The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1898
Page 5
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TM1S UPPim DES MOINEB: ALGONA, IOWA "-^- * tmClM&M 28, 1808, RAILWAY TIME CARDS. , MlLWAtJKBK & ST. PAtl. tOCAL TRAISS WBSi. Ko.i departs at ...................... 9:05am NO. 3 departs at.. .................... 3:58 pm .Freights that carry passengers- No. 83 departs at .................. ld:45pm No. 71 departs at .................... 3:20pS No. 65 departs at ..................... 8:30pm TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at ...................... 10:45 am No. 4 departs at..... ................. 6:28pm Freights that carry passengers— No. 78 departs at... ........ ......... lOslOpm No. 84 departs at ..................... 2 :20 p m R. F. HBDRIOK, Agent. CtttCAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— North— • Freight ..... ll:30amMixed ...... 7:30am Pas's ......... 7 :05 a m Freight ..... 12:15 pm MiXed ........ 12:15ptttPass ........ 2:40 pm Mixed. ....... 7:64pmMlxed ...... 10:50p m Arrive at Des Molnes at 12:15 p. m., 8:15 p. m., and 1 :20 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. MUBM THE LOCAL FIELD. A happy New Year. Chas. Sarchett is very sick. A special sale is on at Groves. Maro comes next week Friday. There Is still a wedding to come. All the churches had appropriate Christmas services. The holiday weather has been mild, and the sleighing good. Humboldt has voted for electric lights. A local company gets a 25-year franchise. The big firemen's dance comes tonight at the court house. It will be an enjoyable affair. Local market prices hold good. Wheat is worth 53 cents, oats 22 cents, shelled corn 23, flux 95. Hogs are $3(a) 8.10. Court meets In adjourned session next Monday. Judge Quarton will take up the unfinished business of the last term. Dr. Morse says the Shriuors' meeting at Cedar Rapids was a big affair. Mrs. Morse was one of 122 to join the order oflsls. W. S. Wiloox has had over 8,000 turkeys alive and kicking at his poultry house the past week at one time. It was a curious sight. L. T. Clement of Germania has done better than getting tho recorder's office. He has proved a successful candidate for matrimony. Tho Hobart turkey shoot was a big affair. C. C. Samson of Algona proved to be the prize shot getting three turkeys. Turkeys are as good as gold this year. Marriage licenses have been issued to H. A. Funnomark and Anna Flora, ' Jesse Bedell and Kate Bohn, R. A. Whitaker and Lulu Schultz, H. W. Smith and Lena Kleist. A scheme is on foot to pay the men who went to Des Moines with the soldiers and were rejected there. Lieut. Ward and one of the Carpenter boys are on the list from here. J. W. Wadsworth goes to Dea Moines next week for the state agricultural society meeting. He says Iowa will have the biggest and best fair ever held in the west this fall. The pew man is here to put the pews in the new church, and is compelled to wait. He has been putting in his time assisting in putting up the pipe organ. The pews are stored in a building over on Thorington street little money has gone a great ways, t-eople who got presents this year got something useful as well as ornamental, and ornamental In the true sense of being excellent In quality. Dr. Vincent's lecture will be glyen In the opera house Jan. 28 and will be his favorite lecture " Tom and His Teachers." When the lecture course tickets were printed the subject he proposed to talk on was not known and so his old lecture on "That Boy" was put in to nil the place. The lecture he will deliver is his own choice, and his best. Rev. D. M. Stiles will preach nt the Baptist church New Years morning on the subject: "A Good Beginning," In the evening he will give by special request an exposition of Heb. 6,1-6 and 10,26-29: "Falling from Grace vs. Perseverance of the Saints." The Lord's supper at close of morning service. Covenant meeting Saturday at 3 p. m. Electric Light Bigelow is in town this morning to make final arrangements about the engine. The boilers are here and are up to specifications. They will beset this week. All the other machinery is In place except the engine. As soon as that is in the lights can bo turned on. The defect In the engine that is hero is loo light a frame and too light a fly wheel. The supervisors moot Monday to Install the new county officers. M. P. Weaver is already in his office, and J. B. Carr has boon putting in tho past few weeks looking after the clerk's work. Mr. Lathrop has been visiting in Wisconsin but will bo here. Charlie Cohenour is hero. We presume Supervisor Pendloton will be down to begin his duties. A happy New Year to tho now men; Tho drawing for the Buck's range at Doxseo's Saturday afternoon drew a crowd. A half barrel of tickets was shaken up and then a little boy put in his hand