The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1898
Page 7
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° '»•;?;;? t:r ?.»-,4f- *JT**» - *•' •i%p'«pp 1 IBB UPPEU DBS AMJQNA IOWA. WEDNESDAY Vftur nerves wetk? W «te«p *e«P Pain youf back? Uck energy? i hb | Bid? boll* df_ pimplts? Jhest «ft Sure signs of poisoning. Ffott whtt jibisons, Ffotft poisons that ate al- Ways found in constipated bowels. if the contents of the bowels are not f emoved from the body each day, as nature intended, these poisonous Substances are sure to be absorbed into the blood, al- Ways causing suffering «nd frequently causing severe disease. There Is n common sense cure, They daily insure an easy and natural movement of the bowels. You •will find that die use of •with the pills will hasten recovery. It cleanses the blood from .all impurities and is a great tonic to the nerves. Wftlo tha Doctor. Our Medical Department lias one of the moat eminent physicians in tho United States. Tell tho doctor Just how yon are suffering;. You will receive tho best medical adrlce without cost. Address, PR. J. C. AVER. Lowell, Man. Information Uettlrctl. "'1 wants to .know.,"' said little Kstus. rWants to know what, boy?" asked father. *\Vhen de paper talks about a knight de rAzzer, 'do it menu shavin' •& , Aristocracy of Dollclotu. I'My .doll can shut her eyes anil go sleep just lovely," •Hub! My doll never g-oes to sleep all; she's jrot insoiunieiv' woman's favorite critieisni of a hu is that he is "coarse." e men put the smallest apples at e top of the barrel—also the notice Jpen the other end. 1 ' In old bachelor says he never mar- Id because he was always hicky in grocers sell Diamond "C" Soap. |bas no superior for laundry use. ove never begins to come home to until he begins to come home the head of current literature old magazine prints instruc- s for making a cheap medical bat- Go to your grocer to-day and get a 150. package of ONE GOOD DEALER WANTED in every town where not represented, PURE MIXED PAINTS Finest and most durable. Colors always unUorm and guaranteed, ENTERPRISE PAINT MFG. CO., Maker*, Chicago. IN A NIGHT VISION CAMfe-A COMMAND tO APPLY TORCH. It takes the place of coffee at J the cost. Made from pure grains it is nourishing and healthful. Insist that your grocer gives you GRA1N-O. Accept no imitation. — Why P»tty»on Bnro«a A Chnrch—be- H«»*» fie 1« the chcten tnitnntnt "t God—The yoeitlon nir THat tn th« Criminal Conjpu The case of W. D. C. Pattyson, who set flre to and burned the Hedrickite church of the Temple Lot at Independence, Mo., which is docketed for trial in St. Louis this month, will in- v olve a doctrine held by all Mormon sects and not generally understood by the public. It antagonizes the gen- eially admitted assumption of Protes- tanism that revelation from God to man, before given, ended when the scriptures were completed and that these contained all the revelations from God necessary to man's salvation. It is a cardinal principle of the Mormon sect that revelation does not end "GUAKANTBK» lo cure dysjiopslu, «ou- livor unU kidiioy discuses, biliousness, Al druggists, 26i> undtl.UO. iiteCAPT. O'FARRELL, Pension Agent, r York Avenue. WASHINqTQN. P.C. CURE YOURSELF^ Use Big O (or unnatural dietuurgt'S, iufluuiaidtions, i irritation? or ulcvratious of uiucqus membranes. I'aluless,' and cot asti'io- or polgouous. ._ld byI>re«UW, 1 or seal iu plaiu wrapper, by express, prepaid, (or |l.(X), or 3 bottles, " " Circular sent on Women of title ore obviously not plentiful lit Vancouver. Stteh ft. person recently entered n shop there ftiid ordered some goods. "Nftme and ad- asked the shoprtAn. "Lady Blank,*' she replied, and then gate the A west Art t.tie matron th*«n, trat who AV. C. D. PATTYSON. with the old and new testament, bvit continues in the book of Mormon and later In the book of Doctrine nnrl Covenants, compiled from alleged revelations given in the years 1827 and 1844 by Joseph Smith and a few of his followers. These alleged revelations supplement the book of Mormon and are to be found in the Doctrine and Covenants of the Utah church, and