The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 4, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1899
Page 7
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THEUPPER BK8 just a Net Worth payitte attention to, yoti say. Perhaps you have had it For weeks. It's artnoylng because you have a constant desire to cough. It annoys you also because you remember that weak lungs is a family failing. At first it is a slight cough. At last it is a hemorrhage4 At first it is easy to cure. At last, extremely difficult quickly conquers your little backing cough. There is no doubt about the cure now. Doubt comes from neglect. For 'over half a century Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has been curing colds and coughs and preventing consumption. It cures Consumption also if taken in time. Keep one of. Dr. Agcr's c&errg Pectoral Plasters over goor longs If goo cough Shall we fiend you a book on this subject, free? Our Mesfleai Department. If you havo any complaint whatever and doelro tlio boit, medical advlco you can possibly obtain, write the doctor frcoly. You will receive a prompt renly, without cost. Address, DB. J. C. AVER, Lowell, Mass. IOWA WEDNESDAY JANtJAttY 4. 1899 P '' Tll ' 1s > < e ocer, "was ' aml S rabbi "g and dssine . women he could." * 1^ f" 1 y0?1 tllink his honor, "Hobson?" were?" Bring leprosy to This Country. ~'!,T? n HnwaH ma y contract i ndhrntrifc to «i« conntrv. leprosy is to be dreaded, there are a thousand, times as many victims to stomach disorders, but there is a cure in Kostetter's Stomach Bitters. Other ailments that the Bitters are a specific for a rj malaria, fever and ague. Sold at all drug- stores. Lawyers are so plentiful that but a few criminals get a chance to plead guilty. * I believe my prompt use of Piso's Cure prevented quick consumption.— Mrs. Lucy Wallace, Mnrquetto, Kan., Dec. 13, ; 95. It's a wise woman that can smile at a compliment and immediately forget IOWA TROOPS t<3 f Hfe FftONT. ! ADMIRAL OCHLSY Adulteration. A great deal of flour placed on the market today Is adulterated to an alarming extent. Corn is used in place of wheat because It is cheaper. When buying your flour insist on getting the genuine "Gold Mine" brand, manufactured by the Sheffield Milling Company, Faribault, Minn. They guarantee this flour to be manufactured from the highest grade northern grown wheat, and to be absolutely pure. All good grocers sell it. There is something radically wrong •with the character that is impaired by truth. Have used DE. SETH AnXOHVS COUGH KIU/EH In my family for 23 years. Mrs. A. Suchaueck, Minneapolis, Minn. 2uo. a bottle. A man sometimes feels the loss of his first wife most after acquiring a second one. A German officer estimates that in the course of the present century wars Imve killed 30,000,000 men in civilized countries. Coughing Leads to Consumption. Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough a,t once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles. Go at once; Jelays are dangerous. Metropolitan Ornithology. Teacher—Miss Street, can yon tell me what is most peculiar in the hatch- Ing of the cuckoo? Miss Street (donbtfully)--It generally builds its nest in a clock. MANITOBA'S CAPACITY. e, *2 per acre caiti,ba' .., .J. Mulhall, People talk until they are old, and then discover that the "way to learn is to listen. Try Graln-ol Try Urnln-ot Ask your grocer to-day to show you a package of GRA1N-0, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury as well as the adult. All who try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the mosl delicate stomach receives it withoul distress. One-fourth the price o! coffee, liic and 25c per package. Sold by all grocers. Lots of people wait in vain for then ships to come in simply because they have neglected to launch them. Sent With Other Tro6pg to tftltc neBftlon of Hollo. Manila dispatch: American fc;te.i have been despatched to take possession of Iloilo. capital of the island of Pan ay, and the most important port in the 'hilippines after Manila. General Vliller commands the expedition, •which is composed of the Eighteenth United States and Fifty-.flrst Iowa regiments of infantry, battery G of the Sixth artillery, and a signal detachment. The expedition sailed from Manila on the transports Pennsylvania, Arizona and Newport. The transports were convoyed by the cruiser Baltimore. It is believed that the Spaniards are on the point of evacuating Iloilo. The town has been besieged for sonic time by native insnrgents,'assisted by invaders from Luzon. It is not believed that these insurgents wiU make any serious resistance to the establishment of American authority. CUBANS ON A STRIKE. Enough Wheat to Supply Britain All She Itequlrea from Abroad. Toronto, Nov. 10.