and pulled out a number. When it was called it proved to belong to ,Tas. Satterfield, who works In the butter tub factory. The Sattorfiold family had a merry Christmas. Tho stove'is worth $50 and is tho best range made by the Bucks. HOW WE LIVED ttf 1867, Titonka has a better depot going up than either one in Algona, and over 125 carpenters are pounding nails every day Into new buildings. Miss Ella Graham expects to havo her paper ready to Issue early next month. Four cars of oats were shipped out ono day last week, and grain is being hauled in from every direction. Business is booming and everybody is enthusiastic. It is well to keep in mind that Tonka means big. MVs. Setchell received a bunch of letters from her son at Manila last week. Carl has been in tho hospital four weeks, but is out again and around. He was troubled as so many are there with dysentery. Orders havo been issued for tho 13th Minnesota to comu home, and Mrs. Setchell expects Curl sometime in March. Tho volunteers are to be sent homo as fast as regulars can be got over to take their places. Petef H. Mtirt Recalls Old Tli«6i- Corn Ground in Coffee Mills-Death of itte Jcinfley Boy. Peter'P. EtuB, well known to many early 8ettlera,l9 writing some interesting reminiscences of 1866-7 for the Arm* strong Journal. In thd following paragraphs he refers to conditions and Incidents and people that will recall old times to the pioneers: Produce was broflght in, but It had to be hauled a long distance by teams, which made it costly. Cornmeal was sold for ab6ut$10 per cwt., wheat flour for $14, salt for $7 per barrel, and the price was not the worst feature in the matter; the quantity available, together with the number of inhabitants, must be taken into consideration," and though you had the money to pay for a ton, a few pounds was all you could secure at a time, for as Mr. Burt was informed wh'en he wished to buy a sack of meal, "No, you cannot have it, for if you do others must surely starve." Each family who had a coffee mill among these early ones can tell you how the family was kept -out of mischief and made useful members of society .between meals. Most all had small mills and some larger ones. The grinding surface which would bo about six inches in diameter and before and after tho first sod-corn was raised these mills constituted the milling machinery of tho settlement. Two of tho settlers, Dundus and Cavroll, went up to Mankato, Minn., and secured some (lour. "Bob" Brayton tried tho settlement well up In southern Minnesota and found ono man who could spare him ono bushel of corn for which ho paid $5, but oven at such figures it was a great welcome. Whllo I am speaking of this feature of early times, I may tell you that tho Dommon family had a small coffee mill which was made fast to the wall on which they claimed to have ground at least 100 Bushels of corn In three winters. They loft hero in tho summer of '09 for Harrison county, this state. A sad incident connected with tho days of .these mills I might here mention. Once in a while they would got out of order and tho head of a family who was genius enough to do his own mending was fortunate. A family by the name of Kinnoy, who had settled about six miles down tho river from "The Grove" In the summer of '60, broke their mill and sent a boy about 15 years old across tho prairies down toward tho Black Cat where a settler had just oomo in that fall who was a blacksmith. Ho got tho mill fixed but was given no food; tho road being long Mason Otiy last week for a visit ftt the M. P. Randall home. Rev. Hudson la Mrs. Randall's father. and. tho weather severe, cold winter Geo. E. Clarke got a queer Christmas present. It was an ostrich egg from an Arizona ostrich farm. It is about as big as a cocoanut. same shape, milky white in color. 'He ought to have his elephant now and open a museum. Fred Schaeffer, who used to indulge in newspaper work in Burt, and who is now a lumber man at Tracy, Minn., was down to Algona Thursday. He is out prospecting along the new line of Northwestern for towns for lumber yards. Who that witnesses the joy of a child Christmas morning pooh poohs at Christmas and Christmas toys. It is the most delightful day in the year, and the money that it costs is the best spent money the average man gets rid of. Long live Santa Glaus. The farmers' institute committee will settle on Jan. 22, if all arrangements can he made, as the date of the meeting An evening program is being arranged and besides an address of general public interest, the public schools will give an entertainment. Misses Maggie Haggard and Birdia Hotellhvg have resigned their portions in the public schools and the board is now looking for a couple of teachers. Both have been exceptionally successful teachers and everybody will regret that they are to drop out