what Is called the Reorganized o£ the Latter Day Saints, which has a branch at Independence numbering about 1,000 members. Part of this book which contains the alleged revelations up to tire year 3834 is also the standard for the Hedriklte Mormons, whose church building .on the Temple Lot was burned by Mr. Patty.BOn, the person who IB held to answer under the laws of Missouri for the crime of. arson and who contends that he Is justified in his course toward the Hedrikite congregation at Independence by the allegiance which he bears to the principle of progressive revelation, championed by all the Mormon churches. If permitted at his trial, Mr. Pattyson will prove from sacred Mormon writings that he IB the one denominated by Joseph the "martyr" as mighty and strong, who would come in due time to consolidate the factions of Movmonism and restore the .church to Its primitive excellence, which culminated at Nauvoo in the death of the "martyr." Judge Wofford declares that Pattyson Is insane, or at least that a plea of insanity should be entered in his case and submitted for consideration of the jury. Pattyson will tell the judge that he is not mad, O noble judge, "but speaks the words of truth and soberness." He will show that the doctrine of progressive revelation which he holds is the doctrine of one-half million adherents of the Mormon churches and that if he Is insane, because of his belief in this doctrine, the thousand faithful at Independence are also insane; the 40,000 members of the reorganized churches are Insane; and the 300,000 of' the Utah church are also insane. It is no matter to Pattyson if he only believes that he has received the information from heaven that it is his duty to drive the Hedrikites from their 'emple lot by the destructon at their For several moments the shopman scanned her'xip and do\vn with a look of ineffable contempt, then turning to his companion he asked sneering-ly. in a loud toice: "Say. docs she think I'd take her for a man?" A stern professor in a Chicago preparatory school for ffirls sat at his desk, trying to unravel a knotty problem, when a fluffy-haireo miss of sixteen approached. "Please shy'she began, in a tremulotts voice, "will you grunt me permission to go out. riding with iny brother this afternoon' 1 " The old man bad not forgotten the days of his youth, and looking over his spectacles, he slowly said: "Mo you wimt to go out riding' with your brother, do you? By the way, is 'this brother of yours any relation to you?'' HEALTH WITH WEALTH. New Western CanittlA Districts Adapted to Ranching nud Mixed Farming;. Calgary, Alberta, Nov. 4, 1898. To the Editor of the Duluth Evening Herald, Duluth, Minn., Dear Sir—As to many replies to the home-seeker of Minnesota, I can cheerfully say this country is better tor a poor man than Minnesota if he wants to farm and raise stock. I have spent one winter and two summers here, which I find more pleasant than any winter 1 have seen In Minnesota for eight years. The seasons are short, but the effect of long days of bright sunshine produces a very rapid growth of vegetation. There is good money in raising coarse grains and feeding to hogs and cattle, for pork and beef always bring a good price her'. Hogs are worth from $4 to $4.50 live weight per cwt., and beef about the same. There is plenty of railroad land to be had very cheap and on long-time payments. A man doca not want to think he can pick up money on the ground here, but there is lots of it in the ground, and labor will take It out. There Is a vast scope of country north of Edmonton, Alberta, which can be settled, and a large scope of country west of Edmonton adapted to ranching and mixed farming. This country is the best place 1 have ever seen for the cure of consumption. 