—The "World" comments on the report of the United Empire trade league on the capacity of Canada as a granary for Britain. The report Manitoba as follows: Manitoba has an area of forty- seven millions acres. Deducting ten million for lako.s, rivers, town sites and waste land, 37,000,000 acres are left for farm cultivation, or homes for 116,000 families on 320 acres each, and as up to now there are only 27,000 farmers there altogether, that leaves room in one province for 89,008 more wheat growers. Supposing, then, we got them there and each one of them out of his 320 acres grew on an average 100 acres at 20 bushels to tho acre; if you figure it up you will find it is quite possible for Manitoba alone to supply us with all the wheat we require from abroad. It is only a question of money and comparatively speaking not money either. The cost of one first-class battleship (about £750,000) would put 5,000 families onto farms in the Northwest, allowing £160 to each to find them in implements, seeds, horses, etc., ar. 1 would keep them until their first crop was harvested. Five thousand farmers, averaging 100 acres of wheat each at 20 bushels to the acre, means an extra 10,000,000 bushels, for if that scheme is not liked Britain would put a duty on foreign wheat. In addition to the wheat lands of Manitoba there are the millions of acres in Assiniboia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Billy—Does your mother give yon anything if you take your medicine without crying? Tommy—.No; but she gives me something if I don't. <T ^NEGOODDEAl-ER WAHTED { » In every town ! , where not represented. PURE Finest and most durable. Colors always uniform and guaranteed. ENTERPRISE PAINT MFG. CO., Makers, Chicago. 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It la always reliable. Try It. It is easier for some men to sing a hymn than to speak the truth. WANTED—Case of bnd health that It-I P-A-N-S •will not benefit. Send 5 cents to Itipuns Chemical rjo.. New York,for 10 samples and 1,000 testimonials. The closer you get to some people the more distant they are. CHEAPKST'luATl/s'lN THE WORLD. The DPS Mollies DAILY N13WS is tho on ly dollar dully In the world. Us subscription price Is *1 n veur. 75 cents for six months, 60 cents for threo months, US cents a month. Tho dollar rate bus been In force over threo y«;iirs. and Is no experiment, and It has Increased the circulation of tho IvliWb to2il.f.OO. far the largest ol! any Iowa daily. The DAILY NKWS is a member oftho Associated Press, and gives a dally telegraphic niailnt report, and all the news of lovvu uu:l tho world, condensed f orb uy neople. Its Saturday Issue contains aitiao.ivu liases for women and children, and valuable litor- iirv matter. The Saturday Issue Is alone worth tue price of the paper, lie up with the times, read a daily paper and keep posted. Address. UUE NBW8, Des Molnos. Iowa. . The cheapest vase on the mantle- piece never gets knocked off. Complaint against fortune is often but an excuse for laziness. Blove Equipment for Baltimore & Ohio. The improvements that have been made on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad during the past two years have rendered it possible to operate cars of a heavier capacity than have been In use in the past and the receivers have just ordered from the Schoen Pressed Steel Company of Pittsburg 1,000 steel coal cars of a capacity of 100,000 pounds each, These cars will be used for the seaboard trade and are expected to be in. service during the early part of 1899. In addition to these cars the receivers have also ordered from the PittsUurg Locomotive Works CO more of the consolidated locomotives with 22x28 inch cylinders. Put your faith in the plodder rather than tlie plotter. Hovr'8 This'/ We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hull's Catarrh Cure, tinHU »y F j 0uEKEY & Co ,, Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known )<. J Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business n ns ctious and financially able to onrrj out tuiv obligations mado by their firm. WEST & TTUUA.X, Wholesale Druggist; A WEEK, steady employ went, selling Peerless Flavoring Powders. Goods guaranteed IOWi8u?Pl.T W.,H. Dr, Kay's Renovator, i liver uu~U Itltliioy diseases, tmadjichea, etc. Atdrjigi»lst&, 2a(i tocui'O dyspepsia, con iliousness, Toledo, O. WAI-DING, KINNAN & MABVJK, W Druggists, Toledo, O. Wholesale D Ha1ft:FainilyjnUsjueJ^A 68 *. Narrow waists and narrow often go together. minds ST. JACOBS * KNOWS, RHEUMATISM Dock Laborers nt Santiago Deninml n Knlso In Wages. SANTIAGO, Dec. 31.—The boon of employment at fair wages is, seemingly, not appreciated by Cuban laborers. The dock laborers have struck for n raise of Sfl cents a day. They were getting $1.2.") a day, which is 25 cents more than under the Spaniards. Now they refuse to go to work under SI.80. General Wood told the ringleaders if they did not instantly return to work he would import enough negro laborers from Jamaica to do the government work. As a result, several returned to work and enough were obtained to unload vessels. Twenty miles have so far been completed of the road between Santiago and Ilolguin, a distance of about 130 miles. This road, when finished, will be of great value to the military department of the province, as well as of inestimable value to the country districts. BUYS MACHINERY FOR RUSSIA Mining Agent PIi»cen Orders In I'lttslmrg Aggregating 1fi*l,OOO,OOO. PiTTsnuno, Dec. 20.