H Clarke State vs Suglards 560 6 50 E H Clarke State vs H Austin ......... 49 17 2 00 41 S3 650 Geo Frank, trustee PeterE Skow, trustee..... Bancroft Register, publishing proceed- House, jurors meals Ingham & Warren, printing U 00 Samson & Paine, coal 14255 F D Calkins, expenses 5817 TT D Calkins, making assessors' books. 200 00 C Holberg, viewing highway 280 C 9 Pendleton, trustee 800 Jas Patterson, merchandise. 5 60 j B Bengtson, viewing highway 3 50 M Weisbrod, committee work 12 00 C A Tellier, measuring grades 130 3Q M Starr, publishing proceedings, etc.. ™ °-> B N Weaver, repairs Sanford Bowe, trustee. B Holster, ""' to adjourn } o'clock tomorrow morning. Carried. THIRD DAY. WEDNESDAY, 9 a. m.- Bojjrf ««J pursuant to adjournment, all members iresent except B. Kunz. P The compensation for assessors for he year 1899 in the various cities and .ownships was fixed not to exceed the ollowingsums: , Algona " 2088 Burt, Inc 0789 Burt.. • ;;;;; 0107 Buffalo. 4545 Jancroft • 77 00 fresco 4000 Sagle ;; 7250 Fenton 58 09 Greenwood 7204 German ;;;; 05 47 Garfleld 21 01 Germania 4846 grant ;;;;;; 5435 Hebron... 05 05 ? n T£ ls .° n .,- ::::::.. 8? 50 7983 200 000 HnuisLBi, trustee 600 GeoTwist, trustee ,i?? 5 Carter & Hussey, supplies 124 50 B F Crose, clerk expenses .. 8 3n AlRona Courier, publishing proceed- Inge, etc 21528 F M Taylor, State cases 5 50 B Bermlnghaus, township clerk 6 00 L Barton, fees in Lacy vs County...... 18 30 F VanErdewyk, county superintendent 84 45 J M Moore, clerk ,••••;••,—i E J Skinner, township clerk, claimed 00 812 Wm Paetz, trustee W E H Morse, coroner :rvington jedyard! Ledyard, Inc. Lotts Creek.. L.U Verne Lu Verne, Inc... 6450 130 19 ?9 9 Lincoln Sn on Portland 7,2 M Plum Creek "i Prairie «.' Ramsay jr.; Riverdale °g 2! Sherman JS no Springfield. Seneca 3 wea Swea City.... Union Wesley Wesley.Inc ~" L- Whlttemore «»« 73 09 0743 2085 7128 60 07 2078 Whittemore, Inc The official bonds of C. P. Buker, assessor, M. Newton, deputy auditor, and W. H. Ranny, constable, approved and placed on file. The following grading bills were approved by the board: $188.03, $115.15, $59.15, $12.32, $57.19, $35.84, $109.27, $22244, $29.71, $139.55, $40.75, $66.51, $122.04, $344.88, $77.16, $185.47, $31.74, $74.25, $103.04, $178.29, $296.46, $285.60, $10.18, $85.39, $245.41, $85.26, $66.99. Moved and seconded to adjourn until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. .Carried. FOURTH DAY. THURSDAY, 9 a. m.—Board met pursuant to adjournment, all members present. Resolved that the chairman of the board be instructed to make deed for It. 13 of the Fisher estate, section 14-9529 to B. P. Crose and M. P. Weaver for a consideration of $150. Adopted. The official bonds of Paul Fechner, justice of the peace, S. E. Grove, constable, W. J. Patton, justice of the peace, and L. C. Hackman, constable, approved and placed on file. Moved and seconded that the treasurer be instructed to refund $19.88 tax in Swea township erroneously paid. Carried. Resolved that Mrs. Goodknecht 'and Mrs. Stewart be allowed $16 each out of poor fund. Adopted. Resolved that the county treasurer be instructed to refund the taxes on se se 15, 95-29 up to and including the year 1892, apportioning the same in the various funds of the state, county and Cresco township. Adopted, Resolved that the county auditor be instructed" to draw a warrant for $15 to Thps. W. Jordan upon receiving a quit claim deed from said Jordan for the west 11.55 acres, lot 3, section 36, 95-29. Adopted. Resolved that the trustees of Lu Verne township be instructed to furnish such aid to Mrs. Dora Turner of Franklin county as they may deem necessary. Adopted. Resolved that THE UPPER DES MOINES, Algona Republican and Algona Courier publish the proceedings of the board of supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, at the price allowed for two newspapers and that the Bancroft Register be made the third official paper. Moved and seconded that the salaries of the county officers for the year 1899 be fixed not to exceed the following amounts: Clerk of the District Court §1300 Deputy Clerk 500 County Auditor ,.... 