1 could refer you to different people here who were in the last stages of consumption, who are now In perfect health and able to do any kind of hard work and are very prosperous. Hoping this may benefit home-seekers who are willing to work for an honest living, I remain, yours very truly, (Signed.) CHARLES N. SCOTT. A young lady seldom tires of tryjug to convert a bachelor to tho annexation theory. IW10O Ketvnrd, SIOI). The readers of this pupcr will be pleaseil to learn that there is tu lenst one dreaded disease thut science has been able to cure In all Its stages and that IH Catarrh. Hull's Catarrh Cure is tho only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional tllsjeuKe, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall'H Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby d'cHtroylng the foundation of the disease, mid giving the patient Btraieth by building up the constitution and assisting nature In doiii'< its work. The proprietors have so much faith In its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any cane that It falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address. F. .1. CHENKY& Co., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists. 75c. Hall's Family Pills arc the. best. JUDGE WOFFQRD. property. He knows wheu he is right because of revelations, and it will be interesting to hear him explain at his trial how that one was communicated to him. His church claims that there are several methods of revelation; one by suggestion, another by impression aiid another by dreams. Pattyson will designate by which one of these methods he received the revelation directing him to burn the Hedrikite meeting house. But. come as it may. to Mr. Pattyson, it is the word of God, from Which there ts no appeal. To him there is no'escape from the burdens H"l duties it imposes. orphan before her marriage ie strongly of the opinion that the comic papers have as . ot SPen only one sldS of the mother-in-law Joke, "I hax-e never had to contend with the application myself," said she. "but T khow of more than one case Where a husband's mother has caused trouble between him and his wife. It is my firm conviction that hot one mother in a score thinks her son's wife is •good enough for hlni, With womanly Intuition tho daughter- in-law soon discovers this, a coolness results between the two women and before long there is thunder in the air. If the mother-in-law has due regard for her son's '-appiness she Avill take warning from the storm signal and retreat. If not, the resulting unhappl- ness 'is inevitable. The jokes about the pic and the breakfast, biscuits 'that mother used to make' always suggest sad realities to me. And perhaps the most pitiable phase of it. is that, while both the women arc most earnestly desirous of promoting the happiness of the son and husband, yet they take one of the surest means of wrecking his peace of. mind and their own at the same time." By' the way, tho influence which a mothov-ln-law is supposed to exercise in the families of young people WHS the subject ot discussion in court not. long ago. A man sued his muthpr-in-liuv to recover some property. The jury wore closely questioned as to whether they entertained a prejudice, either generally or specifically, against mothers-in-law that would prevent their rendering a just verdict. At last twelve good men and true, presumably bachelors, were found who testified to having no feeling on the mother-in-law question, and tho case proceeded. Probably very few men would admit to being influenced by the stale and silly gibes at mothers-in-law, but that they hnvo great weight is proven by the attitude that almost every man takes toward his wife's mother. He hsis been warned by the comic papers that she will attempt to manage him and run his house; that she will incite his wife to acts of Independence and "put her up" to defying his opinion. So lie is on his guard. He looks upon her with suspicion and is apt to think that the most harmless suggestion is unwarranted interfering. To a certain degree thin fooling may be traced to a nut unnatural jealousy. The young husband Is always very self-important. He expects to be all in all to his wife. He is determined to bo the arbiter of her dea- tiny, the oracle who knows it all, tho supreme court that lays down the law. Innocent and unsophisticated llUlo brides do not, as a rule, see this at first. They blunder out with, "Mother thinks you ought, to do so and so," or "Mother says something else," and out of the blow they deal their husband's vanity springs much of the dislikes to mothers-in-law. Writ *'We act** i f* ottt.