of the work. The new pipe -organ is to be done today and the organist of the Fust Methodist church of Des Molnes is expected here to test it for the committee. It is a handsome instrument and Pi or. .Smith says it is one of the best he has ever handled. He has assisted in putting it together. All the answer B. F. Grose will make • to the questions about what he is go g to engage in is that he is going to chop off 10 acres of wood he and Mart. Weaver have bought of the county. Frank will have a good audience if he will let the public know when the chopping is to begin. Postmaster Levi Good was down from German Valley Monday to leain whether a postmaster can be taken awav from his office to testify m a law J5t HeVftyYmall is still coming to German Valley, which is three miles frot Titonkaf' but he don't know how The K. P. ball last evening is said by all to have been the finest over given in Algona. The hall was more elaborately decorated and the attendance was larger. The harp orchestra played entrancingly and youth and beauty chased glowing hours with (lying feet. It is too late this week to make more than a mere mention. It is enough to say, however, that the K. P.s have come up to expectations, and everybody expects the best of them. A wedding will occur at the Episcopal church this evening at 8 o'clock which will join AmioPeugnetand Miss Nettie Matson in matrimony. Both are well known young people in Algona, and both have a host of friends who will rejoice in their marriage. They have fitted up the house just north of the Republican office and will go at once to housekeeping. Rev. Dr. Jackson of Emmetsburg is expected to bo present to perform the ceremony. E H. Clarke and Dr. Rist got old fashioned Christmas stockings on their office doors. W. L. Joslyn was the donor, and the gifts greatly pleased the recipients. The stockings opened up with peanuts. Then an apple was neatly wrapped in paper. Then several sticks of candy came nicely wrapped UD And way down in the toe was a little gift. They were just such stockings as we all used to get, when Christmas was more of an event in our lives than it is now. illlVl U1IVJ ,1 *_yi».u •- — - — j weather, ho never reached homo. They found him next day about a mile from homo frozen to death. Pinching times strung along till tho harvett of '67, and oven before that could be harvested somo families wore obliged to enter their growing fields of wheat and pluck tho yet greon heads, shell thorn by hand when It was boiled in a pot, eaten with milk, and in that shape drove tho fiend of famine back. Mr. and Mr?. Arthur HnnUnRton are here from LuVerne, Minn,, visiting at Dr. Rial's. Mtsa Adft Smith is also home for her vacation. George Horton surprised his folks by coming out from Chicago for a week. He did not know he could get off until the hour for starting came. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Murtagh came home from their Washington trip Monday morning. They have had a very enjoyable time at the capltol. Prof. Spencer and family went to Alden Monday to visit. He goes from there to the state teachers' meeting, where he has a part on the program. Mrs. Geo. L. Galbralth Is home from her Chicago trip. She sent In a lot of handsome goods for the holiday trade, and the Galbralth store did a big business. A. B. Parker and Mrs. Wlnton of Elk Point, S. D., were In Algona to attend the funeral of Mrs. C. W. Parker. They are brother and sister of Mr. Parker. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Langdon are spentling.tho week at home. They are located now In Minneapolis. Many old friends are pleased to greet them onco more. Mrs. Mary Smith and son, Earl Humlong, are visiting at tho Lewis H. Smith homo. Earl graduated In tho Algona high school a year ago, and Is meeting his school mates. Harry Lantry and Miss Eva are up from Lincoln, JSTeb., for a visit with their Algona friends, who arc giving them a hearty holiday welcome. Miss Eva may remain somo weeks. A. D. Clarko attended tho Eaglo Grovo banquet tendered to Homer A. Miller. It was one of the most elegant affairs ever given in northern Iowa. Tho menu had.nil tho fresh vegetables tho south could afford and all tho wild game of the northern woods. Judgo Cool*was in Algona Monday. Ho had boon In Emmotsburg defending the railway company in a suit brought by Landlord Frost of Whittemore. Tho company won. As wo recall it Mr. Frost's son was killed on a crossing. Sullivan & McMahon were Frost's attorneys for a time, but dropped tho case because there was no chance of winning. