The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 4, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1899
Page 5
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UPPER D£8 MOINES: ALGOKA, IOWA, W£BN£SDAY, JANUARY 4, 1899. The shrewd shopper can buy a great many seasonable articles, which the merchant offers at a much reduced price, in order to clean up his stock* r We have 10 dozen Ladies' fleece- lined combination suits, which sold readily at 600—reduced now to 50 dozen Ladies' Handkerchiefs, eluding Jap. silk with initial in the corner, also broidered, and hem-stitched, all go each for only We have 50 Ladies' Jackets and 15 Ladies Capes left, which 'we offer at ridiculously low prices. m- em- Chrischilles & Herbst. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAti TRAINS WEST. No.l departs at 0:05 am No. 3 departs at 3:58 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at 10:46 pin No. 71 departs at 3:20pm No. 65 departs at 8:30pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 a m No. 4 departs at 6:28 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at 10:10pm No. 94 departs at 2:20pm E. F. HEDRICK, Agent. CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight ..11:30 a rn Pass 7:05 am Mixed 12:15pm Mixed 7:B4pni North- Mixed 7:30 a m Freight 12:15 p m Pass 2:40 pm Mixed . ..10:50 p m 6:15 p, Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m. m., and 1:20 a.m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Maro, Friday'. Rev. Day was installed Master Workman last evening. Dr. Vincent comes Jan. 29. It is the next lecture course attraction. Work will begin on the Heise corner Monday to fit it for the Simpson shoe store. Samuel Mayne was down before the county board yesterday, and attending court. C. A. Tel Her nnd W. W. Alcorn have been appointed to go over the county books. W. H. Jones is having a serious time with that scalded foot. He gels on slowly. J. W. Wads worth goes to the state agricultural meeting at Des Moines next Monday. The firemen's dance was a pleasant affair, although not as largely attended as it deserved. It is doubtful if Walker Whiteside will come to Algona. He can't give the right date. Mrs. H. Putsch is now a grandmother. A boy has arrived at the Gerlicher home in Winona. Bancroft banked §44,000 the week pending Christmas. The town's trade reached over $50,000. Supt. Van Erdewyk will have the program for his Burt teachers' meeting ready for next week. Tho harp orchestra will play for Maro Friday evening. The seats are only 35 and 25 cents. The house ought to be jammed. Charley Sample is down with appendicitis at Irvington and may go to Chicago for treatment. He has been unwell several weeks. Mrs. Mamie Goodner is Recorder Lathrop's deputy. A better selection could not have been made. She is exceptionally capable. The city water showed good pressure Sunday m'orning. A good stream was thrown from the top of tho A. U. Clarke two-story building. Algona is still without fire limits. It is the only town we know of of the size that has not provided against disastrous fires in the business center of town. TheRedmen have rented Clarke's hall and had it handsomely fitted up. The Workmen expected tojoin them, but will remain with the Odd Fellows. C, B. Hutohins and family, Miss Coate, and others gathered at the Mann home Saturday evening for a watch party. They saw the new year in. Rey. Stiles married Henry Dally and Lida Grose at the Baptist parsonage Monday. They begin the new year right. We wish them the joys of tne season. Brownell & Allred are making a great clearing sale of shoes and everything in their line, and prices are cut down to suit. Now is the time to *'"' cheap. Members of the Court of Honor plug way up into the curve in the tube and then, having done all that could reasonably be expected, quit trying. Tho school hoard elected a Miss Smith from the south part of the state to succeed Miss Hotelling. She refused to come after she learned the salary but reconsidered and is now here. The Plum Creek dairymen who met Monday at tho Rice school house to talk creamery adjourned without doing anything. They ought to meet again. Kossuth isn't half full of creameries yet. Miss Cora Frink, a daughter of Mrs. A. B. Frink of Union township, will be stenographer for State Auditor Merriam. She is one of the best in the state, and holds a position of importance. The school board have chosen ' Miss Lena Bright to succeed Miss Maggie Haggard in the public schools. Miss Bright has been a popular teacher in the county, and is a young lady of talent. can iUOILlUOl'tS Ul Vila V^WMI v «» fl a pay their dues and assessments at tne U. D. M. business office tonight, between 7 and 9 o'clock. Report must go in at once. One ad vantage in the delay in getting the electric light plant in is that everybody will be wired and read}. The plant will have lots of lights from the start, Prairie township is voting on the new railway today. Martin Rahm was in yesterday and said that the tax wll carry this time. If Prairie is wise it will vote the tax unanimously. ^ The mercury went down to 24 or below in honor of New Years. AHC UPPER DES MOINES' patent English thermometer, that only