*' "A?eyow so i "Jfos bnt toy t»lf« lift* lifer mnff 1 cafrv the poodle." T»i« Knotrtiotu Quid Prnflftrt of 1Rt>8. From South Africa, the Klondike fend Australia gold is betnpr shipped in large quantities This year's output will nearly double that of arty previous tv^el r6 HionthS. T/he sales of ter's Storofteh Bitters are also inj? Very fast. '.This famous will cure dyspepsia, indigestloni constipation, nervousness and \Veakttfiss. In China a Wife Is never seen by her hitsband before nmrriapfe. In this oMttitry some wives seldom see their Vutsbnndft lifter mttrviage. iJe honest ityou can —other wise, your patrons will purchase their canned poods elsewhere, One Educational Atlas Globe eh and one-half Inches high given free for 100 wrappers of Diamond "C" Soap. One seldom sees the like of a.ehronio grumbler — but. always tho disltko.s. lrM. ilu.v'n use of I>r. Klino't Ureftt.Mo Bond for PK15K $4.00 (Hid bottle mil Irorvtlnp. 1)11. It. II. K LINK, Ltd., 9:il Arch .St.. I'lillmlcliililn. To, In tho suit of the Cur.sou (Nov.) Hand against SeiMlor W. M. Slovviirl, for payment for t'leollonourlujr services n verdict of $-10 nud costs in favor of tho plniutiiV \vns riMidond. C'on'M 1'mijrli Itiiliniu In i IIP iiltlrrt nml I, cut. 11 will litrnk up n oolit quicker limn cinyililiiK t>l»c. It In iihvny* iTlhiHe. Try It. '"My little initn. aren't, you plcusnd to b live n iir-\v linliy lirothcr. or did you want n ItUlo sister'.'" "If It was nil the sumo to Ilio Lord, I pri furred n " \vhlcli snu,tli Tour washing IB early on the lino if you use Diamond "C" Soap. li's bel.ler for u nuin to d» u little kicking than to dc.torionittj into a hu- iiiiin football. Nearly nil thu brlnnvoud of pipus iiro tiiado comes from tlic of When soldiers meet in u spf riled iit- taolc in a cafe re- treat is the usual order. __ One trial will convince you that Diamond "C" Soap is best for laundry use. _ _ _ ____ __ ' :•***" Nearly all of the new freight equipment ordered by Receivers Cowen and Murray of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad during the past few months will be delivered by January 15th. The orders consisted of 3,000 standard box cars, from the Michigan. Peninsular Car Company; 3,000 box and 1,000 gondolas from the Pullman Company; 2,000 box cars from the Missouri Car and Foundry Company; 1,000 steel coal cars of 100,000 pounds capacity from the Schoen Company, and five 50-foot modern mall cars from the Pullman Company. Bach of these cars Is equipped with the Westinghouse air brake and H. O, P.' automatic couplers^ _ _ ' Very few people fall in love who have the excuse that they didn't know any better, anyway. To California. Attention is called to the excellent service of the North-Western Line to California and the favorable rates which have been made for single and round trip tickets for this season'*) travel. Best accommodations in first- class or tourist sleeping cars, which run through every day In the year. Personally conducted tourist car parties every week to California and Oregon. Choice of a large number of different routes without extra charge. Particulars cheerfully given upon application to agents Chicago & North-Western R'y, or connecting lines. Was there ever a woman so g-ood that she was truthful in her warmth in inviting: friends to visit her. Chicago Groat Western Incroxxa. The earnings of Chicago Great Western Ry. for the first week in December, 1898, show an increase of ? 18,446.76 over the corresponding week in December, 1897. Total increase since beginning of fiscal year July 1st '.o date, $109,470.47. Few men with a grievance win tcl; the truth. Coughs uud Cold* Cured Quick Wl'h Dr. Seth Arnold'* Cougu Killer. All Druggltu and Couiury scgres. 