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Call with their sons, Merrill and Jo, spout Sunday at the Geo. C. Call homo. Merrill is now superintendent of tho Sioux City street car lines, has an offlco with threo assistants, and has In all GO men under him. Since ho began tho earnings have increased 25 per cent. In proportion to tho expenses, and ho is regarded us an expert already in street railway management. Jo. has charge of the terminal stations and is also taking hold of business. Merrill is tho older, and is now just 20 years old. Big Discount on Crockery. Holiday Goods at James Patterson's The finest assortment of Fine Candies that I have ever bought; a nice line of Mixed Nuts ; Christmas tree candles, etc. *I bought my Lamps direct from the manufacturers—will give customers the middleman's profit, A nice line of cups, saucers, and fancy plates of all kinds ; also a complete line of groceries, Yours for business, Cowles' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. J.LDonalioo&Co. Minnesota Office over postonico, Algona, la. Write for circulars. T r^+^A From $5 to Land $15 per acre. BE sure nnd visit Grove & Son before Saturday night. ^ An Busy Way to Vny Old Debts. Farm loans on thoamortisoment plan. See Thos. F. Cooko before making a loan. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & CO. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. Foil time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. SHKET music— nil tho latest songs— 831- OlT. DlNGLKY & PUGII. Stove Bargains Wo have a few " odds and ends" in stoves that wo dostro to close out Immediately, and havo placed upon thorn prices that will cortlanly make thorn move: One 12 in. New Oak $ 7 One 16 in. New Peninsular Oak 12 One 18 in. New Antifirc Oak. . 13 One 16 in. second-hand Oak.. , ^ One 16 in. Riverside Oak 10 Usocl ono winter—good as now. Six second-hand cook stoves— with and without reservoirs, in excellent condition. .$5 to I2 If you need anything in this lino hero tiro some decided bargains. Wo need the room those stoves occupy for our new lino of Buck's Slaves and Ranges. Hence those C. M. DOXSEB-. HARDWARE. OIF Boots and Shoes The library and reading room becomes a city institution Jan. 1, 1899. The rooms will be open Tuesday, Jan. 3, and the hours, until further notice, will be every week day evening except legal holidays from 7 to 9, anil Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 2 to 5. All inhabitants of the city of Algona over 15 years of age, and those under 15 who are pupils in the public schools, are entitled to the use of the library free, subject to such rules as may bo prescribed by the board of trustees. Today at the J. L. Edmonds homo occurred the marriage of L. D. Thomas ofCanhv, Minn., and Miss May, Mr. Edmonds' second daughter. Tho ceremony was performed at noon, on uncle of the groom from Onawa officiating. The bride has grown up in Algona and srt frotp Titonka soon his office may be closed. Two of people sides a couple of tip-overs had an ex- •nWmr timo sliding down the King lull. SflelgMng is splendid and the evenings ideal. . h Every merchant in town reports the bigge'Kliaay trade be .fM eve' had. Algona was thronged with bujeis a ii the week and the.goods went fas t. it better selection than fore bmfe brought to Algona, wbiiea They will make their homo at Canby. This evening at 8 o'clock Rev. Sue- kow will pronounce the words that will make C A. Tellier and Miss Birdia HoSlingman and wife The oere- monv will occur at the Hotelling home, andthe 'happy couple will at once, «,to housekeeping in tho Ed. Williams house on Thoringtou, lately vacated by Mrs Hunt. The bride as ouo of Algo- naVbest teachers and along time resident of Whittemore is known to all, and a a charming, woman. The groom as county surveyor and long time resident of Algona is equally well known as a caoable and esteemed business man May much happiness attend them will be the wish of everybody. __ GROVE & SON'S sale if simply to reduce stock before invo c lug and will onhOasttillLaturdaymght. VTVOJVNT Hue of handkerchiefs, mufflers, netsMiovel tie* in ladies' neckwear, Battenbergs, etc., for ents, at DON'T fail to call nnd got some of the bargains this week at Galbraith's. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. A. B. Edmonds is up from Des Moines.' Prof. F. H. Slagle is home during vacation. F. A. Wartman is up from Dos Moines. Miss Helen Starr is up from Grinnell for her vacation. Thos. F. Inghara came over from Spencer Saturday. Miss Mny Sheldon Is up from Des Moines visiting at J. R. Jones'. Miss Edna Lantry is down from Minneapolis greeting her many friends. Mr, and Mrs. J. W. Sullivan went to Iowa City Saturday for a week's visit. Mollie Hinohon and Emma Heise are home from Prairie du Chien for vacation. Mr. Fitzgerald is down from Minneapolis visiting his cousins at tho Lantry homo. Stella Johnson is here from Minno- opolis for a visit and is with Mrs. C. T. Chubb. John Nolan of Hobart has gone to Iowa City to spend tho holidays with relatives and friends. Mrs, Z. C. Andruss is spending tho holidays