goes -a° wnt ^ *0, got BtuoU ftgaiw. It Nothing is settled as to the Fenton depot site. It is likely to be known in the next two days who' gets the location. It is possible all sites in the county will be sold to one party by the company. The Algona firemen did good work Sunday morning, and are entitled to the thanks of the community as well as to more substantial recognition. It was not a pleasant job to handle cold water in that temperature. Tho old reliable merchants, Chris- chilles & Herbst, occupy a corner in THE UPPER DES MOINES this week to tell of some after holiday bargains. Now is the time to get things cheap, and everybody knows this store. Jay E. Randall has bought the Whit- teraore Champion and will got out his first issue this week. He is a good printer and writer and will give Whittemore an excellent paper. It is not stated what Bro. Hatch will do. The three Algona papers have entered into an agreement to each publish the official board proceedings and divide the pay of two official publications equally. THE UPPER DES MOINES will hereafter publish the full report. Will. Salisbury has gone to Tilonlca to attend to the make-up and mechanical dress of the Titonka Topic. Miss Graham had a printer engaged but he failed her. She is lucky in being able to secure so competent a worker as Will, to help her. Father Lichtenberg of St. Joe was a pleasant caller yesterday. He has the best and biggest church in the county up to date, and has a prosperous parish. He says St. Joe wants that new Northwestern line, when it comes, We want St. Joe to have it. J. E. McMullen has sold the Wesley Reporter to C. H. • Peterson of the Wesley News, and the two papers are consolidated, making one exceptionally good paper. Mr. McMullen has a new field in view, where he will buy a county seat paper. Contractor Gross says he will be done with the new church in two weeks, ["he dedication, however, will await the completion of the electric light ilant as it will be impossible to illuminate until the.electricity is turned on. The dedication will not probably occur jefore Feb. 15. A little boy arrived at the S. E. McMahon home late Tuesday evening of ast week, but was not long for this world. It passed away Monday evening after a few days of suffering. The deepest sympathy of the community will go out to this estimable family in its great grief, Frank E. Smith is up from Des Moines on a business trip. He says Des Moines is on a big boom. J. B. Jones is spending the winter is Louisiana. He writes that he never put such a time trying to keep says he never suffered blizzard as much. One of the most interesting and most ontertaining exhibitions ever given in Algona was g Maro's evening of slight- * t* , T ... :„„! V..lrtl^C! 1 !1 C excellent in construction and exceptionally fine in tone. He Sftys it is larger lh»n any orpnn in Mftsofl City and touch more elaborate. He was surprised to find so elaborate an Jnstfn- ment in Algona. TheCongregrntionnlisis at their annual meeting Monday elected four deacons: M. Starr, Dr. Hudson, Dr. McCoy, and C. B. Hutchins. M. Starr was re-elected clerk. A committee of three was chosen to revise the church roll, Mr. Patterson, Mrs. Starr and Mrs. Ferguson. The subject of pew renting; was discussed. After business a very pleasant sociwl time, was had in the parlors, where the Indies served sandwiches, cake and coffee. All the papers are discussing the new normal school that Iowa will undoubtedly locate at the coming session of the legislature. The notion of the state teachers' association leaves no possible doubt that something will be done. With the new railways that will reach Algona next yea,! 1 we shall be more than ever the desirable point for the northern school, It is not too early for our people to begin to shape themselves for the competition. Algona will get the school if an earnest effort is made. THE UPPER DES MOINES unintentionally got Deputy Sheriff W. E. McDonald into trouble last week by publishing an item about Mike McDonell of Whittemore. The names were spelled alike and W. E.'s friends thought that perhaps he had been surprising himself and everybody else. But ho had not, as it gives us pleasure to announce. Deputy Sheriff McDonald is one of the best »nd most reliable citizens in Algona i • <•. i>n-i that the item should have boon misconstrued to his annoyance. Friday evening tho social union club discussed whut Algona needs. What Algona really needs is n town clock that will strike the hours. Hero tho school board is talking of more school bells, and tho Methodists, Baptists, and Presbyterians want bolls, and when they all get them no two will be together. If the ladies who are getting a fountain will put their money into a town clock in tho court house tower, with a good loud striker for tho hours, halves, and quarters, we can all have the same time to go by, and bo rid of bells and belfries. Sunday morning about 9 o'clock smoke was seen issuing from the roof of tho Cordingley meat market building. The alarm was given and the boys soon had the water on the roof. But the fire had got a good start and the roof fell in. Tho inside of the shop including the §500 refrigerator, engine, meat