25c. a bottle. The National City Bank of New York has deposits of more than $100,000,000. Women and 'turn who are "unhappy though married" may find » remedy In Vitality Pills. Uohl and obstinate couple* united. Cure* liquor Bud tobnvcu h»blu. Price II. fhrticlao*' testimonial* free. Remedy Co., Bo< 3113. Botton, Max. No Morn No more dowagers. Perhaps tho chaperon will be the next lo go. At all events, this is not. the era of age, and synonymous with that impertinent little word is dowager, therefore it has been doomed to extinction by no less a young person that Queen Wilhclmina. Her majesty, being very filial, does not like, the idea of her mommer being au old lady. In London society there is one terror, and her name, is dowager. It is said that the reason the fascinating Duchess of Manchester married the Duke of DfvoiiKhlre a year and a day after the funeral of her husband wftS to escape being called the Dowager Duchess; but, then, there were other reasons. History and fiction have always made free with the unhappy dowagers, titled or Jiisl. plain Mrs., and It is not singular that when the foreign widow IH still young and comely, she goes and geta married again as quickly ass nosBible. Perhaps one of the moat chaructcviatic features of ISngllsh HO- ciety is ,the dowager element, and tho higher the rank the more awful it looks when sec in granite tenue. No one has been to the opera on a gala night and not carried away strange impressions of the English aristocracy. Splendid is the array of young beauty, magnificent the jewels of old beauty, but the dowager duchess, the dowager countes:% the dowager anybody, Is fearfully and wonderfully mrule—up. There are bold critics who hnve called the English dowager a frump. Maybe, with the passing of the hated nume, nice old ladles will become the fashion, and age will not masquerade as youth. WANTKl) Coso of liml lli'illlli Unit 11-1 T-A-X-K will mil bi'iii'lH. Solid n ITIIIH in lilliniiH ChiMiilriil ijo., Nuw Yiirk.fuv H* w»t)ipk>it nml I.WHI tnnttnmnlnlw No innn should Hcohl his wife for kcupinfr plants in winter\vht>u leaving tin- window open on n, cold ni^'ht will hnvi> mom cIVoul t'liun uvoss words. I'iso's euro for Consiiiiiptlon is 11 o only cough intidicliio iiM-d in my IIOUHH.—V). (', Albright. Miltlinbiirg. I'll., One, 11,'lift, •I. I). I'obiiisou, u domoenttof Toledo, O.. Ims prcNt'iilt'd President AlcKiuloy with the largest cut (class bowl ever fit*, t, A. WALDfifc, OIUM, , " tJRAft ftas. Pi»KttA»:-^8«f0rti Ilk* tog you? thedietae, life ttt Mtic. I netet- »»w a jay taoftthty period 1 fctifterted ttbiald inii«&y< ftttrt ft gffeat deal of the time It was twmtilfecl ^ith ftftfetfere palft in my side. Before finishing the fii-St botti* of yottr Vegetable CottijHmnd 1 cotild tell It was doing &«» good, i <w*ttflin*a its Use, also used the Liver Pills afitl Bnnalive Wnsh, nod hnve been greatly helped. I ifcwtld like to hare you tifie my letter for iho benefit of others. 1 * ttf», PLORENCB A. WOLFE, gig rtulbttry 5t, t Lanc««ter, Ohio, wrlttit "tiRAit Mh*. PtKkttAM'.-'-For twd yenrs I was troubled with what the local physicians told me tons ihfltttmns,* ttott of the womb. Every month 1 suffered terribly, 1 had tnkcn enough m&licine from the doctors to euro anyone, but obtained relief for a short time only. At last I concluded to wrlto to you in regard to my ense, nml can soy Hint, by following your lulvlce I nm now pofcotly well.' 1 Hrs. \\. R, BATES, ftantflctd, L»., wHttli " Ho fore writing to you I suffered cli'i'tulfuUy from puinCul menstrua* lion, ItMii'orrhtKU, nucl wore •feeling In Uitt lowt-r pHi-tof t1u>. bowels. Nowmj f rii-nds wnnt to know what makes mq look no well. 1 do not he.sitatu ono mln- uto in tolling them wliat has brought about this groat change, I cahnol pralso Lydla li. Pinklitim'a VegetabU Compound enough. It is the greatest remedy of tho age." A innn should citltur l>c able to kcc| his temper, or else, able lo M; hip tin man be l.s (|uarrellng.wllh, . WHEAT WHEAT WHEAT "Nothing but wheat; what you cull a soa of wheat," is what was saitl by a lecturer spanking ot Western Can« nda. For particulars us to routes; railway fares, etc., apply to Su« pcrlntendont of Immigration, Depart mcnt Interior, Ottawa, Canada, or to intKlo. It is cut with the iintl I N. Burtholomo'w, 300 Fifth Street, De« stripes. I Moincs, Town, Mm. VVIiiBlow's Reiotlilrif; .Syriip. For ulillilrou leaililiiB, «oftnn« l.liu Bums, nidiiccii Iti- llaiiimnllou,ullny«jmtn,Mir™ wlntluollc. 