1200 Deputy Auditor \\',\ 600 County Recorder 1200 Deputy Recorder 600 County Treasurer 1500 Deputy Treasurer 600 Sheriff, fees and 400 County Attorney (and $5 per month for office rent) BOO Resolved that the auditor be authorized to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting and that the several members of the board are entitled to the following mileage and per diem: John G. Smith, four days, one mile.. .816 10 L. Barton, four days, 15 miles 17 50 E. Kunz, three days, 18 miles 13 80 M. Weisbrod, four days, 20 miles.. 18 00 C. S. Pendleton, four days, 88 miles.. 19 80 Moved and seconded to adjourn until 9 o'clock a. -m., Monday, Jan. 30. 1899 Carried. BRIDGE TUND. John Wood, bridge work a so* L. E. Temple, lumber * i? SV' John Wood, bridge work a 7'n John Wood, bridge work 14 «n John Wood, bridge work 34 "ii. W. H. Inman, bridge work "' o nn E. J. Palmer, bridge work ; a 10 C. Bone, bridge work "" fj ( jn A. H. Austin, inspecting bridges...:::; 21 30 F. n. Calldus, lumber.. 58 n" J. M. Broat & Son, lumber. .'.. sin j« John Wood, bridge work ..'.'! [''' 3X3! Chicago & Northwestern Railway, Webster City Hot Water Heating' 'Co.', 1000 400 , 310 H Dawson, cleaning offices ............ 6 00 E A Studer, trustee .................... t 2 00 E W VanDorsten, clerk ................. 8 00 M P McDonald, bailiff .................. 1800 W F Jenkinson, clerk ........ .. ....... BOO C A Erickson, serving road notices. ... 8 80 F M Ely, court reporter ................ 2400 B W Barrett, trustee ................. 2 00 Perry Burllngame, trustee ............ 2 00 F VanErdewyk, stamps ................ 500 Mathew C Grier. court reporter ....... 84 00 J M Cowan, bailiff ....................... 22 00 E D Farrell, trustee ............ • ....... 400 National Publishing Co., supplies for superintendent ....................... 2 09 Wm Dau, trustee... ................. •• 400 J W Stott, trustee ..................... 400 Blynur Bros, pins .................... .-. 7 BO J B Bengtson, clerk ..................... 5 00 Peter Winkel, bailiff ................. 3000 • B A Richardson, township clerk ...... 17 00 W A Smith, State vs Buck ............ 650 H P Hatch, State vs Urdman ...... .... 1234 Geo B Ludwig, clerk ................... 5 00 Wm Dodds, trustee ................... 2 00 John Mertz. trustee .................... 2 00 B Buchanan, trustee ................... 200 F VanErdewyk, county superintendent 96 00 B W Barge, State vs Linguist ......... 27 20 M J Mann, trustee ...................... 4 00 Nils Monson, trustee .................... 200 W E McDonald, bailiff .................. 0600 B F Crose, State cases ................. BOOO J O Bawson, trustee ................... 2 00 J W Bobinson, supplies ............... 90 O A Potter, clerk, claimed 89 ........... 7 00 S P Christensen, boarding prisoners. . 24 20 Lev! Good, township clerk ............. 4 00 Chas Magnusson, ice ................... 175 S P Christensen, summoning jurors. . . 5 40 Aug Mlehe, trustee, claimed $8 ......... 4 00 J C Baymond, expenses ................ 12 41 Courier Blank Co, supplies ............. 40 75 Ham & Carver, tax receipts ............ 98 50 Boone Blank Book Co, supplies ........ 6 75 Egbert Fidlar & Chambers, supplies ... 41 50 Acres, Blackmar & Co, supplies ........ 27 00 Matt Parrott & Sons supplies ......... 8995 L Barton, committee work ............. 3 70 J B Carr, desk and stamps ............. 27 00 POOR FUND. Geo Austin, board of Scheely .... ..... 1 50 Patterson & Son, merchandise ......... 2113 Chicago & Northwestern Ballway, fare of pauper to Webster City ............ 1 48 D B Avey, merchandise ................. 16 60 John Geoders, merchandise ........... 16 70 A C Scntt, work on poor farm .......... 1 00 C Dutcher, work on poor farm .......... 725 W N Parish, work on poor farm ....... 2 50 A C Scott, work on poor farm ........ 100 John Hiulz, expenses to Iowa City.... 5000 Mabel Millen, work on poor farm ...... 11 50 FS Norton, coal ........................ 12 20 Patterson & Son, merchandise ......... 2 80 John Goeders, merchandise ............ 1947 Jas Patterson, merchandise ............ 