cutter, etc., was destroyed. The furniture and meat in the front part of the shop was saved. No damage was done to the A. D. Clarke brick, nor to the l< Kash Savin' Stor" on the other side. J. J. Cordingley owns the building and bus $1,000 insurance on it. Ho has no insurance on the engine, etc. CHANCE FOft A SQUABBLE, OVER ENGINE FOR LIGHT Conrtcil Says It Is Not np to Contract* and Blgelotr Says It Is—Dotftgs of the City Council. Judge Qnarl.on was trying a curious case yesterday. Frank Hume of Wesley sold lumber to Charlie Hnger for a building on land sold by Lund, and toolc out a mechanic's lien. The deed from Lund was bogus; and Russ came in and toolc the land and sold it to Wm. K. Ferguson giving a warranty deed. Hume sues to establish bis mechanic's lien, represented by Bonar & Follows; Hager steps in to prevent a personal judgment against him, represented by F. M. Curtiss; Russ defends to prevent the lien from being established on the land, represented by Clarke &Cohenour and Sullivan & McMahon; and Ferguson intervenes claiming the land, buildings and all free of any lien, represented by E. V. Swotting. Drny Jjliio for Snlo. In a town of 3,000 people, doing $5,000 worth of business yearly; only one other dray line in town. Will take $1,000 for the line—half cash, balance on reasonable time. Inquire of 42t2 FRANK NICOULIN. WE have a few bargains in crockery. Call and see them. M. Z. GROVE & SON'S. M. I. Bigelow, the electric light contractor, only remained in Algona two days last week. He stated to THE UPPER DES MOTNES that, the engine on the tracks here is all that he contracted to furnish, and that unless restrained by the city he shall put it in. Mr- Metcnlf is now at work setting the boilers, and this work will require two weeks. Then the issue will be settled. The city council are agreed that the engine here is not as specified in the contract with Bigelow, and that they will not accept it. It is likely that if Mr. Bigelow attempts to put it in the city will enjoin him, which will nt once test the matter. If this is done the city will order the engine that is wanted and put it in and hold Bigelow's bondsmen for it. All the machinery but the engine is in and up to grade. The city is getting a splendid plant; electric light men say there is no better. City Council Mentttift. ALGONA, Dec. 31, 1898.—City council met in regular session at the city hall, Mayor Chrischilles in the chair. Members present, White, Vesper, Morse, Paine, Stobbins, and Chapin. Absent, McMahon and Buyers, Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved. Moved and seconded that the following approved bills bo allowed and warrants drawn on the treasurer for same. Carried. W. H. Horan, wiring , .$ 40 00 W. Philipps, labor 2 2T> Ed. Schrudor, labor 10 20 L. Horan, pumping 28 25 L. Tibbotts, pumping 10 05 W. V. Civrlon, snow shovelors H 00 W. V. Carlon, salary 1025 J. L. Donahoo, salary 20 00 M. E. Church, moving dirt 128 70 Wm. Miller, lighting lamps 20 00 John Swltzer, police services 10 00 J. J. Cordingloy, salary, etc 42 35 Algona Firo Department, alarm 8 00 W. E. Naudaiu, freight and cartage. 28 00 E. Tollier, surveying »! 00 Chas. Foster, salary, etc 60 «.» Geo. Richmond, wiring 18 in Goo. Richmond, wiring 79 27 General Electric Co., supplies 148 115 N. W. Rubber Stamp Co., stamp.... «5 Be it resolved by the city council of the city of Algona, That the city clork bo and is hereby instructed to proceed at once to collect all bills for wiring that has been done, and that no more wiring be done except for those who are ready and willing to pay for tho work and material as soon as the work is completed. Moved and seconded that tho resolution as read be adopted. Carried. Moved and seconded that tho matter of the M. E. church extension bo referred to tho water works committee witli power to act. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn. Carried. J. L. DONAHOO, City Clerk. A POSTOFFIOE ELEOTION. Bancroft Will Vote for n Nnsby—Tho Dcito Not Yet Agreed Upon. Congressman Dollivor has decided to have a postoflleo election in Bancroft, and the date will bo set as soon as tho candidates got together and agroo. Editor Laidloy, J. B. Johnson, and P. M. Barslou are in tho field. Each will choose a judge, and none but republicans and stuady patrons of tho office will be allowed to vote. Tho petitions wore very ovon botwoon Messrs. Johnson and Laidloy. How the election will turn out is uncertain. Happy New Year I want you all to be happy, and I know you will be if you buy your groceries from me during the year 1899. ames Patterson Oo-wles' Blocls: J.LDonalioo&Co. Minnesota aoxuortrxzxme. Ofllco over postoflleo, Algoua, Write for circulars. la. From $5 to $15 per acre. FOR various good reasons we have decided that hereafter Jersey bull service at our barns must bo paid cash in advance. J. B. WlNKEL. 