'Kia nImttlu. Ki;d-li(i.iruil people arc not, NO apt, to lic.oomc balil its those who possess hair of a ilitt'erc'ilt, lino. DR, KAY'S LUNG BALM W. N. U, PCS Moines. No 53.—1698. When Answcnni) Advertisements Kindly Mention Tills Taper. %**%'**'%<«<«/'» me together. £ Generally a SPRAIN and BRUISE come together. All the same, ^% <I V* together or separate, <jj | g will faromptly cure the pain and wipe out the bruised spot. "HE THAT WORKS EASILY, WORKS SUCCESSFULLY." CLEAN HOUSE WITH SAPOLIO There 'are not many people smart enough to tell the difference h etween u, hoodoo and a mascot. TO CUBE A COi-» IN ONE P4? Take l.axutive Bi'ctuo Quinine Tablets- All druKyUte reluartthe money if it (ails to cure. ;Tu-. Tlic eeiiulun has U B Q. on oacb tablet. Eyery pol{tw'>a belisTes he for my i Dinner* of Olil. Until the fifteenth century the beauty of u meal lay in KB cost and the quantity of food placed upon the table. The motto of the gourmand was "The more and the dearer, the better." Vi- tellitB once sent the Roman fleet aa far as Spain to procure certain Ingredients necouBury to a dish he desired, At a banquet, given 73 B. C. at tho ordination of prioBts, the menu was very curious. The first course consisted of snails, oysters, two varieties of mussel, a thrush served on asparagus, chicken, a ragout of oysters and mussels, and black and white chestnuts; then varieties of shell fish and seafood with woodcock, a fillet o£ venison and wild boar. After this fallowed tho main part of the dinner; uddev of wild boav, boar's head, u fricasse of fish, two kinds of duckling boned, have, rbast fowl, and bread. The desserts comprised all the sweets found oil tables of the rich at thttt tljne. STHE LEDGER MONTHLY! A $1.OO Magazine for 5Q Cents. A Richly Illustrated and Beautiful Periodical Covering the Whole Field of Popular Reading. THE LEDGER MONTHLY !H Mi« marvel of Mie HK« for beauty J| and low price. With it* Artistic Lithographic Colored Covers, < > Superb Pictorial Illustrations, Serial and Short Stories by Leading '' J Writers of the World, and Special Departments of Deooratlve Art, ! ', « Embroidery, Home Employment for Women, tincl, in fact, every < > J Department of homo improvement which adds to Uio economy und ' ' " charm of homo life, be it. imloorH or outdoors, the Ledger Monthly ',', is beyond (juentioti, and, according to Comments of the Press of the Whole United States wonderful production 1'ur il.H iiricu. Simply to sue a. copy of * ' GER MONTHLY i» to bo /irmly convinced that no miuli J! ' * thn the LEDGER ,, costly periodical has over liccn offered to tho publio for so little money. < ' Send us 50 cents for a year's subscription, or 2-cent stamp for a sample copy. Your Postmaster will show you a sample copy of the LEDGER MONTHUY and also'take your subscription for the Ledger Monthly for a whole year for only 5O cents. Don't- fail to wsk your PostuiasU'r to let. you look at u nample cony, ami you will ho. mi re to give him your f>0 c.ents for a yeav's subscription to the LEDGER MONTHLY, tho Great Family Magazine. | Robert Bonncr's Sons, 158 Ledger Building, New York City. SEND US 97 GENTS u« oudne will semi joutl , tt\w Ht Him. "He boasted 'to roe that ho was Beu-m»ae IMMENSE CATALOG FREE }ftli» lurgebt itz World, *i*e,»X*l riunlturc, timed, 0«SJ, BWlTMl Ciorte M, BiJdlw, Bflftfiet, Ciec: „ JVjfJ, S«w!«»i WeyelM, AtpdtmU...... Uaci.Bci, KvctMl Insttumstttt, Furnishing Taoile, pi«»j(i»pM« Stodi, Its., „.,. Tellu Ju»l what your «tor«keei)er at home iu«it fVorjtluiiK he blip, and will prevent him fro: lomenti, Sowing Qojli, lUWns , etc. jueiuintpsjfor lag >ou on how---•• to to ou on uoiiliiufi voa b much tho freight, eip urtown. 1 he book c buy; eipluina just how pie" or mull will bean co»t» us atirljr fl.OU. __.. ^. . •epd, no a key to tbt, low say IP, and we will im: , C80>« l-rlce» on evprjthlng ly returBjouxWcwts.

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