51 81 Campbell & Gronwall, repairs for poor farm ................................ 765 Chas Kressin, merchandise for Hintz. 3000 Jos Paclimann, merchandise ........... 455 Joe Murray, coal for Wilson ........... 2 45 Patterson & Son, merchandise for Nestman ........................... ; 1 25 G H Lamson, overseer of poor ....... 1400 Mrs Nestman, hay ..................... 350 A N Leonard & Son, merchandise ..... 115 J W Bobinson, merchandise ........... 7 30 Weyerhauser & Co, coal ................ l 00 J B Laird, casket for Dingman baby . . 10 00 M Z Grove & Son. merchandise ........ 4 68 J B Laird, coffin for Whitson baby. ... 6 00 John Goeders, merchandise for Young and Colby .......................... .... 10 00 B C Lindberg, expense of Sherby, etc. 2 00 J W Curtis, merchandise for Nestman 17 67 W J Studley, mediciue for farm ... ____ 1 85 Joe Murray, coal for Hudson .......... 465 J P Fohliu, digging grave for Dingman child ............................ 7. 6 00 P 0 Peterson, livery .................. 1 50 Samson & Paine, grinding .............. 4 13 Kraft Clothing Co, mittens ............. 1 80 Frank Winkel, meat for poor farm. . . . 4 00 Chas Kressin, merchandise for Hintz. 5 90 Algona Milling Co, coal ................. 51 39 Chrischilles & Herbst, merchandise .... 840 Moe Bros, meat for farm ............... 26 64 Geo E Marble, rent for Ray ............ 10 00 G S McPherson, rent for Mrs Hill ..... 4 00 F T Sparks & Co, burial of Mrs Montgomery 840, not allowed ............. C M Doxsee, supplies for farm .......... 815 INSANE FUND. B F Crose, fees in insane cases .......... 1 8 00 pl61'8 Nelson Fry, bridge work 0. E. Wescot't, blacksmithing '.'.'."' Farmers' Milling Co., rock \- ?• S a l vol ;? en ' hauling for bridces'' J. P. Bruer, lumber 823 18117 090 300 10 05 320 000 1970 1305 1363 11250 1300 285 580 , Shipley &Nei8tei-, W. 3 . Burton, committee work . ....... 21 W. J. Burton, bridge work ......... « o. p. joues, bvuige work... .:.::;;:;;;; 4 COUNTY IBVIKGTOFS BIG EEOOED. Splendid Report of One of the County's I5est Managed Creameries. IRVINGTON, Jan. 9.— I will give you a report of our factory from Dec. 1, 1897 to Dec. 1, 1898: Amount of milk received .......... 2,640,912 Average test ...... ............... s.64 Average yield of butter ......... '.'. 4.44 Total amount of butter made ...... 117,290 KECEIPTS AXD DISBUHSEMBNT'S. Total amount paid for butter fat. .§17,533 44 Average price paid per pound ... 18 Average price 100 pounds milk. . . 66.4 Total amount money received.... 18,37060 Total amount paid out including our debt of $100 ................. 18,600 42 The payment of this $400 debt leaves the factory free from debt. W. W. Raney and S. R, RQney were re-elected on the board of directors. The other officers were also re-elected. S. R. RONEY, Secretary. SENEOA IS PROUD. A Splendid Creamery Record for 1808-Pnsses tho $80,000 Mark. W. W. Alcorn furnishes us the following Haltering showing for the Seneca creamery for 1898: Amount of milk received ........ 4 814,472 Amount of buuer made ......... ' 'i93,805 Amount of butter shipped ..... 178 010 Amount of butter retailed ..... '" 14795 Amount veo'd for butter shipped. .$80,818 68 Amound rec'd for butter retailed 2 641 97 Total receipts $33,960 63 Amount paid out on milk checks $29 067 84 Amount of running expenses 883100 Balance on hand 6229 Average price paid for milk. 6339 67 BIROHER'S BIG BAOEB. 1WH Will lie In On the Stafce Race Circuit. Britt Tribune: E. P. Bircher of Bancroft was interviewing our horsemen with a view to forming a circuit for next season's races. He has had' good success, and lovers of horse agility will doubtless have a chance to see a number of equine pedal extremities moving with velocity around a track in immediate juxtaposition to each other next summer. DON'T be bulldozed by' our envious competitors into believing that it requires a special dye for wool and ft epe- cial dye for cotton. They want to sell y°V, wo ,. pM ; oktt K e8 when one would dp, that is }f that one was Putnam's tessDyes. Ten cents a package, at &, & F».drug stove. Sola

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