—Robert G. Wells, connected with the Nicopol-Mariopol mining and metallurgical company of Mariopol, Russia, is in Pittsbnrg to place orders for machinery aggregating $1,000,000 for mammoth mills to be erected at Mariopol, on the Sea of Azov. The plans have been prepared for the big plant by Julian Kennedy, of Pittsburg, and contracts for the construction of the mills will be under lis direction. The new plant is to be built in connection with the great teel mills at Mariopol and will cover many acres. slund of Guam to Hnvo Nnvitl Governor. WASHINGTON, Dec. 29.—The island of Guam will probably be different from ;be other colonial possessions or dependencies of the United Sta.tes in laving a naval instead of a military governor. The reason is that the sole object of the selection and acqnire- nent of the island was to obtain a conveniently located naval station for our warships, and that being the case, the navy should have exclusive control. The command will be of importance, for the island has a population of more than 8,000 people, 1,400 of whom are of European extraction. tawton Goes to the Philippines. WASHINGTON, Dec. 30.—The war department has assigned General Lawton to service in the Philippines. The assignment is considered one of exceptional importance, as Lawton, who was one of the most conspicuous officers in the campaign about Santiago, will be second in command to Otis, and in the event of Otis'sappoint- ment as governor general, will assume military command ot the forces in the Philippines. His new duties will call for a combination of nerve nnd tact. Anglo-American Agreement Ukely. WASHINGTON, Dec. 29.—It is said in official circles that indications point to the conclusion of an agreement between the joint high Canadian commissioners, that, while satisfactory to both the United States and Canada, will not conclude all that either side hoped to attain at the beginning. The arrangement is expected to be ratified within a week after the assembling of the joint commission, which will be on January 5. French Soldiers Killed. VICTOIUA, B. C.. Dec. 31.—The R. M. S. Warrimo has arrived from Honolulu and Australia. She had news from Suva that a report reached there that a lieutenant and thirteen men of the French warship Euro had been killed in the New Hebrides by natives. 3,7OO Italian* Liberated. j ., ROMK, Dec. 31.—King Humbert has signed a decree amnesting or reducing the punishments of rioters who took, part in the disturbances last spring.' About 2,700 persons have been liberated. Official fiinviiHH in New York. ALBANY, N. Y., Dec. 30.—The official canvass of the vote cast for governor at the election last month gives Theodore Roosevelt, republican, a plurality of 17,780 over Van Wyck. democrat, A railroad accident twenty years ago deprived Henry Wepdhott',- a millionaire of Mauch Chunk, Pa,, of arms and legs. He wears four artificial limbs. When a murderer is captured, in Abyssinia be is surrendered to the relatives of the person he killed, and they are authorized to slay him in the manner in which he put his victim to death. To prevent deception regarding the age of children, steamboat companies in Switzerland have established measurement rules, A child \mdev two feet in height rides free; children under four feet four inches pay half fare. To CotomAnd the Fleet to be Sent to ! JEnropfe. | WASHINGTON, Dec. 31.—A number of Important changes in the personnel of the high grades of the navy has been decided on by Secretary Long. The orders have not been issued-, bttt will be when the prospective vacancies occur or the necessity arises for making the assignments. Rear Admiral Win- fleld S. Schley has been selected to command a squadron when the several ioreign stations of the navy are reestablished. It is the intention to place him in command of the naval force to be sent to,European waters. Admiral Schley's flagship will be the Chicago. Rear Admiral Sampson will be retained in command of the Atlantic station fleet. Commodore Henry F. Picking will command the Boston navy yard. Commodore John \V. Phillips has been ordered to the Brooklyn navy yard. Rear Admiral Henry A. Howison will succeed Commodore Phillips as commnmlcr of a division of the North Atlantic licet. STORYETTES, fthd Guy, Otherwise. ROMERO IS DEAD. Was Alexlcnii Ainlmssiulor to the United .States. WASHINGTON, Dec. 31.