with her daughter, Mrs. Diltz, at Randolph, Iowa. Mrs. Z. E. Brown is down from Minneapolis vssiting at the Z, C. Andruss home in Irvington. Miss M. H. Simpson is out from Cleveland, Ohio, visiting her sister, Mrs. A.J. S. GarQeld. Geo. E. Hamilton got around for Christmas at homo. Ho travels now in Minnesota and Dakota. Miss Tamplin, daughter of Editor Tamplin of Hull, made this office a pleasant call yesterday. Will. Salisbury is homo for the holidays. Ho has been in Des Moines for the past month or more. Mrs. Lola Krumro and daughter are up from Ft. Atkinson visiting her cousin, Mrs, Fred, Fuller. Walter King, who has been off somo months on a photographing tour, is spending the holidays at homo. W. M. Parsons is here from Grinnell spending a few days with his wife, who is visiting at tho J. L. Paine home. Charley Johnson, an old timer near the Milwaukee depot, is up from down below Des Moines for a holiday visit. Will Kain is homo from Iowa City, also Geo. Patterson. Chris. Kain and Jas. Hinchon are home from CoHege- ville, Minn. Misses May and Vera HotelHog ave at home from Mason City for a visit. Miss May is a successful teacher In the. city schools there. Hudson, came from Your Wedding Buy your wedding ring of us, we al- wavs'raake the brido a present. 5tf DINGL.KY & POGH. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes tho best drain tilo and hollow building tilo in tho world and lowest pi-ices. P. O. B. any station. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. * A. D. CLARKE & Co. AND A MAN that wants his wife to tremble with pleasure and delight at his homo- coming should bo strong. Rocky Mountain Tea brings now life to weak mon. Ask your druggist. Rubber Footwear At Brownell & Alfred's Exclusive Boot and Shoe House, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. The best of everything in our lino. Pino, repairing and custom work. IT fills tho arteries with rich, red blood, makes new flesh, healthy mon and women. That's what Rooky Mountain Tea will do; 35 cents. Ask your druggist. DON'T be persuaded into taking something said to be just, like Rocky Mountain Tea. There Is nothing made or sold like It. It alone is nature's wonder. Ask your druggist. To CiilH'ornlii. Attention is called to the excellent service of tho Northwestern lino to California and tho favorable rates which havo boon made for single and round trip tickets for this season's travel, Best accommodations in first- class or tourist sleeping cars, which run through every day In the year. Personally conducted touristcar parties every week to California and Oregon. Choice of a largo number of different routes without extra charge, Particulars cheerfully given upon application to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway or connecting Iines.-34t8 A Jack Kilife Is not an absolute necessity if you simply want to cut a wide swarth, but it is a much-needed article for every-day use. And while we are on the subject of jack knives let us suggest that we can furnish them at prices ranging from $1.25 down to These are all guaranteed. If a knife is not satisfactory, bring it back and get another. i evtuy-uuy use. 40 C THE Northwestern will sell holiday tickets at one and one-third rate on Dee. 24. 20, 31, and Jan. 2, all good until Jan.'4. Switches Wantctl. For switches and hair chains call on Setohell & Setchell, Algonu, lowti, or write to W. J. Wells, Osago, Iowa, whoso work hero is so well known and prices are so low. All work is guaranteed to suit. . 3210 MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. THE Carter place Is for rent. 40 JOHN G. SMITH. •-rp"'. ••"*••' - '' FOR the annual convention National Creamery Butter Makers' association, to be held in Sioux Falls, S, P., Jan, 23 to 20,1899, tickets will be sold by tho Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Puul RaiU way company at ono regular fare for the round trip $4.57). Tickets on sale Jan. 21 to 24. Return limit Jan, 81, 1898. _^ ^ A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments T "— l payable anmrnlly. is not excelled by anything made in this line of goods. It is 14-ounce copper, triple plate nickel. We invite comparison with anything else" offered. If you see it you will buy it—you can't help it. J. W, Robinson, The Pioneer Hardware, NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan au<l Collection Buslness.- Ofllce over Algonii, State Bank. Fanners' ol Ceaav RapMs, Phoenix of Hivycfovd, Hanover of New Yovki Minnesota, Fire, Minneapolis, RocUtord of UooUfovO, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New Yovte, United States Wfe of New TOJ.-II. . , M, LOOK TO YOUR EYES. "W% 3P- ,,- - Qutiiuluilc optician. WATER Q8 ffQ ' .. 3P* Artesian w«w ooaU actor, i WM ww, ,orpaluittibeeyeball, or *

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