4212 A. T. REED. A Chance for the Boys. In order to give the hoys a chance to pot somo of tho "good things" that wo are going to glvo away wo havo decided to olTor three prljios for tho first, second, and third host drawings of tho Buck's Stove and Range Co.'s trade-niarlc, as shown herewith. First prize: Foot-power Bracket Saw. Second prize: Nickel Silver Watch. Third prize: A Warranted Jack Knife. Any boy under Ifi years of age in tho county may outer tho contest. Contest will close March \\ when competent judges will pass upon the merits of tho drawings, and tho drawings of tho successful contestants together with their names will bo published in all tho city papers, Trade-murks may bo scoured at our store. G. M. DOXSEB HARDWARE. THE GREATEST OF ALL in warm. He from an Iowa LOST: Dec. 24, a gold watch charm, with opal on one side and photo inside. Finder will please leave at Tennant hotel and receive $2 reward. WANTED: A span of Clyde or Belgian mares 4 years old. None but the best will do. Want them for brood mares. J. H. JONES. YOU do not have to dry goods in tho shade colored with Putnam Fadeless Uyes. They are fast to sunlight and washing. Ten cents a package, at E. & F. drug store. Sold Hxnctly So In The Sun says that tho Sac City merchants have gone to advertising in a way that knocks Chicago competition out: Tho Sac City business house whose advertisements discount the price lists of Chicago supply houses and leave tho buyer no freight to pay in attracting comments from the press in all surrounding towns. It may disturb tho peace of some of our purchasers in Chicago to loam beyond doubt that they can buy their goods cheaper In Sac City and could havo done so at any time, but tho revelation may havo a healthful effect. Tho man who makes it a rule to patronize homo enterprises usually prospers more than ho who seeks to ignore his neighbors and do business with strangers. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. FOR time loans on real estate at Kossuth County State Bank. apply season, no can af- of-hand and musical tricks last seasi He comes again Friday evening and one who enjoys the mysterious ford to miss him. He is clever and entertaining, and can mystify theshrewd- e8 Dominick Stuffliok of Prairie got advertised for, and a «r^£*&™ ****** Stuffl ck will Save to wait for the next drawing, and then read Poxsee'sadver- tisements closer. t sa.^r«ir«o°« to Aigona itvov After going over it SySftSB"be dUutre! it t bo most Your Weudliijj KiiiR. Buy your wedding ring of us, wo always make the bride a present. 5tf DlNGLEY & PUGH. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices. F. O. B. any station. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. Switches AVaiitetl, For switches and hair chains call on Setchell & Setchell, Algona, Iowa, or write to W. J. Wells, Osago, Iowa, whose work here is so well known and prices are so low. All work is guaranteed to suit. 3219 MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time, Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. 0. CaU, Algona, Agricultural Society The annual meeting of the Kossuth County Agricultural society will bo held at the court house in Algona, Saturday, Jan. 14, at J o'clock p. Every resident of the county who tended tho county fair in 1898 in titled to vote at this mooting. bushels bushel. 62(«)55, Tun Ijocul Miirlcotu. E. J, Mathows has sold 2,000 of corn in Algona at 25 cents a Corn is 23(a25, oats 23, wheat (lax $1.02, hogs ?3.10, hay $4.25, Iowa. An Easy Way to Pay Dirt J>e|t>t9, Farm loans on tlieamortisement plan. See Thos. F. Cooke before making a loan. , MONEY to loan at 5 per oe,nt, A. P. OLAJHPJ The Hoiuoutcutl Combination. As our readers tiro uwuro, wo liuvo boon able to secure for them this year un unusually advantageous clubbing arrangement, which includes Uio Iowa HouieHtoad, its Special Farmers' Institute editioiiH, tho Poultry Farmer, the Farmers' Mutual Insurance Journal, uud tho Humane Alliance, together with our own paper, all for tho surprisingly low figure of $2. Nothing like this has ever before been offered to our farmer readers. The Homestead with it» Special Itmtitute edition for January, 0011- tairiB 64 pages of praetical farm information, and readiug the paper and its Special Institute editions for a year practically amounts to a liberal agricultural education. The Special Farmers' Institute edition for the present month considers four interesting. practical topics relating to farm prosperity, eheep husbandry, winter's work, etc., and on them more tlmn 800 practical farmers ond farmers' wives i» the west contribute their v'°w8 and experi ences, making it a remarkable collect the beat thought on westevu farrew. Mutual Insurance Journal and tfeo PM Alliance, the best oltUelrcl Boots and Shoes And all kinds of Winter Footwear. Four weeks -of grand shoe selling,—from Thursday, Jan. 5, to Saturday, Feb. 4. We have neither space nor time to tell you all about it; but a visit to our store will show you what we are doing and be of interest to you in many ways. We will be glad to see you often. No trouble to show goods. Brownell & Allred, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, Algona, la. Fine repairing and custom work. go, NSURANGE Also Lund, Loan aud Qolluotlou HUB!U«MS.- Onlco over Alguuu state UunU. Fanners' of Cedar Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, HocUford of Rockfora, Lloyd's Pteto Glttw* ot United States Life of Nt LOGIC every this great 8«ey Uowe.

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