—Ambassador Romero, of Mexico, died at 4 o'clock yesterday morning, aged 0:1. The remains will be taken to Mexico for interment. As representative of 'Mexico in the conference he voted for the establishment of the bureau of the American republics, and ever since its organization has shown active and zealous interest in its progress. He married a \Yashinglon woman many ycnrs ngo nnd their home was a social center and the scene each season of brilliant social functions. Madame Romero died not long ago. The intimacy between Romero and General Grant was very close. LOSS TO GERMANY IS FEARED From the San Francisco Argonaut. A clever mot of Lord Itosebery's is repeated by Miss de forest in the Bazar. At a dinhef, not long ago, some one asked the owner of Eolns nnd prime minister what memory was. "Memory," replied Lord Rosebefy. "is the feeling that steals over us when we listen to our friends' original stories." While dihinff at his Son-in-law's one evening, it was noticed that Pasteur dipped his cherries in his glass of water, and then carefully wiped them before eating them. As this caused some amusement, he held forth at length on the dangers of the microbes with which the cherries were covered. Then he leaned back in his chair, wiped his forehead) and unconscious-ly picked up his glass, drank off the contents, microbes and all. At a dinner in London a few years Ago Mr. Gladstone was sketching a stirrintr scene in the house of commons in the early forties. Lord Granville was a guest at the dinner, and was in the commons at the time of the events to which Gladstone referred. "Hid you take part in the division?' 1 asked Mr. Gladstone of Lord Granville. "I'm sure 1 don't know," replied Lord Granville: "I can't remember whether I did or not." "Not remember, "fairly shouted Gladstone; "why, it was only forty-eight years agol" Vtncrlcun AViirnhlp .at Apln CIIUBCH Much Comment in ISorlln. BERLIN, Dec. 31.—There is much comment here at the reported arrival of an American warship at Apia, Samoa, the newspapers regarding it as a sign that President McKinlcy means 'to carry out the program outlined in liis recent message to congress. The •Vossische Zeitung says: "No doubt 'Great Britain will support America and thus pauilyze the slowly acquired German preponderance. There is no longer a chance of Germany securing exclusive control."' RAISED THE FLAG. Tom O'Donnoll was telling a crowi of friends about tho Arlington cemetery in Washington. "You say there is no such thing as a good democrat,' said ]\lr. O'Donnoll; "but I saw an epitaph on one of the tombstones that dissipated a.ny such idea as that.' "What was it?" asked one of tlio listeners. "It read very simple am simply said: 'Here lies a democrat— and a good man.' " Everybody saw tho point of tho proof but one man who hesitated a moment and then asked: "What made them bury them so close together?" Mrs, fioffiaa&a BeeoriblSi fidw She Wfrotei to Mite. $>iakiiAfn fo* Ad^ibe, AM la fftjrtfr W6tt, Cubans at ]M » viol IInvo u Cluinco For When ho was a Harvard student, the late Sherman Hoar was one evening indulging in epigrams in the rooms of Professor D , n man too apt to interlard his lectures with apparently original witticisms taken wherever ho found them. When Hoar and a fellow- student had left the academic presence, the latter enthusiastically exclaimed: "By Jove, Sherman! How do you manage it? I wish I could remember all the bright things you said just now." "Go to D 's leetitro to-morrow and take notes," said Hoar; "you'll pet them then." DEAR Mfcft. JPisiiMAM:—Before using- you? Vegetable Compound 1 was & great sufferer, 1 have bfceti Sick fc* months, Wns troiibled with severe pftitt in both sides ol abdomen, sore feeling iti lower part of bow* els, ftlso suffered with dizziness, headache, and could not sleep. I wrote you a letter describ* lag my ease and asking you? advice. Vott . Replied telling me jiist what to do. 1' " followed your directions, and cannot praise your medicine enough for \vhat it has done for me. Many thanks to you for your advice. Lydia E. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound has cured mo, and I will recommend it to nay friends.—Mrs. l^onENCBj E. HOFFMAN, 513 Kola ml St., Canton, O. The condition described by Mrs. Hoffman will appeal to ninny women, yet lots of sick women struggle on with 1 their daily tasks disregarding the, •urgent warnings until overtaken by, actual collapse. The present Mrs. Plnltham's experience in treating female ills is unparal" leled, for years she worked side by side with Mrs. Lydia 13. Pinkham, and for sometimes past has had sole charge' of the correspondence department of her great business, treating by letter as many as a hundred thousand atting. women during a single year. I'lio NowoHt Hut Olilost Your. "It is customary vo allude to the closing year as the old year," remarked the snake editor, "but 1808 should bo called the older year." "Why is that?" asked the 'horse editor. "When it dies it will bo a day older than either of its last predecessors." Whiskers A Natural Black Sty Buckingham's Dye Price BO cents of nil druggist! or B. P. Hall & Co., Nashua, N. II. PENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS. PJOHN W. MORRIS, WASHINGTON,D.O. tiito Prlnclual Eiamlndr u. B. Penilon BnreMU uu)t war.l&ailjudluatinir clalius,uiiy sluuo. HAVANA, Dec. i!0. — Colonel Sayburn raised the American flag- over the municipal building at Mariel in the presence of a number of notable persons and people of the town. He made a speech in which he said: "In this solemn act yon must, notsee any meaning except paternal love and protection, never dominion." The colonel caused 500 rations to be distributed to the poor, and tlie event was celebrated by a ball. The colonel goes to Cabanas and Bahai Honda from Mariel in order to distribute rations. WAR DEPARTMENT INQUIRY. WASHINGTON, Pec. MO. — Tlio war investigating' commission hold only a short session yesterday, devoted to executive business. There were no witnesses ready for examination. The commission has made public a synopsis of the reports of the officers to General Miles in regard to the beef supplied to the soldiers. They substantiate IVi lies' vigorous denunciation of the canned beef. _____ Ha mm Hopeful For Ills Kill. Ci.J3Vici.ANi), Dec. 2!). — Senator JIanna believes that his bill for the protection of the American merchant marine will be. passed during 1 the present session of congress. The majority of the senators, Mr. Hanna states, feel favorably toward the measure, and he has reason to believe the house of representatives will pass the bill. The bill was introduced in the senate recently by Mr. llanna and in brief provides that subsidies snail bo paid to certain freight carrying vessels built in America. The object of the bill is to en- conrage Americans in transacting relations of a commercial character with the people of foreign nations in American bottoms. Big Cargo of Opium. SAN FiiANCisfo, Dec. 39. — The steamer China, which has just arrived from the orient, carried the largest consignment of opium that ever entered this port. There is filiO discs of the drug, valued at half u million dollars, the total weight of the opium being !27, 000 pounds, and the duty on it amounts to $1(32,800 at SO per pound. often, From no apparent cause, become languid &nd despondent in the early days of their womanhood They drag along, always tired, never hungry, brea-ihlesi &nd with & palpitating, heart after slight exercise so that merely to walk up staJrs ia Sometimes a short.dry. tough lead* to the Feat that they are"gomg into consumption!' They are anemic, doctors tell them, tthich means ihat they have too little blood Are you like that? Have y° u too little blood? More anaemic people have been made strong, hungry, energetic men and women by the use of DT. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People than by any other means They are the best tonic in the world. Miss T/ulu Stevena, of Gasport, Niagara Co.,N. Y.,had been a very Healthy girl until about a year ngo, \yhcu she grew weak and pale, She lost her appetite, wus as tired in the morning as on retiring, and lost flesh until she became so emaciated that her friends hardly knew her. The doctors declared the disease anaemia, and gave her up to die. A physician who was visiting in Gasport prevailed upon her to try Dr. Williams' Pihls rills for Pnle People. She did so, and was benefited at once. She is now well aiid strong—the very picture of health.— liiiffalo (ff. Y,) Couritr. The genufne are sold "only in packages, the wnsppiT 6lwAVb bcM-ing the full n&me. For bftle by &U drug- <*ists> or &cnt, postpaid, by the Dr V/illiamb Medicine Company. Schenectady. N.Y., on receipt of price, fihy cents per bo*. Book of cores free on rao,uc&t. Conspiracy Agulnst J''nuice LONDON. Dec. :.'».—Special dispatches from Brussels report that an important conference ot lionupurtista has just been held there, under the presidency of Prince Victor Napoleon. Baron Legoux was re-elected president of the party, in thanUiii<? his supporters,he said: "The time of watching is ended and tho hour for combat is soundinjr." Pins to the number of 117,000,000 are manufactured every working clay in jiirming-ham, England. Fire-flies are put to an ornamental use in some o! the islands of tho West Indies. They are caught and confined in nets on the heads of ladies, and sometimes a ball-room belle will appear with red, ^reun, blue and yellow lights beaming from her hair. The telephone girls in Vienna must Wear uniforms when on duty. Their ntreet dresses, it is said, convey to the offices particles of dust which mar the instruments. The costume is a davk Bklctand waist, with sleeves of black anil yellow stripes. SEND FOR OUR COMPLETE CATALOGUE OF PHIZES FREE I BfifflfflwaBV • llbftH TO USERS OF ALL, GROCERS SELL IT. ADDRESS PACKING GO, SOUTH OMAHA, NEB. "A TRAINING IN CLEAN LIN &b$ 18 A FORTUNE," COMPLETE YOUR EDUCATION WITH SAPOLIO

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